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REVIEWS OF Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing IN Illinois

edwardj king

Friendly affordable nice people great place to get a tattoo

Dacia Bates

Lance pretend he was interested in giving me a UV Black Light tat. I even gave him the $25 deposit on ink. He told me week after week the low down excuses! The Blk guy in there I had words with him when I sought out Lance whereabouts. All I asked was can the Lady call him ask him what's up. But they wanna go hide in the back room and lie he not answering there calls either. Know I realize everytime I pass in traffic this is a non customer shop. Empty always only the Artist are there. Back to Delux Tattoo where I began in the 90's Miles is the best anyway. Screw this shop.

Beatriz Ruiz

I first went to Royal Flesh last July when I bought a groupon for a facial piercing. I'd read good reviews and I was not disappointed. Lissette Cahue is a wonderful piercer! She was really cool and thorough and listened to my concerns, since I'd piercings that didn't heal well in the past. She was extremely professional and I definitely felt comfortable with her. She pierced my nostril so fast I didn't even have a chance to get nervous. Best of all it healed beautifully. In April, I went back to her for a septum piercing. Again, it was quick and virtually painless. I've been back since to switch out my jewelry and she's always available to help. I will always go to her for any piercings in the future and I've definitely recommended her to my friends. Thanks for being awesome Lissette!

Chris Panich

Veth clean and the owner takes pride in providing the best experience for the client.

Keith Renfro

Got what I wanted

Curtis Andrews

Allan Kano

Tina Arfaee

My experience was pretty disappointing. I went to get my septum pierced and Joanna (I think that was her name, not 100%) told me that my cupid was off center so it might look a little off. I didn't quite see it but I trusted her and appreciated her saying that. I decided I'd be ok if it looked just slightly off. The actual piercing ended up being very crooked because she said she tried to adjust for my cupid... I feel like if she just did it the normal way it would have been fine? IDK obviously we took it out and I was not charged. Perhaps the most annoying part of all of this was that afterward she told me that she is NOT THE SEPTUM EXPERT and that I should come back when that person was working. Why wouldn't you tell me that before??? SO now I have a crusty hole in my nose and no piercing to show for it. They offer free re-piercing but only if I had walked out with the messed up piercing which just doesn't make a ton of sense....they didn't even offer a discount or any incentive for me to come back...I would've considered coming to see their septum expert but they've kinda lost my trust now.

Edwin Sebastian

I have gotten many piercing from other random shops but Lissette at royal flesh has been the best piercer so far. She's so nice and helpful , she answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable. Which put me at ease let me know I was in the right hands. She has an amazing selection of jewelry she's the girl to meet if your in chicago


Excellent job, good price, and diversity of services.

Dustin Hamilton

I've seen the shop before and went in to look around and I have to tell you this is a super clean shop that is also well decorated with original artworks, clothing, etc... they even have a DJing section setup for live music it seems. They throw art showings there from time to time - that is how I came to learn about the shop. Anyhow though weeks ago I had talked with Joe (Joey the Sauce) about the kind of tattoo (style) I wanted to get, the general concept, etc... he took a stencil of my chest and arm area and a couple of weeks later had the art for me and even sent me a preview of it to my phone. Great guy... I liked how open and transparent he was about the work he wanted to do. So yesterday I received my first tattoo from Royal Flesh and couldn't be more proud to be part of the shop... the place is clean, well decorated, music playing, and the staff... the staff are amazing... everyone (clients included) talking casually with one another, artists coming by to check on other people's art and chat in general. This is a shop where you are seriously made welcome... and made to feel like you are just 'one of the guys' at the shop... best experience I've ever had at a tattoo shop. Management is top-notch as well... not afraid to be completely honest with clients about the kind of art they want to get, how much it will cost, etc... while I was in the chair I overheard a conversation with a couple and it sounded like the guy was new to tattoos... the manager walked him through the whole process, talked about the art that the guy wanted, how much it would entail, cost, and even a time to get it done. Basically, in a nutshell, Royal Flesh is what all the other shops aren't... best experience and I definitely found my go-to shop (and artist) for Chicagoland. Thanks to you all!

