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REVIEWS OF BMI Tattoo IN Illinois

Kenyatta Ray

I got my nose pierced and it didn't hurt one bit! He explained everything during the process and aftercare instructions! I'm coming back for more piercings and a tattoo

Rachel Sanchez

Ive had +20 piercings by Koz, and never one issue. He is so knowledgeable and patient in explaining everything. Ive had tattoos done by three artists, most recent Ivan, and they all came out and healed amazing. The whole staff is friendly, always easy to reach, and the place is clean! I urge everyone not just on the southside but in the city to check them out!

Nicholas Balton

F Crockett

Koz is amazing! Went there the other day for a piercing and I'm going back for more today !!!

Birgundi Baker

Koz is a great piercer and is very professional. I recommend this clean and nice place

Jodie Carter

Raven Talbert

Koz is awesome. He was quick and he talked me through the piercing. I was shaking when i walked in and he was calm and cool to talk with. I wasn't sure what side of my nose to get the piercing and he helped pick the side because i pulled out my camera and went straight to the left side of my face. It showed he pays attention and will give you what looks best. He's just awesome. I will forever come to Koz for all my future piercings. (2nd piercing done by him)

Michael De Masi

Mary Frazier

Mike Bernard

Bridgette O'Halloran

Brad Barfield

Just completed this with artist Eamonn. Dude's awesome

Juggernaut OfSoles

5 stars Tom Biggs is nice with the ink....Basement Ink great professional environment!!!!

Sandra Rosiles

Got my tattoo with Cody he's awesome, my son in law got his first one with him too he made us feel so welcomed, definitely recommend him, great guess service from Koz.


My tattoo looks awful. Considering it's supposed to be a memorial for someone I lost and I hate it! .. The color isn't pigmented enough, you can clearly see the lack of skill in the lines.. Kind of reminds me of someone coloring outside the lines , didn't have a steady hand at all . And I have no clue what that sticker thing was they put on my arm after I got the tattoo but it pulled some of the color OUT OF THE TATTOO. Some parts resemble a scab now. Totally not worth it DO NOT spend your money here. And I feel like they charged me double the tattoo isn't even that big. Such a waste of 150$ Now I must get an even bigger tattoo to cover this one because it doesn't look good.

Brandon Wojciechowski

Always great knowledgeable service, reason I've been going back for the past 7 years.

Kaci Howard

Best piercer ever! Julie does great tattoos!

Brett Willis

Ayanna Butler

Koz was so patient with me and very knowledgeable. Definitely going here for my next piercing.

Whit M

Koz is the best! I got pierced at another place had some issues and he fixed me right up not once but twice! Im going back to get pierced the right away this time

3nvy 3minence

I went in this place and inquired about having two of my fingers tattooed. I wanted one 6 letter word on one finger and a 5 letter word on the side of the other finger. The guy told me I'd have to wait until next week and that the price would be $110 a finger‼️

Chelsea Woodyard

Tom K

Mysha Black

Lil Diy

Very helpful with my nose piercing

halah saleh

I had my Daith piercing done here. Koz is great, he talks you through the entire process. The place is clean and comfortable!

Kory Mitcheff

F_ucking awesome. Piercer is great in all respects. Koz pierced my lower navel and some... other things and it was always a fantastic experience

Yajaira Rodriguez

amazing! I first discovered Basement as I was searching for a professional to do my anti-eyebrow piercing. I found a few shops but none of the piercers gave off the same vibe as Koz. Such a great guy! I was only 16 at the time and he made it a point to educate me all about the piercing and its aftercare. Now that Im 18 I went back to get my septum! Such a great place

Winslow Kmetty

erica fuentes

Koz did an awesome job on piercing my daughter's ears! Clean, professional, and very patient. I was very happy with my experience here. Thanks Koz!!!

Wendy Meller

Heaven Powell

I got my industrial bar and my nose piercing here, by Koz of course! He’s amazing and he knows how to keep you calm during the piercing. Extremely fast, precise, and professional. love it!

