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REVIEWS OF Lunchbox Tattoo IN Illinois

Patrice Hoover

Great experience last night. Went in to see if a piercing could be reopened. They took time to put in new jewelry without having to completely pierce it again or making me come back. I will be going back to have another reopened in the VERY near future.

Kiim Barch

Jessi Bruck

It's a shame that their customer service is so terrible, I can only imagine the amount of business they lose on a regular basis. There was absolutely no one else in the shop, yet the artist told me that he wasn't willing to draw up a small 7 letter word for me (which he stated might take him 10 minutes) if he didn't know that I was going to get it. The prices were also a little on the high side, but we would have likely paid them if we'd felt valued as customers. I will never return and I will steer friends in a different direction as well.

Rich Majewski

Very clean shop and friendly artists. David did my tattoo during their Toys for Tots drive and I LOVE it! Least painful and easiest heal I've had to date. The artists are laid back, easy to get along with, and friendly to a fault. I will definitely be going back to get more tattoos as soon as the Christmas holiday is over and cash flow is positive again. If you want a tattoo in a nice, relaxed environment with some great guys definitely consider stopping by Lunchbox and getting some new ink. Highly recommended!

David Stott

Phenomenal place all around, clean, friendly, professional, experienced, and very talented.

jil gates

Absolutely loved the experience! Similar to others I had an idea in my head but could never get it on paper (mainly because I lack ALL artistic talent possible). I shared my thoughts with Johnny and a few minutes later he sketched up the design I had in my mind for YEARS! He did a few changes to make it perfect then made the magic come to life. The shop was extremely clean and I felt comfortable thru the entire experience. (well as comfortable as one could feel getting a foot tattoo). Johnny explained the process and how to care for the tat thoroughly. He also has been very open to touching up the spots that did not accept ink well. Not only did I bring someone to get a tattoo with me the first time, I highly recommend Lunchbox Tattoo and Johnny to those looking to get inked!

Matt G.

Did great on my industrial piercing.

matt dunham

From the min I stepped in the door it was a downhill ride. 2 guys were sitting on a couch, neither one stood up to greet me... I couldn't tell if they worked there or were just hanging out. The tattoo guy was very cocky, it felt like I should be grateful that he was giving me his time. Anyway, we talked about the tattoo I wanted. I gave him a $20 deposit. He called the next day and said that he had some "lines" ready for me to look at. The "lines" that he showed me were not what I expected at all. When I asked questions and asked for changes I received a major attitude, as if I was an idiot. He drew a dragon that looked like a salamander with a head shaped like an eagle..... He basically refused to show me a drawing that included lines and shading. How can I agree to a tattoo that I do not know what it is going to look like.. Anyway, he said he would make changes and call me back the next day. He never called, I guess my design was too difficult for him. Save yourself some time and aggravation. Go to Area 51 in Crystal Lake.

Anayeli Rosales

Tobie Dibbern

I just had my first tattoo done by Johnny. I brought in the idea, he worked with me with the design process and I came back in a couple days later. He worked really well with me especially since I ended up having a harder time since I was a little sick that day. He was patient and put a lot of extra detail and work into the design. I would highly recommend Johnny for someone who wants a tattoo artist who makes you feel comfortable and cares about what he is doing and that you are happy with it when he's done.

Linc Carter

Great work

Leighanne Heintzelman

Jeffrey Lynn

Heard owner is a douche bag

Gina Guyton

This shop was clean and comfortable. Very reasonablly priced! It was my first time at this shop. It's close to my home, reasonable prices, and clean Thanks so much Johnny for the experience.

Jessie Elizabeth

Got my first tattoo here and I love it! He is very talented & I definitely will be coming back!

Sara Crespo

This place is the best!!!! Anibal and Johnny are so nice and talented.

Corie Rodeman

Had a great experience today getting my nose pierced. The guys were so helpful, answered all of my questions, and even fit me in because I walked in without an appointment. Would definitely recommend them!

Bridget Weingart

Johnny has always done great with my tats and always keeps his word. Great environment and always clean. Defiantly a great place to go

Caitlyn Hansen

If only it were possible to give 7 stars....