Geoff Monteith

I came in on Saturday night to have my labret redone after not having one for many years. Madeline who did my piercing was awesome !!! She made me feel very comfortable. When I had my labret done before it was very uncomfortable. This girl has good skills. I didn't feel anything and she throughly explained everything. The next day no soreness from the piercing. I will be back for more work and tattoos. When I get a good vibe about a tattoo shop that's the one I will stay with. Thank you, Geoff Monteith

Julie Rakoczy

Decent, clean piercing place. Make sure you make an appointment, though that doesn't always guarantee you won't have to wait.

Amber S

I went in yesterday to get my first tattoo done ever by Eric P here, and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had! I got a small rose tattoo done on my rib cage complete with lots of shading and Eric made it exactly how I wanted it and insanely gorgeous! He was extremely professional, courteous, and paid attention to what he was doing and what I wanted. Everyone also in the shop was very kind and the shop was kept very clean! I would highly recommend this place to anyone!!

Justin Schlitt

bob boyer

Angelo is am amazing artist and the staff is super friendly

Dash Gealbhan

Very professional atmosphere, fantastic and friendly staff.

Gretchen Dockendorff

I'm an Interior Designer with 23 year of tattoo and over 70 hours of ink. What can I say,,,chill vibe, sweet tunes, exceptional artistry and techniques all in one killer cool parlor!!!!

Clotilde Lucas

Good tattoo shop, perfect work, perfect artists, lovely place I'm from France i got tattooed in April there and I'm really satisfied.

Juan Trap Volta

Great people and artists

Mariana T Hernandez

Very clean, nicely put and staff very friendly

Mike Kosch

I find this place to be the best shop that I have ever been to. The shop is clean, the artists are professional and very talented, and the environment is inviting. I have recommended this shop to everyone I know because I trust it.

Leilany Morales

Elsa Milani

Jake did a cover up on my hip, my whole back and an arm piece. All of his work healed flawlessly. He has an artistic eye- I wanted something unique and he exceeded my expectations. He is a very talented artist- I highly recommend him!

nitin pandey

Emily Ann

Great and easy experience with Diana, she had my tragus done smoothly and was a doll. Will surely come back for a tattoo soon

Aubry Tucker

Man I've been meaning to post this for a while now. Angelo is one of the greatest artists I've had the pleasure of working with in this country. He's so freaking chill and yet professional. I first met him in 2017 before I even planned to move to Chicago but was just visiting for a weekend. Over email, he agreed to do a raven mandala. I expected something the size of my palm - he created something shoulder to shoulder. Eight grueling hours we spent together, knocking this thing out in one go. We even had lunch together before hand, so we probably spent close to 11 hours together as complete strangers. Now whenever I'm on that side of town, I pop in to say hi. Without fail, he asks me to lift the shirt so he can show off the badass tattoo he gave me. I adore him and the piece. We are now working together on so many different ideas. I love that I can give him a concept and he just runs with it. Everyone at the shop is wonderful, friendly, and professional. The music is always good. Company is even better.

Derek Hartwig

Friendly staff, but the piercings were not even.

Nina & The Buffalo Riders

Im from Detroit and came to Chicago on a trip. Thought it would be interesting to get a tattoo from a new artist. Ive been getting covered from the same artist for the last 12 years, so I was nervous. I met Eric, and he told me right up front that he had been professionally tattooing for only a year, and apprenticed for a little more nervous. Decided to just go for it. He really loved the piece I brought in and seemed really excited to do it. It brought him a piece with heavy line work and large in dimension. He is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He is extremely friendly and communicative. He took his time with my piece. I sat for about 5 hours. He refused to stop unless he thought it was the best piece it could be. This was one of the best experiences I have had getting work done. The only thing Im upset about is that I didnt have any room to get it where everyone can see it. Its a shame that one of my favorite tattoos is on my leg. I will absolutely come back to Chicago just to get work from Eric.

Maria Conibeer

Cool tattoo shop, GREAT artists! Javier Rivera is the best!!!

Chad Ganshirt

It's the place to go for ink! The staff is world-class. The store is beautiful! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Tania BR

Ali kadhim

I like it

Cheryl L. Hertel

Kelsey Maffett

Marcelino Rivera

Got myself a tattoo today ..........

