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1456 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

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REVIEWS OF Metamorph Tattoo Studios IN Illinois

Jesse Litz

Was very welcoming and very pleased by the work. Joe is awesome!

Jeff Ernst

Cass is the best. Best tattoo in wicker park

Alondra Lucas

Walked in to Metamorph with my best friend to get our first tattoos together. Everyone was very friendly. Brian and Jeremy were our artist, both very clean and professional. They worked well with our ideas and gave us two amazing tattoos, thank you so much. We would definitely recommend.

Don Eric

Jeff Thune

Took 4 hours with nobody ahead of us in line. Tattoo "artist" took 6 tries just to get image transferred so he could start applying ink. He was disrespectful in front of my wife in that he only spoke in disgusting swear words the whole time. Nasty Filthy OVERPRICED. Stay away.

Gabriella Nassief Borg

If I could give this less than one star I would. My experience at Metamorph was straight up insulting. If you want to pay to get ripped on, I highly recommend Julian. I'll preface this with saying that I got exactly what I wanted done. Also, the artist was willing to touch up an existing tattoo for me, not so well, which I appreciate as it was a fading finger tattoo. What I want to comment on was customer service. I was a walk-in and asked to get an identical tattoo to my cousin, who was with me, a small line that is in the shape of a wave. Maybe the length of a quarter. Tiny. I showed him my cousin's tattoo, told him the spot and he said "Oh, that little thing? Like a hair you find in the shower?" Rude or funny, hard to tell but I played along. Either way, he manged to insult both my cousin and I within the first 3 minutes which is honestly impressive. He traced her tattoo, we chatted about the touch up, and then I sat down. He continuously reminded me that this placement would mean that tattoo would rub off. Which, I appreciated the first and second time, but I also have 4 other hand tattoos and understand that it is essentially a waste of money. Either way: my choice. While this started off as due diligence, it quickly became apparently that he was just just talking down to me, "You're sure? Like really, really sure?" His harsh commentary continue throughout my session, and then finally when the tattoo was complete, he said "Wow, really, I think that's my greatest work." I get it. It's a small line. But really, I don't need your unsolicited personal commentary that you clearly don't appreciate it or my business. If you're too good for the job, don't take walk-ins. What really got me, was that when a customer with a full-sleeve walked in as I was in the chair, and his tone changed immensely. So, I get it. You're not into micro-tattoos because really anyone and everyone gets a tiny tattoo these days and it's trendy and it's not the commitment or artistry that you believe tattoo culture represents, but you're also a business. And if you want to exercise that type of prejudice maybe don't take walk-ins. Also, maybe if the large piece on my ribs was visible you'd take me seriously as a customer. Or maybe, if you're going to profile your customers and be so judgmental you should ask for their tattoo history to see if they're worth your time. Because clearly, on first glance, I wasn't. So, dear self-identified hipsters, newbies, and everyone else who wants a tiny tattoo, take your hard earned money elsewhere. I'm happy I commemorated my trip to Chicago with my cousins with a tattoo, but I really could have done without the bigotry.

Ronald Varney

Honestly, From begining to end this was the best experience you could ask for. We were waiting to get our first tattoos done by someone we trusted and Dawn Radford did not dissappoint. She was a pleasure to converse with. And she turned our ideas into art. My wife and I now will happily show everyone our new tattoo. The whole place gives off this comfortable vibe. You feel like You're around friends. We are totally coming back for more!!!!

Joanne Salt


Gabby Olsick

Jamie DiGrazia

Jacob Kearney is pure talent. I'm in love with the work he has created for me. He is as gentle as he can be and super fast, which helps!


Is their Cm punk's residence.

Mike Okumoto

Nice relaxing setting with friendly staff and plenty of different style artists to work with. Would definitely come back for another piece of work

Leah Murphy

Jade Johansen

Clean and friendly. Very happy with the work I got done there.

Chitexan Mosley

Julián gave me a lovely first tattoo, now im setting up for my next one

Bala Srinivasan

Good prices, work and setup.

John Sullivan

Too much talent in one building.

Gabe Mendoza

My friend and i got my first tattoo there. While a bit pricey, I know that i am getting a tattoo by highly experienced artists in very clean shop. It almost felt as if I was going into surgery lol. The people there are great. Easy to talk to and really nice

James G

Amalia Kouvalis

I got my first tattoo done by Jacob Kearney and it was a really positive experience. I came back a month later to get a moth done by David Joseph Kline for my birthday as a last minute walk in, and he did a phenomenal job as well. The entire place has a very welcoming atmosphere and clean professional look to it. Looking forward to going there next week for another Jacob Kearney tattoo! Many of my friends have gone to him as well and we are always floored by his work.

