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120 S 4th St, DeKalb, IL 60115, United States

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REVIEWS OF Proton Tattoo IN Illinois

Marti Lillian

Awesome artists!

Jackalyn Watkins

I went in for a piercing and walked out planning my next visit for another tattoo. Mike was awesome and super comforting. I knew I was in good hands from the moment I called just to simply get their hours. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone from newcomers to vets. ✌

Marissa Macedo

Mary Law

Cheyann Gordon

Michael Howell

Friendly staff and decent service. They need a bit more jewelry to pick from though.

Daniel Mueller

Great place

Jacque Wyffels

Aaron did my tattoo, very professional, personable and talented

Ashley Ramsey

Amazing work

Charlotte Brown

Glen Saidat


Kyrie Forrest

nice place, pretty good staff and great prices!

Terry Hopkins

Very professional staff...

Theresa Nordquist


Michael Voell

Really professional and amazing artists. I personally didn't get a tattoo there, but my friend did and it turned out amazing. Definitely going here for my first.

Melanie Mooney

Phenomenal place for tattoos. Aaron is my favorite! I now have 2 tattoos done by him. He just did a cover-up on my forearm, and his artistry exceeded my expectations! Such a cool guy, and an awesome place. Definitely worth the drive for us.

Jamie F

Terrible customer service.

Joe Degand

Some of the best artists in the state and by the books clean safe and fun. Love this place, a home away from home.

Keith Buesse

Mike Gear at Proton was absolutely fantastic doing my little girl's ear piercing. Perfectly professional, incredibly friendly and made her feel much more comfortable when she started getting nervous about the whole process. Would recommend to anyone.

Benjamin Bartholf

Professional. I got exactly what was agreed on for a solid price.

Kasia Luebbe

Tara Hendren

I got my tattoo done by Mark. I love it he did an amazing job and it was quite a big tattoo but we still got it done in under two hours. Deff coming back again.

Ahmad Abouhinda

Miles Stockman-Willis

My experience was great. Everyone was friendly and the artists know what they are doing. very clean and modest. I am going again for some more ink!!

Sherri Key

Drew Phifer

I have been going to to Proton since they used to be out in Cortland. I always go to either Jon or Chris for my work. They are both cool dudes who are highly skilled. I can tell the difference in quality between their work and the other local tattoo shops and I recommend Proton over all the rest. If you are going to put something on your body forever it only makes since to go to the best. The shop is sterile and has a cool rock and roll atmosphere. Appointments can usually be made within 2 weeks and prices are reasonable. I feel like if you give them more artistic freedom, sit well, and are a good client you will receive great work for an exceptional price

chris Davis

Chris May has done most of my forearm but today he outdid himself. I love this piece! The shop is great, everyone is pretty friendly,definitely a good place for a first timer. They have plenty of interesting stuff of the walls,,,something to look at too take your mind of the needle. Definitely give them a shot, and very much worth a drive.

Kevin Watry

stephanie wiginton

Excellent work! Chris May is hilarious and an awesome artist. I am so in love with my coverup.

Donald Mazzanti

Awesome Shop

Rachel Blocker

Kristina Kain

This wasn't my first time at Proton but it's been several years since my last visit and this was my first experience with Chris May and he was just so great! On top of the fact that he got me in last minute and came up with a great solution to a problem I had but he also has an awesome personality and I really enjoyed my time there! I would highly recommend this place everyone is great! I'm definitely looking forward to a future piece by Chris!

jose lopez

This is the only spot that we will go, John is the best.

Rhonda Weber

Very friendly staff and great service and prices

Autum Martin

I got my conch pierced and Mike was AWESOME!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Jessi Lorang

Danni Builta


Eli Alexeas

Got my first nose piercing here. Had it done by Mr. Mike Gear who was astonishingly kind and very welcoming. He was very quick in the procedure and he made it out to be a very fun first experience with piercing. I plan on getting my ear pierced next!

Michelle Orstead

Josh Green

Great people and awesome work, very happy with my time spent getting my new ink.

Jatt Mordan

Good dudes and dudettes, doing great tattoos. And there's a piercer dude, as well.

Matt Moore

Brooklyn Carlson

Jackie Pringle

Rob D 罗浩宇

proton tattoo is great! chris is the best. Definitely give him creative freedom and let him do his thing!

Kendall Marie

Laura Hill

I came to Proton Tattoo to get my earlobes pierced. I was nervous and Mike made the experience a breeze. Mike was knowledgeable about piercings and had no issues with piercing my scarred ear (as a child my earlobe was ripped and I received stitches). Overall, enjoyed my experience and I am happy with my piercing!

