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REVIEWS OF Shirley's Designs & Alterations IN California

Emily Dauria

l orta

I love everything about this business, especially the advice you get during the fitting and the quality of the work that is done on your garment.

Jesse McClain

Me and my partner went to Veda for our suits to get tailored. She was amazing and did a fantastic job. The service was quick and high quality.

Tyler Silva

Miss Veda was an absolute pleasure and her work was magical. The alterations were done quickly and and my suit looks completely custom made!

Michael Powers

B. Matthews

Veda was lovely and hemmed my items with excellent craftsmanship. The receptionist leaves alot to be desired though.

Stephanie G

My experience was perfect from beginning to end. I had to get my bridesmaids dress altered and of course I left it for last minute. After looking around for awhile....I finally found this place online. I called late in the day and was able to get an appt early in the morning the following day, with same day alterations on a dress with 2 seperate dressess!! Stressed and tired with wedding just 2 days away. Walking in I was greeted by Me Shirley she was so poise and professional. I was stressed and a mess not knowing if it will get done on time and worried because of the material. She listened very well to what I was looking for... I never felt rushed. After all the pins went in, she was so nice to help me out of it, preventing me from getting pinned. She took the dress and said I'll see u at 4:30pm. Price was very reasonable due to the situation and time crunch. I was there at 4:30pm (they close at 5pm) after waiting my turn, I tried on the dress. It was GREAT! But I really wanted it girls lol pain=beauty. But this dress had no zipper. Which meant too tight and I wouldn't be able to actually pull over head (I was already having a bit of a hard time getting it on) But she said ok let's see what else we can take in.....YES!! She gets me! She said we were making me a second skin.

Amanda Panda

BRIDES BEWARE. Don't let the good reviews fool you. This place is so disorganized and engages in unethical practices. They had my dress for 19 weeks (plenty of time to have it completed) and 10 days before my wedding was when any real noticeable work had even been done I live in LA but since my wedding was going to be in Oakland I chose to do the alterations in Oakland, so I was travelling a long way for each appointment. In short: *They lost the top to my wedding dress, made a new top without consulting me or informing me that the original was lost. *The sample top I provided was never returned. *The color of the new top did not match and was a totally different material. ( my wedding pictures look tacky because the color difference is so off. they were noticeably different colors) *Not a single one of my appointments were honored. *I was told "to come another day" every time I showed up to an appointment because they were too busy or that they couldn't find/ had misplaced my dress. *7 weeks before my wedding I was given only the skirt of my dress back and told to go elsewhere because they couldn't do it. *Had 6 fittings and each time no changes or barely any changes had been made to my dress. *At 7:30pm the night before picking it up Veda called me to ask if I could go to the store for her and get her supplies to finish my dress before my morning appointment (unprofessional). *On my final fitting the top was a sloppy mess. The straps were sewn uneven and twisted and the buttons were out of line and one even popped off while trying to put it on. *When it came time to pay my final deposit the shop didn't even have a record of what I paid and what I owed. If I bothered to write a full detailed review it would be a novel. The experience from start to finish was nothing but stressful and unprofessional,yelp reviews + 3 different people who were regular clients suggested this shop and gave such high praise. Maybe at some point in time this business was good not any longer. I was compensated for travel expenses once for a missed appointment but that was only after I requested it. No compensation, explanation, or apology was offered as to what happened to my original top and why a totally new top was needed and where my sample top went. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE.

Nancy Huneke

I took a whole bunch of clothes in that just didn't quite fit right for a whole variety of reasons or were way out of style. They did a great job on all, and I practically have a whole new wardrobe for a fraction of what it would have cost to replace these items. I was so pleased, I took another batch of clothes in later. I'm about to bring in a filmy top that tore when it caught on something. Because the fabric tore (not the seams), I'd normally consider it a goner, but I have faith and am willing to bet they'll be able to save it.

Sarah Karlan

I ordered a bridesmaids dress months in advance and got a zero because usually that's fine if not a little snug, but it fits (I'm super petite) -- and when It finally came it was too small- wouldn't even zip. One month out from my friends wedding I was in a panic. Shirley assured me it was no big deal, let it out and shortened it in two weeks. So relieved and the bride is too

Sandy Todd

Loved working with Veda at Shirley's Designs! Her work is beautiful and she is a delight!

