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REVIEWS OF Sandy's Custom Tailoring IN Colorado

Julie Burns

Gloria is a talented and super friendly seamstress

David Carpenter

100% great service and quality, I have been using Sandy’s for my custom Biker Chaps and Leather Jacket’s. All items have been better than expected. I would recommend to everyone for any tailoring needs.

Irene Ardueser

Good experience friendly and item was completed one week before promised

Davud Carpenter

I have used them for many Items, Repairs, Leather Jackets Chaps and other leather. Anything I wanted done they were able to do without any problems. I recommend for just about any type of tailoring. They are mostly Spanish speaking and their English can be hard to get an idea across, this could be a reason some of the others had problems is a language gap.

Helen Nde

I needed a last minute alteration and the ladies at Sandy’s made me feel so honored and loved with their attention on my special day. Thank you ❤️

Grant Hogarth

GC and John are very talented and honest

Tina love spongebob Meyer

These people are the best

Miguel A

Brought in my Canada Goose down jacket that was running a big around the waist. After going to Canada Gooses website it said to bring to a tailor that is experienced with goose down jackets. After calling several places they all said they would have to see the jacket first. I then called Sandy’s and asked if they have such experience, they said they don’t but that it would be an easy job as they are only taking the outside material, cutting and sewing it back. They are not doing anything with the goose down material or lining inside the jacket. The gentleman that helped me had me try it on and used a piece of chalk to mark the jacket where the adjustments will be made. He explained why from this area and not from another area as to not affect the pockets. This thoroughness gave me a piece of mind as to their experience and professionalism. It was about a week turnaround time and when I picked up the jacket I couldn’t even tell that they did any work on the jacket because the job was done very well. It’s as if I bought it this way, it now fits so much better and it was done for a reasonable price. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for adjustments done on goose down jackets. Thanks again for the great work!

Abbey Oliver

Sandy was wonderful to work with and made great alterations and helpful suggestions for a too big Maid of honor dress. Would go again anytime I was in the area to Sandy for alterations or tailoring!

Danielle Stella

Best tailor in town! I called Sandy's two weeks ago on a Friday evening bc I had ordered a dress last minute and it came in the wrong size. My friend's wedding was on Saturday and I received a call early Saturday morning to come in to the shop. My dress was altered before noon and the service was unbelievable. Very caring owner who does her best to help clients. HIGHLY recommend!!

Lauren Koshel

Called to make an appointment, a guy answered, told me he had 100 phone calls to handle, then hung up on me. I didn't even get a single word out...

Daniel Massey

Alyssa Hochfelder

Had a dress to be hemmed and a few other alterations to be done last minute. They were very accommodating and did excellent work! Very friendly staff and had the dress ready ahead of schedule! Highly recommend them.

Denise Minster Morgan

My daughter and I brought in a bridesmaid's dress to be hemmed and altered for an upcoming wedding. We had used the services before and found the quality of work to be good as well as customer service even if the price was a little high. Unfortunately, the conversation we overheard while we were waiting our turn would prove to be our experience as well and then some... (The customer before us came to pick up her clothes and was told they weren't done at the promised time.) We were given a ticket and promised by the owner that the dress would be ready on 10-7-19 by 4 pm. We prepaid and took our ticket with us confident that everything would be fine. When we came to pick up the dress, after waiting an extra day, we were told it not only wasn't ready it hadn't even been started. The owner asked us to wait until close of 10-9 to pick up the dress. It wasn't ready then either. We were then told to come back in the morning of the 10th at 9am and the dress would be ready. At that point, we were getting nervous. We came back at 9am on the 10th and the dress still wasn't done. My daughter was boarding a flight for the wedding in the early afternoon of the 10th. We were asked to come back in 30 minutes. When we returned it was just being finished up. We had no time to inspect the dress or any time to deal with any problems. I expressed my disappointment to the owner showing her the stub promising the dress by the 7th. I expected her to apologize and take ownership of the mistake but she began yelling at me instead. She showed me the other half of the order ticket where it was written 10-9 by 4pm. She claimed I wrote it even though I showed her the ticket she gave us showing 10-7 by 4 pm. I was never in possession of the other half of the ticket. After admitting the stub I held was written by her, she began yelling some more. She demanded to know why the ticket had a different date. She even said it must have been a ghost that changed her half of the ticket. Nevermind the fact that even if it was supposed to be done on 10-9 at 4 pm, it wasn't! She then threw up her hands and asked me what I wanted. "Do you want your money back?" I told her I was trying to tell her how unacceptable the situation was. She then offered a full refund. When I said ok she changed her mind and offered 50% back. As she walked to the back to get her checkbook, my daughter (who was grabbing her dress) overheard her complaining about me in Spanish. My daughter understands Spanish and heard her saying, "I worked and worked and all I hear is complain, complain!" Here is the kicker of the whole experience... the dress was hemmed wrong. The underlining is longer than the outer one in the front of the dress. There was no time to fix it as the wedding is out of state. So after all of our patience, we were rewarded with sloppy work and a 50% discount. I'm sorry to say I will never use their services again. I have attached pictures for reference.