Dia Saucedo

The atmosphere is extremely welcoming if you're going as a first timer. The shop is clean, comfortable and professional. The artists are top notch with extensive history of tattooing. You're not going to find a "just started tattooing" guy here. These people offer superior talent and knowledge when it comes to ink, skin and piercing!!! Highly recommend.

Farrah Hogan

Super amazing experience at Lunchbox Tattoo! I scheduled a consultation where we discussed ideas and pictures for a cover up tattoo and made an appointment for several days later. I couldn't be happier with my new tattoo and the excellent service from Luncbox Tattoo. I highly recommend and will definitely be coming back!!

Anna Damiano

Awesome experience ..will be returning for sure ✌

May Suarez

David Cleland

I did some research on where to get a tattoo and I discovered Johnny at Lunchbox Tattoo. What a great find! Johnny B. was excellent. He executed exactly what I wanted and was very professional. His shop is quite spacious and clean. I highly recommend Johnny and his shop, Lunchbox Tattoo!

Michelle Sheehan

Laura Bialachowski

I love my tattoo, Jimmy is awesome, very honest and artistic, I will definitely be seeing him again for some more ink!

Nolan Sauce

Holly Owens

On Facebook, it recommends requesting appointments via Facebook. I did this a long time ago and never got a reply. I live in the neighborhood and stopped in when I saw the open sign on yesterday. I didn't know if I'd be able to get in that moment, but was prepared to return if so. I have an expensive piece of dermal jewelry I want to use for a repiercing, a new piercing of different type but wanted to see if first they had they had the jewelry I wanted, and also was interested in asking about a tattoo add-on, and new tattoo. I never even bothered with the tattoos. I was told it's the owner who pierces and he wasn't there. The guy was quite short and rude, gave different prices when I asked about the piercings, told me I would not be able to use my own jewelry, and if I did, it would cost the same. I've called my old place, got nothing like this. And the place out of state where I got this jewelry also told me how they handle other jewelry, prices on repiercing, etc. And they all have cases of jewelry on display. It was like pulling teeth, 20 questions to get him to say there was a case and I had to ask if I could see it in 2 different ways. I'm not sure who the owner is, but I'd find a new babysitter. I am happy to take my money for all that elsewhere and don't recommend rolling the dice on stepping in for that kind of treatment.

matt albright

Both my wife and I have gotten tattoos from johnny and my wife also got her Monroe piercing from him as well, we both have been very satisfied and will definitely continue to get work done at lunchbox tattoo. As a side note i recommend those of you that have had a bad experience before to come back in and check out the new shop In mchenry I can definitely say its a great experience!

HvH Meme

Very friendly, clean environment. Quality work!!

Constance Steele

Lunchbox tattoo and especially Johnny is absolutely fantastic!!! Both for piercings and tattoos. His attention and incredible detail is unparalleled to any other and he offers a clean environment and exceptionally skilled staff... I highly recommend him and lunchbox tattoo..

Chris Hartwig

I've gotten tattoos from a few different shops in the last five years but after finding Lunchbox I won't go elsewhere. Knowledgeable, friendly staff who do excellent tattoo work.


First tattoo.Johnny and David are very professional and personable.Very high level of standards for cleanliness.Highly recommended.They will continue to get my business.

Kiara Johnston

Great artist! Very friendly. Nice clean work

Matthew Mayo

Great a friendly people.They make you feel comfortable an welcome. If anyone asks me a good place to get great quality ink im deff gunna send them there. My tattoo came out excelt an i wont go anywhere else but there too get tattoos.

Will K

did a fantastic job on my tattoo :)

Michelle Gohl

Could not be happier with my cover-up! I had the most embarrassing tattoo party botch job and Johnny took the time to re-design it into something I can finally show off without shame. He and his guys are super friendly and give good advice. I had a few suggestions but he explained to me why they would not be the best route to take with it - I followed his direction and am SO happy I did. Trust them - they are artists (not you) and they know how ink can change over time with the aging of your skin. 5 stars for Johnny and the lunchbox crew! Thank you!

drew bates

Jimme is an awesome guy. He might at first come off a bit edgy but he isn't at all. He is huge not only in his art but the customers experience. There is not a single bad word I can say about my first experience and for future ink he is my guy.

Kevin Micheals

Great place!! Me and my wife were checking out the shops in McHenry, and lunchbox had the best work and the most experienced artists. Johnny and Jimmy did an awesome job on me and my wife, We have found a new place and would recommend this shop to anyone looking for top quality tattoo work.

