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2080 E New York St, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

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REVIEWS OF Skin of A Different Color IN Illinois

Edith Castro


Meghan Ashley

My hunny and I got to work with Craig and Dan. Both did a fantastic job. If your looking for a GREAT place to get some high quality work... these are your guys!!!!!!!! We will definitely be back!

Amy Moore

Sarah Leavesseur

Chico Tuck

This place is awesome. Great environment! Got my tattoo done by Eric! Amazing work! And perfect lines!

Shaina Thompson

It was awesome!! I just got my second tat there, end the guy Dan who did it drew even it better than the photo he had to go by. My friend went there, and now I've been there. I would definitely recommend getting your first or even 100th tattoo there!

Christopher Greco

Andrew Dixon

John Taylor

Love coming to this place nice price too

Desmond Gillespie

Great place

Crystal Cepek

Great artists who always do beautiful work!

Silvestre Campos Campos

Steve Kirk

Elvis Rodriguez

Nice they are very social so you can talk to them freely, they did a great job with my back piece it was pretty big but it looked very nice when it healed up!

Brooke Warnock

Iv gone here for all my tattoos. They are clean and do a great job.

Kyle Pini

Omarr Woodhouse Jr.


Gene Wilson

I prefer to get a tattoo without the owner telling me that he use ti fool around with his cousin. I don't care if she use to be hot. That's SICK.

Becky Hart

I went back in to have my tattoo completed. Craig did a great job! I am one of those people who have a tendency to faint. He was very patient put the fan on for me and continued to ask how I was doing. He was friendly and funny with a conversation that kept my mind busy and off of the actual tattoo process. I couldn't be happier with the results. I will be back soon for my next tattoo. Thanks Craig Murphy

Elias,Esteban Ortega jr

Liz Wilson

Derek Keele

Jessie Adam

A friend and I stopped in, on a whim, for a couple of simple tattoos. The owner, Craig, ended up taking care of us and he was beyond great! My friend got exactly what she went in for and loves it! I, on the other hand, was talked into adding to the piece I wanted done. I am extremely pleased with what he came up with. We both love our new ink and will definitely be back!

Ryan Frantz

LOVE this place! I went with my roommate and husband---all 3 of us left with AMAZING tattoos. Definately way better than all the other tattoos I've seen other people walking around with. 100/10 we will definately be returning for all of our tattoos from now on. Best atmosphere I've ever experienced in a tattoo parlor, very positive attitude and great music! The only downside is I had two piercings done recently. I'm extremely diligent with cleaning and both of them got infected. I'm a little upset about that since I've had lots of piercings done by other piercers and none od those ever had any issues. Still very happy with my tattoo though

Kyle Wresinski

I've been going here for 10+ years. Super legit, and would recommend

Megan Behary

Every guy there is amazing! Great work for a great price.

Robert Hirschmann

Beverly Wallenius

Bernadette Lamoureux

Larry Miller

Craig and his staff are awesome, get a lot of my Ink here, always happy with results

Gabriel Davila


Elizabeth Reiss

Great shop. Friendly staff. Eric is a hoot.


Kelly Carlisle

I went in there last night and an artist was talking to some girls and he saw me walk in and walked away when he was done with the girls. I never saw him again in the 10 minutes I was waiting for assistance. Another tattoo artist when by me twice not saying anything. I was completely ignored. If someone would have said something like I'll be right with you or anything to acknowledge in anyway then I would have no problem waiting, but no one did acknowledge me. I have heard nothing but good regarding the artists here, but that means nothing to me if they have no customer service. I will not go here again.

kelly Pechous

Got a lion tattoo here a few months back and it's easily the best tattoo I have. Would recommend skin of a different color and mr max anyday.

Joey Mejia

Katye W

Made me very comfortable while getting my tattoo. They are awesome!! Highly recommend!

