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REVIEWS OF Bead World, Inc. IN Illinois

pookie D

Fantastic job on my nose ring. went back to ask about the bump that started to grow around the ring.. owner said to treat with tea tree oil. Worked like a charm! Would recommend this place to everyone!

Jax L

I went in with a screw on gauge that wouldnt come off no matter what I did. I had had it stuck for 2 months and they were able to unscrew it.


The piercer here is knowledgeable, funny, and oddly calming. I've been here twice once to pierce my nose and once to put the ring back in. Both times he walked me through the process. He showed me everything that he was using and asked me to make sure that everything was sterile. He spoke knowledgeably about each piece of equipment and why he had chosen to use those pieces (he has his own equipment for steaming and everything is clean). He said again and again that making their customers knowledgeable about the process and about the equipment helped customers make better choices for themselves. The piercer said his job wasn't to sell a piercing but his job is to make sure that he connected the customer to the piercing that was right for them. It was more important to them to make sure that I was comfortable with what was happening rather than pierce me to just to pierce me. When I got nervous he cracked jokes in order to calm me down. He is super funny. I went to someone else when my nose ring came out and they told me things that weren't true. When I went back to Bead World they were able to put my nose ring back in with ease, which another piercer had almost convinced me was impossible and would hurt "much more than getting it pierced". Because I just let it vlosed and come back and pay the full price for piercing. When my ring came out bead world staff and I spoke 4 times to make sure I came back in to put a ring in place. Finally, the price was definitely on point. In the city you're paying 20 plus dollars to some of the piercing prices he has. I have pierced my ears 3 (pairs) times and never went back to the same place twice. Ill definitely be back soon to pierce my ears again and will be taking my friends.

Sara Rose

Got my nose pierced today and they did great! Great customer service and very friendly definitely would recommend!

Christian Pineda

Craig Walter

Very nice people and they have a large selection of beads etc

Lillian Selak Ostrowski

Sarah Hanrahan

The piercing I got here was fine but piercer is lowkey creepy and was like do you have a boyfriend what does he think abt the fact that you’re so tense (???) went in to ask a question a couple months later and the piercer was super rude/condescending. Everyone else there is super chill, would not go back/recommend though

Miriam Franks

I went to Bead World to get my cartilage pierced and I cannot recommend it enough! One of my friends from work told me to go here and I’m so glad I did. The staff are very friendly and the room where I got pierced was very clean/tidy. Everything was done carefully and efficiently and I will definitely be going back for a second piercing.

Reese Funk

Got my ears pierced here. Great place, cool atmosphere, cool jewelry, nice people.

Araceli Vargas

This was the third piercing for my daughter. The older gentleman is great to talk to, full of knowledge. He teaches the young people how to take care of thier piercing. His kids that run the store are also great also. It's a great family run business. Not too many around anymore. Keep up the great work.

Travis Ligon

Jodie Albaugh

Amber Frost

I went here to get my rook pierced and I loved it! The piercer was so sweet! He made conversation about my tattoos and made me feel at ease. With all my other piercings, the pierces counted and told me when they were putting the needle through. Here, the guy told me to let him know when I was ready. I was in total control the whole time. I will definitely be going back here for future piercings

Rahul Vaidya

My Daughter was very happy with the professional and friendly staff and expertise with the job.

Dona N

Bought my 7 year old daughter in to get her ears pierced. It was a great experience! She got to pick her earrings and everything was explained in detail. The gentleman that did her piercings was great! They also had an amazing selection of beads, jewelry, and tchotchkes. So happy we stumbled upon this place.

Erica Jackson

Love B.W. My kind of people. Awesome vibes. Phil is the s***! E.j.

Kristin Sisalima

Real Kool store ! They sell more than beads & accessories. Check it out !!

hitesh kumar Goyal

Awesome collection

Jamie Montesinos

Dylan Neises

Im going there today to get my 1st piercing ever. Im getting my tongue done. All my friends who has piercings from there. They had no complaints, nothing but good things. I was even in the room with my friends. He was funny and he made them at ease. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Erin Logan

I’ve been getting piercings here since I was 18 and figured it was time to write a review. I absolutely love this place and won’t trust anyone else but this man for piercings! He’s so knowledge and funny and really puts you at ease. I’ll be heading there soon for my septum!