Jason Szczesniak

These guys do an awesome job i went in for the gumball machine special $50.50 its a random tattoo but its a fun concept and i got a good color tattoo will definitely go back in for another tattoo

paula ross

Love the vibe here! They are all very passionate about their work. Definitely recommend.

Mindy Albright

I was very nervous about getting a tattoo because I have a fear of needles but they were amazing. I will definitely be going back for more.

allan owen

Great artists! Best tattoos around

Colleen Hackman

Barbie rocks!

Lord Zem

Barbie messed up my tattoo now I have to spend several grand lasering it off and another couple thousand to get it redone. Worst artist ever. I also went to a different artist, can't remember his name. Asked him if he wanted to do a tat for me. He didn't. Instead of telling me "no" he told me he would do it then proceeded not to answer any of my calls. This place is a disgrace to tattoo artist.

Sam Click

Nick Dresser

James Ryan

Piercing expert is just that, an expert in his field. He has great advice on caring for fresh piercings, listen to it if you are getting one. Location is colorful and clean. These people obviously care for their workspace and their occupation, it shows!

Melissa Molina

Their work is awesome

Angel D

Ashley Ballard

I got pierced by Mike and it was great he kept making jokes and he give great advice on keeping piercings healthy and clean!!

Donna Hollins

Love, love, love ths place!!! Been coming here for years. Every artist is friendly and wants to work with you to achieve the tattoo that you desire. Great decor!! Dustin is great!!

Daniel Haight II

Just got my first tattoo done by Erin Boyle and I couldn't be happier! Everyone here is very professional and informative as well. I had set an appointment a couple weeks ago and on the day of the appointment my wife decided she wanted to get one as well. They were able to fit her in that day too! I will be coming back and getting another tattoo! Thanks to Erin for giving me such a great piece of art!

Sandy Dekoster

They know their stuff!!!!

Lisa Erickson

Good service!!

Megan Orlando

Great shop with excellent artists! I've had tattoos done by both Aaron and Erin, and have been thrilled with all of them! Calm, relaxing environment, with friendly people. This is where I'll be getting all my tattoos from now on.

Jessie Mae Walker

Love this place. My children has Awesome tats! Staff is always courteous, and professional!

The Puff

Went in as a walk in and they told me to come back tomorrow cuz they didnt have time..... there was 3 guys sitting their doing nothing thats understandable maybe they had app coming up. Arrived first thing in the morning to the same thing 3 guys sitting doing nothing. i figured id be in and out since they told me to come back. talked to one of the guys and he said put ur name and description on this list and maybe someone will wanna do it... that inst walk in, so i put my name down and he says i have to have a description. i put down brass knuckles and once again hands it back..... then he raises his voice and says how the hell is anyone gonna know what u want u have to explain ur description. previous descriptions were very vague like flowers, heart. told him that no one else wrote down time, size, and total wanting to spend so y would i. he laughed in my face and then i left

Alison Daeschler

They were all so helpful and nice I had a bad experience at another local tattoo shop and they fixed it for me

Ray Herold

I get all my work done here. The are A+ Artists...

Badboy Blu

Went for noise pierce and Mike Gear was awesome - keeps you entertained so your done think about what he's doing - makes it go faster.very professional.

Katharine Bice

I walked into this shop a week or two ago to set up an appointment to do a cover up for my best friends wedding I'll be standing in at the end of August. Even though they are a high demand shop they got me in within a week and it was a 7 hour appointment. When I first came in I didn't have an artist in mind just anyone that would be available soon. My artist was Chris May. After we got just over half way through the tattoo I had a little burst of crying because it hurt so bad. The original tattoo I got the artist didn't go in very far so I wasn't use to having this done even though I thought I was. Chris was so nice about it he took a few breaks with me and even borrowed some lidocaine spray from Erin to help numb me. Thank you Erin! That spray was the reason I could sit there for the last couple hours and get it all finished. Everyone here is amazing and I saw some other artists tattooing as well and all the tattoos I saw were just amazing! I'll be going back to Chris after the wedding to get a little more done on it but I am beyond impressed with the work and the artists! They truly care about their customers and make sure you have a great experience! If I get more tattoos in my life I'll be sure to come to Proton Tattoo! Oh and I LOVE my new tattoo! My goal when I got the original was I wanted a piece of art on me that I could display proudly and now thanks to Chris I have exactly that! I wish I could attach pictures to show my before and after! I'll be easy to recognize though just look for the girl wearing tank tops in winter from now on! ❤❤❤

Erin Boyle

I have gotten three big, bold, beautiful tattoos by Dustin, Chris and Aaron in the past few years. I've also been tattooed by Em Becker and Nate Corder while they visited the shop. Every time I am treated with respect, charged an unbelievably reasonable amount, the shop is impeccably clean, and all the staff is friendly. I've gotten several piercings by the piercer as well, he is amazing. Gets the job done right the first time, unlike any of the other piercers around town.

