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REVIEWS OF Elegant Tailoring And Alterations IN Colorado

VL Williams

Such a bad experience!! It took months and they still didn’t get the alterations right and the price was extremely expensive. I sew myself and was worried to try altering the bride’s wedding dress for my sons wedding so I took it to this shop based on all the great reviews. (She was traveling a lot and trusted my advice). I should have saved the money and worry this place caused us. I really don’t understand how anyone has had a good experience here on anything harder than a simple hem. Keep looking if you have important formal wear to alter! I never will step foot through their door again - although they were very nice folks throughout - just incompetent.


Absolutely fantastic; I've taken 15-20 jackets there over the past couple of years, as well as pants, shirts, and overcoats. The sense of style, the careful work and the excellent and genuinely friendly customer service all contribute to making Elegant Tailoring my only tailor.

Joel Kaplan

Jane Stout

Very kind owners and good work.

Mark Stang

Great people, very helpful, expert tailors

Jeff York

Keesha Erickson

I highly recommend Elegant Tailoring! When my wedding gown needed alterations only nine days before my wedding, I was starting to panic. The amazing staff at Elegant Tailoring agreed to take on my gown. The alterations were completed two days before my wedding. The renewed gown fit wonderfully! It felt like it was made for me, and I received so many compliments the day of the ceremony. Elegant Tailoring is great at what they do, but they are very busy, so do them and yourself a favor and bring in your items with plenty of time to spare!

Kerry Wahl

I have had a lot of clothing altered/repaired before, too many items to even count, and never in my life have I encountered such an awful business as Elegant Tailoring and Alterations. I had a $1800 designer coat that needed a repair done on the inside of the left sleeve (reattach part of the liner to the cuff). I brought the coat in and the first quote I received was for $15 (seemed reasonable), when I brought the coat back in the second quote was for $23 (still ok, but annoyed they changed quote after two days) and they assured me it would be an easy and straightforward fix. I waited a little over a week and when I came back in I was HORRIFIED at what they had done. They had pulled the seam from the cuff liner that was undamaged (they said it "looked bad" - it didn't and actually looked way worse after they "fixed it") and had badly stitched it back. On the cuff with the damaged liner seam, they decided to put a very noticeable pleat in the cuff because they deemed the liner "didn't fit right". Remember this was an $1800 coat that I'd purchased new less than a year earlier and was in mint condition. They never got approval for any of these so called fixes, especially touching the sleeve that was not damaged. In my experience, it is 100% unacceptable for a tailor to decide they want to "fix" something that the customer hasn't asked them to do. When I told them the changes were unacceptable, they attempted to take out the pleat and re-do it right in front of me. In the process, they put a hole the liner along the edge and left visible needle marks in the leather. When I expressed my displeasure at the sloppy job, the OWNER started actually screaming at me about not knowing what quality work looked like and to get out of her shop and never come back (which wasn't a problem with me), threw the very expensive and now damaged coat back at me, and then literally slammed the door of the shop in my face. All in all, my $1800 coat is now permanently damaged and I am left with a VERY unpleasant and unprofessional experience. I don't know how they have managed any positive reviews but I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this shop, and have reported them to the Better Business Bureau (which is something I've never done before). I wouldn't take them anything worth more than $5 to repair.

Anna S

Amazing little place, reasonably priced, and they even got my items fixed earlier than expected!

Kaylynn Sedivec

Her son Doguc is a joy and I can really appreciate a family business!

Justin Sadinski

DO NOT GO HERE. They way over charge, especially if you get a suit from Indochino. They charged me 95$ for a few expedited alterations... I think that speaks for itself.

Brian Manning & Amber Alfano

Best tailors ever! They have fixed many pieces of clothing for my family and the service has always been impeccable. Prices are fair, work is great, and the business owners are wonderful people.

