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113 E State Rd, Island Lake, IL 60042, United States

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REVIEWS OF Black Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing IN Illinois

Melanie Foland

TJ (the piercer) was EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend going here. Nothing but great things to say!

Nick Enders

Ive gotten 2 tattoos from them all great people with great service and super clean and professional keep being awesome guys and gals and cant wait to schedule the next appointment

Angel Bunce

Amazing Staff. Owner is awesome! I got my first tattoo with them 7 years ago and have gotten multiple piercings there as well. I now have 8 tattoos And even traveled back from Florida where I lived for a few years just to get tattooed by them :) Prices are very reasonable! If you want a tattoo go here you won’t regret it.

Robert KAlivoda

What a great place. Friendly people and great artist. All of our family has tattoos from Black Ink and all are remarkable. Come in with an idea and leave with some art that is exceeds your expectation. Dan and his team are like part of the family.

Tom Kolanko

Great place. I recommend this place for tattoos. Place is clean, it is also in a great location. Dan does a great job.

Lindsay Olszewski

I love Black Ink! I've had 5 tattoos done here and every single one has turned out incredible and better than I thought they would. The shop is spotless, the prices are completely fair and the artists are absolute professionals. I've never had any scabbing or found a rookie mistake (e.g. stray lines or irregular filling) in any of my tattoos, and trust me, I look. I can't believe how much we lucked out to have Dan and his shop in CL

Kristy Rodgers

Jessa Trentadue

My husband and I both recently got tattoos here and we both had wonderful experiences and love our tattoos. I'll definitely be going back to Black Ink for my next one!

Michelle Keomany

This is definitely my go to tattoo shop! I had Frank do my entire sleeve and it came out beautiful. Although he’s leaving the shop I’ll still go there to get tattooed by the other artists since they are all very talented and are amazing at what they do!

Angie Siegers

Super clean, friendly, no nonsense shop. Great staff.

Alyssa Newberry

Always had great work done on me whether it’s a tattoo or a piercing. Great staff.

Katarina Baker

I’ve had all my tattoos done at black ink. Very professional, always friendly, always nice, a beautiful shop, and one of my favorite places to go!

Adam Green

I got my first tattoo from Sunshine last night, the design was exactly like my image. She was very helpful and friendly and her work was unbelievable. I have been worried about getting a tattoo since seeing all those TV shows about having to fix botched jobs, but she blew this away!

lily morawski

My fav tattoo shop! Dan is the tattoo king and does awesome detailing. Everyone is so nice there and very welcoming. Would highly reccomend going here!

Deena Dufour

Seriously talented artists. ❤

Anthea Halpryn

I had 2 piercings done here. Staff was very nice and made it as quick and painless as possible. Got my nose done and daith piercing. Very happy with their service

Shannon Lynford

Called to come in at 2:00pm and they said that was okay and they could do our tattoo , then we showed up at 2:00 and they said they were too busy to do them. After we just drove all the way from Wisconsin . Very disappointed and unprofessional

April Padjen

william fekete

Love this place. Tons of talent , got alot of ink from them and I love how they turned out

Kristel Spleha

I absolutely love this shop, prices are very reasonable, the artists are all super outgoing and friendly, and the work is outstanding. Definitely will be coming back for more!

Rae Berrelez

Very friendly, clean, and accommodating! my friends and I all are returning patrons and will definitely continue to return in the future

K Thompson

Highly suggest....Scott!

Tabitha Palmer

Great tattoo!

shane boehmke

Great place to get good ink. Will keep getting my ink done at Black Ink.

kyle lindsey

Devan was awesome, quick and professional. Answered all of my questions and got my tattoo done quickly!

Dawson Gorski

I had an amazing time getting a wrist tatto and my cat's pawprint. It turned out beautiful in the end and I want to shout out Black Ink Tattoo for hooking it up!

Kyle Brackett

Heard only bad things. Then see them on Facebook begging people to give them 5 stars on google, seems a bit fishy. Wouldn't recommend.

