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REVIEWS OF Apocalipsis Tattoos IN Illinois

Danielle Guarino

Drove a hour away not knowing what I was going to expect and everything was completely AMAZING. Chris did an awesome job on my tattoo and I’m completely in love with it!

Joe Olvera

This place is my go to for piercing jewelry. Pearl was a great help and went above and beyond to find my size.

rock Cervantes

My wife got a tattoo there, the tattoo artist who did it was flaco. He did an awesome job, kind and friendly too. Highly recommend this place.

Brycia Martinez



Inexpensive Very Professional Piercer! Shout out to Mario! Thanks for my helix piercing!

Tanisha Earwin

Very nice staff. Informative, clean and professional. Excited about my nose ring and definitely considering getting a tattoo there.

Legasee Wells

Good prices, good service, professional job.

louisa sanchez

I was very nervous about getting my first tattoo and Chris did an amazing job. He was friendly and very professional. Your professionalism made a huge difference! Very happy and satisfied customer!

Brenda Ortega

Great place

Jose Rodriguez

They throw Down..

Frank Garcia

Great customer service, great tattoos..

Mario arreola

This shop has reasonable prices and low

Jasmin Alvarez

Pricey but worth it

JoAnne Monroe

My boyfriend had his nips peirced here. Everything was clean and they were very professional. The store has alot of random odd cool things for sale as well.

Derrick Nellem

They were amazing and it didn't take long at all and the tattoos are great

Mo Cruz

2nd time going and I love the results, the guy is awesome the place is cool, I definitely will recommend people here.

Antina Martha C.

Called in to see if there were any availability before myself, mother, and sister went in. Got there and this man didn't greet us, didn't tell us to hold on while he takes care of a customer, didn't acknowledge us at all. That's okay cause we three took our services else where and have AMAZING tattoos. So, I guess we lucked up not going to this place with HORRIBLE customer service. Say hello to your ONE star!!!

Zsazsa Leverett

Gone here twice for nose piercings and it is very professionally done. $18 and very clean!

patrice buell

Nose piercing. Love it!!!

eresee twin

Very good work and nice environment and my tattoo is amazing..

tir maldonado

I got mine its amazing

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Great service

Tiffany Green


Abilene Millan

Mario is awesome! Super nice and always makes me feel comfortable every time I go get a piercing

Anjelica Masson

I got my septum pierced here with Mario. He made the process super easy, casual and calming. On top of that he waved the fee for installation of my new piercing. I could not have asked for a better experience.!

John Castro

Very professional, and clean. Love the place.

Francisco Casimiro

They gave me a eyebrow piercing with a jewelry that was not the right size for it when I told him that the piercing was tooo big he said it was the right size when it wasn’t non of the eyebrow jewelry I bought fit ! They need to get the right material for the job ! Never going back to this place for piercing NO WONDER WHY THEY ARE CHEAP ! Cuz they don’t care how they leave the piercing !

GSilvia Mrls

Great place, clean, friendly artists.

Godz Perez

Clean shop, Cool artist, clean work, and great prices. Most definitely will be going back.

Manuela Miranda

Great place I was here 2 years ago and I came back for another tattoo fair prices, great quality work, fast, and great costumer service.


Got there at 11am didn't leave till 6pm but it was me and my boyfriend and 3 artist.. one artist had a appointment... one was working with other 2 people ...and one was working on my boyfriend's tat so that's why the wait was long ... Price was ok... Tattoos were good.... Very friendly ... I would say the worst part was the wait but over all I would go back I recommend setting appointments..they were very busy too...

Jasmine Alvarez

Expesive and didnt draw it out he printed it n showed me not even the actual work

Yarita Alfaro

Good service. Great people. New supplies for every customer. They've done a good job. Out of six tattoos only four were done here. Gonna keep coming back for more.

Maria Vazquez

Very clean place and very friendly I highly recommend this place

DeMerrial Cole

Great price fantastic work and very friendly professional staff I will be going back and highly recommend them.

