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REVIEWS OF Luba's Tailor Custom Clothes IN Colorado

yelena stolyar

She always does a good job. Always on time. Very affordable.

Samantha Chapman

She's very good at what she does. Quick and attentive. Definitely not a warm And fuzzy lady, but I kind of like that about her.

Alexi Dipietro

She did some work on several pants and shirts! Excellent work sweet lady! Highly recommended!

Nader Shourbaji

Luba does excellent work and is very efficient. I've taken several pairs of pants and jeans to her, and they all fit perfectly.

Irina Geselkovich

I've been going to her as a tailor for almost 20 years. She is very good at her craft and professional. She can do things far beyond the average and her items have always fit perfect after alteration. My son only goes to her as well for all of his jeans and nice pants he purchases.


I have discovered Luba couple of years ago when I needed a professional level tailor for alterations after couple of mishaps. I was hesitant at first, however, I quickly found that Luba indeed posses professional level tailor skills. I entrusted her with complex alterations that require high degree of skill. Luba succeeds every time. I appreciate her openness and input on various ways a garment may be altered and the difference it will make to the end result. I like Luba's perfectionism which shows in her attention to detail - every time.

Greg Engler

She was able to get a pair of pants I brought in on a Tuesday evening tailored by Friday evening for a very reasonable price. I thought she did a terrific job. I disagree with other folks who have said she's rude; I think there's just a bit of a language/cultural barrier. I found her very nice and accommodating.

Connie Santiago

Great service, great results. Highly recommend. The price is expensive, but the results are there.

Jonathan Baker

Mark Sikorski

Luba reinforced the straps on my daypack for an incredibly low price. The work was outstanding. Real old-school high quality!

Ron Flora

Dan Snyder

She does a great job. Some reviews call her rude - not true. Its just her personality and culture coming through which is very direct/brash.

Gustavo Montoya

I took a full suit to have the sleeves and pants shortened. She said it would take about a week, but she called me in two days and let me know it was ready for pick up. I went back, tried it on, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would recommend her as a tailor, she is great.

Philip Dillon

She's rude AF. The review excusing her rudeness because it's her "culture" and that she's just "direct" is stupid. I'm getting married in a few months and I went to her shop because I needed measurements for a suit I'm ordering, and I needed a place to get the alterations done once it comes in. I expected to pay for the measurements. I walked in and very politely asked if I could pay to get measured for a suit. She ROLLED HER EYES and HUFFED while sitting at her sewing machine. She immediately says that she doesn't want to bother. So she marches up to me and starts lecturing me on what a waste of time it is and how I would need alterations anyway once it came in. Yeah, but I can't just pull a suit off a rack and try it on, I'm ORDERING IT. I literally had to beg to get her to take the measurements. I had a sheet with the required measurements (Neck, Shoulder, Sleeve, etc) which I show to her and she angrily gets her measuring tape out. I understand quick measurements after many years of this work, but she wasn't trying at all. Apparently some of the required measurements were unique to the company I'm ordering from because she just complained the whole time about "How am I supposed to know what this is?!" Seriously? It's SLEEVE LENGTH. COLLAR. WAIST. THIGH. If you're not sure, just politely ask me, don't be awful. You're the expert! You're supposed to be the one to help guide people through! She literally messed up the easiest measurements because she was going too fast, bitched too much, and just didn't care. I went to TWO other tailors the next day because I was so scared of bad measurements AND had my fiance measure me at home (Who had to follow an online guide). How bad were Luba's measurements? THIS BAD: Luba: Chest 37, Waist 36, Shoulder 22, etc and half not filled out. The other 2 Tailors and Fiance: Chest 42, Waist 33, Shoulders 20 etc CONCLUSION: I was treated like trash. She didn't care and she claims she's done this job for 40 years. No, you've been an awful person for 40 years. I'm already stressed out from wedding planning, and I needed HELP. There is NO way I will ever come back to this shop and I'm telling everyone at my 300 person wedding to never come here.

Rita Pinkhasova

Luba always do a great job tailoring for me.Qwick, friendly and decent prices. Exeter service. She is the best, very impressed with my wedding dress. I would go tree again

Colton Mailes

I had to chuckle when I read Luba's negative reviews. Yes, she's abrupt and sometimes even rude, but she's darned good at her job, and I have come to find her extremely endearing. Her work is always extremely well done, and I've brought her some pieces that would stop others tailors in their tracks. Perhaps even more important, though, she's honest about what can and should be done to a garment within the bounds of fabric, proportion, and my particular body. I would much prefer my tailor give it to me straight than simply do as I ask and leave me to figure out that I've made a mistake down the road after the damage is done. Her prices are fair, and she always works with me if I need quick turnarounds or special accommodations. Highly recommended.

Megan Jameson

I didnt go in but I called and described my situation that i needed it in a week and she heard my baby over the phone and said my baby spoke better than I did was really rude told me not to call and come in and hung up while i was talking. Rude!#!!!!

Josh Abel

Luba is great. I've returned over and over again to have her tailor my jeans. Thanks!

Evan Adolf

Luba is great. she has over 40 years doing this. Shes not rude, you just don’t get her humor. She knows what she is doing and always makes time to work with me to get my stuff fitted just so. Her humor is a little condescending and she doesn’t smile much. I think it’s endearing and hilarious. also, if she was rude to you, its her shop—her rules—not yours. She doesnt work for a corporation so shes her own PR manager too. She’s intolerant of poor etiquette. Maybe work on that? If you want your clothes fit right, go see Luba.

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