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REVIEWS OF the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe IN Colorado

Joan Ray

Heidi and company are highly professional tailors: from making my appointment to going there for a fitting to picking up the finished products, which were beautifully done, this service is outstanding. I buy high quality clothing, and I would not take my clothes anywhere else. Heidi and company are pleasant; the place is neat and clean; and there is plenty of parking.

Michael Sagaert

Heidi and company at the button, the needle and the wardrobe have repeatedly done an extraordinary job time and time again! I'm truly enrolled as a customer for life. Everyone is so generous and joyful they it's contagious and really moving. Thank you so much! Looking forward to it next project

Mary Boardman

The entire process was easy--I couldn't be happier. After an underwhelming experience at David's Bridal with a bridesmaid's dress, I took my wedding dress here. It turned out beautiful, and Heidi made it fun to come in for this! In fact, I then took a second dress in, and am about to schedule an appointment for a third. One of the best in the Springs. Also, in case you're going in for bridal/bridesmaid/prom, etc. Heidi has amazing jewelry for this at an absolute steal.

Megan Collier

After reading some of the reviews for this establishment, I really thought it would be the perfect place to take a very simple dress for my vow renewal. However the way I was spoken to did not reflect the many great reviews this place has gotten. I can only attribute my bad experience to two things; I was a walk in, and I look considerably younger than I am. I’m no stranger to not being taken seriously due to my age. However, in a place where I would HOPE to feel comfortable and “pampered”, as her website so flaunts, I felt utterly shamed and embarrassed. Heidi referred to my elopement as “running off to the DMV after high school”. Despite the fact my husband and I are both in our mid-twenties and have been married for close to two years. She made it rather clear that despite my preferences on my dress, that it just wouldn’t be practical to keep my favorite aspects the way they were. From what I can glean from reading other low reviews, coupled with my own experience, Heidi, the owner, operates shamelessly out of her own biases, and forms opinions about you the second you walk in the door. I did not feel listened to, or comfortable in any way during my trip here. The next day I felt so terribly about the situation that I sent a family member to pick up my dress, at which point she attempted to charge in order to get it back. I guess all I can say about it is that you’ll know the second you walk in whether or not you should stay.

Gwen Gunn

I have taken several embroidery jobs to the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe, and they have done an excellent job every time. They work in a timely manner, and are reasonably priced. I have also seen the tailoring work they do on wedding gowns and other clothing. I would not hesitate to recommend the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe to anyone seeking professional embroidery or alterations. ... and don't you just love their name?

Stephanie Wagner

Will never go here again awful customer service presented by owner

Michael Brady

I don't smoke in my house or car. Brought in 4 pairs of new pants and was refused service for being a smoker. I understand that is their policy, but still get one star for refusal of service.

March December

I had new ski pants hemmed and am thrilled with the outcome. Being only 5'2", I never find anything that fits properly. I sew very well and am very critical of others work but didn't have the time do do this task before leaving to go ski this weekend. Heidi and her team did a great job and it certainly will not be the last time I bring something to the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe. Great job!

Kerri Huffman

Great experience here, with Steve. He embroidered my granddaughter's name on a backpack for me. He is very professional, friendly and got it done for me in 2 days. Price for set-up and execution was reasonable and the finished product was awesome!! Everyone that sees it agrees!

Laura McAnulty

As Mother of the Bride for my daughter's September 2019 wedding in Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods Club, my heart was in anticipation of the lovely day to unfold. Arriving home in Colorado Springs, and in preparing for the wedding, my dress for the special day was in need of some major alternations to fit well, and we were just days out from the wedding...! I had a dress made by a local dressmaker where I reside and while I loved the fabric and certain stylistic aspects of the dress, it did not fit as well as it could. Heidi and her seamstresses at the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe, with confidence and the upmost kindness, made miraculous, magical alternations to my dress within 24 hours!! The dress fit me!, the details were carefully altered to create a "less-is-more" pretty dress that felt fitted, yet comfortable, classic yet unique. I received so many compliments on my silk dress and felt pretty , confident and comfortable swishing around the wedding! Heidi and her staff responded with calm, professional, creative assistance to a last minute situation(!), accommodating my alteration desires within their tight schedule with smiles and assurance. The alteration price point was fair and the work done was exquisite. The shop was smoke free, wonderfully decorated in European themes of Paris and London, and inviting. Additionally, Heidi altered and fit my daughter's wedding dress to a tea for her petite frame! Removing the train, the English netting skirt was hemmed to perfection. The length of my daughter's wedding dress was beautiful as she flitted and danced, and sashayed about her outdoor wedding. The Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe was outstanding in their custom alterations for my daughter and I at the time of her wedding. I am thankful for the trust I put in Heidi's creative, seamstress instincts on one of the sweetest days of my life~my daughter's wedding!

Mara Beresford

My wedding dress was perfect and the extra care and attention was greatly appreciated!

Sharae Manuel

Heidi’s work is by far the best!

KJ Braithwaite

Beautiful new cloaks made by Heidi and crew, very pleased and it was fun creating them. I highly recommend. HOhoho

Stephanie Lazar

I am truly amazed at the work The Button did for me. I recently brought in a bridesmaid dress that I needed altered by the end of the month. The dress was way too small, but Heidi worked her magic. She was able to use a second dress to make one perfect dress. The work is amazing. It does not look too different from the original, and you can't even tell work has been done to it! It fits perfectly! I'm and so thankful! Don't bother going anywhere else! I promise you won't be disappointed! I would also like to note, due to seeing some reviews about Heidi and her staff not being able to help or refusing to help plus sized women, I am infact plus size. She was able to take a nonplus size dress and make it fit perfectly! I did not feel judged in the slightest.

Jacki W

When I find good people who give great service not to mention great customer service, I have to speak on it! Take all your garments here to be tailored or repaired, they will be in caring hands. Very fair prices, their success comes from the great service they give, not from overcharging you. Can't say enough positive about the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe!!!

Richard Satchwill

Great service on my leather jacket, fits perfectly ad pricing is fair. I'll be going back as soon as I need something tailored

Kristina Heyes

They did a great job, we had them hem a pair of nice dress slacks for my parter. We needed them same day for a wedding the day after, it was no problem for them. They did charge a $20 express fee but that was totally fine and expected. I felt they were efficient and affordable. Some constructive feedback: We are a younger “alternative” couple and we felt looked down on for our appearance (we were also going hiking this day) however that being said that is not something that doesn’t happen at times for us, but I did think it was worth mentioning that it did make us both feel a bit uncomfortable.

Elizabeth Bailey

CLEAN, friendly, timely and professional. Their work was impeccable and they made suggestions to make the dress look better than it did when I brought it in. I know enough about sewing to know the value of what I paid for. Their prices are more than fair. I'm sad only because they don't work with draperies. I would bring my drapes there as well.

Josianne Cabalce-Hotchkiss

Steven & Heidi are so great. Ive used their services twice now. They got me in last minute & got my items in and out within 5days. Highly recommend for any alterations or embroidery needed.

Felicia McKitterick

I took my jacket in that had a rip in the sleeve. It was fixed within 10 minutes. Super nice staff and amazing service!! I will definitely be back with all my alteration needs!!