Sierra Espo

Quan Pham

To give some background, I'm a college student, on a budget, and simply looking to get some pants hemmed. I came to have some dress slacks hemmed. The owners were nice and told me they could get my pants hemmed in 4 days. I just needed two inches cut off, so it isn't a difficult task. I came 4 days later to pick them up. The length was good (hemming isn't difficult anyways), but the quality of the hem was terrible. It wasn't tight, and it was very sloppy. They told me if I wasn't happy, I could come back next week and they would fix it. For a fee? I don't know, but I didn't bother. I found someone else, who isn't a tailor, fixed the hem for me. The price of a hem is fair for Boulder, but expensive compared to other areas. Although the owners are nice, I think that's a mandatory requirement when doing business anyways. I just expect quality, especially from such a simple task. I was not impressed with my first interaction. I'm sure they may do better work for people who aren't college students, but for me, it doesn't really cut it.

Sonya Shannon

Utterly disappointing. Last spring I brought in a winter Armani jacket that needed important repairs on the buttonholes. They held onto the suit for over 4 months and kept putting other jobs in front of it - Mother's Day, Prom, Grads, and their vacation. They never called, though they had said they would. When I checked on my suit this fall, they said they couldn't do the repair. If so, they should have told me from day one, but what kind of tailor can't repair a suit?! I had wanted to like this tailor based on great reviews from others, but I would never bring them another piece of work after my bad experience.

Emily Melton

Overall, one of the very worst service experiences I've had. I would highly recommend going somewhere else. Long story short, I had a very lengthy and frustrating experience with them, and when I went to share that I got blamed and quite the earful back. Long story long they had 2.5 months let out the back and sides of the dress, forgot about me on the second appointment, third appointment came (2 days before I had to leave) and they still didn't have it done. I ended up having to leave work the day before I had to leave for the wedding, and the dress still didn't fit great. They charged me full price, and when I went to explain tell them how frustrating the experience was for me, the woman was immediately triggered. Multiple times I tried to explain my experience and she kept cutting me off, blaming me. It was also $25 more than she told me. Honestly, I would have been happy if they would have just listened to me, took an ounce of responsibility or simply gave me an apology.

Angel Brick

Elegant Tailoring did a beautiful job on my wedding dress! One of my bridesmaids and I went in to have our dresses altered about one month before the wedding—despite the busy week and short notice, they made me feel welcome and gave us excellent service. My dress was done in less than two weeks and fit as if it had been custom made for me—I got compliments all day long during the wedding. Nice people who do great work, and they are able to finish by or before their quoted date for completion. Will go here again!

Jenny Wassmer

I've been to a few tailors in town and this one is the best. They're nice, organized and eager to help. They've helped me with my wedding dress, maternity clothes and every small little repair I've needed to sew buttons back on, get seams fixed, clothes taken in/taken out. They're experts. Highly recommend!

Erika Souki

My wedding dress turned out perfect, they do an incredible job and are so, so sweet!!!

Joe Karpel

After several other places declined a difficult repair on a leather motorcycle jacket this business helped me get safely back on the road. Highly recommend.

Nicoli Ames

Chris Kim

The work and its price tag deserve 5 stars. Also, the old man has great customer service. Highly recommended


Fantastic service, super friendly

Steve Pitt

Great tailor. Fast service and fair prices. They were courteous and gave me prompt service. I was very happy with my experience (I needed a pair of pants adjusted) and would recommend them to anyone.

Ryan Kelley

This place is great. I brought my blue U.S. Bank work shirt in and it fits so much better now. I wear it frequently. Clothes that fit well are comfortable. This is a good place, I will continue to take my tailoring to this shop.

Vinc Duran

Nice folks, quick work. I've only had two pairs of jeans hemmed so far. My old favorite place closed when the owner retired... I could see they were working on items more complicated than my jeans. They were very flexible about time and, bonus, the gentleman pressed my jeans hem to hem the way I like them.

Caleb Joyce

Cool little place, very near nice employees. I walked in to have a belt loop fixed and they took care of it right away.

Bindi Binkley

These guys were great! I needed my dress altered in a rush and they did not overprice it. The alterations came out perfect too!! Great quality and price.

Vince Burke

Called to see if they could do button holes on my shirt for my wedding. They said they could not do it, so I asked if they knew of anyone in the area that might be able to help and I was told repeatedly they would not help me, even with a recommendation and rushed me off the phone. Not a good experience, unhelpful and off putting. I will not be giving them future business.

