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198 W Grass Lake Rd, Lake Villa, IL 60046, United States

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Lorena Sims

Great staff and wonderful artists. They keep the place extremely clean. I used to live near by but have since moved to New Mexico. I drove all the way back just to have Tim finish my tattoos. Well worth the drive!

Not Sorry

My two boys just got their ears pierced with Marcus, super friendly, clean and organized and all around stellar dude. Would highly recommend

O Ajibade

Great and friendly people with good reception. Environment is super clean!

Renee Metzgar

Good Family is a clean and friendly place to get your tattoo. My first tattoo is beautifully done by Tim. Excellent work, thank you.


Got my first tattoo there last year when my dog passed away. Amazing pawprint done with her ashes. Second one was done there aswell. Just got my 4th done today and I couldnt have asked for a better experience. I felt valued everyone was so chillaxed. Great environment, awesome artists, just awesome all in all. They have my trust!

Dana Cain

Joel did an incredible job on my wife's memorial tattoo. They went above and beyond ensuring that the tattoo was exactly what she wanted.

Eric Russell

Just called to price a simple letter on my finger tattoo. Wanted me to make an appointment to come in and talk about it. This is a tattoo parlor not a Doctors office. Should have quoted me a price to get me in the door so that I would want to do some return business. Tattoos are becoming more and more less popular these days. Both my wife and I have several tattoos which means they just lost a lot of business. With so many tattoo parlors closing everday I would think you would want as much business as possible. Get your nose out of the air and return to the real world. Your not that great because I only knew about you from the internet. Will take my business elsewhere where its more appreciated.

Shawn Shaputis

Welcoming, friendly and professionals in all aspects of tattooing and body piercing!!!!

Trista Dacunha

This place is a joke. Came in a couple times for my appointments and it was nothing but excuses and saying they aren't capable of doing the tattoos I wanted. Unbelievable. Thanks for wasting my time and leading me on. The artists might be good, but it ain't worth the frustration. Couldn't give me a quote, extremely unorganized and they definitely don't make the customer a priority. I heard so many good things about this place but after my experience I'd say the only good thing is that it's clean..I have never felt so unwelcomed and if you have your own image of what kind of tattoo you want, don't expect to be treated very well especially by the owner. Luckily there are other tattoo shops near by who actually hear you out and do amazing work

Nicole Skym

The only place I will go for Tattoos. Reasonably priced for the great work they do! Great friendly atmosphere. Cannot wait to go back for my next tattoo.

sharon gollwitzer

Very professional, great artists.

Sue Schweiss

Love my new tattoo

Joel Huffdaddy

Best tacos in town!

Anthony Prezioso

Best place to get a great custom tattoo. Great artists and an atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Fred Schulze


Kari Berger

My daughter and i went for piercings. The place is nice and clean. Their tools/ instruments are properly sterilized. And the peircer was very informative and friendly.

Cydney O'Bryant

Very clean and friendly environment. Only place I trust for my tattoos and piercings. Chloe was amazing for my nose piercing a few months ago and Eric did an amazing job on my tattoo. Very nice and trustworthy staff. I highly recommend them. Prices are amazing too.

Sarah A

Good family is the best! I have gotten all my piercings and tattoos there. I will not go anywhere else. Super friendly and amazing prices for the amazing talent they have. I will always recommend them to everyone!

Tamera Love

Went for a nose piercing, went buy quick, good price.

Chris Gallinati

We have been getting great tattoos here for a couple years cool place and cool people

Timothy Rewis

Very professional and great work.

Tristan Havemann

Really nice place, good vibes.

Ruthie Rosado

Did my turtle ever and 1st tat...Joel is awesome his workers r exceptional and nice...would never go anywhere else cuz there the best

Mallory Leonard

Professionally, good work! All the artists are amazing! It's very clean and nicely kept! Great atmosphere!

Pasko Life Shenanigans

As usual, the best!!!

Kylee Selvig

I have gotten my tongue pierced and going to get my belly today! I highly recommend them! Very patient and informative.

Alyssa Sherwood

Just recently got a tattoo and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! Joel does such an amazing job and he is such a genuine and sincere person! Love this place! They make you feel so welcome as well!

