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420 N Madison St, Bloomington, IL 61701, United States

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REVIEWS OF Iron & Ink Tattoo IN Illinois

Katie Heenan

Jennifer M.

I had my belly button pierced today and it was a pleasant experience. Not once during this did I ever think that something would go wrong either now or later. I would 100% come back to get more piercings and/or tattoos. EDIT: it’s been about a month since I’ve gotten my piercing and I’ve had no complications at all!!

Amanda Murphy

Heather Even

Molly Buzick

These guys are the best around! All my work is flawless and the detail is phenomenal!!! Not only that but it did not kill my wallet! I will forever be going here!!!

C James Holliday

Eric marshall

Wouldn't go any where else.

Jessica Swartz

Was great very nice and explained everything very well. And not expensive at all. Are pierceings were fast and pain free great place to go

Amanda Wainwright

Charley is my favorite artist in town and has done almost all of my pieces. His work is beautiful and original. His shop is clean, cool, and always has good music playing. If you’re looking for a good tattoo from a good people go here!


Matthew Larson

Duckie rocks!!!

Trisha Lynn


Charley has done 4 of the 5 tattoos that I have. He is a great guy and artist and will be who I go to for any future work.

Mia Norris

It is a nice place

Jeremy Hopper

This is a great shop! Charley has been tattooing my wife and I for over 15 years! No complaints and always clean friendly atmosphere! Dozens of hours in his chair. Highly recommend go check them out.

Kerry Orr

Great shop. Absolutely love Ducky.

Lynn Beemsterboer

The piercer was kind but my piercing came out extremely wrong. I went yesterday for a septum piercing and didn’t know any better but after getting it started researching more about the ring and what it’s suppose to look like. I went to two different piercing shops for a second opinion in the Bloomington area and they told me to take it out because it was 1. Way too low and 2. Crooked and on top of that, the ring wasn’t meant for septum’s and that it was just a barbell curved with pliers to make it appear as a septum ring. I’m sad because I hate complaining but my first septum piercing experience was awful and I wasted my 35 dollars :-(

Quantum Physics

Charlie did a small starfish tattoo in my ear. Never asked me if I wanted to make it bigger. Now I come in for my appointment to change it to a flower because everyone thinks it's just a plain star and I hate it - he tells me there's nothing he can do and blames me for not going bigger in the first place. Who's the expert and who's the customer? Rude and classless. I'll go to someone who knows what the hell they are doing. Peace..

sandy McGrew

Excellent! Great Job!

Lauren Whiting

Steven was awesome! Totally recommend him. He makes you feel comfortable and is very welcoming. Great art!!

ali gonzalez

I got my nose pierced and i absolutely love it. The guy made sure i liked it befor i left. Great place.

Kelly Werner

Love it. They did my nose perfectly

G.U.S. Thomas

Dose the best work in Bloomington normal and is real good on prices

Jami Carver

Love Iron and Ink. Very professional and make you feel at home all at the same time. Charley has been working on a custom sleeve for meand I love it. My husband and son have also been to Charley for custom tattoos. Anyone that asks where to go for a great tattoo I tell them Iron and Ink!

Brandon Rutkowski

Charlie is a beast!! Tell him what you want and he will go beyond your expectations without a doubt!! The quality of work and service you get here is unreal.. there's a reason NOBODY has put ink in me other then him for 10+ years!!

Shaun Mounce

Steve did an amazing job on my tattoo for my grandma that passed away. He also took care of my dads favorite tattoo and my moms first tattoo. Definitely recommend him for any tattoo you need!

Krissy Smithson

Charley has done an amazing job with all of the tattooing he has done for me. He's very patient, experienced, and takes the time to make sure it's exactly what you want and that it looks good. He is truly a phenomenal artist. The shop is clean, all of the artists are professional, fair pricing for top quality work, and (I suppose unrelated) they're really cool people to sit and chat with while your getting tatted. After a few bad experiences at other shops, I discovered Iron &Ink and now it's the only place I trust .

Clint Forrest

Did a excellent job on all my tattoos. Awesome atmosphere. Artist are hands down some of the best in town .. some of my older tattoos even still look pretty new .. wouldn't go anywhere eles!!

Madison Tuggle

Kate Schneider

Charley gave me my first tattoo. I didn’t sign any paperwork or get my age checked. He didn’t bandage me up and wasn’t helping me with aftercare instructions. I was later told by friends that that was highly unprofessional of him and he didn’t do his job right. Never going back.