Bo Ram Yoo

Susan Gewarges

Went to get my nose pierced. I was so scared but they helped me through it and I honestly can't be happier. Very friendly environment, clean, and welcoming. Extremely professional! Definitely recommend!

Sally Vargas

Great place to get pierced. My daughter has gotten several at Bead World. The man that does makes sure you know what to do after you get home with your piercing to keep it clean. Besides the all the beads and piercings things they also have a great display of assorted silver jewellery. It's beautiful.

Karolina Kaczor

I've gotten all my piercings done here and I couldn't be more satisfied

Samantha Kelly

Laura Boehm

Great selection! Beautiful gemstone beads of every shape and size.

Caitlin Hueckstaedt

I was getting my ear repierced and was a bit nervous, but he seemed super knowledgeable and friendly. Staff was very helpful as well, I totally recommend!

Jennifer S

Kristy Marie

This store is all over the place! Serious chaos! Employees were nice and tried to help.


Recently got my nose and two ear piercings. It was excellent service and they made me very well informed. Healing nicely and looks great. Thank you!

Gaby Torres

David Phinney

A great place to find unusual findings to make one of a kind jewelry

Cheyanne Kirsten


I love this place, they have an eclectic feel when you walk in and a knowledgeable piercer. I called ahead of time to make sure he was in, and requested a Daith. It's healing nicely and would 100 percent coming back

Ericka Vazquez

Tony Blum

Prices are a bit high on some items, but great People, Quality and Rare items! If You can't find it here, you probably don't need it!

Kimberly Austin

Tragus piercing. Very professional. Explains everything to you including procedure and aftercare. Instruments are gas sterilized and sealed. Definitely the place to go. We'll be going back for more.

Jennyy Cervantes

Great employees, with awesome knowledge on their work. Would reccomend to any/everyone!

Natalie Casey

Mitch Erickson

This place is Amazing. I got my septum and eyebrow pierced here and it is clean and professional, plus the piercer is the funniest dude. Definetly reccomend this place and coming back.


I love this place. So comforting. I would go anywhere else ever! Love you guys!

Sasou La Belle Fleur

I've got my belly pierced years ago but never got around to leave a review until I was looking for something and Google map recommended me to the store. It was a great experience, and very cheap. I was and still, I'm very pleased with my piercing. Thank you!

Gnome and Fairy Pottery

Hands down the BEST bead shop in the Chicago Area! My favorite bead store

Anthony M

Always a chill experience at this family owned shop.

Dustin Rinker

Great people large and interesting selection

Catherine Sanchez

divva portillo

My sister and I went to get pierced (second lobe piercings for me and a nostril/industrial for her). For me, I have a high pain tolerance and don't get nervous about needles, but for someone who IS, the piercer was very kind and informative. He showed us how he measures the best spots, and let us choose where we wanted them. He has a very easy and relaxing personality, and anyone who would be nervous I think would be really at ease with him as their piercer. My sister was nervous/scared and doesn't like needles and she felt really good with him, I could tell he really helped her get/feel comfortable. His aftercare instructions were info I already know, but is very informative for someone who doesn't. I really liked that he was passionate about evening out my previous lobe piercings so the 2nd ones would look good! The store is also really cute and full of great items, I'm coming back at a later time for more piercings and to get a better look at their jewelry.

Chloe Domanus

Meg Hendrix

The way they spoke to my mother, completely unacceptable

Alicia McNamara-grott

Pretty pricy. Picked a strand that said $11 but at check out it was $16. My friend waited in the car in front of the place and was told to move?!? NOT a no parking zone. He wanted the space free for customers. I spent $105!!! One guy had no idea about the stringing wire saying it was all the same. Not. I also wanted thin leather and he had no idea where it was or the colors they had. I had to ask the guy who was busy yelling at my friend. The first guy said it was no good because he didn’t want to deal with it. Pretty lame place.

