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REVIEWS OF ABQ Bridal Boutique and Alterations IN New Mexico

Jane Merriam

Miss Dalia saved the day and the game! I needed my daughter's cheerleading uniform altered in a hurry and Miss Dalia came through. Her expertise and craftsmanship made the uniform perfect. Her kindness has made me a customer for life!

Melissa Hernandez

I bought my wedding dress from this place along with my bridesmaids dresses and at first Daliah was a pleasure to work with but come to find out that she is extremely unorganized and sloppy and unprofessional. She said we had to order the dresses plus size but then she had to take them in for alteration, paying for plus size and alterations....Then she had a personality issue with one of my girls and she did a HORRIBLE job on her dress.... She ordered the dress a size 20 when she's a size 16...and the sewing is lose and sloppy and the buttons are on backwards along with other issues. So that put us in a bind to find someone else to fix the dress and have to pay more $ when it should have been done right the first time. We paid her well over $1,200.00 for the dresses and alterations. This should be a wonderful experience and not stressful and I also feel as she was just trying to make $$ and not gain customers. I WAS NOT PLEASED WITH THE FINAL RESULT!

Solar Flare

Jack Jack

So glad I met this seamstress/magician. The store where I bought my wedding dress wanted 8 weeks to alter my dress and was $$$$$. They also wouldn't alter my reception gown since I didn't buy it from them. ABQ Bridal had both done perfectly in less than a week. So relieved!!

Isabel Chavez

I had a great first time experience! Never going to another place after finding this one!! The owner was friendly, professional, and definitely knows her work. Has awesome prices and best seamstress!! She takes her time to make sure her customers are happy with their choices of dresses. Highly recommended!!

Amanda Yackel

I loved my wedding dress from ABQ Bridal Boutique!! Dahlia who owns/runs the shop is very personable and takes time to find the best dress for your body! She also does all the alterations herself, for my dress for example she created a beautiful 'mermaid' flow on the bottom and it looked Amazing! All my bridesmaids loved their long romantic burgundy dresses we ordered for them thru the boutiques dress catalog! It was truly the experience i needed, stress free and Dahlia handles everything herself! Thank you Dahlia for selling me my perfect beautiful dress!

Cybil Archibald

I've been here three times, and twice I needed work done last minute. Dalia never hesitated to help me, even when she was really busy. Very professional work for a great price!

Lucas Barrett

Owner provided alterations to my suit for my wedding. She fixed my jacket and pants to fit perfectly, and pressed my entire wedding outfit. She does not only do work for the brides, but the grooms.

zebrina rocha

Love this place! I got married last May and Dalia became like a friend after all of our visits. My dress and bridesmaids dresses turned out beautifully! We had our dresses altered the same way with the dresses being shorter in the front and longer in the back. I promised Dalia I would send people her way and just thought about her again because a co-workers' daughter is getting married and I highly recommended her and wanted to leave a review because she did such a great job and gave us such great service. I ended up cancelling my appt with David's bridal because after I saw her prices I knew I did not need to go anywhere else. Thank you, Dalia for your great service and I will stop by and see you again.

Trish Ulibarri

I was desperately looking for someone to do the alterations to my dress that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I had been to several bridal alteration shops in Albuquerque and was blown away by what they wanted to charge to do the alterations. At one point I thought I might just leave the dress the way it was and forget about doing anything to it. The cost can be astronomical!!!!! Fortunately I found ABQ Bridal Boutique and Alterations and immediately felt like I was at the right place. She not only worked with me with the price for the alterations she was very friendly, and honest . and so helpful with many other aspects of my wedding. I am truly thankful that I stopped by the shop. I can't thank you enough ABQ Bridal Boutique and Alterations! My dress will look beautiful the way it was meant to be!

Lisa Soohoo

I found my wedding dress there and did my alterations for an amazing price. The owner is great! She is very kind and has been doing this for many years. This shop is very cute!

Tammy Klade

I looked into many bridal boutiques in Albuquerque and something drew me here! I brought in a 48 year old wedding dress (turned yellow in storage) I addressed my wanting for an updated look. I wanted the original color of off white, short sleeves (from long) and a one of a kind detachable train specially made. I was not disappointed! Tears and happiness were shared on my special day of my final wedding gown fitting! Thank you ABQ Bridal Boutique for making me feel absolutely beautiful for my special day!