Stacy Studstill

Fantastic service and workmanship! This is tailoring/sewing at it's old school finest!

preston smith

Heidi has always been amazing. She does great work and is always very friendly. The staff is always accommodating. I will continue to go here for all of my tailoring needs.

bonnie b

I had the best experience! The staff is so detailed and friendly. I was able to get my Christmas stockings embroidered last minute and they turned out beautifully! We all had embroidered stockings for my son’s first Christmas. I worked specifically with Steven, but the rest of the staff was also personable and attentive. I will definitely be using them again!

Lauren Ford

I had two weeks to get my wedding dress altered when I found Heidi and she worked wonders! She got me in quickly to check out the dress and once I was in the dress it didn’t take long at all for her to see exactly what it needed. Heidi and her awesome team made my dress into something I couldn’t have imagined for myself. It fit perfectly and the detail that was added around the waist was like the icing on the cake. The dress got tons of compliments all day and I was so glad I went to Heidi. I’ll be going back here for any and all tailoring needs I have!!

Emilie Nosal

When I first walked into this establishment I walked in at the same time as another customer. The sales associate greeting us at the door (I'm assuming the owner), immediately helped the other customer and ignored my presence completely. After helping the other customer, she proceeded to let me know that there was absolutely nothing she could do for me! After pleading with her because of her online reviews, which had been all positive, she proceeded to ask me to leave her shop. In my opinion, it was the fact that I myself was not dressed up, I was not dolled up, and the male friend I had accompanying me was in a sweatshirt and ball cap. In my opinion, this profiling and far from a successful business and successful business attitude. Not only was I able to afford her services but I was more than happy to pay for what I was told would be an excellent job. Not only would I NEVER recommend this business for any kind of alterations customizations or any other work , I would highly recommend that people stay as far away from this business as possible. This staff is rude, judgmental, high maintenance, and seem to truly believe they are of higher importance within our society. I will absolutely never step foot in that establishment again. I hope many of you do not make the same mistake I made today by going into this establishment at all.

Cynthia Shuff

Could not be more satisfied! Needed a corset put in a bridesmaid dress

Katie LaCombe

Sadly, I would not recommend The Button, The Needle, and The Wardrobe to anyone. In December, I found the perfect wedding gown and my mom and I brought it to Heidi in March. From our very first appointment, Heidi was extremely opinionated - not in a professional sense, but in the sense that she gave her unsolicited opinion on just about everything from not liking the boutique where I bought my dress, to whether I should wear a necklace or not (and made sure we knew that if I decided not to wear one, the dress wouldn't look right) to giving us her opinion on other bridal customer's dresses and what disasters some of them were. We should have taken the dress then and there and found another seamstress, but we had never done this before and thought well, we don't like her customer-relational style, but she got a lot of good reviews online so let's just go with her. Secondly, my dress needed to be taken up as it was too long, needed a bustle created, and then we had asked her to take in the bodice a little bit so it fit well, as it was a strapless gown. I was never once measured. Not for having the dress taken up or taken in. Prior to being altered, the gown fit my body perfectly minus the slight gap in the chest area and length. Two months later, we went back for our first appointment since the dress had been altered. I hadn't gained any weight and I wasn't on my period. My mom and I were so very excited to try the dress on together, and my friend who made my veil came to the appointment too so that I could try the veil with my dress! When I put the dress on, it wouldn't zip up, and when my mom finally got it zipped, I had a very noticeable "back butt" and where they had taken the bodice in, there were very visible wrinkles on the front of the bodice that wouldn't go away. The only thing that was right was the length of the gown and the bustle. Again, I hadn't gained any weight or inches, and there were no wrinkles in the material before it had been altered. I mentioned my concern to Heidi and she immediately suggested that it was the point I was at in the month (referring to my menstrual cycle), and that even she had things she couldn't wear because of water weight some days, and that it was just "this day," and that the dress would fit differently on a different day, and that them taking in the dress definitely could not have affected how it fit now. I couldn't believe it, and was almost in tears, as Heidi took NO responsibility for obviously mis-altering the dress, and instead blamed it on my body. Again, I am very familiar with my own body and cycle, and I was not in the "water weight" stage of my cycle. She also took no notice of the very visible wrinkles in the beading and fabric until my mom pointed them out and let her know they were a problem. FINALLY, after I was on the verge of breaking down, she suggested they might be able to take out the bodice a bit and fix the "back butt" that way. About 10 days before the wedding, after leaving last time feeling fat (I'm a size 4), so many tears and so much anxiety, the dress had thankfully been fixed, and looked perfect for the wedding day, but no bride should have to go through the anxiety and emotional turmoil of having her seamstress blame her for THE SEAMSTRESSES' mistakes. Point of the story - Heidi made me feel like HER mistakes were all MY fault somehow and that she wasn't concerned about fixing them. Whether that was her intent or not that is exactly how it came across, and to make your CUSTOMER, an already nervous bride, feel that way, and take no responsibility for YOUR mistakes? That is unacceptable. Her unsolicited comments were unprofessional and rude, and she had no right to give them in the first place, but even less right to give them since she didn't even do her own job right the first time, and saw fit to blame me for it. If Heidi would like to be paid for unsolicited advice, I suggest she stop working with brides and become a food or media critic. Do yourself a favor and find a different, more professional seamstress.

Brittani Romero

I can not say enough about how incredible Heidi and everyone at The Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe was. I had reached out to them in desperation regarding my wedding dress. I had another alteration place work on my dress and I was not happy with the end product, to say the least. I thought I was going to have to just deal with the way it fit (or squeezed I should say). I was so self conscious about my dress and how I looked in it. That thought and feeling dampened the excitement of my wedding day. When I reached out to Heidi and her amazing team they were able to help me and in a very tight time crunch. They saved my wedding day, my wedding pictures and made me feel like a confident bride! I can not thank you enough for your everything you did. I will return for any alteration needs we may have in the future and will refer all of our family and friends. Thank you again!

Sean McClain

This review covers my experience working with Heidi and her staff on my Star Trek "Monster Maroon" uniform/costume project. This was a very challenging project, which is why I'm glad I was able to find Heidi and her team. I had been researching this project for about a year before I actually started looking for a good all-in-one professional service. I had her do a few alterations to my military uniforms, then we started collaborating on the "Monster Maroon." This was her second time doing this, so she had experience and suggestions for how to ensure the final product turned out the way it did. The other important thing to keep in mind was that this project took the better part of a year to complete due to both of our busy schedules and the need to order materials. While the entire project took only 7-8 appointments/fittings, each one was about a month apart. The heavy summer wedding season also meant waiting a little longer, but I was never in a rush to complete this. The Monster Maroon is not easy and you should definitely be prepared for a lengthy process of fitting and re-fitting to ensure a proper tailored look in the end. Heidi was a professional through the whole thing. She is very detail-focused and will frequently offer advice on options during the process to ensure a complete understanding of what the choices will lead to in the end. This is a very important quality when making something from raw materials rather than an alteration. The rest of the staff were also very excited to have the opportunity to work on a project like this again. Rebecca in particular was excited because she's a Star Trek fan, which made the experience even more fun. I would absolutely recommend the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe for all your custom sewing, embroidery, alterations and fashion design needs!

