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REVIEWS OF Code of Conduct Tattoo IN Illinois

Janice Evans II

Jake was my artist and he was awesome from the moment I walked in! I asked for three different line tattoos and he delivered exactly what I wanted and quickly! The shop is clean and comfortable. The people are friendly. Can’t wait to come back!

Itzel Nayeli

Amazing work!!! Highly recommended. Very nice place as well.

Patricia Yanez

We have a tradition, Madi and I. We get matching tattoos on our mother/daughter trips each year. Yes, we will eventually run out of skin, but we are creating memories with ink and have met some of the most interesting and talented artists along the way. Our trip this year took us to Chicago and we received matching espresso cups from BJ on July 24, 2015. BJ is very nice and a talented artist. The shop was very clean and all the guys were nice and answered all of our questions regarding the shop and the city, even giving us detailed directions and a menu to their favorite smoothie shop! I would definitely visit Code of Conduct again, if/when I happen to land in Chi-town again! Thank you BJ, you've got skills man!

César Rosas

Great experience. I got there my first tattoo. BJ Storms was always listening to what i wanted, perfect technique!

Will Sampson

My 3 siblings and I got tattoos here, Jake Ames was a great artist and the shop itself is clean and has solid decor. Their work speaks for itself. Side note: If you don't like the $100 minimum then go to a bad shop and regret your tattoo.

Kelsey Ramirez

BA in the House

Isabella Youmans

I just got my first tattoo there a few days ago. It was fantastic, my artist Klaus was amazing. I’ve noticed the reviews on the staff aren’t great but I thought they were perfectly fine. They answered all my questions and they were perfectly fine in helping me get an artist who could do it. They allowed my friend to come sit with me and as far as their space to actually give you the tattoo goes, it is very nice. Chairs are perfectly comfortable, the work spaces are clean, and the artists have their drawings hung up all over their wall workspace. My tattoo looks fantastic and the line work is really amazing. When I get my next one I will go back there to get it. Thanks Klaus!

Stacy Johnson

Great place, great artists. Super happy about my ink, get compliments on it all the time. Highly recommend and will definitely visit again.

Kayleigh Stevens

Sarah Howard

Jake is the only person I will ever let tattoo me as long as I can possibly keep it up. He's done 6 pieces for me and each one is more beautiful than the last. He's versatile as heck and has done traditional pieces as well as amazing minimalist and some pretty epic detailed stuff for me and anything I throw at him he's more than willing to do. Yeah sometimes it's hard to track them down at the shop, it's best to drop in so you can talk design but with their walk in policy you're going to have to be flexible, your artist may be unexpectedly busy when you swing by and you'll have to sometimes come by a few times to nail them down. But he's always been incredibly prompt and ready to go for actual appointments themselves. And to be honest the work is so good that it's definitely worth any leg work on my part. Love love love this shop, and all the guys are super cool and friendly even though I've never personally worked with any of them. Keep up the wonderful work yall!

richard starks

Brock Fry

You should expect two things when you walk into a good tattoo shop: it should smell like a doctor's office and it's gonna cost you. The artists at Code of Conduct did not disappoint in any aspect of my visit, they were fun and courteous and the shop as a whole is just an all around good time.

Chris Feggestad

Blaine D.

GREAT SHOP! I always get a small “burner” tattoo whenever I travel to a new state or country....... which means doing a lot of drop-in style appointments. I stopped by while my family was at the local aquarium, and Bryan was rad! Super clean shop, cheap “house minimum” at $100, and he got me in and out before my family was done. Bryan did a great job on my super original “Chicago stars” travel tattoo - I couldn’t recommend them enough. And they are into OG Marvel...... so you know they’re rad!

janet t

Some communication between the customer and artist would be nice. Went in asking for a heart outline tatto on my finger.. no bigger than a dime and I wasn’t told a price. Might be partly my fault for not asking but if someone is asking for something tiny I feel like they should definitely be told about the “minimum charge” of $100. Once I asked how much I owed I was taken back when I heard 100$ for a 20$ worth tattoo. I’d be nice if someone would’ve told me about the minimum charge, or if I wanted something more detailed because of the minimum charge, I feel like instead of being informed correctly the dude was trying to make a quick buck