Jake Evans

Meg B

Great atmosphere and music! The guys were really nice and took the time to help he get exactly what I wanted! Place is nice and clean, not at all over priced. As always with tattoos you get what you pay for, and I have to say I'm very happy. Will most certainly go back again!

Crystal Soenksen

I recently went to Lunchbox Tattoo for my very first tattoo. I was pretty nervous, but the staff was very warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable and at ease right away. Johnny B is extremely talented and did an awesome job! I plan to go back soon for tattoo #2!

Bart Palaszewski

I have been going to get my tattoos done by johnny for over 12 years, have noting bad to say about him or the shop. Everyone has always been super friendly and they all do great work.


Great Job... Love the detail and coloring!

John Bolger


What a great experience. I took my daughter there to get her navel pierced. Johnny and his employee were very friendly. Johnny was very helpful answering all of our questions. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get a piercing done.

Kelsey Cleland

Super big and clean! Nice area to wait and hangout, and the staff is really talented.


Awesome job, super happy with the artwork I recieved. Johnny did amazing he was very friendly and willing to work with my hectic schedule. His shop is also super clean and Johnny has an awesome personality, very friendly!

Jason Becker

Got my super awesome tattoo done by johnny. Probably the most comfortable tattoo ive gotten in years. Unreal the things this guy can do

Tracy Lambert

Hands down..Johnny IS the best around! No doubt about it! In the past, before I found Johnny, I got a few horrible tattoos from other tattoo artists that I absolutely hated and they were in places that were very hard for me to hide..Johnny was able to turn those horrible tattoos into nothing but perfection!!! We are currently working on sleeving one of my arms...I get compliments daily on how beautiful and detailed my tats are...I would never let anyone else put something permanent on my body..I would give him 100 stars but they only let you give 5!

Tara Hansen

The best part of Lunchbox Tattoo is the friendly service. Not being a tattoo expert, Johnny put me at ease and allowed my experience to be one of immeasurable pleasure. If anyone is considering having a life long commitment introduced to their body-Lunchbox Tattoo is the place to go.

Project98kota -.:

Great staff and afordabale prices

Andrew C

Anibal did a piece on my arm. Very professional. This guy knows his stuff and did an amazing job. Thank again! Definitely coming back for more.

Renee Risch

Works with you on your vision!

Logan Grove

I got my first tattoo in honor of my grandmother. I couldn't be more happier!! Johnny is very talented and I'd definitely recommend getting work done here.

Jessica Hertrampf

Lunchbox is an awesome place for Tattoos and Piercings. Very clean. Down to earth and friendly guys. They have some big hearts to do tats for Tots for Tots. Love love love their work!!! Highly recommend!!

londa E

Love my tat! Great work

Sarah B

Awesome shop, very clean, and a comfortable environment. Very friendly and helpful staff. David has done several of my tattoos and never disappoints! Johnny the owner is awesome!

Andy Katz

I've been going to lunch box tattoo for awhile now. Every time I go in I get a new tat from jimmy. He does awesome line work and shading is always on spot. When I ask questions or list ideas he always gives me feedback. Like reminding you it's on your body forever or just ideas of his own that can relate to your tattoo idea. I respect that. And love the tattoos I've recieved and can't wait to afford another. Thanks again lunch box. Left me in awe

Rachel Meyer

The tattoo guys are very friendly & make you comfortable. Comfortable atmosphere. Great tattoo's! Reasonably priced.

Susan M Hester

I stopped in and talked with Jimmy ( a Little ruff) but great artist and took his time with me. Got a laugh and I think that made his day. ( I hope) happy with his work!!! UPDATE::::Today I went back to get my granddaughter name tattooed on my wrist. When I walked in Jimmy was sitting in a chair and I said "hey how are you" and his attitude again was dry but I said "So am I going to get another smile " and he had the nerve to say to me "I didn't appreciate the review on line " I said what I gave you 5 stars and I said I got you to smile. He went ahead in front of my granddaughter and said that was NOT RIGHT AND NOT NICE. Well I really hope the owner that I met when I went in there the 1st time reads this post: Because do his lack of personal attitude I will never go back there again. Thank goodness I didn't have my credit card or glasses so I had to go out side and left and will not be returning. The parking lot was empty so maybe that is one of the reasons.