Peyton Matthews

I have had 3 tattoos done here. One by Charley and the other two by Steven. I highly reccomend these guys as my tattoos have turned out amazing. They are so easy going and great at what they do!!!

elliott vinson

I have traveled all around this country and lived in in many different states. I've been in and out of more tattoo stops then I can count. A lot of those tattoo shops I walked out of faster than I walked in. I'm very particular on where I go and who I let tattoo my body. (As I feel everyone should be). I've been too many tattoo conventions and have met some some really amazing tattoo artist. Out of all the places I've have been iron and ink will always be my favorite. From the moment you walk in the door you are made to feel like you are at home. Everyone on their staff is so friendly and welcoming it really makes for an amazing experience. Even have a pool table to play on and TVs to watch in the lobby while you wait. One of the first things I look for when walking into a tattoo shop for the first time is cleanliness. I must say they have to be one of the cleanest shops I have ever seen in my life. Everything from the front door mat to the bathrooms looks like you could eat off of it. After thumbing through their portfolios and coming to the conclusion that not only is their shop is clean you could ever wish for so is their quality tattoo work. Out of all the tattoos I have on my body hands down the best one I have I got right there at iron and ink. I felt so comfortable and at home through the whole experience even while getting the tattoo the conversation with the artist and atmosphere was the best I could ask for. When my tattoo was finally done and I looked at it for the first time it was honestly better than I even imagined it could be. I couldn't find anything bad to say about the shop if I tried. Great experience amazing people even better tattoos!!!!

Brianna Paline

Great customer service and Charlie is an amazing piercer

Desirae Guy

Lisa Leslie

Charley is the best at what he does! All of my tats are awesome! He did my calf piece that is dedicated to my grandmas! I just told him what my ideas were and he went with it! What I have is a beautiful piece that I get compliments on all the time! And they always ask me who did it I am the first to send them Charley's way! if I knew how to post pics of it I would! Definitely my top recommendation!

Melissa Edwards

Charlie was definitely an amazing tattoo artist. My first tattoo and I love it

Stephanie Hopper

Awesome artist!! Exceptional work and great relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend and won’t go any where else! Thanks Charlie for all the awesome work!!

andrew burt

Great place only place I will get my ink from it’s bad when people have to come on here from other shops to bad mouth these guys.

Sarah Meier

Charley did an amazing job with my tragus piercing. Was my first time there and he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He knew what he was doing and it was not out of my price range. Highly recommend

Ivy Powell

K Blair

Iron and Ink is the best. Charlie is extremely talented and reasonable. I’ve already got my third tattoo with them lined up and wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Brian Blair

Iron and Ink is the only place I go to now for great quality tattoos and service. I tried a few other places around town in the past where I was treated like another piece of meat. Iron and Ink makes you feel like family.

jedadia becker

Best shop around as far as I'm concerned. Everybody is friendly and helpful, very professional. Charley is one of the best tattoo artists in the area. Noone else I'd trust more than him.

Taylor Webb

Got my tongue, two lip piercings, and nose pierced by charley and he did an amazing job!! Also had my wrist tattoo done by Steven and got a cover up done on my finger by charley that I love!

Daniel Coon

Amazing work and very professional

Rich Hogan

This Shop is Amazing won't find a better tattoo shop than Iron and Ink in Bloomington! We have been to many other shops and decided that the work here is by far way above and beyond other artist in the area. My wife and I were very pleased with the Tattoos we have received from here and tell everyone about this place! Charlie is a amazing artist. I can clearly say I won't go any where else for a Tattoo but here.

Randy Dillon

Matt Jackson

Janel Debord

Sandy Bartels

Charlie is the only guy I have ever used for my tattoo and piercings. He is very professional. I highly recommend him! !

Caryn Kiblinger

Awesome and friendly people

Donald whitwood

Been going to Charlie for almost 20 years. Recently got a little fever and came straight to Iron and Ink. I'm in the process of finishing sleeves on both arms!! Steven is my main man. Super clean and cozy shop. I would highly recommend Charlie, Steven, and Duckie to anyone looking to get any ink or sweet piercings!

Kailey Beckham

Kiley Krause

Got my septum pierced here on my 19th birthday. Customer service was amazing. They’re very helpful. Charlie did an outstanding job on my septum piercing. The ring was great; I’m probably going to go back to buy another one. Pricing is the best in town. Definitely recommend!!!