Isela Diaz

I really loved my tattoo artist. He was really calm and helped with my nerves on getting my first tattoo. Very reasonable prices. Also, really chill place with good taste in music. Definitely recommend.


Professional, clean. I like my tattoo. It's my first but not my last.


I got my first tattoo done here and it was amazing! Chris did an amazing job and I love how it turned out. I will be returning for any future tattoos.

chris burress

a decent little tattoo parlor its low key and have amazing artists they do piercings as well ! the tattoos are waaaaay overpriced though a tattoo the size of a quarter is like 60 bucks with no coloring plus more depending on location on body so be weary if you come here on a budget the tattoos themselves are nice and very professional and they take walk ins. they DO NOT accept debit they DO have an ATM inside

Hannah Aagaard

I got my conch piercing done today. Great customer service, and Mario did a great job!

Scott Erickson

The do excellent work!

Roxanne Lucas

Maybe, I should of did some research on the place, and I get an artist who didn't even speak English. Or maybe, I should learn some Spanish. What ever the fact my be. I am not a fan of my tattoo. He didn't understand I didn't want back round shading. And he still didn't. The coloring is wrong. I have a scare from when he dug the needle so hard I scare and I lost the color because the skin had to heal and alot of color is gone. I got a cuff tat,. Now I have to get it touched up and it's not even a month old. So, not happy with the outcome. But my adorable, Chief treat's me beautifully. It was my birthday gift so that makes me love it. Just enjoying the time with my old man. That's the best part of the day. Amen everyone!

Valerie Herrera

Friendly shop

Doneise Davis

Went to get my nose pierced and the only certified piercing tech had a family emergency after I drove over 30miles.

Kyle Dunn

Good place, good staff, solid work done

Sondra Hostetter

Very comfortable and the other artists who came by were all very nice and professional. I will be returning again for more soon!

Jae Baker

Got my belly button repierced here (painless). Their in house guy is great can't remember his name right now! Took my mom to get her septum done by him and she loves it! Always nice customer service always greeted when I come in. Keep up the great work!

antonio vega

I love it there I got my 2 of my tattoos and a tattoo with my gf and looking to go for my 3rd tattoo by them

Amber Alvarez

I seriously just called to ask a question and the male who answered the phone hung up on me.

Ebony Little

Called to make an appointment for piercing when I got there place was closed. Terrible customer service I will not be back

Janet Cardenas

Experience= Meh (o_o) First time getting my eyebrows pierced & the guy, who was wearing an orange shirt, made me feel uncomfortable b/c he said how "facial piercings don't look good on girls, my opinion". Like, okayyyyy. Don't say that while a girl is getting her face pierced or whatever. lol -.- I was uncomfortable, by him, but the women on front desk was super nice & sweet! She was awesome!

Keita SanD

Mario is dope!!!! He got me in and out and my piercing is perfect

norma hernandez

You did offer a to give a free piercing for the time I waited to get service. Which I did not receive. I went back because I did see you had some good reviews. But not only did I waited a over an hour the 2nd time around after being told your guy would be there in 5 minutes. During that time that's when you offer a free piercing, but to only go a 3rd time around after your guy calls to just sit there and not get any service. So, yes I do hope this review helps you to improve your services.

Paulina Soriano

Had a small tattoo done with Chris. He did an amazing job! Overall it's a great place, friendly staff and affordable!

Tanya Kumar

Very professional. I would recommend it any day. I got my 1st navel piercing By Daniel. He always showed professionalism and was very patient with the 100s of questions I had for him. A few weeks after my piercing I thought I was ready to change and take my piercing out but I actually happen to get it infected really bad on my own, my navel got really swollen full of pus, I went to Daniel to show him what I had done and he took care of it immediately without any problem, now it's nice and healed and I won't forget how kind and patient and cool he was towards me and the piercing. He gave me quality service if you ask me

Alejandra Flores

Very nice and very professional

Melina Pereyra

Thanks for your support on 'A Day Without Immigrants'

Mickey Padilla

Dont know how to align letters. You had one job


I got my nose pierced here they had great employees the really nice and friendly.

