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2014 Southgate Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, United States

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REVIEWS OF Men's Wearhouse and Tux IN Colorado

Jordan Morrison

Service is a little slow here.

Orion Lavigne


Jeff Stone

They dont guarantee it

Sam Johnson

Great men's clothing store. But a bit pricey.

James Dolloff

I rented my wedding suit from here and was not disappointed. Great service and not bad prices.

Donobane Moko

Robert Wiggins

5 by 5 Beautiful

If I could give zero stars I would. Every time I went back to pick up the tux it wasn’t done for some reason or another. On the fourth try they gave me half of my purchase but I didn’t realize the other half is missing. I’m getting married in one week and this still isn’t fixed. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Ashley Reeser

Staff was very rude

Michelle Hodnett

Chris Stackhouse

The people are nice, but the lack of attention to detail, or accommodation for a taller man is not acceptable.

Marvin Hergenreder

Staff was very polite

Joseph Apodaca

Love the service I felt like I was a movie star everything exactly the way it should be and at a price to tell the misses


Great place to get nice clothes. Sometimes jean's get old and I want to wear nice fabrics that fit me not just vaguely approximate a fit. I use to wear tailored clothes. To pricy now but Men's Wearhouse provides something highly presentable at a good price. Better than Dept store stuff.

Brandon McCollum

Will have what you want.. Not over priced

Michael Vialpando

Julia Bauer

Had the waistcoat of my sons prom dreams when nowhere else did for a fair price.

Cristina B

This was my first time renting a tux here and it was fabulous. The store clerk was very friendly and helpful. She was upfront about all the costs, and I was impressed by all the items the package included. She also took the time to get accurate measurements and make have him try similar sizes so that I am confident the fit will be good. I am looking forward to picking up the tux for my son's prom. I'm sure he will look fabulous.

Carlos Alicea

Went inside the store and got no Service! People are EXTREMELY RUDE!!! NEVER AGAIN. THEY WON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED YOU ARE THERE! Super Rude.

nick polise

Extremely helpful staff, very friendly, and quick. Definitely recommend. Three blessings.

Angel T

Jacob Lord

Danie FC

I never would have expected such an awful experience for my wedding. The payments for 10 tuxes were skewed, some portions applied to someone else's tux. We called on Tuesday to make sure all 10 were there, since we live almost an hour away. When we got there, only 9 of 10 were there, the missing one was my son's. His tux jacket was 4 inches too short in the sleeves, 3 inches too long in the leg; when I had him measured only 30 days ago. When they hemmed it in store, their iron "ran out of steam," and they told us to just iron it at home. Then, they called 30 minutes after leaving the store to tell us that they forgot to put the vest in the garment bag, when we live 60 miles away. We were closer to home, and already made a special trip to pick up the one missing tux. There is zero consideration for other people, ESPECIALLY when they're planning their wedding.

Mandy Mathews

Troy Payton

I had very good service, I was helped by several employees right away but a Mr. Reynolds in particular stayed an hour after he clocked out to assist me in finding the perfect suit.

Evelyn Steel

Susan Madrid

Harold Evans

Selection is very limited.

Wayne Young

Farhan Ahmad

I came in for suit pants I needed in an emergency before an interview. I worked with Mike. He was professional, seemed to have good knowledge of dress clothes, and was a pleasure to work with. I needed the suit pants by the next morning. I had an interview and it was paramount that they were altered in time. I offered Mike $40 to ensure that it was done. He said "No. That's my job." I was floored by his professionalism. Sure enough, the next morning they were ready for me. I was busy preparing for my interview, so he worked with me to let someone else pick them up on my behalf. I'm incredibly pleased with the service I received here and would recommend this establishment to anyone. If you come and and get Mike, consider yourself lucky.

Ashley O'Neal

Excellent associates but the store is filthy. You spend hundreds of dollars on a suit but the store looks terrible and bathroom was unreal. Bring in a cleaning crew asap. Also, add seating for those waiting. Owner needs to step it up.

Andrew Combs

Went in just now to get my suit measurements. Young man was polite and took my suit measurements in less than a minute probably. Didn't cost anything. I probably left the store three minutes after I walked in.

Scott Bond

Did not have a great experience here, the lady fitting me was rude amd the store was a mess. Hopefully I was just there on an off day.

Claire Marcum

Matthew Cole

Very helpful and got my measurements quickly without making things akward


Friendly staff, great selection of suits.