Jules Clement

Gelder Trancy

Chris Kowalewski

John Mac

Max Arens

The artist David did an incredible job at a very fair price. I highly recommend this place.

Nick Samano

Glad to have come here and I love my tattoo Dawn Radford did for me. Everyone was very friendly :)

Andrew Hill

Leader Always

honestly i like the tattoo i want to get it fits who i am, when alan did it i expected a simple design that any tattoo artist can do, trace and fill thats all, in my opinion a tattoo has to be done to perfection no matter what goes on (its there art my responsibility) not (my art my way of doing it)

Mike Kavka

Great people!

Grace Senior

Jim Levin

I have to be honest and that is I have had 4 pieces done in the past at Metamorph by Derek and Picasso and I couldn't of been happier. I recommended dozens of people here. I WENT BACK 2 WEEKS AGO AND ALL I CAN SAY IS I COULDN'T BE ANY UNHAPPIER. THE PIECE TOTALLY FADED AND WHEN I CALLED TO GET IT FIXED I WAS TREATED LIKE CRAP AND GIVEN THE RUN AROUND. DO NOT GO HERE AS THERE ARE PLENTY OF GREAT SHOPS AND ARTISTS WHO ACTUALLY WANT YOUR BUSINESS.

Allie J

Esteban Hernandez

Candace Ramos

Tawna Holliday

Mariana Carvalho Pereira

Best place I could've ever chosen to get my first tattoo! Not just to mention the staff but the great quality of their products! It's been one and a half years and my tattoo looks like brand new still! It's just sad I'm currently living in Brazil so it's not that easy to stop by and get another one. Ps: photo taken today!!!!!

Milly Caraballo

awesome place to get tattooed. very nice people and decent prices. they definitely make you feel at home.

Hachem Hosenbux

xv lv

I got my tattoos done by Emily. I really like her feminine designs, but I don't appreciate when you negatively gossip about other customers choices of tattoos with another coworker in front of me. It insinuates an unprofessional work atmosphere, and I get the idea that you're probably talking negatively about me when I'm not here. Her prices are $150/hr.


Asked for a pretty simple tattoo and had gotten some good references, so I thought going to a new place would be ok. I have multiple blowouts on my tattoo that basically ruined the whole look. My advice: make sure you do your research on who are the capable artists at this place. I didn't have a good experience but I have seen others get beautiful work done here.

Katie D

Aaron Pierce

Blake Shockley

Adam Cerrillo

Got the sickest Dragon Tattoo by Emily ! Loved it so much , I’m thinking of getting 3 more with ankhs surrounding them.

Athena Giles

I've gotten two tattoos here. One by Julian and one by Hannah. I love how both of them came out. Staff are friendly and made the process of getting the tattoo itself fun. Would definitely go there again or recommend it to someone else.

Robert Thomas

Awesome service and awesome same day work! Can't wait to come back for more work!

Robert Ruiz

Olivia Puente

It was perfect, they were very informative, super nice, and my artist, Emily, did an awesome job. She made my first experience very comfortable and calming. I highly recommend her

Ian Knox

Nice little facility. Not too busy, super clean, great staff.

Navi Schiff

Amazing place and talented artists

Tim Graves

Winona Oslund

Every artist is incredible. The shop is clean. No overpriced nonsense. Already have 2 pieces from different artists and I WILL be getting more from them do yourself a favor and go in or make an appointment asap!!

Jennifer Forster

One of the best tattoo experiences I have had in a while. Hannah was my artist and she is awesome. She took the time to make sure everything about my tat was what I wanted. She is very light handed in her tattooing as well and I barely felt a thing. The metamorph shop was great. Everyone who worked there was very kind and asked me often how i was doing and if i needed anything. They even offered me a donut ;). I also overheard one artist speaking with a potential first timer and how amazing he was at making her feel comfortable with her decision and offering her advice. I only wishy first tattoo artist had been that comforting about the process. I will definitely be coming back to Hannah and the metamorph studio for many tattoos to come.

Alexis Duda

I absolutely LOVE my tattoo!!! I went to Emily and she did an amazing job! It turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Emily is so sweet and really amazing at what she does. She made me feel comfortable the entire time and really listened to what I wanted. I highly recommend going to her. I'm definitely going to be back for another tattoo and there is honestly no one else I'd rather go to ever again than her. Very happy

Steven Schechter

Seating could be more comfortable as I was waiting for my friend for over 2 hours and the availble seating is not comfortable. But they have great artists who do amazing work.