Michael Arciszewski

Emily Moravec

Have had all my piercings done here and wouldn't go anywhere else!

Laura Schillmoeller

If you want to get piercing done -- this is the place to go. I trust them completely. An interesting, eclectic shop.

Christopher Feldman

I would highly recommend bead world. I took my two daughters (6 and 8) to get their ears pierced for the first time. Both girls felt so comfortable that the entire process was nearly painless. One thing to note, a measuring tool was used to locate both locations on the ears so there was no doubt that the piercings were going to be in the right spots. Its been 6 weeks and no issues have come from the piercings.

Deez. Wraps

Excellent staff, jewelry, and watch repairs. I've been coming here for years!

Jessica Kathleen

Highly professional and informative, diverse array of jewelry, absolutely love my new piercings!

Joanne Sim

Awesome place, love the vibe. They definitely care about the quality of the piercing process given the gas sterilized needles they use to pierce. Especially for those with sensitive skin

American balloon Co

Wonderful place. They all give you the time of day plus just a little more!

deanne markos

My daughter had her cartilage part of the ear pieced and he did a wonderful job ..very professional Would highly recommend

Constantine Poulos

Hey Bobbie.

Kate McMahon

I got ears pearsed with a nedel.

Andrew Amesbury

Super nice people and they know what they're doing, will definitely come back for another piercing

Art Popovych

Good store with good products

Simona Tcherneva

Beads and favorite combination ever! I come here all the time to buy their beads, which are fairly priced. I've also gotten my lobes double pierced here. It was quick and painless! The owner is a very sweet man.

amber turner

Great place, the owners are very nice and answer any questions you have. Have a great variety of beads as well

alex bernstein

heather wilkes

I came in here on my 18th birthday for a belly button piercing and I am so glad I chose this place! Their a family run business and the son helped me out picking the jewelry and while waiting was talking to me to make me less scared. The piercer was his father and he was very good at explaining cleaning to me, how to keep it sterile, using clean needles etc. He then pierced my belly and it didn’t hurt one bit! I am so pleased on his this turned out and I would recommend getting pierced here to anyone!!!! Keep up the good work

James Poulos

WOW what a selection I have never seen such a variety of items in my life. If you are into crafts or watches you need to come here. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable probably because it is family owned and operated. They replaced my watch battery and took a few links out of my other watch and did a great job. My wife purchased a beautiful opal ring and we will be back often as my wife likes crafts and I collect pocket watches. This is a must see if you are in down town Palatine IL.

Kelly Bissell

Wow what nice people! Extremely knowledgeable and a huge inventory.

Amber Peña

Juliane Pearson

Everyone was friendly and helpful. I am thrilled with my ear piercings.

Brian Glover

I took my daughter to get her nose pierced here. At first I was put off by the storefront and the store name, but was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and professionalism of the piercer. My daughter felt at ease and the piercer did a great job talking her through what he was doing, as well as making sure she understood how to take care of her piercing. Having had several piercings done at ritzy downtown Chicago shops, I would choose Bead World over any of them.

Mike Miller

Theresa Rodriguez

C. Driscoll

Absolute BEST place for piercings! Cheaper, more knowledgeable, and friendlier than tattoo shops.

Nicole A

So I need to stay hydrated I see but do u have a bathroom bc if i chug my water I need to know what’s gonna happen

Jennifer Wellhausen

sav nje

Staff was very friendly and helpful! !!!!!!!they have a bunch of cool stuff in there I recommend everyone to go check it out

John F. Bruns

My rating of Bead stores is based on the 'Wifie'. In this case, I was told to remove it from the list to visit again. The staff was friendly but not very large.

victoria hedrick

Shelly Bissell

Nice people, great selection.

jessie kirkland

Professional and clean amazing wonderful people

Carol Johnston


Got my tongue pierced almost a yr ago I found out its not straight and a keloid grew had to go to an actual professional to fix it and need it fixed again don't recommend

Jennifer Martinez

It nice shop with good prices

Michelle Felix-Diaz

The BEST place to get pierced!! He did my 2 dermal anchors and my nose piercing. If someone has a bad review they didn't take care of their piercing, I swear!