Demetria Bailey

She did my daughter footprints just like the way on the paper

Matt B

Angela Michael

I’ve had 5 tattoos done here. One by owner Jon and the rest by owner Chris. Both have done beautiful work for me. They make you feel very comfortable and are very caring during the whole process. One of my tattoos was a cover up and you would never know, it is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention, the shop is so clean and all the other artists and employees make you feel welcome. Thanks guys!

Jennifer London

Clifton Berg

Travis Gilbert

will patrick

Very friendly and professional artists. Quality of work exceeded my expectations

Chris Long

Robert Floersch

Great spot for ink. Got a recommendation from an artist I trust and gave them a shot. Aaron Wassner was the artist I used. He was professional, willing to help me realize my design, and incredibly talented. I will trust Proton with my body art in the future.

Kathryn Johnson

I've been here for two of my own (Justin and Barbie) and sat with my brother for a few, I love the atmosphere, everyone is super laid back and easy to talk to. I had a giftcard to use in a limited amount of time with this last piece Barbie did and she got me in last minute. I get so many compliments on all my tattoos from here. I recommend it to everyone and wouldn't go anywhere else again.

james cradduck

Nice place would go back if I think I would like to I another tattoo

Mike Hawk

Proton Tattoo

Of course I love this place, I work here with some awesome people. stop in and check us out!

Court Schuett

Incredible work. Great customer support and work. Highly recommend.

pamela dean

Joe Dzwonnik

Full service shop, and when I mean full service. I mean FULL service. Dudes that work here have massive hogs and needles. I've seen the other shops in town trust me, you want to come here.

ally fenwick

I've gotten all my tattoos from proton. I've been tatted by almost everyone there. Wouldn't trust my skin with anyone else. Everyone there is super nice and willing to work with what you want. You pay for a great tattoo. Won't ever leave disappointed.

Nicole Kimbro

Horrible customer service. Don't have a "waiting list" if you're not going to use it. Just simply say all of the artists are busy with appointments. Not really that hard. Spending 6 hours waiting for someone to communicate with me on whether there is availability is ridiculous!

Kenzy L

Donna H

This is THE best tattoo place to go to!! Dustin is an amazing artist!!!!

Harold Brown

Jayme Lynn

Caroline Wedick

Bob Ross

Incredible experience with Erin, above and beyond expectations. Amazing detail, artistry, and craftsmanship. I highly recommend this place to friends or anyone interested in a tattoo done right.

Jennifer M

Nice work and clean!

Laura Bomar

Great artists, friendly & clean & frequently donate to local causes!!! Great spot!

Christiana High

Nice facility, got my tattoos done by Sam - he’s fantastic and has a wide range of abilities but is especially good with black and grey realistic images

April Olson

Very friendly, love my new tattoo. Erin did a great job!

Vinnie Snyder

I get my stuff from Mark. Always friendly, clean and awesome.

carlos rivera

Tony Kittle

Great service and great piercier. Happy I went hear and thrilled with what I got. I'd recommend this place.

Amy Warren

My daughter and girlfriend went in for my daughter to get a tattoo and it was going to be her first tattoo of her grandmother that passed away and they told her that she was wasting their time because she wanted to know if the placement of the tattoo would still look good over time. I do not understand why people need to be rude. This is someones first tattoo; therefore, they will have questions.

Chad Rivenburg


Ally Valdivieso

Justin Skaggs

I'm pretty much covered in tattoos, and I've gotten them from many different places over the years. Proton is by far the best shop I've been to. The most recent tattoo I got here was actually a cover up of a tattoo I had pretty much given up hope on ever having fixed. The person (from a shop I won't name) who originally did the tattoo left a lot of scar tissue, and a lot of really dark colors that aren't easy to cover up. Chris sat down with me, and within minutes had a rough sketch that would not only cover up the old one, but also beautifully incorporate some existing tattoos I have in the same area. When I showed up for my appointment Chris was ready to go, and had the stencil on me within minutes of walking into the door. During the tattoo, we had some really awesome conversations and I got a chance to really take in the scenery. This shop has some of the coolest artwork adorning the walls I've ever seen. Four hours later (it's a big tattoo) I couldn't believe how well the new tattoo covered up the old one - and how it doesn't even look like a cover up. Cleanliness, professionalism, real artists, great atmosphere, fun charismatic staff - this place is hands down the best tattoo shop I've been to and the only one I will trust with any future tattoos I get.

Brad Stone

I went to Proton Studios to have Chris Mays give me a beautiful memorial tattoo in memory of my dad. This is my second tattoo from Proton, very satisfied

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