Timothy Riley

Just got a tattoo from Johnny today. He NAILED my tattoo, seriously good stuff! Will definitely be coming back here if I have the $$ before I move out to Cali!

charlie kim

Shop is very clean and friendly. I definitely will be coming back!!

Amy Robertson

Had a great session with Johnny today as a follow up from the Friday the 13th promo. Got 3 small tats done and I love them! Johnny was friendly and took his time. His lines are so clean and spot on. I will definately be back and I would recommend Lunchbox for sure :)

January Greenfield

I just had an amazing experience today at Lunchbox Tattoo. The artist (Jimmy) was professional, patience and instantly made me comfortable. The shop was clean and inviting, plus a little Slayer always adds a couple points in my book. He quoted a very fair price for a moderately sized, very colorful piece. Just remember to bring cash! I'm so happy that I finally found a shop to call home! Thanks Jimmy! You're the best!

Louisa Frost-Smith

Awesome people work here and my tattoo looks fantastic! Definitely coming back.

Jonathan Schaudt

Get place lots of neat things to admire. And Hayden is AWESOME

Nicole Witz

Went Saturday and got a tattoo with Johnny B. It turned out amazingly. I can't wait to go back and get another one. Thank you Lunchbox and Johnny for such an incredible work of art on my calf!!! My favoritest tattoo now!!!! You guys are the best!!!!!

Keegan Veach

Vanessa Baxter

Johnny does amazing work! The shop is clean and he's down to Earth and professional. He gives you honest feedback and does great work. Prices are reasonable considering how long he's been in business. Truly a pro.

Kathy Rohrs

Good and clean

Edward Aguirre

This was my 3rd tattoo from lunch Box in about 3 weeks. Both the artist are very easy to talk to and very laid back. Even the younger crowd would come in with parents inquiring about a piercing or something, they were very professional about it. The dog tag tattoo was added to my 30 yr old service one.

amanda peszat

I would recommend this place to anyone. Friendly, and clean. Skilled artist and fair pricing.

Susie Melton

This place has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. He mad my daughter put a deposit down without even setting up an appoiment. Told her we could get the money back and when I called to have it refunded whoever she dealt with was rude and obnoxious. Charge my credit card on Sunday and said he would refund it on Thursday and still hasn't. When I called today to follow up he hung up on me. I would not trust his place at all! he would not tell me his name when I asked. He also never asked my daughter for an ID to see if she was even old enough. Poor business.


From the moment I went in the shop, it was a great experience. Johnny did an amazing job doing a cover up tattoo. He was very kind & professional through out my time there & gave me the tattoo I wanted. Will definitely be going back for my next tattoo!

George Zakrzewski

Johnny B. Is the best. This guy does some fantastic work, is very clean and meticulous about taking the needs and wants of his customer to high regard. Not only have myself and my g.f. had multiple art pieces done over the years, but we have recommended both family and friends here, but will continue. Thanks again J.B. ..... until the next one.....soon!

Jenna Warneke

Best experience at this place! Will defiantly go back

David C Bjork Jr

Michele Larsen

Owner had an attitude when i asked to add on a tattoo he was working on. Overpriced 3 initials on neck over a cnote. Nope tons off other talent around.

Myka Thier

Very amazing shop. Did great work I will deffinitly go back for future tattoos. Did amazing on both mine and my mom's tattoos(:

LorI Thier

We came in for the Friday the 13th special. It was packed! But even tho we weren’t able to get tattooed on that night, Johnny made everything right by calling back and making appointments. He was very approachable for questions via Facebook and was very quick to respond! We had a great experience here!!! I was very very happy with my tattoos and will DEFINITELY be back here for more! Already planning more! I strongly suggest that everyone goes to LINCHBOX TATTOO and see Johnny for awesome work! Tell him that Lori sent ya! Lol

Michael Peake

Very Cherry

Had a great experience at Lunchbox Tattoo! Super friendly guys! And very happy with our tattoos!!

Nicole Wells

Don Vepley

Place is clean. Dave the artist that did my tat' was awesome. And the prices are very competitive to other shops in the area

Kandice Kennebeck

John was very friendly and made my daughter and I feel very comfortable and he did an awesome job on my daughters piercing.

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