Julianna Kent

Miss Heidi is amazing. She turned a thrift store wedding dress into my dream prom dress. She’s a real life fairy godmother!

Sharon Glocker

Heidi and her staff were wonderful doing the alterations on my daughter's wedding dress. Highly recommend!

Assia Richardson

Had my maxi-skirts tailored. Thank you so much! Will definitely be bringing in more items! Instead of buying new clothes, just get your old stuff tailored for a new look.


I cannot express how amazing their customer service was! They took on a daunting task that another tailor didn’t want to help me with and told me to go get a new dress. As soon as I walked in the Wardrobe, they were very welcoming and made me feel special and like their only customer. They said they would help me and everything was doable. They worked so hard on my dress and put me at ease and totally took care of me. My dress fit perfectly and I got so many compliments on it. Thank u for ur hard work and never making me feel stressed and instead took my stress away. I’m so appreciative!! My dress was just as important to them as it was to me.

Craig Burnham

Great business, I’ll return for sure. Superb work and a uniquely satisfying experience!

Jorel Velasquez

Great people and very pretty place. The owner was very nice. No waiting what so ever, she was ready before appointment. She was cooperative and did a fantastic job. My prom dress was really long and she did perfect on leveling it with my height. Definitely recommend 10/10.

Tonya Betterson

I am very grateful to the staff. I have a wedding dress that needed a lot of alterations. I had lost 20 pounds and the dress no longer fit me correctly. To add more stress, I didn’t have a lot of time to get my dress fixed. The staff was amazing. They not only fixed my dress, they actually made the dress even more beautiful. I felt so wonderful on my wedding day wearing my dress. Thank you!

Jessica Barnes

They do great work in a timely manner for the best prices you can get! They value your input too!

Alanna Delgado

Heidi and her team did an amazing job! I needed my dress altered for a military ball that was less than 2 1/2 weeks away. Even though she was extremely booked for the month, she managed to squeeze me in and had my dress ready in a week. It fit like a glove when I picked it up. When I wore it to to the military ball, I received so many compliments. I highly recommend her!

gregory koneval

I brought in a leather coat I purchased overseas that fit me like a sack of potatoes. After Heidi Isaac and her amazing team were done with it, it fit like a glove! Heidi and her team are very talented, professional and warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend anyone needing top notch tailoring to contact Heidi Isaac!

Nic Carter

Very pleased! Heidi is amazing! Marie was too. I had a suit that needed major alterations. You could tell they cared. Needed it fast for a big wedding in Aspen. Can't wait to pick it up this Friday More to come...

Catherine Walls

Just moving here 3 weeks ago and not knowing a soul , is pretty challenging. I always used the same alteration lady in Las Vegas and now we had none. I started the search and had one lady I called and she answered the phone "' Hello" and from there i knew no good. I started reading reviews and this is how I found Button Needle Wardrobe, Heidi Isaac. I didn't call just went in during the hours listed, which were correct. I met Ms. Heidi the owner and her staff. Wonderful, friendly, professional. The cute little store front business was clean and designed so warm and welcoming. They helped my 10 year old with his long long jeans to be hemmed. The also sewed patches on his soon to be Halloween costume. They delivered all the items several day before promised. i was very happy due to the weather changing here in CO. The work done on ALL our items were STELLAR period. I loved her and her staff. Sweet sweet team and caring. I highly recommend this business and see no other. You wont be disappointed, I promise. Catherine W. 10-19-2018

Janelle Renee

Heidi was absolutely amazing! She altered my super complicated wedding dress so beautifully and it fit like a dream on the big day. She also was so sweet and willing to work with us when we were a bit late returning my slip due to traffic, she kept her store open until we got there. I drove all the way from Littleton to have her alter my dress and I’d do it over again in a heart beat, I LOVED her and her work!

Ms Kovack

Heidi is the absolute best! I was in a time crunch to have my dress fitted and she went above and beyond to help out. The end product was more perfect than I envisioned and I couldn't be happier! If you need a professionally and well done fitting this should definitely be your first (and only) stop!

Stephanie Westphal

Got my wedding dress bustled here. Heidi did an excellent job and was very helpful throughout the process. Able to complete the project within a fairly short timeframe. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Jessica Rossoll

Heidi and her team are MIRACLE workers. I took my wedding dress into them 2 days before my wedding due to another seamstress destroying and staining my dress. I was devastated and found Heidi and her team hoping they could somehow fix what the other seamstress destroyed. They took me in right away and told me they could have my dress done the very next day for a reasonable cost! These ladies found ways to hide the stain and re-do the terrible job the other alterations lady did. I came in completely distraught over my dress and left the next day with a completely customized dress I was in love with! I cannot be more grateful for Heidi and her team of ladies, they truly made my wedding dress one of a kind and something I will cherish forever.

Deborah Mattson

I love the atmosphere in Heidi’s shop- friendly, welcoming, comfortable, classy..and the service and workmanship were outstanding! I never had clothing alterations made prior to this experience, and now I know clothes can actually fit me well, and the process is fun too. I will be back!

Kathleen Oyama

The whole process, from scheduling my appointment to picking up my finished dress, was made extremely comfortable, efficient, professional and warm. As a new Colorado resident, I easily chose Heidi and her team after brief research led me to many positive reviews. It was clear that there wouldn't be any risks choosing them to work on my bridesmaid dress. I was warmly greeted every time I arrived and felt at ease because of the time Heidi took to assess my concerns. She offered her professional advice and I trusted her and am very pleased with the final result. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into their business model, the location itself (really clean and private dressing rooms, which isn't always the case), and that the people who work here are truly passionate about what they do. I'm looking forward to working with her again!

Emily Jusell

Heidi and her team are AMAZING! So professional, and excellent at what they do. I have been going to her for years and she has never once disappointed! I took my wedding dress to her, and she completely transformed the dress into exactly what I wanted! She also really helps walk you through your options for whatever you're trying to alter! I've referred several friends and family to her, and they have all LOVED her!

troy burrell

From the very beginning of our communication Steven was goal oriented to making the hat into exactly what I wanted. The hat came out far better than I could expect. The Art and design were superb. The Quality is A number One. Besides working on a very demanding schedule Steven came in On time and on Budget. I look forward to be able to continue our relationship. What a Superb Business. Thanks Again Steve Troy Burrell

Mary Bresnick

I had the gown for our daughters wedding altered and hemmed at the button needle wardrobe. I have Never gotten so many compliments on a dress. It fit perfectly, and was extremely comfortable! I will be returning to have it hemmed again, as I will get more use out with it being 3/4 length. Thank you Heidi and staff for helping make our daughters day even more special!! ❤️❤️❤️

Stephen Locke

My wife and I were new in town last year, and she needed a dress altered for a wedding. I sent a structured, thick baseball cap in with a small, oddly shaped patch I wanted sewn onto the front. It came back perfect and quickly became my everyday hat. Since then Heidi and her crew have done more dresses for my wife and a bunch more patches for me, as well as a few miscellaneous special requests of mine, each with a smile and an obviously close attention to detail. I don't like to name names because I dislike excluding people, and who knows who all worked on my stuff, but there's a guy "in the back" with a name that's the abbreviation of mine, who was of immense help and insight both on the phone, and in person, in documenting and prepping my jobs. He was able to clearly explain why his experience would lead him to advise against certain decisions I was on the fence about . . . a lost art, and a couple of truly enjoyable conversations. Heidi made it clear to me that I wasn't the only guy bringing jackets and patches in, so The Button has also had the effect of making me feel less like a rogue patch dork weirdo, and more like part of a club where the members don't know each other. One last thing... when I have a quibble with how a task I've outsourced was performed, if I find that my communication of my preferences was lacking, then I generally will consider it my mistake. On one instance of this recently, Heidi personally jumped out in front of it and claimed responsibility for not having caught it, when I hadn't even explicitly stated what I wanted, to be completely fair. That's a really nice thing to see in this world anymore. Thanks BN&W! See you soon. Stephen

Jennifer Johnson

I took in my super girl costume for alterations (the entire costume was too big). It was a tight turn around, but Heidi got it done and the costume looks amazing. I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be taking any future alteration needs to Heidi.