Bob Jensen

Owner is disgusting with the way he talks and treats women. That have some good artists but would never give this guy a dime


Just got a tat from Andy, it was faster than I expected and it's real clean. Thanks again!

david salinas

I will only go here for my tattoos!! everyone there makes you feel like family

Mariah Tomei

I paid $120 for 3 piercings and 2 of them unscrewed and fell out. not going here for any more piercing.


Needed a touch up and Joel the owner squeezed me in and hooked it up himself. Completely awesome. Thanks Joel

Lisa Hoffman

Love all the piercings I got here. My tatoo's are in creditable. The owner and staff are always professional and honestly care about there customer's. Would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend them. Plus they are all very artistic.

Kristi Griffith

Ran in last minute to have my daith piercing replaced after noticing that I had lost the end ball. I tried to put another ball on the end myself with no luck. We arrived at 3:20 on Sunday... they were closing at 4. The manager jumped up to help me and had the curved barbell in stock, just slightly larger than the one I lost. He replaced it with no problem, still using sanitary measures-- which impressed me. The cleanliness and order of the shop overall was excellent. After a brief friendly conversation about the shop decor-- my husband mentioned the tattoo I need to have finished-- we moved here recently from Pennsylvania. I was told they prefer an in person consultation with the artist and a deposit to schedule (which was expected, and I am now planning to have Good Family complete the cover up on my back.) Note: They will respond to inquiries on FB messenger also.


I got 2 double helix piercings here and I love them. One of my earrings came unscrewed and they helped me get it back on. I would highly recommend them.

Danielle Santana

Great decor, friendly staff, amazing tattoo work definitely would recommend this place.

Rodger Price

Adam thanks for my Templar knohhton my left shoulder bro

Darian Goebel

I walked in asked for a stick figure tatoo they drew it up and Joel slapped it on. I love it. When he was done I walked to the mirror and laghed i thought it was awesome.

kelly davis

They did a wonderful job on my bridge piercing! Definitely would recommend them!

Nyssa Stell

I got two cartilage piercings and a tragus piercing from this shop and today I had to go to a tattoo/piercing shop where I'm at in college now to have them remove my cartilage piercing because it wouldn't budge and was not healing. Me and the piercers here discovered the reason it was so difficult to get out (3 people had to try). Apparently at Good Family Tattoo they used what these piercers said was a "nose bone" and stuffed that into the post/back of the jewelry. The piece was all bent, which was preventing an easy removal. I am very dissatisfied with my piercings and feel like I got ripped off. Now I'm concerned about the quality of my tragus piercing being compromised because of this poor work. There should be a zero star option.

Joe P

The best tattoo shop in Northern Illinois the artist there are very knowledgeable and look out for your interest with veracity

Paula Diamond

Great place

Meredith Shaputis

Good Family Tattoo is the ONLY place I will ever go again for tattoos and piercings! The owner, Joel, is one of the most awesome people I've ever met, both as an artist and a human being. I love that the work is so professional, and the artists really care about your vision for the artwork. The piercer, Chloe, is really a pro and knows what she's doing. I've had 3 tattoos and two piercings there, and my husband is working on a sleeve right now. My 14 year old daughter even got her belly button pierced there, and she couldn't be happier! If you're getting a tattoo or piercing in Lake County, Good Family Tattoo is the best place to go!

Michelle Sanchez

Love this place did my work on my back and I love it

Ali Schultz

Love my tatoo and my experience with Good Family Tatoo! Clean shop, great music, friendly & helpful staff.

Tiffany Lee

I've gotten my nose pierced and my first tattoo from here and it's amazing! Everyone is so friendly and they do a great job on everything they do! I won't go anywhere else. Chole does wonderful piercings and Audrey did my tattoo exactly how I wanted. Thank you guys again. I highly reccomend.

Patti Czapiewski

Awesome place. Super fun, friendly staff. Very professional and knowledgeable. Really clean.

Nancy ward

Went in today to get a tattoo for my birthday and had an awesome experience. The shop owner not only greeted me with a happy birthday but also gave me a discount not only on my tattoo but my industrial piercing as well. Everyone in the shop gave kick ass customer service and my tattoo artist Eric did an superb job.I will be back for my next tattoo without a doubt. Was going to go to bustos but they were closed.

