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REVIEWS OF Best Tailoring IN Colorado

Clarisse Montero

Best Tailoring really does a good job with alterations. Great customer service as well. They are a little pricey though.

Yvonne Gardei

Excellent service!!!! I love and always come to get alterations here!!!!!

Andrea Rosendale

I found Best Tailoring to be highly unsatisfactory! Do not waste your time going there. I was trying to get my daughter's prom dress altered, she gave us a ridiculously high estimate without having her try it on to see where it needed to be altered. Very unfriendly, rushed and lost our business because of it.

Molly Jacobs

She's very sweet and kind.

Steven Quach

Everything was exactly how i wanted it to be and on a timely manner. I would defiantly recommend going here.


Leonard English

Now I've had seamstresses in Alabama, Texas, and now here. Young is the best and friendliest one I've ever had. It was like we were old friends the very first day I met her. She answers all my questions and everything is always clear. My only complaint is that it's very difficult to get her to accept a tip:-).

Matty Lozano

I am a professional dancer in Los Angeles and I have been bringing my stuff to this location for minimum 5 years. The woman who owns the business is much more than friendly, understanding, efficient, and above all talented. I highly recommend this location for anything from a split seem to a full tailor.

Julie M.

I do not recommend Best Tailoring. I had a horrible experience. I needed a bridesmaid dress altered and called Best Tailoring early in the day to see if they would have time to complete my alterations. That evening when I arrived at the Best Tailoring the greeting I had was less than friendly. In fact the lady behind the counter seemed irritated I walked into her shop. She said nothing and stared at me until I said I had called earlier with the Bridesmaid dress needing alterations. I saw a moment of recognition and still without a greeting or smile she told me to put the dress on. Now once I had the dress on and walked out she did not say anything again but walked around the counter and stared at me for literally like 5 minutes which was extremely uncomfortable. Again she did not say anything the whole time. I generally do not get garments altered so this was a new experience for me and the whole situation was uncomfortable. Finally when she did address me she told me I was too big for the dress. She proceeded to undress the back of my dress in the middle of her shop, pulled the dress down and pointed out all the areas it didn't fit. Never once did she say I can not fix this or explain if she did what she would need to do. In fact I feel like she was just body shaming me this whole time. Finally seeing no end to my embarrassment I just told her I would talk to the bride and proceeded into the dressing room. I left her shop extremely upset thinking I had this dress for my best friends huge day and I was in big trouble with a dress that did not fit. I tried not to overreact and decided to call another tailor to see if I had the same experience. I ended up calling Elegant Alterations off of University and Arapahoe. What a huge difference in experience. Lucy greeted me when I walked in the store, had doors on her dressing rooms, and told me I looked beautiful in the dress when I walked out of the dressing room. I wish I had never walked in the shop at Best Tailoring! Honestly if I could I would have provided her with no stars as she did not provide me with a good experience, was rude, and did not offer me any solutions to alter the dress I needed altering- the whole reason I came into her shop. By the way I went home and tried the dress on the next day. The "issues" Best Tailoring pointed out to me were not apparent. She made it seem like the dress could not be zipped up correctly. I had no issues at home. When I went to Elegant Alterations all she had to do was hem the bottom and fix the straps on the dress. Not the huge issues Best Alterations made it appear to be. It seemed like she did not want my business and she could have avoided the entire interaction with me if she had just told me on the phone when I first called. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. Don't waste your time, or hers.


Excellent service! I had a last minute alteration on a bridesmaids dress and I needed a ton of length removed from the bottom and she had no problem getting this complete by the date I needed the dress and did a wonderful job. The pricing was in line with what I expected to pay. I will come back here for all future alterations.

Christenza Lager

I brought in a very complicated costume (because of the layering and design) where the top was way too big and the slip in the skirt needed to be lengthened. The pricing was reasonable and was complete in a good time frame (not that I needed it rushed). I was very please that everything was done perfectly, the costume looks great! I will definitely go back for any future tailoring needs!

gerald mathis

I got fair price in a pinch. Young's customer service skills were great!! Glad I chose to come in. I am looking forward to doing more business here

Lance Butler

I've been going here for 2+ years and have only received the best from Young (Owner). She always treats me and my family with respect and always delivers the best quality! This is the best and only tailor shop my family and I deal with and has earned my highest recommendation!

