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REVIEWS OF Insight Studios IN Illinois

Michaela Nissen

Had to wait for a looong time, but to be fair, we were walk-ins. Still, staff worked hard to get us done before we had to get on our flight. Very satisfied. The chats we had with our artist were so much fun!

Iman S

Newish to Chicago and needed a septum replacement. First time here, loved how friendly the staff were and how clean the place looked. Second time around, same issue(septum rings don't like me much), And the experience was even better!

Cindy S

Got my nipples pierced here about 2 years ago by Santi and it went great. It was my first visit to any tattoo shop ever and it was very clean and welcoming. I am now considering getting my first tattoo which has led me back online to grab their info/address again, only to realize I definitely owe them a good review from my last visit, so here it is! I recommend coming here.

Phillip Romei

Great staff! friendly, professional, rigorous sanitary technique.

Kristen Jeré

Went in the other day for a new jewel for my philtrum piercing. When picking out the jewelry the front desk person was really confused and kept forgetting which color I was asking for and I had to remind him several times that I wanted the “indigo” color. He ended up putting in “teal” anyway, and I didn’t realize until I got home in better lighting that I had received a different color than the one I picked out. When I called the next afternoon to inform them of the mistake, the piercer was very defensive and told me that I was wrong. When trying to clarify he called me “aggressive” but agreed that I can come in and get it switched to the correct color. Upon coming back to the store I was told immediately that I was in the wrong and that the piecercer and the owner even “checked the cameras” to make sure I was in the wrong, as if this was a situation of theft. The work they did was overall a decent quality but the piercers attitude made feel very criminalized and attacked, and as a Black woman I certainly won’t return here.

Quetzalli Castro

I have had a few friends recommend this place and now I've had tattoos and piercings done at Insight! I was definitely impressed with this place and it definitely did carry an aura of professionalism and high hygiene standards. We didn't feel rushed into anything, all our questions were answered, and we definitely took our time making the decisions. Its good to know that they have a $60 minimum on any tattoo, and I feel like that is definitely a reasonable price. I have had two tattoos done by James, and my friend got her tragus pierced by Bob. Everyone was friendly and wanted to make sure it was a good experience. The Blow pops given to us after the whole thing was said and done was a great touch too! So go forth and get inked here! And don't forget to tip your artist!

Alexis Karfis

Insight studios is amazing! The place is very clean and they make sure of that. The piercing, along with the jewelry, are excellent. I got a belly piercing and nose piercing by Bob Jones and he’s awesome! 100% recommend this place

Spooky Iris

Unbelievable body art studio! Donates to local shelters the third weekend of each month. :) Repeat customer for piercings & tats. Thanks yet again, Santi & Chris!

Katie Anne

I just got my first tattoo from Kyle at Insight Studios! The place was clean, gorgeous, and he went above and beyond what I had been expecting him to do. My tattoo is of a dandelion on my foot and I was really nervous that the drawing he would do wouldn't be how I was picturing it in my head. It was better. I almost want his initials next to it now because it really does look like a piece of art right on my foot. Thank you Insight and Kyle for a great experience! I HIGHLY recommend Insight to anyone interested in getting a tattoo!

maria maxham

I recently got my first tattoo here from artist Memo Espino. I am thrilled with my tattoo, and the entire experience was wonderful. The place was clean and professional with a fun and modern feel. I will definitely go back and recommend Insight and Memo wholeheartedly .

Tracy Stephens

I've been going to Insight for several years, now, and consider it to be my one and only place to get tattooed. If I was into piercings, I'd get those done at Insight Studios, as well. First of all, I've never seen a cleaner shop in my life. Everything is steel or glass block. Filth couldn't hide if it wanted to. One of the ways it is different from other tattoo shops is that they don't have any flash art on the walls or in books. All of the tattoo artists are also just true artists. You can have a consultation with an artist of your choosing and tell him/her what your ideas are, and they can come up with one or more ways of interpreting that, show you what they've come up with, and you can go from there. It can be as collaborative of an effort as you wish, though don't expect to spend a ton of time with an artist for free. Their talents and time are worth compensation, of course. Everyone there is highly trained and must regularly complete classes about bloodborne diseases and all the things you'd want them to know PLUS some. I really respect them because it's a spotless, brightly lit location in which they will NOT tattoo or pierce you if you have been drinking or are "under the influence" in any way. The artists are usually as thrilled about your tattoo design as YOU are, which really makes it fun. They also happen to do tattoo removal, here. The owner of the shop and pretty much every artist there is a huge animal lover and most have AT LEAST one pet. They regularly do fundraisers for different animal shelters and nonprofit organizations. I just can't say enough good things about this place and everyone who works there.

Frieden Liebe

This is probably one of my favorite shops in the city. I've seen both of their piercing professionals, and I don't have a negative word to say about this place. Shout out to their shop manager, as well. She keeps things running! The shop's high quality work and great location make it a popular destination, and rightly so!