Fernando Galvez

Cecilia Bowen

After reading the reviews from ABQ BOUTIQUE my desions was made. From the moment my best friend and I walked through the front door we were greeted by the owner. She looked up at us with a Big smile. The store was full of beautiful dresses. I had my mind set on a particular style of dress in honor of my mother, who has gone to be with the Lord, but not forgotten. I looked through the racks I found THE DRESS !!! The only one like it...I Bought my dress today !!!!

Dawn Dozhier

Always great dresses, Good prices, amazing service, top notch alterations for my uniforms and dresses for my girls.

Deseree Montano

Dahlia is so friendly, and did an amazing job on both my wedding dress and flower girl’s dress! Definitely will continue to visit her shop.

Joseph Martinez

Went in to buy a flower girl dress. The tag said $20 and when I went to buy it, the lady changed the price to $68! I argued with her how she can't change the price after the fact cause she wasn't happy with it. Finally after some debate I ended up leaving without a dress. I'll never send business this way or recommend it due to their shady business practice

Danielle Wrasman

Dalia made the dress part of my wedding planning one of my favorite memories. On the day of finding my dress, she was helpful and gave guidance while letting me go at my own pace and choose what I liked to my heart's content. I ended up choosing the third dress I tried on. It was so ME! I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of options, affordability, and ease of the dress finding, all with no appointment. And, ordering the dress I fell in love with one size smaller than the sample I had tried on was so easy too! I felt welcomed and at ease throughout. It was so convenient that alterations were done right in the shop, and gosh she is an alteration magician! She was able to add a layer to part of the dress around my shoulders that kept my super sensitive skin from turning pink, and make it invisible. She helped pose my mom and I for memorable photos of the moment, taught my mom exactly how to do the bustles to pin up the back of my dress, and helped us decide on the perfect veil and belt for my dress. We never felt rushed, never felt pressured for decisions, and always felt heard and respected. The shop was clean and organized and Dalia was great with communicating the next steps, dates things would be done by, and things to make sure to bring when we came back in. I would recommend this boutique to all brides who want to feel a personal connection with where their wedding dress is coming from, you can see the passion in Dalia's alteration work and feel her genuine friendliness the moment you step in.

Ashley Oberg

Dahlia is amazing!! She altered my wedding dress and did not stop making changes until it fit perfectly. Her prices are reasonable and she does good quality work. I recommend everyone to her; she altered two of my bridesmaid's dresses and several of my mother's dresses. I couldn't have been happier with her. I also take my regular clothing to her to be altered as well. Highly recommended.

Leomi Martin

She did an amazing job on our bridal dresses! She did it last minute for us and her prices were very affordable! Thank you! Very friendly and very nice!.

Leon Cisneros

Excellent service and one of the best places to go in Albuquerque. She took care of my daughter and the dress was the focal point of the wedding. I would recommend ABQ Bridal to anyone that is in the market for a unique dress for that special day.

Danielle Concha

Found my perfect dress here .. Deliah did an amazing Job on the alterations. Since im so short and Big she needed to do a lot to make it work .. She did a amazing job .thank you my special day was amazing.

Leyna Felix

This shop is absolutely amazing! Dahlia was a life saver for my wedding. I only had 72 hrs to find another dress that would fit and get it altered in time. She made me feel at ease and performed multiple adjustments overnight! The dress fit like a glove and looked amazing. The price was very reasonable, she has earned a customer for life!

Danielle Gallegos

I got married on September 23, 2017 in Albuquerque. I currently live in Columbus, OH and I had taken my wedding dress to a local seamstress in OH for alterations. I had a really bad experience and the job the other seamstress did was so sloppy, that I thought my dress was completely ruined. It did not fit right at all and was cut too short for the shoes I was going to wear. Also, the hem was completely uneven and the bustle was not added correctly. I called my mom crying because my Wedding was two weeks away and I had no idea what I was going to do about getting my dress fixed. My family and bridesmaids went to ABQ Bridal Boutique and had their alterations done with Dalia. As soon as I called my mom, she went over to ABQ Bridal Boutique and showed Dalia the pictures and told her what had happened. She was very compassionate and told me that once I got into town ( 5 days before the Wedding) she could have me come in and see what we could do to fix it. I went in first thing Monday morning, and as soon as we walked in she was ready to help. She assessed the damage and gave me many options. We decided on evening out the current length and I ended up finding a nice pair of flats, She took in the waist and fixed the bustle. It is amazing the work she did. I received nothing but compliments on our Wedding day and the dress looked so beautiful and was exactly what I wanted. I hardly ever write reviews, but after my bad experience with the seamstress in OH, I feel that it is really important to share my story and let you know my experience. Dalia is a master at her craft and she really listens to what you want. She asks a lot of questions and really puts her heart and soul into what she does. She was so busy the days I came in for my fittings, and she went out of her way to help me even on short notice. Even with the short time frame, she did a remarkable job. She has fair prices and she sets realistic expectations. She has my recommendation to everyone I know going forward! Thank you for saving my dress Dalia!