Amy Jo Badowski

Loved my experience at this shop! I was tattooed by the owner and highly recommend him! He’s exceptionally talented and very reasonable! Staff is so nice! Excited to bring my daughter there for her first tattoo on her 18th birthday in a couple of months.


I'm very pleased with the results. Great, friendly, and very professional people!Scott was my artist and I have to say, he did an amazing job! I will be back for more soon.

Elina Adamis

Dan did my friends first tattoo last night, it was the perfect size and she loves it! Super nice guy and artist! Very clean shop! 10/10 would recommend!

Channy Lamb

Cecilia Hannon

Got a cover up done and it turned out AMAZING! Great with timing and we’re great for rescheduling my tattoo appointment earlier so I can catch a flight. Would highly recommend. Very clean environment.

Lil Savage

Black Ink Tattoo is amazing! They listen to what u want and strive to make u happy! Dan is amazing!! I will never go anywhere else to get work done. I love when strangers stop me to tell me they love my tattoos. Biggest compliment ever!! Every chance I get I plug Blank Ink!! I can't wait to get my next tattoo! And if piercings r more ur thing, this is the spot to get them. I've gotten a few done here and have had no issues.

Emily Stawski

Today I got my ears double pierced and it was an amazing experience! I already had my lobe done so I came in to get my second one. First off a really great price for including the jewelry and after care and everyone there is soooo nice. The lady who pierced my ears took time and effort, and let me know when I should do something (like breath so I don't just get pierced randomly). Overall it was a nice plan and very clean especially when I walked into the room. I highly recommend this place and I would go again if I ever got the chance too!

Hailey Wood

They did a great job with my tattoo, and the staff is super chill.

Tracy Weiler

I got a beautiful water color hummingbird. I love it and I get many compliments on it. My mother ended up getting one too. My soon has an awesome half sleeve of a forest. Its the coolest thing! Frank did them all, but i think all the artists are great!! I recommend them to everyone. You cant go wrong!!!

Jaime Arellano

sarah koltonuk

I have gotten most all my tattoos and pericings here. The experience is always awesome. The staff is amazing, they make me feel so comfortable everytime. The shop itself is super clean which makes me feel confident that they'll practice the best sanitation procedures to keep myself and other clients safe. I would never recommend cheating out on tattoos- that being said, their prices are super reasonable. I get compliments on my tattoos all the time and I always recommend black ink when someone I know is looking into a new tattoo or piercing.

