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REVIEWS OF Lee's Tailor Shop IN North Carolina

Calvin Graham

Great work!

Victoria Drew

I just bought my husband a Ralph Lauren suit and took it straight there. The jacket did not need altering and looks amazing. The pants were huge so he requested they be taken in. We asked them to be ready by the weekend (4days). We went to pick them up and they told us not until the following weekend. When we finally did get them, it looked as though they gathered all the material in the middle of the waist in the back and stitched the pants. They were flat and tight in the front and could have put two watermelons in the rear. When I told the lady they were too tight, she said, "No. He just needs to pull them up higher." That might work if he wore his pants at his nipples, but he doesn't. A $700 suit trashed and never worn and his only sons wedding is a week away. Funny how the only replies from the owner to the posts here are replies to five star reviews. It does not seem like they care about quality, craftsmanship. Or customer service.

Brianne Evans

We LOVE Lee's! I've been coming to Lee's Tailor for over 13 years! They've altered EVERYTHING from my prom dresses and my wedding dress. Their exceptional customer service, price and quality.. I couldn't ask for a better tailoring experience! They remember me every time I come in. It's a "seamless" experience to say the least!

Larry Coleman

Brought in a suit for alteration. Sleeves and pant cuffs. Work was completed. But, in the alteration of the sleeves luxury or "high end" suit details were removed. In the end the value and appearance of a $2500 suit was diminished. Be sure to discuss how alterations would be performed. Not what I would have expected for the finish work of a tailor that offers "bespoke" custom suits. Just be clear about your expectations for finished work and understand the potential outcomes.

Kate Pratt

Please find somewhere else to go - because of their poor workmanship I have three brand new shirts that look so bad I can only wear them under a sweater or jacket. All they had to do was fix the sleeve length. The cuffs on all three were taken off and sewn back on crooked, with fabric puckering at the seams. Each has several lines of overlapping top-stitching, and to make matters worse, the thread color is mismatched on every single shirt. They were very defensive, but took them back to fix. The next day when I went back, the shirts had a new plastic bag over them and the exact same cuffs. $58.00. This was my experience at Lee’s Tailor Shop inside Southpoint Mall. I have nothing positive to offer; low-quality work, awful customer service and three shirts that look so bad I have to hide them. There are plenty of other tailors in the Durham area, no-one needs this….

Leanna Carter

This business is terrible. They intentionally ask to be paid after work is done so they can add charges to your bill that you didn't agree or even ask for. We took my daughters prom dress in for alterations and came back to pick it up and they had done additional work I didn't ask for or authorize. I was told at drop off how much it would cost and that's what I brought to pay. They physically took my daughters dress from her and said if I didn't pay for it I couldn't have dress. I asked her multiple times to change price and explained how I was quoted a different amount and she said it was not changing more than a dollar or two. I only possessed the amount I was told and nothing else. I called the police and asked for assistance because I felt very wronged and they should be held accountable. I took the dress back from her and was on phone with police advising them that we were also being blocked in to store. I was never refusing to pay her just refusing to be double charged. The work was sloppy and crooked and dress covered in string and lint. The mall sent security to help and upon their arrival she agreed to accept my payment of what I was told I'd be charged and we left. I refuse to be threatened or bullied into paying for work I didn't authorize and you certainly don't get to take anything out of my child's hands and block us from leaving to wait for police. This escalated and was petty. I advised her of my disgust and how I would make sure people knew they were intentionally misleading people. I want people to know they are not ok to deal with and should not be trusted. I hope this never happens to another mother or person.

Jessica George

Akrem Ismael

Ayanna Young

They are great! I’ve been her twice and they haven’t disappointed me. They are great with prom and bridesmaids dress also.

Major Duckets

My friends and family have been going here for years. The owner always remembers us and asks questions about the family. They always do top notch work every time. Best tailor in town!

Sara Martin

They are so fast, accommodating, nice, and inexpensive.

Pking Duck

I gave been using Lee's for over 8 years. Every item I have ever taken there has had superior workmanship and more than reasonable prices. My son has had several suits from Lord and Taylor altered at this location. They have never once cut the fabric citing (1) the superb quality of the material and (2)the ability to let out the fabric as my son grew. Their service allowed me to get a year+ out ny sons suits therefore saving me tons of money. Just great service all around.

Yolie Parker

Katie Acken

Came in to have a bridesmaids dress hemmed. Tailor told me it was already a good length, no need to shorten it more. I appreciate the honesty! I will be back next time I need alterations.

Hannah Satenspiel

This place is the ABSOLUTE best! I forgot to get my dress hemmed and they stayed open at 9 pm to hem it on the spot! Best part is they only charged $6 extra dollars to stay late and do it. The manager was SO sweet and helpful!