Went in to pick up tux, tried it on and pants were a bit short but staff was real quick to fix them to fit just right

Spencer Gant

David Riposo

The folks there Friday night, 4/19/19 were absolute life savers. My Best Man had been measured in CA and when he tried on the rental tux he looked like it was a clown suit, the sleeves were almost past his fingers, the shirt too long and he couldn’t even button the pants. And it was not the warehouse either, they shipped what the CA store ordered. Well, we had stopped into this location to get a specific color bow tie they were holding for me. Then we left and that’s when my Best Man sent us a pic. We called the store and they said come over. Once we showed them the pic they said have him come over ASAP. This was already AFTER closing on a Friday night! They had larger size pants that were the right length. They had the right size/color shirt and they took 3” off the coat sleeves while we waited. So by the time we left after 10 pm he looked great. I can’t thank them enough for their superior customer service.

Daniel Romero

Christopher Gundel

Stephen VanDyke

Brandon whaley

I've never thought highly of Men's warehouse. I can't explain the reasoning behind it but my opinion was completely changed by the most responsive, detailed, expedient and brilliant retail manager Lauren McDaniel. I had less than 30 minutes to spare and about turned around when I saw the limited selection and high tag prices. However, Lauren not only offered me a great deal she went to extra mile to have different size's, colors, choices and suggestions beyond the normal levels of kindness and helpfulness. The icing on the cake was her measuring me, finding the correct size and tailoring the pants I chose in less than 30 minutes. I love the Blue Suit Lauren! Austhyn was also instrumental in providing extra assistance to speed up my process and lend me his impeccable taste in choosing out additional items. Men's Warehouse might be thought of as a sleazeball costume shop but if you keep hiring these kinds of employee's you'll never fail. Give them both a pay raise!

Anthony Murray

Good service.

amie bagley

Dan Host

Good staff, good prices. The only issue I have, is that this specific location is very small, and doesn't offer much in terms of selection. I'm sure it's great if you want to rent a tux, but to buy a suit, I'd recommend the larger locations.

Ryan Mutch

Went in to order a suit for a wedding. Getting fitted was fine, the guy who was working at the time did a great job. When I went in to pick up the suit a few days later though, I found the gal working was having another person trying on my suit, and she didn't understand that I wasn't with him and I had to explain who I was and when I had come in to get fitted. Also had to remind her that she was the one who rung me up for the bill to pay for the suit. In the end we got it sorted out but now I need to get the suit cleaned since someone else tried it on. And it had just been put together too.....

cherish Johnson

Loved my tux. Definitely will be coming back.

Ryan Oharra

Be warned for tux rentals. They advertise for $99.99 for the rental of a basic tux, the tux offered is basically designed to look so unattractive that you feel obligated to buy the upgrade so you don't look like an idiot. Out the door you will spend at least $200.00

Kati Wells

Sales reps are amazing! Live all my hubs new suits they paired them perfectly and he looks very sharp.

Kurt Saleny

Found an online coupon for 50$ off per tux rental. The coupon said “each” rental but the Associate said it was for only one. Then a different employee applied the coupon. Only he gave 30$ off for the other 2 that I rented. Then I came in to try on tux 2 days before my wedding. It didn’t feel right. When I asked the employee told me that’s how it was supposed to fit. During my wedding day, all photos of me make me look like a huge fat guy in a tiny tux. The top button broke off half way thru ceremony! I was humiliated. All photos of me taken by friends and family look horrible. And when it comes time to buy photos from my photographer I won’t have many to choose from as the tux looked awful. I’ve never rented a tux before. And if I ever need one again it won’t be thru men’s Wearhouse

Chris Udey

Staff helped someone with no fashion sense find something nice. Very friendly though and went the extra mile too make sure I was happy with what I bought.

Jenna Stenzel

Great customer service!! I had read online that this was not the best Men's Wearhouse to go to and someone had mentioned that they don't do sizing? Which is completely wrong. We had my dad sized for his suit today for our August wedding and we were 110% satisfied. Lauren helped us and made sure to go over our party's attire and what exactly my dad would be wearing. She quickly sized him for his suit and even let us see different sizes for the suit as my dad was a little unsure. She really took the time and made sure we were happy with everything. We did have to wait about 15-20 minutes as other people were ordering and picking out group attire. We didn't mind waiting as we were greeted as soon as we walked in and the two staff kept reassuring us we'd be helped soon. This Men's Wearhouse is pretty small so if there's other parties don't be afraid to be close! We did gander around the store while we waited but noticed there isn't much room compared to other stores. The store was clean and the signing was very modern on the store front. I really had a great experience here and invite anyone in the Springs area to visit this store.

Zachary Ruhter

Joe Hunter

Jody Kitchen

Carl Poindexter


robb swetman

Michael Esler

They were fast and professional. Completed my task in 5 minutes.

Ashton Blount

Rich S

Great staff!

Kyle Regan

They were extremely helpful here. I was getting fitted for my brother's wedding and everything went very well!

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