Sarah Vello

Recently, I found a tattoo that I really liked online and decided to take the plunge and get it myself. Having never reached out to a tattoo artist to discuss a commissioned piece before, I was more than a little nervous (which is generally my nature) and had no idea where to start. I Goggled around, looking for artists in Chicago that was skilled in the tattoo style of the piece that I found and came across Joe Fryday. I loved his work and knew the shop he worked out of (I had in previous years got a conch piercing done at Royal, along with beautiful jewelry.) Still nervous, I emailed him explaining what I was looking for along with a picture of the design. He responded quickly and we immediately set up an appointment to sit down and go over what I liked about the design and what I could expect going forward. He was professional and answered all of my questions to put me at ease. Long story short: the tattoo came out beautifully, with my permission he altered the design to make it unique to me while keeping the primary look of the piece intact. I absolutely love what he did and how it looks on me. The shop is incredibly cool and clean. All the staff I have interacted at Royal have been helpful, friendly, and professional. I really appreciate Joe's patience with me through this process, and I am already looking forward to my next tattoo! Aside: if you're paying with credit card here there is a 5% service charge because awful people ruin it for the rest of us.

Zim Zeisler

Gabrielle Hall

Me and my boyfriend are from out of town and wanted to do something fun and spontaneous, this was definitely the place to go for a tattoo! Super friendly and welcoming, highly recommend

Bryan Jordan

Royal Flesh is the only place I would go to get ink!

Mari Gallegos

ANGELO does incredible work. He has an awesome personality, works fast, and has stunning execution and artistry. I just got my first tattoo from him and the experience was great. The location is clean and hip too.

Kristen Tanakatsubo

Super clean space, amazing artists. Working on a piece with Javier, and he is friendly, professional and amazing at what he does. Cant wait to finish this next month!

Robyn Gee

Mark Trinoskey

Jessica Allender

Angelo is da' bomb

Blair Putnam

I have nine tattoos. Both of the tattoos I have gotten here haven't turned out the way I wanted. The first was some decently complicated line work, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But the second was a super small/simple tattoo and it was filled in quite poorly.

Kyle Hunter

These guys are the real deal. The owner was really fast getting back to me when I showed interest, and Louis Barak ended up doing a sick black and gray piece on my leg. It ended up taking two sessions and he never pressured me to sit longer the first time or showed any sign of aggravation. He was patient with me and gave me exactly what I wanted for an affordable price. Great people, a lot of fun, clean shop. Will definitely be back for more.

Samantha Cretens

Had an exceptional experience with Angelo! He did an amazing job on my tattoo, and immediately made me comfortable being there. Great prices for the high quality work. Would suggest to anyone!

crystal martin

Michael Hernandez

Megan Hayes

Professional, clean, courteous and TALENTED!

Michael Pattengale

Emma Kidder

Dana S

cristina rocha

(Translated by Google) I loved it and the attention is good (Original) Me encanto y la atención es buena

Bill Saveley

I've been tattooed for a couple of decades now, and have been in many shops. For the last 8 months or so, I've pretty much decided this is my "go-to" shop. The shop is extremely well run from both a cleanliness and artistic standpoint. The overall layout of the space is very welcoming. The building is split down the middle width-wise, so it doesn't seem like you're being led to the back of the building to be "slaughtered", ha. Plenty of space to work in, for your friends/family to wait while you are getting inked, and the music there is usually fantastic. The windows and lighting are a nice touch as well. Doesn't seem like a dungeon. All of the artists there are extremely capable of making your tattoo idea a reality. I highly suggest you go to this shop. Parking is very available on the street whether you're on Broadway or Irving Park Road. I've been inked there by Norm and Dustin. Full sleeve work. All tattoos have come out fantastic and I'm elated.

Sam McCarthy

Nkabila Mwakyoma

Got my first tattoo here, great place with amazing quality work, I’m definitely going back!!

Keith Bjorklund

I received my first tattoo here upon a referral from a good friend. I worked with Libby and it was an outstanding experience. It was easy to think that I would intimidated or rushed into making decisions but the exact opposite was true. Libby helped me with a design I'm in love with. She was very patient as we made decisions and then when it came time to ink up, she was still patient until I was 100% comfortable on size and location. She also spent over an hour on my touch up a few weeks after the initial session. I will be going here again for further work.