Mary Johnson

I have been going to Young for many years and have not been disappointed. I've never had to take anything back and everything I bring to her ends up fitting perfectly. Her work is excellent and flawless. She's always cheerful and complimentary and has the sweetest disposition. I've recommended her to several people and they've all been satisfied. Best Tailoring IS truly the best!

Timothy Broderick

Best Tailoring really is the best. They do an incredible job and are very timely. The are also very flexible about completing your tailoring by specified dates. Overall, it is great.

Dominique Jin

Ever since I found this place I refuse to go anywhere else. The customer service is amazing! She's fast and does an amazing job. Oh and I also love that it's so close to my house.

Greg Schlackman

This taylor shop is unbeatable! The owner is amazing, and she has repaired several items of clothing for me AS WELL as tailored half my wardrobe. Thank you Best Tailoring! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


She hemmed about 6 inches of my dress pants because the back of the pant hem came undone. After a short time, the hemmed part that she did completely loosened and I was back to where I was before. When I mention to her that that hem that she sewed did not stay for very long, she told me that I did not get it hemmed with her because the pant had the original hem. She would not listen to me. I tried to explain to her that there was only about 6 inches of the pant that she hemmed and the whole part that she hemmed was loose again. We went back and forth for a while. It was very frustrating. So I had to go somewhere else and pay again to get the same area hemmed. I have not had an issue with the pants since. It's too bad she could not listen to me because I have had multiple items hemmed by her that worked out.

Kevin Cortez

Vince Vitale

She has done Jeans, a button up, and now a full suit. She certainly lives up the the name and can get things done extremely quickly when you're in a pinch. I won't be going anywhere else but here from now on.

Steve Grierson

Superb. I have gone multiple times for alterations and the work is always perfect. Highly recommended

Catherine Hamm

Great work and fair prices. I have brought multiple garments here for alterations and all have come back perfect and in a timely manner. The business owner is sweet and kind and very customer-focused.

Sarah Ouellette

Needed something very easy done before I leave for my wedding. It was a little short notice (would give them 3 full days to do) and I was upfront about that when I walked in. I had a few items that would require a simple stitch that I assume would take them less than 10 minutes per garment. After making me try everything on and spend time chalking/pinning she told me it was too short notice and she wouldn't do. Waste of time. I assume she didn't think she would make enough money from me so turned down the service. Won't be back!

Sean Mcgrath

Young does an amazing job. I have had 4 pants and two shirts altered there and every time they come out perfect. Do allow some time for her to do her work. Typically it is around a week and a half for your clothes to come back. Well worth the wait.

Roger Gingerich

She did a fantastic job on my pants, and did it in one day.

Mary Brzeski

I have been the customer of Best Tailoring for many years. I am always happy and satisfied with the alterations of my clothes done by Young. I have an unusual body type so ready-made clothes almost never fit me and almost always need to be altered to fit well. Young does a perfect job every time. She fixes my dresses and skirts exactly how I want them done. Also, she compliments my choices of clothes and makes me feel good. By now she knows me very well and she knows what I want done. It is wonderful to work with her. Sometimes I buy an item that in my mind has potential to look good on me, but only after a major change and it is amazing to me that Young can put all my ‘crazy’ ideas into reality and make it perfect every time. I recommend Best Tailoring for everyone who wants the clothes to look and feel perfect for a special occasion or for a day at the office.

Rachel Walborn

Amanda Shanks

I came to Ms.Young with my wedding dress that i had just ordered offline. I am 8 months pregnant and also had a short amount of time to have any alterations done if needed. When i purchased my dress i was almost positive this would've been a perfect fit! Boy was I wrong, we couldn't even zip my gown up! Instantly I started to panic because our wedding was in exactly 2 weeks! Ms. Young was sweet as can be and reassured me that she could fix it and have it finished in time, no worries ! Well, she did just that! What a relief for this soon to be mama and bride! I will most definitely be going back to her for any future alterations! She made what was a stressful time for me a wonderful experience and I feel very happy to have met her! Thank you so much again Ms.Young!