Leah Seaburn

Heidi and her crew were so wonderful to work with! They were incredibly kind and accommodating, and they did an amazing job with my wedding dress! I can't thank them enough :)

Alicia Reeves

Steven and his team at the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe are terrific. Steven took great care creating the embroidery friendly file from my logo file - matching the colors and ensuring that the detail in the logo wasn't lost. The final products (a shirt and a hat) look fantastic. I've received many compliments on them. This was a test run. I'll be back to the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe for future embroidery products.

Kim Hendricks

Steve and Heidi did a fantastic job creating a banner for my boyfriend to wear while he walked 500 miles across Spain doing the Camino de Frances. They were polite, professional, patient, accommodating to my timeframe (which was last minute) and fun to work with on this project the meant a great deal to me. Above all the finished product looked great! I would highly recommend them.

Sydney Cole

Went here to get my wedding dress tailored and a bustle put in. Heidi was so wonderful and nice. She did an amazing job with my dress, it looks absolutely beautiful! She wanted to make sure that I got exactly what I needed, and very timely too. Definitely recommend

Sandra Wagner

David's Bridal lost one of my bridesmaid's dress three days before the wedding. David's Bridal ensured us that the dress would be delivered the day before the wedding. This was not the case, and we were left scrambling for a dress. Luckily, we found a similar dress at a Something New Boutique. This dress, however, was not in her size and needed to be altered in a brief period of time. After calling several seamstresses, Heidi was the only one who said she would be willing to help us out. When we went to her office, she was so kind and quickly came up with a solution. Within 3.5 hours, she created a corset with extra fabric that matched the dress, shortened the dress, and altered the dress so that it fit my bridesmaid perfectly. My bridesmaid received many compliments on her dress, and we owe much of this to Heidi. Heidi was a miracle worker, and I will be sure to recommend her to anyone who is in need of alterations. We cannot thank Heidi enough for the work she did.

Matthew Gotelaere

Had alterations completed on a suit and another outfit. The work done was of high quality and it was done with a quick turn around. While the cost may be a little higher than other places, its well worth it when you consider the quality in trust with the alteration process. I will definitely come back again when more work is needed.

Joanne Thorstenson

Heidi did a great job in helping my daughter get her dress hemmed last minute for Ring Dance at USAFA! The dress had 5 layers and Heidi did a beautiful job making it perfect for the evenings festivities! I highly recommend The Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe!

Matthew Williams

The absolute best. They fixed my slacks and saved me hundreds of dollars.


What a delightful experience. Steve went above and beyond to get my new business logo patch just perfect. Our shirts were a big hit at our first event. Thank you very much.


Great service and high quality! I’ve gotten both sewing and embroidery work done here, and I’m very satisfied with it. The embroidery, in particular, is neatly done, completed promptly, and well-priced. Thank you!

Nichol Welty

I’ve had several things altered by Heidi and her team. From dresses for formals, to pants, to completely sizing down an old shirt of my grandfather’s; I’ve always been satisfied with their work. Friendly staff, great timelines and excellent quality. Never underestimate the the edge a good tailoring can do to a piece. I’m definitely a faithful customer!

Hethyr Pletsch

I had been with the same tailor for years in Colorado Springs and she went out of business last year so I was looking for someone new when I found The Button, The Needle, and The Wardrobe. I took a pile of clothes in to have mended or altered but due to the price I was quoted, I only left a few things to be fixed. When I picked up the first batch of clothes after two weeks (this was considered a rush job), one of the pairs of pants were too short but Rebecca first disagreed with me that the inseam was the same as the second pair of pants I'd taken in the same style. I assured her, that no, they were not because I'd just tried both on and one fit and one didn't, so she proceeded to let out the hem. They did end up fitting after that. They also mended a hem that was coming undone on a hoodie which ended up coming undone within one week of having it back. When I returned from two weeks overseas, I called about the second (non-rush) handful of things I'd left and was told that they couldn't get me in for at least another couple of weeks because it was prom and graduation season. Mind you, my clothes had been there for a month. So, a couple of days ago, I picked up the remainder of my clothes. One top didn't look any different from when I'd taken it in (Heidi ended up trying to fix it again on the spot, which I appreciated, but I was still charged $30 for this piece, which still isn't perfect), the skirt (which needed a waistband turned over and a hem shortened and I was charged $70 for) ended up being too low-rise and too short (I didn't even mention it at this point because I was so frustrated). The total amount I paid for the work that was done was ridiculous and the work was mediocre. I actually paid more than twice the original price for one item of clothing to be altered (I didn't understand the way she'd written up the invoice or I would NOT have had this item altered). I will not be a repeat customer. :(

Rachael Blaz

Heidi was wonderful to work with! I brought in my Hayley Paige dress and wanted to have it fitted, add a belt and create a bustle to a rather complicated handkerchief style ball gown dress. Heidi suggested an applique she had in the store which turned out to be a perfect addition to the dress! She did a beautiful job – the dress fit like a glove, the belt and applique look wonderful and her bustle was gorgeous and matched the handkerchief style of the dress. She ended up creating three layers of bustles that were easy for my planner to put together. Thank you Heidi and team, I look forward to working with you again!

Lauren McGehee

Heidi is so AMAZING!! She helped me create my dream wedding dress. I shared my vision with her and she brought it to life! I brought her a simple long sleeved dress...and she constructed a custom skirt that completely transformed the original dress. I now have a one of a kind piece and it is beautifully done. You are in great hands going to The Button the Needle and the Wardrobe!

Mike Hamel

Great people at The Button who really know their stuff. But plan ahead as they stay very busy.

Dan Whitman

Awesome customer service and they do amazing work! Highly recommend using this team for all your tailoring work. Make sure you call ahead though; they are very busy and booked out quite a ways.

Genevieve Peek

Heidi is amazing. We brought in my grandmother’s wedding dress that was beautiful, but needed heavy alteration for my wedding this November. Heidi worked miracles by extending the hem, adding in a gorgeous bustle, updating an outdated neckline, adding special details to the sleeves, making the whole thing fit like a glove, and using a few hidden tricks so that I could actually move in some heavy duty WWII era silk satin. Not only is she the best, she is also very reasonably priced for the service she provides, friendly, and upfront. Go see her, you won’t regret it.