Jeanine Menczywor Donnelly

Christina DeLuca

Fantastic piercing and jewerly store! Very professional and has a huge selection of unique beads and trinkets. They even repair jewelry and watches and tattoo removal! Truely a gem!

Megan Sheqiladze

The place itself is fantastic, but the piercer not so much. WORST PIERCING EXPERIENCE. After he finished giving me the directions and asked if I had any questions, I asked one and he responded with "do whatever you want. I gave you the directions." After that, I got worried. He pierced my cartilage in the wrong area. A couple weeks after, I noticed a bump growing on the back of my cartilage. Knowing a lot about piercings I knew this could happen. Its months later, Ive been treating it an it is terrifying. I asked a family friend who is a doctor and she said this could take ears to treat with serious medicine. If it gets a little worse, I might even need surgery. WISH I HADNT DONE IT.

David Kourim

Tanisha Naik

I was really scared when I was about to pierce my nose, but the guy who pierced my nose was so nice, and made me calm. Had an amazing experience.

Brandon Becker

Amazing store. Great nice employees . would highly recommend if in the area

emma kondic

got my cartilage pierced and the guy i worked with was so nice. i got a hoop, i thought there were only silver hoops but there were many different colors. just make sure to clean your piercing.

Mary Hawkins

Lewis Sherwood

My wife comes here often. They have a ton of beads. Literally any bead you want, they have.

Maria Ramirez

Charlie O

Gail Edington

Sylvia Leon

infiniteROB God's kid

Great and professional as always. Always puts the customer first

Jan Wheat

Huge selection of various beads, precious stones, and premade jewelry. Store owners have tremendous knowledge of all things jewelry. I have come with ideas and have had custom pieces made to complete satisfaction. Items for all budgets - plan on lots of jewelry eye candy. Awesome wire wraps and even repairs... not to mention piercings done professionally. Class act store with family courtesy!

Saawli Hauli

He's funny but the stud he uses are very small.

Erin Lansing

Wendy Besler

Jodi Weaver

Great place for piercings, jewelry, beads, one of a kind gifts, unique finds from across the world. You have to check this place out you will be amazed.

Autumn Glover

Danae Valle

Ethan Hardiman

First all when they tell you they have been doing piercings for 30 years they may not be lying but trust me when I say that it's definitely not 30 years of good experience. So I take my girlfriend in to get her belly button pierced and see that their is a family ahead of us. I look at their piercing room and it says office above the door. I personally feel that it's weird that it says that but I let it go. I thought to myself the most rational idea that maybe it was an office before and just got renovated into a piercing room. After the family before us was done it was our turn and everything seemed like it was going smoothly I didn't know much about piercings because I've never had one before. They let my girlfriend pick the ring she wanted and gave her a cleaning regiment and everything was all good until a week later. The piercing is trying to heal and my girlfriend notices that there is something wrong. The piercing itself is peeling, the piercing was black and that color was peeling off inside of her and a small infection was starting plus to top it all off the piercing was embedding into her skin because of the swelling that was occurring because it was trying to heal. Luckily we caught it before it got to bad and got her to a real professional piercing shop. Where they told us that everything the idiot owner of this shop did was completely wrong and even lacking in some information. First the piercing was too small and not a beginner ring. That's why when her belly button was trying to heal and swelling occurred the ring was digging into her skin. Second everything on the clean and care sheet was wrong. Your not supposed to clean your piercing with soap and water and your not supposed to clean it with a cotton swab IDIOTS. There are not supposed to be any cotton fibers near it. Also you can't switch the ring out after 3 weeks, you're supposed to wait 3 months MORONS. Also you aren't supposed to be sleeping with any animals which they didn't even tell us. My girlfriend has a dog who sleeps in her bed, that piece of information might have been nice to know STUPIDS. My girlfriend almost got infected for your poor service and training. I'm working on getting this shop shutdown for sure and making sure people know how un-knowledgeable the employees and owners are about piercings.