Dai Zhu

Highly recommended! Young's work is always high quality. She did an amazing job tailoring my wedding dress, and I started going there for tailoring evening gowns and casual clothes too.

Jocelyn Tweedy

Friendly customer service, and an excellent tailor! So glad I found this place.

mylowe haynes

Thank you thank you thank you for a my baby girls dress she going to look sooo pretty.

shark sewer

Alterations Plus is wonderful!! Not only is her work impeccable, but Blanca was able to hem trousers and suit jacket sleeves in one day. I was in a pinch and she was there to help me out. Thank you!!

Tony Ahillas

Let me be clear - you won't find a better tailor in Aurora or Centennial. No job is too small, too large or too complicated and everything is done on time to agreed specifications. From simple hems on pants, dress shirt tapering and complex suit jacket alterations the work has always exceeded my expectations. The staff is friendly, consultative and always helpful while the prices extremely fair for the quality of the work. You won't be disappointed.

Kristen Blackwell

I had a dress I needed to wear at a wedding the upcoming weekend. Its zipper was getting stuck, so I thought to be safe, I'd better get it fixed up at "Best" Tailoring. Her work was very good, which is why she gets 2 stars. However, she deceived me when I originally dropped the dress off, and when I picked it up, it was $23 just to fix a FREAKING ZIPPER. I would've bought a new $20 dress if I knew it would cost as much as a new one! Don't go here!

Laura DeJesus

Best Tailoring is the best!! Young (the owner) is very friendly lady. Not only is her work outstanding but she completes it in a timely manner; and if absolutely necessary she can do rush order. A huge plus and mostly why I go to her is she does MILITARY UNIFORMS!!! So rather than taking it over to the exchange and waiting 2-3 weeks, she can have it done in a week (or less if you need it sooner)!! Just make sure you explain the specifications of your required uniform, although she does remember after doing it only once. She is the only seamstress that I go to to get the job done!

Brian Morandi

Hands down the best tailor I have been to. I drive down from downtown Denver every time I need anything altered because of the quality of work I get back every single time. I came in on Sunday not knowing they are closed Sunday's and Young opened her doors with a smile and rang me up. I highly recommend Best Tailoring on E Smoky Hill Rd in Aurora.

Phoebe Rose

My first experience at Best Tailoring and I must say, Young did a great job with getting my daughter's pageant dress altered. It didn't fit her at all before I took it to Best Tailoring. I needed it asap and it was done within a very decent time. My daughter fits her gown PERFECTLY now! Although, it was sort of at the high end of my price range. But for this type of situation, it was exceptable. She was also a very pleasant person. It was very easy getting along with her. I will definitely go back to her for future needs!

Laura W

Young is the best! Best tailoring in town. She handles all by son's and husband's Boy Scout attire as well as all our personal tailoring. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

Whitney Novotny

I first went to Best Tailoring when I needed to get my prom dress tailored. I needed to get the top shortened and the sleeves fixed. The tailor completely rebuilt the top of the dress and I absolutely loved it, she made the sleeves perfect and it fit like a glove. Ever since than I have taken everything to her from pants to dresses to suits and the end result is always perfection. My sister recently got married and the whole bridal party did their tailoring with her. One bridesmaid was on the petite side and the tailor had to basically rebuild the dress because it was way too big. The end result was lovely a dress that used to engulf the bridesmaid looked like it was made just for her. My sister (the bride) got her dressed hemmed and she had the cups of her dress rebuilt to fit her bust better. She also got removable shoulder straps added on for the ceremony. The tailor was able to make everything completely as she envisioned it and I can not imagine my sister looking any better than she did and that was all thanks to Best Tailoring.

jesse tamez

I walked in Young's store five years ago because it was close to where I was living at the time and my last tailor moved back to Europe. I have gone through a lot of tailors messing up my cloths over the years. Finding Young has been seriously more than blessing. I come to her for all of my work I need done from replacing a zipper to just taking up my jeans and my big stuff like ripping apart suits I by off the rack and making them look like I had them made to fit. She has skill!!!!! that is what is really important to me. She has more than earned my trust and her work is always flawless. I am not a millionaire so having someone to trust with a $1200 dollar suit that they are going to make it look fabulous is worth a lot to me. Also the great thing is that she is wonderful to work with and always a joy to see. her pricing is amazing and the turn around time is right on. I would recommend her to everyone for every kind of job big or small. Now I drive across the city and little farther just to see her.