Raegan Bryant

Great people, great service and quality work! I have to wear a medical faja (girdle) after my surgery and the zipper keeps breaking. I was told the zipper wasn’t a good one and they changed it over to a sturdier metal zipper and did it for me in one day as they knew this was medically necessary for me to wear. I will continue to take my business here and would recommend to anyone else in need of these type of services! You won’t be disappointed.

Susan Mcdonald

I highly recommend! Everyone is very accommodating and Heidi is amazing! Very honest and pricing is reasonable. I’ve trusted them with two mother of the bride dresses and I couldn’t be happier.

Maryann Smith

Such Professionalism honestly. They really look to the details to get you a perfect fit. My first time to use this shop and was very happy through the entire process. I would recommend this shop to everyone. There is nothing better than wearing a garment you feel your best in. My latest event was a Mother of the Bride dress. Such an important day in my life. And with the details they picked out to fix the final product looks amazing. Things I wouldn’t know could be made better. I was in great hands. Very happy and will make this my shop for the future. I have another wedding next year. I will be back. Thank you all for the great work.

Rebecca Bernache

Heidi and her team stepped in on short notice to help make changes to my wedding dress. The dress turned out beautiful and they provided quality work. I will definitely return and recommend their services.

alexa klopfenstein

My experience here was so amazing. I had gone to a different seamstress first for my wedding dress. They ended up being awful and didn't alter my dress well at all. I went to Heidi and she was so wonderful. She fixed everything for me and paid attention to every little detail. I brought my dress in pretty close to my wedding but they were able to finish my wedding dress just a few days before my wedding! It fit PERFECTLY. I am so so so happy with this place and their attention to detail. I highly recommend Heidi.

Julie Ambuul Miller

Heidi and her staff did an amazing job on my wedding attire! I had a detachable train that she modified for me, and she altered dresses for myself and my 4 daughters with less than a moth to go before the wedding. Absolute white glove service. I will bring her every alteration I have!

Jordyn Myers

I had my wedding dress altered here, and I was beyond pleased with both the size and length alterations as well as the bustle! I needed it done on somewhat short notice, and Heidi was able to get the dress back to me in just over a month. It fit perfectly, and I was blown away with Heidi's attention to detail, even fixing a small tear at the last minute. I would absolutely recommend Heidi to any bride with a dress in need of care.

Diana Anderson

I have had alterations in many other states because my husband is in the Air Force so we move a lot. Heidi is remarkably talented! No one compares to her. I was amazed at her skill. Literally! I have never EVER, had my clothing fit as if my clothes were made specifically for me! That is no small task considering I’m 5’5 and 100lbs! Everything swims on me. I’m a 50 year old woman that refuses to buy children’s clothes! Heidi now makes it possible for me to purchase almost anything I want even if it’s a size or two bigger and preform a miracle! Heidi is full of wisdom and insight. She loves what she does and it shows in her work. I’m so glad that I discovered her by simply looking online and seeing all her wonderful reviews. Now I know that they are all true!

Devin Morrison

I always take items I need patches on or when I need a jersey resized. Everyone starting with Heidi at the top is professional kind courteous and as excited about my projects as I am. The promptness in completing projects along with the quality results and hospitality received are enough to continue keep taking anything I need to the Button the Needle and the Wardrobe and nowhere else.

James Ryan Dobson

3 Suits, 1 Tux, 5 pairs of jeans, 2 jackets and counting! The best service! Wife had an issue with a pair of jeans and Heidi fixed it no problem. So sweet. I've recommended her to so many friends. You won't be disappointed.

Mary Stevens

The Wardrobe was an amazing place to get my wedding dress altered. Everyone at the shop was so friendly, had a wonderful attitude and made me feel so comfortable. I was able to get all I needed for my wedding dress done quickly and they made me feel so secure, talking me through every step of the process. They we also reasonably priced and it was great service. I would recommend this shop for any of your tailoring/alterarion needs.

Lauren Cote

Heidi and her team are true professionals and amazing tailors! Working within my rather challenging schedule, they were able to alter my standard size wedding dress to fit my petite (<5'0" frame) with exactly one fitting. When they altered the bodice, they replaced all of the beading immaculately. Heidi also has a great sense of what will be the most flattering. My wedding dress has multiple layers of netting for the skirt - after trying multiple different types of bustles, she recommended removing the train of my dress. While initially I was a bit hesitant to not have a train, when I saw the final dress I was absolutely ecstatic with that decision. It fit my frame and allowed me to move easily without weighing me down (and looked fantastic dancing). Additionally, this wonderful shop altered a very poorly fitting Mother-of-the-Bride dress and turning it into an incredible and flattering dress just days before the event! I was incredibly happy with the work performed here and would strongly recommend them!


Heidi and her staff offer pleasant customer service and excellent workmanship. the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe fitted a heavy wool coat that I was never comfortable wearing and now I am happy to have it in rotation again. I'll be getting any alter I need here.

Michael Kinner

Great customer service and expertise! Will definitely use again

Leanna Saunders

Excellent work, very friendly and professional staff! They made my wedding dress fit perfectly, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent tailor or seamstress.

Kristi Heikkila

Wonderful shop. Very personable owners. I found this shop during prom and needed 2 patches sewn on a jacket. Instead of turning me away or waiting 2 weeks they took care of my small job on the spot. Wow! The other shops gave the standard 2 week wait due to prom. What a joy to have stumbled on! Thank you!!! I have a happy graduating high school senior!

Ashley Sterling

I cannot begin to say how happy I was with my whole experience at the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe. I came to Heidi with a my wedding dress and I was not in love with how the back of my dress was designed. I showed Heidi something that I did like and she and her team reconstructed the whole back of the dress. I also wanted a piece of my moms wedding dress sewed in and they sewed it in so beautifully and so tastefully. Heidi is also the queen of creating a beautiful/easy bustle!! Heidi is great at wedding dress altercations but I have also brought in a couple articles of clothing that I needed length in, straps fixed, and or lining in some pieces and her and her team get it fixed so quickly and for a decent price. I would recommend anyone to them ESPECIALLY if you are going to trust anyone with your wedding dress alterations.

Marguerite Wilaby

I am so happy that I choose The Button, The Needle and The Wardrobe to manage the fitting of my daughter's wedding dress. Heidi and her staff became trusted advisors and friends for nearly a year. Every moment was stellar, from the first time I spoke with Heidi over the phone, through the successive visits to begin and complete the fitting services. The dress was a very elaborately beaded and not only made complex to adjust, it also needed some beadwork replaced as it had been a sample dress before we bought it and thus not overly well cared for. Heidi made sure to match the needed beads with the right supplier and ensure they matched 100% before applying them with perfection to the dress. For the same reason the dress was a challenge to bustle-up the train, or at least we thought it was going to be a challenge until Heidi knew exactly what to do. When we picked up the dress at the final fitting it was like something special was over... but we will use Heidi and her team again for anything else we need in the future. FYI: her husband Steve is a great embroidery artist!

Emily F

Everyone went above and beyond to help me and make my dress work when it was 3 sizes to big. It looks better now than ever! The quality of workmanship and service is exceptional.