Jacqueline Ortiz

I don't usually leave reviews but I figured I would leave a review for those brides who don't know where to go. I bought my dress in Houston and I was fairly new to the ABQ area. I considered going to Davids Bridal but they were going to charge me so much. Dalia's prices are very reasonable and she makes sure you love the way the dress looks on you. I had a very long train and she went above and beyond to make sure the dress still looked beautiful with a French Bustle. I am so glad I came here she did such a great job and made me feel very comfortable! Thank you Dalia for your great service! If i could give you 10 starts I definitely would.

Debra Archuleta

The owner absolutely knows her bridal stuff! Gave me the best ideas and recommendations and helped me chose the most beautiful dress ever! And she is just a charm to chat with! All the bigger bridal chains have all these young girls working for them with no experience or any good ideas. These bigger chains could never get anything in quickly but ABQ Bridal sure could!!!

Briana Trujillo

Dalia is very professional and does excellent work. She altered my wedding dress, my sister's dress, and my mother's dress. All came out beautiful. I recommend her to all my friends and family.

Lindley Gallegos

Love my dress. Can’t wait to wear on June 1!!!! Great service and prices.

Justin .L

Sylvia Chavez

Ryan Bharadwaja

She does all of our alterations, and she does a fabulous job!! I could not think of going to anyone else!!

Desiray Holton

I am so greatful to have come across ABQ Bridal! I had purchased my wedding dress shortly before moving to Albuquerque so I had to get my alterations done here and could not be any happier. I brought my dress by the shop a couple months before my wedding so I could get a price estimate and then didn't need to have my dress altered until about 4-6 weeks before my wedding which was great because I ended up losing weight. This saved me from having to get it altered twice. The prices are very reasonable and Dalia does such a fantastic job and her experience really shows. She did a great job with the lace detail on my dress which had to be taken in and it fit perfectly. I had also wanted multiple bustles instead of just one in the back and it came out just how I wanted. I highly recommend ABQ Bridal for any alterations you may need.

tonia cooper

The owner is very wonderful. I didn't get my dress here but now I wish I had. She altered my dress and even cleaned it for me when it got dirty in my bag. I highly suggest her! Shes wonderful help and has amazing prices!

Ana 123

I had an amazing experience while searching for my sisters weeding dress!! High Quality!! And I really recommend this place!!

Amy Macdonald

Dahlia is a wonderful person and only wants what's best for you. She works within your budget and listens. She offers affordable and practical options that still keep you looking like a queen. She alters and cleans wedding dresses for a competitive price.

Annie Gomez

I am extremely pleased with the experience I had at ABQ Bridal! I took my wedding gown in for alterations last summer, and Dahlia did an excellent job of hemming the skirt (about 9 layers of difficult material). She was even there for me when I had a traumatic medical incident in her shop. During one appointment, I began feeling dizzy while she pinned up my bustle. She had me sit down, undid my corset, and fanned my face. The dizziness got worse, however, and I vomited and nearly passed out. She called 911 and stayed by my side while the paramedics came and took care of me. She then called my father and had him come take me home. It turns out nothing was wrong. I was just nervous and excited. Nevertheless, I was SO glad to have Dahlia there! She knew exactly what to do. After the fact, I was able to order a new dress and start the process over again. Dahlia not only expertly altered my new gown but also completed the alterations on my sisters' bridesmaid dresses as well. Having been through some very difficult tragedies in her life, Dahlia is a compassionate and caring person who genuinely wants the best for her customers. She is a HIGHLY skilled seamstress and a wonderful person.

Sandra Karen Garcia

I had a wonderful experience at ABQ Bridal Boutique with Daliah. She was so afordable, and quick. I went in a couple times for my wedding dress alterations. The first time was for length and she did an outstanding job and then the second time was for putting in a corset. I am so happy with the result! If you want to have the best alteration experience go there. Great overall experience!