Angel Rodriguez

I was pleasantly surprised that there is a great quality place where I can take my clothes to get tailored. I was in a pinch literally with my pants after gaining some weight and needed loosen it up a little. And I need to get in a hurry so I trusted best cleaners to do the job. Thank you best cleaners! Very satisfied one week after wearing my tailored pants.

Andrea Withrow

Excellent work, extra friendly service and quick turn around. Expert at everything from full formal gown alterations to hemming. Recommend her to everyone looking for a seamstress!

Charles Flinn

She does outstanding work quickly and efficiently. Worth every penny. I drive out of my way to take my items here.

Kendra G

Young made several alterations on my wedding dress, just two weeks before our big day!! Not only did Young do an incredible job, she made me feel welcome and put a smile on my face every time that I came in. Young was recommended to my by my Dad who has had her make numerous alterations on pants and shirts for him. Young, thank you for your wonderful work and always kind words. I will recommend anyone to come to you for a thorough and professional alteration job any time!!!!

Temry J

The BEST tailor! She has altered many, many items for me and has done a PERFECT job EVERY single time. She is friendly, professional, and always greets me by name. The work has always been completed in less than a week and by the original promised date. She has an incredible eye to look at clothing and determine exactly how to make it look perfect. She listens to and understands what I want the outcome to be. And the outcome always exceeds my hopes. She is also very honest. Over time I have come to trust her judgement completely. She does impeccable work and her prices are really reasonable. Having used several other tailors before finding her, I can confidently state that she is far superior to any of them. She is absolutely incredible!!!!

Liz Koltz

I've been to best tailoring two times now. The first was to get a pair of jeans hemmed. They did a great job in a reasonable amount of time for only about $15. It was a good enough experience that I trusted them to go back with a bridesmaids dress to have it hemmed and the sides taken in. They did an absolutely perfect job and worked around my schedule to get it done in time. I can't recommend them enough for their work- and they're real sweethearts!

Keliegh Barajas

Kez Griffin

Nice place and gets the job done

M Malloy

Julia Smith

My Fiance brought his jacket in to have tailored. Whoever helped him told him $100 just for the shoulder to be fixed and he would be better off buying a new jacket...Which isn't an option for us. Went to a different tailor and they're doing the whole of the jacket for $100. We chose Best Tailoring because of the good reviews but they fell short.

Nicholas Hankins

The only tailor I use. Always a perfect fit!

Chris Phillips

By far the best quality tailor I've ever been to!!! I moved to Parker last year, and still drive to Aurora when I need to have anything sewn or tailored. Knowing it will be done beautifully, and exactly as I've requested, is well worth the trip!!!

Runyan Laura

Staff was so professional, and also warm and welcoming! I had professional suits tailored, and I look great! Thanks Best Tailoring! I will definitely be back!

Deborah Arbuthnot

I love her customer service. I've been coming here for a couple of years and the store manager is so bubbly and she does an excellent job. I always need my jeans hemmed for me and my daughters because we are too short for anything to fit right. They always come out great.

Amy Selby

My husband and I have both gone to Young for years. She is the best tailor I have ever worked with. She does exceptional work in a very timely manner. I trust her with all my clothes, including my most expensive and most difficult clothes. I have never once had any problems with her or her work. As a great bonus, she is so sweet & friendly. : ) The kids love to go with me, just so they can chat.

Polska Ogrodnik

Young is the BEST far! Not only is she the sweetest lady, she is always willing to do whatever you want done to your clothes. She does it all, from simple hemming, to complete customization of dress clothes. I trust her with all of my clothes, and have had countless dress pants altered to perfection. I will continue to go see Young at Best Tailoring because she really is the best out there. Please dont waste your time with any other Tailor. She will have your clothes ready to be picked up within 7-10 days, and she tries very hard to get to know and remember all of her customers. 5 Stars out of 5!