Katie O'Toole

Heidi and her team are so amazing! I had a wedding dress crisis 2 days before my wedding and they were all so kind and willing to help. They fixed my dress in one day and it looked amazing. I am so greatful for Heidi and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a quality alteration.

Jennifer Shelton

I really loved the wedding dress I chose and could not imagine it being any better than it already was, but Heidi took it from wonderful to spectacular! I started calling her my fairy godsister (too young to be a godmother) because the transformation was so magical. With the perfect fit and the most amazing veil (my dream veil) as her finishing touches, and a beautiful pair of earrings to add that I also found at her shop, I couldn't believe that it was me in the mirror! I think every bride wishes to be the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day, and I am so grateful to Heidi for making that happen for me. Also, she is a lot of fun to work with in the process - extremely patient and accommodating. AND, on top of everything else, her shop is so pretty - what a great environment! She does everything she can for her clients. I couldn't recommend the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe more highly.

Jessica Farrell

Heidi and her team are wonderful and experts at creating and altering anything you bring to them! I brought in a jumpsuit that was a size 14 and she got it to fit me as a size 2. WHAT. THE MAGIC. Best in the city of Colorado Springs. Highly recommend!

Annie Spencer

They were really nice and very quick to fix a sweater that I wasn't sure could be fixed. Got it done in a day! Very friendly and super cute store.

Jacqueline Sasieta

Heidi was amazing! My wedding dress fitted perfectly and she added a bustle to it that made the dress even better than how I bought it. She gave me the best advice on how it was altered and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out! I would HIGHLY recommend coming here to have your wedding gown fitted!

A.J. Holbeck

Absolutely amazing place and people. Steven did an excellent job with 9 jackets that I had custom embroidered as well as patches sewn onto them. He took his time as if they were his own and did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him, his work, and the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe. I won't be going to any other place as this is the best place in town.

Cara Rodriguez

Heidi was extremely helpful when I went in for my wedding dress alterations. She envisioned exactly what I was describing to her and the results exceeded my expectations. The dress fits perfectly and looks amazing. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable, and made the experience smooth and easy. I highly recommend the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe.

amber campbell

She's the best in town

Shelly Porterfield

Steven did a wonderful job doing a monogram on a baby blanket for me. He was able to get me in quick and the turnaround time was only an hour! They are also very reasonably priced! I Will definitely go back!

Hayleigh Brockup

The Button, The Needle and The Wardrobe was beyond amazing! I had a last minute alteration on some jeans that were too long. I really wanted them for a concert and Heidi got them done same day. The pricing was great and the customer service was awesome! I’ll definitely be returning.

Nora Balota

Heidi and her team are wonderful! From the moment I first called to make the appointment, they told me exactly what to expect, they were very accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable! The work was done on time, and with great attention to detail! I am a very picky woman, and quality is very important to me. I am very pleased! I highly recommend Heidi and her team!

Marisa McMillen

Heidi did a great job shortening my dress with a tight deadline.. She also offered to shorten the belt loops on the spot when I picked up the dress. Thanks so much!

Kelly Denning

The owner and all her employees were very friendly and easy to work with. They fit me in, in their very busy schedule. The owner double checked my hem and when it wasn’t quite short enough, she kept an extra couple of days and made it right. I will definitely be back the next time I need clothing alterations. Thank you Heid & staff!!!

Liz Warth

Exceptional work!! Always professional and courteous. The staff here has each customer in their best interest. Would highly recommend this company.

Dani Ewan

Steven did an embroidery project for me, turning a beautiful mountain Cabin picture into an embroidery piece in which we matted and framed. I gave it as a gift to my parents, they absolutely loved it! It turned out beautiful, his artistic vision and assistance with thread color selection was spot on. It’s a conversation piece as it almost looks like a Van Gogh style painting, but it’s all threads! So cool.

Geimi Chism

Heidi is absolutely wonderful to work with. I had about 3 weeks before I was leaving to compete in a national pageant and I had a fully beaded gown that needed alterations. The first place I went to quoted me an outrageous price, and others did not even want to touch my gown. I sent photos over to Heidi and she said it would be no problem to alter my gown (even on my short timeline). She's extremely professional and did an amazing job on my gown. She even made the alterations so they could be reversed should I ever want to sell the gown to someone else. Thank you so much Heidi!

Ivory Morton

They do amazing work! I was very impressed with the work done on my clothing. The thread had come unraveled on my shirt, they fixed it and you can’t tell that it ever was messed up!

Elaine Ware

I recently brought in a winter coat that I had purchased to have the zipper changed from just zipping up and down to zipping from both directions so I could have more options on how to wear it. Not only were Heidi and her staff a delight to work with but their attention to detail was phenomenal. I absolutely LOVE the results!! If you’re looking for a tailor who is a detail person, look no further!! I will definitely keep them on my list of go to people. Side bonus...always great to support our local businesses. Thanks again!

Angie May

The ladies at the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe are all so incredibly talented and took care of my pageant gown for the United States of America’s Ms. at nationals. They worked with my timeline and had my dress ready early! I’ll never take my clothes to anyone else in the city for tailoring. This is their art, their passion, and their profession! Thank you, Heidi!!!!

Ahren Rae-Will

Found them because of their awesome store name! Called and asked if they could sew a strap on my hiking backpack back on after had came off a few months ago. Took it in and they had it completed within a matter of minuets! Super friendly people and a cool little store!

Tiffany Brigham

Steven has embroidered my company's logo on multiple blouses, sweaters and jackets for me. He has always been very friendly and helpful. Steven has even squeezed me in to get a couple of blouses done in very short amount of time before I had to fly out for a client event. The owner, Heidi, and the staff are friendly every time I go in to drop off or pick up an order. This shop feels like a hidden gem with with excellent customer service that is less often seen these days. When I do need to have something altered, I plan to have the alterations done here, as well. Many thanks!

Kayla Wingard

I chose this place because it had good reviews. However, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I walked in for my appointment and the owner had no clue why I was there. After reminding her that I was there to alter my wedding dress she took me to a dressing room. She unzipped the garment bag and immediately started criticising my dress. She even took it out to make fun of it in front of her employees. After I put it on and walked out she wasted no time telling me that I never should have been sold the dress and that I was just too big for it. My best friend and sister were there and tried to give suggestions and solutions. She scoffed at every one of them and said there was nothing she could do. Finally, she came up with ONE solution but wasted no time telling me it wouldn't look right and that I would look less than beautiful walking down the aisle. She guaranteed she would do, "amazing work" but that wouldn't matter because my dress would still be wrong. She ended the appointment by telling me to sell my dress, buy a new one, and get rush alterations done. The next week I went to another tailor. She came up with several solutions, none of which included her insulting my body, and ultimately came up with a solution that improved my dress. Don't go here.

Blaine Brown

Heidi and her husband and employees were SO helpful in an almost impossible request. I wanted to make a crazy jacket for a concert on a Wednesday night and I got my jacket in on Monday afternoon. They were so gracious, helpful and accommodating. I told them the look I was going for with all my patches and they suggested some embroidery and then made such a creative final product. Their attention to detail and design knowledge made me so satisfied with my jacket. They cut up my patches and had a bee going into a flower, had flowers coming out of my pockets, and the embroidery was top notch. Thanks so much Heidi, I can’t wait to bring you my next project!!