Sarah Nolan

Janel Andrews

Taylor Anzelmo

am taking my 5 star down, changing it to a 1 Star because Chandler lets her emotions and anger from getting called out by the owner, on my body with a joke of a tattoo. Did not know Chandler is so immature that she had to take her frustration out on my body, with a HORRIBLE part of my tattoo. Back story: I’ve gone to Black Ink for almost 10 tats now. I started off with Sunshine (she’s an amazing artist!) and after I found out that she didn’t work there anymore, I switched to chandler. Chandler was doing a huge hip piece on me and after the first sitting, I paid for enough to get my 2nd sitting. When I came in for my 2nd sitting, I left with most of what I wanted done, but was told that the colors would be added, and the other flower bud would be added onto the flowers I already had. She started my appointment late so what would’ve been done that night, had to be switched AGAIN. I literally sat in the chair for 3 minutes so I find it hard to believe she didn’t just finish that 3 minutes of work the last time if she thought that’s all that needed to be finished. She even texted me that it’s a waste of time to get her needles out (for a part that I already paid for) without buying more. So as I schedule for my 3rd sitting (paid in full mind you) Chandler kept making appointments with me, then I’d show up and she’d cancel, or I’d have an “appointment” with her but then a walk in would come in and she’d take them instead. It almost seemed as if she was trying to figure out a way to not waste her time finishing what I had already paid for. Then FINALLY, she says “I’ll finish what you have when you pay for what you want next”... like what?! I have to buy more to finish what I already paid for?! Finally, it got to a point where I had trace marks on my body ready to be filled in and finished, and it became just embarrassing to have an unfinished tattoo on me for MONTHS (it was scheduled to be finished 2 weeks after the last sitting) so I contacted the owner. The owner assured me he’d work with Chandler to get finished what I had paid for. So finally I get a time to come in, I show up and Chandler tells me she isn’t finishing what I paid for STILL. I sent multiple messages AGAIN to the owner saying that when I went in, she refused to do it. It had shading marks ready for the colored part, but instead she just outlined what was already there... no color. so I have these shading dots that she tries to say looks like “flower seeds” but I had never asked for that. It was a YIN YANG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOWER. Why the heck would seeds be in the middle of a yin yang?! But worse part of all, she drew it in HORRIBLY. She was obviously upset that I went to the owner about it, saying that she was refusing to finish it, and in conclusion to that, finished it as if a 5 year old drew it. I left in tears because it looked so BLATANTLY screwed up. I have just covered my tattoo (the first sittings turned out beautifully, so I know what she’s capable of, & that the last sitting she purposely ruined it) because it’s actually EMBARRASSING, I didn’t even have her cover it up after she was done because I wanted it to peel all off and not get maintained at all. I just wanted it off my body. Its extremely obvious the part she tried on, and the part she didn't try on. I just find it amusing that they think I would have ever wasted my time on coming in just to have the lines darkened... and very jagged lines at that. I told the owner I'm going to have to get that part lasered off and he just said "good luck". I never thought Chandler would ruin someones tattoo based on her emotions. You can tell the parts she tried on vs the part she ruined. Also, the message I received back from the owner was threatening me because I wanted my tattoo that she RUINED. How dare he runs a “business” where his artists can intentionally ruin someone’s tattoo, and then blame me because I wanted to finish a tattoo that I PAID FOR ALREADY. I guess everyone (artists & customers) left for Monster Ink for a very good reason. I’d be scared for new customers.

Jackson Trinka


Always a good experience, I’ve had many tattoos and piercings done here!

Wenyd Ionized

Went in for a piercing girl said she didn’t feel confident enough to to it to wait for the other guy that does piercings I asked when he will be in they said ohhh tomorrow his here from 1 pm til 9 pm got there at 740 ish they guy wasn’t there ! Sooo unprofessional

Jeff Gossage

Got my first tattoo by Dan and he was awesome! I came in with a vague idea of what I wanted and let him run wild with it. He absolutely killed it, blown away by his creative ability.

Hannah Vander Pol

Absolutely love this place! Beyond professional! I came in she showed me before hand what i was expecting! Price never changed and i love the finished product! Thank u so much!

Cody Zick

I get the first come first serve, but come on I called you 10 minutes ago and you said come on in I’m free but when I get there. Ohh uhh there will be more artist in 2 hours

Kristina R

I've been to this establishment twice. After the 2nd time and getting a tattoo done by Sunny I will continue to go here for any tattoo I plan on getting. The place is clean, the artists are incredible, such friendly staff. Sunny in particular really impressed me when I went in for a cover up. I came in with an idea and she took that idea and blew it out of the water. If she's just one of the artists they hired I can only imagine the rest are just as amazing.

Merritt flood

Sarah Patton

I have had three tattoos and my daughter has also had three tattoos done, they all came out amazing. The art work that was created for us was beautiful. The colors are still vibrant after many years. I will be returning for a new tattoo and piercing.

Nicole Buch

Dan is amazing!! I went in with my friends to get matching tattoos and we were joking the whole time as if we’ve been bffs for years, which we are of course since i’ve been coming here for 3 years. But seriously this guy is the best his line work is super clean and his station is always neat! I would give this place all the stars in the world!

matteo dattolo

I've had work done by three of their artists ( dan, frank, and devan) and my father has had work done by two of them( abraham and scott, sadly both of these guys no longer work at this shop), they have a really well rounded group of artist with each person knowing all tattoos fairly well but each has their strengths, ive only ever had my tattoos done here and will continue to go here for a very long time, love you guys.