Katherine Miller

I personally have never got a tattoo from this shop but I’ve seen many friends that have and the work is awesome! Seriously worth it.

Dezz Vincent

If you want tatted up this is the only place to go and leave nothing less then overly excited and happy

Kasandra Peters

duckie did an awesome job on my tattoo and i love her personality! ill def. be back

Ranie Wilburn

Charlie is very good. I have many tattoos from him as well as a piercing. I've taken my daughter there as well. He does excellent work. I will be going back in the near future.

TrayQuan Cook

Elly Smyth

5 for Charley. Hes done 3 of my piercings and never been dissatisfied. I got a tattoo done by Steve once and was not pleased. The coloring was not right. The lining was poor. He must've just had a bad night tho. I've seen numerous of his other tattoos and they were done well.

Dianna McCloud

This was my 2nd tattoo by Duckie. She's a fantastic artist! If I ever get another tattoo, I'll see her again.

shawn Brunson

The best place to get tattoos and perceing done a great people


Clean professional environment, artists are second to none. Duckie is an amazing artist, I'm never going to anyone else!

Justin Brookshier

This shop is in my eyes the best in town, Charley does an excellent job and always has, I asked him to take my daughter's baby feet from the birth certificate and put them on me and as some tattoos fade over the years mine is in perfect condition. Tattoos heal and keep the ink looking lively with how well you take care of them. Also the pricing is very good! I've seen other shops work and for their price if I could give it a no star I would.

Sally Roberts

They are so awesome Duckie was sweetie and helped me so much. I refer everyone to them.

EJ's Flooring

Elizabeth Nielsen

Dustin Hughes

Steven made the experience great each time I’ve been in, he’s a great artist and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

UnApologetically Us

Hottest Tattoo Shop in town with the most demanded artists in McLean County! Charley is dedicated, 100% Original One of a Kind Ink!!!


Horrible customer service.1/10


Don’t hold true to their appointments.

Debbie Holliday

Charley does awsome work! Very friendly atmosphere

Catherine Vance

Charley does awesome tattoos! Everything is sterile. You won't find better tattoo artists anywhere in town than the ones at Iron & Ink!!

Janet Fingerle

I have 3 beautiful tattoos by Charley Roberts, my Husband, Kids, Grandkids & many good friends have all been tattooed happy they were done well & very professional. Charley is the only one that will ever tattoo me. The man is the best artist I know, if you could see our tattoos you would agree. Thanks Charley for always making sure we got just what we wanted. See you again soon

Julie Cook

Charles Carver

Very professional, completely laid back. i got one of the best custom sleeves that i have seen still notice something hidden in it every time i look at it thanks again.

Ladeea Haney

Duckie is the BEST!

Nancy Fleming

Love Duckie. She does amazing work. Going to get another one hopefully in December.

Julio Rodriguez

Great service! Very helpful and professional especially the tattoo artist Duckie!

Brian w

Wes B

Hands down best shop in town

Bobbi-Jo Morris

I apologize for my nasty review. It was most definitely not for this shop. The shop it was for has the same name. Sounds like you guys are super awesome. Again, my apologies.

Daisy Mae

This shop is amazing. Did some searching all around, visited shops in other counties. The customer service, the cleanliness and the customer service was outstanding. Duckies did an amazing job on my cover ups. My son was so impressed he got his chest piece dine by Charlie. I would recommend this shop to anyone and everyone.

Loekon Belmont

Asked for one thing,was given something else now i have to waste my time waiting to heal to pay to get it fixed.

Theresa Campos

Could not place without giving a star but this place pierced my fifteen yr old daughters belly button without my permission they will hear from my lawyer! Absolutely unacceptable!

Trent Rousey

Great place!

Cassandra Marie

Duckie did my tattoo and she did such a great job. From the beginning she was so warm and welcoming and the prices are very much fair. She took her time with my tattoo, going over it a few times to see if there were anything either of us should add to it. I can’t wait to get my other tats done with her.

Cody Cook

One of the best tat shops in town hands down i got my knuckles done by charlie and they look like they did the first day i got them done. Charlie is a great guy knowledgable and very talented at what he does and his shop is the clranest in town i would recomend iron and ink to anyone . if you dont belive me go meet charlie yourself then you would agree too.

Jill Millburg

My son got a memorial tattoo for his little brother and Charley did an awesome job. Was very patient with him as it was his first tattoo experience. Great artist.