Kier Jackson

Quality work with quality people! They tackled my project with ease and in a quick manner. I will definitely be going back for future embroidery and stitching projects I have lined up! Overall great experience.

Monica Maldonado

Super helpful and as nice as she seems

Jessi Williams

If you're looking for an amazing alterations place, you've found it. They are so professional, welcoming, and talented. They really did a fantastic job. The price was reasonable and the turn around was quick. I will never go anywhere else should I need alterations on anything else.

Nicole Enger

My cousin had her dress altered out of state by a different seamstress. Sadly, the alterations were awful and the wedding dress needed to be fixed! This incredible team stepped up and did so much more than expected to make sure the wedding dress was perfect in every way. The entire team is friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help in any way they can! I’m one happy maid of honor to have an ecstatic bride!

Callie Fall

They literally saved my daughter's wedding! We had an alteration emergency 2 days before the wedding!! Heidi and her amazing team worked so hard to make sure her dress fit perfectly for her special day!! We can't thank them enough! Very professional and speedy!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!!

Erik Phillips

Heidi's expertise simply can't be overstated. I have benefited from her services for over 5 years now, and I couldn't be happier. There is something about her work that stands apart from the rest. In the beginning, after having recently discovered Heidi's shop, I found myself in the predicament of needing pants hemmed with a one-day turnaround. I took the pants to another tailor and was immediately disappointed when I saw the end product--it just couldn't compare with Heidi's work. It was at that point that I resolved to keep my business where I could get the best results, and I haven't regretted one experience with her. She has tailored my suit jackets and slacks and even blue jeans. About a year ago, I unintentionally almost stumped her with a request (built-in shirt stays inside the waist band of my slacks). Very quickly, she devised a solution, put her plan into effect, and gave me *exactly* what I had requested! Due to my numerous experiences of her high-quality work, I now don't hesitate to purchase clothes that are "close but not quite," because I have utter confidence in knowing that Heidi's shop will get it right without fail. I can't recommend her work highly enough!

Samantha Yoder

Literally this crew is a ton of lifesavers! When I ordered my dress is was the wrong size (it wouldn’t zip and I couldn’t sit in it) and had pen marks all over it! But, this team managed to make this dress fit like a glove and got rid of all the marks! I cannot thank this team enough because my dress turned out absolutely stunning!

Dennis Robinson

Heidi and her staff are always very cordial and accommodating to my needs and request. I have lost count of the number of slacks, jackets, suits, jeans, and shirts these folks have altered/corrected for me. And they have always done it with a smile and the utmost professionalism. I have referred her services to others and I have no reservations in doing so again.


Look no further for your tailoring needs! The ladies at The Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe are professional, friendly, helpful and thorough. I needed difficult alterations made to my stab vest and uniform, and the seamstresses swiftly made all requested changes for a reasonable price. I highly recommend their services!

Derby Girl

Heidi is a miracle worker! I have had a vintage dress in my possession that I have worn to all formal occasions since 1987. Last year - was the first I could not close the zipper. This was a tailored garment to begin with so there was very little play...ANYWHERE. Heidi was very ingenious and found enough room to expand the additional 2" I needed all around to yet again....make me appear to have figure of a 20 year old girl. The price was a little higher than I expected (going from dress hems @ $10/pop ) - but the quality of work and the appearance of the vintage (1950's) dress was complimented on throughout my evening out. Not a single soul knew I had let 5 different seams out from the original tailor over 60 years ago or that any of the pleats had been diminished. I would recommend Heidi for any vintage work (or wonderful estate sale) clothing you might happen to unearth. "They" just don't know how make clothing around a real woman's figure like they used to. ......but Heidi does!!!!

Ramey Willeford

Heidi worked on my wedding dress and it was absolutely perfect! It fit me like it was custom made and I felt beautiful. My groom loved it too. ;)

Briana Kerbow

Heidi did a wonderful job on my wedding dress. She basically had to rebuild the back because it was so large and after she was done you'd never know that dress wasn't originally made in my size. She is very knowledgeable and friendly and I believe fairly priced!

Danelle Henry

Wonderful experience! Brought a dress in with a broken strap, and it was fixed nicely, quickly and at a fair price! Thank you!

Mandy Wamboldt

This seamstress is absolutely amazing! I would give more than 5 stars if I could. I had my wedding dress altered out of state, and it got very messed up. The button The needle and The wardrobe fixed every problem that was wrong. I want to thank Heidi for making my dress perfect for my wedding day!

Autumn Wulf

Heidi and her team did a fabulous job altering my bridal gown and flower girl dresses. As someone who comes for the bridal industry I felt very confident in the work Heidi recommended be done. I would highly recommend the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe!


Thank goodness Heidi is experienced with the bridemaids dresses many brides are choosing from overseas: JJ's House, etc. The team did a wonderful job making the awkward measurements of my dress fit *perfectly* to my body, including needing to shorten the torso length to petite proportions. Heidi and her team are not the cheapest in town, but were worth every penny for the level of difficulty required on this dress' alterations. I highly recommend her for complex jobs you aren't sure are even possible! She is very upfront about what is and is not possible, and will do everything she can to meet your needs. She was generous with her time as well, working to fit me in at the last minute due to how late my dress arrived. I am so thankful I chose this team of expert (yes, truly expert!) seamstresses!

Ranjini Danaraj

Heidi and Company altered my wedding dress TO PERFECTION. Well beyond taking the dress in and up, they brought straps that were off the shoulder to on top of the shoulder, carefully transferring the lacy overlays. I was so impressed with their precision and attention to detail. The shop was very easy to work with and accommodating to my busy work schedule; I will now use them for all of my alterations!

Sofie Tucker

Contacted them to do some embroidery as a gift, they had me send them the design and dimensions I wanted and told me they would let me know about pricing and a timeline. Never heard back from anyone and had no success when I reached out. I went with another shop.

Danielle Garceau

Heidi is amazing! Transformed the back of my dress into a corset and it looks like it built that way in the first place (and for a very reasonable price). Highly recommend!

charley allan

Extremely customer focused. Took the time to get my dress uniform ready for my son's wedding, did great job, and met the schedule. Heidi and the team really helped

Mike Zimmerman

I first met Heidi many years ago when I needed repairs to an old coat that was going to be a present to my son. She did a fantastic job of repairing it to make the perfect gift. Now I get embroidery for our aikido dojo's black belts from Steve. Steve does a great job every time. Always personable and ready to help! Highly recommend them!

Ariel Lipp

My Wedding Dress fit like a Glove after it was taken in and the bustle was Gorgeous at the reception!! The price was reasonable and the under skirt was a PERFECT suggestion!! I felt like a princess!!

Shannon Crosley

Heidi has a great eye for tailoring! She fixed our obvious problem and also saw a solution for something we thought couldn’t be fixed. She has jewelry available and knows what to pair for a great final look if you ask for her opinion. Exceeded expectations! We won’t go anywhere else.

