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REVIEWS OF Chi Town Tattoo & Body Piercing IN Illinois

Frankenstein's Cousin

I just got a tattoo from here and it was very overpriced for a simple small tattoo. Would not recommend this place if your pocketbook isn't full.

Taneshia Boulware

Great place

Andrea Aguila

If I could give no stars I would. I'm pretty bummed because I got my first tattoo here and it was supposed to be special because it was a tribute to my grandmother who had passed away. Well to begin with the staff is rude and unprofessional. No one greets you and it's a while before someone even takes care of you. Everyone's attitude is just bad and it's like this place is just a place for them to hang rather than work. Anywho I had got my tattoo with Agata in November and after it had healed it looked a little weird and people couldn't recognize what my tattoo was so I decided to go for a touch up. Let me tell you...I wish I hadnt. Agata touched it up but instead of fixing her original mistakes she made it worse. My tattoo looks so bad, I regret coming here and I wish I would have gone elsewhere and actually got my money's worth. Overpriced for mediocre tattoos.

Doris Angela

I came here for a name on my ribs few years back, decided to come back and was not disappointed. Natalia did an amazing job !! I decided to come back and have her do a larger color piece and im not even sure which one I love more.

Vander Sanchez

Shouldn't have costed $100 for a barely decent wrist tattoo.

Tom Goryca

My first and last tatoo at this place....Never Ever coming back.....

Lupe Garibay

I’ve gotten tattoos from both Agata and Uriel and they have done such a wonderful job! They are very talented artist who make sure they deliver exactly what I want every single time. Highly recommend both!

Zach Rowe

The best artists in the city

Karol Kurzac

Had fun n was fast

Vanessa Vargas

I literally went right now to get a simple nose pricing and they treated me very poorly! All three of the closing employees were super rude and seem like they didn't want to get the job done. You know I came to this place to get my very first tattoo! I was honestly very please and even recommend my Friends to get there tattoos there too! They were all pleased! I was thinking of getting my second tat but forget that! Telling all my friends and people I know to never go there! Horrible staff. They were all trying to leave half an hour early when the shop closes at 2am? This makes no sense. Then they even made me and friend feel uncomfortable because all they were doing it was talking how we ruined everything and how they have already cleaned everything. Absolutely disappointed!

Evie San-Espada

So gentle

Soc Montiel

"no artists available to do what you ask for at the moment"

Wendy Jackson

I got my nose repierced by Wes he was super sweet and very helpful in helping me decide where i wanted to place my piercing. It also hurt alot less this time.

Isabella Palmeri

Thank you Jesus for the great work!

Nancy G

I stopped by with two of my friend's it was pretty late we all ended up getting tattoos by the time it was my turn they were already closing I thought i was going to have to go back the next day but Kenny actually staid extra late just for me to get my tattoo done. He took his time he did a great job. Kenny was very professional. And the staff very friendly. Deffenetly going back in the future.

Letitia Williams

I got my nose pierced tonight and everyone was really nice and helpful. Answered any question that I had, and provided me with tons of information. The place is really clean and I was in and out in 20 minutes. I definitely recommend this place for piercings.

Javier Reynaga

Good service

Krishna Malladi

Walked in on a Saturday night. Got taken care of almost immediately. My tattoo artist was Natalia and she did a great job. Provided clear instructions and was very responsive when I had questions regarding aftercare. Highly recommend.

Victor Hembree

Awesome people and all around great place. My two daughters got their first tattoos here not too long ago. Very small tats but they came out great. Recently I had a tribal tiger put on my right arm. Agata did the work and it came out unbelievable. Had lots of detail and took almost 3 hours. She did an amazing job and was extremely helpful and nice. Highly recommend this place.

veronica montanez

Love my tattoo, first tattoo. Super patience, very clean and vibrate people. I was so nervous at first I ask for the pricing for my tattoo then decide well why wait. And got it done around 1030 ish today... Agata was so nice and friendly, she had conversation with me to help easy my mind. We went to literally 5 different topic! She cares for for her client and her workers. She was very patient with me. The staff was great and nice. I will definitely will be coming back for another tattoo. Thank you so much !

Luis Garcia

Couldn't have asked for better service. Manny thanks for the piercing

Uncommon Scentz

Got my industrial some here. Very catering staff. Open late and a clean shop.

