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4021 W Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91505, United States

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REVIEWS OF Milt & Edie's Drycleaners & Tailoring Center IN California

Rena Hansen

They always do a great job and have clothes ready! I don't take my clothes anywhere else, I only trust Milt & Edie's!

Wilson Dowdy

The parking lot sucks, I had to get out and yell at several idiot drivers. Although the dry cleaner people here are awesome. They had a prize wheel with gift certificate offers on each choice. I won $10. I enjoyed some donut holes, popcorn, and Oreos/vanilla cream cookies

Kurt Leier

Not cheap but FULL service

james martus

A nice place to do your dry cleaning, it will be done in three hrs same day service,everyone is nice and polite and very good service.

adam breall

I take my dry cleaning there and they have the nicest costumer service. Very helpful and they do a great job. I took a 4x sports coat there and there tailor made it look brand new as a size xl. This place is the best in California. Nothing compares to Milt and Edie's. They are definitely the best in California and out of the 4 states I have lived in.

Keith Eaddy

this is the Gold standard of dry cleaning!!

Briana Montalban

EXTREMELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THE TAILOR (ROZIK), HEAD MANAGER (ROBERT SHAPIRO), NIGHT MANAGER (AMANDA and LUZ), AND CORPORATE OFFICE. We went into this business on a Friday (July 12) and were told that they would all be done by Wednesday (July 17) at 11:59pm and that we were more than welcome to come at the earliest convenience after 11:59pm. Our event was on Thursday and Friday, therefore we showed up to pick up our dresses at 1am and to our surprise ONLY two dresses were complete and the main dress for Friday hadn’t even been touched! When we showed the tailors the tickets/receipts saying that it had been confirmed to be ready for pick up on Wednesday by 11:59pm, they stated that we were wrong and that they told us to come on Thursday at 7am instead. THEY NEVER TOLD US THIS. This was absolutely frustrating because the tailor (ROZIK) that said she would personally work on the dress, put the name of another tailor to work on it and never informed her to do it which is why no one ever touched it. Instead of taking ownership and accepting that this was their fault, they became very aggressive and stated that we were lying about when we dropped off the dress. According to the manager on duty that night (AMANDA), she said that she saw us come in the day before (Tuesday July 16) to drop off the dress. ABSOLUTELY FALSE ACCUSATION. She began so act all tough and said that it’s all on camera. I have exceptional memory and told her that I have never spoken to her in my life and I was NOT there the day before but the prior week on Friday and how dare she call us liars when the dress hadn’t even been worked on after FIVE days of the dress being there at the dry cleaners. The cashiers even stepped in and were really sweet and said that we had no right to be treated the way we were by the tailors and the manager on duty that night (AMANDA). The tailors and manager had horrible customer service and failed to meet their deadline that was shown on the receipt. This company also shows FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! They did not honor this is as we demanded that this dress get done in 4 hours by Thursday @ 4am, when we returned and manager (LUZ) still had the audacity to charge us full price which came out to OVER $200. LUZ also said “dresses like this need to be fitted about 3 times”. Which we were never informed to do so! They have no idea what they are doing and fail to inform their customers. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I forgot to mention that the first tailor (ROZIK) also ended up taking out ALL the pins from the previously fitted dress, as a result we had to try on and RE-PIN where the alterations would be. After paying for this terrible service, we were not satisfied with how the final result came out because it was a RUSHED JOB. The next day, we called and asked for the head manager (ROBERT SHAPIRO). We went in and all reviewed the cameras together and everything that the manager on night duty (AMANDA) and the tailors stated were IN FACT FALSE! The cameras showed that we were there on Friday and I never spoke with that manager about coming at Thursday at 7am. So, as a business, they need to realize: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Head manager Robert Shapiro then stated that he can refund us in the form of a store credit but we demanded a full refund on the card for the stress of the TERRIBLE SERVICE AND UNFINISHED WORK. A few days later he called back stating that he will NOT be able to give us a full refund but only half because the work was done. I then emphasized how on their windows it states: IF IT’S NOT DONE ON TIME, IT’S ON THEM! He said they are in the process of removing that. IT IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! He stated that he even spoke with the owner of Milt & Edie’s and told us that the owner declined the refund. He in fact also became very rude and even HUNG UP on us. After this, we were absolutely fed up with the customer service and decided to report all of this to corporate, by which nothing was done. THIS BUSINESS IS FRAUD DUE TO THEIR FALSE ADVERTISING AND NOT HONORING IT! It is our consumer right!

Alexander Major

Friendly people and always very quick.

Marcelo Teson

This is a fun place to take your dry cleaning. They can be costly if you have a lot of stuff but they care about you and they have excellent hours.

Jon Vardoulis

My son is an Explorer with the Pasadena Fine Dept. With the holidays he needed his uniform several times. No other cleaner in the greater Los Angeles area could handle our needs except Milt & Edie's.

Jorge Gomez

Pricey but they are good, from dry cleaning to tailoring hands down the best. From the moment you walk in till the moment you walk out. To top it off they are open 24/7 and 364 days a year.

Samantha Brainerd

Expensive but good service

Barbara Summers

I avoid Milt & Edies as a rule, given how grossly overpriced they are, however, I needed some tailoring and my normal tailor said it was outside her services. I went there, gave them 4 pairs of riding britches to add belt loops to and was told it would cost $10.00 a pair. I go to pick them up and am told they're $18.00 a pair. Because I insisted that they honor they price I was quoted, THEY THREW ME OUT OF THE STORE! Bottom line, if they can't rip you off without you taking it up the backside, they don't want to deal with you. LESSON LEARNED MILT & EDIES!