Madeleine Maguire

Holly Dunn

Margarita Noche

Veda just made my wedding dress fit perfectly to me. I love how the lace still looks perfect despite of having a lot of alterations. She really did a great job and it's so worth it. Thank you so much.

Don Moffett

I would classify Veda as a 5 star professional in her industry. She design, cut and assemble a dress for my wife and altered a older suit of mine into a handsome new classic fit for me. Thank you Veda. Sincerely, Don & Kawanna

Justin White

Need Men's tailoring or alterations? I would greatly recommend Ms. Veda @ Shirley's Désigns. She worked magic on an expensive wool top coat of mine. They were able to A) make the shoulders smaller. B) shorten the arm hole and C) remove extra fabric from the body. All this for a great price and even better customer experience. Guys go see for yourself!

Jon Randall

I worked with Veda to alter several high-end, but very dated items that I hadn't worn in years (a tux, several pants and sport jackets, etc.). Veda did an amazing job altering each item to be more "current" and better fit my trimmer body. She was very attentive and meticulous. I now have a new wardrobe at a fraction of what it would have cost to buy these items today. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy tailor.

Elizabeth Gorbe

Entire experience was perfect! The ladies who work there are nice, patient, and answered all of my questions. And the alterations themselves were spot on! Reasonably priced as well. Highly recommend!

Christian Hanlon

Morrigan Grunt

Nancy Suib

Veda is a talented tailor. Did a fantastic job on altering my leather jacket. I will definitely use her services again for any alterations.

Marie Davis

I have been going to Shirley Designs for just about 10 years now. I'm proud to say that this shop does wonderfully accurate work. She snatch the waist in my jeans so well that my butt appears bigger than really what it is. i love her work. 4 stars because she's a little pricey but when work it's that on point, you don't mind spending what it takes to get the job done.

Lamar Johnson

Great experience at Shirley's designs got my suit looking like a brioni suit lol thanks guys! 5 star service!

Anthony Rimac

The best alteration there is!

Joanne Devereaux

I am a regular loyal customer of Shirley's.They always do a terrific job even on complicated alterations. Veda has built a wonderful business which has grown quite a bit, as any good business does !

Tara Shannon

Just the best place for alterations. The service is excellent and friendly. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Lynn Feintech

Veda does amazing work!

lu wang

Christine Frohlich

terrence shepard

My grandmothers shop is very nice, up to date, and kid friendly

Melanie Archer

Excellent service--very professional and prompt. You are treated as a welcome guest, no matter the task you bring in.

Michelle MacIs

Veda is wonderful- warm, welcoming and a really really amazing seamstress. I hesitate sharing a review because I’m afraid she will be too busy and hard to make an appointment with... but, finding a great seamstress is so hard. And she’s the real deal.

Briget Boyle

I brought my wedding dress to Veda 3 weeks before my wedding when I realized that I need to get my dress bustled. She did a beautiful, quick, and affordable job. She also convinced me that it need to be let out a little and she was totally right! Not only that, but she was able take a crazy idea of adding a burgundy cummerbund to the dress that I have been envisioning for months. I put the dress on tomorrow and I am confident that I will look awesome walking down the aisle! Thank you Veda!

Smadar Boardman

Shirley is amazing! She got my dress altered just in time for a wedding I went to in Healdsburg. Very professional, quality work, and cute store.

Walter Lucas

Katie Dean

Veda, who is the owner of this awesome alterations shop, is so attentive to detail and has a profound skill to her craft as a tailor. Love working with her on making my clothes fit just right. I'm also getting my wedding gown tailored by her. :) Thank you Veda!

Kim Rosselle

Shirley's is the only place I go for alterations. She does incredible work, is very affordable, and is really nice to!

Edie Murphy

Veda is fabulous. I take stuff to her that I don't wear because it doesn't fit right and she gives it back to me fitting well so its like finding new clothes in my own closet.

Angela Harmon

Veda did an excellent job on my dress! Couldn't be happier with the results. Her shop is very cute! Will definitely go back in the future.

Jennifer Brouhard

Alice Beasley

Veda made my wedding dress. It was gorgeous and reasonably priced. Much better than anything I saw in the ready mades.

Keturah Nobles

The customer service, expertise, design, and care provided at Shirley's is second to none. Clothes don't make the person but they definitely introduce them; Shirley's fine tunes your introduction second to none!!!