Matthijs Enters

I came in for my first tattoo the other day and Chandler was my artist. She was awesome and super friendly. She helped me through the steps of getting and treating my tattoo. Would definitely recommend, the shop was super clean, friendly and does amazing work.

D Mills

Extremely happy with the artists and the work. I recommend.

Greg Crews

All the artist in this shop are absolutely amazing ! They take your ideas and your visions and make it a masterpiece. I’ve never been happier with the work of art on my body! Great environment and great staff!!!!

Natalie Brettin

Love the staff!!! Amazing group of people that have become my friends

Diana Grischow

Love this place!! Dan did a beautiful custom tattoo for me and i absolutely love it!! He is also really freindly and i felt completely comfortable at his studio. I would definitely recommend this place and can't wait to come back for my next tat!!

Irving Jungo

Alex Flores


Dan has done a number of tattoos for me over the last 20 years. My right sleeve being an even 20 years old. Anyways, my colors are still bright, my lines crisp and defined as as ever. When this man speaks of design decisions based on longevity, you should listen! His work stands the test of time.

Cailey Johnson

Chandler she does an amazing job she has done 4 of my tattoos so far and I will be coming back for more! Such amazing work done!

Alex Javier

Went there to get my first tattoo after I had a bad experience at Lunchbox tattoo in mchenry. They have an amazing staff all of them were very friendly. Frankie did my tattoo and he was very professional he suggested many ways to make my tat very unique which definitely satisfied me and when the piece was done I couldn't have been happier it turned out wayy better than I expected very outstanding work and over all great environment definitely coming back here for any future ink.

Michael Matthesan

With tattoos like these no wonder they beg for 5 star reviews.

Court Loveday

Frank did an awesome job on my tattoo for my mom. They do an amazing job with their tattoos

James radtke

Awesome place for a tattoo

Shiela Kuziel

Sunshine does excellent work and the owner did some awesome freehand work on my daughter.

Destini Briggs

Stupid Videos

Awesome place! Devan was super nice and very thorough. A perfectionist! Exactly what u want in an artist. Would highly recommend!! Also really great at Anime!

steve wujek

I got my first tattoo done by Dan and he did a amazing job while drawing what i wanted while i was there and helped me feel comfortable the whole time. I am referring friends as I write this review. This shop is very clean and friendly. Thank you Dan! I WILL be back :) Edit: 7/1/19- I came back to Dan for a 2nd tattoo and couldent be happier with his design and artistry. If you are looking for a tatto . Go here, they are approaching 30 years in business!

Samuel Terry

Badass artists, great tattoos, and great pricing. Dan is an awesome guy with some amazing skills. He will draw your tattoo as you are speaking with him and blows your mind with how fast he can create a masterpiece for ya. Definitely the best shop in the area. The staff couldn't be freindlier and you wont leave disappointed. Too many good things to say about these guys, so do yourself a favor and stop in to see the awesomeness for yourself!!

James wautelet

Some of the best artists I've ever seen if you want an awesome tattoo and throw around ideas and get the advice go to Black Ink

lane upchurch

The best and only shop i have every let do work on me and i have always left with a smile on my face and the work gets better and better every time i visit I recommend this shop to any one and every one very friendly and great prices GO BLACK INK TATTOO✔️✔️✔️

Carrie Medine

Dan gave us some amazing tattoos. A great artist, super clean place and fair pricing. Dan took our ideas and drew up some beautiful work. Couldn't be happier. We will be back very soon!!!

Jennifer L. Moreno

Very professional staff and clean work environment. My husband and I were very happy with our tattoos and the pricing as well. Worth checking out!