Caynan Wood

I have never been so appalled with customer service before! My family has gone to this place for years, and since it's open 24 hrs I decide to try it. This chick (not appropriate to say woman) behind the counter was the least helpful person I've encountered. She asked me for my phone #, and when it didn't pull up an account, she just stared at me. I finally asked her if she was meaning to ask me something, or if i was automatically supposed to provide information for her (as if I could read her mind), that I wasn't sure why she was staring at me. After she finally asked for my name, I asked her when the soonest she could have my things cleaned. She asked, "today or tomorrow?". I said, well, if today would be the soonest, can you tell me WHEN ? She replied "when do you want it?". So beyond frustrated by now, I asked her if she could just answer the simple question. I asked her again, the same question, and she gave me the same reply...... When do I want it??? The soonest possible!!! How hard is that? I ended up grabbing my things and left. So frustrated. Now for the search of a new dry cleaner.....

Lorraine Flores

I agree with the other reviewers. Kent is the type of person you just want to do business with. He is a genuine person and he does great work. Professional and very customer focused. I have taken several items to Kent already. I live in Burbank. I don't cross the 405 for most, but I will for Kent . That's saying a lot.

Mister Sak

They lost my suit, manager never called me back about the situation. Better pricing and customer service at FLAIR CLEANERS, only 1/2 a mile away on Pass Ave near the Starbucks.

James Johnson

This place is practically a LA monument. Milt and Eddie's has been around forever taking care of the Burbank studios and surrounding area. Always open even on Sundays. They mean 24/7! Free popcorn and coffee. Tailor on duty. Quality of the dry clean is great. Look for their coupons in the mail. Guarantee you never get bad service here. Thanks for all the quick turnarounds!

Lisa Suzanne

Customer service is everything to me and I normally do okay at Milt and Edie's. But last week I walked in and there were no other customers in there at the time. The woman that might be described as the 'floor manager' was over talking to a guy at what I'll call 'the reception station'. When I came through (from the parking lot door) with my huge bundle, she turned and very quickly, almost robotic, yelped something like: "thegirlatstation7willassistyou!". Now, I'm making up exactly what she said, but my point is, it was so very fast, without any warmth or friendliness regarding my entrance, that it caught me off guard. (I had to slowly repeat what she had just said in my head so that I could decipher it and realize where she was telling me to go.) After she barked that at me she immediately turned back to continue her conversation with her male co-worker. After about a minute and a half, a girl ambled up, didn't greet me, glanced over my items and without smiling asked: "Is this all"? I proceeded to ask her a couple of questions and tell her about a couple of items. She was bland. Not horrible but bland. Nothing warm, friendly or inviting about this bunch today. I walked out feeling very sad and unappreciated. This is not what I expect from a fun place like Milt and Edie's. ~ And not that it matters, but on my days off, I look like I've been ran through the wringer. Sloppy clothes, messy hair, no make-up, nothing. It made me wonder if I looked nicer (like the kind of car I drove in with), if they would've treated me better. I'm NOT saying that people should be treated any different according to who they are, what they drive, what they're wearing, etc. But I betcha I didn't LOOK like the kind of professional person that would give them a review like this and this is a hard lesson for them to learn. I am ALWAYS paying attention to Customer Service! You NEVER know who you're talking to, right? Maybe it's a person that's about to offer you the biggest break in life you've ever received, am I correct? Treat EVERYONE like royalty, People. Everyone.

A Google User

24/7 Cleaners

Peter Koval

Quick turn-around and service, but priced accordingly. $$$

Daniel Greenberg

The best dry cleaners around! The Alteration department is the best! They have always fixed or altered my clothes like they came straight from the store! They may be a couple bucks more for each service but you will know you will get them back in perfect condition!

Leslie Li

Very professional. Great service.

Anthea Carrillo

They are open 24 hours!! Quick service but sometimes I feel as though their dry cleaning quality is not top notch. They do not always get out stains and items are brought back home with residue at times. It seems like they outsource everything they clean which seems like it can compromise their quality at times. They accept ANY coupon from any other dry cleaner so take advantage of that because they can be pricey. The place is friendly and full service with snacks and goodies for customers while they wait. I continue to get my alterations done here(mostly evening dresses, perfect job every time) as well as my dry cleaning. If you are in need for quality alterations, go here, they are worth the money!!! It's really convenient!

semper danny

It's open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, with outstanding professional service at affordable prices! Miracle workers for last minute cleaning and alterations round the clock! Law Enforcement and Military friendly! Highly Recommend!

Sam Richins

Fast service options but prices are too high.

CJ Forray

I've brought in items with complications and picked them up perfectly cleaned. The staff is always helpful and efficient. My clothing or vintage cloths are undamaged, perfect and on time. I love that they use environmentally friendly products. I'm a satisfied customer.

Steve Alves

Milt & Edie's is the best!

Gabriel Cerda

I love the fact that I can drop my dry cleaning off at any hour. And they offer so much more. The staff is always friendly.

Christine Sherwood

Fast, great service. Could be cheaper but also opened 24 hours so it's very convenient.

PJ Masters

Friendly place serves snacks does a great job. Collects clothes for non-profits

Miguel Meza

24 hour service and rush jobs, no problem

Ra Ul

Best dry cleaners I've been to. Professional staff, great promotions. Wished alterations were cheaper.