Jessica Ramirez

Staff is friendly and welcoming. Also they are gentle and talk you through the process. Free cat pin too

Roslyn Bernstein

Shops nice & clean. Some staff was cool but, the guy who did mine was not friendly. I got something very tiny but, it was sentimental with my best friend while I was home for Christmas. He made me feel like I was wasting his time. He gave me no care instructions at all or even said thank you for my business. It was 2 lines & 1 is blown out. I'm just sad that this experience, I had been waiting so long, just ended up not being good. Had to pay the minimum, which I understand but, I will likely have to pay near that same amount AGAIN to have the blow out covered by my guy in CO. Unfortunately, not impressed.

Jorge Maldonado

Came back for a second time to get a couple of piercings done and once again, I am impressed beyond words. The staff is super friendly, approachable and patient. Bob was the professional throughout the entire process. Would highly recommend this location to anyone looking to get quality, affordable work done!

Ari Levine

have 2 tats from here now and i love them both

Munkhtuya N

I gotta nipple pierced a year ago, i still love it!!! Thank you! Best tattoo place in town!


Been getting pierced here since 2007, and I won't go anywhere else. Clean, professional, smart and thoughtful piercers, quality products and dependable, solid results.

Kiana Douglas

My sister and I went to get separate tattoos this week and could not have been happier with the experience! James worked with us the entire evening and came up with/edited our designs into exactly what we wanted. He was very honest and helpful in providing suggestions when he thought things wouldn’t look right in the long run, or that we might second guess things later on for XYZ reasons. Really appreciated the feedback so I didn’t feel unsure about anything after. Friendly customer service our entire visit, and nothing but patience as we worked through it all and during our last minute hesitations! Definitely recommend this studio to anyone in Chicago.

Leonor Arenas

Got my septum piercing and I loved it. The place is immaculate, the staff is extremely friendly, professional and helpful. This is by far the best piercing parlor I've ever been to. I wish I'd gotten all my piercings done here. I will definitely be coming back for more. A million thanks to Santi!

Victoria Prince, MPA

Unique setup and great service!

Tom Cranston

Bob Jones definitely has a gift for piercing and making people comfortable in what would otherwise be uncomfortable situations. I don't think I could have had a more positive experience.

Jennifer Berger

Great shop, owner is an animal lover, artists are talented. Frequent benefits to animal rescues too

Alexander Spiewak

Had work done here by James Eastwood which I would rate 5/5. However, when trying to get a new piece done I emailed them...Called the shop.... Left messages multiple times and never once got a call back. If they don't have time for repeat customers then I'll take my business elsewhere. Edit: Yes, I literally called once weekly, then every day for a week. He was in fact in, but didn't take my call. I get that, he's doing work for someone else and doesn't want to interrupt, but never called me back. The secretary promised he'd call me back. I live in Michigan now, wanted to make a trip to Chicago specifically for this, so I couldn't just stop in. It's not fake news, it's what happened. And like I said, if you guys are too busy for a loyal repeat customer, then more power to you, but this isn't hashtag bull, it's reality.

Chelsea Fetherlin

Got my daith ear piercing. Fast, clean, professional, and well priced. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Santi is flawless. He also gave me a lollipop. 100% recommend.

Amanda Wolfe

Awesome experience at Insight! The front desk woman was very helpful in understanding what I wanted and helping me pick out the appropriate jewelry. I didn’t have an appointment, just a walk in and was in and out in about 30 minutes. My piercing was extremely well done and is in the exact place where I wanted it. Would definitely recommend!

Nicole Anyaogu

Great service...Santo was so friendly

Lucas Odinson

They do great work here and I will be returning to see Wendell

Bahram Naderil

Got my first tattoo here at Insight Studios. The place is super clean, super comfy, cool atmosphere, friendly staffs, experienced artists. Got my tattoo done by Wendell. Very nice!

Lang Chen

Super clean, super friendly staff, great service! Definitely would recommend, only qualm is that it's a little pricey

Phylicia McCline

Very professional and clean studio! Got my nose pierced and it was quick and easy - loved that he wanted to know if I planned to wear a hoop one day so he could ensure he placed it in the perfect spot so my hoop would sit beautifully once I was able to change out my stud. Great experience, I highly recommend Insight for piercings!

Russell Davis

Great space awesome artists top quality work.

Beata Zsiros

Got my 7 year old daughter's ears pierced by Bob Jones. The wait time was only about 5 minutes after showing a few documents and filling out a consent form. The shop was very clean, piercing room was well equipped, pleasant. Bob explained everything he was going to do in detail. My daughter did not complain at all and left with a big smile on her face. We went back to downsize as well. Bob was very helpful and quickly responded to my message when I asked him about types of metals suitable for new earrings. Would go back again and highly recommend! One more thing to add, my daughter and son (present at piercing) both got t-shirts from Bob alongside pens, lollypops and buttons of his beloved cat. These little goodies were nice extras beside the great service! A+

Garyna Lewis

Tyler was really gentle , place is very professional and clean . A bit pricey but worth it . They have a good jewelry selection. It's a good idea to make an appointment if you can . This place was packed when I got there, waited like 20 mins , wasn't too bad.