Christina S

Saved me doing a last minute tailoring for a dress for a wedding. So kind and great service!! Beautiful work!

Albert Chen

They were able to slim a down jacket for me. Great service. Impressive work

Daniel Schlabach

Kwang Tong

Great thank you

Craig Reese

Recommended by family and found to be a excellent service and all smiles. I needed my suit pants altered asap and in 30 minutes my pants were altered . Highly recommend !

Trish Bearfield

Elizabeth Overmann

HORRIBLE customer service after ruining a formal dress of mine. I have used this tailor for years and they damaged the fabric on a formal dress and refuse to accept ANY responsibility not less FULL responsibility. The dress was brought to them with the tags on it a returned with multiple, visible holes in the breast. Further, the manger was aggressive and nasty when I tried to report the issue and talk about a resolution. I recommend you go somewhere else as the reviews make it clear I am not the first to experience this.

Rose K

Great experience!

Lori Hardin

Excellent repairs and alterations. I have been going to this location for years and have never been unhappy with the alterations or the customer service.

Klar Santiago

Renee Hill

I had 13 different pieces of clothing that needed mending, taking in, shortening, and altering. Every piece was altered exactly the way we had discussed. I am very pleased with all of the work that was done! The price to fix 13 piece's of clothing was much cheaper than buying all new. I was told 2 weeks and my clothes was ready as promised! Very nice and courteous owners. I highly recommend this company. Thank you for doing a great job!!

Monica Brown

Fast service

Julio Royo

Great service at a fair price They Taylored my wool coat in one hour and the result was amazing. They lady was very nice and the prices are very reasonable

Molly Mueller

This is the only Lady that I trust to alter my designer jeans, She is an expert at re-creating the original hem,and by far the Best in town! I highly recommend her.

Sylvester Fontenelle jr.

Have always done great work!


Ms Lee is amazing at what she does. Very friendly and great pricing no matter what work you have done. Lee tailor shop has been my Tailor for the past 6 years

Nikki S

Dress wasn’t repaired.

Carly Sinani

I just had my wedding dress and another gown altered at Lee's Tailor Shop and I'm so incredibly happy with the results. They worked quickly, were always friendly and kind and were EXTREMELY reasonable. They even let me video call my family abroad to see the gowns. For my wedding dress, I had the straps taken in, the back part altered, the dress hemmed and bustled, and the veil bustled. My other gown was two pieces. They had to remove the zipper, sew the pieces together, and hem and add rhinestones to the gown. All of this work was less than every quote I received for alterations to just my wedding gown. Furthermore, their customer service was exceptional. They carried my gowns to the car because they were too heavy for me to carry. I will never go anywhere else to have alteration work done! Thank you again!

Victor Lindsey

Aldin Macic

Meg Petri

This is the only tailor I will go to and I have referred many people to her. She is so nice!

Molly Hair

quick time, great turnaround, and an affordable price! got formal dress altered for $30, pair of jeans hemmed for $8.

Lucky Thinking

Fast and efficient service. Asked for a quick hem on my jeans and got it done in the same day. 5/5 Would recommend to a friend

Darren Swan

Great service, quality hem stitching, and affordable prices. Highly recommended!

joannie fralick

My husband and I have been using the services of Lee’s Tailors for over 13 years. This place is very friendly/professional and courteous. We’ve always had great service coupled with great quality and yes our pick up was always done on time, every time

Jordanna Wallace

Nubianquen 46

Good work

Mike Buck

She is just the best and reasonable rates! Her alterations are literally invisible. High quality work!

Terry Ferrario

Awesome place.. great people and work.

Cherry Pfau

Dennis Andrews

I have used Lee's at least 10 times and have always been very happy with their work. Quality of work and turn around time each time was excellent.

Nicole Smithwick

I’ve used Lee’s Tailor for years and have only had a positive experience. From high end designer pieces to sentimental childrens’ clothes, I trust them and appreciate their customer service.

Daniel Cho

I've had all my tailoring done at this shop for a long time. Service is always great, and they are always responsive to my concerns when I am getting fitted.

Tony Moran

I've gone there once (drop off & pickup). **They are UNDERSTAFFED. **Unfortunately there is also a language and communication barrier. Two workers, ppl looking at their cloths in the mirrors with the staff, ppl waiting for pickup, ppl in line for drop off etc. I dropped off a pair of brand new suit pants for a 1st time hem and press. At pick up one week later, a note said, "Pants material is beginning to thin." They had two 1/8" holes near the knees right across form each other. I've had this suit for a very long time but never wore the pants. I don't think pants "thin" over time in the closet. I said, they've never been worn. He said, they only hemmed them. I said, you sent them out to be pressed. He said, talk to the manager...