Mi Stew

Very cool spot

Hripsime Matti

Alina there is an exceptionally nice person!!! Very kind, caring, understanding and helpful! 'enjoy working with her!

marat karapetyan

Let me just first say it was my fav spot for all my dry cleanings . Long story short I left my jogging pants Phillip Plein Brand which is expensive designer to do dry cleaning and when I came to pick up they damaged all my pants and when I asked it wasn't like this before I left with you I got responses that most they can do is to give me store credit couple dollar when I paid for this item $890 online and if I want to buy I can't even find cause it European brand and very rare to see . I am very extremely disappointed the way they treated me compare how loyal customer was . Basically their logic is that this is old pants *which is not * and I supposed to know that if I leave to do dry cleaning I should know it will get damaged . Go figure guys . Anyway I will take them to small claim court and hope judge will see if it's my fault that I can't predict what will happen when I leave my stuff to clean . Here is couple pictures I attached please view and make yours decision if I am at fault .

Victoria Gomez


Mignonne Lafleur

What else can you say...24/7 dry cleaners! Heavenly!

Joseph Huang

When I went there first time to wash my shoes, they did have student discount but the second time I went they said they don’t have it.... So did I talk to ghosts the first time I came? Employees should all be trained well. Attitude as well.

Cesar Gueretty

Very friendly staff! I loved their customer service

Sarkis C

Best customer service ever!

Eli Celnik

Love this place. 24/7 and email when stuff is ready!

Bryan Rodriguez

Don't listen to the haters this is literally the best dry cleaners there is! Good service every time and every time you enter they are always going the extra mile. Great prices too!

Chad MacDonald

This place has great service and a warm place in my heart. Its been here since 1946.

JD Denison

One of my favourite things about living in Burbank was Milt & Edie's. I loved that they were open 24/7 and they used to be very reasonably priced. Now...? I stopped going a few years ago when the prices started to increase beyond what I thought was reasonable. I received a $20 certificate in the mail and figured I'd use it. I brought a button down dress shirt I bought for $19.99 and four tank tops (TANK TOPS!!!) for $3 each. I came in this morning to collect my order. It rang up for $65.00!!! Even with the $20 credit it literally would have been cheaper to just throw those garments away and buy new ones.

William Navarre

Terrible business and terrible customer service. You can read about my experience below, but please look at many of the other bad reviews on this site as you'll see countless examples poor service and bad business practices. Milt & Edie's lost a button down shirt of mine. I brought in 3 shirts, and they only gave me back 2. I called 3 different times to let them know they lost my shirt. Each time, they let me know that a manager would call me back immediately, and each time, no one ever called me back. Finally, after 2 weeks, I called and spoke to a manager. She acknowledge that my shirt had been lost by them. They had footage of me bringing in 3 shirts, and admitted they could not find the 3rd. She said that the owner would only reimburse me for the shirt if I showed them a receipt, which I found very frustrating. Fortunately I was able to track down the receipt, but when I showed the owner, he said he would only reimburse me for 50% of the shirt because it was more than a year old. I can't believe that a business owner of a high trafficked drycleaner would have such a bad understanding of accountability and customer service. Obviously I will never use their store again and that loss of revenue far outweighs the cost of my shirt. Obviously I would write a bad review about his business which will hopefully impact other people thinking about using his service. Please spare yourself the frustration and use a different drycleaner. If they don't lose or damage your clothes, the place is fine, just overpriced. But if you're like me, and many others on this site, when they do make a mistake, they will do the worst possible job to rectify what they've done.

charlotte boon

Service is fantastic, I had alterations done and they came out well and she had it pressed and ready 10 hours later. Gave it a 4 because pricing is quite high but I understand it is because of the 24hr aspect. I will continue to go here when I'm in a pinch but too expensive for frequent use.

Jay J

The employees were rude af

David Gross

I thought the price of hemming pants for $16 and some suit tailoring for $55 was a little high but went ahead anyway partly because we had a $10 off coupon. My wife picked up the suit and forgot to use the coupon so she paid and then called back after 15 minutes. She talked to several people and no one was willing to refund the $10. This is very poor customer service and I would not use them again.

Kim Smith

I love that they are open 24/7, so any time that is a convenient time for you to go there, they are there with a smile to assist you. Also, they always have their freshly popped yummy popcorn. Sometimes, they even have crackers and cheese, & hot dogs! After all of that, their service is incredible. I wouldn't take my clothes anywhere else.

chantelle allison

Best Drycleaners there is

Tracy Repchuk

Milt and Edie's is an iconic dry cleaning service that preserves a bygone era of true customer service along with high tech environment friendly methods. With 24 hour service, 2 hour turnaround and around the clock tailoring - it's a model that is unique and rare. Truly something to experience and make a part of your life.

Shirley Hayes

The extra $ you pay here is worth every penny! If having both great quality and over the top customer experience is important to you. You're going to love Milt & Edie's. Every thing from the excellent service, friendliness and the packaging of your clothing are all top notch.

Jason Shader Smith

What an amazing cleaner. Everyone was so sweet -- especially Luz -- and I trust them with everything from my dress shirts to stained clothes to my Uggs! Love how it's family owned and operated too

Adam Lowenberg`

This place has not gotten my order right once. You'd think by me separating my clothes in to two piles (wash v. dry clean) would not be hard to figure out. They're over-priced and take in more work then they can handle. Don't give them any clothes of personal or monetary value and ask them to dry-clean it, it will get washed. If you don't mind over-spending and if they get your order right, they actually do a decent job. But that's never happened to me...

Gary Grigorian

Stupid managers Hector and Claudia they are not returning my calls and responding to my messages I took my dry cleaning to them worth over $180 ( overpriced)and they lost one of my items l, told me that accidentally delivered to someone else. Now they are ignoring all my calls.