Kate Sanderson

Great staff

Ariel Harden

I went here to get a new nose ring. This place was the nicest, cleanest, and most friendly shop I've ever been to! I just moved to Chicago and was so happy to find a place I could buy body jewelry from. Not a lot of places sell them. Going to book them for another piercing and maybe a tattoo next month!

Aslan Roman

I got my 2nd tattoo here and I loved my experience! I got it done by Kelly and he was super nice and friendly. I was sort of picky with how and where I wanted my tattoo and he was a sport hearing me out. The cost was great in my opinion. For a simple tattoo, it came out to be around $100! The place was nice and smelled clean. Found out from looking at their brochures, that you can adopt ferrets, which I never would have knew if I did not go there. So it was fate! Definitely going there again!

Richie V

James Eastwood did an awesome job on my tattoo. I called early in afternoon and he was able to fit me in later the same night. James was friendly, informative and did clean work. I will be sure to come back to him and recommend him to friends.

Victoria Jones

Ryan has been my artist for years and I would highly recommend him to anyone but he hasn't always been at this shop too long . The shop is very clean and has good privacy to all the artists areas. Prices are very fair. It is easy to get to, parking can be a challenge.

Cassie Scaggs

David was great and everyone there was super nice. I googled and took a gamble on going and I’m so glad I did.

Caitlin Finucan

Had a great experience here, Bob Jones did my piercing. I never leave reviews but since my visit was so easy and quick I feel compelled to share! I had a piercing done that had closed up over a couple years, he didn't even charge me for the piercing - only the jewelry. I have a super low pain tolerance and felt almost no pain. AND on top of that he gave me a FREE shirt :). DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

Barbara Sanford

All I can say from tattoos to piercings gentle hands very good work

Susan Loren Lovell

After entrusting Santi with my Christina piercing, it's probable that I'd entrust him with my life; he was so sincere, honest and realistic. Not qualifying for a vertical or horizontal hood due to anatomical reasons, I opted for the Christina/Venus piercing, which is a rather...personal one. He devoted a respectable amount of time in consultation and was not in a hurry, which helped calm my nerves; explaining everything in such a deeper scientific/medical level. He was honest with the facts of the procedure, including pain levels, rejection rate, and care and patient when I needed to "collect myself" leading up to the grand finale. Even when I bellowed obscenities mid-pierce, he maintained his professional composure. He is also immaculate - cleaning your body and caring for it like it were his own. I intend to get any and all future piercings and follow-ups at Insight, with Santi.

luis reyes

Astounding work by very talented professionals. There's tons of tattoo spots on Milwaukee Ave. This is by far the best. Clean stations, comfortable chairs.

Melissa Molina

Went in yesterday for my first tattoo and Cory did such a great job! He was very professional and the design turned out amazing! I cannot recommend him enough!

Stacey Klimek

Everyone at insight studios is amazing! I will not go anywhere else!

Evelyn Correa

I google this place on 5/4/19. Decided to go 5/5/19 to have my nipples pierced. My experience here from the minute I'd entered to the piercing was beyond my expectations. Jetti is amazing! Had my piercing done by Bob the owner he is awesome! I Highly recommend this place

Kierra Dachelle

Enjoyed my experience. I got my very first tattoo here and I can’t wait for more. They’re a little pricey for what I think tattoos should be, but I also love the cleanliness and professionalism. Definitely would recommend and will be going back soon for more.

Justin Blackwell

Jonny is the man, Been working on a half sleeve for two moths and its coming out crisp and clean. Studio is very clean, everyone is really nice and laid back.

Rachel Williams

Just got a cover up done from Jason H,and I love it! He did such a great job. I'd highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Stewart Inchliffe

Hands down the best tattoo/piercing place I've ever had the pleasure of visiting! Impeccably friendly knowledgeable staff, immaculately clean - what more could you ask for?! Bob Jones looked after me VERY well and I walked out of that place so so happy. Shame I don't live in Chicago - I'd be a regular visitor.

Samuel Schultz

Came in for a nonprofit fundraiser - and I will not be back soon. Chris was my artist, and he was curt and rude. He was very resistant to actually working with me on my design and argued with me when the design proof he presented based off of my sketches wasn’t what I wanted. He then gave me a speech about how it’s “my preference” vs how the shapes should work to him. Yes of course it’s my preference - it’s going to be on MY body forever. And he did this holier-than-thou, belittling rant right in front of a shop full of people, which was highly embarrassing. I’ve heard good things about other artists here but now I see other bad reviews specially about Chris and I am annoyed that I got him over others. I came in excited and left self-conscious and unsettled. The only reason this review isn’t 1 Star is because of how much the shop itself helps animal shelters through its fundraisers.

rick bullis

Extremely clean ,great artists , Bob the owner is a great guy and fair prices !