Zak Kimbler-Marrero

I met the owner when I was selling him a car a few months back. I told him I was looking to get a few tattoos and he recommended me to one of his guys Uriel.... If your looking for black ink tattoos with amazing shading make sure to ask for him! Second visit so far and definitely not the last! Thanks guys!

Ngai Man

Agata- good place- good service- clean and everything also they very friendly

Mike V

Not a fan. While happy with the actual tattoo, I was looking for a reputable shop to get a lot of work done. After first one healed, called to make an appt to touch up shading, was told my artist no longer works there and that I'd have to pay extra for that. That's pretty crappy imo, after all I paid the shop, not the artist personally. It's pretty common practice to get it touched up afterwards. They then suggested I look him up on Facebook and contact directly. Needless to say I won't be coming back.

Ewa Lenowa

I had my tattoo done at this shop. Great experience. They did a great job. I would recommend this shop.

Joanna Klusek

I went to Chi Town Tattoo to get my belly button pierced. I was afraid of doing it, but the workers made me feel more comfortable and the atmosphere in there is very nice. The staff is friendly and the workers are very knowledgeable in what they're doing. They explained thoroughly how to take care of the piercing so it doesn't get infected. I didn't have any problems with it whatsoever, no infection or anything, and it's been over 7 months since I got it done. The place is very nice and clean, and again, the atmosphere is really nice. They make you feel comfortable and they wait until you're ready to do the piercing. I highly recommend you to visit this place if you're thinking about getting a body piercing! :)


An employee was clearly drunk while doing my piercing the smell of liquor was overbearing at least sober up before work

Susan Hilary Rosenberg

Michael did a perfect and immaculate second earlobe piercing, patiently photographing and then redrawing the target mark 3 or 4 times before I was satisfied with the proposed location. The healing has been perfect too. I highly recommend going to a professional such as this instead of a mall even for a "simple" earlobe piercing.

alannasaurus X

Piercer and resulting nose piercing were both excellent, but he didn't really tell me to much about the aftercare

Gabriel Castillo

Not a very good professional shop I was waiting for 40 min to get a price I was ready to spend the money but the artist was not on time and the place was dirty

Connie Belesiotis

Good tattoo artist , no appointments necessary

Christina Scales

My husband and I came in to get matching tatoos. We had beyond the best experience anyone could ask for! Our tatoo artist was Tyler and he was absolutely amazing! He was extremely professional, but was also very friendly and made us feel very comfortable! I would recommend this shop and Tyler as an artist to anyone looking to have work done!

Carolyn Villegas

Is the first time I got a tattoo and I'm so glad I did it here the staff is super nice and Brian did a great job I'm super happy with the result!

Joe Flora

Returning customer...had work done by wil..istagram asitwilb and all good. Came back with 3 people for tats and tried to overcharge me for a 9 letter tat..yes 9 letters..wanted 120 bucks. Had more art work done on 3 people for 280 and then treated me like a first timer. DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS PLACE IF U HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOURSELF

Philip Ruge

Brian did a great job with mine and my friends tats tonight! for sure will be coming back to finish up my arm!

Malique Carter

I love this place

Adam Scalise

Cool people here, definitely recommended.

Catherine Johnson

This place messed up my small, simple tattoo. It was uneven and patchy. And made my simple lobe piercings crooked! I’ve talked to multiple others who have had negative experiences here. I would go somewhere else!

Patricia L

I don't know where to start!! I have never had such a good experience at a tattoo shop before! This place is really good, the best actually! The staff is friendly and very helpful. They serve customers on a first come first serve type thing and they are very fair (: I had trouble figuring out what kind of piercing I wanted and they were veryyyyy helpful with helping me decide! The staff is just so nice I couldn't believe it. When I would go to other shops the workers were well scum bags and pervs. I love chi town tattoo, I felt very comfortable there and will be returning!!!!!

Ashley Ocana

Came here to get tattoos with my best friends. To begin with we weren’t even greeted which okay maybe that isn’t a big deal if it’s busy. Three people were just sitting at the front just talking. We all stood there at the front waiting to be attended and no one ever asked if we needed any help. Even when two workers passed us they just ignored us. We waited 30 minutes and left. This isn’t the first incident either the last time we were here it was the same situation and then everyone there except the women piercer had the worst attitude we figured today we’d give them another chance because she was so nice but we were yet again disappointed with their customer service.