Samantha Sanchez

I came with my co-worker to pick up her cleaning. I'm not sure about the prices, but this place is poppin'. They have a dedicated lady directing customers as counters open up. They have a popcorn machine, candy at every counter. I noticed they have special garment bags for sweaters and they seal the bottom of the plastic wrap on long bags. You can recycle your hangers and plastics bags, it's open 24 hours and provide 2 hour rush jobs if needed. This place is fun to check out.

Artin Matt

Great place to go for all your dry cleaning needs.

Jason Wright

They have it down. Super efficient and friendly and the prices are OK too. Open 24 hrs and they can get your stuff done in a rush.

Scott Howard

I always use the dry cleaning services here. They are open. 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. They can do quick service with fast turn around times if requested. (2 hour shirt laundry, 3 hour drycleaning)

Angel Sanchez

Great job dry cleaning my suits.

Florin Iucha

Very fast and friendly service!

matt haberlie

Friendly customer service...very quick... open 24/7.. and free popcorn what more can you ask for

Osozoso Meeeow

PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY ITS A HIGH PRICED RIP OFF DO YOUR DRY CLEANING WITH FLAIR DRY CLEANING. BETTER PRICES AND SERVICE. Jeez where do I begin. There are no prices shown or estimates given. They literally took my comforter worth 40 dollars and charged me 42 dollars to wash it. Lmao. This place has plenty of 99 cent store snacks and pop corn. That's the only thing they are good at. Also the owners love playing word games on bad reviews given. This was the first and last time I ever use this dump. Its a shiny pink dump. Don't get lured in by 24/7 availability. Plenty of others. What's sad is they didn't even tell me what they did to my comforter that they believe it was okay to charge me 42 dollars for a wash. No itemized list at all. PLEASE READ ALL THE REVIEWS BEFORE EVER WALKING IN. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE NO WAY OF KNOWING WHAT YOU'LL BE CHARGED. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR A REFUND. IF THEY WOULD'VE TOLD ME IT WAS GONNA COST 42 DOLLARS TO WASH MY COMFORTER. I WOULD'VE JUSY BOUGHT A BRAND NEW ONE. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Michael Fisher

Really great service, fair prices for LA area. Had a few issues with alterations and didn't get the result I wanted. My pant legs were taken in too far and they couldn't bring them back out. Only offered me 10% off. Would still return for dry-cleaning only

Stephen Bing

Great fluid place. They have a greeter who tell you where to go and calls for an employee to help you at a counter. They also have a working popcorn machine anyone can grab some popcorn for free as well as other snacks. They offer first timers a goodie bag and a coupon for 20% off. They are pricier than other establishments but they work quickly and efficiently and they are open 24/7!

brianna martinez

run fast as fast as(as fast as forrest gump) you can from this business unless you have extra money to burn and don't mind getting ripped off. i dropped my order off as laundry and when i went in to pick up my order they charged me dry cleaner fee which is $10 an (my order total was $160) item. i left and refused to pay and contacted their customer service agent online hoping this issue could be resolved. i offer to pay for their mistake if they honored my groupon and a coupon and they refused even if it meant loosing a customer on their mistake.

Gary Winterboer

Excellent service. Sam was very helpful. Great team.

Adam Lowe

A small basket of mixed reviews it seems. For my experience, and maybe becasue I don't generally have any weird special requests, I've never had a problem with M&E's. I'm always getting shirts dry cleaned and even had a few alterations done from time to time. Their fast, got great hours, and are conveniently located right near my morning Starbucks. All in all, a great little establishment.

1st Freedom Bail Bond

Our experience with Milt and Eddies has been great so far. As Bail Bonds guys, the 24 hour service is a God send. Very convent. We have found their hours, service and quick turnaround times are very rare. They can be a lil pricey, however u get what u pay for. Keep up the good work. 1st Freedom Bail Bonds - Studio City, Los Angeles, Ca.

Erik Nye

I dare you to go here without a coupon.

robert blank

Bad service cant even press a dress shirt correctly won't attempt to fix a easy fix that my other cleaners do no problem. Wouldn't give money back only 5 dollar credit? Why would I want credit if I'm not going back? Makes no sense. The worker goes to talk to a guy named Robert that works there not sure if he's the manager or owner , tells him the problem and that he will be right with me, but instead of coming to talk to me he got scared and hid in the back sent someone else to talk to me. What a joke he is. I hope he's not the owner. Now I have to go back to my old dry cleaners just to fix the mess up from milt and edies. Be careful when you use this establishment. You might not get what you want but they will still make you pay for it lol

Jimmy Douglas

Always open for last minute cleaning. Very convenient!!

Mary Longo

Excellent service 24 hours a day.

Richard B

Wish I would of called before but who knew. I drove all the way from whittier thinking they could get it done in 2 hours as advertised....."hi will tomorrow at 5pm be ok?" Ugh what a waste of time.

Matthew Head

Great tailors and the customer service is a breath of fresh air. Discounts mailed multiple times a year.


Love this place! Fast service, friendly staff, good job on clothes and shoes. I love that they provide snacks, and they deliver if you want. They are open 24 hours. Definitely the best dry cleaners period!!!

J Ryser

Extremely unhappy with the botched orders. 60% of my visits this year has required a re-do. Today’s debacle: I gave them 3 pieces (2 to spot and dry clean, 1 to press only). ALL 3 CAME BACK “‘PRESSED ONLY” (spot still in garment) AND I WAS CHARGED FOR DRY CLEANING. Woman with some seniority argued with me that all 3 garments were ‘press only’ so I had to show her their order form and receipt that says “dry cleaning” before my clothes were taken back to actually be dry cleaned. Didnt deliver on their 2 hr service yet not offering to refund me. I will be waiting now for 4 hrs. Can’t continue coming here.