Ashley Jinzo

Dahlia, the owner of this shop is kind and experienced. I took my Pronovias wedding gown in for alterations. It was a really expensive gown and I wanted to make sure, I had someone experienced to do the alterations. She paid attention to every detail of my dress and made sure it was done correctly. I had the bust and hips taken in, the bottom hem shortened and the bustle arranged. The price for all of these alterations was very affordable. I'm so excited to wear my dress on my wedding day! I know it will look beautiful, all thanks to Dahlia! I would definitely recommend ABQ Bridal Boutique and Alteration to all my friends!

Judy Hudak

Love this little shop! Daliah was very helpful and she knows what she's doing. This shop offers a lot of options for weddings and formal occasions. Very affordable and quick return. She makes sure to give you what you want and give you great recommendations.

Kristy Marcelli

Great service! Helped last minute:)

Cindy Gillespie

So pleased that you were able to accommodate a very last-minute request to steam my daughter's bridesmaid dress!!!

Sophie Wigh

We had an amazing experience my daughter,mom,and I needed dresses for a wedding in Boston.Service was awesome she was really understanding and nice she helped us find perfect dresses for the wedding.The dresses were great prices and good quality.Good job!

Shawn Capehart

Not only did she do a fantastic job taking in my suit, she also showed me what to look for when buying suits in the future and what looks modern vs dated. She got my suit done on time and for a reasonable amount. I will most likely return here for future alterations.

Donna Kay

What a great shop! There is such a selection of colors and styles. I was finally able to find a nice dress for a wedding at a good price. The owner provided great suggestions and advice, and did a nice job on the alteration. I am recommending this boutique to my friends for all of their weddings, proms and christianings. And I will be taking all of my alterations here as well. You will not find better customer services or prices anywhere.

alicia beltran

I really like this! Owner is very kind and helpful. I've had alterations done for my dresses. I've always been satisfied!

Jennifer Juhadi

Dahlia is AMAZING. Anything you want is possible she will adapt your vision of your dream wedding dress to your body. When I first met Dahlia I didn’t have a dress yet but expressed what I wanted in my dress and showed her pictures of possible dresses. There wasn’t anything on the market that was extremely low back. I showed her a picture of the dress I had in mind and asked her if she could work her magic to make it super low back; without hesitation she said YES I can do it for you. Dahlia is very open and easy to communicate with. If there was something I didn’t like and wanted to address it was easy to do with her and she never got snippy with me. She finished my dress so fast and even cleaned it for me! My dress had the wedding glow after Dahlia worked on it! Check out the before and after pictures!

Monique Sanchez

Alyssa Abeyta

LOVE , ADMIRE , RECOMMENDED . I personally love Daliah . Her spirit is so wonderful ! Not to mention her work on my wedding dress and my petticoat . I found my dress in her shop and she made it to my perfect fit .She exceeded my expectations , she did just what I needed to be done in time for my wedding . Her work was done beautifully and professionally on my unique , beaded , boned dress . I highly recommend her because she is perfect for her job .

Abel Abeyta

My wife absolutely loves her dress! Daliah was so much help and very nice to talk to. If you're looking for someone to go the extra mile to hand sew your dress if they have to, this is the place to go. Daliah went above and beyond to make my wife's dress a perfect fit.

teresa Ponce

Amazing service, prices, and experience. Was so incredibly pleased. My dress fit perfectly after some slight alterations, that she did in-house, and I felt comfortable and beautiful. Will definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for a wedding dress or even just a “night out” dress. She also does alterations for suits and other party goer attire.

C garcia

Had a great experience when I went to get my wedding dress altered a couple weeks ago. I made the best decision coming here, as soon as you walk in Dalia is very welcoming. She is friendly and very knowledgeable about what to do/not to with my wedding dress from the beginning. Thank you so much for everything! Highly recommend coming here

Cynthia R

Every sweet owner. Prices are very reasonable. I've had several alterations for events, workout clothes, pants etc. Very pleased with the work. Definitely recommend.

Taylor Martinez

My sister got married in the beginning of September. All of are dresses were amazing and my sister looked so beautiful in her wedding gown! Amazing!