Lori Meriweather

Duckie ROCKS, SHE did the baddest cover-up. Can't wait for it to heal, so I can show it off.

Josh Rhodes

Always friendly, sterile,and good at taking ids before anything is done signed or drawn up,went there recent due to another shop messing up tribal and Charlie took it 3d and blew out the water,got another tattoo still got great color n lines n that's ten years old very professional him and the staff there all do great work!!!!

Amy Patten

Badass artists. Customer service is outstanding. They make you feel like family as soon as you walk in the door.

Daisy Pleines

I live for it. Nice artists. I recommend Duckie

kendra spaulding

Steven is amazing! This is my friend’s first tattoo and he will go back! Very relaxed atmosphere and Steven is willing to work with you! Reasonably priced as well!!!!

Allison Milner

I’ve gotten tattoos from two people here and they both did great. Unfortunately their boss seems to be on them all the time and isn’t considerate of the customers thinking the artist is doing bad. He also likes to smoke inside which smells obnoxious and does make me want to go elsewhere. One of the artists brings their son who plays very loud video games even during sessions and makes the customer ask him to turn it down. Eh. 5/5 artists work 5/5 cool style and personalized wall area and decor 3/5 management

Alexandra Chapman

Awesome tattoo shop. Duckiest did a fantastic job on my ankle

Kianna Hursey

They gave me a smaller diamond then the actual hole in my nose and it ended up falling through the hole and was making my nose constantly bleed. Had to go to psychopathic ink and tattoos to get it redone and she did very well.

Chad debord

Almost Every tattoo on me is from charley. Some are more than 10+ years old and still look great. Hands down best place in town.

Melissa Reaska

Steven took my ideas and made an amazing piece of artwork!

mark stone

If you want anything done, whether it's something from one of the portfolios or custom, this is the place to go. Charley, Steven and Duckie do amazing work in a very clean and friendly environment.

Craig Humphrey

Great place to get a tatoo. Charley is second to none and his help is excellent!

Brandee Harrell

Charley is awesome & the only one I've ever trusted for over 10yrs! I've never left disappointed!! 12 tattoos & 8 piercings later I always recommend him to everyone!

Misty Hardin

Charley Roberts you are an amazing artist. Thank you so much.


Charlie is a absolute professional, the tat he done on me was beyond what I expected and he's the only one I would have do my tattoos


DO NOT GO HERE!!! I went to get my belly button done YESTERDAY and today I felt discomfort so I went to a different shop, when I did the Lady told me everything was WRONG!!! Not only did he NOT USE THE RIGHT PIECE OF JEWELRY but he placed it completely wrong. !!! NEVER AGAIN

randy csecsinovits

Very professional and clean. Help me through every step

Tanner Thoman

Best place around. VERY clean and very professional artists. Myself as well as many friends and family have had work done here and are always highly impressed.

Lori McCue

I used to go to a shop out of town. After our guy there quit tattooing, someone at work recommended Charley. He's fantastic. Such passion for his art. Highly recommend Iron and Ink.

Michelle Bernal

Charley is an amazing artist and every tattoo is an original, personal piece of art created just for you. The detail is amazing and you're always treated with respect, consideration, and care. The shop is beautiful and impeccably clean. Great atmosphere.

Sparks Construction LLC

If you want real deal, true authentic tattoo artist’s they do it and have been doing it because it is their passion, these are your guys. If you want tattoo artist who are new to the game and do it because it’s the “cool thing to do nowadays” go to the other guys. Iron and ink is hands down the best in town.

Matt Gilliam

Great place!! Charlie is awesome!

Adrianna Powell

Got my nose pierced and he did it super low and didn't even have me look at the placing before he pierced it. Had to go to smokin aces to get it redone

Porsha Reeser

Awesome place. 1 daughter got her tongue, other her smiley started bringing my kids to psychopathic ink yet after our experience here we've made the change!

James Granda

Paige Garrett

Duckie did an excellent job tattooing a piece on my ribs. Made sure everything was precise and took her time. Took a bit of time, but I would rather it take some time and get done perfectly than fast and sloppy. my tattoo was a one-color tribal tattoo and I am in love with it.

Brittany Bauman

Duckie is hands down the best! Il never go anywhere else! So happy!

Sydney Retter

professional, friendly and clean. recommend!

Damian Mailloux

Got my daughter's ears pierced here a while back. The staff was very professional. They had a clean working environment. I will definitely be getting my next tattoo done at this shop.

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