Laura C

The staff was incredibly friendly, and made me feel completely at ease. Bob did my piercings. Talked me through the whole process, made sure I know what to expect, answered all my questions, and made sure I would call if I had questions. This was my first time getting pierced, and they made it a great experience.

Madeleine Marsh

I went here for my first tattoo and wasn’t too nervous going in, but once I was inside I soon felt incredibly at ease. The guy at the front immediately helped me out and was very attentive to my needs. I hadn’t booked an appointment but within 15 minutes I was ready to go with the tattoo artist. James did a fantastic job and I absolutely love the results. I got a Freddie Mercury tat and I felt even more at ease when I found out James is a fellow Queen fan. The process was quick, pain was minimal, and everyone there provided excellent service. After getting one tattoo I think I will be getting more down the road, and this is the place I’ll be going. 10/10 for service, quality, and cleanliness!

Roy Griggs

Great place, my wife for a piercing, and the lobby was set up perfect to keep a 3yr old and 8yr old occupied for the little time it took. Friendly staff, very clean, and warm welcome!

Annie D

Thank you Kelly, I love my tattoos.

Joanna Allen

The studio was incredibly clean and accomodating, the staff was very kind and thorough. I would recommend Insight, great experience.

Anni Mosketti

Fast, clean, friendly, little-to-no wait time. Very chill, very informative. And they donate to saving pets! Definitely with a stop!

Joel Arizaga

Great price for a great tattoo. The staff is nice and welcoming. Got my first tattoo here. Will definitely be coming back here for my next one

Tiffany Garcia

I needed a cover up on my wrists and both tattoos were originally done by Johnny. I made an appointment to discuss options and he stated they couldn't be covered up without a solid black piece of work. I showed him tons of ideas and he refused saying "He didn't like doing that kind of work". I seriously felt like HE wanted to determine what I covered his original art up with. Overall I went to Dream City Tattoos and Lebster did two beautiful Mandala cover ups. I called to get my deposit back and Johnny stated he wouldn't give it back because I wasted his time. I feel like I should charge him, the "stencil artist ", for wasting my time! If cover ups aren't your forte, refer me to someone else, don't be a rude jerk and tell me what you want to do to my body.

Jonathan Schmeling

Friendly, kind, experienced and excited to make your ideas come to life. My favorite place in Chicago to get work done!

Chris Solana

Just got an industrial piercing and it went so quicy and the outcome was amazing. I got there early and had little wait time. Loved the experience and everyone was very thorough in making sure I knew what was happening and when. Staff was amazing!

Jamie Kimiko Judkins

This place is awesome! Kelly was my artist and he did a fantastic job with preliminary communication, drawing up the sketch (quickly!) and an amazing job. The shop is very clean. Sterile look and smell, but not a "sterile feeling": staff is friendly, funny, welcoming, and I enjoyed being there for the 2+ hours it took for the tattoo. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great tattoo and amazing staff!

Donna Arnold

Very fast and clean

Patrick Dodd

Went in simply to get some new body jewelry and was treated like an old friend. The owner Bob personally took care of me and made me feel right at home. He even took me in the back and put the rings in for me. Awesome guy, nice shop, will def be back.

Kipper Keeper

Came in to purchase 16g 100% titanium threadless jewelry. Also to possibly get a piercing. They don't seem to sell Neometal brand jewelry. I was desperate to get my jewelry changed, so I took what I could find. Definitely didn't regret it. The piercer took me into a spacious private room to change my jewelry. My cartilage piercing was healed into a curved shape. He was able to use a taper to get it into a straight barbell. There was absolutely no pain at all! I have had pain every time when changing my jewelry (international threaded). He seemed professional and nice. He seemed to care about my opinion, and was also very knowledgeable. He gave me quick answers when I asked questions. I love the style of this shop. I LOVE cats! The cons of this shop is the music being extreamly loud. Loud music overstimulates me. It was difficult to talk with the front desk person with such loud music. The price of the jewelry was decent compared to other shops in Chicago. They sold basic titanium threadless jewelry for $40. Another shop I was at earlier that day sold basic neometal titanium jewelry for $60. If you are looking for jewelry and don't need it immediately, I suggest getting jewelry online from a site like bodyartforms. I wanted a vertical labret piercing, but the cost of that and the basic jewelry would be $90. It would have been nice to get a discount on jewelry if I'm getting a piercing. The location of this shop is a bit uncomfortable. The roads and sidewalks are all damaged, and there is a lot of traffic. The neighborhood doesn't feel too safe. I would recommend this place if you enjoy loud music, bright colors, and a friendly and knowledgeable person to change your jewelry.

Cami Clarke

Really great artists here. Atmosphere here is really nice. Great place to get a tattoo.