Travel Tounravel

As petite women, my daughter and I have nearly everything we own, tailored. My daughter recently took in a Gucci Belt to have shortened- completely ruined the belt. Deep scratches on the GG buckle and horrible stitching around the buckle. It was also not done on time. My daughter also took in a $350 Free People dress to simply have the shoulders more fitted. WOW! They took apart the dress, sewed it back together completely asymmetrical. Its ruined & there is no longer enough fabric to make this right. Not sure what tailoring most people are used to, but this is an epic failure.

Julietta Landeros

As a struggling post-grad and aspiring career woman, I'm really fortunate to have found this place. The prices are exceptional, the quality is remarkable, and the staff is absolutely wonderful. In the past, I've trusted them with a $300+ designer dress and my best Ann Taylor and Calvin Kline skirts, and I have yet to be disappointed. Admittedly, I've given them only a few days notice on most of these items, but they've always been able to meet my deadlines. I was most impressed by their handling of a vintage Oscar de la Renta wrap dress, the very first item I had tailored. I found it at a thrift store for a killer price, but it was a tad small around my waist and wouldn't button; however in their care the buttons were removed and reattached perfectly, and a small clasp was inserted in the chest area for a more modest look (which was quite considerate as I'd not thought about this, but mentioned it was for a work event, and was not charged extra). It floored me to pay only $6 for that quality! In sum, I find that the staff is highly skilled, punctual and accommodating towards college students looking for a good deal. So, if you need to look sharp for a job interview at a fair price, this is the place!

Sara Uvalle

Wow, what an incredible tailoring shop right in the middle of town. Yildiz is a master seamstress (she can fix anything!) who is supported by her husband, Murat, and a team of expert assistants. They work hard to make sure your clothes are just right and it is always a pleasure walking in their shop.

Ben Valley

Quick great work for a fair price!!!

Tammy Faircloth

I have used them many times in the last 5 years, since moving to CO, will continue to use them! Everything they have done has been perfect and timely as promised and at a fair price!

Josh Couper

I've been to a few tailors in Boulder and this one is consistently the best

Shari DePauw

Trusted them with my valuable Prada skirt, was very nervous, but they did a beautiful job! A+!!

Andy Staats

Ozge Schneider


Great customer service! They are super kind and the price is very reasonable even though I had a rush order. The hemming on my gold dress is beautifully done, you cannot even tell that I got it altered. Thank you very much!! I would 10 out of 10 recommend and will definitely come back again.

Hoi Yo

Eric Killian

After crappy overpriced work in Boulder I finally found Elegant Tailor. Why is it so hard to find a good tailor? In any town I've lived in this has been an issue. Glad to find someone who turns out quality work (no loose threads), understands and speaks English), has reasonable prices and is very friendly. I'll keep going back, you should check them out.

Tim R.

They do a wonderful job for me whenever I stop in to have something tailored. Great people.

Brad Dickens

Love these guys. If you knew how badly I destroyed my pants (team thick thighs here), you would think these lovely people were magicians. But if you need your fancy pants patched up, look no further than these wonderful people.

Nic R

They work MAGIC! I have extremely high standards for service and quality... They were not only met, but exceeded. Never taking my business elsewhere. In my mind it's the best or nothing, and they are the best

Nancy Cohen

Very friendly, professional, reasonably priced. They work with you to make sure it is done right. I have used them exclusively for several years now. And if you need it done quickly for a special event they have been very accommodating.

J.V. H.

I had taken a second hand suit in to get altered. The shoulders were too big, the pants were too baggy. In all respects, I should have gotten rid of it and found something closer in size. For far less than the price of a new suit, they were able to fit the suit perfectly. They were very polite, professional and had the suit done on time. I highly recommend them!

Cody Gondek

Nick Campion

They do military rank patches! Great people!

