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REVIEWS OF Jade Dragon Tattoo Studio IN Illinois

Joe Cibelli

Very clean,staff was very friendly,and easy to work with got my tattoo there would recommend to anyone who is interested in a great shop and artists. Joe is my guy


I love my tattoos from Jade! They have a guy for everything and have amazing artists!

Ashley DeMichel

Jade Dragon has ALWAYS been reliable and efficient!! I've had alot of my wotk done here and they never fail to disappoint. I'd recommend this tattoo shop to anyone. Whether it be a first time tattoo client or an old timer. You will not be let down!!

Ivan Blanco

Clean and professional shop. Friendly staff. Love my tattoo because it’s high Quality and detailed. Highly recommend

Tasci Gibson

Greg is a Magician! I've waited to have a custom tattoo for over 20 years. However, I was told that it would be hard to find someone to draw it. I brought the art to Jade Dragon, this last Saturday. Not only was Greg able to draw it with perfection, but he filled it with vibrant color and even added some extra detail. I am very happy and would recommend Jade Dragon and Greg to anyone! Thank you, Greg!

Melissa Morgese

The places so clean. The staff is talented and easy to work with. Great artists! Would go back again.

Yesenia Moreno

The staff is very rude and lazy. I went to purchase a new rose ring and have it put in, since mine had fallen out. The piercer made it pretty clear he didn't want to do it. He didn't sterilize the jewelry or clean the part of my nose where the ring would go. Two seconds later he said i should clean it with alcohol for the next three days because it might get infected! This was by far the worst customer service I've ever witnessed at a piercing and tattoo shop.

Chris Oliver

Best tattoo work in Chicago. 3 generations of my family have been going here now. My mother got all of her work done here. Got my 1st two from here almost 30 years ago (and they still look great) and my daughter has all of her piercings done here. And in a few months when she is of age, guess where she will be going to get her 1st tattoo done. Shop has built up a great reputation over the years and I'm glad they continue to keep it. Clean, friendly, and professional. Definitely the top shop in Chicago.

Robert Suwalski

Got. My. 1st. Tat. Here by. Fat. Back. In. The. 80 T N

Mike Armalis

Great place, great people and great prices. Would recommend to anyone.

Vincenza Cirafici

Cleanest safest and best place to get a tattoo!! I make the trip from Florida to Chicago just to get work done by the best!!

Michael Bryant

Excellent service made the time fly by!

Shannon Holub

Best staff attitudes by far!!! Very clean environment & art work off the chain!!! By far one of the best places for tats or piercings in the city!! Stop on by answering see Joe or Angie to get hooked up with someone phenomenal!!

Cecilia Ramos

My tat is way too dark not what i asked for and the outlining was squiggly as hell. My fiances tat faded he looks like hes been having that tat for over 7 years. And it's been less then a month. Over priced for what i asked for. I feel like they put a beginner tattoo artist to work on me. Not worth what i paid for it. The guy that did my tat was nice and all just feel like not expierenced enough.

Angie Downs

The only place to get tattooed in the city! So professional and very clean!

Daniella Cirafici

Clean, professional, and always friendly. This is your one stop shop. If you're looking for a masterpiece to cherish and wear for the rest of your life, this is the place to go.

Alex Gomez

Place seems it was the spot to get ink back in the day...seems runned down....designs look old.....

Sue Sadkowski

A little pricey, however the artist are very good and work with you on the design your liking for. Clean, a lot of choices ,and custom work.

Melissa R

my friend and I got our Tragus piercing there and the guy that pierced our Tragus was pretty calming. Had a soft hand. Will be going back !

Tom Kremer

Clean. The staff is talented and easy to work with. Great artists.

Paul Coppola

Best tattoo shop I’ve been to. Pedro does great work

dan schiavone

This joint is killer. Professional staff, killer artists, super clean. I’ll definitely be back. A Chicago legend.

Jony Martinez

I got all my tattoos from this place,I like them a lot.if u got the money for it go if not go spend your $50 some where else but they won't look amazing I tell u that.

