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REVIEWS OF De'Leons Express Tailoring IN California

Bahar Banan Sitzes

This is hands down the best tailors if very experience on the west side. It's clear that every person here knows what they're doing. We've had everything from women's pants, skirts, and dresses to men's shirts, jeans, and suits. They have great turnaround times and can do rush orders if necessary.

rachelle hamilton

I came in to pick up my garment on the day and time they told me to. (A few days after I dropped it off). When I arrived they told me to come back in an hour. I left and came back an hour later and noticed they hadn't even started on my garment yet. I stood there for 35 minutes while they rushed through it. The back of the hem wasn't done properly and I tripped over it the entire event. Disappointed :/

Liz Dawson

LOVE this place. They can fix/create anything/adjust to your perfect fit.

Jack Carvalho

These guys are artists! I went in for minor alterations on suit and they were able to transform a slightly dated suit into today's trend for 60.00. I live in Marina del Rey but travel to Culver City for simple satisfaction.

Noah A. Rappaport

Friendly helpful staff.


They ruined SEVERAL items of clothing. I am devastated. Kindergarten kids could sew and measure better than them. I brought in this pair of pants with this pair of shoes (in picture).I said that I wanted to be able to wear them with the flats pictured or with low heels- so wanted them long. I tried them on and we agreed on a length. They pinned to show me what it would like- just barely above the floor, perfect. Then I go to pick them up and THIS is what I get!! These are more than 3 INCHES from the ground and look like capris! How is it possible to be 3 inches off in measuring!?! These are very expensive, brand new pants that are now ruined. Not only did they refuse to cover the cost, they insisted that I pay!! If that’s not bad enough... I also brought in a dress to get hemmed than I need for a wedding THIS weekend. I try the dress on and see that it is very noticeably longer in some parts than others. The woman measures it to confirm and says that the front is a FULL INCH shorter than the sides which are a half inch longer than the back. Instead of being apologetic, they had the nerve to tell me I ASKED for it to be different lengths in different parts! I definitely did not, I just asked for it to be shortened- why on earth would I have asked for an uneven dress? Additionally, it was not steamed and they hadn’t even done the other part of the dress I had asked for (it was a half day after it was supposed to be done). To top it off they were very rude and insisted I pay for this disaster! I have no idea how this place is in business. Please do not trust them with your clothing. I am devastated.

Topher DeKleine

great tailor great prices

J Brillo

This place used to have a fast turnaround and cheap prices. The last visit I was disappointed though. I brought nine pairs of pants, three denim pants and six scrub bottoms for hemming. I was charged $10 for each pair. Driving home I passed by my neighborhood cleaners and learned they charge $5 each of the same job. Too late, I wish I knew this beforehand.

Mark Miller

Great job and great price! Very nice people there!

Joanna Kim

This guy is amazing!!! He was the only person who accepted the job of fixing the tear on the back of my tweed jacket. The tear is now barely noticeable. He pulled off some MacGyver skills and the price was very reasonable! Especially for a college student on a budget.

Badger Denehy

Great job, great price and right on time. What more could you ask?

jared wood

Carol Vandegrift

Josh Mac

First and foremost, dress shirts are difficult to tailor well. To do it correctly the entire seam along each side and up into the arm must be deconstructed and then taken in. This costs a bit more than a pant hem, but it's worth it to look professional (without baggy overhang when tucked). This place got it right the first time on two of my shirts, and they tailored a tuxedo jacket to perfection. Finally, they had great customer service. I will definitely use this place again!

Quintella Barnes

Jon Heravi

Came here for a last minute emergency press for a Tux. They were the only place open on a Sat night on the Westside. Service and price was great. Will return and recommend to others. Thank you Erwin!

Brielle Schiavone

jeneen Robinson

Great work!

Veronica Perkins

Great last-minute Tailoring will visit again good service and the dress was excellent

Amir Haque

David Parker

Nice owner, good work patching up a hole in my favorite shirt. Reasonable prices and turn around time. Hard working people who won't try to nickle and dime you.

Mary H

My husband and I returned to this place hoping to get good service like we both had in the past. Two pairs of pants were far shorter than planned and one pair was a complete mess with uneven hems and puckered stitching. They said they’d fix it. My dress that was supposed to be hemmed wasn’t ready despite it being a week later and the guaranteed time. We showed up today as was asked and two of three pants were mostly acceptable while the other was still a mess. My dress had a completely uneven hem including the lining showing under the top layer ridiculously and in multiple places. When the owner was brought out to speak to us, he tried to blame me and the dress. He even made up lies about me and my husband. He continued to be condescending and chauvinistic until we had to leave with me shaking from the treatment and hopefully not destroyed clothing. STAY FAR FAR FAR AWAY

Michelle Nation


They did a good fit on my suit and no sign of alteration. Highly recommended as best shop in town for small amount I pay. Thanks.

Adam Nathanael Scott

aL Morales

Kathyms Kathys

Mariam was wonderful. I had some drapes altered and she did a beautiful job. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a professional tailor. I will definitely use her again!

Mirabai Vogt

This place is truly a gem. They do fantastic work and have saved several clothing items that I thought were beyond repair. My husband and I take all our tailoring business to them now. They are always friendly and the prices are reasonable, which allows us to keep coming back vs. me getting out the old needle and thread and trying to mend things myself...which is super time consuming and never produces the best results. They even turned a beautiful old suede skirt of mine (I loved the fabric but didn't like the style any more) into a lovely tote bag, which I use all the time! I am very impressed with their craftsmanship, skill and service.