Nicole Gaborek

Shelby Oppegaard

I got my very first tattoo from Black Ink Tattoo. I was there with my sister for a piercing, and I have been thinking about a tattoo for 3 years. They were able to squeeze me in for a spontaneous birthday present for myself. I love my sunflower.

Alec Berndt

Awesome friendly people, great attention to detail, very professional but laid back atmosphere. 10/10 will go back for more work

Kristina Rasmussen

I have 4 tattoos so far all from Black Ink Tattoo. I trust the shop because I've always gotten great tattoos, I've never had an issue with my tattoos afterwards and they're always super friendly and accommodating. My most recent was a scar cover-up and it turned out incredible! They really have great artists here! I highly recommend Black Ink Tattoo!

Tricia Taylor

Sloane Scheckel

Staff was super friendly and welcoming and got me in the day I came for a consultation. Price was super reasonable and my artist (the owner) took care to make sure I was comfortable and knew exactly what to do aftercare wise. If I’m town and looking to get more tattoos, this will be my go to. Highly recommend!!

Katie Rokusek

Got my ears pierced yesterday here and had a great experience. Staff was super friendly, place was clean, would definitely reccomend.

Kristin Okopski

The piercers and tattoo artists in this place are amazing. I took my friend here for his first tattoo and I've gotten piercings done here many times. They have a very large selection of jewelry and the shop looks great! I always recommend this shop to anyone. Dan is the man!

Steven Dascott

Emily Maye

Got my first tattoo done here by Frank before he left! It was simple but he did an amazing job combining my 2 ideas into 1 beautiful piece. Can't wait to go back for more!

Samantha Prusac

I got my most recent tattoo here in August 2014 and I’m still in love with it. I called a few hours before getting there to see how busy they thought they’d be. I drove an hour from Vernon Hills to get here and came prepared with some pictures of sunflowers since I wanted that on my thigh. Serena (I think is her name) spent so much time drawing up this beautiful sunflower. She made me feel really comfortable when getting the tattoo done. It’s my favorite piece of art on my body and I want to add on to it so bad! I’m in Colorado now, but would definitely go back when I’m in Illinois!

Shawnee Damitz

Super nice. Took me in on short notice for a piercing. Very professional. Very nice people there. I will definitely return there for next piercing.

Frankie Angiulo

Got my first tattoo here, very pleasant all around experience. Staff was all very nice. Frank did a great job on my tattoo. Definitely recommend and will certainly come back for another :)

John Pfeiffer

The cupcakes are great

cassandra lorence

LOVE LOVE LOVE MY TATTOO done by Dan! He's the best. I dont go anywhere else cause I dont trust anyone but Dan. He turned my ideas into reality and better then I ever imagined. Thank u again!

sophia mini

Chandler is amazing!!! Just got a tattoo from her and she was so sweet and really quick! It turned out exactly how I wanted it, if not better!! Definitely go here if you’re thinking about it!

darlene askew

I have had 2 tattoos done by Sunshine and my daughter has had 3 done by her as well. Great work, everyone bid very professional and clean store. Actually thinking about going back today for a 3rd one for my bday. Hope sunshine is there!!! 5*

Mike Larsen

Frank did a great job

Frank Simanton

Michele Vandeveer

Love Black Ink! They are professional and clean. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming! I’ve gotten tattooed by Frank, he’s awesome! I also brought my cousin here when he was visiting Illinois. He went back twice and it was an awesome experience!! I can’t wait to go back for another one!!

Max Buechner

I’ve had all of my tattoos done here, by three different artists. This is the only place I’ve ever had work done and this is the only place I want to go. Frank, Sunshine, and Dan have all done different pieces on me. The nicest people you can imagine and the best work I’ve seen, not just on my tattoos but friends and family’s Tattoos as well.


