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1935 1/2 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States Located in: The Flatiron Arts Building

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REVIEWS OF Speakeasy Custom Tattoo IN Illinois

Andrew Hutchinson

Ashley Wollaston exceeded all of my expectations! Her design aesthetic, professionalism, experience and, most importantly, artistic talent and skill was truly impressive, and I couldn't be happier with the tattoo she created for me.


Amazing shop, great artists and great atmosphere. It is a private shop, appointment only with a controlled door so you dont have a big crowd of looky loos around.

William Lopez

I'll tell you what - the quality of the work here is great. However, I feel that some of the artists have no interest in investing in their client beyond producing work and doing their job. Another thing that kind of bugged me is that I got a tattoo there about a year/year and a half ago and I called when I was back in town for a touch-up and was told I'd have to be charged full price since they'd be re-doing the tattoo essentially. That struck me as odd because I have a fair amount of work from various artists from all over the place and they all touch up my tattoos free of charge...this was the first place where I've been told that I'd have to pay for a brand new tattoo. Nonetheless, all artists do great work here but as far as customer service is concerned, it doesn't seem like it's much of a priority.

Les Golinski

Best Custom Shop in the City

Cristina Gomez

Emy Green

J.D. Flynn

Arne Hendricksen

Awesome shop. Top notch artistry. Super clean. Everyone was friendly and laid back.

Matt Miller

Super chill environment with amazing artists.

Christopher Slade

Super clean and quiet. Friendly staff.

Tara Schnaible

This place is friendly, warm, calm and professional. Everyone is super hygienic and the decor is awesome. They even have bowls of candy!

Ari Levine

Went with a friend to get a tat done and they were amazing. I think they’re appointment only but the artists are great and the space is gorgeous

Katrina Keteri

I had an appointment here today with Tim DeRose and I had an absolutely great time. He was a pleasure to talk to, the shop was spotless, and the other artists all came by to say hello. On top of being a great experience, the work so far looks astounding. He did an great job with the idea I had and I can't wait to go back and keep working on my arm. I also had work done by one of their incredibly talented guest artists a few months ago named Mike Riina from Eclectic art in Lansing, MI. I'm thrilled with my work and with my experience. Thank you guys!

Loosen Up Ltd

Awesome place! Professional, Clean, relaxed, and comfortable. From initial emails thru the completion of my design my experience was awesome. Mike Dubois did an amazing job on a portrait for me and I am very grateful to found this place. It is very clear each artist there is passionate and skilled about their craft.

Louanna Stacey

I drove 2 and half hours yesterday to get a cover up done. I was super nervous about the pain and worried I might get light headed. The person who took all my info and my artist Zen were so amazing. They both were real easy to talk to and helped me feel relaxed and comfortable. The shop is very spacious and clean. The staff is super nice and friendly, a couple of the other artists stopped and complimented the work. It was so worth the time, drive, and cost. I love my tattoo and pain was minimal. I hope to be back to see Zen again sooner than later.

Tom Barlow

Tried to contact them about getting a tattoo, basically was told to email the artist who never replied. Called and was told I would receive a phone call back form the artist or their scheduler the next day. Received no phone call back and then when I called back it was said it was up to the artist to return phone calls and the store could not intervene. Clearly they are not interested in my business, just wasting my time.

Rosann Sorrells

Brittany is the best! Her work is amazing and it was just such a great experience overall. It was really fun to hang out for the day.

Abhi Singh

Emailed Heath about a week ago after seeing his work and asked him about setting something up for the upcoming few weeks. He asked me to come in to the store (which is in a very quaint little walkup) and was immediately relieved to see the cleanliness of the store. Everything was very clean and sanitary, there were a few people lounging around, someone actually getting a tattoo (not one scream was heard), and a few artists drawing up designs. The setup is akin to a parlor in that everything is in the open (unless you need a private room) and all the surfaces are regularly cleaned. There is a big couch on which the accompanying people can wait or they can stand with the person getting the tattoo. All equipment is modern and the whole place put my mind at ease with trusting a shop for my first tattoo. Will definitely be coming back to Heath and the experts at Speakeasy for the first, the second, and many more to come.

Sav Kristof

a silva

Joe Vlasek

Sean is really great!

Alan Peterson

The atmosphere was great and my artist did an amazing job. I would definitely recommend others here and plan on coming back for more work.

Amanda Crow

Joe was awesome! Super easy to talk to, very talented, and final pricing was what I expected based on what he quoted me. Overall such a great experience. I would highly recommend!