Andrew Wright

A real lifesaver!

Kristin Murashima

As a customer of I Do Bridal, I was under the impression that I would be getting alterations at a much lower price than what I had paid since this is their suggested seamstress. My alterations ended up costing $600 which was a bit of a shock. I scheduled my first bustle appointment 1 month prior and tried calling the week before to see if I could come in earlier. I was told it wasn't possible so I kept to my original appointment. The day of I received a call asking if I could come in later which I couldn't because I already scheduled my whole day around this appointment. When I got to Shirley's I was told that my bustle wasn't even done yet?! It would have been really helpful to have known this so I didn't have to waste my time in traffic and arrange my whole day around this mishap. I was so upset with the lack of accountability on Veda's s end. There was no mention of this when I spoke with them the day of. I was told that I would be financially compensated for their inconvenience which ended up being $25 off of the $600 alterations?! I That was a total joke and a sign that I should have taken my dress elsewhere. Veda then had the nerve to make me feel bad by asking me if I wanted her to come in after her knee injection to finish the job?! I have never been to an establishment that makes the paying customer feel bad for something that was completely the fault of the business. And to top it off Veda was going to let me leave with my dress that had a bunch of loose sequences and broken hooks after my final appoinyment! Thankfully I noticed and brought it to her attention. I will not recommend Shirleys to anyone nor I Do Bridal who works with them. Their lack of accountability and attention to detail does not justify the prices she charges! Word of advice to Shirley's, be a little more accountable for your actions and lack of professionalism.

Matthew Sills

Very professional, kind and prompt service. My wife forgot to take her heels in with her fitting, and Vera went to another shop and brought her a pair of heels to wear so that the hem on her dress would be perfect!

Andrea Wooding

Expert craftsmanship and very quick turnaround on a complicated bridesmaid dress with extensive beading. Thank you!

Marcia Black

Joan Zovickian

Dawud Sabree

Pamela K. Sweeney

Simply can't find anyone better. Veda is highly skilled and meticulous. You can trust your absolute finest to her and her expert team.

Cici Hoover

BEWARE of the unethical and illegal dealings of Veda of Shirley's Designs and Alterations!! I consulted with Veda (someone I have known since high school!) regarding a water spot I acquired on the bodice of a designer gown I purchased for a once in a lifetime event. She informed me that she did not trust anyone local to work on the gown, but she would be happy to send it to 'her people' in New York. I released the gown to Veda. After months and months of numerous phone calls and visits to her place of business (all of which she 'skirted' with the assist of her mother), I reported the missing gown to the authorities. It was considered 'grand theft' due to the value of the gown. The next thing I knew, her place of business (when it was on Grand Ave.) was closed down by the OPD, yellow taped and all!! A bit later, I received a phone call from a dry cleaning establishment on Lakeshore (they had heard that I was missing a gown by a notable designer) saying that someone had 'dumped' a similar gown over their counter and disappeared. Upon arriving at the dry cleaning establishment, I identified the gown as mine. However, the hem of the skirt was destroyed (as if dragged through gravel), there were dark body makeup stains throughout the interior of the gown and the label of the designer had been removed. A leopard's spots do not change. Do not trust Veda with your business. She is essentially a talented crook. Mark my words and save yourself potential heartache and frustration!!

Anne Brodzinsky

Went in and was told that an appointment was required for a fitting. I went out of my way to find the time to get there, fought the usual fight got to park, and I was frustrated. Advise stating the need for an appointment on the website.

Mohamad Ismail

Amazingly skilled, life saving service! Ms. Shirley has a beautiful, calm and calming presence, that shows at the end of the day in her work and sharp eye. She made an off the shelf tuxedo look custom made. I'm truly grateful to them for turning a difficult and last minute alteration into a tuxedo that fits me perfectly- from jacket, arm lengths, to pant length. Thank you!

Adrienne Kirschner

Wonderful. Very nice and did an excellent job on my alterations. Will definitely use them in the future.

D Mathews

Michael Cleary

We have been going to Veeda's (We always say Veeda's instead of Shirley's Designs) for more than thirty years. That's thirty years of satisfaction. She has never disappointed us with her work. She has worked her magic on a bridal gown, men's sport coats and women's dresses for us. Thanks, Veeda!