Brian Baldwin

They don't seem to want to deal with customers. I brought in two suits and was told that there was nothing that could be done with one because of the job the last tailor had done (hint: the last tailor was them!). I was ready to give a Burberry suit to goodwill but decided to get a second opinion. $36 dollars later and my suit fits perfectly. Try somewhere else.

john little

I wish I could give her zero star. The worst quality and the most expensive price for the poor service and lousy skills. Do yourself a favor, go to other places.

Chris Day

My family and I have been customers of "Best Tailoring for over 5 years! Every item we have had hemmed, repaired, or altered has been done right the first time. The quality of work provided is excellent! Also, when a date is given for pick-up, the item is always ready. We have always been treated courteously, and with respect and concern about our needs and requests. I cannot say enough good things about Young! She is a true professional, and her work is flawless! If you are looking for an excellent tailor in the Aurora area, Best Tailoring should be your number 1 choice!

Bev Stiner

Darcy H

5 stars all day long. I have been going to Best Tailoring for over ten years. I am a short girl, 5 foot nothing and 125 pounds. NOTHING ever fits. I get just about every single pair of pants I purchase and just about every dress tailored. I moved out of the area and tried other tailors and nobody can do it like she does here. I drive an hour to her shop with all of my clothes. She is very attentive, listens to what you want, and gets everything done in a timely manner. I wear a uniform for work. They offered to pay for alterations if I took it too one of two shops in our town. I tried both and they did not meet my high expectations. So again, I pay for my own alterations (I put it on my taxes now), and drive the hour. I typically try not to bring anything in during prom season because she gets so busy and i feel bad, but if I do she gets the work done. Go here. Get your alterations done by Mrs. Young and you will not be disappointed.

mike hatfield

Young is wonderful!! Not only is her work impeccable, but she was able to hem trousers and suit jacket sleeves in one day. I was in a pinch and she was there to help me out. Thank you Young!!

Holly Lambert

This is easily the best place for alterations in the Denver area that I have been to. Young is fantastic - friendly, prompt, skilled - and I now drive across town just to have her fit my clothes.

Stephanie Clarke

She's amazing! She can visualize what your asking of Her and Nail it.

Katherine Ames

Noura Alkamali

She was so very friendly! The prices are reasonable. She patched up a hole on my sweater, at first she doubted herself and told me it wouldn’t be perfect, but when I picked it up, it was perfect! As if it was brand new!! Definitely my go to place now.

Sundee Johnson

Best Tailoring is GREAT! I recommend going here to anyone. The lady I dealt with was amazing and so sweet. She was super accommodating and I love the outcome of my dress. She was also very timely in her alterations. I was on a time crunch and she finished it with plenty of time to spare. She turned a floor length bridesmaid dress into a high low dress. I will definitely be going back for any future alterations I need.

Kamil Keski

If you are in Aurora and need tailoring services you should definitely check out Best Tailoring at 16643 E Smoky Hill Rd. She is a magician I tell you. Gave her a pair of my favorite jeans to patch and I am completely blown away by her work!

Mary Margaret Carter

Best Tailoring is highly recommended. Since I am 4'11" my wardrobe and apparel purchases require tailoring throughout the year. At Best Tailoring outstanding work along with timely turnover is always the outcome. Also the pricing is affordable. The icing on the cake is upon every visit Young is always professional & very kind...On many occassions she has simply brightenened the day!

Lana Clegg

Great tailor! Took a pair of pants to be hemmed with a cuff. They turned out perfect. The price was reasonable and the tailor was so nice to work with! Highly recommend!

Krista Keil

Young has great customer service, is very friendly and is willing to accommodate whatever the client's requests are. I had items that I wanted done in a very specific way and she completed the tasks perfectly! Young is great to talk to, is very skilled in her field, and is timely, I would recommend her to anyone! :)

Andrew Firestine

Best Tailoring provides an exceptional quality of work and level of service that is unparalleled with other shops. I am a repeat customer and have brought many suit coats, pants, and shirts in for repair or alteration. Each time, she has reviewed the scope of the work with me and has committed a timeframe for the repairs. Best Tailoring has delivered quality work within the quoted timeframe each and every time. I recommend Best Tailoring for their accountability, quality of work, and overall level of service. They have earned my trust with my garments.

matt smith

Lacey Strong

She is amazing! My dress was made by Enzoni so it was a little more expensive, I was nervous about leaving it somewhere I have never been, but I am so glad I did! My dress looks perfect and she didn’t charge me out the butt to do it! I recommend her absolutely! Go here for fairly priced alterations. Thank you again!!