Karla Kirkpatrick

I went in with a very close friend of mine to get her tattoo touched up and got one myself! They drew up an idea of a butterfly that I have had in my mind for years!! I finally got the butterfly on my foot that I have been wanting for way to long!! I was very nervous but with these guys I couldn't help but be relaxed!! They took excellent care of us and VERY reasonably priced and I am ALREADY planning my other foot tattoo and I will be coming back. Thank you guys!!

PJ Delp

Tattoo that I has them do turned out 100x's better than what I showed them. Angry did such an amazing job.

Lexi Sears

Best piercing and tattoo place ive ever been to

DrWhoInTheHeck Who

I dropped off a pic and scheduled an appointment for a couple weeks later. The owner was to draw up a design based on the pic. I showed up at my scheduled time, only to find out that he did not draw anything up, and didn't even have me scheduled. His excuse was that he didn't think I would show up. Me being a novice, I scheduled another appointment......but later decided to cancel it and go somewhere else. Very unprofessional!

Corrinne Sessions

THEE place to go in IL for high quality art and 5 Star service.

funwith maya

Best in the area

Daniel Gray

Awesome experience joel is a great artist an his apprentice did a great design I love it alot

Joan Braasch

It's like a family there.

Berenis Deanda

The lines on the tatto were not good quality and there are spots where the tattoo is starting to fade after four months and some blow out. I wasn't happy with the result. The staff was friendly.

Jenae Tarakanov

Went here for my first tattoo, and I couldn’t have been more happy! Great environment and great people. The boss of the shop is a very cool guy, and I got my tattoo done by Andy, who did amazing! The staff really takes pride in their work and wants to make sure you love what you’re about to get! 5-star recommendation for sure.

Margie Polk

Well I have not gotten any tattoos, but I have taken my daughter there for piercings. Joel and his staff are the best. They also get involved in the community. Because of them I was able to make a memorial donation of blood at their blood drive in memory of my best friend who had committed suicide that morning.

Rick Quist

Andy my artist was very nice and made sure I was ok during and after the application and if I had any questions. Looks good so far. Very clean shop.

TOP Sarang

I went in and saw Chloe. She was amazing and made we feel welcomed. When I went in I didn't really know what I wanted. I had an idea but she helped me figure out the whole thing. It came out beautifully. Will defiantly be going back to her for my next tattoo!!!

Zazzy Bazinga

Great tattoos! I have sent family and friends, the only place we will go.

Lauren Funk

Highly recommended!!!!!! I love this place! Love the vibe and everyone who works there! Their work is amazing! ❤️❤️

Shari Foster

Joe is great and does great tatts. Prices getting high tho...

Melody Dunn

Great place! Nice people to work with.

Bianca Karas

Always awesome time being there great service! All the puercings i currently have have been done there and i woildnt go anywhere else!

Joseph Gritzuk

Great people to deal with

Angela Romero

There amazing when you walk they great you with big smiles and they also are very nice I recommend this place

Ellysa Hauter

They're wonderful. :) Great work&always make sure that you love your new tattoo, or piercing.&I would definitely recommend them to anyone. :)

William Mierisch

The best.

William Johnston

They really pissed me off.I literally just called to see if they had any open chairs.The girl told me she wasn't going to walk around to every artist to find out,like i was inconviencing her.Really should read up on customer service.She gave the phone to a guy and he said to come in and they would see if it could be done tonight.I walked in the door and the girl I dealt with over the phone immediately informed me no chairs were open but I could schedule an appointment.Why not tell me that over the phone?!.Absolute waste of time.I ended up going to black lace in greyslake and I'm super happy with their work.

Ahmed Abu Seif

I was pleased with the service, the tattoo artist, everything was clean. wouldn't trust any place else!

Chuck TNS

My first time there, not knowing the tattoo artist, I was given a well done tattoo. The tattoo I had done was my bunny's paw prints on my chest. He was my child. Smart and loving. I was skeptical about the tattoo at first because bunny paw prints are hard to do but not for Good Family Tattoo.