Went in to black ink on 6/15 to get a tattoo. By far the cleanest shop in town, and honestly these guys were as professional as you could get and very polite. Mike did my tattoo and he did an awesome job, the shading on my tattoo is top notch. Will be back again

Alex Casebolt

Every time I have gone to get a tattoo since my first has been here. They are super friendly, agreeable prices, and will find time for you. Frank is an awesome artist who I have recommend to many friends, and I personally request to get tattoos done by him whenever I feel like getting another.

Edrian Luna

Serena did a great job on my first tattoo back in April 2015. I am looking forward to getting more work done.

Vikki Kolros

Just got my 3rd tattoo with the owner Dan, the staff is super friendly and Dan is always super fun to talk to before, during and after the whole tattoo process. 100% recommend them been going here since 2016 & will definitely be coming back for the next ones !!

Kathleen Murphy

Very good ink, talented people.

Hanna Pults

Just got a nose peircing and it was quick and easy, the staff was super friendly and so helpful. Everything was clean and santitized- plus they have a huge selection of body jewelry. The piercing was also affordable and came with a saline solution- which is more than I could say compared to the other 2 places I’ve been. Would definitely recommend this place to my friends and will be going here again for future piercings and tattoos :)

K Mayer

I've gone here for 2 of my tattoos. It's a great place, all the artists are friendly and attentive, and it's an awesome environment for people going for a first tattoo. (I wish it had been my first shop, but I'm glad I found it regardless!!!)

Kadi Kipper

Love there work I have gotten my last 2 pieces there and I'm in love!

Rebecca V.

I'll always recommend this place! Besides knowing a couple of the artists for over 10 years now, all of them are always amazing. Always very friendly happy faces, always good laughs, and I always leave with exactly what I wanted, most of the time better than I expected! Love these guys. They are amazing!

Lauren Millette

My friend and I went in last minute to get piercings. Everyone was super friendly and when we called said it was no big deal to walk in and get everything done. Dan was really cool and professional, would definitely recommend Black Ink for anyone wanting a piercing. (Dan was tattooing someone when we came in; the guy was really happy with the art and Dan was so easy going and awesome while he worked. If I ever want a tattoo in the future, I'll be coming back)

Kimberlee Hebert

Brad Schwarz

Sunshine is an amazing tattoo artist. She is who I see evert time, and only go to this shop ever to get my work done.

Leslee Rene

Says they close at 9 got here at 8:45 to buy a labret and they were closed.

Michelle Panozzo

I love this place! I have gotten several tattoos by Dan and Sunshine over the last few years and have always had a great experience. I like the atmosphere of the place, everyone there is really cool and my tattoos are awesome! I get many compliments on them not only from people I know, but strangers too. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking to get a tattoo.

Colleen MacDonald

They had an inexperienced tattoo artist do my friends tattoos and she seemed like she had no idea what she was doing. The tattoos came out dark in some spots and extremely light in others. Another tattoo she got at the same time was done poorly and the needle went down too far leaving unnecessary scabbing. Another person I know who went here left being extremely bruised from the tattoo artist. Would not recommend unless you want a botched tattoo by an amateur tattoo artist. Also, compared to other tattoo shops i’ve been to it is overly priced for not even that great of quality of work. If you’re looking for a good tattoo shop, this is not the place for you.

Nora Hyde

Andrew did my arrow tattoo and it turned out better than I ever could have imagined. My first color tattoo and its beautiful! I am extremely happy and can't wait to go back for more!

Dakota Ducky

I saw Serena for my 18th birthday in November and am hoping to come back for my 19th. She did awesome on my tatoo and made it a very non intimidating and a very smooth and easy. We talked the entire time and felt very comfortable. I can't wait to go back. I super recommend!

Roxi Crawford

Great place!

Austin DeBoer

Devan was great, can't wait to come back for another tattoo!

Courtney Antus

Amazing staff who make you feel right at home. They go above and beyond. Super clean, very fair and negotiable about prices. Every artist is stunningly talented. Give them an idea and they will run with it and make something spectacular.