Mindy Lemus

Super friendly/professional staff! Got my nose pierced and it was quick and painless. Piercer was really nice.

Khristian Lopez

Great time there. Clean and straight to the point. Marco did my sleeve shading and he was great. I wouls definitely recommend going there.

Christian Sandoval

Overall great tattoo shop, great customer service, reasonable prices, and great work.

Juan Perez

The people here are verry kind, they make sure they cover everything from risks yo care for your tattoo etc... also the service is pretty quick, they are super flexible with the artwork youbwant to get, verry profesional here i love it, i defenetly recomend this place

Linda Reyes

Great place to get piercing for great price


First time coming in with me and a friend.....Mario is so dope. The atmosphere was wonderful, and the people are awesome.

Elizabeth Luna

This Apocalipsis Tattoos is great.

Maria Lopez

Love this place my second time here their very responsible and friendly they are very clean and use everything is new live the service are super artis recommend them 100% ask for Sergio

Briana Dillon

I got a helix, my friend got a daith (both 16g) 3 days later everything is healing good! The piercer did great too, Very calm very professional! They give you sea salt to go (which is the best healer ever) so it was a great deal! Update (2 months later) both of our piercings are doing great, no discoloration or pain. So far the quickest that's ever healed in our cartilage. He did great!

Jasmin Saucedo

I have gotten three piercings from this shop now. It is very clean, friendly, cautious of your safety. Low prices and very professional. Highly recommended!

Maddie VanZwieten

Good customer service! The shop is clean and the piercer did a great job.

Demetris Lambert

I went yesterday to get my first tattoo and Juan was the artist who did it. He came in on his off day which I appreciated very much and he was so friendly. He did my tattoo quick but still neat and pretty. I will most definitely be going back to him and just this amazing shop in general.

Caroline López-Martínez

Cheap piercing prices.

Alex Ruiz

My GF got her first tattoo here and she loves it. Hoping to get my ears all pierced up soon.

Contreras Contreras

Best experience in piercings ever i swear ❤️ None painful!!!!!!!i recomend to everyone tbh

Lenea roma

Betty is very rude and pushy. If your not sure what you want or indecisive DO NOT go to her... I booked an appointment the day before for writing with a sun and then I found an amazing tattoo that I loved way more which was much more simple. She proceeded to say “oh nooo that will be $20 more than the tattoo you wanted” “you shouldn’t come in with a completely different design” which I completely understand but it’s not like she had the picture already or anything then she came over with different sizes of the tattoo design and said “which size do you want” at that point I was debating on getting the tattoo and I was looking at my friend debating on if I should say I’m not. then my friend said “you should do the small one”.. then she looks at me and says “your really gonna let your friend decide this is gonna be on your body forever” then I finally said I wasn’t getting it meanwhile she proceeded to rip up my papers very over dramatically. If I could give 0 stars or even a half star I would. There is NO need to be this rude over one single tattoo the size of a bottle cap which she was probably going to purposely mess up anyway..

kevin quach

Got a tattoo there a while ago. Decent work decent pricing. The guy who tattooed me recently was from Mexico so hes gone now, came to visit his buddies. But ok place ok work. Piercings are 30 bucks and the tattoos differ from the amount of work in them.

V,eronica Cortez

Very nice people and professional

Plastic Garden

They are very clean, and very customer driven. I got a piercing done there and the piercer was very nice, careful, and he did it very well. Will return soon!

Melita Jackson

Clean facility, friendly staff. Haven't used their services yet, but checked them out. I'll update my review later once I take my daughter.