Jay Leigh

Terrible terrible place and completely unprofessional and untrustworthy. Every time I've come here they've given me a different "minimum" first it was 50, then it was 60 and the last time I went to get something done they said the minimum was 80. Recently got a small tattoo on my finger and it didn't heal right, half of it came off, they did say there could be some complications with finger tattoos but didn't tell me until after the fact once my tattoo came off and I called that "yeah they never really stick" thanks that would have been nice to know. saying "there could be complications" doesn't really tell me that my tattoo is just gonna fall off. after that, on the phone the lady said "just come in and we'll fix it for you for free" and i was like cool! Drove an hour to get here, I go inside, mind you, i was there a little early and the lady came and let me in but said "i'm letting you in but we don't open til 12" so she literally doesn't say a word to me until 12 exactly, no customer service whatsoever. and then I told her that i came to get it redone and she goes "well you have to get it redone with the guy that tattooed it in the first place" ok that would have been nice to know when i called ahead of time asking about it so that i didn't drive here for no reason just to be told that I can't get it done because he isn't there. Will never come here again.

Char J

I went to get my tattoo done about a year ago and to this day I'm still regretting that I went to Jade. Part because the way my service was rushed here. The tattoo guy doing what HE wanted and since it was my first tattoo I was very naive. Here's my story: I went to Jade and told them what I wanted. A tatted quote with leaves tattooed around it right between my shoulder and my neck. However, I specifically told the guy right off the bat that I did not want it on my neck at all. I can't remember the guy's name but he had curly hair and was somewhat tanned from what I remember. Major attitude problem. He said the design he could come up with was very similar to one he did a week before instead of making it personable to me. I should have ran out at this point and I blame myself. Anyways then they asked me for a $50 deposit which I paid and told me tomorrow I'd pay the balance of $350. When I came in the next day they bumped it up to $400 and I ended up paying a total of $450 for my tattoo! I figured I would get what I pay for especially since I wanted the tattoo in such a visible spot. Turns out he drew the design a little too big and when I previewed it on my neck he said "Well we could just cut some leaves off".. Obviously I didn't pay $450 to just "cut some leaves off" so he ended up tattooing some of the design on my neck.. the whole time he was talking about this family dinner he had to go to and basically was rushing to get the tattoo done. He also kept pushing me to get the design how he wanted instead of just doing his damn job. Not to mention he missed a spot. Very unprofessional and it was my first tattoo and it sucks this was the experience I had. Never again.

Ryan L Dietrich

amazing staff, friendly and great perfesionalism. got my ribcage done there and the quality of work is beyond amazing as they took the time and details to go the extra mile. thank you jade dragon!

Babylon Williams

Our tattoo artists, Pedro and Greg were AWESOME! It was nice that they tatted me and my sister together in the same parlor! Beautiful and creative pieces. Friendly and conscientious of your well-being while crafting your new art. Thanks so much and shout to our guy at the desk! We love Jade Dragon and the night crew❤

Chyna Carter

Got 2 piercings, awesome service.

Dan McCloskey

Sick artists that do sick work! Will be going back soon!

Bleek capone

I was not impressed I still have to go back to have a tat touched up

Mary P

The staff were very friendly and helpful. My artist sat thru a 5hr session with me and only took 3 breaks. Other staff helped out because my session ran so long.

Joey Bartoli

Amazing people that do amazing work! Wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommend!

jessica bastidas

Always have gone here for my tattoos! Brought friends there and will always go back.

Steve stelloh

I've been going here for years. Got all of mine done here except my very first tat. I did quite a bit of research on my tats so that i could design them all myself and the artists at Jade were the most accommodating and most talented ones I found. Place is very clean which is a definate plus. Any time I've been there, the staff has been nothing but nice and helpful and the owner is a stand up guy. I'm due for another one soon and I know I'll find my way back into this shop..

Donita Love

The artist here are absolutely amazing the detail and the time that they put into their work is phenomenal! I've been coming here for 25 years I would never trust anyone else.

Michelle Ross

My go to spot for piercings. Smooth and painless every time. The staff has always been super friendly and knowledgeable about what I wanted and I've never left disappointed.

Keisha Yates

Did not pierce the correct spot and does not guarantee their work.

alex rivera

Love this and place my fourth tattoo whit them

Adam Sutter

Ive had 2 of my first(s) tattoos there and theyre still looking good.

Kiana Charese

I'll be the first to admit that Jade Dragon was "the place to go" years ago. HOWEVER.... I was amazed tonight to find the establishment empty, and later found out that it is for good reason. The customer service was nonexistent,the artists were lazy AND RUDE!!! Needless to say there were no services rendered and I'll keep my cash thanks! Next stop... a non racist business that deserves my hard earned money. Word to the unwise, ignorance is NOT bliss, it's a sickness and a clear indication of weakness, hate, and fear.