Marlene Maldonado

i have never posted a review before but Dalia deserves nothing less than 5 stars. She is a wonderful women that knows exactly what she is doing. I ordered my beautiful bridesmaids dresses here at a very affordable price. She took care of literally everything including the alterations for not only the bridesmaids dresses but also my wedding dress. i had gone through health issues before my wedding causing me to be 3 sizes too small for my dress, but she made it happen! Both my girls and i received our dresses in a reasonable amount of time. I was beyond bless to have Dalia take care of my girls and me. If you happen to stop by this boutique, please give Dalia a chance, i promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Helen Maloney

Dion Sanchez

I did not have a good experience here. I took a pair of jeans to be hemmed. She cut the bottom off and sewed them back on. I gave he the benefit of the doubt and I later went back with another pair and asked her not to do them that way. She told me that is how all tailors do it and that they go to school for a long time and that that is how they are supposed to be done. I got out of there. Maybe she is very good for other stuff but not for jeans. I found another place for my hemming that does great.

latricia martinez

Very good pricing and timely work, she is also kind and put me at ease I am a nervous wife to be!


Dahlia is an amazing woman. She works hard and really looked out for me!

Cameron Humphrey

Dalia is one of the sweetest most caring individuals I have ever met. Although sometimes a little blunt but I prefer someone that shoots me straight and doesn't sugar things like Dalia. I have here Tailor and alter all my custom suits. They have all turned out perfect, The best fitting suits I have ever owned! I would not go anywhere else to have Tailoring or alterations done! Simply stated this women is gifted! If she can do what she did with my suits, I can't even imagine how well she can put together a dress!

Dacia Trainer

Excellent Service! The dresses are GORGEOUS!! and super affordable! I love her variety and accessibility! Personalized service and beautiful dresses.

Brad Cutler

The woman who owns this place - Dahlia is it? Kept my Blazer for nearly 3 weeks. As part of a costume I was creating - I asked her to remove the sleeves and make the jacket look finished. First time I picked it up - it looked like a 10-year old did the work. She then kept the jacket another 2 weeks (promising me she would do it right), and after absolutely destroying the fabric around the wonky seam she created - she told me she did her best and that she'd give it to me for free. What kind of a seamstress does things for free, you ask? One who has no skill in her craft, nor pride in her work. I should send her a bill for ruining an expensive blazer, costume or no. Hate to see what she'd do to a bride's dress. Ladies - steer clear; let this one go out of business.

Aurora P.

The staff is very friendly and the prices are very reasonable. I had my train shortened, the buttons on the back of my dress reattached (as the material originally used to attach the buttons was very poor in quality) and the straps readjusted. The alterations were completed on time and a few days before my Debutante ball. Overall I had a great experience and definitely recommend ABQ Bridal Boutique and Alterations.

Lisa Martinez

I had look everywhere to find a reasonable wedding dress for my daughter and brides maid dresses. Then i went to ABQ Bridal and i was able to get everything done including alterations. I am so happy with the service that was provided. If i ever need a dress or alteration the only place i will go will be abq bridal.

Briana Rose

Dalilah is amazing at what she does! I love her and this boutique. If you need alterations for your wedding and/or bridesmaids dresses, ABQ Bridal is the place to go!

Ginger Anderson

Definitely pay Dahlia a visit at this small yet diverse local boutique! She has a modest stock of dresses but catalogues that you can find any style/look which she can order for you. This makes for a pretty extensive inventory and no appointments are currently required for stopping in so...what are you waiting for? I felt that ABQ Bridal was extremely convenient and no hassel for getting my beautiful wedding dress. I ordered a dress that matched our wedding theme and was non-traditional - I needed embroidered flowers and oh how I found a wide selection of colorful dresses with embroidered flowers from the Fiesta Collection. Dahlia does all the dress alterations herself so you can bet that you will have guarantee on the alterations since she is the shop owner. Dahlia also speaks Spanish. I also found that the prices on her selection are moderate. Hooray for ABQ Bridal!


I needed my zipper replaced and I had no where else to take it. It was two days before my best friend's wedding and I was really stressing out about my zipper because I was the maid of honor. To top it off my dress was way too long. After calling several places and having no luck at all, I called ABQ Bridal Boutique and Alterations and Dalia managed to squeeze me in her schedule. I took the dress in on a Friday and the wedding was on the next day on Saturday at 12 pm. She even went out of her way to find me a zipper that matched the color of my dress. I picked up my dress Saturday morning and it fit perfect, she steamed it and hemmed it too! She is also very affordable. I recommend Ms. Dalia to all the brides and bridesmaids for your last minute alteration needs, she is truly great to work with. Dalia really saved the day for me!

mmm miera

I found my mother of the groom dress there. She was able to tell me my size just by looking at me. She has excellent prices and is an excellent seamstress.