Stephen Rohner

Great shop. Jake is a world class artist and a great guy to boot. I can't imagine going anywhere else ever again. I can say even though I did not get a tattoo from the other guys I looked through their work and its world class as well. This is the only place I will ever get a tattoo at again as long as they are open. The added bonus is that all the artists are friendly and not douchebags.

Brandy Agerbeck

T Nowacki

Ashleigh Gunty

Johnnie R. Lovett

Royal Flesh Tattoo is awesome, the artists are good people and it's a very cool environment. I got my work done by Quori and he's a great guy, easy to talk to and he makes sure your artwork is what you imagined it to be and more. Definitely recommend these guys, dope spot.

victoria zeilenga

Clay Goodpasture

Fun talented artists. Check out @louisbarak on insta

Joe G

Tony was the best! I came in with lots of questions and got all the answers I needed. The shop is immaculate, you could drink jello off the floor. The team is very friendly and even helps you not pass out. GO!

Jerald Williams

If you need Ink and want a great artist ask for the Spicy Meatball (Angelo) and he will take great care in designing what every you want and tattoo it on you very professional. Very clean and very talented.

Catherine Miller

This is a top notch tattoo shop no doubt! The place was totally immaculate! This is no dive tattoo parlor, let me tell you! The shop is very clean and I felt safe with the appearance of the studio. The original artwork hanging up in the shop is absolutely stunning. They have a great selection of cool clothes and great jewelry too! I was really impressed with staff. They treated me with great care, very personable and sensitive to my needs. I got a chance to speak with the owner and he treated me like family. I was very happy with my tattoo and I will be telling all my friends, they are already asking when I can show it off! Thank you Royal Flesh for my sweet cover up tattoo! I am already planning my next visit!

Obaid Khan

After years of dreaming of my tattoo, I finally did it. I reached out to Royal Flesh tattoo and that evening I got a response from the owner, Nick. He asked me a few questions and sent me the bios of his artists. I read through them and chose two I felt connected with. Nick recommended Louis Barak would be best suited to what I was looking for. Louis contacted me that same day and we briefly spoke on the phone. An appointment was set for the following day. The next morning my appointment was set for 11:00 am and Louis was already ahead of the game. He drew the perfect design for what I was looking for. I was amazed that he so quickly picked up on what I wanted after just a few minutes of our conversation the previous day. The design was PERFECT! After almost 5 hours, and a little 'bit of pain' which goes with any and all tattoos, my dream tattoo was staring back at me. The best moment in a long time and all thanks to this awesome tattoo and piercing shop plus Louis Barak! The guy knows his stuff, he is A-Awesome! Want a tattoo with a talented and understanding artist, look no further than Louis Barak at Royal Flesh Tattoo!

Ninah Randolph

I got a piercing by Christian who was AWESOME. He was really knowledgeable and professional. Self proclaimed perfectionist which was exactly the kind of thing you would want. Takes his job seriously. Very sterile environment and experience. Highly recommend

Tamara Drew

Great atmosphere, unique jewelry and artwork, and piercers are skilled and personable

Latoya Gills

I did not get a tattoo from them. What I did get was some useful information about tattoos from them.

Dan Ward

Stewart G

Great service, clean and very professional.

Jocelyn Green

Royal Flesh Tattoo is a great spot. Very easy to get to get to as far as location. The artists there are very nice and understanding. I have gotten work done by Quori several times and he is a great artist. He definitely brings your thoughts to life with his artwork. Great place, definitely recommend.

Alexandrea Kent

Max Grossman

I, personally didn't get the tattoo from here, but I was with my friend as he was getting tattooed. Wow! Stunning work! Was beyond incredible! Definitively going to come back and get a tattoo here!

Jamie Link

Loved everything about my experience at Royal Flesh. The staff goes the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied with your design and really work closely with you to make sure you're getting exactly what you want. The shop is clean and sanitized regularly which is awesome. Really enjoyed my experience and will definitely be back for my next tattoo!

Rachel Mckeag

Really great job on the tattoo as well as a fun and calm and clean environment.

Jim O'B

Sarah Longfellow

I got two tattoos done here. The artists are great, hands-down some of the best I've ever worked with. They take their time and really try to understand exactly what you want. The actual tattooing took about 4 hours, but we easily spent an hour beforehand talking and sketching out a couple different designs before we decided on the one. If you're looking for talented artists who are willing to work within your budget, I cannot recommend this place enough.

