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REVIEWS OF Black Lace Ink IN Illinois

Patricia Morales

The girls there are so talented and absolutely fabulous!

Mara Ramirez

Samantha Laird

Jessi was amazing. I will definitely go back

Kelvin G. Tanjuakio

Meg was fantastic! What a great local business.

Annmarie Morrison

We came an hour away for the Halloween special flash sale and had our friend meet us there. She was there for about 15 mins before we got there. Once we arrived we went to the front desk ( where my friend was standing ) and said we where here for the flash special. The lady then said they where fully booked. Why would you not Announced that to the 5 people standing in the lobby! Also I told her we just drove an HOUR to be here and she said “sorry”. If you run a special you as a shop should have your people better staffed !!! I know us 3 won’t be back or any of our friends or their friends. #sorrynotsorry

Happy Feet

Cassidy Renninger

I went there to get my first tattoo and realized after I got it that they used way too thick of a needle and my tattoo looked blurry, i told them then got my next one there and loved it, got the touch up and she messed up the lettering, now it's stuck on me forever. They were all sitting on their phones and come off rude. Save your self and go to good family down the street! I would not go back there at Black Lace. Very disappointing.

J McFarland

Really pleased with the piercings my daughter and I got. I had my nostril pierced and my daughter had her lobes done. I brought her here because I wanted a professional to Pierce her ears, not a cashier with a gun like the places in the mall. The pierced did such a great job that she has had no bruising, bleeding, or pain during maintenance. I will be coming her again for piercings in the future.

Omar Sutton

Serena is amazing. She is very detailed and really guides you into the right direction for your tattoo needs. Highly recommend

Joe McMahon

Curt Sauve

Super people! Very comfortable!

Kathryn Smith

Very nice people and environment. The owner is amazing. She did a beautiful tattoo for my husband, thank you!

Michael Crisantos

Justin Carino

First tattoo here, and I'm glad I did it here. The staff was great. We came here on a Sunday and it was St. Patrick's day. They have a special the whole month for their lucky charms. It was pack when we got in and a lot of the people were already lined up. It took us about 2 to 3 hours to finally be our turn. Rachel in the front guided us through the paper works and such. She was very attentive. The wait was worth it. Most of our party had our charms done by Olivia. She was the glowing star of our visit here. MVP. After watching her repetitive but important cleaning duties all day between charms and suffer from her aching back(please give her equipment meant for tall people!), she was still able to help our fresh skins go through the process with proper attention and ease! Thank you, Olivia! My charm itself turned out well and I love it. I would highly recommend this place and would actually come back for more. The staff really lured me in. Thank you all!

Cassandra Ellwing-Ryan

Went in last week to get a daith piercing for my migraines and anxiety and was immediately impressed by how knowledgeable they were about it. Down to the literature available about piercings for pain management, you could really tell that they know their stuff! Alex did such a great job on it and I haven't had a migraine or anxiety attack yet. I asked about a tattoo to cover a Kanji that I got when I was 18. I mentioned things that I wanted incorporated in the design and Meg created a custom design out of the symbols that were most important to me. Today I got the tattoo and I couldn't be happier with it! Meg and Alex made the experience absolutely incredible and I will absolutely be back!

Andrea Riley

Meg was amazing and so knowledgeable. I'm thrilled with my piercing!!

Dr. GonZo

Made an appointment with Meg today at 4pm for 8pm to get a Robert Englund autograph permanent after being turned away by another shop. She was more than happy to do it and did so with utmost care and reverence. 10/10


Chris Barnes

Cassie Flynn


There is one particular employee who works there that may seem like a nice person but is really careless. Choose a different place to go to

Corrine McGonagle

Devin Streeter

Great service and awesome atmosphere!

Michael Egorov

My girlfriend had her septum pierced here about a week ago. It started to reject and we went to Sideshow in Lakemoor to get it removed. They told us it was pierced completely incorrectly and it was going to reject no matter what. Please, teach your employees how to pierce or don’t offer the service!

Victoria Valdez

Meg made my experience great! Very friendly atmosphere. She knew what she was doing and gave me exactly what I wanted. Definitely recommending her to people who are looking for great ink

Katie Grinnell

Alayna Alayna

I got my tragus done here and realized later while cleaning it that she used too short of a bar so the stud was digging into my skin and I had no room to clean it properly. I had to get it changed out , by a other shop, where we realized, she used a screw NOSE STUD in my ear. Extremely dissatisfied Will not be returning. Do not recommend for any piercings.