Angelina Keating

I love all the tattoos I've gotten here from Fred and all the piercings from both Fred & Angie. It can be a little intimidating to walk in to but no one has been anything but nice to me!

Amanda Westerfield

BEST TATTOO PLACE EVER!! I have gotten 9 out of 10 of my tattoos here, and I have not one complaint. They are very clean and attentive to your needs. My tattoos are very well detailed and colorful. I cannot rave more.

Anthony DePietro

I have over 16 tattoos some small in random places and a sleeve with many colors as well as a full-back body tattoo... Out of my 16 tattoos only four of them were done at places other than Jade Dragon and they were the four easiest tattoos to do, and let me tell you, they came out looking like some of the worst I have ever seen, now I don't want to name names because I don't want to put a company on blast but I can tell you they are tattoo shops near the North or Northwest side... So I had heard about Jade Dragon through multiple ads, friends and reviews and decided to give it a try, and it was the best decision ever because they went above and beyond when it came to fixing the 4 awful tats the other place completely screwed up and their price to do it was extremely extremely reasonable... The other 12 I had done after we're also all done at Jade Dragon and I could not ask 4 better ink and art work done on my body especially with what those tattoos meant and symbolize, they really hit it on the head with what I was going for and they did that with every other Tat they did for me... Now I'm not going to lie they are a little bit pricey but if you want to be cheap go to a place like I went to for my first 4 tattoos and those are the results you'll get and it will end up costing you more money just to get them fixed, but when it's all said and done the money you spend is definitely worth it because there is no other tattoo shop that can do that type of tattoo work for such a reasonable price while having the most clean facility as well as great hygiene and tools and I still haven't even got to the thousands and thousands of choices and choices... Not to mention how you can draw your own and they will do it for you or how you can take part of one of their tattoos and combine it with another one of their tattoos to make one really badass tattoo... Please people listen to me if you're going to go out and get a Tat, u you go get it at a place that you know you can trust when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, when it comes to brilliant artist and brilliant colors along with some pretty nice eye candy while doing your tattoos, their artist are absolutely the best in the business and you get what you pay for if you want the best and you want that guarantee that your Tat you is going to be absolutely amazing for the rest of your life then you got to be willing to Fork up a few more bucks then these other hole in the wall cheap tattoo parlors...AND GET YOUR ASS TO JADE DRAGON TATTOO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? AND IF U WANT TO TAKE IT SLOW THEN GO IN FOR ONE OF THEIR MANY UNIQUE AND TRADITIONAL PIERCINGS...!!

Brian Coglianese

I've gotten 5 tattoos from Jade Dragon Tattoo from 4 different artists, I'm extremely satisfied with all of them, my oldest is 15 yrs old and it still looks new! Only place I will ever go for a tattoo!

De'Borah Jordan

The Dermal Piercer Took Simple Piercings Before My 3Dermals And I Was There Before Them.

Latoya Gills

I really love jade dragon tattoo. I have 5 tattoo and all of them were done here. The artist really take time to give you exactly what you want. All the artists hear are great. So it does not matter who u get. And they have high end colors

Jazmyne Cobbins

Got my lip pierced here and the service was awesome.

Kim Speciale

Best shop in Chicago A definite place for custom pieces. The artists are top notch and work with you to get your vision perfect.I have many tattoos that where done there as well as piercings and I’m am 100 % confident I wll be adding more with them I have referred many friends to them and they are all very pleased.

Jerry Binder

Great Tattoos at good prices. Great tattoo artists.

John Gonzales

I wanted a small tattoo like 3 inches not much detail and they said 130 dollars, its more about the name here then the quality.

Donald Buczkowski

Best guys you will ever meet. I love this place! Extremely helpful and absolutely fantastic work. I’ll be going there as much as possible. Highly recommended. Especially for military and LEO’s. Remember you get what you pay for, although I found this place to be extremely fair. Don’t try to save $50 for art that will be on your body forever.

Vicki Frandson

I got my very 1St tat at jade dragon by the legend himself.... Fat Joe..... In 1993 lol (showing my age) and I never looked back..... The ONLY other tats I have on my body aside from Jade Dragon are from my daughter!! I think all total I have 10 or 11 lmfao.... And only 3 weren't done by JD. And I'm not done yet!! Until I run out of canvas, or JD closes shop, I'll NEVER be done!!