Mars Eris

Anthony Crume

Josh Mann

Quori took my idea and ran with it. He discussed his thoughts with me, helped me make the right tweaks to make the tattoo really work, and then took his time and made something that I'm extremely proud to have on me. Thanks Quori!

Jesse Harper

Total BS. They were closed at least 45 minutes early. I needed piercing jewelry and picked their store to purchase them. Ill be bringing my business elsewhere.

Debbie OBrien

Excellent professional service by Mary. She is extremely knowledgeable and does excellent work on her clients. She is a perfectionist.

Grxce Mxrie

Went with my friend for her first tattoo and my third. They both look great! BadKat does some super nice clean black work. Defiantly coming back and often.

Matthew Ellman

Dani is an amazing piercer/person. I have gone there now for several piercings and the atmosphere is great and welcoming. I took my fiance there to get pierced a few times after I tried it out. Royal Flesh is simply really cool. I hear the tattoo artists being honest with their customers even when it means they might not get their business because the tattoo is a bad idea. Having two sleeves I know from experience how important and rare it is to have artists with ethics. I would recommend Royal Flesh to anyone who wants a chill, welcoming place, to get work done.

Amy Stewart

This place is the best! The owner Nick takes time to chat with the customers and wants to make sure it's a great experience for anyone that walks in the door. We will definitely go back when it's time for another tattoo.

Brian Chicago

Kenny was brilliant in every way....I am so happy with my tattoo. Thank you!:)

Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff

The young lady that helped me was very friendly and helpful.

Emerson Cole

lineri maldonado

LOVE THIS PLACE! Went to Royal Flesh 2-3 weeks ago with a couple friends who recommended the place. Showed up late to re-pierce my nipples and met Lissette Cahue, my saviour! Lissette made sure I was informed and comfortable with the process and even afterwards gave me her info for follow-up questions or concerns. She's been totally helpful showing me better jewelry choices and being extremely laid back and very nice. All in all like the place very laid back, friendly atmosphere and all the people that work there seemed really knowledgable and chill. Will be going back

George Coyne

So I started getting tattooed across the country in Montana and when I came to Chicago I got work done at a few different shops by a few different artists before I found Lance Lloyd at Royal Flesh. The shop in and of itself is first and foremost clean. The space is open and beautifully decorated. Even the fans have blades that call to mind a boats oars. The soundtrack is anything but typical. I am personally a fan of the metal and punk that are commonly playing in such establishments but I have gotten some great work done the sweet serenades of jazz flutes while discussing the effects of living in different continents. As far as the talent the shop is stacked. I have 28 separate pieces that fall more or less under the traditional style which Lance is a master at. The first piece he did was from an idea I had to create a 20's style pinup profile from the Blackhawks logo. 2 sessions later I get props wherever I go (given I haven't been to Philadelphia). I have also watched the other artists over there at work and seen nothing less then mastery of their craft. Ole, Dustin, and Quori round out an all star roster. Lissette handles the piercings and while I have none I have been in the shop enough to see plenty of satisfied customers. I can not recommend these guys enough. If you need ink, Royal Flesh is the spot.


I HIGHLY reccomend going to Royal Flesh. This shop has a great atmosphere. Right when I walked in I was greated immediately. You can tell when you walk in that they take care of the shop and keep it very clean. All of artists that work there are laid back and easy to communicate with. You can tell that they all spend countless amount of time and effort on every tattoo. I was lucky enough to call, and set up an appointment the same day. Ole was the artist that worked with me and his work is amazing to say the least. He went above and beyond my expectations. If you're looking to get a tattoo that you will love this is the place to go!

Meghan Kimball

Had piercings done here, it was worth the price. The piercer was absolutely wonderful.

Tessa Brueckner

This was my second time with Libby as my artist and I wouldn't even consider going elsewhere. I brought in a basic idea and she added beautiful dimension I never would have considered. Clean, sharp lines and beautiful shading. Highly recommend! Plus a super cool vibe, sterile, and professional.