Thomas Pavlowski

Had a simple piece done (at the old location) by Devan which turned out amazing. The entire staff was friendly from the minute I walked in the door. Throughout the tattoo, other artists came over to look and compliment Devan’s work. Haven’t been to the Island Lake shop yet but I’ll def go back when I decide to get my next tattoo.

Emily Wiltshire

I absolutely LOVE Black Ink! I have 2 tattoos from them! I love my watercolor tattoo on my stomach done by Dan, and my chess queen done by Sunshine! I can't wait to go back for my next tattoo!

Leanne Johns

I will never go anywhere else for a tattoo. These guys and gals are fantastic! And you can’t beat the price for the work... Wish there were more stars to give! I always recommend the shop to people who ask about my tattoos.


Had many tattoos done here, great work by all artists and their pricing is very fair. Been going here for all my tattoos for years. All of them have healed great. Thank you guys for always doing a quality job!

Joe Martin

Frank is my man but I would get a tattoo from anyone there, they're all professional, nice and fun to talk to. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Szabo

Audi did an amazing job! I got exactly what I wanted. Everyone there is really cool. So happy and would definitely recommend.

Stephanie Kondras

Justina Coronado

Dan did my tattoo. It is a tribute piece for my godmother who passed. I had some interesting ideas (mixing different styles) and Dan helped me see how odd it would have looked. I'm so glad he did! He did my tattoo design with the same care he would give for his own. I now have a badass realistic tattoo that does my godmother justice and i get compliments ALL the time! Dan has a chill vibe that makes you feel comfortable and everybody in his shop loves to be there. You may notice the price is a little higher than usual and that is because of the highest quality of service they provide and the crazy amount of skill that is packed into that shop. Thanks for the best tattoo guys! Justina

Scott Cavenaugh

The experience and environment cannot be beat. Friendly staff and a very clean shop. I had Devan who had very great detail to my tattoo. I will totally go back

Deb Pierce


CJ Quattrone

Had an entire sleeve done by Dan almost 7 years ago now and I can guarantee that his work is second to none. These pictures are less than 3 months old. The line work is excellent, the shading is perfect. Black Ink Tattoo is SO good that I travel from Colorado to Illinois to have my work done. They are JUST THAT GOOD. Everyone in the shop is super friendly, and their shops are CLEAN.

Heather Kirby

Loved my experience. Walked in and had exactly what I wanted drawn up right in front of me. Fantastic art, great price, and wonderful experience. I will definitely be back for more.


Sean Davis

A great group of people

Jolly Green Giant

Really good piercers!

ace and cj

Black Ink is the the best! Dan is so friendly and an amazing artist. The shop is spotless and there is a huge variety of piercings to choose from. Thank you Black Ink!

Jessica Rose

I got two tattoos from black ink they are amazing. I get a lot of compliments. I can't wait to get some more!!!!!

Steve Malouf

Just had one done by Frank.. Friendly,professional, unbelievable craftsmanship.I highly recommend this place.cant wait to go back for more.

Dawson Hansen

I just had my first tattoo yesterday and Audi did an amazing job on it! I love it so much! I will be coming back for future tattoos!

Emma Weckler

My experience with this shop was awesome. Sunshine is very friendly, and quick! It went by so fast I could barely believe it! Also very affordable prices. I was a little nervous and indecisive, and she was very patient with me. I WILL be returning here for my next tattoo!

Brandon Juskey

Dan did my daughters first tattoo and couldn't have been nicer and his work is amazing. After my dealing with him for hers, I made an appointment that day for another addition for me. I will always go back there.

Kim Loechelt

I have gotten 3 tattoos from Black Ink and have been happy with them all. I recently went to Black Ink to get a tattoo and they told me they couldn't do what I wanted and they couldn't do color and they wanted to change my whole tattoo into something completely different. I then went to Top Notch in Elgin and they did exactly what I wanted and added the color and it turned out Awesome. It just seemed to me that Black Ink just didn't want to do my tattoo. Black Ink was my go to place for tattoos and i recommended them to others but after this last experience i will not recommend or be back to get tattoos there anymore. They also tried to talk my friend out of the tattoo that she wanted also but she told them that was what she wanted and they did it.