Carrie Garcia

Brent Price

Kyle Jackson

Alison Fugler

Angie Leiva

This place was amazing! I love my tattoo and the place was clean and professional. Tim did my tattoo and he and everyone else made me feel so comfortable. I would recommended this place to anyone and I would go here again.

B Braile

I was in town from Philly for work and had some free time. I'd wanted a new piece for some time and thought it'd be cool to get work done in an awesome city like Chicago. A local friend suggested Speakeasy telling me it's a solid place with all artists being varsity level. I got buzzed in, walked up the stairs and was immediately impressed by the vibe of the whole place. Some times you walk in to a shop and you get some looks like your a Martian or something. In any case, I told the guy in reception what I wanted to get done and if anyone might be available. Andy Hefner was able to work with me. He was friendly and had no issue with working on something that wasn't original. In other words, he was totally into taking care of the customer. the end result was excellent! Bottom line is that my friend was right, Speakeasy Custom Tattoo is a top notch shop that I'd have no problem highly recommending to anyone.

Jonathon Sims

I got a tattoo yesterday from Speakeasy Custom Tattoo. It was my third tatt, but the first I'd added in almost 20 years. I worked with Abby and she was wonderful--pleasant, accommodating, and easy to talk with as she worked. The session went very quickly and the price was reasonable. It's a great shop.


Angel Eloisa

Mak Ahmed

Aaron Cook

Great vibe in the shop. Super professional staff all around. Easily one of the most comfortable shops I've been in. Shawn (the artist for my piece) was incredibly accommodating and priced his work incredibly fairly.

Elissa Poore

Had an amazing experience! Came here from Michigan on vacation for the weekend. Collin booked our appointments via email, & customized our tattoos perfectly. The entire place was extremely comfortable as well as CLEAN. Collin was great, all of our tattoos came out better than we could have imagined! He is extremely talented!

Connor Lenahan

Awesome studio. Clean, professional, laid back. Be sure to go see Sean Adams. Couldn't be happier with my tattoo.

Julie Sosnowski

Danny Koffin

Brooke Isabelle

Jamie August

Cate Lindeman

Amber Wolfe

Kyle Knight

Awesome place, skilled artists, relaxing atmosphere.

Samantha Riley

Andrew Perez

Amazing custom design studio, which creates a nice atmosphere from most walkin studios. All the artists are incredibly talented in their own specialties. The entire studio is a great space to be tattooed in.

John Schultze

Sean was fantastic! Crisp lines and good conversation!! Everyone was excellent and the place was super inviting and clean! Will be back for more ink!

Anders Hansson

Ali Pot

Completely chill and super friendly staff! Sanitation, comfort, and professionalism all top-notch! Sean Adams was beyond patient with me and listened well as this was my first ink. Highly recommend to anyone.

Glenna Salinas

They were super friendly and welcoming. Maggie had a cancellation and was able to help out with finding the right designs for me and a friend. After hearing us out she spent some time sketching and came up with wonderful designs. Very professional, clean and helpful. Super satisfied with my new tattoo and the whole experience. Couldn't be happier!

matt alaniz

Could not have been happier with my experience. Right away, the staff there made me feel welcome and relaxed for what would be my first tattoo. Colin O'Keefe was my artist and had a great time with him. From helping me with my design to being in the chair, Colin was a pro. Definitely coming back for more in the future.

Leona Quist

Byron Garcia

Began speaking with Colin through email and he was very responsive. We set an appointment afterwards. Upon arriving he was ready waiting for me. The lady who took my info was very nice too, even offered me a drink. I'm not good with pain and had to stop a couple times. Colin pulled out a small table for me to lay down to make it easier on me. Very professional setting, very cool decor, very clean. Would recommend this place and Colin. Only downside is parking, it's wicker Park so not much to do about that, just get there early Got a very neat "sketch" style Chicago flag

Michelle Vickman

This place is great! I had a tattoo done by Jen Trok; she was professional and really worked with me. She created a wonderful and beautiful tattoo. I can see why she books up quickly! Also, the shop is extremely clean.

matt heidet


Jorden Drought

Very clean place and my artist was crazy accommodating. She was also realistic about what could or could not be accomplished. Amazing place to get a first tattoo. Plus they had candy! Loved that part.

Violet Red

This place is great! I luv Patrick's work, he has been working on my tattoos for many many years. I cannot say enough nice things about this place and the artists there, amazing talented people. the price and the wait are well worth it!

