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REVIEWS OF Smokin' Aces Tattoo Company IN Illinois

Tommy Brooks

Very nice people working there and dre really knows his stuff very professional and best artist in Illinois is say.

Elizabeth Ray

abbie jones

I've got 3 piercings (Jasmine) and 1 tattoo(Dre) from here. They are AMAZING. I feel so comfortable here. Jasmine handles my pre piercing anxiety so well. Her jewelry selection is on point. Dre did the most beautiful work I could've imagined. I look forward to my next appointment

Dylan K

Friendly staff and affordable prices

Cindy Bevers

Emily Parrish

Clayton Schuh

This is my absolute favorite place. Great artists and great vibes.

Breanna Hogue

Bekah Edwards

This was my first experience getting a tattoo, and it was beyond perfect. The staff was amazing and my artist was kind and talented. I would definitely go back and have recommended it to everyone I know.

Annastasia Rich

My sister and I both came in for piercings today on our ears and we were really impressed. Jasmine made you feel very comfortable and was very informative about the process. Also, the jewelry selection was beautiful. Would definitely recommend.


My rating is only this high because of the apprentice and Jasmine (?) the lady who does piercing. The apprentice was more professional and a pleasure to work with than Caitlin. If it was just her I would have encountered I would have walked and this would be a one star rating. The one star because you can't give zero and review. I've never met a ruder tattoo artist than her, and I've met some really rude ones.

Manny Jeffries

Got a tattoo from hear myself. Very blotchy work, needed redone as soon as it healed. Don't recommend this. In your records my name is Douglas Jeffries, my artist was Dre.

Yvette D'Agostino

Excellent customer service and sterile. The woman who did our piercings was informative and great! Would definitely recommend!

Alyzae Miller

SUCH a clean and friendly place! Jasmine did an amazing job on my nose piercing. Thank you!!

Julie Steven s


Julia Spivey

I had my belly button pierced by Jasmine. I was a walk-in on this particular day and she made the time to do it. Extremely sterile and professional with high quality jewelry. She even changed her gloves like three times to be sanitary. I have VERY sensitive skin and I haven't had a single issue with my piercing, it was so well done. I'll always come back for my jewelry and piercing needs.

Kelsi Smith

Scheduled an appointment two days in advance, yet Dre couldn’t be bothered to show up.

Courtney Mccleave

Came in as a walk in and they worked with me to get my tattoo done the same day. Artist did an amazing job! Super clean shop and super great staff!

Grace Wolf

Alicia Dickerson

Geneva Powell

I got my nose pierced in February I had someone tell me the ring they put in was a Cartlidge ring not a nostril ring

Colin Orendorff

Very nice CLEAN shop. Excellent people to work with.

B Jane

Clean. Personable artist. Recommend.

Dylan Donohue

Great artists doing great work

Crystal Smith

I love the guys here. Joey did my last tattoo and I love it. Def going back there ASAP! Zuni did my lip and you gue and I am very happy with them.

Brooklin McDowall

Walk in for a touch up on a tattoo I had done out of state, I had Calvin, he did awesome work, professional and friendly. I always go to smoking aces for my tattoos. Will definitely go back.

Michelle Kephart

I will definitely go here for all my tattoos in the future. Caitlyn did an amazing job and I love my new tat. If you want high quality work and a friendly staff this is the place for you.

Tom Gloodt

The staff at Smokin' Aces is a high quality group. Personable, kind, and handle any tattoo job with excellent care to detail and care for the customer. Very clean and by the book, Smokin' Aces is the ideal tattoo parlor!

Brenton Mielke

Devon Keigley

I went here for my last tattoo after hearing good things about the artists. I was not disappointed by their skill. The shop is clean and their staff is very professional. I had Josh do my tattoo and it came out amazing. He listened to what I wanted and made sure I was comfortable with his design. I will definitely be going back to them from now on.

Nicole Stahl

Took my daughter to have her ears pierced. Very clean, Jasmine was professional, knowledgeable, and used sterile technique. Big selection of styles to choose from, after care instructions given.

Grace vinson

Reid Eskew

Cameron Smith

Great place. Cool people. Awesome customer service!

Joel Starnes

Just had a couple piercings done. Very professional, friendly, explained what she was doing and why during the process. Clean environment. Would recommend!