Adam Grier

Natalia is hand's down the Best tattoo artist I have ever gotten work done by. Thank you so much ! Chi Town keep hire Artist like this and you'll be running thing on the international map!!!

Karen Rivers

Upset the piercer effed up my piercing bc I had to take it out. Yippie I get it relieved for free but its bs, I should still get my money back even w the repiercing. Piercer had an attitude too. This was my go to place for piercings, need to look for another one now.

Nicolas Ori

Excellent, clean tattoo parlor. Quality artists, quality service. Ask for Agata. Have gotten numerous tats here and will definitely come back!

Ryan Casimiro

Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Got both my nipples pierced no problem. Would definitely recommend.

QueenMonroeAmeir Smitty

It was very fast and easy stamped it with the marker to make sure I wanted in that spot!!... I will give you guys up day after the swelling!! Just got in pierce today August 3, 2019

El Chicano

Very clean and professional. Emmanuel did an awesome job I will definitely go back to him. The younger guy who did my wife's piercing also did a great job. She was a little nervous but he was great talking her through the process.

Erika Delgadillo

Great experience! Thank you for my first Tattoo! Love it!

berenice velasquez

Amazing experience! Got my first tattoo done here and everything went great! Jesus is a perfectionist great tattoo artist def coming back here!

Ari McCoy

I recently got my septum and philtrum pierced here. I've been to a few tattoo shops, and this one was by far the best. Very professional, very clean, the staff is great and definitely know what they're doing, just an overall fantastic shop.

Clint Boston

Great place to get a tattoo

Jorge Castillo

URIEL..artist... he can throw down with that ink gun

Debbie Miranda

I went to get a tribute to my husband who had recently passed away. I was super impressed by the compassion given to me and the perfect tattoo to keep my husband's heart

EU United We Stand


Katt O

Horrible customer service. Wanted to get a tattoo done, got there around midnight the guy literally took an hour sketching a simple design. Waited an hour Just to be told to come back to tomorrow... wasted my time... won’t be coming back again...

Jalen Banks-Wall

Small scripture tattoo over priced at $300 Stained in Pain not too far from there for $90 never going here again.

David Redmond

Great tattoos

Sebastian Perez

Clean place, many skilled artists, good prices. I dig it haha

Max Grossman

I apprenticed here a while back, at that time, this place wasn't too friendly and a lot of things were different. I came back here more recently as a customer, it was a much better experience. It was quick, not too painful and I had a fun time. It is definitely a bit pricey over here, but they do good work.

Frances Lebron

Very helpful, they waited for me to get there before they closed because I Swallowed my piercing n needed a new one. Special thanks


I always have loved every piece of work myself and my friends have recieved from the artists here. I have never gone anywhere else. They are great with piercings too!

Jonathan Volpert

Really chill staff and great work. Looking forward to getting a bigger more complex piece next time. The music was on point

Ruben Naal

My new tattoo place great great great customer service, they took there time to make sure it's what you want

Jordan Kabins

Went In last second while visiting from California for my grandfathers funeral. I wanted a memorial tattoo for him and I needed it done asap. They worked with me and gave me a amazing tattoo! I will go back for more ink when I am in town.

Gianna Russell

Very clean and friendly staff.

Ione S.

I got my rook and industrial pierced here. Wes did my rook and Michael did my industrial. They did a great job and were very friendly, and so was the lady at the front desk. If you're under 18 make sure you bring a birth certificate though, or they won't pierce you. I highly recommend this place if you're looking to get pierced

Casandra Calhoun

Cool, sociable environment! Great experience!

Jean Schneider

Amazing work. I would come back

9730 Western

Natalia was my tattoo artist. She was great. Thinking about another one and she will be the one to do it. ME

Diana Juarez

Love my artist Natalia!!!!

Myszka Mała

Great vibe, excellent artist! Got my fourth tattoo there and will be back! Thanks ChiTown!