Quin Kick

Ryan K

Go get your ink here!

DyAnn Ash

I've had 2 tattoo done by Sunshine over 6 years ago. One to remember my love ones that past and my daughter. The color is still as vibrant as it was when she first did it which is amazing. I've received my compliments especially the one with the Chinese word. Many people that can read Chinese were shock that Sunshine capture the language in ink.

nick davis


I got my nose pierced from TJ this afternoon and I had a lovely experience. Place was clean and well kept. TJ made my experience very comfortable and friendly. Definitely will come back for another piercing and/or tattoo!

John Hefner

Gotten 10 tats there. Recommend Audi (like the car).

Nicholas Gozzola

My dad and I both love and appreciate the artwork and attentiveness that the Black Ink family takes with each of its clients. I’ve had 3 pieces done here; 2 medium ones and a half sleeve. All 3 done by Sunny. My dad, Charles, also had a piece done by sunny and he thinks she’s crazy talented. I absolutely love my ink and i can tell you that the amount of effort these artists give to you is 100%. The atmosphere is friendly and laid back. The shop itself is the epitome of what cleanliness should be when walking into a tattoo parlor as well. Please, to anyone reading this; take my review and all the other 5 star reviews to heart and ignore the 1 stars. This is an incredible shop, with an incredible owner and staff. You will not be disappointed at all. I guarantee it.


Rude. Unprofessional. Door slammed in my face.

Cristina Balcazar

My friend and I went to go get some piercing done. My friend her nipples and I, my tongue. Everything went well and everything is healing up great. Great staff and prices! Highly recommended!

Mitch s

I got a tribal on shoulder by the guy that loves doing them. Lines are patchy, black filling is very uneven, what really was off is why they make you pay before they tattoo.

Raymond Victor

mitch p

The owner is nice good prices

Andi Larson

Highly recommend Black Ink Tattoo. Chandler, our tattooist, was so fabulous, incredibly patient and did a great job explaining the steps and what to expect. Recommended for 1st timers !

lesly Brock

I’ve been wanting a cattoo for a long time. I finally decided to do it after my plans fell through on a Saturday night. I went in and met with AUDI and showed her many cattos I liked and what I liked about them. She went and sketched and came back with the perfect look! I’m extremely happy with my new cattoo! I highly recommend AUDI!! THANK YOU AUDI!

Jackie Daugherty

Got two pieces here. Now my “go to place” for ink. Staff are friendly, pricing is perfect. One piece was an image from one of the books but the other was hand drawn and they did a beautiful job! I have 9 tattoos and they are the best shop I’ve been to by far

Haivyn Hutton

I have had 2 tattoos from them. Wonderful work. I had gotten my first tattoo here and the staff had talked me through the nerves before he had started. Wonderful staff, very clean, would highly recommend at least stopping in!


Outstanding personal care, exceptional artistry, superb listing skills.... these are just some words that come to mind when I think of Black Inc Tattoo. My family and I have been there multiple time and every single time we have been treated with outstanding service, from our initial consultation all the way to our final care instructions. Dan and his team are definitely an example of what to expect in quality of service and personalized advise on what works and what does not. Some people may not like the truth but I do believe that here honesty is the best quality. If you are thinking about your first piece of art or enhance the one you have, this is the right place to be.

victoria greathouse

I received my very first tattoo from this shop. The owner did it for me 5 years ago and it still looks as good as the day I got it. They were professional and very clean. They set the standard for all other shops and artists I have encountered since. The only reason I do not go there anymore is because I moved. I still recommend this shop to my friends back home.

Gale Lynd

Laura Benuzzi

I have had 4 tattoos from Black Ink and they are all incredible! I get compliments on them all the time. I will never go anywhere else. Pricing is very fair!

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