Jennifer Williams

Jasmine did a great job on a recent piercing. Very informative, very clean and seemed very knowledgeable.

Ceili Stuckmann

e w

Great staff

Cameron Eades

My tattoo experience with Dre was extremely professional, quick, and exactly what I wanted. Jasmine is an extremely knowledgeable piercer who again was extremely calm and professional about her job. A well rounded and happy staff makes this a great atmosphere for anyone looking for new ink or a fresh piercing!

Clifford Jennings

Awhile back I got my hand tattoo there and the fat bald guy who did it was impatient to begin with and promised me a touch up and I never got it.

dan russell

Amazing business, just got a tattoo there today and my experience was awesome. They are all so friendly, the place is clean, and a big shout out to Andre who did mine. Great people and I will defiantly go back. Thanks so much to you all!!!

Desiree Moyer

It's exactly what she wanted. She came back for another. I'm pretty sure we found our new artist! Calvin is great!

Ainsley Glyn

Much higher jewelry standards than a number of local shops. I see the piercers patiently explaining why cheap metal can hurt you to several clients during each of my visits- And I see a lot of clients leaving in a huff unwilling to pay the difference. Luckily, those nice women will still be there with open arms ready to replace the jewelry that turns your skin green with something healthier once a problem pops up.


Got both traguses pierced. Jasmine was extremely professional, and definitely the most thorough piercer from whom I've ever had work done. Highly recommended.

Carlotta Moore

I just love josh!! He's freaking amazing. Always prepared and does fantastic workkk!!

Stevie Lynn

Great Staff! They are very sterile and they were so sweet to me!

Christine Krueg

Did great work on my husband

Duane Malany

Professional and talented staff. They are reasonably priced and open to negotiating. Gave me a free touch up after a small part of my tattoo didn't heal correctly. Highly recommend them!

Bailey Branham

When it comes to piercings, this place is EXTREMELY overpriced. Can’t say anything about the tattoo artists, just came here to get my doubles pierced. Bought the cheapest kind of earring and still ended up paying over a hundred dollars for it. Would not recommend coming here first for piercings, would check pricing at other places first.

Elizabeth Nielsen

Love coming here for tattoos. Dre and Josh 100% man, great quality work. Great prices for the definite quality you get. They take their time rather than rush you along.

Click and Shoot Studio

Wonderful staff, very professional looking and very clean

Travis Henson

They have like two piercers here who are never there but when they are they do a pretty alright job

Shawn Hendle

Got my nose done here and loved the piercer that did that (can’t remember her name!), and got a small back piece done as well by Calvin I believe about a year and a half ago and he did an amazing job. However, I went in about 4 months ago to get another small tattoo as a walk in and received work done from the apprentice there. She told me the small flower I wanted she had done a few things similar. However, I could not have had a worse experience. During the tattoo she kept yelling at her manager how she was hurrying (which does not seem like she was putting much thought into it). Then the manager checked on it twice for a glance. After the manager let her know he approved she bandaged me up and lead me to the register. Never got to see it till I got home and that’s when the disappointment set in. It did not resemble anything I showed her or what the stencil looked like. I thought about going in for a touch up but I was too nervous that she would make it even worse. I went to a different place to get it done. If that was my first experience I would’ve definitely gave this place a 1 star.

Meghan Duffin

I went to get a nice belly button ring and it was $90 dollars for just a clear jewel, something you could get for 15 dollars somewhere else. I went somewhere else shortly after and found one from psychopathic ink with just as good if not better quality. able to buy 3 rings here for the price of one there

Haley Reh

Nikki Nichole

A great place to get your piercings done

M Avery

Got a super cute tat here. Love how nice people are and clean the place is.

Trentyn Hart

Completely unreliable, terrible customer service, no employees care about the comfort of their customers. Would not recommend.

sierra peterson

I am very disappointed with my experience here. I did end up getting a tiny tattoo, but I was treated very rudely by one of the female staff members. I came into the shop and instantly smelled marijuana, which didn’t bother me too much. I had called before hand and knew that they had a minimum of $60, which is fine. But they treated me so rudely and made me feel stupid when I showed her my ideas. One worker said that I could get a quarter size, extremely simply tattoo for $60, but when I showed the female artist my quarter size tattoo that I wanted she said that there were too many straight lines and it would cost much more than $60. I’m happy with the tattoo that I ended up getting, even though it was extremely overpriced, but I would not recommend going here because of how I was treated.