Guillermo Arturo Sandoval Castro

(Translated by Google) Thanks Agata for your excellent work (Original) Gracias Ágata por su excelente trabajo

Tara Coleman

Very clean and professional


Got my first cartilage piercing done there today! My piercer was Kassandra, she was extremely patient and very welcoming, especially considering how nervous I was! She was very good with answering the barrage of questions I had, and she seemed very knowledgeable about her practice

David Bahde

Clean, friendly place. No wait on the couple of times I've been there

Chris Cat

Just had my first tattoo done today they are awesome. The place is clean the artist are helpful, they explain everything to you and make you feel at ease! I'm going back for my second tattoo.

kyle arcilla

Worst customer service I’ve experienced

Eugene Gonzalez

Love the work and the artist here thats why i keep coming back

Sayrah Smith

This shop had to steal not one but two flash sheets from another tattoo shop for their Friday the 13th sale and tried to pass it off as their own original work. They even jacked the price up!! I wouldn't want to get a tattoo from an art thief... let alone from people who cannot come up with a flash sheet of their own. Either they have no creative talent or they are just simply lazy.

Scott Kuperman

Best Tattoo folks in Chicago.

Aman Gudluri

The super nice woman (I couldn't get her name, sorry) at the front desk helped us pick a font. Great tattoo, amazing experience overall.

Agnes Fundakowska

Great tattoo shop and excellent art work by Agata! Highly recommended!!!

Joshua Bennett

Very professional staff, fast service and experts compared to places like Claire's

Kayla Carter

The customer service was mediocre, the selection of nose studs was virtually nonexistent, and the stud came out about 15 hours later without it getting caught on anything. Update: When I went in to get a replacement stud the staff was rude, unapologetic, and they made me pay to get a different stud than the one that fell out. I am NEVER coming here again I strongly recommend that no one else does either. Terrible service. Terrible all around.

Allison Middleton

I've seen some negative reviews about their customer service and in my experience nothing could be further from the truth. I was a walk in for a tattoo and everyone was super nice and they got me in pretty quickly. I even think they were short staffed that day but they all handled it graciously. Uriel did my tattoo and he did an amazing job. He was very gentle and really nice, and the tattoo looks great! I would definitely go back and I'll recommend Uriel to everyone!

naida perez

All of the staff are kind. I've gotten 2 of my tattoos here and 5 or more piercings. They are clean, fast, and will continue to have me as a customer.

Kelli Vandegrift

Awesome. Clean. Accommodating. Great experience.


Our family has been coming here for years and they're still the best if anything better.❤ Agata was extremely sweet, and even though she was extremely busy, she STILL managed to help me out with the tattoo I wanted, made sure I was okay and was very attentive.☺ I was extremely shy about getting tattood in the open since It was on my back and she did everything possible to make me comfortable. What I love is that she actually talked to me through out the tattoo and we had a pleasant conversation!. She's an amazing artist and an amazing person! It's such a wonderful atmosphere there. I recommend this place all the time. Their service is great and everyone is so nice.

Carlos Marquez

Best artist in town!!!

brittany tollinchi

Beautiful work


Arrived 15 minutes before closing time and got declined to enter. Closing time 2am and got there 1;45 and host told me to come back next day. Some businesses dont care or dont know about Customer Service. Thats VERY POOR RATING. !

Linnette Gavidia

I went September 11th nd got a cursive J a heart beat line nd an A charged $80 Uriel did the outline. The A didn't stick after a week I called I spoke to a man name Javier who remembered me and he said I'll get a free touch up. He said give my skin 2 weeks because its irritated. I called 2 weeks later spoke to Javier he took my number and said Uriel will call me back. Uriel was the dude that did the tatt. Point is my A didn't stick and no one called. Over priced and the art work didn't stick waste of time and money and I have to live with an embarrassment.


Got my ears pierced from this place. The left ear is fine but it's crooked on my right ear. The guy who pierced my ears was rather hesitant

Aleksandra Sarcevic

Great place very nice and friendly stuff we will go back there for sure

Marilyn Perry

I love it, got my tongue pierced and I love it. He even told me how and why he did what he did. Because my the web under my tongue is all extra.

Lara Whiteman

Gave my son a tattoo that looks like a preschooler did it.

Alexis Buerger

Got an industrial piercing here and the service is great! Very clean place and the employees are very nice! I would come back here!

Marianne Pudelek

Sarah is amazing

emmanuel martinez

They overcharged me on a basic lettering if this is your first tattoo don't go there and there was this Hispanic /Asian skinny lady that was so unprofessional

Qadeera Williams

Very personable. No long wait time. I love my tattoo! Thanks Manny!