Max Mitty

David Mendieta is amazing, it’s a shame to see him leave. But the shop is dope and the interior is off the chain, on top of being a super cool location I gotta say it’s a great place to get a kick a$$ tattoo


I love my tattoo!!! It was my first and it is so amazing I can't stop obsessing over it! I got it done by Josh and he was so nice and professional and helped me through my 3 hour session and went over everything I needed to know! I know I will be getting more amazing artwork done by him in the future and he set VERY high standards for me if I were to go to anyone else (which I am now hesitant about even looking at other artists)!!!! I could not be happier!!!!

Z Huettl

Grant Hoyle

Heath is a phenomenal

Fernando Sant

Went for a walk-in appointment. Got my first tattoo! I was incredibly nervous and they were great about making me feel comfortable and at ease. Very happy with my results. :)

Ronald Jackson

Lauren Yarbrough

Sarah Robison

Great place! Relaxed atmosphere but professional and clean. Ashley did my tattoo and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her as she worked. She is so talented. The design was just what I wanted and the colors and shading are perfection.

Jaime González Martín

Best Studio in Town!

Jaime Mckinne

I've been tattooed by both Jeannie and Kelsey and both these women did such a wonderful job! They both were able to create exactly what I wanted, the tattoos are beautiful and the entire process was made super comfortable by them.

gabe settecase

Leslee Uryga

Derrick Lara

Nice shop and the artists are badass.

Ashkan Afshari


I really did my homework on this one. As anyone should do to get ink art. I requested a cover up on a small wrist tattoo done a few years back.

Kimberly Mosberg Chicago

Patrick is amazing.

Albert Alarcon

Was my first time in Chicago and my first tattoo. Tim did an amazing job and was super chill. Great place


Wow, is this place fantastic. Worth the wait. Worth the cost. I trusted my artist enough to let him call the shots on modifying the design as he wanted while in process. No doubt the cleanliness and sterility needs are exceeded here.

Francesca Samargin

Julia Campione was my artist and she did an amazing job on my tattoo!! She's professional and super friendly! I can only say nice things about her because my experience with her was just that great. The tattoo shop itself is clean and very comfortable. Overall a great place with great artists!

Tom Alexander

Couldn't be more happy with the final results - thank you so much, guys! Place looks totally awesome, is clean, and the staff are totally down to earth. Highly recommended

Emily Mikkelsen

Stormy Douglas

Super cool place. Mike D is awesome. It's on the second floor of the building and has an amazing layout.


Stephanie Larson

Great experience. Very friendly environment with a cool eclectic atmosphere. My artist Zen was just fantastic. Beautiful line work and vibrant color. He was very funny and easy to talk to. Hit him up for beautiful Japanese style tattoos

Douglas Brunner

First off I’d like to thank Brigitta Mathe for my awesome tattoo. Also, Speakeasy Custom Tattoo for hiring Ms. Mathe. She was professional and down to earth. Her work is phenomenal . This girl is going to be going places. Speakeasy Custom tattoo staff was great. It was well lit and clean. I liked that the owner came around and looked at everyone getting tattoos. I enjoyed communicating through email to setup my consultation, give ideas and set appointments.

Annette Green

Spent 5 hours here while my son was tattooed. Everyone was super friendly. The place was exceptionally clean and it was a fun atmosphere. Looking for a tattoo - check it out.

Robert Brown

Loved the environment. Great job on my tattoo just what I was looking for. Very friendly. Highly recommend.

Tony Scavelli

Great artists, appointment only

Doug Van Noort

Ben Kessell

Clean, friendly and open with minimal black metal or trap music blasting. The artists take their time to discuss your idea and help you arrive at a quality tattoo. There's no flash art for you to choose from. You're going to have to come in, meet an artist, talk about your idea and then make an appointment to come back. This is not a shop you can stumble into and ask for a butterfly on your bootycheek (looking at you, Earl), you're going to need to put some effort in. Overall, I plan on getting all my work done here and my wife has also had quite a bit of work done here. If Patrick or Sean are available, talk to them! They are crazy talented and extraordinarily pleasant to be around.

Clark Kays

Hands down my favorite tattoo shop in the city. My wife has gotten a majority of her tattoos there from Jennifer Trok and Heath Rave (formerly worked there). The space is cool and convenient. The staff is not at all snobby or mean. The artists are top notch.

Andrew Baldwin

Amy Dittmeier

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