Colleen Smith

Jennifer Hall

I’ve been bringing my clothes here for years, and they usually do a good enough job, but recently they did a terrible job on the hem of a wool coat (the lining was uneven and the stitches were coming out). I brought it back to be fixed, but when I picked it up two weeks later (along with two pants that were hemmed, for the unusually high price of $46), it wasn’t fixed. The stitches that had come out hadn’t been redone, so there is still a large hole along the seam, and where the lining was too long, they bunched it up and stitched that in place, instead of shortening it at the seam. Even if I had time to take it back for a third time, I don’t trust them to fix it properly after making such an unacceptable and unprofessional “fix”, so I won’t be taking my clothes there anymore and certainly can’t recommend them.

Dustin M

They do excellent, clean work here in a timely fashion, and they will do everything they can to make sure that you leave satisfied with the alterations they have made. And on top of that they're awesome people! Can't recommend them enough.

Jae Sung Soled

Whenever I move to someplace new, one of the first things I try to find is a great tailor. Growing up, my aunt was a fantastic seamstress so I was spoiled whenever I had alterations or mishaps. Luckily, some researching and reading led me to Elegant Tailoring & Alterations within my first few weeks in Boulder. I've lived here over 2 years now and whenever I have any tailoring needs, I always and only go to Elegant Tailoring. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with amazing customer service and a genuine passion to deliver top-notch results. Yildiz and her husband were engineers back in their homeland, Turkey. You can see that level of problem-solving and meticulousness transferred over to their business because they will take on requests that most other tailors wouldn't even dare to. I've gone to them with a beautiful J. Crew blazer that just did not fit me right and they turned it into basically a custom/bespoke piece and charged me less than $40 for it! Thanks to them, most of my wardrobe now fits like it was made for me. On top of that, they're some of the nicest and hardest working people that most will ever come across. The level of professionalism, customer service, plus the speed/value/caring, from Elegant Tailoring and Alterations is unmatched in Boulder, and perhaps even Colorado. I do not look forward to the day I moved away and have to find another tailor.

Bill Coleman

Been going here for over 3 years. They have always done an amazing job. Prices are a touch high but the quality is excellent so I would rather pay a little more and know they won’t screw up my expensive clothing.

John Duke

They turned us away because they didn't want to work on lace flower girl dresses. Three women had to consult about it and the first two didn't even know if they did that kind of work. This is a place that allegedly alters clothing for weddings. When I walked in, dresses in hand and two daughters in tow, the first woman stared at me as if she'd never seen dresses before. And then she strangely asked who the dresses were for, as if not to notice I had two little girls with me. They complained about how prom was coming up soon and how tough lace can be, despite having almost six weeks to get the work done. And then they offered me referrals to people not even located in Boulder. As we left I heard them gasping in the back that they'd be expected to work on lace, the horror. Tell you what ladies - I'll do you a favor and never come back, and will post this review so that others won't either.

Nathan Zick-Smith

This place was great! They repaired my favorite pair of pants for a mere $12. I am so thrilled with the quality of the repair and the price.


Ozge Cebisci

Taylor Cunningham

Love this shop. I always take my dress shirts here to be taken in. They are style-savvy and always cheerful. And the quality of their stitching is much better than other shops I've tried in Boulder.

Wilson McNeary

I recently got a pair of pants altered here and was very pleased with the quality of work and price. Will definitely be coming back!

lisa Sklar

Beautiful work every time. I've had wool coats tailored, they even did the lining. A tux both pants and jacket came out beautifully. They were quick and reasonably priced. My go to tailor!

Jody Anagnos

Love this tailor. Honestly, they do great work, reasonable turn around and really nice, fun people. So glad I found them..

James Mitchell

Amazing craftmanship

Nick Giffin

Prices are good, and was impressed by how kind the owners are. Happy with their work as well

Nathan Sauer

I am a bodybuilder, thus my shoulders are over twice as wide as my waist. Finding a dress shirt which fits well is very difficult, and suits and coats nearly impossible. Elegant tailoring was able to get my sports coats and shirts tailored to a good and personal fit. She also instructed me on which style and cut of dress wear to buy in the future for and even better fit. Both her and her husband were very kind and personable.

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