Marie K

I have always had great experiences here! The artists are friendly and really want to help you get a badass tattoo

Amy Brisal

Got my first tattoo done here but my artist messed up on my lettering and charged me 100 dollars for something that is small as hell

Katherine Sanchez

Got my first piercing the staff was very nice and friendly

Russ Peters

My favorite place for ink!

Heather Funk

Very friendly they took the time to explain what you wanted and what to expect. Got my daughter's tongue pierced here and they were so sweet with her

Cailie Derifield

Amazing shop, amazing talent, you won't be disappointed with this staff or this gorgeous clean shop. Highly recommend them!!


Aweome place to walk in and get a tattoo. No appointment needed on Sundays!

Lukus Barry

prices are all over the map don’t know what your really gonna get till it’s over I don’t know normal prices but I paid $450 plus tip for a tattoo that took 2hours artist did a great job but wish pricing was more clear

Mackenzie Biggs

Everyone there is so nice and kind. They definitely made piercing my nose simple and as painless as possible. :)

Catherine Daniel

Best place for anything you want done! Great atmosphere, great people!

Brooke Drew

My daughter got her nose pierced, very clean and very friendly. We will definitely go back!

Charles Ash

One of the best tattoo parlors I've ever been in very lively a great people working there

Victoria Mead

Andy did a phenomenal job on my lipstick tattoo! He made it way better than I could ever imagine! The shop closed at 8 p.m. that day and he stayed late to make sure my friend and I got the artwork we wanted! Also, the staff is so welcoming and personable! Super clean. Calming atmosphere. I highly recommend Good Family Tattoo to any and everyone!!!

Gary Leker

The best tattoo shop in lake county. Got tattood by Katie and a portrait by frank. Awesome work , wouldn't go anywhere else. Great job Good Family Tattoo!!!!!

Erin Kennedy

Not only do they do a nice job with piercings, but if you are having issues with changing your jewelry, they are willing to give you thorough directions on how to change it, and switch it out for you on the house if you need it. Cant speak for their tattoos but I wouldn't go anywhere else for a piercing!


Had some work done by angry and I loved it sentimental tattoos for me and he was so detailed and sweet❤️❤️❤️❤️!!! , can’t wait to see him again thank you so much dude !!!!

Tera Redman

Best place to get your body mods done! Great atmosphere and welcoming staff!

Abigail Ellsworth

Jordan has done almost all of my piercings! She’s great and very sweet and was good at helping me stay calm during the process. Everyone in there is so welcoming too!

Lindsey Brown

Excellent customer service and overall atmosphere. The work performed by my particular artist was the best experience I have ever had from a tattoo shop. Personally I had two eight-hour sessions and they were very accommodating. Towards the end they even provided pizza! After this visit I would never consider going ANYWHERE else for a tattoo. If you live out of the area it is definitely worth the drive to pay a visit. The customer service and personalities of the employees is what makes this tattoo shop the best around, it shows in the quality of work performed!

Katelynn Selman

marcus is so unbelievably nice he made my septum piercing (my first ever piercing besides my ears) quick and easy so i wasn’t in pain for too long he’s an awesome guy and highly recommend him results are beautiful

Gerardo Castro

This place is simply the best. Staff is really cool and laid back. I've gotten two tattoos from them already and I'm waiting for my third one. I like how they take time to find the reasons for the tattoo, so they can work with it. Tattooers are incredibly talented, and their ideas are really creative. The service is very professional and the shop is really clean too. I felt really comfortable while getting my tattoos. I always tell my friends and family to go check out this place. It is really worth it!

Mandi Rich

I got a lip piercing and the piercer did a poor job. Did not line up the piercing so my piercing is lopsided. She put in a hoop that doesnt take swelling into account. She failed to tell me anything about gauge size or what to do/not to do to avoid any complications. She did however tell me to clean with saline wipe and that I can change out my hoop after a month, but that's it. Before piercing my lip, she didn't thoroughly check to make sure there were no veins or possible obstructions, she just jumped right into piercing me. I'm lucky to not be bleed profusely to be quite frank. I recommend going to Liberty Tattoo for any piercings, the piercer is awesome and does great work there. I regret not going to him in the first place but I was trying to save money and instead ended up losing 40 bucks. I will never go to this place again.

