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REVIEWS OF Tattoo Candy Inc IN Illinois

Presbit Diaz

Michelle Davis

I got my first tattoo here. I got an email back in a week and a half and was in for a consultation. He took Down some notes and I was worried it wouldn’t come out how I imagined but when I saw the sketch I was amazed at how accurate it represented what I dreamed it would be!!! Tanner did great. Some amazing work at Tattoo Candy and I will definitely be back. Super friendly staff and very clean organized space.

Kaitlyn Saterfield

James Sencion

Speck is one talented tattoo artist.

Music Lover

I had my tattoo done by Norman and I couldn't be happier than I am

Rachel DeYoung

Tanner designed this incredible switchblade tattoo for me on the spot as a walk in. He somehow intuited what I wanted based off of (or perhaps despite haha) my ramblings about how I had saved so many concept images I found on Google (like close to 100 photos of art and tattoos and vintage daggers) that I couldn't even remember what I liked in the first place! And he was genuinely excited designing and tattooing this as well. Pretty sure he might be superhuman... I am so happy with my tattoo, and with the overall wonderful experience I had with Tanner and with Tattoo Candy. Thank you so much!

Daniel Batliner

I went 2years ago for a cover up Allie Marie was my artist not only did she overcharge me she failed on a scarface portrait i had after it healed it look worst than before and i could still see the tattoo under what i had done then the next week later she told me she was 2 busy to talk to me about fixing it... i been to 4 artist since then but she was the worst tattoo experience i ever had i recently went to Chicago Ink for a portrait its so amazing it makes my other arm look like a child did it im trying to get my third attempt at covering it but so far no luck...i just hope anyone reading this really thinks twice about going here i cant speak for the other artists there but i never want anyone to go through the what i went through at this shop please believe me dont go here for cover ups at least worst experience of my life getting tattoos id give negative 5 stars if i could but please believe my story i dont want anyone to regret the time and money spent here the rest of your life like me

Jeffrey Linville

Great shop. Tanner never disappoints!

Samantha Erosa

I've been here 5/6 times. First I did a small piece to see how it'd go and it turned out great. The artist Jake was really awesome and dealt with all my complaining haha. I went back to work on a big one that covers my entire top of my thigh. That one took 4 sessions... About 3 hours each time I suppose and the last one about an hour. Next up I had him work on one on my upper stomach and chest area. It took about 4 hours for the first session and I'll have a few more shorter ones. This one is a design based on some art I showed him and I'm more than pleased. Jake is awesome and has great attention to detail!


Lesley Davis

Highly recommend!!! I travel all the way from Australia just to get tattooed here by Margaret.

Mirian Omayra

Flora Bennett

Like many of you, I went to this "New" and "Hip" shop sometime late this summer. It has been a long time since I last got a tattoo and this to me was a great deal. I walked in one summer night and decided to have one of the artists there work on a simple, but significant tattoo for me. I spoke with Jake and showed a picture of what I wanted. He said it was simple enough. Once we agreed on the type of tattoo I was to get he said it was cash only. I was surprised by that request and thought who has a cash-only business nowadays? Nonetheless, I was instructed to go to the nearest ATM and withdraw cash. I came back to the establishment and decided to proceed with my pan. To my surprise when I came back I was passed on to Tanner because Jake got busy with a customer. Seeing that my tattoo was simple enough I agreed to have Tanner work on it. It took 2 hours at least for him to work on my tattoo. It was simple enough and decided to get a black ink design instead of the colorful and elaborate tattoos I have gotten from other more reputable shops. After meeting with Tanner he struck me as an outgoing energetic young man. After shooting the breeze I learned that he had been a tattoo artist for about 3-4 years and that he had been in this business. Prior to this, he worked at (I believe his father's body shop). I felt uncomfortable about that revelation, but we all have very different backgrounds and no matter what we excel at something we are passionate about. I originally got there around 8:00 pm, but with all this running around we did not get done until the shop closed a bit after midnight. Tanner and the rest of the remaining crew seemed to be in a hurry to finish up and hang out at the next door tavern. Anyway, after 2-3 hours of spending time at this shop, I was glad to get it over with and get on my way home. Before leaving I noticed that my design needed a bit of color and I had talked to Tanner about this before the end of the session. He responded with, give it a month until it fully heals and then I can address any areas that may need some touch up (this is normal at times with some people he said). He gave me a document containing instructions on how to take care of my new tattoo. He also went over the ointment I should use to keep it clean in order to allow it to heal and have the best result. I took the poorly copy of such instructions. I was just happy to leave because it took such a long time to finish something with barely any detail. I called a month later and I was told to email Tanner so that he could accommodate me in his schedule. After I sent him such email he called back a few days later and we agreed on a date and time to come in and address my concerns. I took the afternoon off from work to see him. Something told me to call him before heading there. He answered and barely remembered me. He said to me, why don't you come back or call after 4:00 pm since my appointment with him was scheduled for 1:00 p.m and I was to be his first appointment of the day. He responded with " I have two paying clients here and I need to take care of them, plus you have not paid a deposit". Surprised by this I reminded him of my entire conversation. I did say to him during my original session that I wanted him to touch up a few tattoos I had that needed some updating. But, at this point, I was not thinking about any more tattoos at least with him. He said he would call me back after he was done with his "paying customers." I waited all afternoon and no call and even now no calls. Customer service or lack of professionalism is definitely not there with him or Jake. Their instructions on how to take care of a new tattoo can be better written by a 1st grader. They promise a lot in the beginning but fall short of honoring these promises. All I can say is that before visiting this establishment do your homework, ask as many questions and go see other shops that have been around for a very long time. Sincerely, Unhappy Tattoo Lover