Mindi T

My husband and I were in town for the weekend and had planned on getting tattoos while in town. Loved the results, loved the clean, clean, clean shop. It seems that the artists must rent booth space because each of us had different artists and one of us received little extra "perks." *aftercare lotion, *aftercare instructions, the other one of us did not. Otherwise we would have rated a definite 5 ⭐. Would be nice if all artists/service were the same.

Holly Geneva

Love this place and my tattoo!! My first impression of the store was that it was clean and the layout was aesthetically pleasing. My experience kept getting better and better. Ryan, the tattoo artist, did a wonderful job! I brought in a few printouts and he based a design off of them and they were great! He made my experience one that I will never forget- he was genuine and good at keeping a conversation! Love my tattoo so much! Thanks for everything! I will deff. Recommend Ryan and this place to anybody who wants a tattoo!

Yamho Chan

Clean and very professional services.

Athena Wintruba

I was in Chicago for the weekend and on a whim decided to get my septum pierced. It couldn't have been a more comfortable process. Juan Santiago was so calm and caring. He walked me through each step of the process so I felt confident. Then we got free photos at the photo booth! Everyone at Insight Studios is awesome! Would 100% recommend them and would come back for another piercing when I find myself in Chicago!

Brian Vycas

Top Notch. absolutely impressive. Tattoo removal by a great Dr. , with state of the art equipment Highly recommend

Kayla B

Some of the only APP certified piercers in the city! They're both super good and nice and knowledgeable, you won't even notice you're getting pierced!

uhh drea

I got my industrial piercing done the other day and honestly i love this place! last time i came here was 2016 for a septum piercing and i thought something would have changed but nope they’re still as great as they were back then. Santi is amazing and made me felt safe with my piercing! Also if you bring a friend who vents about their life, he’ll give good advice lol. price does seem a little high but it really is all worth it when getting it at this place.

Claire Kolze

I got a piercing here. Insight is everything you'd expect out of a tattoo shop. Great music, very clean, and friendly staff that got to me very quickly, despite 4 people ahead of me. I got to see Bob take everything out of the package and he was calm and cool during the process, although I was nervous. Great experience - go here!!

Nehe-Miah Scarborough

Just got my helix and nose pierced there! I think they did an amazing job. I was super nervous and went alone but Bob talked me through the whole thing and really helped me calm down!

Allen Douglas

Super clean. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and the work was excellent.

Colin Stanton

Been here quite a few times and recommended several friends. Top quality studio. James is the man

Alan Warnock

Exceptional work. Friendly staff from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. Best shop in the chicagoland area. hands down the cleanest shop i have ever walked into.

Brittney Porter

Insight Studios is amazing...I come all the way from Naperville to give them my business. As soon as you walk in the door your are greeted with a smile from a professional staff, and the place is clean and you can be at ease knowing the staff is not only a beast at there jobs but they share their knowledge and tips with you. I've had 8 piercings done here in the last 4 years and my experience has been great everytime. Bob and Santi are the bomb!!!

Cat JackMcFadden

Clean, professional. James Eastwood is a great tattoo artist. Highly recommend him.

Gregory Matthew

I feel like these guys kinda ripped me off. I came in one night for a pair of 1/2 inch earrings. Their selection was somewhat limited, but I found something I liked and asked to have them put in. The piercer was more than helpful, but when it came time to pay they had to look up "new" prices in a book and said $38. Which is totally reasonable for a pair of stainless steel earrings, but somehow they came to $38 a piece! $76 dollars later I'm left wondering what happened??? I even called back the next day and told them I felt over-charged, but who I am to assume was the same person that helped me the night before, and sounded like she remembered me, said "No, those are our prices. It's what we pay from the company we get them from." WORST OVER-CHARGED EXPERIENCE EVER.

Angela Burton

Went after work to get my 1st tattoo. Very clean, answered all my nervous questions. Good price. Going back again

Jillian M

If you're looking for a laugh, read the owner's response. Apparently this is the Ritz-Carlton of piercing shops, and you'll only be treated with respect if you smile while they rip you off. Again, no posted prices anywhere when I visited. $190 for two cartilage piercings is still beyond excessive, and insulting a customer won't make it right. I afforded you just fine when I paid for it, just wanted to give future customers a heads-up which clearly made you mad. *conducts an orchestra of sympathy violins on your behalf* But hey, the economy is tough & crooks need to make a dollar however they can. You'll be out of business in a few years & I'll be just fine with my Au Cheval-quality piercing/jewelry that is no better quality than any other piercing I own but three times as expensive. *shrugs & moves on with my great life*

Debbie Alfredson

Husband had a great experience. I ended up not getting mine because the guy was rude and condesending

Judith Valadez

Love this tattoo shop! I will definitely be coming back !