Todd Morgan

A bit expensive, but we get 24hr pickup and Turn-around service too. Gotta love 'um.

Claude Robinson

I was extremely disappointed in the cost of dry cleaning/laundry service with this establishment. I spent $127 on dress/polo shirts to return to my hotel with creases in the polo shirts, no creases in the dress shirts and the items didn't look much different from when I dropped them off. No one could explain why it cost $9.35 for dry cleaning, $8.35 for laundry cleaning!! TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED AND WILL NOT RETURN!!

Marcus Walker

This is the most unique dry cleaning business I have ever seen. I was welcomed by the maitre d who directed me to the customer service person. Robert the general manager kindly gave me a tour of their clean and well organised facility. Quality of work was faultless and my garments felt new again. They are the only cleaners that dry clean and open 24 hours. Tailors on site 24 hours. I could keep going on but you will need to give them a try and see that they really have thought of everything here.

Gonzalez Erik

I personally love this place and heard and read bad experiencs with customers here but I have personally have used all their services and never had a problem. And as far as the tailoring goes Miguel is definetly my guy. All the other ones are great and have haf work from all of them but hes mainly the person that I have had the most experiences with and he has done a fantastic job like everyone else.

Harout Sousani

This place is amazing. They have the fastest turnaround time than any other dry cleaners place around, they have amazing tailors who I have personally used for altering my clothes, and best of all, they are open 24 hours.

alpha hawk

Vary nice dry cleaner with excellent attention and special services only at Milt & Edie's Dryckeaners & Tailoring center Please come over and enjoy !!!


Good but expensive

Lawrence Kaplowitz

An old worn shirt I loved was restored by reversing the collar- great work!

Kait D

Convenient, fast service. I've been going here for years and they have not disappointted. I've done regular drycleaning for clothes and comforters. Also, I've utilized the tailors the have on staff for adjustments to bridesmaids dresses. They got it right everytime, even in a time crunch (which I do not suggest, lol!).

Stephen Boykin

Great Drycleaners! 24/7 & 365 days a year. Best service

Israel Serrano

Amazing service! Didn't think that places like this existed.

Thomas Bailey

I drive from downtown la to come here...2 hour drycleaning at no extra charge...good service...always open. They put the customer first.

Selena Daryl

Best place. Open all the time. They have goodies when you go in like hot dogs and popcorn

Jason Oliver

Dry cleaning, 24 hours, tailoring, cookies and hotdogs

Chris Morgan

Always polite and fast. Usually get things back before the due date.

Antoine Gavid

Very fast dry cleaner and great customer service

Linda Hammonds

The work they did is better than others.

Andy Chase

Great service and reasonable prices for quality work. Go at non peak times because parking can be a challenge.

Brian and Lauren Wygle

Super resource for cleaning, tailoring, shoe shining & delivery service! Worth the price

Mychelle Vasvary

The best dry cleaning in LA. Just ask Jason Priestley. Because he goes there.

Miguel Peraza

Can't go wrong with this place

Laura Landin

Fun dry cleaner, typical dry clean prices, very efficient service

Oh Yaseen

Okay, this place might be expensive, but it's the only drycleaner I'll go to. The 24/7/365 make it so I can pick up and drop off at any time and that's a luxury I'm willing to pay the extra (few) dollars for. Plus, most of the staff is just 100% awesome!!!!

Henry Miller

Overpriced, but everything else about it is 5 star service. Ask for 20% off and they usually give it to you, if not bring in any competitors coupon

Gerald Douglas

The last few times that I realized that I needed an emergency tailor, Milt and Edie have come through. The most recent time was Friday night. I saw that I needed pants taken in and panicked as it was ten to midnight and I needed this outfit for an engagement party the next day. I bolted over and was able to catch Carlos just as he was closing up for the night. He heard the panic in my voice and understood. He was fantastic and hemmed my pants without a second thought. It still blows me away that this place exists and moreover, that the staff is so friendly and outgoing. They must hear these stories all of the time, but they continue to go about their days and nights with a smile. Certainly it cost a bit more to have the hem fixed (13.00) but that's far and away better than not being able to wear them. You get what you pay for though. This place is there for you when the others aren't and really for those of us that don't plan ahead as much as we'd like to, this place is a lifesaver.

work man

To put it as plainly as possible, they are Simply the Best Cleaners in town.