Andy Ives

Horrible service and incredibly poor workmanship. I refused to pay for the terrible quality work they did to my items. They clearly rushed, paid no attention to detail and tried to speed through my alternations to make a quick buck. Several alterations had multiple missing stitches and we're coming undone. They insisted to take a razor blade to the items they altered before I left, insisting they needed to return the item to the way it was before they made the alteration. Absolutely insane, and bad customer service to top it all off. The worst tailor in the Triangle. Not to be confused with "Lee's Tailor Shop" off Western Blvd in Raleigh--the BEST tailor in the Triangle! Will never return to or recommend "Lee's Tailors" to anyone. Just terrible. Such a disappointment and waste of time.

Maddie Lloyd

I cannot sing their praises enough. Lee's Tailors are the only tailor I will ever bring my clothes. They are so friendly and sweet, efficient, and fast! I have them alter both formal wear and casual wear and they always do a fantastic job. Go to Lee's for all of your tailoring needs!!!!!

antione morgan

Ben Miller

Fast "service" but terrible quality. They don't even measure both sleeves for a suit. I made them do it of course but I should not have to tell them. All good tailors know that is the standard. In addition, they did the cuffs of the suit pants but they ignored the waist. When I was there, I heard another customer say the same thing. They seem to have enough work that they don't care if they lose some customers.

Katherine Lelito

Love this place- look a romper there is get it taken in and hemmed. They were like fairy godmothers- they got it done in less than an hour and I was able to wear it that night. Quality work and great customer service.

Dwayne Bailey

Always helpful and do great work. They have a quick turnaround time for alterations too.

Cathy Ramos

Needed my pants hemmed that day, see he did a great job and the price was reasonable.

Neal Kern

Fast and inexpensive. Very nice people.

Amanda Riccio

The work was done fine, but honestly the woman when I dropped it off said it would be $8 (sleeve shortening) and then when I went to pick it up they said $10 when I said the other person said $8 he just told me no. Of course I have no proof that I was told it would be another price, like other people said I guess that’s why you pay after. $2 no big deal, but I wouldn’t go there for any other larger alterations because I would be worried about the difference in price.

Todd Kirk

Sheryl de Leon

I recently got married in October and needed to get my dress altered. I took it to an alteration shop who quoted me a very high price. Thanks to a friend who recommended me to call Lee's, I was able to get my dress altered at a fair price and she did a fantastic job! I HIGHLY recommended her service and will continue to see her when I need her service moving forward!

Sharon Lee

Had seam on pair of pants fixed. They did a wonderful job and the staff was friendly and quick.

Amy Wilkins

Best tailors in the Triangle! I always recommend this place when anyone asks. Very quick turn around time, friendly owners, and meticulous work.

dani rose

Lee’s tailor is an absolute pleasure to work with especially when your in a time crunch! You can literally drop off your stuff, get dinner at the mall, and then by the time you are done it’s ready! And done well! I love this place so much ❤️ Thanks lees team!!

Rachel Breslin

I was really disappointed in the work they did on my jeans. I just needed a couple of inches taken up on the legs, and I asked that they make the new hem "look as close to the original as possible." Instead, they tucked the hem under and sewed it up with a wavy line, using "normal" thread....not the more upholstery-like thread that jeans are usually seen with. I could have done that alteration myself. I am so disappointed, and they cut the original hem, so I can't even undo it and try to have someone else salvage these jeans for me. I will not return, and couldn't recommend this place to anyone else. Sorry :(

Faisal Merghelani

She does excellent work!

David Anglin

At this store I have had: new dual zipper for bike rain jacket sewn in, 25 year old overcoat converted to a car coat, trousers let in, trousers let out. Make sure you allow proper amount of time between alteration of the item and its intended use since the owner/tailor is sought after for the quality of her work and she is very busy.

Amy Boe

I would give them one star because the lady I met first was nice. I had two pairs of pants hemmed and tapered. It took two days. There was confusion on the second pair(they weren't tapered) I called and a lady answered she was so nice. I went back to the shop , again. A man was there and very short and rude with me when I explained the situation. I left the pants, but after considering how rude he was, I went back and said I had changed my mind. He gave me my pants with the needles still in them and I told him they were in there and he waved his hand for me to leave the store! I was mortified.

Shital Sheth

Could not be bothered to take the time to take my measurements for an upcoming wedding. It is a rainy day and there was only one customer in the shop. Instead, they referred me to Belk, where a nice older gentleman did it in 1 minute with a smile on his face and some helpful tips. Some tailor shop! Unprofessional and lack of care for the customer. Why would I go back to you when you can't wait on me for 1 minute without making a buck? What if I ask for adjustment? It is free to do some community service, but not giving back is going to cost them a lot.