Blair Marion Norman

Diana León

I was pleased with my alterations request.

Kathrine Worel

Exceptional work, the attention to even the smallest detail is outstanding! Besides which Veda and her team are friendly, funny and great communicators. Worth every penny, won't be going anywhere else. Ever. Again.

L Reynolds

I have been going to Veda for several years after several local friends recommended her services. Veda does an amazing job with off the rack clothing that she can then tailor to fit perfectly for a very affordable price. I have taken pants, jackets, and outerwear to her to get that perfect fit. Adjusting linings, buttons or trim is never an issue. Recently I took in a well loved blouse that had a faux leather trim that was damaged by my cleaners. Veda found the perfect matching trim, replaced it on the blouse, and it now looks fantastic. My daughter brought in her prom dress for simple tailoring and the precision and care that Veda took with the dress, making sure that it fit my daughter perfectly was very appreciated. She is a great local businesswoman and extremely easy to work with. Appointments are appreciated, but I have dropped in on several occasions in the late afternoon, without one, and Veda has always been accommodating.

Crystal North

Alterations were done on time, fit me perfectly, and the staff were very welcoming and accommodating. Will definitely use their services again if I'm in the Oakland area.

Zeda Suswal

This place is TOP NOTCH! Professional and of the highest quality!

Roxanne Morse

I have known Shirley for almost 8 years. She has made all of my tailored suits. They are beautiful. Her craftsmanship is beyond compare and she is wonderful to work with. I just recommended one of my colleagues to Shirley to assist her with her professional wardrobe. She is the best.

Candice Shaw

Patrice Haan

Twice Veda has done an alteration on a special piece of clothing that made my life better! Simple. She is charming, but more importantly capable, thoughtful, imaginative, accurate and swift. My gratitude!


Veda works magic on clothes!

Tirhas Araya

This is the only place I could fix my dress. She is knowledgeable, technically she gave life to my wedding dresses. Can't thank her enough!!!

Allegra Poggio

I went to Shirley's upon a recommendation from my wedding planners to get help with alterations to my wedding dress. My experience was amazing. I had a really well made, but complex dress and was nervous about putting it in anyones hands but it turned out better than I could have imagined! I worked with Veda. We had 4 appointments. Each one was smooth and easy. Veda has eyes for everything and is very intuitive when it comes to determining what is best for you and the dress. We added cuffs / straps to the dress which looked amazing. She was professional, communicative and warm. I have since taken other things to Shirley's (a jumper, another dress), and the results are always great! I would recommend anyone go to Shirley's.

Jim Ballantine

Veda was amazing. I was in town for a wedding and needed a zipper replaced, in a hurry. The job was beautifully done and I couldn't believe the price. Thanks!

Charlotte Ring

Carter Dunlap

Veda is the ultimate professional for anyone wanting the highest quality tailoring or dress making. I took three new suits to be tailored earlier this summer. What I thought would be one and done turned into repeat visits because Veda was not happy that work was quite done. Most of the time I couldn't even notice what she saw but when she pointed it out I saw it but felt it was good enough. I've had many suits "altered" by the stores or independent tailors. Never have any fit as well as these suits do now. This level of professionalism and commitment to perfection is really really rare these days. If you want the highest quality attention to your garments, Shirley's is the place.

Jennifer Beach

Veda was a great help in sewing my wedding dress that I designed. I can't wait to see my partner's face when I walk down the aisle. Thank you!


Just recommended Veda to a friend for wedding dress alteration. She noticed the tiniest little details to improve the fit of my wedding dress back in 2010. It made all the difference, added the back bow I wanted and it fit like a glove, very custom. Totally reasonable price too! Thank you again for making the dress my "dream" dress.

Susie Debenham

Veda has gone above and beyond to make sure my two alteration projects have been done well and done on time. With her vast experience and expertise, she brought up issues and suggestions that I never would have thought.

Kelsey Chirlinn

I had Veda alter two of my dresses this past summer. The first was an engagment dress which I bought online which was so ill-fitting! Veda fixed it up on short notice and was very easy to work with. I also brought in my wedding dress which she did an excellent job making fit like a (very comfortable) glove. I am so impressed with her expertise and calm cool demeanor. I give it 4/5 stars because there were a few times where I had made appointments with Veda, and they didn't make it on the calendar. The receptionist was on top of her game when it came to rescheduling so it wasn't too big of a deal, but I know I wasn't the only one and even bumped into someone who'd be double-scheduled during my slot. All in all a great tailor, and despite the cost, well-worth it!