Genessee Hartsoch

The rudest woman I’ve ever encountered. My cousin and I went in to get our bridesmaid dresses hemmed she was absolutely rude to my cousin when she said she was going to go somewhere else. The owner gave me a date that the dress would be done April 30th. I came in on May 3rd, the wedding was in a couple days and she told me it wasn’t ready. She had attitude when I was asking her why the dress wasn’t done. I came in the next day and she was yelling at my mom and saying it was our fault the dress wasn’t done on time and was blaming US. I have never meant someone so disrespectful. I was absolutely appalled with how she spoke to my cousin, mom and I. I would never recommend coming here. I had to cancel all my plans with the bride and brides maids and somehow it was my fault. Absolutely disgusting.

claudia caro

Amazing work and very professional. The owner is very kind and reasonable prices. Will definitely use them again.

Steven Hislop

I have used other tailoring people but thought I would try Sandy's as its close to home. Big mistake. I brought in three nylon guide/fishing shirts that had long tails and I wanted them to be shortened to approximately my t-shirt length. The length of one shirt was marked with 3 bobby pins, not straight pins, with the others to be altered to the same length. After picking them up and getting home, the length of the shirt that was originally pinned, was so short it was above my belt line. The other two shirts were different lengths and also very short. All three were different lengths with nearly two inches difference between them. There is no point in arguing with these people, you can't make shirts longer. I'll end up throwing then away; $42.00 and three shirts gone. Never again will I use Sandy's.

Charlotte Allen

I don’t usually leave reviews but I wanted to share my experience with Sandy’s. When my wedding was unexpectedly canceled I was totally panicked. I had already dropped my gown off at Sandy’s and I had to call and have her stop the alterations. I felt so bad to have to cancel the order but I was also totally overwhelmed with all the other things going on. I was fully prepared to pay for the cost of the work they had already done but they refused payment and told me to take my time, not worry, and come pick up the gown when I was able to. The ladies were absolutely lovely to me and very sympathetic to everything that was happening. I’m so sad I won’t see the finished product but I’m so very grateful to all the lovely folks over at Sandy’s for their help and understanding.

Charles Staples

Slightly $$$, but good service good work.

Maryte Anilionis

They are amazing! Very professional.They met a next day deadline for wedding with calmness & work was done beautifully!

Bryan Fillmer

I took a bridesmaid's dress to this shop to be hemmed for my sister's wedding. I took it 2 1/2 weeks before I needed to pick it up. The alteration was simple hem job on the bottom and when I went in for the final measurement over a week before she said it would be ready the following Friday. I went to pick it up today because we are leaving town for the wedding and it wasn't ready. My husband now has to go back later today in the hopes that it will be ready. Very disappointed that for 75 dollars I could not pick it up when I needed to. Will not be taking anything else to this shop.

Lisa Crook

This shop has been in business for quite awhile. I have had work done here several times and have never been disappointed. They are very professional so be prepared. I recently brought in 4 pairs of jeans to be hemmed. Even though they were all about the same length (yes I washed them before bringing in) the lady working with me had me try on all 4 pairs while standing in front of the three way mirror. She measured each pair separately. Be sure to wear the shoes you want the pants to be measured in. Yes, there may be a slight language barrier so say exactly what it is you would like done. Don't be vague. The prices are very reasonable and they don't take very long to do the work.

Claire Mccoy

Lisa Tornes

Made an appointment for an alteration that needed a quick turn around. Was told no problem, come back in 4 days and we'll have it for you. I show up, the woman doing the alteration has left. When the other person finds my dress it hasn't even been touched and no one was willing to help me and I was told to come back Monday (I leave Tues for the wedding and this is my bridesmaids dress). Use them at your own risk!!

Zimmerman Family

I have used them for many years, had expensive leather coat remade, amazing. Hems, men's pant alterations...they do it all.

Steve McLaughlin

Brought slacks in to get hemmed. Not impressed with the work. Rather than trimming the excess material they folded the material up the pant leg and created a stitch 3 inches from the bottom of the pants. Would not recommend.

Ann-Elizabeth Nash

Just had a dress taken in and pants hemmed. All fit perfectly and work done on time. Really nice shop, will be taking more items in for tailoring.

Brenan Desch

Extremely high quality repair work, affordable prices and very friendly staff, seriously the best you can get in longmont

Kim Moore

I have brought at least 20 items here. They even designed pillows and embellished a top that had seen better days but I love it - in addition to basic alterations. I LOVE this place and count on sandy's to do a great job in an efficient and timely manner. I've never been less than THRILLED with the service I've received.

Justine Bradbury

I've had them hem several pair of pants for me and they always do a great job at a low price.