Valerie Vitali

Love jade Dragon got my nose pierced and my beautiful Dreamcatcher tatoo there wouldn't go any where else. The staff is great and helpful! I highly recommend it!

Denise Richmond

I have been going to Jade Dragon for years the, staff is awesome extremely clean friendly professional

Anna Marcus

Stay away from this place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be deeply disappointed. Tattoos are for a lifetime so do your research and pick a better spot! My tattoo doesnt look like the picture I gave. They are rude and condescending. This was supposed to have been a fun experience and it became a nightmare. I'll need to get it fixed but no way will I let them touch this. Stay away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They take your money, over charge you, and you get horrible ink job. I never write reviews but I have to warn you all. I'm so mad and crying won't fix this. :(

Sammie Lujin III

I have over 10 tattoos from Jade Dragon, some of them as old as 18 years old. From near impossible cover ups to colorfast tattoos on my hands, they are all as vibrant as the day they were done. I would recommend Jade Dragon to anyone. The staff is friendly and professional, the shop is clean and a piece of tattoo legend. Chicago's biggest, best, and cleanest!!

Destinee Galvin

They didn't greet us when we walked in the door. They let me and my friend wonder around for 15 minutes before someone finally approached us. They OVERCHARE you here. They look at the tattoo you want and pick a random ass number. They kept getting up during my friends tattoo to answer the phone. They will rip you off here don't do it !

Josephine Carrasco

Was impressed with Angie. She pierced my daughter's nose and was really great

Cher Moore

Had an amazing experience here! Jade Dragon is a staple of Chicago culture for a reason! Go here if you want high quality tattoos that you won’t regret!

Mela baker

Received 2 nipple piercings a month ago and here we are $80 and I had to remove BOTH piercings! They never healed and they were painful within days. This NEVER happened to me the 1st time. I don't think he did them correctly. I'm tatted up and pierced plenty and because I wasted my time going here, I have to shell out $80 AGAIN to someone who KNOWS what they are doing

christina butler

I always have my expectations exceeded at Jade. Jade Dragon is the only place I will have my tattoos done. Very professional, incredibly clean, and top of the line artistry. Look no further!

Paula Garnero

Just good clean place


Only place I go for piercings or tattoos

Steve Spaid

Got all my tattoos at Jade Dragon. First one when I was 18. Then around 15 of my family and friends had memorial tattoos done and Joe and his family and artists were absolutely fantastic. Clean friendly a all-around classy buisness. I will never go any place else. Keep up the great work Jade Dragon. See you real soon for my next one.

C Moreno

Great tattoos, skilled four tattoos there so far.

Denise Patino

This place is amazing ! I went twice to get piercings and I never had a problem with. The people are very kind and help you on how to take care of your piercings correctly!

Theresa Scimone

very professional very clean & a amazing out going staff! Always have great experiences when my family or I have went to jade dragon for tattoos & piercings. Thank you always Jade dragon tattoo family! See you all soon need some new ink

Tony Moore

I been there three times love it everytime will be back

Vickie Jarosz

Been doing business with Jade Dragon for years. They touched up a tattoo I had done elsewhere along time ago...thank God. I had done a piercing a while back and some other tattoo work as well. Great, creative, and very talented staff. Would definitely recommend!

donielle vines

This is the best tat shop in Chi.

Daniel Baier

Great place to get a tatt. I would recommend to anyone

Joseph Cirafici

All my family members get their tats here and I wouldn’t go any place else. It’s clean and they have an awesome selection of artwork. Professional staff and service.

greg lakowske

Great place to get tattooed and pierced

Angie Wolfe

I love Jade Dragon Tattoo and all of my tattoo they've done!

Gerald Wallace

Clean, friendly and great! Jade Dragon is my go to for ink!!!

Vegan Chicago Girl

CAN I GIVE ZERO STARS? DO NOT GO HERE!!!! I normally don't post reviews, but I just had to warn others that may be considering this place. Not that clean, VERY overpriced, the staff is VERY, VERY RUDE and lazy, and the "artists" are mostly amateurs at best that do lousy, rushed work. This review is based both on personal experience, as well as NUMEROUS complaints from others that I know that made the mistake of having any work done here. Be smart and take your business somewhere reliable with a good reputation. There are so many great shops in Chicago. Do your research before you get inked by anyone. Remember - a tattoo is permanent. Peace.

Jahmel Givan

Matt was great! I was moving & squirming but he did an amazing job!