Maria Sandoval

I went in for a nose piercing today. Mario was amazing and so sexy!!!! Great experience overall and informed on what not to do along with what I need to do to keep it from getting infected. Can't wait to find another reason to go see Mario. :)

Jewell Green

Great service, priced very well.

Miriam Mung

Exellen work clean place and amazing prices

tania hernandez

Has become my go to for piercings. Have been recommending it to my friends because my experience was great. I got my nose pierced and healed everything fine one day, weeks later I woke up with out it and my nose was already closing. I called and was told to come in, he opened it and gave me another ring. Other shops have charged me for this and they didn't. That was pretty cool, I also love that the piercing service is not over priced. Thank You, Keep up the GREAT customer service. :)

Simone Williams

Daniel did my snug piercing and took time out to change the earrings for my other piercings free of charge. He was great. Today, Marvin did my tattoo and had it done within a couple of hours. He added his own touch to it but overall it's really nice for my first tat. Will definitely try to post a picture.

Tamara Jones

I got a zodiac sign very simple .. The staff was really courteous .. Wasn't crowded so didn't have to wait

Anton Adkins

Good, clean, experienced work done by nice people.


Professional place, love their work and definitely going back

Karen Flores

Love the tattoo. Marvin has great control. My tattoo consisted of straight lines. The people who greet at the door are friendly and will take their time to get the sizing and tattoo design to your liking. You can tell its for their passion and not just work. I made an appointment ahead of time to help with not spending too much time waiting for a tattoo artist, so I was a bit bummed to have shown up on time (parking aint free on these streets anymore) and had to wait over an hour to get started on it. Another thing is that he didnt really go over the process of healing. I don't mind it since its not my first tattoo, but I was kind of expecting some kind of heads up. Overall, I am satisfied with the work and most likely will continue to go here for my tattoos. Price was $40.

Alys Maldonado

By far the best staff here. Everything is clean, prices are amazing, and they really know what they're doing. Super helpfull and friendly. Ive been to many places around the city but I've stayed loyal to them since i found them :)

Angelica Sanchez-Lourido

I love everything i got so far this is my spot to go to

mario puga

friendly environment, great customer service and great tattoos.. love this place..!

David Cruz

Just got da betty

mari ponce

Cool staff

Kenyetta Williams

I really liked this place. It was my first tattoo and I was nerves but the artist doing my tattoo talked to me and it calmed me as he was working. I feel like it took awhile to be seen but in their defense they have a large clientele. I recommend them if you trying to get a new tattoo or a first tattoo.

Misty Villafuerte

Very busy place, probably better to make an appointment. Marvin did a great job! I'll definitely be back!

Abigail Guzman

I was very nervous about getting my nips pierced, but Mario was very coool: he made the process not one bit awkward as I thought it would be. The piercings aren’t over priced. I would definitely go back to get future piercings

Brian Smith

Great company! Highly recommend. Very professional down to earth and knowledgeable! They also have the best privies by far!! I got my nose pierced and I’m more than satisfied. Thanks guys!!

Amanda Rizleris MS, LPC, NCC

If I could give this place no stars, I would! I've been here a few times for multiple ear piercings, all but 1 had to be removed. Most recently and against my better judgement I returned for a snug piercing. I followed all after care instructions given and still it was awful. This piercing is known to be a tough one to heal, but no piercing should ever keep you awake all weekend due to intense pain and swelling. Having lost all trust in the piercer at Apocalipsis, i went to an APP (Association of Professional Piercers) approved piercer. The PROFESSIONAL piercer explained to me that any knowledgeable and experienced piercer would not have performed this piercing on me as my ear is not compatible with it. He explained to me that the quality of the piercing and jewelry were subpar at best and he would not recommend me returning to this shop in the future. I had him check out another piercing i've received from this place that he again confirmed my suspicions THE PIERCER AT THIS SHOP IS NOT EXPERIENCED OR KNOWLEDGEABLE again recommending that I NEVER COME BACK TO THIS SHOP. I went to the dr to check for an infection in my snug, just to be sure, and the Dr has assured me there is no infection. I have learned my lesson the hard way, but for all you guys reading this, please take my advice and spend the extra money at a shop that actually knows what they are doing. If you don't mind cheap jewelry and inexperienced and unknowledgeable hands piercing your body, then go ahead and get your work done here. I've always been told "you get what you pay for" and this has been absolutely true with my experience at this shop.