A Baker

Awsesome place! Friendly staff and fair prices. Highly suggest artist named Angry. "The shop Asian"

Dean Brady

First experience with Tattoos (Son got one) and they were great.

April Makay

Beautiful artistry and they stand behind their work. Staff and owner amazing

Dave B

Joel and the crew at good family not only are great artists, they treat you like long lost friends. They take the time to listen to you what you want and make suggestions. The shop is clean, welcoming and even fun! Remember, all work is cash only but they do have an ATM. Thanks for the great Ink!

Kari Stephaniee Castrejon

By far one of the best tattoo/piercings shop I've been to the Manager/Head of piercing was super nice! Jordan did my piercings and she was great too. Such a friendly environment and great service! I didn't catch the guys name with the dreads but he was very nice and hilarious too! Definitely recommend this place and I will for sure be coming back here for anything I need!


I stopped in for a temporary piece of jewelry to replace one I had lost & they were super helpful!

Ryan George

Although I had a decent wait time, which is to be expected if your just a walk in, i had a great experience getting my first tattoo here with a couple friends. The staff was very friendly and tried to accommodate me to their best ability. i'm very happy with the way my tattoo came out. defiantly will be back again!

Ashley Jones

I highly recommend Good Family Tattoo. I've gotten all my tattoos and piercings from them. Great prices, clean environment, and the staff is very friendly. I also love that they help the community by hosting charity events. Overall, a fantastic place and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Stephanie Kallis

Amazing place and people. Love y'all!

Afifa Syeda

Me and my cousin walked in, great place, super friendly staff, professional staff, polite manner, great deal. Would highly recommend.

Paola Gutierrez

Got my piercings here & they're perfect! Chloe did such an excellent job and knows what she's doing!


Been satisfied every time I leave. They take me seriously and listen to what I want! I will continue to come here for my bigger pieces.

Inspire Change

Good family tattoo is the best place to get your piercings & tattoos! Jordan has done all my piercings and is very professional! The shop is always clean. Wouldn’t trust any other place to get my piercings & tattoos!! 10/10 recommend!!

Elizabeth Schmidt

Love the people, great atmosphere and clean! Robin Elizabeth Cass is amazing and perfect. My tattoo was exactly what I wanted and more, will be going back every time and I love in Kentucky! Worth the 6hr drive!

Meredith Johnson

From the moment the three of us pulled in to the lot for walk-ins and Joel hopped around the corner of the shop with a big smile on his face, we felt like we were in good hands. The process was streamlined and everyone was very friendly. Frank did two out of our three tattoos and Katie did the other. Both artists were great! Talkative, professional and went above and beyond to give us the tattoos we wanted. We will be back!

Jenna Boyington

I've had 5 piercings done here and I've NEVER had any problems with them. They're really great with positioning and where they pierce it. I come here for every piercing I get and I never regret it. Great place with super friendly people!

Tito Soto

Real family atmosphere really fair prices and some really scary good talent in there.

Jeremy Ayares

Great people, amazing atmosphere, I would go nowhere else!!!!

Therese Schneider

Went there twice to get a quote on my forearm and called a couple times to see if someone was avail.. Every time I went I was turned away and told to come at noon the next day. They said if I wanted to schedule it it would be a month out. Pretty upset as I recommended two people to go there. Seemed like the artists just didnt want to do it as when I came in the second time it was EMPTY...

Melissa Sykes

Rachel . at Good family . tyvm. I was a little nervous at first when i learned i would have an apprentice doing work on me. But you are a Good Family artist for a reason and they made a wise choice . After our first session there is no doubt as to why. Stay on that Golden road and you will gain our Unlimited devotion

Raymond Herron

I had something done like this on my left hand. It turned out nice but had som black and blue marks but tha black and blue marks will go away in time, I’m putting vitamin K cream that gets the marks to go away, once that happens I’ll go back for some color shading. Raymond Herron from McHenry, Illinois 60050

Miranda Nicole

I have only come here for piercings before, but I have heard great things about the tattoo artists' work. As for the piercers I have had the pleasure of getting pierced by, I have always been pleased! The are professional and know what they're doing!

Jackie McCaulley

Love my new tattoo. Did such a good job. Thanks frank:)

dave moore

Amazing people and great artist

valerie wold


Rayia Olson

They peirced my nose and were really nice and patient, I highly recommend them!