Cass is the bomb dot commmm

Alex Kirchof

Got my first tattoo done here with Emily Fong. After plenty of research, I decided on her for my geometric stag head tat. Her lines are razor sharp and I love her style. The place is clean and staff were all friendly. Great experience with Emily and highly recommended!

Sadie hellstrom

I got tattooed by Dawn and she is, not only an amazing artist, but a beautiful tattoo artist. It was my first tattoo and she made me feel extremely comfortable! I also wanted a unique design and she created exactly what I wanted. If you every want, not only a great experience, but a wonderful tattoo go see Dawn.

Stefanie E.

I loved my tattoo! Emily did an amazing job!

Kira H

Such a cool, upscale tattoo studio in downtown Chicago. While exploring the city, my boyfriend and I happened to be walking down the street and decided to stop in out of curiosity. From the moment we walked in, someone (I assume the studio manager) greeted us immediately, asking what we were looking for. He was extremely friendly and responsive in showing us around and offering various artists’ portfolios for us to check out. Subsequently, everyone we spoke with was super helpful. While we didn’t end up getting tattooed, the artists’ work all proved fantastic. We would both love to be tattooed here during our next visit!

Laura Fuhs

Jeanette Shorter

Dawn Radford was great!!

Arko Basu

Session 5 of a full sleeve with a large cover up

Marna Sakalem

I stopped by spontaneously and was so well welcomed by the staff. In 1h or so I had my newest tattoo on. The artist that worked on it was Alan, he was amazing and took his time to discuss the tattoo ideas with me. I highly recommend this studio!



jenny smith

Professional and clean. Emily is amazing. From what I've seen Julian is too.

Dawn Kackley

Thank you David for letting us walk in and get some awesome tattoo's. You rock!

Yashfeen Jafri

Susan A

I wanted text, really delicate, and in a font I had downloaded from the web. I took it in for my consultation and was given one guy, who ended up not being there the day of the actual work. HOWEVER, I think I got really, really lucky, because a more experienced guy stepped in and did an absolutely beautiful job on the tattoo. It barely even turned pink around it and healed quickly and well. Gordon is the name of this spectacular artist, who is as nice as he is talented. I would recommend this tattoo studio to anyone who wants quality work. I love my tattoo, and really liked working with Gordon to create it. Metamorph is clean, pleasant, and the people are all really nice there.

Sarah M

Awesome shop! I had my first tattoo done here, and my artist Dawn made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. She was cool with me having my best friend and boyfriend tag along so I'd feel less nervous, and she used numbing cream to help me deal with the pain. My tattoo turned out beautiful!

Martin Adán Escalante Medina

#CMPunk House ?

jocelyn edmonds

I would highly recommend Metamorph to anyone. Clean studio, awesome people, and the artists are truly talented! I always look forward to going back for more.

Ronny Vasquez

Wrex Havoc

Best tattoo parlor in chicago

Kasia Kois

The place was pleasant, clean, and the staff are friendly! Parking is street parking in a popular area, so it could be a hassle for you if you drive a car. We rode our motorcycles there so we were able to squeeze in front and get primo parking. It's a well lit place and my boyfriend was able to sit right next to me while I was getting tatted.

ana flores

EBeth Masias-Penn

Clean, friendly and fun. Emily is great!

Ariel Aguero

Great place, everyone there was super friendly and professional. Highly recommend Dani, he took a small idea I had and just ran with it and turned it into something awesome. Definitely plan to go back at some point

YoungBoyzz Street

CM Punk's house. My Hero's house.

Tiara Henderson

Dani is an incredible artist. He went above and beyond to make sure my tattoo was exactly what I wanted. He works fast, his pricing is extremely fair for the quality of work, and he’s got great taste in music! I’ll be getting more pieces soon for sure!

Emily Slayton

Jake is the best -- hands down

Lawrence D

Great place, great atmosphere,great work the best tattoo shop of all

Shawn brzezinski

Alex Puryear

jackie bell

Dawn is amazing. Love this place


I cant even explain how cool this place was. Super clean, everyone there is just beyond pleasant (unlike a lot of shops I walked into and got the worst attitude from the person working there.) All 3 of my friends and I left with EXACTLY what we wanted/+ more and the prices are extremely fair (unlike a lot of places that literally charge an arm and a leg). The shop is in the cutest shoping/eating town and is very clean. These folks are all A++ & I would totally give them more than 5 star so.

amanda jarvis

yajaira Nicolas

Sam Garesche

Got my first tattoo here! Julian is awesome. The while staff was super friendly, had water for guests, and charged my phone also!

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