Sam Truman

I've had piercings done by both Santi and Bob and they are both amazing. Other than being great piercers, they're both super nice and friendly. They took the time to patiently answer all my neurotic questions and make sure that I was comfortable with every step of the process. I would recommend them to anyone.

Al Alamin

Really nice place that give great services. Love the tat that i got.

Rob S

Got my earring out and talk to a artist about a tatt

Courtney Greene

Clean, professional, trustworthy shop - I wouldn't go anywhere else in Chicago

Nathan Lunsford

I walked in 15 minutes prior to closing to get a septum piercing and was greeted with great hospitality! The studio is very clean and welcoming. Bob, the owner, was my piercer and was extremely friendly and knowledgeable walking me through the process of getting the piercing done. I would highly recommend Insight!

Robert Luczak

I love this place! The people are nice and helpful and they do a great job! I would highly recommend this place.


Insight Studios is my go-to for any of my piercing needs. When I moved to Chicago in 2003, I needed to find a suitable, qualified, APP (Association of Professional Piercers) certified replacement for my piercer of almost ten years I had back home. I met Bob Jones, learned about his shop, and was immediately impressed. 16 years later I am still loyal to his immaculate piercing and tattoo studio which holds the highest standards of professionalism I have seen in Chicago. Insight Studios works with several charities as well, and last I heard Bob was working on a new project to provide shelter for feral cats (Sanctuary In Sight). As a fellow cat lover, I support all of this!

m poon

James was great! I came as a walk in for a tattoo. I wanted something really tiny on my thumb that other places had said they couldn’t do, James did an awesome job and it turned out exactly how I had imagined!

Andrew Thomas Clifton

Amazing time getting my piercing fixed by a master piercer after the first place I went messed it up. Love the service and the speed. It's pricier than most places but it's worth it

Jason Ziolkowski

Great place to get some ink. Very clean and reputable artist

Nimi Dayana

Cassandra did my first tattoo and it was beautiful. Such a professional and comfortable experience . Will return if I need more work done.

Jamie Payne-Miller

I have 3 tattoos from Insight and my husband has 2. I have recommended the studio to friends who have gone and are pleased with the results as well. I love that they have charity weekends where proceeds go to a local animal shelter! ❤

Marcus Cota

I've had several intricate piercing projects done by Mr Bob Jones and they've turned out perfect. His demeanor, bedside manners, and overall personality is welcoming, reassuring and calming. His shop is immaculate and an amazing layout. Very classy! I'm a body Piercer in Madison, WI and I drive 200 miles to get a piercing. I trust his professionalism, patience, and precision. He's also been a lot of help with sharing his knowledge and extensive experience. You can't help but trust a guy who has a picture of his kitty on his business card.

Gabriela Diaz

Nice people but half my tattoo came out faded and when I went in for a touch up it was impossible to get a for sure appointment and never got the promised email or anything. I came back like 3 times too but no dice. Pretty clean I haven't gotten pierced there but its likely better than the tat quality.

Anastasia Capetillo

Came here to get my nipples done and I can't say enough about it. It was quick and painless and perfect.

Genora Chapman

I'm a Senior and was very nervous. Didn't want to look like a gangster grandma. Chris was very understanding and explained step by step what was going on. My tatoo is so pretty and I'm ready for the next one and I'll be looking for Chris. The place is very clean too.

Courtney Campbell

I came here today to grab a new piece of jewelry for my nose ring and had a new septum piercing fixed. Bob was super accommodating, and is totally genuine in actually caring about piercing being done correctly. He made my situation much more comfortable with minimal pain. I would 100 percent recommend insight for any piercing or tattoo. Everyone i interacted with here was just amazing.

Megan Taylor

I would not recommend Chris at Insight Studios ever. I came for a walk-in and it was very busy. Chris did my tattoo (the monopoly electric company lightbulb). The tattoo is about an inch and by my ankle. My tattoo is completely botched and will need to be corrected or removed. Not happy with the service there at all. My brother was also with me to get a tattoo and Chris was totally rude to him would not give my brother five minutes to explain what he was able to get for the size he wanted. My brother was next to be tattooed after me and when I showed him my tattoo I paid for mine and we left. Chris does not have the skill, patience, or customer service a tattoo artist in Chicago should have.

Matt Egleston

Best in the business, bar none. Bob Jones rules. For piercings, Bob is the man. Tattoo work, James Eastwood, no questions.

Joe Levinson

Incredibly rude staff member. We left after waiting an hour because he got super rude with my friend because her family called to sing Happy Birthday. He lost his artists three clients. Not a fun experience or environment.

Bhargav Khambholja

Great experience for my first tattoo. Will definitely be back!

Shantal Harrison

Recommended by a friend. Very clean facility. Friendly and knowledgeable

Adam Scott

This establishment and its artists are incredibly professional and clean. Not only do they provide great work, they give back to the community, help out animals, and are located by some great places for grub. I drive all the way from southern Indiana to get work done there. And I will continue to do so.