Dawn Schweitzer

Jasmine is wonderful. As a customer she is very helpful.

Lizzie Wilson

The shop was clean and every artist was friendly and helpful! Both Calvin and Jasmine were patient and fun to talk to. Highly recommend

Caitlin Griffin

Stephanie Sima

Very nice place. Very clean. I was a walk in on a Friday night and very appreciative that I was able to get my tattoo done. Great artist.

durable falcon

Bridget Johnson

Got a daith piercing by Jasmine. Very professional and very clean!

Meta Skillrud

The pricing seemed very good but we took our business elsewhere as we walked in and were immediately condescended to because of our ages.

Alison Hamlet

My friend and I got simple tattoos by Calvin and he did them well! Fairly priced and after the paperwork and setup is done, very quick. The tattoos are healed well.

Drew Poi

They have quality tattoo artists and decent pricing. And even an oxygen bar.

Juelie Breithaupt

My friend and I called about their walk-in availability and were told they were open and free to do our small tattoos with just lines. The girl tattoo artist was super condescending when she told us that she actually didn't have the time. We immediately left and went to a better establishment with more respectful staff.

John Fox

Awesome tattoo shop



Jasmine Patino

Violet Wright

I went with my friend to get her belly button piercing changed and she kept repeating how her “anatomy” is wrong and my piecing isn’t straight. She then preceded to say her cost would be $99 JUST FOR THE JEWELRY. Learn customer service, and hope the next person you try to rip off realizes it too :)

Andre Willis


I got my conch piercied by Caitlyn. She was really nice and professional. She's not just piercing to get paid, Ioriginally came in for a belly button piercing and she told me it was ill-advised because of a surgery I had has a kid that left my bellybutton being completely scarred tissue. Which at another place said nothing. She was very clean and calm as I was really nervous for my first piercing ( I had my lobes pierced as a kid). I was really happy with my experience.

Tahalia Rusley

Great staff, very friendly, sanitary, go to them for every tattoo.

Sydney White

I just got my nose pierced by jasmine and she was absolutely wonderful! She was so friendly and made my first nose piercing experience a wonderful one! She was super professional and answered any questions I had! The price for the piercing was a little high but their jewelry is high quality and the experience is so worth it! I couldn’t be happier with my nose piercing :)


This place is absolutely aweful. I went 5 weeks ago asking them to draw out an arch angle for my first tattoo and the artist said they would call back in 4 days. It's been 5 weeks with no phone call. If already gotten the tattoo from no regrets. If you want a good tattoo head there and ask for Matt D. Smoking aces sucks ass. Just sayin

Dylan Craver

Adrian Cole

I got my first tattoo here during a flash sale. Though I didn't get a sale tattoo they matched the price. I love the tattoo and it healed beautifully. I went with a group of friends and recommend all the artists (especially Dre). For a first tattoo in a painful area (i got a daffodil on my wrist) it wasn't bad Dre was very attentive. Would definitely go again!

Ryan Clem

Alex Cain

Calvin did an incredible job with this. Absolutely thrilled with out this turned out!

Emily Glasscock


Great place! I love my new tattoo!


Andrew Green

Lora Grant

E. Elder

Christina Davis

Beautiful shop Friendly people Great service

Mike Krabbe

Ashley Wilson

Best Place for Tattoos. Josh is awesome!

Brice Howard

Great experience. Calvin meet me at door as walked in, asked what I was looking for today and we got straight to business. Was a walk in and taken care of at same time. Already workin on next appt.

Jason Kingsmill

Andre does awesome work. Very pleased with my experience at Smoking Aces. My tattoo turned out so much better than the picture I brought in. Will be back for more.

Michael King

Brittany Stoller

Dani Horine

simplest line work they couldn't do as a walk-in. like really

Chrissy Rodriguez

Paige Buschman

Great experience. Went to exquisite first and found out that they only had one artist there. Needless to say I wasn't impressed so I headed to Smokin Aces. I had Tommy Lee do it for me and I had an amazing time. He not only did a great job on the tattoo but he was fun to talk to during the process definitely felt comfortable and well taken care of considering I got it in an intimate spot. I'm for sure coming back.

Patricia Cornwell

Lola Baumgarten

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