David Ray Fitzgerald

Great place to meet people with similar interests and artistic freedoms

ac perez

Carrie is very friendly nice clean place coming back for more

Eduardo Valadez

Donnella Casillas

I absolutely love this shop and the artists that work here! Tanner did a tattoo for me as a walk-in, and the whole experience went so well that I brought my husband in for a tattoo a few weeks later! Both of our tattoos have healed wonderfully and look beautiful. While I am planning to get another one of Tanner’s original designs, it’s been great talking and getting to know the other artists like Jake and Norman.

City Tech

This shop sucks I had to pay 45 dollars for a lady to draw up a stencil I'm very patient she said she would call me in 3 days she did and told me she didn't have time yet mind you she took my 45 dollars and told me 3 days i said no prob a month later I still don't hear from her so I gave up not good business practice or maybe she smart and this is how they make money I guess their always to busy smoking outside then taking care of their customers

Brando 4sho

Joe Tiersma

Sarah Scanlon

Betsy K. Evans

I’ve gotten two tattoos from Tanner (@electric_rat), the first a simple typography piece and the second an original of his. Both healed well and look great and I’ve only had positive experiences with the shop. Stop in and see him :)

Daniel Rodrigues

Saba Azeeziazar

I love this place! I got a moon tattoo on my face and it came out perfect! Really friendly and good vibes. Also they give you candy! ❤️


Jacob Garland

Just terrible. all of it terrible shop was dumb and the service was terrible they were outwardly rude and tanner cussed at me for taking a picture. Very disappointed overall, will never get a tattoo a dumb ass candy tattoo. I’d rather get a hepatitis tattoo from Micheal j fox then get a tattoo from tanner.

ivy perisho

fun dudes doing great work. I've been in 2x, both with Tanner and he has given me some of the best quality tattoos i have. super solid, steady line work, and just a really fun person to be tattoo'd by.

michael chiriboga

Walk in customers, treated very kindly and welcomed. Our artist Norman even stayed late for our tattoos and they came out beautifully! So much care and dedication, phenomenal experience.

Shaun Beasley

Great atmosphere.....Norman was ready and eager to do whatever I asked for....

Steven Perez

High quality work and amazing pricing. Recommended

Tom Crisp

Bad ass tattoo shop. All very talented and caring artists. S / O Tanner for all the great work

Doreen Villarreal

My experience at Tattoo Candy was wonderful, the tattoo artist I had do my tattoo was Tanner and my tattoo came out exactly as I envisioned it!!! Would go back again and will definitely recommend them to everyone.

Mitchell Esposito

Rosario Rodriguez

Shaqaula Johnson

Seriously the best tattoo experience I have ever had. I am a wuss when it comes to needle pain, but Speck was super patient with me, she is also just a super freakin cool person in general. Will definitely be coming back for more work whenever I am in Chicago again. Lucky me! not so much for her. :D

Alex Burton

Melina Espinosa

Allegra Socki


Martin Nunez

imani kerim

Completely over priced I went in with a simple design they tried to charge me 150 I'll stick to my original tattoo place if I could give less than one star I would

vincent merino

Great place , they have great prices for tattoos,they have a great atmosphere awesome music they only take cash. But its worth it they even take walk ins. Ask for ryan he did this all on memory thanks man

Lauren Wiltgen

Great artists nice people

Elizabeth Basave

Peyton Bulera

My friend and I were walk ins on a Saturday night and they took us right away. Everyone was super friendly and made sure we were well informed about the process since we were getting lip tattoos. The place was also super clean and felt very welcoming and very reasonably priced!!!!