This place was awful. My small tattoo was overpriced and they messed up. I don't recommend this place and I don't recommend getting it done by Kelsey. Awful first experience.

Benjamin Perez

Very pricey and artist's in the front booths are very rude. I try to get a tattoo it was $100 at the most. The lady in front wanted to charge me $450 bc it was late and that was her final decision if your going to have a person like that in front very bad business decisions.

Victoria Stevens

Very professional, clean, laid back

Ms erica m

I got my first tattoo here back in 2012 by Sean and it still looks good and colorful without any touchups. And I was able to walk in and get one done without an appointment which I very convenient for me being a mom of 2. I wanted to get another and since my first one healed so well I came back here to get my second done. this time Tyler did it for me I just told him what I wanted showed him an example on my phone and he got to sketching free hand. Then made sure he placed it exactly where I wanted it and got to work. Everyone here was very friendly and it was nice and clean. Tyler did a great job and made me feel at home we talked most of the time he was doing it so it didn't feel awkward at all lol. The pain was minimal and so worth it for the end result. the price was good not cheap but i did get a decent sized peice done with good quality. I will defiantly be back for my future tattoos. I highly recommend Tyler he is awesome!!

Jimmy Valentin

Hey it's a tattoo parlor what can you expect

Ivan Rivera


Aida Valencia

First time my family is being here and we had a great time. We Enjoy the food and the service what's great too. There friendly staff went above and beyond to accommodate us with no reservation, we were a pretty big group. I will definitely recommend this place based on our experience.

Juliana Rodriguez

Went in for an estimate the tattoo artist Kenny seemed as if he didn’t wanna work! Attitude was HORRIBLE . Continued to ask for price on tattoo before sketching showed him where and size exactly and he kept ignoring the question. Once given price and respectfully declined due to him charging $120 For a tattoo the size of an inch and a half he proceeded to crumble up the paper angrily and walked away . Won’t return ever

Stephanie Munoz

Extremely clean, professional, and best staff around!! I went here after having a horrible experience at Old Town Tatu.. and was so happy I did. Ian was my tattoo artist and freestyles a simple design on my rib cage. He gave me laughs and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend this tattoo parlor and artist! Can’t wait to go back for something bigger.

Judy Gomez

Joey did our tattoos....he took his time and made sure they were exactly how we wanted them!!!! We have appointments booked already.... to go back for more!!!

Tearis Burton

Good tatoos Poorest service ever towards some customers. My Girlfirend and i Came in around 11 but Suprisingly we were the last to get Served! For everyone else they asked for ids But for is they asked for my money first without my id like I was broke or something Then when one of them realized vikendrea didnt have a id he gave us a script of illinois laws just after he let a girl get a tatoo without a id. at first the employees act as if we were Invisible and kept assisting others that entered so i politely walked to a white Girl and Asked her If anyone was free , she laughed and said everyone seems busy right now give me 30 mins, they were at least 5 staff members with only 3 customers including myself! To sum it up They Gave us the run around These guys are complete Jerks ! Dnt waist your time

Ryan Flerlage

Friendly staff. Got my first tat with Brian and the work is the best. If you are looking for a shop stop in here.

Ruben Herrera

Went in to get a tattoo knowing what i wanted and the artist/owner Agata totally killed the piece i love it will totaly recommend this place to anyone looking to getting a new piece.

Xitlaly Gonzalez

Came here to get my nose pierced, I called 3 hours before asking them what I might need to complete the process, I get there with my dad and they tell me that they can't help me if j don't have my birth certificate. I called for a reason before getting their and I get that. Never again will I try coming to them. They lie.

steph b

Amazing work and friendly staff! I've gotten piercings done from them before and on a whim decided to get a tattoo at Chi Town with my two sisters. We came as walk ins and all left SOOOOOOO HAPPY!! Shout-out to Uriel and Rafel for doing absolutely solid and clean work. I was surprised how fast it went too. The staff is cool and took good care of us and the other clients that were there. Also, the prices are very fair. We will definitely be going back! Thank you Chi Town you da bomb!!