Gens Lillvik

I have to say that I was shocked to see that this amazing drycleaners has only 3 stars. I was actually searching for something else on Yelp and ran into their reviews. And now I have to write my own two cents about this great place. I've been a loyal customer of Milt and Edie's for about four years now. It was highly recommended to me by other people in my profession. I'm a wardrobe stylist and costume designer in LA. And one of my primary and most important responsibilities is to make sure that I take very "VERY" good care of the actor's clothes. If anything happens to their clothes MY job is on the line... I trust no one else with my costumes and wardrobe but Milt and Edie's. As a wardrobe stylist and an experienced consumer, the following are the reasons why I love Milt and Edie's: 1)They are open 24 hours. So no matter what time it is, you can go there and pick up or drop off. 2) They have a very quick turn around! Even two hours or less!...just ask to speak to their amazing, professional, friendly manager.....he WILL help you because he actually really cares about what he does! I drop off my clothes and they ask me when I want to pick it up. I can even pick my 30 pieces up the next day at no extra cost. 3) A+++++ costumer service. Boy is it getting very hard if not impossible to find this in LA. Tip-top customer service is what you'll find at this drycleaners. I once received a pair of pants with a stain on them. I simply took it back and they re-drycleaned at no extra cost and delivered them to my home. They will fix any problem that a customer might have. 4) FREE pick-up and drop off to your home. 5) They clean the American flag for free. It's good to still see some patriotism in this country. 6) Not only will they dryclean your clothes but they also fluff and fold, clean wedding dresses, clean purses, clean Uggs, your leathers and furs ...and much more. 7) If you are unemployed and you're going to an interview, Milt and Eddie's will dry clean your suit for free. Seriously folks, how many dry cleaners would do this....or would even care? 8) They're constantly mailing coupons and they always accept competitors coupons. How many other dry cleaners send out monthly coupons? I have read some of the other reviews on Yelp about Milt and Edie's and noticed that people were giving this place low stars because they were expensive. Well, all I have to say is that if you can't afford to shop at Bloomies go to Target. Hey Peeps, it's wrong to give this place low stars because you feel that they're expensive. Yes, Milt and Edie's isn't cheap but then again if cheap is what you are looking for than go to one of the many cheap dry cleaners in LA that will charge a couple of bucks and will use the cheapest form of solutions (not to mention horrible for the environment), ruin your clothes the very first time they dry clean it, and offer horrible, nasty, costumer service. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR :)

Matt Skibby

Really impressed with the service of this place and the ladies that run it. To top it off they operate 24/7. You just can’t compete.

Maria Betancourt

Good service

Matthew Kernes

Top notch quality but you do pay for it. We've used them for dry cleaning and some mild tailoring. But if you're looking for someone that is open late gets the job done right every time, this is where you go.

Kenneth Johnson


Robert C

If there was an option for no stars, i would've choose that instead of one star. This place ruined my wife's brand new dress that she wore once, ruined 5 dress shirts and only reimbursed me for 2. Service is horrible, the managers are cocky and they don't take blame for anything. They blamed everything on the quality of the shirts, but those shirts have been washed by other dry cleaners and never had any problems. I tried this place because they are open 24 hours, so I thought it would be convenient but it turned out to be a burden because i ended up going back multiple times because they tried to fix the problems but instead made them worse.This place is a mass production dry cleaner, if you are looking for quality this is not your place.

Michael Weissman

Boycotting this place on the premise that the delivery truck has TWICE almost run me over on the sidewalk out front because the guy just rolled over the parking spot stopper and down the sidewalk to get to the street, rather than back up and go out the exit like a normal person.

Steven Alves

The best of the best and always available.

Emily Tumanyan

If you care about your cloths don't go to this cleaners. They ruined my Burberry coat and want to pay me half the price. I will take them to court. Poor Poor Poor Poor


The service of this place keeps blowing my mind always so nice always so quick there's always popcorn coffee and sometimes hotdogs for free if you have a shirt that has cufflinks they're always provide you with some in case you lose them (that has been my case). I love this place because he's open 24/7. And most of the times I'm starving so that popcorn saves the day!!!!!

John Winterrowd

Go to for last minute cleanings. That said a little bit more than you would expect to pay elsewhere but who cares with a 2 hour turnaround.

Michael Aston

Free popcorn and 24/7

Alex Orozco

They make you feel like a Movie Star !

Heather Binns

Milt & Edie's offers the best in dry cleaning and tailoring customer service! I have been going here for years and even though I moved further away, I still drive to them for all of my dry cleaning and tailoring needs.

Donna Gray

Milt & Edie's Drycleaners & Tailoring Center, Shop is the go-to place for great, friendly service at an absolutely reasonable price and turn-around time. Prices are transparent and they will make sure the clothes look just how you want them, even if it means making some minor, additional adjustments. I don't feel like I'm being ripped off at all and the quality of word has been the best I've received pretty much anywhere. I wish them the best with their remodel and recommend everyone to check them out and drop off even just one shirt to see what they can do.

Terrence M Wade

I think I love this place!

Kevin Murrish

Great place

Orit Vaitsman

I used the wash and fold service. The service is good, but with few things to pay attention to : 1. even though advertised as same day service, it is not. The items are ready in the best case next day or even a day after. 2. I gave 3 bags to wash and fold, when I came to pick up the washing clerk tried to convince me it is 2 bags only inspire of having 3 dockets. I had to insist to talk to the manager and have him locate the 3rd bag.

Rod Quintana

Overall it's OK, they're nice people and the place has great presentation. But I feel it's a bit pricey, most likely they lost one of my socks and a little stain in a pair of jeans is still there.

Natasha Lee

the best of everything - no one compares to Milt & Edie!!!

Ray Soto

Only great 24/7 dry cleaners. This place saves people when you have that unexpected meeting or need for certain clothes.

Cindy Perales

Took 2 pairs of jeans. Needed both to be hemmed. Tailor assumed both jeans were the same brand and when they were hemmed one was alot shorter than the other. Brand new pair of jeans. (7 for all mankind). I can still wear one pair but the other I will never use. ( way too short) Use the dry cleaners down the street from them.

Kevin Mullett

They lost my clothes for about 3 days and they still charged me. I hate this place and they are very expensive

James Gosney

One of my shirts came back with new stains and it's expensive, but it's also extremely convenient if you're in a bind.