Kara Sharp

If ur thinking of getting ur septum pierced DO NOT go to black lace ink. I went into side show in lakemoore to get it removed because it was rejecting from misplacement. The gauge of the jewelry was too big and so heavy I could feel it pulling down on my nose. There is a place in ur nose for the piercing to go , she went way under causing it to get infected and reject. Please do ur research before getting a piercing.

Kaitlyn McMaken

Very clean and friendly!! They did a flash sale for October and had a lot of cute designs!

Stacy Armstrong

I was very impressed ! The entire staff was nice and accommodating, the store was nicely decorated and very clean. I needed my ears re-pierced, sterile technique was followed strictly, I highly recommend them.

garden of eden

Amazing experience! My friend just got her nose pierced and we loved the place! The environment was very homey and friendly, and on top of that the lady who did the piercing was amazing! We are definitely coming back for future piercing and tattoos!

Domenique Wollmuth

OLIVIA is extremely talented and takes her art very seriously. She really pays attention to detail of the design specifically requested by her clients. All the employees are very talented and very accomplished artists! Piercings are available, free CONSULTATIONS. Custom tattoos designs, work to make sure tattoos are unique to the individual. The atmosphere is very friendly and chill! Call for an appointment!

Joshua Neel

Derek Webb

Corey Staral

Rebecca Castro

cinthya mata valladares

(Translated by Google) Excellent place!!

Jottie B

Brian Tarr

They do fantastic work.

Joe Criel

Best shop in the state. Always a good time and they always give great results. Jessie is awesome.

Laura Corcoran

Meg has the touch of an angel

David Munaretto

Great people, awesome environment. This place is brand new and makes you feel right at home. Great artists, they really take what is in your head and turn it into a work of art. Got my first one done and working on a much bigger piece :-)

lili herrera

Loved it!! My son-in-law recommended this place to me. I took my daughter in today to get a nose piercing for her bday. We were greeted since we opened the door. Very welcoming. Jessie took our info and she pierced my daughters nose. Talked her through the process. Thank you Jessie.. I’ll be back for sure for my next tattoo.

Linda Jackson

My go-to for tattoo work, I love this place. Serena is awesome and the vibe at this place is legit. Definitely recommended.

Bro Nha

Amanda B

Haley Renner

Alex Miller

Ashley Schayer

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! I had my tragus done and they used too small of jewelry and it got lodged in my ear 2 days after getting pierced. I went back and I had to get a bigger size bar in my tragus which really hurt and she put a labret jewelry in it with a curved bar. About a week later i noticed it was still very swollen and sore and getting bumps on both sides. I asked the piercer what was going on and she told me to pop it. I've had a number of piercings in the past and I know you should never pop something like that. I decided to just let it be and a month passed and nothing was happening it was still in so much pain, swollen, looked infected and bleeding when the jewelry would be moved. I didn't wanna go back to Black Lace Ink because at this time i did not trust what she had done. So I had to drive an hour Chicago to go to the piercer that i have always went to in the past. Just to be told that whoever did this did it VERY WRONG. He had told me it was wedged into the wrong part of the cartilage and would likely never heal right especially because of the curved bar in there. I had to get it taken out. I WOULD NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PLACE. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

Matthew J

Meg was awesome. I have gotten tattoos at other shops and they don't compare. She was friendly and did great art. I am so happy and will definitely be back! Thanks.

Jodie Dyken

Meg was amazing. She was super friendly, calming and professional. She made my daughter's body piercings as easy as possible. Thank you so much!

Nikki Tinkham

Got my 4 year olds ear pierced after a consultation. It went great and there were no tears.

Legendary Meg Gaming Girl

Alicia Hofmann

Meg is the best! The whole shop is very professional and does great work. I've been tattooed and pierced and I recommend both services. This will be the only place I get any work done.

Afifa Syeda

Too expensive, too much attitude. They don't really care for younger costumers.

Zach Stoneking

My friend got an ankle tattoo of an owl and though she said admits to slightly moving because it hurt, the person giving her the tat was obviously new and her hand was shaking the whole time. Compared to the original sketch, the head of the owl is very crooked, the eyes completely wrong one way too big the other squashed together, drawn too close together, the wings had a thicker stroke than the rest of the tat, the feathers overlapped each other in a messy formation. She regrets it and is looking for a place for a cover up. For her first tat, really disappointing.