Linda Pershall

Wonderful place for alterations jeans, dresses she does everything

Kelly McReynolds

So excited! She knew EXACTLY what to do and jumped right in with ideas. Dalia is truly an expert and an artist

Ivette Gavilan

I am extremely pleased with the service for all my wedding party to include my wedding dress. It was all I ever wanted and more. Thanks for making my dress so beautiful. I highly recommend this shop not only is she a professional but a lovely human being!

Lynn Baca

My family and I were extremely happy with the service we received at ABQ Bridal. My daughter married in August and 6 months before the wedding decided to wear the wedding dress her grandmother wore in 1963. The dress was originally worn with a hoop which we did not want for obvious reasons. Because we were unable to find a petticoat with enough flare, Dalia made one to perfection. We were also very pleased with the alterations on the wedding dress that was worn after the ceremony. Dalia also altered several other dresses for the occasion. One thing I know for sure is that Dalia has many years of experience and her expertise was proven several times over.

Melissa Perez

Dahlia is great to work with. She makes you feel like family and really works with you to get you the best price and the best dress or alterations to fit your needs. Taking my wedding gown there and also take my regular clothes for alterations. She is super sweet and extremely knowledgeable. Plus, she also has lots of wedding items in her shop in case you forget anything! A great local business on the Westside of town.

david Cereceres

Gentlemen never underestimate the power of a tailored suit. Tailoring a suit to ones dimensions is what transforms a suit into a truly unforgettable event. Dahlia is hands down the best I have ever worked with in Albuquerque. She knows her craft inside and out and her customer service is top notch . I trust completely in her abilities.

Tamara Halliburton

Great intimate setting to find that perfect special occasion dress. Does beautiful alteration work as well.

Ryann Faulhaber

Amazing work! The staff was extremely nice and was able to fit my bridesmaid dress that was three sizes too big within a great amount of time. I am extremely happy with the results thank you so much! Would highly recommend.

Thanya Thamjitsangsuk

Recommended walk-in place to get the wedding dress and the alteration! I had an amazing experience at ABQ Bridal Boutique and Alteration. I bought my wedding dress and did the alteration here. Daliah, the owner, is very patient, friendly and helpful. She did not rush me to buy the dress and told me to take my time looking around. However, with the amazing and unique dress with reasonable price, I found the dress I was looking for and bought it right then. Daliah gave me a discount for the alteration which was very nice of her. I am very happy with the result. Thank you so much Daliah for your help!

Jessica Barrett

ABQ Bridal is amazing! On my wedding dress hunt, I started off at David’s Bridal (BIG Mistake), since they were so rude! I googled bridal stores, and found ABQ Bridal. The start with, you don’t need an appointment! The dresses are beautiful and fairly priced! Daila pretty much created my dress from scratch! For example, she created sleeves for my dress and added the diamonds onto the dress! She altered the dress, so it could fit me perfectly, because it was very long and a little big on my shoulders! Overall, everything turned out amazing for the big day!

Amanda 72

For anyone that needs alterations for a good price, this is the place to go. I called other shops for a simple alteration and cleaning and was getting quotes for over $250... Dahlia altered mine and my daughters dress as well as cleaned my dress to look new and it was only $135. She’s not only reasonable but so polite and professional. My only regret is that I didn’t buy my dress from her, I would rather give my money to a shop that appreciates my business like she did.

Krystal Chavez

I can't believe I came her for my wedding dress this lady was supposedly a Christian and she was the rudest person I ever met when I called to ask her how's everything going with my dress she was what's your name who are you what dress did you get.? And that didn't only happen once It happened thru out the whole time, also when I went in. I think it's messed up that we had to buy the dress and then she charged up the ass for alternations. She was even rude when I asked well what happens if I lose weight and I need more done to it and she's was all it's not my responsibility when people gain or lose weight. She wasn't like oh well we can see what we can do, she didn't want business. I will not be going back here ever again and never recommend this place to no one.

Samantha Navarro

Wonderful customer service! Trust Dalia completely to do alterations with perfection and in a timely fashion!!

