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REVIEWS OF Head 2 Toe Tattoos IN Illinois

Aristeo Farias

Ketty Polisi

Silvia did an incredible job...I LOVE my eyebrows!!! She will talk you through EVERYTHING. A++

José Guadalupe Flores

I just had a wonderful experience with Silvia, the piercer. She was super patient with my friend Maggie and I. We both got our noses pierced and the process was smoother than I expected. Afterwards she taught me how to take care of it and was a good chat all around. Would recommend!!

Ashley Johnson

Not the cleanest place, and one of the guys jacked up my piercing and Sylvia had to fix it, luckily at no charge... but ended up with 2 painful piercings when they should have done it right to begin with...

Milo Nowak

Got my tongue pierced here on a whim Christmas eve last of the few places taking piercing appointments that evening. Incredibly comfortable, clean, and the piercing healed better than I could've imagined. Definitely worth your time and money!

Colene C

Veronica, is fantastic her line work is out of this world. Her attention to detail is outstanding, i always leave an opening for her creativity to flourish all but one of my, newer tats were from her the family tree phenomenal, the arrows, and I have one more special piece coming up. Tito, did that one piece Vee didn't do but it cane out great my youngest daughter Bug was honored. Thanks!! Sylvia, you just an all around great shop owner, it's wonderful how you bring in your boys to learn the business, and their not to proud to help were needed...if there is a wait they know what, and how to make you feel comfortable I simply love you guys and only wish wonderful & positive things for you

Andrea Diaz

One of the best shops I've been in chcago. I've almost always made appointments and never waited. Best customer service I've experienced by far.

Fa Vargas.

Silvia you're the best!

Tynetta Muhammad

Silvia was great!

Allyz Ultraviolet

Sylvia Is a great piercer. Super clear, friendly, and clean.

Patty Gorski

Get place and nice prices

Louie V.

Sonia Gonzalez

Christina Neubauer

I've gotten microblading and piercings done here, both by Sylvia.

antoni sierra

Taisa Lopez

I love my new microbladed eyebrows and highly recommend this place to others. Place is nice, friendly and clean

Joseph Riordan

Love my tattoos that I get from there the people that work there are very cool and very friendly and do the best tattoos ever

alejandra delgado

My eye brows look the same after getting microblading, I'm very disappointed that I wasted my time, gas and money. I also went for a touch up theee times because she was never there and I had an appointment.

Apral Parker

Sylvia did an awesome job on my eyebrows! She was very nice and knowledgeable?

Danielle McCallion

Wolfie is now the only artist who I’ve trusted with my tattoos & as long as I’m living in the area, he always will be. I admire his artistry & attention to detail, the pride he takes in his own work, & how much he made me feel at ease each time I saw him. I brought in a design of my own today & he threw suggestions out that were just as if he had read my mind. It was a fulfilling collaboration & I can’t wait to visit again soon! Thanks, Wolfie!

Vikta On The Moon

I went in today to get a septum piercing and had a wonderful experience. Bear was nice and the shop seemed sterile and clean. The piercing was fast and a small pinch. Thank youuu.

Iryna Ivanyshyn

Priscilla Taylor

Regina N

Silvia and team were all great! Silvia made my septum experience great. I got it pierced once before last summer in Miami and it was terrible! My bff got 4 piercings as well including both nipples and the experience was better than expected! Thanks Silvia!!

Paulita Sontag

Silvia is friendly and competent. When it came to shaping my eyebrows she was meticulous in every detail.

Sabrina Recendez

scott kawamoto

Sylvia the owner and main piercer is always nice and happy around customers. Eder has tattooed me many times and has done amazing tattoo art! Tattoo art is different from getting a tattoo, it is creating art through tattooing that most tattoo shops fail to do!

Meli Sanchez

I was recommended to come to this place to get my eyebrows microbladed - something that I had been researching for about a year. I spoke to the microblading specialist - Sylvia - over the phone for about 25 minutes as she gave me the ins-and-outs of the process and she answered any questions both me and my husband had about it. I scheduled my first appointment with Sylvia for October 21st and I was put as ease as Sylvia spoke to me as what to expect before, during and after the session. The shop was clean, the area that the microblading was done was set apart from the rest of the shop and was also very clean. When Sylvia took out the instruments that she would be using for the actual procedure, they came out of clean packages. After having my eyebrow area numbed for over 30 minutes, Sylvia was able to start the process of the microblading. She spent a good amount of time shaping the brows and making sure that the first session was done as painlessly and efficiently as possible. Most people have either swelling or redness after the procedure is done, but I had neither - thank goodness! My 2nd procedure (on November 11th, which was 3 weeks after the first) went just as smooth and easy as the 1st one... and I even decided to throw in a ear piercing on my Tragus - maybe I'll get my Daith done next. My husband is looking forward to finishing up his started tattoo with one of the artists there.