Alex Ramirez

Great people.

Gabriella Jaxon

Went to get a dermal piercing removed and she was amazing. It didn't hurt and she was quick.

Lily AndOil


Debra Bradley

Alex Mouroulis

Super freindly. Took all the time we needed.

Janine Par

Meg did my first tattoo and she is very professional and made me feel relax. I'll definitely come back.

Cheryl Reilly


jonathan bartelheim

Kathy Arias

Cdenny619 Youtube

Excellent quality and excellent people. I will definitely go many more times

roxana velasco

Took advantage of their Halloween special. $20 tats and real happy with the results. Olivia was super nice and gentle. Like the idea that first touch up is free since it sounds like I'll definitely need one for my index finger magic wand :)


I don't remeber the name of the woman who did my tattoo. She is short, has brown hair & I think she has glasses. Anyways, my tattoo is perfect! Awesome place!

Natalia Wollmuth

Andrea Macias

Laura Bustamante

Quick and easy septum piercing. Alex, my piercer, was super sweet and professional.


got a tattoo for the $20 special and I'm pretty disappointed with the outcome. Until now I've never gotten a tattoo that, when finished, I already wanted touched up/covered up. You get what you pay for I guess.

Armin Ludwig Hofmann

Angel P

They were okay. My friend and I went in for piercings and we stayed for a while, I knew what I wanted but my friend was unsure so we talked about it to ourselves. As soon as we felt ready, we went to the counter to talk to the employees, and as soon as I started talking, another woman walked into the shop, and they instantly ignored us for what I assume is a regular. Pretty unprofessional. So I got both of my nostrils done, and this isnt my first time having them done, and Ive never had a piercer use a taper to get the jewelry in after piercing my nostril, so that caught me off guard. My friend couldnt decide on what she wanted and so she had a few dots placed for visualization. What I assumed was the owner/manager seemed a little impatient and was always walking around, smoking cigarettes, or eating. Every time my friend had a question, she was always gone and we had to wait for her. None of the other employees could help us and so that was mildly frustrating. All together it was an alright experience. I took a chance and decided to stray away from my favorite shop, Good Family Tattoo, and ultimately, I wasnt impressed.

Jeanette Triantafillo

Best place for daith piercing.

Chuck Castellanos

The best!! Meg and the other artists very professional, no games!!! Quality work

Tatiana Dzik

I heard this placed mentioned on Nextdoor as women owned and run and had to check it out. I made my appointment for a consultation for their "Piercings for a Cure" for my migraines. Unfortunately, during this time, I suffered a very tragic and unexpected loss of my husband. I thought about cancelling my appointment as I spiraled into a deep depression and began to have paralyzing anxiety attacks, which just made my migraines even worse. I decided to go through with the consultation and met with Meg. She is a godsend! She was very caring and compassionate!! She explained the entire process, answered all of my questions and NEVER rushed of all she said she thought she could help. I have seen a noticeable difference with my anxiety attacks. As for my migraines, I wasn't expecting too much as my condition is quite severe but I have seen a bit of a difference there too. It was well worth it!! I was so impressed, I brought my daughter and she got her piercing done by Meg as well. I will be coming back for a memorial tattoo for my husband. I graciously asked Meg to take care of it for me and I know it will be amazing. I can't wait. Thank you so much ladies!! I wish there were more stars to give

Yelena Hontz

Great experience getting a tattoo and Lizzie is one of the nicest people I've ever met. The atmosphere was amazing and I felt so comfortable. I will definitely be going back. Bonus: My tattoo is amazing.

Brandy Ludlow

Amazing piercers and tattoo artists. Very clean location. Comfortable atmosphere. Will be back.

Jennifer Edwards

Friendly, comfortable environment. They do great work!

Brianna Colletti

Nathan Cowart

I've gotten two tattoos done there. They are always awesome and friendly every time I've been there. Great with tattoos and piercings and will help out with after care! Totally recommend if you're looking for professional work done in a super friendly environment.

Rebecca Frale

Susan Foster

Clean, great artist-Serena Kent

The Wright Family Shenanigans

sinraptir chor

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