Rik Welter

Lots of interesting things to get your art on! The family that owns it is incredibly friendly and helpful.

Anthony Braun

Any bead you can possibly think of will be here! The owners are very friendly and knowledgeable. They also to do new and old watch repair

Nancy Harris

Looking for something different, you may find it here.

Alex Smyth

Atmosphere is great, friendly helping staff, great piercer, Highly recommend going here for piercings

ew abl

The owner was super friendly and nice when I went to get a helix piercing. He made me feel calm too and explained the procedure and the whole piercing was painless! I will definitely come here any time I want a piercing. (They also had super cool accessories)

Grace Riccini

DO NOT COME HERE. Not only I, but at least 2 of my other friends have come here for piercings and had to take them out. I had gotten my forward helix, nose, tragus, belly button and helix done at this location. All of my piercings started off feeling fine. About a week later, almost all of them began to ooze a sticky kind of liquid. A few days later, a bump formed. I was told at Beadworld, the bump was an infection NOT a keloid. I had finally brought myself into a real piercing shop. The new piercer was absolutely outraged, i had jewelry that was stuck into my nose by Beadworld had been cut and slicing the inside of my nose. My tragus ring, helix, belly button, nose and forward helix had all become infected, gooey and painful. I spent months trying to treat my keloids, and infections. I had to get my nose piercing out, and get it repierced. All of my piercings are now closed and still have keloids on them.

Naomi Potter

I have been going to this shop for a few years. I've had four piercings done by Bobby and I've never had issues with any of them. He shows you everything is brand new and sterile. Their jewelry is good quality and it doesn't irritate my skin. They also sell beautiful necklaces, beads, rings, and there's so much cool stuff to look at. I can never leave without buying something. Everyone is so sweet and helpful and they really take care of their customers. Beadworld is one of the best family owned businesses I know.

Andrew Andrew

Sara Ryder

I brought my daughter in for ear piercing. It could not have been a more pleasant experience. The owner and his wife are so friendly and patient. They really want to make it a positive experience. My daughter left without a tear we had great care instructions and it was incredibly clean and sterile. I would highly recommend bead world and will be bringing my younger daughter when she is old enough too.

Willie Wilson

You guys are the best courteous and kind and understanding very family oriented keep doing what you doing

Lady Jess

This is were I went to get my nose pierced. The man who does the piercing (The father of the family owned shop), was absolutely awesome. He was funny and gentle and puts you at ease, not to mention the man has pierced every single part of his body because he wanted to know what he was putting people through. Im talking belly button and all. Of course he takes them out, but that kind of dedication to his craft made me respect him even more. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a piercing. And if piercing isnt your thing, they also have healing crystals, old coins, and a remarkable supply of jewelry and beading supplies.

Natalie Charles

Fast and awesome service, even with me flinching like it was my first piercing. I even received education on my skin. Will definitely be back whenever I am in town. Highly interested in a custom piece!

Anna Schneider

I visited his lovely bead paradise on my way through the state on vacation. I found many things I liked and wanted to purchase! The staff there was very friendly and answered all my questions informally and with a smile. It’s a great place to browse, to buy and support a small business, and I hope to visit again if I’m ever in the area! They were nice enough to arrange an out-of-state order for me once I got home and realized I wanted more. Thanks for everything guys!


Awesome place to go for piercings. The owner is funny, nice and professional. Very clean and sterile and best of all is he has a instrument that measures where the whole should go in both ears to make sure they are even. Wife and son work here too. Just a very nice place and family!

Martha Nelson

Everything from simple plastic beads for kids' projects to one-of-a-kind artist made pendants. Jewelry supplies, watch repair and piercing services too. Spend an hour.

Luba Rush

Z Askg

Jake Luebanos

Very professional piercer, good prices and nice people all around.

Sarah Schroeder

Bead world has a ma and pa shop, right here in palatine none the less. All of my piercings, done by the owner, have been fun and well done. He has a very serious and clean practice, but it has a wonderful personality.The daughter made a hemp necklice with a Third-eye Pine cone for my boyfriend that he wears everywhere and looks amazing! They always have new things from crystals to quality metal for piercings to beads like in the name. Support this wonderful business, i know i will for years to come.