Christopher Walsh

Mary Gaffney

Love the whole experience the people are very nice and did a wonderful job will go back aging if anyone looking for a tattoo go here

Michael Culley

Jayda krings

Kira Swords

Sue Priest

I have been to many different tattoo shops.... I have gone in and looked around, sat and watched and left..................... I have been to Skin of a Different Color many times and each and every time I've got a tattoo. Craig Murphy the owner is awesome, he has been tattooing for over 40 years, the other artists are as well awesome. Sometimes you might have to wait but come on people it's first come first serve..................Once it's your turn, they do take their time but do you want them to rush drawing up your tattoo or rushing you in and out???? of course not: So please be patience when you have to wait a bit because they are thinking, drawing, and making it yours!!!! Skin of a Different Color......ROCKS!!!!!

Nicholas Treadway

Really great artists that make you feel like you're at home

Pam Malcontento

Derrick Johnson

Great customer service

Cindy Mundell

awesome place! Only place you get a tattoo!

Gay Fitzpatrick

Love this place! They do are great work!

Raul Vanga

I saw some bad line work on some tattoo I’m not going there watch ink master people Sorry tattoo guy maybe you still new at doing tattoo. I need a pro if I decided to get or if you can show Me one of you best one you made.

Chicago City

ross smith

Angel G23

Talented artists. Very professional and clean

Frank Ramos

Gretchen George

Andrea Greenfield

Went to Craig two weeks ago to get a tattoo of my husband’s airplane. He did an awesome job for me two years ago so I had complete trust in him. He captured everything I wanted in the drawing he did for me, but completely botched the actual tattoo that’s on my right wrist and that I’m going to have to look at for the rest of my life. I went from crying since I left to total anger! I still can’t look at it without feeling anger/disgust and there’s nothing that can be done. I had him try to fix his mistakes after he showed it to me, but the damage was already done. The actual tattoo has SO many mistakes (at least six and it’s a small tattoo!!!), it’s almost like a child traced it. I’ve had it for two weeks and and am embarrassed to show anyone, but it’s ON MY WRIST! I’m totally screwed!!! The only positive is that I’m old and will die sooner than later. DO NOT! Repeat - DO NOT get your next tattoo here!! Biggest regret of my life at 61 years of age!!!!

Raj Patel

My wife went here for a piercing and I don't believe they prefer a different type of race.

Trevon Parker

Drew Webster

Luis M


I came with a friend to get tattoos and we both had a wonderful experience. I watched the artist redo the stencil on my friend several times because he wanted to ensure the perfect placement. He was very personable and did a wonderful job. The woman who did my tattoo also did a fantastic job. We talked about cats and she put up with my foot twitching and I ended up with an absolutely amazing tattoo. I would absolutely come back again.

Julie Williamsen

Awesome people they great work there

Daniel Smith

Michelle Spangler

Helena Stromidlo

Great experience, job well done.

Cory Gantenbein

Robert Noonan

Excellent as usual ! Max did my Celtic owl ,black & grey . It's Awesome !

Isabel Esquivel

Ive gotten 2 tattoos from here and also 3 piercing everyone there is nice as soon as I walk in they acknoledge me and ask me what I want to get done...its funny how ppl write bad reviews mayb they were the ones with the stanky face to begin get what you actually getting a tattoo there soon

kevin mcewen

I had 10 tattoos done by Craig in the 90s

Robert Jastremski

Love this place! All my tattoos are from here. Craig is great and does amazing work plus he's light on the needle so rough spots aren't nearly as bad.

Bob Shuttleworth

Nice ink

Joseph Valiga

Craig and everyone that works there are great!! I've been going there for 15 years. Great artists at a great price. I've been happy with every piece I've gotten there. My brother and my niece both get their work done there as well.

Colleen Cope

Craig is amazing! I told him 3 things I wanted on my forearm and he took it to another level! I told him "have fun with it" and he said "absolutely". He's truly an artists and I had the best time there and the most beautiful memorial piece! Thanks so much to him and the staff. Words can't express what this piece means to me. Love you guys! Love Craig!

Monica woods

My husband, sisters, and I just came in last night and we were ecstatic on how our tattoos came out. Mr. Max greeted us right away when we walked in and he was awesome. Craig also made us feel like family and made sure we were having a good experience. Everything from our tattoos, cleanliness, good vibes, and Dad jokes from Mr. Max are the reasons we will be back!

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