Nate j

Great place...really nice and professional people

Jp Garcia

Great place to go for piercings. Thats all i have gotten there. They are very friendly and professional. The shop is really nice and its very quick

Andre Gonzalez

Sean is the best got some ink and he's was great definitely going back to him for some more.

efy nugget

I got a piercing here and it was too big for the earring. Now my piercing keeps getting stuck inside my skin and i gave to keep pulling the earring out. I called to ask for advice but the girl that answered seemed very uninterested and rude.

Katarina Sarcevic

My first time going was about a month ago. I was getting a belly button piercing and the staff was very welcoming and even though I was nervous, they were very patient. I was given very specific instructions and we were in and out within 10 minutes! Of course, since it was my first body piercing it hurt a lot for me but they are very clean! I will be coming back!

Ashley Sanches

The receptionist was very unprofessional, it seemed that she needed to laugh at a customer's issue before I signed the waiver. I wish i didn't and had gone to another place.There was music playing kind of loud, so I couldn't really hear what the piercer Barry was saying since he is soft spoken. No issue with Barry that night, but Chi Town Tattoo needs a way better receptionist. I do not recommend this place, even though it is in the Jeff Park area.

the man

Koo place, Uriel is the Man great artist

Shayna Clark

Uriel does an amazing job every time I've brought him pictures if what I want and he draws them even better than I imagined. I'd reccomend him to anyone is gotten three tattoos from him and very pleased with them :)

Jill Marie Delcore

Wonderful n best staff. Great tattoos. Great piercings. Great prices.

JustMe Marcy

I stopped in for a piercing. It's in my area and looks really cool. The shop it's self is indeed super cool. Sadly I had to hunt down help me. Only to be treated as though they were doing me a huge favor by helping me. And barked when I asked questions about jewelry upgrades. The girl who pierced me seemed bored and uninterested. I'd have to think twice before going back.

David Alvarez

Love it, got three tattoos there already. Great vibe and the staff are pretty cool.

Nicolas Hernandez

Good place

William Moreth

Pedro is an amazing artist. The time and care he took to do my tat was unbelievable. He is a perfectionist. He will be the only person I will ever use for any future ink I get.

alma celaya

Good place

Behemoth D

I've done there my shoulder and arm! Great tattoo artist Rafal! Thanks!

Dennis Quigley


Joanne Sanin

Joey did very detailed meticulous work. No blow out and he really took his time and made sure I left with perfection. The font was generated in front of me and everyone was thoughtful and explained the process to me. I am going back for sure as Joey clearly loves what he does and takes on the hardest jobs! Love this place!

Torianna Crawford

Loved that the shop was open late on a Sunday night. I arrived around 11:30pm to get my septum pierced. Michael was the piercer, and he was super friendly. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. I am very pleased with my piercing and would return in the future to get pierced by him again.

bone yungmoney

Good service and seating

Kate B

I got my first tattoo done here. I got my tattoo done by Joe. He was extremely nice. He made sure that I understood that finger tattoos have a high chance of fallout and fade. After being informed I decided to go ahead with the tattoo. I came in with a print of the word and font I wanted. He printed out the size I liked and then we got started. It was easy and simple. I will definitely be coming back and be asking for Joe for my next tattoo. He was very friendly and made sure I understood what I was getting myself into, talked me through the process, and checked in with pain when I was getting tattooed. Overall a great experience.

Seymor BUTTS

I'm really indifferent about this place. It's cool. The parking SUCKS. Pricey. Ignored upon entering. Good art. Scheduled appointment with Rick because he had the most experience and I liked a tattoo he had done on my friend but when I went he was busy apparently watching t.v. so I ended up with the apprentice. It needs a touch up or two. Shading is outside the lines although the picture is decent. One of the other guys came to see the tattoo as he was doing it and commented on a name tattoo I have. He was like *wince*where'd you get this done? We can fix this up for you (I thought it looked okay, until he pointed out places I hadn't noticed clearly needed redone). I informed him that I had had the tattoo done there... it was my first tattoo done by them. They charged me $70 at the time and when it was being done

Andres Navarro

Great place for a tattoo, awesome staff and well hospitality

Yuri Taylor

I went there last winter. The place was clean and designed. But the only thing that I felt bad is the tattoo came out badly n I went back even they did it again for free, they made me to get it twice. The price kinda expensive n I thought they could do it very well. I spent too much money for very small tattoo.

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