Laura Rivas

Walked in to get a tattoo from a flash sheet they had advertised for $31 as a Friday the 13th promo (turns out they were $150-$200), was greeted by a woman who acted as if we were inconveniencing her by walking in, as soon as she heard my gf wanted a piercing she just ignored me completely. I would have paid for the over priced tattoo because I really wanted it, but I suppose my money wasn't good enough. The piercer they had was all over the place and very shaky. Don't recommend and will never be back.

Matthew Rains

Professional and clean. Jake does amazing work and works well with clients. Made my first tattoo experience a stress free breeze.

Dina Riccardo

I had a tattoo from when I was much younger and I wanted to get it covered. So I did all the research on Chicago tattoo shops and realized quickly just by the quality of the websites and portfolios, that Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing in Chicago was the place to get this work done. We asked for Quori. I believe he's in the top 10 list of Chicago tattoo artist. My tattoo came out beyond my expectations. The overall ambience I the shop was fun to be in and made gritting through the pain pleasant. In my opinion there's only 1 top Chicago tattoo shop. Big thanks to the whole crew at Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing.

Samantha Sibrava

Andrea M

Erin Schaeffer

Go see Javier Rivera. He's wonderful, relaxed, and extremely talented.

Auxiliadora Rivera

I have nothing but love for the artists that work at this great tattoo shop. I get so many compliments on my tattoos from strangers and recommend ppl to check this place out. Every artist I've met here are professional and so talented. They take pride in their work, so I can guarantee you'll come out loving your unique ink piece. You can set up an appointment with the artists to go over your ideas for a new tattoo (but they also take in walk-in customers so not necessarily appointment only). The shop environment is very clean and has a great vibe. They use clean, sterile items every time so nothing shady like other locations I've seen. Also, piercing staff is great, got a daith piercing and it was done so well it healed quickly and looks great. I've gotten tattoos from Javier, Angelo, Matt and Luscious and I highly recommend them all! Great guys to work with and fun to chat with during your tattoo session. Looking forward to getting more pieces from these great tattoo artists!

Fantasy_ Tutorials

Roslyn Mini Courses

Don’t go to this shop . Y’all I’m a tattooed mama - I won’t rant , this is my first review for anything ever .... so if I can sway you to research another shop do so , DONT GO to royal flesh , plenty others with great respectful artists. Done. I wish I could go into it but won’t no time for novel writing- just go somewhere else folks . Done.

jessica hartkopf

Angelo does great work!


I've been going to Royal Flesh for a few years now. When I want something pierced Dani is hands down the only person that's going to be doing the job. I've also had 3 tattoos done there and have been satisfied to a point where I've introduced 3 friends to them, so that makes for 4 happy customers including myself. The staff is laid back but very professional at the same time. If you're on the fence between choosing the right place I'd definitely recommend checking out Royal Flesh.

Shay Albrecht

Ceasar A

I Really loved my first experience Here.. Eric Is finishing up My Leg And IM Very Pleased I Highly Recommend This Tattoo shop

Jazmine Allen

Timothy Victorine

Favorite tattoo/piercing shop in the city. Inside is beautifully decorated and employees are professional and helpful. Dani is always helpful with questions about piercings, finding jewelry, and even custom ordering. I just got a tattoo from norm the other day and it's very well done. I would recommend this shop to any of my friends

Lynne Kosta

Michele Malo

If you are looking to get a great tattoo in a clean and non threatening environment this is your place. Angelo is an amazing artist who is patient and his level of detail is unprecedented. I would never go anywhere else.

Izaak Levison-Share

Ches Zilla

Dustin Badkat and Libby Libberator are amazing artists! Everyone has a different and diverse style! Dani is my piercing go to! Professional, great taste in jewellery and goes above and beyond for her clients. Great atmosphere, clean shop, amazing flexibility. I have had both small and large pieces done by artists here, all highly visible work. I wouldn't get tattooed by anyone else!

Adam Dilk

Rick is fantastic. Thoughtful, patient, and talented. Highly recommended!

J. Renee Miles

Got a daith piercing here. Please see Johanna. Very professional, took her time explaining everything!

Paul Rubi

This place does everything from piercings to tattoos, the tattoo artists that work there are truly great artists....

Kelli Harrison

I got my tattoo done by Libby. She did a wonderful job. I am sending all my friends in to see her!