Meredith Quast

Veronica is an absolute rock star! We didn't have an appointment and she was super patient with hearing our ideas...and super creative with making them come to life. Thank you Veronica for our beautiful new ink!

Zero Kiriyu

If i could give no stars i would. They are a shady business that doesnt honor there word. All they care about is getting money. Will never use them and i warn others not to either. Very rude on the phone. On our groupon it clearly says 53$ for 120$ worth of work. It doesnt say color not included but the shop is saying its not. Learn to phase what u want before offering anything.

Chosen One

Oso21 Onit

Just left the shop super satisfied with Silvia's work. This woman has real talent I recommend anyone who wants to get their eyebrows microbladed. She really fixed me up.

Nicole Iannotta

I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years. I've had every single piercing and tattoo done here. Silvia is an amazing body piercer & go see Angel for excellent tattoos. They're like family to me. Excellent work...awesome prices!

Shane Masini


Ryan Trost

everyone go to Big L hes the best ! i love my new ink he did , great job ! Im forsure going back

Yuri Mendoza

Molly Madden

I hate the shop, I hate the people, I hate their work, and I hate what they bring to the community (nothing).

Carlos Robles

S.Simone Pace

Beautiful work great work done here.

Brooke. Rodriguez

Faith Stanley

Cindy Galvez

On March 22nd I bought a LivingSocial deal to get my ears pierced. I read the reviews and saw mostly good things so I went and bought the deal. On the voucher it says you do have to call ahead of time to set up an appointment, easy! I called 3 days straight left a message and no response or call back. So I went on my day off to this location waited till 1PM around the area as that's what's stated as it's business hours. To my surprise there was a hand written sign saying they were closed on Wednesday's. So again try to call another day, same story. Finally on my day off I go again to see if they were open and maybe fit me in. Yes they were open but could not fit me in because I needed an appointment so I asked to make one and explained to her my story. So looking at my work schedule and preplanned events I couldn't do it till 2 weeks later. She told me no that she could do Monday the 9th at 1. I had a meeting in the morning so asked if I could do 2PM so I didn't have to rush or be late to this appointment. She told me no it had to be at 1 although nothing was written into her calender she had out for 2PM. So I agreed and fast forward to Monday 9th made it couple minutes before 1PM. Waited, waited and continued to wait. Parked in front of the store and onces 1:30 rolled around I left as I called and as always no answer and store closed. I contacted LivingSocial and they did refund me back my money but after all this time wasted and paying the meters it's upsetting that this is how this business is ran. I left a message to let them know that I was there and left but of course have yet to hear anything back from them.

Devan Caldwell

I absolutely love this place the environment is great and the artist that did my tattoo was really nice.

Zach Taylor

Andrea Milian

Sylvia was very sweet she did a great job at giving me My nose piercing I suggest asking for Sylvia for body piercings!


I wanted to use my groupon today, so I visited the place at 1 pm. to my surprise, there was no open tatoo shop open at this location. I waited there patiently for 30 mins with no positive change of events. please close this establishment in favor of honest customer service

Brisa Jauregui

Cydney Bluhm

Dana Rodriguez

I love this place!! My go to place for my tattoos❤️ I live an hour and a half away but I'll gladly take the trip if I want work done. The artist are amazing, great atmosphere, clean and very professional. I highly recommend it !

Karen Martins

I got my tattoo in this place and I got very disappointed. I wanted the Chicago flag tattoo with it’s color (light blue and red). I was told the light blue might not stayed on my skin at the begging but after the artist did it, he said that actually it got really well on my skin since I have a very white skin. So I got happy and everything but a week later, nope, all gone as if it was penciled. Not the red color seems that got so well because it’s not bright as a new tattoo would look like. Fresh! It’s looks old already. Anyways. It’s ok, I understand I am tottaly resposable for what I want but still, how come a ink be gone like these? It’s B.S! Afterwards, I went back there to ask for a refound and the artist tottaly agreed, he was very nice with me by the way and he said the owner would call me later on so I could get it right?! Of course on the second day I guess if I haven’t come back there I would never get the call! The owner came up to me and was super rude with me saying that I was told it wouldn’t stayed and that I have insisted. Ok, that’s fine, but as far I have seem decent places would never tried to “denied” or give half of the money for costumer that are not satisfied with it’s work. And I just think if I got a tattoo with an artist he had to decided what to do or not in this situation. That’s all!