Ashley Anderson

Left here absolutely heartbroken. Very disappointing after having read such great reviews, unsure of why the service we received would have been any different as we showed up on time and were ready to hire them for the job. I came here for help making my dream dress work, not to be told to buy a different dress or that even if I paid $800 in alteration fees that it still wouldn’t look right on me. Wish we would have been treated with more kindness and tact. You never know what someone’s situation is or how your words affect them but as a small business owner myself, I hope that in my client interactions that I have never made my clients feel as badly as your establishment made me feel today. *update* a different seamstress who has outstanding reviews took the job and is fixing the things you said couldn’t be fixed; all for less than half of what you quoted us. Not sure why you didn’t want our business but you definitely lost a customer for life

Shelby Dake

Heidi and her team took my perfect wedding dress and somehow managed to make it even better. It fits perfectly, and now has the ability to bustle in a way that is still extremely flattering to the dress and myself. She explained every detail of what she was doing to it, making sure I understood the changes and additions. I would absolutely recommend The Button, the Needle, & the Wardrobe!

Leanne M

Fantastic service! I had several items that I needed to have embroidered with our group’s logo. Very professional, extremely knowledgeable, highly detailed and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them for all your sewing needs!

Kristy Henkemeyer

Heidi and her team were amazing. I took in a Diane Von Furstenberg Zarita black lace dress that was way too long and a little too roomy. Heidi took it in and added the most delicate bustle to be able to keep the train. The dress came out perfect. I will be taking anything needing alterations to The Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe!

Lindsey Drake

If I need anything else altered I will definitely go back to this place. Heidi was so sweet to work with and her team did a great job on my dress. I needed to get my dress hemmed since I'm so short. The straps on my dress didn't sit right on me so she fixed that too. I was in a time time crunch and they met my request while still doing an amazing job. The environment is comfortable and quaint. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Kim Corey

A darling, comfortable shop! Friendly, caring, professional. Heidi and her staff do great work!

Chelsea Durante

Great service and impeccable staff! Thank you so much for making my wedding dress alterations perfect!!!

Lacey Ewing

Steven was amazing to work with. I flew from Texas to Colorado for a wedding. The brides shirt was damaged last minute. I took the shirt to Steven on Thursday around 1 to embroidery a monogram and he had it ready the same day. Super thankful for his hard work and effort to ensure that this small detail was perfect for my best friend's big day. I would definitely recommend this company and would use them again if I were local.

K Hopper

I brought Heidi my mother's (and my) wedding dress to make a baptism gown for my future grandchildren. She kept all the sentimental touches and created a better gown than anything I could have imagined. She also made a purse I can use for my son's wedding She truly understood what I wanted even more than I could verbalize. I highly recommend The Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe!


What a great experience! Steven and staff were awesome! Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The embroidery turned out perfect! Love the store and the positive energy. Highly recommend them for all of their services.

Sandra Kemp

My daughter went in on a Tuesday to see about getting some work patches sewn on her uniform. The lady knew she needed it done by the afternoon of the next day. She told her to come back the following morning and she'd do it. When she went back that next morning, the lady said that since it was a rush job (same day delivery) there would be an extra rush fee. $30 to sew on two patches.

Jan Torbit

It has been a definite challenge trying to find a good seamstress in Colorado Springs. I have been to several so called seamstresses in this town and was about ready to give up trying again when I found Heidi’s “The Button, The Needle, and The Wardrobe.” What excellent workmanship Heidi performed on my red Italian cashmere coat that was practically ruined by a former seamstress, even to the point of no recovery!! I was so impressed with her professionalism and highly recommend her business!! I have finally found an expert seamstress that indeed meets my expectations; no need to look any further!!!!! Thank you Heidi!!!

Rachel Kall

This place is simply the best! I will definitely be returning for all future alterations!

Jenevieve Alcantara

I absolutely recommend going to the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe!! They have such a cute place filled with the sweetest ladies who really care about your satisfaction. I was happily surprised with how well my alterations turned out and know you will be too!

Lucy Trankina

I was so nervous about finding a seamstress for my wedding since I am new to the area and do not know many people. I tried a few other places, but did not like my experience so I kept looking. And thank goodness I did! As soon as I walked into the Button, the Needle, and the Wardrobe, I knew I had found the place for me. They were so welcoming and completely understood what I wanted. They changed my dress from okay to amazing. It is everything I ever wanted and I could not have done it without them!

Juanita Quintana

When I first went in the store owner made it clear I was a “plus size” three times and that she didn’t have a slip for me. She did a bustle on my dress and it never bustled right and I had to wear it dragging on the ground all night. When I went to get the dress the store owner said “youlll figure it out” and refused to let my bridesmaid take the bustle out of the dress at the store. The bottom of my dress is now ruined and I paid $385.00 to the store owner. NEVER AGAIN will I refer anyone to her shop.

Rob J

Wow! Great experience from start to finish. I had an 'outside of the box' project for embroidery .... Steve listened and heard my heart for this project. .. and then he delivered!! If you need an artistic embroidery specialist. .. this is the place! Thank you Steve!!

Kaitel Kron

Heidi and her team are amazing! The environment of their shop is warm and inviting. My wedding dress looks amazing thanks to them. I ended up losing about 10 lbs from when I had my first fitting with them. Heidi was able to fit me in again, and take in my dress no problem. You should come here if you are looking for a professional team that does fantastic work. I am so happy I trusted them with my wedding dress.

Ashley Nam

Heidi is incredibly talented, flexible, and helpful in every way. I was really worried about getting my wedding dress bustled because of the multiple layers it has, but Heidi made it PERFECT. The ribbons, hand-sewn flowers, and buttons she used added to the beauty and uniqueness of the dress. Additionally, she worked with me to reschedule appointments (twice!) around my crazy work, clinical, and school schedule. I am very, very pleased and will be going to her for every future tailoring need I have.

B Mit

Our family was so blessed to stumble upon Heidi and her awesome team! After a not so great experience at another seamstress (seriously don’t risk going anywhere else!!!) Heidi was able to squeeze my sister into her schedule and save her wedding dress! From the second you walk into this shop you know these ladies care deeply about what they do. Their level of skill and professionalism is unmatched, seriously, we were blown away by the creativity and skill that we witnessed. We will forever use Heidi and her team! Thank you guys so much!!

Reid Graves

I've been taking all of my clothing repairs and alterations to the Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe for about two years now, and have been pleased with every experience. I took my military dress uniform there for tailoring recently and was very impressed with the quality of work.

Jazmin Alvarado

Amazing! Everyone is super nice and sweet! I will definitely be going back again

Arianna Pedersen

I needed a rush fix on my wedding dress since my wedding was less than a week away, and I was at my wits end with how it looked. I got it altered by someone else and that was a mistake. I dropped the dress off on a Wednesday and picked up Friday! I was so grateful for her prompt follow up and how she really made an effort to calm my worries. She fixed every thing and the dress was beautiful on the day. Would highly recommend! My husband got his best altered here too!

Nathaniel Castilla

The service provided from embroidery is exemplary. The stitch-work looked great upon completion and now 2 months later all of technician shirts still look great! I will be returning again for the pricing, quality of craft and service that this business offers. Doing what is said and being on time is a rarity in today's business world. The Button, the Needle and the Wardrobe is a breath of fresh air with world class service.

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