Nurulrafianianggur Nasution

Ivan Tabares

Victor Valle

Great clean spot! Very professional! I'm in the middle of finishing a very special tattoo with Angelo and have nothing but good things to say! Update** A little over a year and the tattoo looks as good as day 1. Going back to get another one soon!

Karlton Watkins

Amber is great. She does great work and killing the water color game

Rogério Sacramento

Mitch Byrne

Great service & they throw killer parties often!

Fancy Fontina

Joey Bird

excellent experience all around. i felt very comfortable for my first tattoo. Javier is excellent and the staff really enjoys and takes pride in the work that they do, which is very very comforting and reassuring. i would highly recommend Javier for geometric type pieces.

Jamie Leigh Siciliano

I had the most amazing experience. Everyone who works there was very kind and helpful. My tattoo artist created the most beautiful piece to cover up something I had gotten when I was 18. I told him what idea I had and he took the time to draw it up and it was exactly what I wanted. As he was tattooing me he would stop & take a look at it to make sure the lines and color were done correctly which was much appreciated given the fact this will be on my body for the rest of my life. It turned out PERFECT and I couldn't be happier. I loved how clean and sterile the place is as well as the good vibe and unique look it has. Besides tattoos they have everything from art, clothes, belts and jewelry to stickers and patches as well. I also purchased a shirt, belt, 2 pairs of earrings and a Royal Flesh patch all at a very reasonable price. They also have a room for body piercing. Great prices and beyond exceptional customer service. I would recommend anyone who wants quality body art done to go there. BIG HUGE Thanks to every one at Royal Flesh for a fantastic experience and time. I will definitely be back for my next piece. Sending some sMoKiN mAd LoVe & sMiLeS 4 mIlEs from the mitten.

Emily Badalpour

my friends and i recently got different piercings done at royal flesh by joey and it was very clean and sterile unlike any other shop i have been to. joey was very helpful and informative about the piercing rather than other places i've gone to he also did a great job on letting us know the aftercare for the piercing. he did a great job and i really recommend you going there if you ever need help or want to get a piercing!!

Vanesa Salgado

I just went today for my first tattoo and I was so nervous, but Libby made me feel reassured and comfortable the whole time! She's an amazing artist and is very kind. My first tattoo experience was amazing and I definitely recommend this place! Thanks Libby for the beautiful tattoo!

Madison Heacock

I stumbled upon this place by accident and am so glad I did! I met up with Dustin (@oldirtybadkat), who drew up some sketches to perfection of the lion head I wanted and I am beyond happy with how the piece turned out. Since then, I've been back to see him for several more and there's no one else I'd rather have as my artist. The shop is very clean and cozy, and I love the atmosphere and everyone who works there, as well.

Shadi salem

So this post is long overdue....sorry guys!! Hands down best tattoo artist and shop in Chicago. Jake is by far one of the best artist I've worked with. Not only is his work sick but he is genuinely a great dude! And he has now done a full sleeve for me and an add on to my leg. Can't wait to get in and work on our next piece. Thanks so much to Jake and Royal Flesh....Great people and shop!!! Go see Jake

Danielle Moore

I used to love this shop. I use past tense for a reason (this review is long, but just read the whole thing). I recently visited the shop to browse for jewelry and get my nose pierced. The environment had changed DRASTICALLY! When I entered the shop there was a man sitting in a tattoo chair with his dirty tennis shoes on one of the tattoo benches. This might not mean much to some, but cleanliness in a tattoo shop should be everyone's TOP priority, and dirty shoes on a surface where someone will be tattooed is DISGUSTING. Yes you can clean the bench, but this man obviously did not care about the filth he was potentially exposing his customers too. He did not say anything to me. On the surface I might not look like I am a "typical person" to get a tattoo, BUT I have 12 piercings and 9 tattoos. After a few minutes I was finally greeted, only get get my question interrupted by a personal phone call that the man took. I asked about Lissette, my usual piercer, and was told she was not working that day. So, I showed the new piercer pictures of what I was wanting. However, she suggested something totally different. She was trying to up-sell me. In my opinion, my piercings and tattoo's are works of art and a reflection of who I am. I am all for suggestions, but trying to change what I want for my body is just flat out unprofessional. It was clear that the mind set of the shop had shifted from an artistic view to being money hungry. I finally put my foot down and just said clearly what I wanted and did not want. I will give the new piercer some credit in terms of prepping me for the pain. When she was finished she could not get the backing on correctly, so the stud was not flush against my skin. She told me to come back in a few weeks and she would change the stud. I walked around the rest of the day with the stud sticking out of my nose and dried blood around the piercing. At a later day I found out that Lissette was employed elsewhere due to the very issues I mentioned above (cleanliness and being money hungry). I will be going to Lissette to fix the piercing. I also found out that my favorite tattoo artist had moved with Lissette. Quori is an amazing artist! He is first an artist, so his work is unique, detailed, and absolutely amazing. I could go on forever about his talent and how he works with you to customize your vision. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo or piercing I would NOT go to Royal Flesh! Instead google Lissette Cahue and Quori Senyon, because those are the only two individuals I will work with!!!!