Ale Olivas

Worst service ever women so rude just because I don't want a catalog dress

Tiffany Martinez

Daliah was super informative and helpful from the moment I walked into her shop. She explained to me what exactly she was going to do with my dress for alterations and they came out exactly as planned. I had a bustle done for the dress's train and since I had lost weight, I had to have the bra area of the dress taken in. The dress fit perfect for our special day! My bustle did break right after the ceremony due to the weight of the dress, but when I stopped to ask Deliah if she could re-do it, she was extremely apologetic and offered to redo the bustle at no charge. Thank you for your great service!


Henry Chavez

This place is amazing! We got everything we needed and great customer service! They went above and beyond for us! Highly recommended! Can not thank them enough for making my future wife's dreams come true!

Toni Breen

I don't usually have alterations done at a bridal shop. I bought a dress that didn't fit my body type. It was an amazing dress! I couldn't pass up the deal. I planned to alter it myself but could see I was out of my league. This dress is going to be worn only once so I had no reason to want to spend a lot on alterations. Dalia took a different approach than what I was planning. She proposed what she thought we should do and I'm so so happy with the results. While I was there I saw another customer having her grandmother's wedding dress completely reworked into a contemporary fabulous wedding gown. I heard the price quoted and I know that's well below market price. Later I found out that several people going to the same event (Diner En Blanc) were getting alterations from Dalia too. I don't think I have ever gotten so many compliments on how I look in a dress before. Even my mother in law called me just to compliment me on how I looked in that dress. I think I might be hooked. Since then I have taken more things from my closet to Dalia. Today she pinned a pair of pants for me. To make it more up to current style she made suggestions for more alterations than I had planned, and I still had it done for the same price I was paying my previous tailor for a simple hem on my husband's work pants. I might never alter my own clothes again after seeing what Dalia can do.

Anne Henry

If you need alterations for your wedding dress, this is the place to go! Dalia was very helpful and fun to work with. She was finished with my dress in no time and it fit perfectly. She even helped me take pictures to show to my family and friends who live out of town. Thank you so much Dalia!!

Nelly Beltran

I feel so fortunate to have found Dalia for my wedding gown alterations. After purchasing my gown at a nearby shop (DB) in Albuquerque I declined their in house alteration services for several reasons but mostly bc i felt rushed and needless to say, their prices were ridiculous. I contacted ABQ bridal shortly after purchasing my gown and spoke to dalia about what I needed done etc. She was very friendly and knowledgeable on everything about wedding dresses, sizing and alterations so I felt very comfortable leaving my gown in her hands. I had the best experience and am so grateful for her honesty and quality work. I will definitely be returning - thank you so much Dalia!

michael shasha

We took in our daughter's first communion dress for alterations but forgot to pick it up on time! In desperation we contacted the owner and she went out of her way to go back to the store in order that we got the dress. I cannot tell you how happy my daughter was! The alteration was perfect (of course), but the fact that the owner went out of her way to help us out meant the world to us! Please send any and all business her way!

Letty Daniels

A wonderful place to get alterations!! Our fami!y has been Going there for 5 years and we have been very happy with her work.!

Joanne Quintana

Minerva Red

I am a plus sized bride who needed a ton of work done on my dress and needed it dry cleaned. Dahlia Made me a whole new back to my corset, cleaned out my dress really well and made it vibrant (really i have never seen my dress so bright even when i bought it), Fixed the top part to fit my bust well and added 3 bustles to the back so i can put my train up during the reception. She made me feel really comfortable and gave me a decent price for the work she had done. I am really happy with my dress! It also only took her a week to do. Thank you Dahlia :)

OhLittleFeather Joy

When i bought my wedding dress from here she gave me many options on how i want my dress done. If i need to buy another dress i would highly recommend here. I was married on October 21st

cindy valenzuela

I bought my bridesmaid dresses there and loved the service!! I found the colors I was looking for and everything came in on time at an affordable price. The owner also did all the alterations required for my bridesmaids. I just can't believe how affordable the prices were for the alterations, I highly recommend it!

Shannon Castro

Love, love, love this place. Friendly, and she listens to how you want you fittings done. Thank you for all you do..

lluvia Hernandez

Bought my girls dresses for my wedding and had my wedding dress alterations done here. Dalia was a joy and very helpful. Absolutely coming back in the feature.