Jake Zurkowski

I herd about bead world from a friend and went to visit for a repair on a watch. I wish i never did!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT LET THE WATCHMAKER TOUCH YOUR WATCH!!! Very poor repair! He also admitted he didn't know very much about watch repair. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

Michelle Jimenez

Dena Sekel

So-so bead store. Hard to find stuff, store isn't organized. Pricey.


Quality beads and rare. I don't see anything hear in any other stores. A one of a kind place.

Sarah Danielle

Always loved this place. Great family run buisness. Always interesting gifts for myself or others

Rachel AquaFire

Got my second piercings on my ear lobes today at Bead World. Loved it! They used needles instead of guns which is way more sanitary and also less painful. The guy (who pierced my ear)and his wife were very kind. The price was also affordable. I plan to go back in a couple months to get third piercings on my ear lobes.

Dorothy Fanning

Norma Opiela

Love it. Friendly people.

Jennifer Reuskens

Natasa Radenovic

This place is absolutely incredible! They have so many things that catch your eye like earrings, beads, rings, necklaces, bracelets as well as loose rocks and beads. I highly recommend Bead World to anyone who is looking for unique jewelry!You will love this place no question about it!

Cyan Mitchell

Came in for a nose piercing. The piercer was a genuinely kind person. He made the piercing go so much smoother and comfortably. The staff in general was pleasant.

Thomas Booko

The nicest people in the world. Everything they have in the store is very unique. The service and prices are always a fair price. This store is one of my favorite places to shop!

Livi S

Good prices and super knowledgeable! Got my nostril pierced here and they did a fantastic job

Courtney Van Jacobs

I brought my son here for an ear piercing and chose the place soley based on the reviews I read.... they were well deserved! Great experience from the time we walked in the door till the time we left! I highly recommend!

Michelle Cai

Mayra Bautista

Phil P

Melissa Black

Got a nose piercing here. The people working here are really friendly and helpful. Nose piercing was only $40

Una Curran

Tons of variety, piercings done on site

lucy balladares

My friend and I went in to get our nose pierced and we were blown away with the staff and experience. We definitely will come here again. I definitely recommend this place.

Victoria Leszczynski

Got my industrial done here, everyone is so friendly, and my piercing came out perfect!


Great place to get a piercing! I got my cartilage done and they were professional, welcoming, and sell amazing/ unique jewelry. Definitely recommend going if you want a piercing. Will be going back in the future!

tracy siegel

Went there to have my son's eyebrow pierced. The guy was very real, funny, and made me very comfortable. The woman there was very sweet. I didn't have much time to look around but the shop is just how i like it. Personal and real. Will be going back!!!

Ama Levitt

The lady I talked to about my helix piercing (I got it done somewhere else) was very nice and knowledgeable. The selection of jewelry is great and the prices are awesome. I will be back in a couple of weeks to get my septum done! Thanks for the advice and I look forward to being a continuous customer!

Fawn Bruzan

Tatia Kvrivishvili

Eve Vavilis

Came here to get my helix pierced, and it was my first non lobe piercing. I was nervous but the piercer was so nice and friendly and made me feel much calmer. I even got to tell him when I was ready instead of most piercer who count down. The jewelry was high quality and everything was very clean and professional. I'm definitely coming back to bead world with my sister for her doubles and for all my future piercings.

ellie abbie

A very nice family owned shop. I've been going here to get pierced for almost four years. I always recommend my friends to come here and when they do I come with them. They're all so welcoming over there and always excited to help. The piercer is amazing, he is really funny and makes you feel at ease and goes out of his way to make you comfortable. I always look forward to coming here. Very clean and professional. He is the only person I trust to pierce me.

Jin Feldman

Took my girls to get their ears pierced and Bobby was so knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. My girls were a bit apprehensive and he totally made them comfortable. Great job! Thank you for taking such good care of my family.

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