Sandro Nissan

greeted as soon as me and my friend walked in and. Lance was awesome and easy to talk to.. We exchanged ideas and the next thing you know my friend and I were getting tattoos.. Did a great job on my friends Anubis God Tattoo.. and also an Awesome job on my Tattoo

Saba Kalantarpour

I got my tattoo with Anthony and I absolutely love it. He is very trust worthy and a great artist. Also, his realism tattoos are the best. If you are looking to get a tattoo, he is your guy .

Andrea Eakins

Lisette is excellent!!! The artists are very helpful and professional, equipment is sanitized throughly.

kristin furlow

I literally just got back from getting my navel pierced, and Joey was phenomenal! He made me feel extremely comfortable (because I was so nervous) and he explained everything that he was doing. He even changed his gloves multiple times! I recommend this shop to anyone, I will definitely go back!

Sindre Hjelle

Came in for a piercing, and got very nice information, price and excellent service!

Mairin O

Becky Buckman

I have been to Royal Flesh for both piercings and tattoos on multiple occasions. It is a beautiful and clean shop full of talented tattoo artists and an amazing piercer, Lissette, and I am constantly recommending it to people I meet. Most recently Lissette pierced my lip and it healed without a single problem, something I cannot say from piercings I have had done by others. All the artists I have had experience with here have been extremely professional, competent, and talented. Absolutely 5 stars.

Tesha Whitman

The artists are great. Worked with me on price. Joshua even came in on his day off because he was as interested in doing my piece as i was having it done. Plenty of sass/sarcasm to go around which I love in general. Got the appointment set up all the way from Tampa, Florida. Already saving up so I can get a companion piece done.

F. Chris Stewart

I love Royal Flesh. Got my fourth tat from Angelo and it’s time to go big or go home! Angelo is one of those rare combinations of a skilled and gifted artist who lives his medium and an old soul, an authentic human being. His use of color got me right away because that’s what I was looking for but his black, shading and line work speaks for itself. Everyone in that shop is top drawer. And, I know they’re great working with those of us who are less than experts. Good people to start with and great for the decerning eye that will know how an artist will treat his vision. Just go in and check out their books and hang a bit, ask some questions. It will be time well spent. In a couple of months, if I don’t blow and appointments, (sorry A) you’ll see legs of Fire and Water from feet to knees with a Coy Fish and a Dragon. Glad I got that outta my system. Now....Do it!

Rahn Tibbs

What can I say, it's a tattoo shop. I'm not going to mention who did my tattoos here, but my experience was for lack of a better word, frustrating. The girl who makes the appointments SUCKS. The best way to describe this shop's appointment keeping process is UNORGANIZED and unprofessional. How do you forget about the appointments that you schedule, when your job is to schedule appointments!

Mini Yeti

Emma Prager

Samantha P.

I LOVE Royal Flesh Tattoo. It is one of the cleanest tattoo shops I have ever seen. My tattoo is amazing and I can't wait to get another one!

Mary Duffy

I got my septum pierced in March and it was nearly painless and the wound has not given me any problems whatsoever, healing very nicely. Very friendly, professional staff. Great environment.

Latoya Blachard

i would appreciate if the picture of my rook piercing be taken down you did not get my ok to use a the picture nor did i sign anything saying that my picture would be used for advertisement if it is not taken down you will here from my lawyer.

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