Adam Dunn

Always a great time...tattoos for me.. piercings for the mrs. Plenty of artists to choose from. Walkin consults are good. Appointments are best! Great atmosphere!

Anna Kaufmann

Very clean and professional shop. Extremely happy with my new tattoo, Tim is a great artist! Can't wait to go back for more!

dedra garreffa

Amazing clean shop with great artists! Highly recommend!

Kaitlynn Callen

Awsome best experience ive ever had wirg a piercing

Jesse Heath

Angery did such an AMAZING job. Took my abstract concept and gave me the best quality and most meaningful tattoo I have. I cannot recommend him enough!

Valerie Davis

I went in this past Saturday. The place is awesome. The gentlemen that did my tattoo did a wonderful job. Everyone there are nice. I highly recommend them. Very clean. Nice place and relaxing.

Eric Bandemer

Not just a name but a description. I won a gift-card to this shop from a raffle so I originally went in because it was going to be a free tattoo but after experiencing this shop I will definitely be back. They truly treat you like family. They are super accommodating. Joel did a great job with the tattoo. Overall I can't say enough good things about this place, everyone I spoke to was genuine and treated me like family.

Michelle Bracco

I have gone here for my tattoo work since ive moved back to illinois in 2014. So far ive had work done with 2 artists there on multiple occasions, and the work has been great with both of them. A long time ago, i got some piercing done below the belt and not only was it handled professionally, but the piercing healed and looked great with no issues. Id recommend this spot to anyone for both tattos and piercings.

Sarah Stephens

Beautiful tattoo parlor. The staff is so friendly and professional. I highly recommend.

Melissa Garrett

Tim rocks! I gave him my idea of what I wanted, and he knocked it out of the park!

Jason Edwards

Went and got a neck tatt by nate and it was awesome and a get experience love Joel and the whole family

Arielle W

Go here everytime I want a new piercing! Always professional, comfortable and informative. Always a quick process, easy to just walk in and be taken care of! Love this place.

Kimberly Z

Husband and I took our 13 year old daughter to Good Family to get her cartilage pierced for her birthday! The shop was really clean and bright and decorated so upbeat with great music. The staff was friendly as well! My daughter had a great piercing experience as her piercer was friendly and took the time to explain everything to us and our daughter! It was a great experience and we will certainly be back!

Bill lamb

This is the best Tattoo shop I have ever been to, clean, comfortable and peaceful. Joel does the most beautiful artwork! I will be back for my next tattoo.

Jaydee Miller

Marcus was awesome! He was very patient with the girls and their piercings :-)

Katy Bain

I wish I could give 0 stars. To preface, I have been a loyal customer for a long time with many piercings and tattoos. I went in for a tiny ankle tattoo of a palm tree in the style of another tattoo (also done at this shop). Artist refused to draw anything out after protesting for quite some time and attempting to explain several times before putting the gun to my skin. We reached what I thought was an understanding, he began tattooing, after I stopped him for going somewhere with it we didn't agree to the owner, Joel, came in, Joel said he knew what I was asking (I came in with a reference picture) and that he can fix this and that he can "erase" parts of this by using hydrogen peroxide. I now have thick black dreadlock looking palm fronds and lines that didn't "erase." Joel asked me to come back after it had healed up a bit, then proceeded to swear at me and throw me out of the shop after asking how I liked it and explained that I hate it and now have to live with this. Photos: reference/what I went in asking for, the day of all wrapped up, today (about a year later)

Jo Tai

This place has horrible service and rude employees. I've never been treated so bad at a tattoo place where they drove me to go somewhere else. And I'm happy they did because Liberty Tattoo is the best place by far. Very very clean and super sweet. I give 5 stars to Liberty Tattoo, Good Family doesn't even deserve one star.

Jodi Weaver

Will only go to Good Family for my tattoos. They are all such talented artists. With all of their own uniqueness. My artist is Elisa Rose Mountain. Absolutely phenomenal visionary artist she Is. Love her magical mandalas & dream catchers.

kathy Nelson Nordmeyer

Awesome staff and Andy did an awesome job on my sons first tattoo ... thank you for making it a great experience

Darren Wilson

They treat you like family. Very clean shop. All custom work. I wouldn't go any other place till you check them out. Love this place.