I did not get a tattoo, but my friend did. The music playing was very niche and may have been a turn-off to some. The place was also decorated in a rather cluttered way. However, these are small nitpicks and literally my only ones. The service was efficient and super friendly, and I would say reasonably priced.

Sharron Palm

My partner and I had been meaning to check this spot out for the longest time since it's so close to home. I met someone who had work done here and encouraged me to go. So glad we did! Kerry and Tanner were super helpful and kind, and the price point was very reasonable and fair. The shop was clean and cozy & we are so happy with the pieces we got, already planning on going in again! Definitely check this place out, you won't be disappointed

Nicole M

Place looked cool. No staff were available to tattoo me. I guess people schedule appointments here.

Royal Auto Chicago

Awesome group of guys they stayed open late to accommodate us... Will return for tramp stamp soon

Tony Knickmeyer

Tanner (artist) cussed out my buddy for taking a picture of our friend getting his first tattoo. Much better places to get a tattoo and CHEAPER for way better quality tatts. Guy was a total jag off. Tattoo was also super sloppy.

Bryanna Johns

More then half of my tattoos are from this shop, best shop I have ever been to ! Everyone is beyond raw and chill people . You can walk in to anyone and they will do a great job !

Abigail D.

Scott Pearce

Brought my fiance here to consult with Tanner and he's been super great! Update: It's been a few months since bringing my fiance in. She got a pretty large piece which was also a cover-up of an older tattoo. Tanner and the entire crew at Tattoo Candy were fantastic. Most importantly, Tanner worked with the ideas thrown at him and designed a piece that more than fulfilled the original request, it was creative and beautiful and well-executed. I don't have any tattoos, myself, but I'm starting to get the yen. And when I make that decision, I'll be taking myself to Tattoo Candy.

Anthony Coleman

The service was awesome they treated me nice and put the price in my range I would definitely bring business and friends for matching tattoos

luis martinez

Thanks Jen I love my new OWL tattoo...

Matthew Landvogt

Andrew Hassel

Awesome shop, very unique decor. Worked with Speck primarily; she was a joy to work with and helped me develop a concept for my tattoo. She is a brilliant artist, her technique and conceptualization are exceptional, and maintains a very professional (and hygienic) work space. Tattoos are permanent and for that I am glad; I look forward to seeing this beautiful piece of art every day for the rest of my life.

kim r

They are good at what they do!!

Cameron Miller

Jess Reyes

Tanner did an amazing job in creating my tattoo! I brought to him the idea of getting a geometric tattoo with a nature scenery but we agreed on getting an owl instead and turned out AWESOME! He was super patient with me, he was very easy to work with! I was almost falling asleep cause he was very good in tattoo-ing me! The guys here are awesome and very chill! They might be a small shop but each individual artist here has their own style and they’re so good!! Will definitely come back for another piece or maybe more! Ha! But thank you guys! Tanner, you rock! ✌

Ian Valentine

Skilled artists, nice vibe. Would come back for another tattoo.

Omar Ahmed

Great place to get tattooed , Tanner was awesome !

Audrey Kornatowski

I cannot rave more about Tanner and the work he did for me! The B&W picture was taken about 5 months after having it completed and it’s still as sharp and bold as it was the first week. The healing process was a breeze and I actually learned about tattoo history and the culture while there. Tanner was a true professional and took me in as a walk in and brought this memorial tattoo to a beautiful reality for me. Clean shop, awesome decor and tons of intricate flash available. Highly recommend!!

Shelby Vandever

My friend and I loved the place. Great vibe, cool people. We had Tanner and were happy with our experience for sure.

shelby galny

Tanner is amazing!!!!!

Maradona Luangpraseuth

I got my first ever tattoo here. They were very professional. I was happy with the way my tattoo came out. They also had lots of information on the recovery process of the tattoo. One worker even gave me good recommendations for some bars.

chicago girl

Price range??

Meghan Skwarek

Beastlurker Black/Death

Tanner Samila

Dan tharp

Walked in and everything was awsome. Great prices and awsome artists!!!!!! Highly recommended!!!

Joe Grotto

I got my tattoo from Margaret, and I couldn't be happier!

Eva Bednarski

Got a piece from Tanner back in March and I'll definitely be back next time I'm in Chicago. He was very responsive and helpful over email before my appointment. The shop has a nice atmosphere and he was really welcoming to me and some friends of mine. Throughout the tattoo he talked about the history of tattooing and the shop. Unlike some tattoo artists I've been to that are silent and it seems like a stale business transaction Tanner was much more friendly. Also he did a great job on the tattoo and it healed beautifully.

Na tash

I got 3 tattoos done here they are so nice they keep your mind off the pain 10 stars if I could..

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