Andre Campbell

Çağrı Aygün

Johanna Topp

Benjamin Herrman

Adding more to my initial review: just got done getting my third tattoo from Ralph. As the last two, amazing experience and I️ could not be happier. I️ trust Ralph with everything when it comes to taking an idea I️ have and making it something I will love having and showing off. Ralph quickly became my go to artist for new tattoos and I’ve already got my next three planned out for him to do. Absolutely incredible experience here. Got work done by Ralph and it's some of the best work I've ever seen and had done. Super cool place to not only be in but get work done in. Everybody I noticed handles each customer that came in with the best customer service I'd seen and took their time with everyone to make sure the pieces were exactly what everyone wanted. I can't wait to get more work done here.

JDM Concrete and Demo

Very clean. Very cool. Sick tats. Klaus is the man!

James Baldwin

This place rocks. The studio is clean and everyone is friendly. Jake did my tattoo. He did an awesome job. I am definitely returning when I get my next tattoo.

Nichole Monroy

Randy Hartmann

Got a lovely, detailed tattoo done here

Mike Horwath

Don't remember this

brian buehler

Came in a few hours to close and they squeezed my wife and I in. Very talented artists and very friendly. Would go back in a heartbeat!

Jessica Herrera

Good place to get clean work. I was looking for someone to do dot work, and keep the lines as neat and clean with a reasonable price. Jake did mine. I'm coming back for a flower piece below the knee

Rachel Elzey

Jamie F


Kate Gibson

Lily Serna

I gave it a four star because I didn't like the staff Execpt for the guy that worked on me,James. He was very friendly knew what I wanted and after all the pain it came out beautifully. For it being my first tattoo I was very happy. Would I go back ? Yes I would

Cody Petty

Code of Conduct Tattoo have some amazing artist and their studio has an awesome vibe to it. Everyone there was very friendly and they all seemed very passionate about their work. I will definitely be coming here again next time I'm in town.

Danielle Thomas

My artist was Cristina. Her attention to detail was the best I have received from any tattoo artist. I will definitely be coming back.

Jennifer Crespo

Awesome. Could not have dreamed up a better tattoo shop. Ralph is the best. Professional, funny, charming. Just fantastic.

Gabriel Echeverria

Varun Srikant

Krysta Johnson

Bryan did a fantastic job on my tattoo. I came in with a general idea of what I wanted, and he made it look cooler and greater than even what I was picturing.

Aliey Sincock

Brenna Schafer

I decided last night to get new ink. I was referred to Ralph, and when I messaged him this morning, he was thrilled to be able to squeeze me in and tattoo me today! I’m thrilled with the quality, I was treated with the utmost respect, and it was by far the best tattoo experience I’ve ever had in Chicago! Being a small female and walking into a tattoo shop is usually the most uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. Here, they treated me like any other adult wanting a new tattoo. I was nervous, but Ralph was nothing but kind and understanding. Best day ever!

Dusty Lawless

Always have a good experience here. Professional staff, clean studio, great artists.

Virginia Wolvie Hunt

BJ (my main tattoo artist, I've had work done by him in other shops he's been at around Chicago) did a Psylocke tattoo on my left arm (elbow/bicep area) - AMAZING!!!!!!!! A lot of my friends love the work he's done to me thus far. I plan on getting more work done by him in the near future!

DJ Brennhofer

Came in with my wife and got simple work done. Very fast and friendly. Work came out better than we had originally planned.

Jordy Williams

I’ve had multiple tattoos done here and have always enjoyed good work and a cool atmosphere. The folks who work here are all obviously talented. The decor is fun—great comic book art, including originals from artists.

Benedict Schäfer

(Translated by Google) Great troupe. Spontaneously got three tattoos on Walk In. All tattoo artists work with their own needles and in their own place. That makes the feeling of being in good hands. The tattoos have all become great. As a tip: here is not stung pattern, all freehand and individually! (Original) Tolle Truppe. Haben spontan im Walk In drei Tattoos bekommen. Alle Tattooartists arbeiten mit eigenen Nadeln und am eigenen Platz. Das macht das Gefühl gut aufgehoben zu sein. Die Tattoos sind allesamt super geworden. Als Tipp: hier wird nicht nach Muster gestochen, alles freihand und individuell!