Bria Rene

My boyfriend went in to have a button added to his shirt and the man was so rude. He didn’t say hello but just looked at us with disgusted just because we were black. Never again will we go back there.

Ann Holloway

Shadow Dark

A perfect place to get the perfect Suit.

Leslie Goodman

David Lee

Fast, excellent work and customer service. I drive an hour to have them work on my clothes. Highly recommend them. Love this place.

Joseph Taybron

The service here is awful and the prices here are horrible. The quality of their work is even worst. They ruined my suits and charged me a $144 for it! I wish I could upload pictures for everyone to see all the gaps in their stitching and how they damaged my pants.

Duane Knepp

Great tailor!

Darlene Hopkins

Dani Lee

I brought my bridesmaids dress into Lee’s Tailor Shop panicking because the wedding was in 10 days. Lee’s was able to completely fix everything I had wrong with my dress for VERY CHEAP and VERY FAST! She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and runs an amazing business. I will never go anywhere other than here for any of my tailoring needs and recommend it to EVERYONE who needs tailoring!

Jamie Glaser

Excellent tailors! I have been going to them for years and I have been very satisfied with their work on my clothing. Great customer service, treat you like family, and affordable too. Highly recommend them!!!

Shaun Douglas

Lee's is awesome. I have probably take between 75 and 100 items to them over a period of five years. Benny Thong (owner) is great. No tailor gets every alteration right the first time. Sometimes its not possible. When something has to be r done, he happily redoes it with no questions asked. Very rarely do i have to have anything redone, though. I am picky, so I only go there when I know Mr. Thong is working, though.

Kandarp Thakar

I went there with a smile to get my measurements done. I offered them to pay money but they were absolutely rude and asked me to go to other places like Belk and JC Penny. Obviously there are other stores but I wanted proper measurements from a tailor and had to return with a disappointment.

Rosiedew dew

I have the best experience at this lovely place, Im going to get married at the end of this month and I brought my wedding dress to an another Taylor shop and the lady ruined the dress cut it to short and crooked. i was devastated . A friend recommend me this place and she was right . they did and amazing job . looks like nothing wrong happen. Magic hands , and the taylor are so friendly and professional. Thank you Taylor shop you guys saved me .

Couple Hope희아커플

I used one hour service. It was so fast and very good. I love this shop because I can get clothes that fit well.

Laura Gray

Christie Spencer

The best customer service. Been going for years

Andrea Pearce

I have a very expensive, treasured, wool trench coat that recently developed a tear on a seam. I needed it repaired quickly and had no idea where to go. I saw that the reviews here were were mostly good but the bad ones frightened me. You have to understand... I love this coat so much that I'll still be wearing it in July, walking around and referring to everyone as "peasants." I brought the coat in and I'm including pictures of both the coat and the label so that you can see that I entrusted the shop with an expensive coat and they could NOT have done a better job. The color of thread used and the craftsmanship were perfect. You absolutely can not tell where the rip was. John Cena just left from serving me with papers for copyright infringement. I personally was delighted but he had no interest and now there's talk of restraining orders but, that's neither here nor there... In less than 24 hours my coat was repaired and it cost me ten dollars. I will never go anywhere else.

Reena Pheirim

lovely ladies. always takes care of my clothes. ive been going there for almost a year now and have always been satisfied. Thank you lee's Tailors. Best!

Rosana Jalim

Was impressed with the services they offer.. havent seen that kind of craftsman's ship no where else..

Kelsey Knepp

Friendly and professional. Always on time!

Shannon R

I like this tailor shop for quick and cheap jobs. When I lost a great deal of weight, I needed to get alterations done on several pairs of pants. I received several recommendations from colleagues that were much more expensive than Lee's Tailors. Unless you need an extensive, detailed alteration needed, I highly recommend this business. You can't beat $8 to shorten the length of a pair of pants or take them in at the waist.

Jonathan Ingram

Excellent service and friendly staff! I had two suits altered in the shoulders and tapered in the legs. The outcome was exceptional! I highly recommend and we'll use services in the future. Thanks!

Cathy Chapman

Jamie Williford

I took my wedding dress here to have it hemmed. They did a quick and beautiful job. It was perfect. And it did not cost me no wear near what I thought it would. Will use this place again.

Howard Schultz

Just got back 6 shirts that were fitted to perfection. This is the only place I do my tailoring. So thankful they exist!

Terri Fleming

Exceptional quality and terriffic service. Have had suits, formal dresses, jackets, dress pants and jeans altered with high satisfaction every time!

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