Joy Gibson

Veda is absolutely the best. She knows what you want before you tell her and always the professional, highly skilled designer!! If you want a true alteration, and not just seams down the side, Shirleys is the place.

Lily Black

Lauren Mammini

Kevin Rocci

Christina Castaneda

Jess del Rio

Unprofessional, ill-equipped, overcharges, lack of communication. Do not come here! I wouldn't trust this alteration shop for anything more than trimming fabric—if they even get to your garments in time. This has been the worst alteration experience I've ever had. I had two dresses to that had various alteration needs. One was hemming an old bridesmaids dress (easy, right?), another was hemming my wedding dress and sewing a silk lining inside of it. When I showed up for my first appointment after 2 weeks of dropping off my dresses, both the clerk and the main seamstress, Veda, gave me blank stares when I said I had an appointment for my two dresses. They couldn't find my dresses—one of which was a wedding dress! I had to dig through the bags of garments to find mine, which they later said they didn't work on for two weeks because my name wasn't attached to it...??? Fine...I said I would come back next week at the same time to do the appointment all over again (they could've easily solved this issue before I arrived by calling to confirm my appointment in advance and realizing they didn't have the garments ready). When I showed up the third time for my second appointment, the hemmed bridesmaids dress was ready, but they made zero progress on the wedding dress. It appears they quickly cut out a bodice pattern in the fabric I ordered and pinned it inside the wedding dress for me to "try on" when I arrived. During this visit they then made a line for the hem and told me to come back next week for the final product. For my fourth visit, I showed up and was told to wait 10 minutes. When they called me back to try on the wedding dress, I see they had made zero progress yet again except they had quickly trimmed fabric from the bottom of the dress (not a sewn hem, but something they were doing in the 10 minutes form when I arrived to when I was called into the room). Keep in mind they made me wait a week for them to trim 2 inches of fabric. The mistakes I made were A) trusting the other reviews on here that Shirley's offers professional service, B) not calling ahead of my appointments to confirm they've actually done their job, and C) paying more money for this terrible and lack of service than the actual dress is worth. If this is not resolved in a few days, I will be going back to collect their work in progress and demand a refund for the services they haven't completed. It's a shame because I want to support the small business in the neighborhood. But this is one I will not be coming back to.

Jamie Castellanos

Veda really knows what she is doing! I wouldn't trust my wedding alterations with anyone else and am so happy to leave my dress in her capable hands.

Lindsay Armstrong

I had a great experience with Veda at Shirley's design and Alteration! My dress had a crazy uneven hemline from the start, and so much material. In my opinion, it seemed like it might be a tough job. But Veda is so profession and precise; my dress came out looking perfect! The length was great and was perfect for my event. Veda even went above and beyond and made me a beautiful belt to go with the dress, free of charge. It was the nicest gesture, and absolutely made the outfit! I've already recommended her to many people :). Thanks so much!

Ann Daniels

Nothing fits me off the rack, so I buy beautiful clothes from thrift stores and take them to Veda to be altered. Jeans, trousers, jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses - even bathing suits and relining coats – she does it all. I've had strangers compliment me on how beautifully my clothes fit!

Stanton Koppel

Shirley is simply the best tailor I have had. Known best for ladies gowns, she reconstructed several sports coats a suit and a leather jacket that were several sizes too big for me. I get complimecery time I wear a garment she has altered because it fits so well. She has a great eye for making me look good and the skill to make it happen.

Sandy Jaeger

I brought in a top that needed a new look and was able to get it altered with a new neckline in recor time!

Laura MacArthur

Joel Hicks

Right on, every time. If not... She makes it so. Not the cheapest, but the work isn't cheap either.

Devin Cornwall

Louise Gallegos

The alterations done on my mother of the brides dress was just perfect. I would definitely come back in the future.

Wendy Boucek

Exceptional tailoring! Veda was an engineer in her former life and it shows in the precision & quality of her work. She's not cheap, but good work rarely is, and I'd trust her with any item, vintage, couture, or off the rack.

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