The Gaming Scene

This place is the best! I’ve been here twice already, and every time I came in, My clothes have never fit better! Thanks young!

Charles Whelan

The name says it all, "Best Tailoring". Young does a great job and delivers as promised. I appreciate that she's able to do tailoring jobs that are more than just the basic pant hems and jobs like that. I highly recommend them.

Adaire A

First and foremost, can I say BLESSING. Last minute and I say last minute, 3 hours and counting. Bridesmaid dress needed hemming and she was on it. Wonderful service. I can't say thank you enough. I highly recommend!!!

Dan Andrews

Great service and costs! Owner is friendly and does superior service. Will do business with this establishment again as well as tell Friends and family!

Bruce Zhu

Had a pair of slacks tailored. Perfect fit, she does great work

kim dannull

I have brought my nice work pants here for hemming. My daughter had her prom dress altered this past spring. Everything fits perfectly and looks great!

Rachel Olson

Don’t go here. She was rude and apparently couldn’t alter my dress. Waste of my time.

Madison Gardei

They are very flexible with alterations that have a deadline! They are also very attentive to each customer's specific wants and needs, making the customer their number one concern!

Duri Jun

Got two pairs of pants hemmed and tapered. She did a wonderful job at a good price. Would def come back in the future.

Jay Wyman

Took in my textile motorcycle jacket to see if I could get the sides fitted to me to have a more tapered look. She pinned it up to make sure we had exactly what I wanted. I came back when it was ready and was blown a way by the quality, the stitches look better than the ones from the factory. It looks like it was always supposed to be the shape it is now. She definitely has a customer for life, amazing place and the prices are great.

Damale Campbell

Very thankful to have gone to Best Tailoring. Great service and very helpful! I came in yesterday and explained that I had an emergency situation where I needed a suit tailored within 24 hours. I didn't expect to be able to get this dome in time and would've understood if the suit couldn't have been dome in that time, but thankfully they found a way to get it done. And the quality of their work was not sacrificed to compensate for the short time. Thank you again for your help Best Tailoring! They definitely live up to the name.

Danielle Braman

I took 3 dresses to her. 1/3 came out the way I liked... I was a little taken back by her personality. I need to take the dresses to get another alteration done and I don't want to take them to her. The alterations were just padding, too!

garry mills


Awesome place! The lady is super nice and such a great price with amazing quality. Took in extremely detailed Wushu silks with sequence.

Rex Horne

Soung Sul

Quick, easy, and quality of work is top notch! Will be bringing all my tailoring here from now on

Jim Uhernik

Excellent work alway!

Dennis Rhodes

I had a suit tailored here and she did a wonderful job!

Trina DeLoach

I was disappointed. I read all of the nice reviews. I needed a zipper replacement on a nice, expensive dress. She barely looked at the dress and said return to the store if you can and continued doing her paperwork, not even making eye contact. I took it to Allen's Tailors who did a remarkable job at a low low price.

Eric Randle

Ben Meyerhoff

I needed my pants brought in by 2 inches. She was receptive and kind, she told me that it would cost $23 to bring in the pants. When I got them back from her they were perfect. A strong stitch and a good adjustment perfect for my needs!

Julio Cesar Ocampo

I was excited by the good reviews. I walked in and 1 minute later I walked out. She was very rude, I just had a question about my pants but it seems that question bother her.... never coming back.

Jennifer Ponce

I have been going to Best Tailoring for the past 6 years. Young is an expert at her craft. She can alter anything from a wedding dress with intricate beading to a few inches off a pair of pants. In addition, her work is completed in a timely manner and is affordable. Not to mention she is warm and friendly, while providing excellent customer service.

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