Sheri Burnham Hartsoch1

What a nightmare!! I have heard of horrible bosses but Sandy Alterration shop located in Longmont, CO is a horrible owner...Sandy herself is a nightmare. The experience that my family had gone through with her was unimaginable. We dropped off my daughter's bridesmaid dress just for a hem on April 14th and was promised that it would be done April 30th. AGAIN... DONE APRIL 30TH. Since there was a mixed up on Sandy's ticket..she decided to changed the date to May 5th...And the wedding is May 6th... one bother calling us. We arrived to pick up the dress May 3rd and was informed very rudely of the mix up of the ticket and to come back the following day at 11/noon Friday May 4th. What angered me...Sandy in a very rude way commented that she could do the hem in an hour. Since they are closing at 6 PM. We had to come back. My daughter had planned with her cousind/ bridesmaid to work late every day so she can get off Friday. My daughter had to cancel her plans and WAS running late because she had to pick up her bridesmaid dress that Friday afternoon when the wedding is on Sunday. BUT...WHO CARES About my daughter's plans per Sandy's obnoxious remark...the dress is done right!! DON'T use Sandy's Alteration Shop in Longmont, CO When Sandy get things WRONG... It becomes yours fault. Just be aware she will claw you to death. Sandy is rude and obnoxious owner. NIGHTMARE FROM HELL.

Doug Kraus

This place is fantastic! I had to get some new dress slacks and get them hemmed for an out of town appointment. I dropped them off at noon on a Saturday and they were ready before they closed at 2 PM. Not only were they quick, they did great work and their prices are reasonable.

Alana Wroblewski

I bought a vintage fur coat as a Christmas gift, and noticed at about 1 pm today that the seam of one shoulder had split. I called Sandy's knowing full well that I was asking a lot of a pre-Christmas Friday afternoon. These kind folks fit me into their busy schedule at the last minute, and had the coat repaired in less than 4 hours. It looks flawless. Thank you!


I've been here a few times and they always do great work. The reason for the 5 star review today is because they fit me in when I really needed a rush job done. They were very understanding and helpful!

Natalie Kidd

Wow, the woman at the storefront has terrible social skills....I went in to have a jacket, skirt, & dress fixed, I came back 2 weeks later & the quality was extremely shotty. I found an obvious hole in the lining of the jacket (wanted the sleeved re-lined & paid $65)....when I pointed it out, she replied "oh come on, give me a break"...she then continued to try to milk sympathy from me by explaining that her aunt was sick & dieing but with great attitude & then she threatened KARMA on me.....I only wanted to review my items & get out of that place & she couldn't stop giving me attitude & being extremely nasty....I kept asking her to please just stop talking to me like that & let me review my clothes....she tried to grab the clothes from my hands every time I was finding obvious low-quality flaws & I had to ask her to please stop grabbing my things from out of my hands. She argued that I didn't ask her to fix certain places that I clearly asked her to fix....she just kept arguing....Upon, she then gave the most passive aggressive "God bless you" ... Which is a totally different religion from karma.... she's a nut case & I'll go over to Boulder Custom Tailoring even if it's out of my way to avoid this kind of terrible experience. I feel bad for the gentleman that clearly does all of the work, she is losing so much business with her attitude & he just sits there quietly while she wants & ruins their business....then again, check out the photos...shotty work.

Edwin Smith

They did a great job with extensive changes to a suit

Marie Adam

My Zac Posen gown was delayed in shipping. It arrived two days before I was to travel for my Sister's out of town Wedding. With no time to spare, I found Sandy's Tailoring. What a five star experience from start to finish. Sandy is calming, professional and a natural at what she and her staff does. My mother is from Italy and a seamstress herself but does not live in Colorado she looked at it and said that the hem was tailored perfectly. She was impressed and it did not look rushed at all. The gown fit perfectly. Thank you for taking care of me , I will return for all of our tailoring needs and will recommend Sandy's Custom Tailoring to everyone we know! THANK YOU! Panky002

They do great work.

Valerie Spies

Wonderful staff! They did a great job and very quickly!! Thank you!

Erin Hampe

Great job, friendly, and reasonably priced. I will be back to Sandy's when I have future tailoring needs

Clayton Walters

Quick and detailed work for a decent price. No complaints here. I will most likely be back tomorrow to get a few more pants altered

Jason Whisner

Great alterations for the price. Quick turn around too.

Joe Bobko

The Hispanic lady is always so nice to me and the quality of her work is amazing. She has done a lot of work for me and I will keep giving her more tayloring work. Highly recommend her business.

jennifer torres

I procrastinated all summer and I had a short time to get my bride's maid dress ready for this Saturday's wedding. It was too long and almost 2 sizes too large. I contacted the owner of Sandy's Custom Tailoring to see if there was anyway it could be done by the end of this week. She had it done in half the time of that, and at a reasonable cost. Her positive "can do" attitude kept this week stress free for me. I was almost sure I wasn't going to be able to get the job done on time she saved me! Best tailoring service I have ever experienced! I will never go any where else.

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