Helena C

The owner, his wife and their employees are all so kind, helpful and welcoming! I came here after having a bad experience with Lizon Tailors down the street. De Leon Tailors gave a fair price and had it done quickly (got a hem and the top of a formal dress done), and actually took it back once to fix it some more just to make sure everything was perfect. Would definitely come back!

Yvette Salazar

Overpriced and didn't have dress ready They receive a -0

Brian Davidson

Great service, even though they can get a little busy in the evenings. Parking is the worst thing because there's only a couple spots available.

Christine Swanson

Amazing. It’s great to have someone

Joey Vargas

Monroe Alexander III

Good customer service

Jorge Perez

Mathiwes Weldu

They're very amazing family they do very excellent job I never saw in my life like this people I recommend people to go there from any where in LA if they need a good work thanks again God bless your business

Robbie Burton

De Leon is an excellent tailor

Heidi Thompson

Fantastic tailoring! I've taken several items in and every single item was professionally tailored (dresses, pants, blouses)! They also do a great job at dry cleaning and have treated my clothing with respect, which I appreciate. They are always on time and very courteous as well as conveniently located. I highly recommend this tailoring shop! habla español e ingles!

Sarah Singal

I took my dress in to be hemmed but it was lost for a couple of days and when I went back in to pick it up (after 2 previous visits) it still was not done. Angry staff - will stay away :(

Jun-yi _____

Ladonia Whites

The best tailor in town!! My visit there was fantastic!! Took my item in and they altered the same day. Customer service was the BEST

Sarah Henry

Brian Budd

De Leon is the most professional tailor shop I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. The owner, Erwin, is a gentle man who is passionate about is craft. Erwin has been in the business for over 30 years and can definitely be called a professional. In addition, the prices here are by far the best I have ever seen in Los Angeles.

Breda Lund

Mashawnta Armstrong

Jason Kleinman

Faye Shenton

great service, good tailoring, and dry cleaning and great prices!

Jennifer Shim

Been coming here for a few years because i lived close by, moved to downtown but i still come here. ❤️

Amit Agarwal

Super quick turn around time. Professional tailoring. Got pants tapered and was very well done.

Hal Casteel

This is an outstanding tailor business, years of experience, totally service oriented, 7 days a week, family business. You want to bring them your business. I brought them a suit to fit and adjust, shorten the jacket, move the buttons, at 7:15 pm Saturday night and I picked it up at 8 pm the same day. WOW! Who delivers service like that anymore? I got to mention, great price. I am recommending Edwin and his family to my friends, you should recommend them to yours!

Honeys Kitchen

This team knows what it's doing . They have worked on my gowns , jeans , and now my wedding dress. I completely trust them and so happy they are opening up another one! Congrats everyone.

Ben van de Vusse

Been my go to for years. Amazing quality and fantastic customer service.

Kira Haynie

I got my bridesmaid dress altered here, and although I was upset that I had to get such an expensive dress altered anyway, DeLeons did a perfect job. The price wasn’t unreasonable for the amount of work that needed to be done, and I ended up with the perfect fit. It was done within a week. If I ever need tailoring again in the future, I will be back!

Leigh Nichols

Best customer service of a tailor I have ever experienced. On top of that, the prices are so reasonable! I'm a fan!

Alexa Binns

I had 10 minutes to fix a tear and these guys dropped everything to help. Took the care to match the thread color perfectly too! They have a high standard I really appreciate. Thank you!!!

Jon Chew

Quick and perfect service!

Lisa Eme

Emmanuel Johnson

Susan Bringas

Harry Singh

Sima Dardashti

Daniel Collins

Decided to go here to based on reviews I'd read and it's local to my house, wish I hadn't bothered. When I went in there was a customer infront of me who was getting maybe 5 or 6 shirts altered as well as a few pairs of trousers, and his total came out to something like $35, so in my mind I was like wow, the prices here are great! So I was shocked when I handed over my item to simply have the sleeves hemmed and they charged me $40! On top of that, despite me asking them to make the sleeves shorter then where they pinned, they were adamant that they knew the better fit, and after receving my item back, I was very unhappy to find that it didn't fit like I wanted. I'll be looking for another alteration shop!

Meliah Rose Dawson

Absolutely amazing. My prom dress was absolutely stunning, since then I've been bringing other items. I brought it in last minute, and it was still done days before my event. :) They've recently fixed a really cheap skirt I bought, in which the button and the threading around it was completely loose and falling apart. They put in a brand new, sturdy button, and completely restitched the fabric (extremely stiff) perfectly. Looking at it, you can't even tell it had been replaced!! They even told me if it wasn't to my satisfaction, which they knew it would be, to have me bring it back in and they would fix it again. Months later, still in perfect condition, and the stitching has not come undone in the slightest, neither has the button. Not only are they efficient but their prices are a deal! Thanks again guys :)

Shane Mang

This place is a hidden gem. I almost don't want to write a review because they're one of the best tailors I've ever used. They are fast, efficient, the prices are affordable. I hesitated writing this review because I almost don't want more people knowing how great they are for fear of them getting too busy to get my garments tailored as quickly as they currently do.


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