Valbert Rinehart

I have been coming to this place for over 5 years and I never had a bad experience. The staff is attentive and friendly, I get amazing mailed discounts, the availability of this place is extremely beneficial for those last minute needs, (I love the snacks they provide), and the overall energy is always positive. I moved from Burbank to Pasadena, but I still being my dress shirts/pants and alterations here. Milt & Edie's is totally worth having my business.

Henry Cook

Nice place! Good prices and free popcorn!

Matthew Ruffi

24/7 and do GREAT work!

ony tirado

Love this place, always great service!! I'm a regular

Rose R. Tucci

Great hours, decent customer service, wonderful goodies for customers & first time customers, awesome that there was a parking attendant when I went, but very pricey.

Gerard Onorato

Great service, good quality work, efficient and friendly with easy parking. Expensive, but they offer a lot of discounts including Studio discounts, coupons, birthday and others. Tailors are usually very good, but be very specific about what you want.

Ryan G

Good cleans. They almost always get the tough stains out.

Darren May

Best Dry Cleaner you could find. Open 24/7 365 days. On site tailoring, two hour dry cleaning.

Shari Reader

Great dry cleaners. Fast and friendly service.

Josue Mo.

Always friendly and efficient. Everyone works hard. Plus they offer free popcorn, cookies and coffee 24/7/365.

claus samayoa

very attentive staff great service and love my returned items

Arsho Sormani

Chantelle --horrible customer service...

General Information

Great shop! Excellent customer service.

E Dobbs

They do it all.

Brent Cygnius

Fast turn around, local and great service.

Jeri Lopez

Great, friendly attention. Quite and easy. Amazing service.

Stuart Anderson

Simply put they just provide quality. They take in more work then they can handle and the prices seems unreasonable. $8 for a button resew unless it's part of cleaning. $12 for 5 stitches on my tie that don't really line up. They are a quantity over quality place. Save yourself the frustration and just go down the street. Popcorn is good though!

Ken King

The best

Andrew Flanagan

If you value your clothes stay away from here! They are expensive and after 2 bad experiences I can't afford to take my clothes back there for more poor results. I took my wedding suit and white dress shirt here to be altered, cleaned and pressed before leaving to get married. The trousers looked terrible after alterations and needed to be done again and the shirt came back with creases in the collar, sleeves and torso! They were all expensive items and was horrified to see how they return the clothes after they have done with them. I say this because my wife took the same white dress shirt and the white back up shirt there again for cleaning and pressing a few days ago. The same result occurred, both the shirts had creases all over, collars bent and creased, sleeves and body with creases. I just don't trust them now and they have shown they don't care for your clothes so I will go elsewhere.

Kayla Toth

Been coming here for years but saw the Melissa McCarthy video on Ellen today and finally got around to leaving a review. I once dropped off my dry cleaning at the same time as Jason Priestley. <3 this place! open 24/7!

Simon Parmeggiani

Best customer experience. Ever. The lovely people at Milt & Edie’s are passionate professionals who managed to add a new layer of welcoming manners, quality, care and delight to the laundry industry. The attention to details is impressive - from the new customers gift bag, to the pop corn machine and cookies to the very final pink branded packaging. Absolutely phenomenal. My go-to place for anything laundry/dry cleaning/tailoring/alterations anytime I’m in Burbank.

Leksy Wolk

Love love love this place. Service is always prompt and friendly. Free coffee is a cherry on top. Great for studio

Paul Danielson

My lifetime-favorite dry cleaner establishment. Everyone is very helpful and friendly, the normal prices are a bit high, but they always have coupons for 20% off, so those bring the prices back into the high-normal range. Quality and worksmanship is outstanding! Lots of little extras, free button replacement, for example, and hotdogs, cookies, popcorn, new-client goodie bags. Not gimmicky though, just old-school service. They offer free pickup and delivery, but I have never used that service, but it's nice to have to option. Also the onsite alteration department does outstanding work, even if one or two of them are perpetually sorely. Always do an excellent job of repairs and alterations. Overall just a classy, old-school service establishment. I've never heard them say "no, we can't do that", and they clean American flags free! Someday I'll leave my jeans there and see how they do at pressing jeans, but I've never had anyone but myself or my mom (bless her soul) press and cowboy-crease my jeans to my lofty standards. However, if anyone can, it's probably them.

Amanda Bright

Yes, it's 24 hrs. Yes, they can press your clothes in 3 minutes. Yes, it's a well oiled machine. Yes, it's incredibly expensive. Don't use it for your every day cleaning needs but in a pinch, this place is worth the trip. Plus they usually have cookies for your while you wait.

Christoffer Pedersen

After several years of using Milt and Edies dry cleaning, I have decided to take my business elsewhere. The latest issue I'm having with them is that they damaged my suit jacket and will not take responsibility. After several months of trying to get it resolved, they finally said that they didn't see it happen on the cameras, and therefore wouldn't reimburse me for damages. I asked to speak directly to the owner about this issue and was promised a call back the next day. A week went by with no call. I have been calling repeatedly to try to get a hold of the person who handles claims, and every time I'm told she is conveniently "not in today", or "just stepped out". It is pretty obvious she is avoiding me. In the past they have given us someone else's comforter when we came to pick up ours. In another situation, my wife brought in a dress to be hemmed, and they decided to dry clean it, charging us for it even though we explained we wanted it to be hemmed only. I am finally fed up with this business, and hope that this helps potential customers avoid what I've been going through the last few months.

M Maxwell

You can visit this place just about any time of the day or night! Never an excuse not to pick up your dry cleaning. Also do great work with the alterations. Always have snacks waiting for you, too!