Carol Foley

This business doesn't even deserve 1 star. Sign on door stated they would be back at 2pm. Waited at the door till 210. Called the shop, no answer. Came back an hour later. She was there. Ignored me when I came in. Finally asked me what I needed and was rude. Told me to come back the next day because she was with somebody. I asked why she wasnt there at 2pm, she said she was. She wasnt. I called. ...many other alteration shops to choose from. I'll be taking business elsewhere.

Serenitee Thornton

My dress was too short. Dalia did an amazing job adding lace trim. It looked like I bought it that way. She hand stitched it around the dress. It was perfect!!

Jess Johnson

Amazing shop! If you are looking for beautiful, unique wedding dresses that won't break the bank, going here is a no brainer! Cute store, hand-curated selection, and no pressure sales. Dalia is so, so knowledgeable about everything in her shop and knows how to alter any dress to make you look and feel your best.

Pat Bethoney

I highly recommend ABQ Bridal Boutique. My sister-in-law, niece and I are very pleased with the service we receive at ABQ Bridal Boutique. Dahlia's professional eye and fashion sense has helped us make the right choice each time we visit. Her alteration service is a huge bonus--great service and a perfect fit every time. --Pat Bethoney

Patricia Nieto2007

Great and fast service.. Would highly recommend.

Kristofer Rudd

This is one of, if not the, worst customer experiences I have ever had. I took four pair of new men's slacks in to be hemmed. My first clue should have been when she only had me try on two pair for measurements, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt that they were all similar in fit and style and that she knew what she was doing. The second clue was the nearly two week turn around, but again, maybe she was busy, so she got the benefit of the doubt. My wife was finally able to pick them up (her shop is closed more frequently than I've ever experienced, even when you show up during posted business hours), and when I got home and tried them on it was ridiculous. One pair of pants still had the pins in to mark her measurements. She didn't even touch that pair and charged us anyway. For the other three, she simply folded up the pant legs at the original hem and sewed the fold shut. There wasn't a single sign of any effort made, tailoring done or any evidence that she paid any attention to the measurements she made. Yet again, we were charged for all three slacks at full price. When I went back to get a refund, she met me at the door wouldn't let me in the shop. She reached into the bag I had with the slacks in it without asking, while the bag was in my hands, to try and pull the pants out and tell me I was mistaken. I then showed her the pair with the pins still in them and she told me she just missed that pair. I then showed her one of the three pair where she just folded up the hem and didn't do any actual tailoring. At that point she must have realized I knew exactly what was done and that she'd been caught, because she immediately offered a full refund and seemed to want me out of there as quick as possible before other customers showed up. I'm fairly young, and I got the impression that she felt she could pull the wool over my eyes because of that. I'm blown away by the dishonesty, laziness and apparent disregard of any customer service. I will never recommend that anyone patronize this store.

Johnny Maestas

cynthia montoya

Can't say enough good things about my experience. My first pick wedding dress did not work out. I brought in my alternative one week before my wedding. Dahlia saved the day!!! The alterations came out perfect. She's very professional and extremely good at what she does. Highly recommend her business!!!

Eliza King

This place is a hidden gem! I was looking for my wedding dress, last minute and on a tight budget, and I came across this place. When I walked in and told Daliah my situation she was so helpful. I found 6 wedding dresses I liked and narrowed it down to two. One of them didn't fit all the way and she said she could make the back of it a corset if I wanted it. Not only are the dresses affordable but they are beautiful and elegant as well. I went back numerous times just to keep trying on the 2 dresses I liked and she had no problem with it at all! I finally picked a dress and it was a little tight but she managed to do a beautiful job on the alterations and I was so happy with the finished product! Best customer service and best alterations. I went to other Bridal Boutiques and nome of them treated me as well as Daliah. I will always recommend this place for formal dresses and for alterations. Best in ABQ hands down!

Jennifer McGhee

Dahlia was so helpful and knowledgeable. She went out of here way to help me get my perfect dress!

Cindy Johnson

Wonderful time! Dalia gives you the time to try as many dresses as needed. Her years of experience allow her to show you different variations of your dress to make each dress a one of a kind. She had great advice and helped my daughter find the dress of her dreams

Christian Bates

Great boutique with a wide variate of dresses that will save any dad time. Even if the dress looks perfect it may not fit just right and that is what separates ABQ Bridal from the other stores, they have the alterations done in-house and every detail is taken care of. I am glad that i was able to find them and was surprised by the vast selections of dresses and gowns.

Rebeka Moncayo

Was the best

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