Julia Serrano

Facundo Calvento

Perfect place to get your tattoo! Great atmosphere, clean, highly professional...I totally recommend this place!

Susy Lopez

Nicole Santos

Julie Mohr

Charlene Melecio

Had a great experience! I got my nipple pierced. The girl who did my piercing made me feel comfortable. Everything was sterile and in new packaging. She was great and very professional. I Would definitely go back !

Charlitha Charleston

Wolfie and Sylvia are great, both super friendly and knowledgeable. I've gotten both tattoos and piercings here,and each experience was wonderful.

joy fromchi

I suffer from hypoactive thyroid disease which causes hair loss. Needless to say my eyebrows are non existent. Silvia did a fantastic job with the microblading. They look so natural u can't even tell. I love love love it. If u are considering microblading please contact Silvia. I promise u won't be disappointed!!!

Ana Rodriguez

Edmundo Garcia

Jazmine Zepede

They need more tattoo artists with different styles; also the youngin in the counter is extremely cool but needs to study on the information of the products and of prices of each piercing. It's very tiny and getting tattooed is very public. Honestly only recommend getting pierced here and find some other place to get tattooed

G Chavez

Amazing work !!

Niya Haley

50 dollar min.

Drey GeteM

Great place great environment great ppl... love it definitely going back.. Vero is a great tattoo artist as well very clean open to custom work and all

Jasmin Banks-Hawel

Victoria Blaylock

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. So far I've got one piercing and one tattoo from here. Very personable staff, willing to work with you on prices.

caroline dodda

Asia Angelika

(Me and my sister got pierced by Bear) I originally went there to get my septum pierced at 11 a couple weeks ago but he told me to get it when I'm older for my own good. My piercer (Bear) was very kind and did my 2nd lobe piercing instead and my sister's upper navel and nostril. We found hospitality in Bear (our piercer) which made us feel less scared about my piercing. I would definitely go there again to get my septum pierced in a couple years.

Sue White

Jaime Blancas

Good job

Alec Mesa

Seems like a cool place, but they didn't let me in the room for my own girlfriends piercing...


Nice place good Work

Martina Nisthal

Walked in to get gauges and they told me to come back because they didn't know anything about piercings. WOW! Turning customers away?! I'll take me business elsewhere!!

Kathy Palomo

Veronica did an awesome scar coverup for me! I came in with an idea and walked out with something delicate and beautiful! Very clean, informative, gentle, and professional.

michele cambron

They were so nice. Got my first tattoo love it...

Squishy Nena

Jason Wolfgram

Great place to get a tattoo. Knowledgeable artists and friendly. Good price

Alexi Rodriguez

Carla Vasquez

Amazing service with ear piercings and it was only $25! Definitely recommend.

Dragon Prince

the staff were really nice when i got my first piercing. they have a fantastic selection of studs and hoops.

Amber R.

Lawrence Vaile

This is a very nice and clean location in a newer building . The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place if you need any tattoos and body piercing I got both and they will last a life time. Very happy customer : )

Jes Sotelo

Very Proffesional. I love Veronica her work is Amazing!

JonQuaShay McKinney

I got pierced by Sylvia about a week ago! She was great, can't wait to get my next one done by her and will defiantly be going to get some ink soon!

Nataria Saga

My friend go a good tattoo.

Christian Pfeiffer

Had to wait here untill my girl did her eyebrows, micro blading. She is very satisfied with the service. I can say the place is clean and on point. The ppl working here are very nice and friendly.

Jarrett Vinson

Do not get a tattoo here by a guy named Mike. I got a tat on each of my forearms and the letters were different sizes and the tat looked nothing like what I picked out. Very crappy and a huge regret

Peri Peng

What a great experience. Friendly people and excellent skills. This was my first cartilage piercings and first piercings with the needles. I was nervous. But Silvia was very nice and patient. Definitely recommend this place!

Fernando Colon

It looks clean ...friendly environment..the lady doing the piercing is awesome ...keep up the good job

Josefina Mesa

My first tattoo. Clean job, loved it. Done by Jabiel

Rolando Rivera

Nice work I get satisfy.