Priscilla Alvarez

Ahhhhh!!! I got my first tattoo!!! Ahhhh!!! I'm really happy with my experience at Insight Studios. I had been seriously contemplating a tattoo for the last month and I didn't just want to go anywhere to get it. Thanks to Yelp, I found Insight! This past weekend, I told myself I had to just go in and get it done. I walked in about 3pm on Saturday and there were only a couple of people in there. The front desk woman was very nice and told me immediately who I'd be paired with after I told her I was getting my first tattoo which would be script of 4 words, which were lyrics to one of my favorite songs by the band Grizzly Bear, on my ribs. I just didn't know what font I wanted. She handed me an iPad that was already on a website with a million fonts. I knew I wanted more of a handwritten script. As I was going through the site, I felt myself get more and more nervous, but excited! Jason, the tattoo artist that was taking me, checked up on me a few times. After the first couple I asked him his opinion of the fonts I chose and he was very honest with his answers about whether or not the letters would be too close to one another, or too small, etc. After what seemed like 30 minutes, I finally chose a font. It was go time! Jason prepped his area and I noticed how CLEAN and bright the entire space was. Everything he was using he was unwrapping for the first time. I work in the healthcare industry, so it was just as hygienic as a clinic! He set me up at his table and when I was prepped and ready, he said, "Alright, here we go!". I swear it took him less than 10 minutes to complete the job. Not gonna lie, because it was on my ribs, there were some parts of it that were definitely painful, but it was bearable and Jason was really cool about the whole thing. I read in other reviews that the prices here are a little on the high side, but I will say it was less than I expected to pay. I'm so, so, so, so in love with my tattoo! Jason was awesome, Insight is awesome. I highly recommend this place, especially for first timers!

Jennifer Holiday

I just got my nose pierced today and it is pure perfection! This was my first time getting a piercing at a tattoo/piercing studio and the experience was amazing. First of all I came to check the place out about two weeks ago because I saw all the good reviews and I read everything on the website. I was very impressed by the kind treatment I received from the moment I walked in the door. The lady at the counter was so polite and didn’t hesitate to answer my questions. The final deciding factor on whether or not to get my piercing done here was how there was no pressure for me to get anything done right then. I met with Santiago that day and he patiently answered all of my questions thoroughly and even gave me his card in case there were other questions I might have later. That left a lasting impression and I was sold! Today I came in right when they opened. The guy at the counter was awesome! He showed me the jewelry, I filled out some paperwork, and Santiago did my piercing quick, easy, and perfect! I barely felt anything and not even one tear fell from my eyes like I had heard others talk about from their experience. The entire process from arriving to leaving took all of 26 minutes and I was a walk-in. I am SO glad I found this place! It was worth every penny. THANK YOU Insight Studios for your professionalism and kindness.

Niki Morrison

Bob pierced my daughter's ears and she said that it didn't hurt at all. Very clean and professional.

Shaun Rotizza

Just went for the second time for a piercing and I couldn't be happier. I now couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Bob Jones is amazing! Friendly, efficient and respectful. I highly recommend going to Insight for your next piercing.

Meagan McKinnon

I've only seen one artist here, Chris Orta, but he's superb. Reception is great and approachable, all the artists seem to get along and push each other to always improve. Clean, bright, everything you need from a shop.

Henry Trinh

Sandi remedied a piercing mistake made by another studio. He was gentle, supportive and helpful. Definitely coming back for future work.

Melissa Westbrook

I am 16 and I got my nose pierced here. I had to wait two hours because they only have one piercer and he was so rude. He gave me a stud that Slid right out every two seconds. He rolled his eyes when I asked him a question about the piercing. It was terrible. They didn’t even give me anything to clean it with because they were out! I’m never going back here.

Daniel Maurer

This place is amazing, try to get an appointment with Cory if you can. Excellent work

Stephen Rossman

My wife and I got tattoos here a couple months ago from Johnny McDevitt, and we are both thrilled with them. They're crisp and presice, and he was really helpful during the planning process. Definitely will be back.

Steve Mikutis

Impressive Studio, extremely talented artists. And awesome people on top of everything else. If you want to be inked or pierced. Don't go anywhere else!


Went in as a walk-in with my bestfriend. The receptionist was very nice, and we had the pleasure to get tattooed by Ryan. He took his time to make sure the position and size of our tattoos matched and were just perfect. He was very sweet and professional, has 20 years of experience under his sleeve. 10/10 would recommend.

Peter Hammer

Insight studios is one of the best tattooing and piercing studios in Chicago hands down. Their artists are attentive and take a lot of pride in their work. My wife and I and a good friend have all gone to different tattoo artists here and have all been incredibly impressed with the work. The wait time to get an appointment is the only frustrating thing, though understandable with the talent they have. Highly recommend getting work done here!

Natalia Delery

Got my first tattoo here and I would definitely come back

Victoria Alt

Incredibly clean and well lit. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and truly talented. It's the only place I would go for any body modification.