Brandie Herron

I only went in for a piercing. The place was clean & my piercer was professional & quick. I would recommended them to others.

Lore Saurus

This shop isn’t bad at all. I’ve been here a couple times and my experiences are pretty good. The recent experience I had recently is what caused me to honestly leave a complaint in a way. When me and my fiancé came in no one greeted us, they looked at us and looked away. Until one employer noticed we recently walked in (after countless glares and just standing there waiting to be attended). She greeted us was very nice and all but every time she asked me a question she kept walking away. I understand it was a little busy but the least that could of been done is ask us to take a seat while we wait. I shouldn’t have to chase after an employer to sign papers and pay my purchase. The guy who did my piercing approached me (no smile) and said “Come on” signed me to get up and follow him. I found that EXTREMELY rude because that is not how you approach your customers. You approach with a smile and say “Hello! My name is [NAME] I will be your piercer today. How are you? What are you getting today?” I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been attended by different piercer’s around the city and they all greeted me that way (between those lines) and even my favorite go to piercer (who was on maternity leave at the time) greets me that way and she does her professional certification business at home. It was my first time getting a piercing on my face (and it’s been 2 years of getting a piercing in general) and I didn’t feel comfortable. My piercer did not say “One, two, three” or guide me to feel comfortable during my experience. After the piercing was done I wanted to give a tip and he did not say thank you, shake my hand goodbye, and/or say “See you next time” nothing! My fiancé even noticed how unwelcoming the place was. This place honestly did not make me feel welcomed which shocks me very much because I have been here before. My family and friends have been here with no complaint and so have I, but the service this time was no bueno! Not saying don’t come here to anyone reading this because this is a good clean place. But the service this time was not your best. I love my piercing it healed well but the service honestly doesn’t make me want to go back because I am afraid of having that same service again.

Pelayo Lopez

Love this place! Chris was awesome, really knows what he's doing ! Deffinitly coming back here for more tatts!

Shyann Brooks

The staff was friendly and the place is nice and clean on the inside.

Mary Ann Zaragoza

Christian is a great tattoo artist! He did a wonderful job on my dragon! Very detailed! Definitely going back there again to finish my half sleeve. Not going anywhere else! Two of my friends are going to make an appointment ASAP. Love his work and prices are reasonable. Great costumer service and friendly atmosphere. Thanks Chris! I love my dragon.

Alisa Ortiz

This is by far the best place for reasonably priced piercings. Their piercers care and ask questions, and have been helpful and positive with new piercing ideas. Clean and excellent experiences, on multiple occasions, over multiple years, with many of my friends.

guadalupe astorga

Got my 3rd piercing with them!! Great service! Would recommend! ❤

NG Franco

Awesome place and staff! Prices are great too!!!!

Lina Piszczor

Very great artists. Went there with my cousin, we waited about 15 minutes for the artists to clean n set everything up, they took us right away. Very friendly guys and our small tattoos look awesome . Definitely coming back

aubees brown

Me and my friend went in about two weeks ago to get a small tattoo basically the size of a dime. While walking in we noticed they were closing it was about 8:15pm google said they closed at 9. The guy said he had an emergency which we could understand things happen. He was nice enough to take us since it was a small tattoo we did feel kind of rushed and paid $25 but what was most upsetting is the tattoo faded right away and is not even noticeable at all it’s upsetting we’ve both have work done on us before at the same location which we loved. Now we just have these faded tattoo when we called he said we have to wait a month why a month if the tattoo is already healed?

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