Cam Hoosh

I would give this place a zero if I could. Amala, the manager, is the worst person employee I have ever come across. Their website advertises instant alteration (False advertisement) I took my suit there for an alteration and specifically told them that I need it for a wedding the next day. They told me it will be ready in the morning the next day. I showed up in the evening the next day, so I gave them an additional 8 hours. Of course, when I get there, nothing has been done. I told the manager Amala that I have to catch a flight at midnight and can you get it done now. She said there is nothing she can do. They are too busy. My stuff was supposed to be ready that morning. Now you ruined my trip. I asked them 10 times "is it gonna be ready by tomorrow morning? I have a flight to catch tomorrow night." They said Yes. You managed to ruin my trip, and I have no suit to wear now at the wedding. Thank you! This is absolutely unacceptable. Amala didn't offer anything for this blunder (no coupons, no sincere apology, absolutely nothing) Stay away from this place. Incompetent employees and False advertisement. You had a day and a half to get my stuff done. You didn't. Your website says Instant alterations. This is outrages.

tom gonzalez

One of a kind customer experience and friendly staff.

Nigel Walsh

The hours can't be beat, and they will often have hot dogs for customers available. The price is a little bit steep for the area, maybe 2 to $5 more than it would be anywhere else. I brought in a pair of jeans with a hole in them and requested a patch be sewn in. The patch lasted only a couple of days, so I took it back to have them redo it and had to haggle with them to get them to repair the patch on the house. They wanted to charge me an additional $15. After some convincing, they agreed.

Kathy McEntire

UPDATE : THEY ARE ILLEGALLY RECORDING AUDIO!!! Tanya called me and said they listened to the audio of the visit!! California requires two party consent for recorded conversations!! —— I dropped off my laundry here and they are now attempting to charge me $700........ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked out of there without my stuff because I honestly don’t know what to do. I told the girl when I arrived to drop off it was my first time & that I wasn’t sure if this was the place that could just do my laundry. She never mentioned how outrageous the cost would be nor do I think she had any idea herself possibly?!? She was nice but also really young and I don’t know if she could have anticipated how expensive it would be... she had to go through the items and sorted them. She said she went to the back and asked a manager... I tried reasoning with the staff when I was told it was over $700..., but they had ZERO... I mean ZERO concern and used the standard “sorry for the inconvenience.” Wow. I can’t afford to pickup my laundry. It’s more than an inconvenience. It’s ridiculous and I hope to share my poor experience with everyone, because even though they made me feel dumb for not knowing I’m sure there are people just like me and they might make the mistake of walking into this place. You would think there would be SOME decency of responsibility and accountability to inform a consumer, as consumer laws require... that their bill would be a $700 bill! The Manager apathetically said All that can be done is the 20% standard discount on my order. The only other option was to pay in installments. I was in tears and embarrassed beyond belief at how they could justify this experience overall. It was obvious I was not aware of the cost and it would have been just nice if she could have actually been nice about it. I get that SOME items WOULD warrant dry cleaning LIKE A DRESS I TOOK IN & the maybe a dress shirt or two, but it was so obvious I was just trying to do my Regular laundry........which I’ve done before! I swear I’m not an idiot. I work in finance and crunch numbers daily I know how to calculate costs when I’m told what they are!! I dropped off a whole two large bags of laundry in New York City .. Manhattan of all places and they charged by the pound. The most I ever paid was like $3 an item where I went before! I even googled it and even Google says it’s $3-5 to dry clean an item. No one said anything when I came in with my laundry bags like a total fool. They should have redirected me just out of common decency. The manager blamed me of course, (repeatedly) & said I should have asked the total if it was an issue. Now in my line of work there are actual guidelines and rules about full disclosure. Also I’m in a corporate world where we can get sued if we mistreat clients. I suppose they have nothing to be scared of & no Corporate office. It was honestly insulting. Talked to as if I’m an idiot. All they had to do was quote one item so I could have realized... and I would have left right there with my dignity intact. This is a case where a business took advantage of someone who genuinely had no clue (I mean why would I pay $700 for laundry?) it just baffles me. I’m speechless considering I thought this place is a staple in our community and a well known establishment for years. I thought it’s a family run business and a warm environment. I’m told to contact Robert... I don’t see a point in putting myself through more humiliation. It doesn’t seem like they care at all about their customers. If you want a good cleaners, I would say go elsewhere where the cost is reasonable and disclosed most importantly. I’ve been to Magic Cleaners once and the cost was quoted $5 -$10 for a very large item (bedsheets) with a stain removal of gum. And they didn’t even end up charging me cause there was a bit of stain left and the Manager was just good at business.... I should have gone back to MAGIC CLEANERS but I wanted to give Milt n Eddies a shot. I will Never trust Milt n Eddie’s again, and don’t know what I’m going to do.

Kendra Vander Vliet

The low yelp stars made me really question taking a jacket here to get tailored but if you need something fast this place isn't terrible. No, I absolutely would not take an expensive garment here to get tailored but I had an XS coat that wasn't too expensive and it fit like an XLRG and needed it within the week for a trip and this was the only place that could do it that fast. So yes, this place is very fast and the service was very efficient. This isn't going to be an extremely custom fit where it'll fit you like a T but it's perfect for getting a large item to just fit better and get you in the ball park and not look silly. The only bad thing was they never called me when my jacket was finished, though it was done on time, it would have been nice to get a call. Overall, I would recommend coming here for emergency tailoring. They did a good job and it didn't cost a ton. Sleeves shorted, sleeves slimmed since they were also too wide, jacket shortened, jacket tailored in the back as well, pretty much everything was tweaked. Price was $138 including tax. Not to shabby.

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