David Fetterley

Friendly staff!

Lauren Henderson

Great and clean place. Wait was about 3 hours from walking in to finishing 2 tattoos.

Carol K

Clean and friendly.

Lovefrom Kiko

Absolutely love love love this place! Everyone is so knowledgeable and are really invested in your exsperiance. It's great knowing I will leave this place healthy and happy with my body modification. You get what you pay for and this place is worth every penny!

Ana F

I'm 16 years old and I got a nose piercing here that was done by Bob. The place was very clean and had a great atmosphere, all of the workers were very friendly and helpful. Getting the piercing done was very easy and he answered all my questions I had clearly and explained everything about the process and how to maintain my piercing. I'm so happy I decided to go here everything was perfect and I would highly recommend it to others.

Tara Glotzbach

Was there on 2/11/17, great place! Nice and clean, very organized. The girl up front was very nice. I had an appt with Kelly, he was awesome! Very professional, did exactly what I wanted. Would definitely go back again!

Lindsay Schneider

I was in Chicago for a few days to see my favorite band, and I wanted a tattoo to commemorate the experience. I ended up going to Jeff, who was awesome. He was very easygoing, and we chatted the whole time, which made for a virtually pain-free experience. I was also expecting to shell out a lot of money, because it's the big city, but it was very reasonably priced, and still amazing quality work. I'm kinda bummed I'm not local, because I'd go to him for all my tattooing needs :)

Ki Lewis

This place not only fixed my girlfriends tongue piecing but they use high quality metal and have a great replace and fix policy. They cover new bars after the swelling has gone down

Coy Haddock

Great experience. Artist wasn't very talkative, but work is excellent.

Anna Maria Jones

Wish I could give more than 5 stars! I came in to get a small tattoo and see if I could get another small one fixed from mistakes by another shop. James immediately gave ideas on what he would do to fix it and how he’d do my other one. I couldn’t have gotten better results. Insight is such a friendly, clean and comfortable environment. Found the shop and artist I will go to for my future tattoos!

Laine Heuer

It was my first time at Insight Studios to get a septum piercing and I went based on the recommendation of a friend. The woman who greeted me at the front desk was very polite and thorough of what I needed to fill out and how long of a wait it would be. The shop is super clean and cool. They donate a lot of money to help animals and I'm always for places that care about animals as much as I do. I was pierced by Santi and he was awesome! Super chill, kind, and professional. The whole process of getting pierced took no longer than 10 minutes and it was a relaxing experience. He even told me how I can contact someone if I had future questions or concerns. I am really happy with my piercing and experience. I recommend going to this place because the professionalism and service is amazing!

Joseph Anderson

Santi was very professional and knowledge with body piercing thanks for best services.

Clark Kays

Great shop! My wife had one of her first tattoos there from James Eastwood. He was great!

Sarah Rut Sousa - Dulin

They were great! Got mmt daughter's ears pierced here. They were super professional and even gave her a free upgraded stud. Bob was great!

Wyatt Scott

David was awesome I'm from three and a half hours away and will definitely come back

Kimeon Cruikshank

This studio is nice and VERY clean. Girl at the front was very polite but cold. Santi (our piercer) was nice and professional.

Dan Pinkerton

Cool, clean shop. They have quality artists working there. I was tattooed by Chris Orta and I love my tattoo. Definitely coming back to the shop and to Chris for my next few.

Melissa Rocchi

Great place. Ryan did a cover up for me and it is beautiful. Friendly staff and great customer service.

Simon Feigert

I have had many sessions with Cory and I couldnt be happier with the results. I travel from Germany to get a huge piece done by him and its worth every mile travelled. Insight Studios is a very professional, friendly place which I highly recommend for getting high-quality tattoos!

Matthew Stoneking-Ovitt

We each just got a tattoo here after getting a piercing last time we were in Chicago. Loved them both. Clean professional environment and everyone is extremely friendly. Wendell did a fantastic job on our bike themed tattoos. Definitely going to be stopping in again when we're back in the area!

Hayden Lee

An awesome experience from start to finish! The woman at the desk set me up right away, and explained to me their available pieces. Got an eyebrows piercing and I'm super happy with how it came out!! I got it done with Bob Jones and told him I was anxious about it and asked if he could explain how it all went down. He explained it all in depth and put my mind at ease and I even have a better understanding about how piercings are done! Amazing bedside manner, gave me $10 off my price for being a Columbia Student, two lollipops (i felt like a kid at the doctors office almost haha!) and his card, and sent me on my merry way. My piercing looks great, and I'm stoked about it! Thanks!!

Lisette Milan

James did an amazing job calming me down since it was my first tattoo. I will definitely be coming back to him for more amazing work. Very friendly staff and overall clean place

Jude Avery

Got to meet the artist that will be doing my piece very clean professional but very fun


Best piercing and tattoos artisans in the area.

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