Caroline Santiago

Great experience! Had my daughter's ears re-pierced here. Very reasonable and it included the studs. The lady was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend.

Ingrid Leal

Silvia is the best!! I highly recommend her to any body who would like to do microblading! She is awesome! She did my eyebrows and I must say I am beyond satisfied with her work. I’m happy I found her! She explain everything to me and gave me advice about the procedure! At some point during the procedure I felt like we were long time friends! She was super nice! Also the place was very clean

Cinderella Branch

You need to check this place out. Its very clean and comfortable. I had 6 piercings from Head 2 Toes Tattoos. I love them all. Sylvia did my piercings. She made me feel very comfortable, she is very friendly. She answered all my questions about the placement of my piercings. Sylvia takes her time, make sure the holes are lined up properly. I'm very satisfy with the services I received. I am planning on going back for tattoos

Kahlan Bardney

Kelvin Wyche

Head 2 Toe is a great place! I went there and told them exactly what I wanted and I am so happy with my new tattoo!! Definitely would recommend this establishment!! The prices... are great!!!

Andrea Welch

Great place! I just moved to the city & was wary of finding a new tattoo artist, and decided to stop in this place on a whim one Sunday afternoon. This place is very clean and well-maintained. They happily fit me in and negotiated a very fair price. The artist, Bear, was incredibly professional and made sure the tattoo would look exactly the way I wanted it to. He even helped me figure out the correct coloring (and thank goodness, because if we'd gone with my instinct it would've been baaaad) and suggested a few subtle but awesome details that really made it unique. He did a beautiful job, I love it a lot and get compliments often! I will definitely be back sometime soon!

Cub Andrew

Silvia did a wonderful job on my piercings. Quite professional and clean environment. It was helpful to schedule with an appointment regarding multiple matching piercings.

Luis Guzman

Came in there for the Friday the 13th deal. Came in there to cover up a simple triangle thinking it was nothing for the artist, I pay 20$ for a simple triangle and the artist could not even get his lines straight, on top of that it is crooked on my wrist. End of it I got crooked triangle with bogus lines. 20$ is not anything but take your job serious even if its a simple ass triangle. Who knows how bad his intricate tattoos come out.

Vienna Sa

Went in here on a whim yesterday to get my tongue pierced. Staff are very friendly and comfortable to be around. Sylvia pierced me and would have it no other way! Very informative, knowledgeable, and reassuring. Absolutely no pain at all. Fantastic establishment.

Tracy Justus

I have been wanting to get microblade done to my eyebrows and researched places to get them done. I read wonderful reviews about Silvia and how she is a “Queen of microbladding”. After careful consideration I purchase 2 Groupon (one for me another for a gift) and was excited to get them done. When I “tried” contacting Silvia to get an appointment the first thing she asked was how I heard of her. When I let her know that I purchased a Groupon it took her a few days to reply back after that. When she finally answered and gave me a day to come in I thought it was funny that she scheduled me on Memorial Day. Never the less I went on Memorial Day only to find out the shop was close. I tried to contact Silvia with no luck. My sister had an appointment on Thursday at 7p.m. Together we went and waited. The guy told us that Silvia was “running” late and would be there soon. After waiting for 30 minutes I asked the guy if she was even in the back and he said she was on her way and maybe stuck in traffic. So we sat and waited some more. After awhile the guy says that he doesnt know what happened to her maybe she had a family emergency because she isn’t replying to him. People you cant get a hold of her because her voicemail is full and she wont respond back to you! Slivia just lost two customer who would have tipped her well and would have given her more clients. Silvia is terrible at customer service and I would not recommend her service to anyone. Sorry Silvia you really lucked out. If you dont like Groupon then why advertise yourself on there? This was the biggest waste of my time, gas, and parking meter money.

Leah Goetz

Silvia is absolutely amazing! I got my belly button pierced and it looks awesome and she was also so nice and funny! Would definitely recommend.

Maria Mendez

(Translated by Google) Good but they need cleaning in the study of the rest are cheap in tattoos (Original) Bien pero les hace falta limpieza en el estudio de lo demas son economicos en tatuajes

Joshua Perez

ivette otero

Janel Lohret

I have been going to Head To Toe for the last 5 years and in my opinion they are the masters of their trade . They stay serious about their work but also bring a welcoming atmosphere to the shop that makes the customers feel at home. Head To Toe has been and will remain the only tattoo shop I would recommend to any of anyone for good service.

Griselda Suarez

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servicio

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