Jade Kirkland

Got my first tattoo done on my hand there. They did a really good job of reassuring me and easing into it. Awesome people and awesome work. Definetly going there for more in the future.

Dunia Mahi


Damilola Usman

I had my belly piercing done here about two years ago. No problems, no itching, no wounds. Koz is very great and friendly. I was nervous at first but he made me feel calm and comfortable. We talked throughout the process. He was so fast, didn’t even know when he was done. He did a very neat job. Also, the prices are affordable.

geezethan U

Koz and Eamon are the best they have done multiple tattoos for me and my husband. We live them and they are more then just artists they are friends to our family they have gone above and beyond service to make us comfortable and to make sure we were okay thanks a million times over keep up the good work. I recommend Basement Ink to any and Everyone. THE MAGSBY'S

Kelly Hunoway

Erick barraza


Danille Perez

I felt very comfortable here.


They do a really good job here. They are friendly and good with helping you out with what you want. I get my tattoos done by Cody... He’s dope fr! Koz is too, he’s the piercer/owner. He did my nose piercing. I love this place and it became my official tattoo place.

Corinne Henry

Great artists, good price, friendly service above all


No wait, very sanitary!


Julie is the best!

Jared Krsak

georganna daway

McKayla Ceplawskes

Koz was fantastic! I was extremely nervous but we talked the whole time and I didn’t even know he was finished piercing my bellybutton, I’m in love with my piercing. Would definitely go to if you’re looking for a friendly, honest piercer

ML Ortiz

Ivan is freaking awesome! Got a cover up piece done, he did a great job! Love my new tat! I am already setting up future appointments!

Lisa Lucia

Super knowledgeable & super talented!!! Professional friendly people and sterile clean environment. I've been going to Basement Ink for around 15 years and I am always satisfied. Everyone I have referred to BI has become a permanent client. Highly recommend*****

Kayla Decori

Lovely place, very clean and professional environment.

Branyelle Jones

Christina Nunes

Nice staff. Very professional and clean!


Great place great work

Sasha Sookraj

Koz was really good with my lip piercing!

Laura Wood

Scheduled appointments, great set up, awesome and VERY talented staff/artists. They take their time with their clients, you don't feel rushed!!!!!!

Walter P

Laynee Slack

Love this place. 2 of us got piercings and they walked us through every step. Made us feel comfortable. Very professional. Another one of us got a tattoo there. Would definitely recommend this place to others.


Loved the piercing guy! Professional, gentle, and clean. Will definitely go back.

Brittany Jennings

I got my belly button pierced at Basement Ink over three months ago and haven't had any problems with it at all so far! The workers are so nice, and Koz fully explains everything. The prices are great too!

Liz Bruner

Love Koz he's the best! Amazing at what he does! He's been a great owner and kept his cool when I ---let's just say----I messed up quiet a few piercings

Lauren Fuehrmeyer

Koz is the most professional and knowledgeable body modification artist in this area. I make the drive from Indiana without a doubt! No one else will touch me with a needle but him. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Parker

Absolutely love this shop. Eamonn is my tattoo artist and KOZ is hands down the best person to pierce you. He knows his stuff and makes it a pleasant experience. Ive never had issues with my piercings and always recommend people to go to the shop for anything they need.

Dan Montalto

Best shop, period. I'll only go here for my tattoos.

Adrianna Gulley

Josh Henningsen

They were very nice and made sure I was comfortable. I got my septum pierced by koz he was very nice and walked me through everything I would recommend this place to everyone

Tra Braxton

Cody did good. I may go back this weekend

Ben T.

tamara freeman

Visiting artist was very good did great work and nice. Do not like that on credit machine there is a tip added to it, that should be customers choice. This is the most expensive place I have ever been to.