Lillan Fenn

Christian Gamboa


Just got a tattoo yesterday. The people were very nice and the place appeared to be very clean. I came in with a good idea of what I wanted and provided images. The stencil was shown to me before placement and I really liked it. However, during the tattooing more ink was added to areas that weren’t colored in or drawn in from the original stencil placed on me. This was done without my permission and had he told me that he was going to add more I would’ve said no. I approved the original stencil placed, not more as it is now has an all around darker feel to it. :(

Kylee Carrasco

Tyree Gated

Jonathan B

Very clean and friendly artists. I was satisfied with my tattoo.

Chris Camacho

Arnab Majumdar

I love my tattoo I got here. don't forget to tip the artists.

Stephen Coty

Stefan Anton

HIQ عيون الليل

Clean place and kind professional artists.

Christian Price

Just moved to Chicago and had to find a new shop. Decided to give Code of Conduct a try and I was not disappointed. The entire staff is friendly with customers and collegial with one another. There is a welcoming environment and good conversations to be had. The shop itself is as clean as anyone could want. I had work done on both sides of my neck by Jake, and he produced crisp lines and overall sharp looking pieces for me. Needless to say, I will be back for more, and I recommend anyone looking to have work done to check out and seriously consider Code of Conduct Tattoo.

Michélle M

Michelle Burris

Emily Belden

Rolled in on a Saturday night for an impromptu tattoo, got it taken care of in less than 20 minutes. Shop is fun, clean, and professional. Bonus: hawks game was playing.

Manuel Treviño

Dr. Tara McCoy

Great place. I've been twice and couldn't be happier. Pleasant, clean and safe environment.

Drew Breau

Great atmosphere, very clean, the artist had a very professional attitude and he did really well. I enjoy my new tattoo very much.

Betsey Palmer

Juan Gonzalez

Barbra Streisand

I recently saw Katie for two tattoos and a rook piercing over a period of about a month. Great experiences every time I went in. Kate is super friendly, talented, and professional. Highly recommended!

Megan Trusnik

Emerie Forehand

Frank Mansfield

Judith Gaskell

Kivia Martins Brito

The drawling was really bad, I asked a World Map but I even can't identify the countries. If you want something really like the drawling this isn't the place.

Diana Astapenkova

Nathan Lile

Incredible artists, clean, professional and an amazing experience. I worked with Bryan Ortega to get my first tattoo and the experience exceeded my expectations in every way, I will definitely be back and cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Robert Thomas

This is a great shop and the people are very nice. However Jake over charges people. I got charged 250 for just letters on my arm. I wouldn't recommend him.

Zach Levy

Got my second tattoo here. The Indigo Lantern symbol from the Green Lantern series. They are amazing! I got Jake and he worked with me on getting the sizing and shape (somehow not just walking away from all of my knit picking). And the coloring he did on it was outstanding and way exceeded what I had even imagined getting it to be. I cannot more highly recommend this place!

Ed Baker

Aaron Stockton

It was swagalicious

Nina Padavil

Barbara Mele

I called and made an appointment for my husband and I to meet with Allie about getting tattoos. When we got there- on time- he was inking someone and was pretty rude about brushing us off. He recommended a coworker, but didn't mention the fact that we'd gone to the shop only to be turned away. Whomever answered the phone and scheduled us to meet with Allie should've gotten more information before setting up the appointment, so that we'd be matched with the right artist; Allie's explanation was that another artist was amazing at creatures, so we'd be better off with the other guy. I understand tattoo artists may have a certain lifestyle, but that doesn't allow them to be inconsiderate. I was turned off enough that contacting the other artist isn't even worth it.

Kristine Roe

Road tripped to Chicago for a concert and set up appointments for matching tattoos with a friend. It seemed to go pretty smooth, and this place was very clean and tidy. Nothing dirty about it. Very cozy, and staff and artists were very friendly.

Jonesy D.

S*** service for someone to have such excellent reviews. No one greeted us when we came in, busy or not, it takes just a second to say hey we will be with you momentarily. Called do discuss this with them and the gentlemen that answered the phone stated and I quote "I mean as a customer it's your job to walk in and say hello." I didn't know it was customary for someone who was looking to spend money at your s**ty establishment to greet you.

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