Amanda Folio

I got a tattoo there in 1996 and it still looks nice and crisp

Samantha Vaccarella

Been going to Jade since my first tattoo back when I was 18. 36 now and still go back. They do great work & staff is on point with everything I need. Great place! If you want a great tattoo and a piece of Chicago history go to Jade. Screw the haters! #JadeDragon #chicagoTattoo

bob leehman

Been going to jade dragon for years. Always a cool clean place to go to and get some ink. Chops is a good artist. And I’ve seen a lot of nice work coming out of there for years. They have a lot of good artist. Need ink go see the people at jade dragon. ✌

Phillis Roldan

Prices too high....

Jenny Scapini

Been pierced and tattooed here. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Every experience has been a good one! They’re the best!!!

Della Quinn-Coleman

Been trying to get back. One more!

Jackson Smith

Went here on a recommendation from my uncle who’s been going here forever. I’m glad I listened to him. It’s insane how cool everybody here is. My artist Matt has been tattooing for something like 25 years, which is longer than I’ve been alive lol, and was amazing! Price was less than I thought after reading some other reviews and I now have 2 awesome tattoos from them. Thanks guys and see ya soon!

Miss McKay

Absolutely the BEST artists, professionals, and people in the world can be found at Jade Dragon! Don't let the hype of a new shop in town fool you, they've been around as long as they have, and grown as much as they have because they're the OG, original number one tat shop ANYWHERE!! You want a cheap tattoo, done by someone who hates their job?? Or a quality piece of body art that's done by one of the fam?! Come on... nobody compares, anyone who tries is silly... they are a family, a brand and staple in this city... Love you guys!! ❤️

Marjorie Mitchell

I have gone here twice and each time my artists and the front desk person made it really comfortable for me, it was a quiet and organized setting each time.Oh did I mention I was originally afraid to get a tattoo! Nonetheless I was pleased each time with the work and I plan on going for another tattoo. Last thing I have to express is, I get many compliments on my tattoos the aren't original. I explained what I wanted and they did it well. I'm tattoo happy now.☺

Juan Jose Claveria Cardona

Just left went there with my nephew to get his first tattoo. Angie at the counter was nice and the artist Ryan was cool, funny and helpful. Will be going back.

tiffany bethke

They just want money. When something goes wrong, they all point fingers at each other with it all ending “you did it wrong”. Tattoos are half assed if it’s not their own artwork and the piercer does not accommodate for swelling! Think they’re some type of gods because they are a tattoo shop. Go somewhere else.

La Zorra

I wouldnt choose anyone el se, very friendly and very talented, came from argentina justo to get me a tattoo

Chuck Langer

My wife Christy and I are extremely pleased with Jade Dragon over all. Christy works with Ryan and Greg does all my work. They are both excellent people, professional and spot on with their work!! Owners Cindy and Angie are always accommodating and very friendly with us. We are treated like family, weve been back for additional work six times. Well never get tattooed anywhere else. Can't say enough about these people and their place of business. Respectfully, Chuck and Christy Langer

ciro fiore

Got my first tattoo 20 years ago and it still looks mint. Family owned/operated and a great friend. Highly recommended shop

Isabell Desantiago

Matt Did An Awesome Job On My Tattoo & My Friends.

Diana Cirafici

Great family owned business. Clean and friendly. Can do anything you ask and very reasonable. In the same location many years .would never go anywhere else. Would recommend over and over again

Tommy Tunes Mccartney

Family orientated, personal and professional. You get what you pay for.

Vanessa Stelloh

Love Jade Dragon! Amazing people, amazing work and great prices. Never had an issue w any of my tattoos from there or piercing. Only ones I trust with my important and sentimental tattoos. Def going back in near future.

joe kotz

Very clean and 100% professional! Work is and has been top notch. Joe went above and beyond my expectation when it came to answering questions

Nina Schappert

i was there a few days ago to get my belly button pierced and Arthur did a great job! after he drew the dots he actually had me check them myself to see if they were okay. (they were perfect). he did a fabulous job! after, my mom and aunt decided to get tattoos and Looey did those. he also did a great job! i was debating about whether or not to go there because of the iffy reviews but i was greeted very warmly as soon as i walked in. they were also very clean and well organized! i highly recommend this place for all of your tattoo and piercing desires!

Orven Rivera

Joe did my nose piercing and he was super chill and calming I had so much anxiety and he was awesome for the job! Def recommend him and the place super comforting

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