Erika Aceves

Luna Nyx

Julie is an amazing artist! She does such great line work and details when shes tattooing. The shop is very clean and organized and the other artists are very kind. Felt comfortable and relaxed getting a portrait done by them. Will definitely be coming here for now on to get my tattoos done.

Arianna Schall

Great shop and great people. They have some really awesome artists working there. Jayce did my tattoo and it’s exactly what I wanted.I would recommend him to anyone looking to get something done.

Josie Magnabosco

amanda jo

i absolutely love basement ink. ive been here multiple times for koz to pierce me, and dont have any form of complaint. the piercings all turned out awesome and i couldnt be happier with them. koz is super chill and fun to talk to, and walks u thru everything he does, step by step. im planning to have him pierce me more, as soon as my most recent one heels :) ive gone with a few friends to get tattoos from basement ink as welll, and tho i personally didnt get any tats from here, i enjoyed the atmosphere that came with it. (the tatts turned out great by the way!!). deffinately the only place you should consider going to. <3<3

Gerardo Mora

Got my first tattoos and Cody helped me through the whole process. everything was clean very professional and are great environment. THANK YOU SO MUCH CODY.

Michele Ruffner

Tammy Burns

Koz is the best piercer around.

Star Ship

Favorite piercing by koz done a month ago is my surface piercing.. would add picture but don't know how


GO TO THIS PLACE GO TO THIS PLACE GO TO THIS PLACE. Everyone makes you feel welcomed! I got my belly pierced here and Koz was very professional about it Unlike some parlors these guys care about your concerns. Any questions I had they answered with detail. I felt safe under their wing!! lol If you are looking to get a tattoo or pierced up I HIGHLY recommend you go to Basement Ink, they are very creative and experienced. The prices are decent as well as the quality and you definitly won't regret it!

Morgan Chatman

I went to Basement Ink to get my belly pierced in February and I had the best experience! I went in a couple of days ago to get a tattoo by Nicole. My tattoo was a black silhouette and the ink ran, after I cleaned it I realized how it was not shaded in very well. I can also see little spots where my skin color is protruding. I am not pleased with the work I have received. I will update my review in regards to how they resolve the situation.

Balanced Chaos

Koz is the best. All the staff is knowledgeable and talented, and Koz is seriously the most professional, informed piercer I've ever met.

James Steele

Shawn H Gilcrest

The piercer has great customer service.

Terrell Washington

ShaQueen Lee

Kierra Naylor

My sister and I came in just to have them quote a price for a tatt we wanted ...Cody was soooo nice that we ended up coming back the same day and getting our work done by him!!!! The shop is very nice, & very clean.... & his customer service is absolutely AMAZING!!! He made us feel so comfortable and he was just soooo welcoming sister and I will def be regulars!!!!!

Tiffanni Human

Very friendly. I really love my tattoo. The young lady who did mine was awesome. The colors and the outline came out perfect. Thank you so much


Would rather check your credit before they show you any work or any merchandise. Guess they fail to realize IF I DON'T LIKE IT, THE COST IS IRRELEVANT!! Poor customer service. I see a response but can't reply to it directly, so: I didn't bring in any photo. I inquired about work/artists for an idea and merchandise/ring - but the girl I talked to was so busy telling me how much the idea or each piece of jewelry would cost that I couldn't get a word in edgewise. And she was snotty about it. Really feel she was intimating that I wouldn't be able to afford what i asked about. News flash: This ain't my first rodeo. I'm covered in tats and your poor customer service at the outset of a transaction cost you a customer. If the customer isn't asking how much it costs, don't offer that information. To reiterate: It's IRRELEVANT if I don't like what I see. And rude.

Kelly Hernandez

Gabrielle C

Got an industrial piercing done, place was super nice and koz lead me through every step and was super nice. Would recommend~

Katelyn Garten

Best tattoo shop i have ever been too and will be visiting again in the future.

Kylie Richardson

Alexis Dee

Jaquan Dill

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