Gianna Grimes

This place is absolutely amazing !! The staff made us feel so welcomed. They were very friendly and professional. I recommend this place to everyone.

Laura G

My friend at NIU knew the brothers who own GOOD FAMILY TATTOO. I drove from Dekalb to Lake villa while Joel and Nate took care of me. SOOOOO worth the drive!! I had drawn out my tat of a kokopelli drummer girl and nate did such a pleasant job on me for my first tattoo. I will be bringing my little brother soon to get his second tattt. Smilesssss


Wonderful staff, amazing artists, everyone is positive, friendly, and everyone encourages one another. The place is clean, lively, vibrant, and everyone makes sure you're well taken care of!

Jeanine Perla

This shop is amazing! They are true professionals and the place has a fun and clean vibe. We took our son to get a tattoo with Joel and he LOVES it. Many thanks

Phil Hoffman

They have a welcoming staff. All of the artists are friendly and experienced. The shop is emmaculately clean, which is a big positive. Prices are fair for the quality work that they do. I would recommend Good Family to anyone looking for quality artists producing quality work on a daily basis.

Sam Gersch

So I went in today to get my first piercing I’ve had in a long time... since I was about six years old. I wanted to get something new and different for my 18th birthday and had thought that a belly piercing would be the perfect thing. Well, unfortunately, I did not end up with a new piercing because the piercing I had received by Good Family Tattoo was too big for the actual jewelry to fit in seeing how every time that the guy tried to screw the end ball in, he kept on pinching my skin. This made the entire process extremely uncomfortable. So he ended up taking out the piercing entirely, and told me I had to wait a week before getting it repierced... well I did not think that was enough time to wait so I had called a second pierced for a second opinion and she told me that there was no way just a week would be enough to heal the piercing and that a month would be enough. They offered to give me my second repiercing for free but I am afraid to go back to the same place out of fear of the having same outcome because they do not measure the spot that they are piercing and they kind of just do it by eye. I hope no one else has the experience that i have had.

Janet Gyger

Love the work I had done on my tattoo that was started by another place that actually scarred me. Felt relaxed and secure with Joel who did a great job with the color its like he knew exactly what I wanted without me having to be a control freak and tell him every detail. ....Love it! Cant wait to have him fix my other tattoo that the other shop messed up. I love this place. The atmosphere is welcoming, the music is awesome. Great customer Service. Everyone there goes out of their way to make you feel welcome.

beware gravity

Great Prices, even Greater Staff. Never once has my girlfriend left disappointed. Good Family is well known in the area for the high quality work they do. The atmosphere is fun, and super inviting. The whole staff is extremely professional, and they give off that good friend vibe. Everybody does great work, and would recommend it to anybody. Solid 5/5

Dawn Bovill

Most Amazing Experience for my first tattoo

Katy Hisrich

I got my first tattoo here after a recommendation from a friend. I was luck to get this amazing artist who was a perfectionist with my design; he was super nice. I was a walk-in so I had to wait two 2 hours before getting taken. I recommend d making an appointment. Everyone was nice. Facility was clean.

T Haas

Staff is amazing, work is impeccable. If you want perfection this is the place to go. Thanks Eric, always an honor.

Don Keymon

Great staff, clean place, and all around wonderful.

Brittany Soto

Joel is hilarious and they’re very friendly when it comes to tattoos and piercings. Check them out

Nathan Perry

The artists are great. Great work, great style variety, etc. Customer service on the other hand is beyond poor. Don’t expect an organized process if you want continuity with an artist on a certain Piece. Expect to be told to come in at noon instead of making an appointment, then told they can’t get you in. Time after time.

Carolina Tovar

Everyone is amazing and very friendly. Love the service

Lyndsy Sylvia

Wonderful experience! Very clean and professional, great atmosphere, amazing staff. Owner is a really nice chill guy. Got a really nice walk in tattoo by Eric. Highly recommend it! Will come back again next time I'm in town!

Cindy Eberhard

Very good staff. Low pricing. Excellent work.

Amy Adamski

2nd Tragus piercing by these guys. Always do a great job super personable and acomidating

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