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REVIEWS OF Spavia Day Spa - Sandy IN Utah

Brian Peterson

Had a great facial with Christi. You can tell she enjoys her job and is very good at what she does.

Lindsey Wolff

Great massage and great ambiance! The staff is very knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly!

Amanda Sparks

We really loved our experience here. Great staff and service and amazing atmosphere. It was unlike any other massage places we've been to. Very professional, clean and classy. We will definately be going back!

Carisa K.

Spavia is the equivalent of going to a hotel spa. Their staff is incredible and they always remember my name when I come in for my treatment! It’s the greatest place to go and relax when you need a break from the work week or a massage after the gym. Highly recommend!

Kate Brown

I booked a day of relaxation for myself yesterday with Spavia after reading good reviews. I unfortunately did not experience such a great time. My massage therapist spent lots of time applying light pressure in the weirdest spots, I am not talking about just a few times and for just a few seconds. These odd holds lasted anywhere from 15-30 seconds. I felt my self get more and more tense through out the massage because I felt like I was getting ripped off, I booked a massage to be rubbed down. He also spent twice the time on one leg than the other and did not touch the front of my arms, legs, my lower back )which I mentioned was a problem area), or my scalp. The experience with the esthetician started off on the wrong foot when she called me "Kat", my name is Kate. It was freezing the entire service and she was coughing the whole time. Don't exactly want a sick person coughing on me while working on my face. Her "massages" seemed like she was just trying to waste time. Overall I felt like everyone was just going through the steps of offering services but had no passion about delivering an experience. What was supposed to be a day of self love and relaxation during an extremely stressful time in my life turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Julee' Pyper

Really relaxing spa atmosphere, excellent masseuse, loved it!!!

Colin Reesor

Overbooked us. Not friendly or accommodating. Will not return.

Cleve Hurst

This place has great massage therapists and a great relaxing environment inside!

Jeremiah Robker

The questionnaire / medical liability form they make you fill out before you get the massage was irrelevant... For me anyway. They didn't play the music I wanted to listen to or use the scented massage oil I requested or massage me with the requested pressure. It's not that big of deal, but it's something you can't help think about, when it doesn't happen.

Jenny Moody

The owners are top notch and the therapists are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. Great atmosphere and clean, relaxing environment. Highly recommend.

Dusty Burgess

Went there today and got a awesome massage from their specialist Kyle and as expected left very satisfied and feeling a lot better! spavia there is very professional and try their best to hit every area that is either sore or knotted it up for you Plus offer great advice afterwards on how to help you stay a little bit more limber and a little less tense for the more problem areas later on. Would always rate these guys 5 stars and I'm going back next month!


I was very happy with the customer service, as well as the massage therapist. I think sometimes people come to a place for pampering and somehow confuse that with wanting to feel important. I say this because I read a lot of poorly written reviews for this location, and frankly it seems like people felt a bit too entitled. So if you're reading the reviews to decide whether or not to go, ignore all the 1 stars. Just make your own mind up by giving them a try. It is a perfect place for those who work hard and just need to unwind during the week. It is also ideal to stay in your neighborhood, rather than going all the way downtown to the Grand America. Thanks for the great service guys. I got a membership, so I'll be seeing you again soon!


They wouldn't let me cancel my membership and when I brought back the image lotion that reacted with my skin very poorly... They would not refund me unless I paid for another product of roughly equal value. They don't listen. The owner was immature and manipulative and tried to make me feel bad for wanting to cancel when I brought up my concerns and asked to cancel. She then told me that she wouldn't let me cancel as there is a 3 month agreement. This meant that even though I requested to cancel July 7, I would need to pay 30 more days... And then request to cancel in person... And essentially wait 60 days to complete the cancel and be required to pay for one more month. It was not professional, and they are only concerned about making money. I have wanted to like them but I have felt mistreated and devalued. I would not be able to recommend this company, and in particular I would not recommend the membership here. They simply are only interested in money.

Williams Utah

Please read UPDATE below: Before you go you fill out your preferences which I thought was awesome! I requested a deep and strong pressure massage. My massage began and the therapist asked me if I needed it deeper. I indicated that I would appreciate that. About 5 minutes into the perfect pressure massage my therapist asked me if I ordered a deep tissue massage ... I was confused and said I had ordered a couple massage with my husband. She then during the massage told me that she would be happy to continue with this deep massage but I would have to pay $20 more! I was shocked and just said to continue with the massage that I ordered. Well the pressure was reduced (since I said I wouldn't pay more) and the regular massage continued. I truly feel like this was handled poorly. I have never had a therapist do this.....It truly was a disappointment and confusing. ________________________________________________________ UPDATED June 14/2019 Spavia Spa reached out to me...concerned with the negative review above... Summer graciously offered me the chance to come back! Well, today was the day!!! What a FABULOUS experience. From the 2nd I came in I was warmly greeted and directed to the changing room and the peaceful and tranquil waiting room. Summer, my therapist came in and took me back to the therapy room. She took the time to discuss the session and then it began. It was perfect!!! The pressure was incredible and she was thoughtful and mindful in her technique. What a great massage!!!!!! I was told that the spa is now under new ownership and it shows!!!! If you want a spa experience and an incredible massage....GO HERE!!!! I'll be back for sure. Thank you Summer for showing me what your spa is all about! THANK YOU!!!!

julie henderson

Wonderful place. So relaxing and best massage ever.

Kelsey M

Amazing! Found this place through Groupon, for a couples massage. Awesome customer service they were so sweet and accommodating. We had Cassie and Jasper they were great. Definitely will be back!

Kylie Kartchner

This place is amazing, great customer care, clean relaxing atmosphere and amazing massage! My husband and I went in today for the first time for a couples massage and we will be back again!

801 Guide

Nice place and good workers, however we had an issue here where we didn't feel comfortable with a certain situation, and the manager was rude about it. They screwed up our appointment request, which is not a big deal and we were totally nice/honest about, but the manager was condescending to us about the mistake they made and basically said that it was our mistake. Even after we corrected her 3 times she still basically would not admit their mistake. Not good management in this situation, I forgot her name but she did not handle the situation well.

Amy Wright

The massage therapist was great. However the owner is terrible. My Groupon expired so they said we needed to pay the difference even though Groupon said it was ok and when i called 2 days prior they said they would honor it. Well when I got …


Go under your own precautions. I paid for a 60 minute relaxation massage and even thought the massage was amazing it was very hard for me to relax due to the strong bad odor of the therapist. Than the lady that completed my facial didn't show a good level of customer service because her facial seem careless and half done. Plus upon Checking out the receptionist had a hard time taking my payment, she stated that my credit card declined, then I provided to her a different one ) but I knew I had more than enough money to pay for these services ) at the end she ended up charging my credit cards twice each and now I am waiting for them to refund my money. Plus when I mentioned to the receptionist about my experience with the extremely bad other she exclaimed " oh yeah" I even got to smell it when I went back , and just laugh. I'm definitely not going back or recommending this place.

Thomas Grove

Bought my girlfriend and her Mom a Massage and Facial package. They loved it! :) . Thank you for making their day and giving them a great experience.

Megan Monk

Summer is the best at what she does, and the spa is set up with a relaxing atmosphere, with choice of tea and water in the changing room as well as offered right before you leave. It's a little bit expensive, but they do have a membership that lowers cost.

Tiffany Child

When I first arrived, they greeted me warmly, showed me where I would be changing and where I would be waiting. They provided a comfortable robe and slippers. The waiting area had a very relaxing ambiance to it. They provided water and a warm neck pillow. I had a facial, which was super relaxing and I enjoyed it very much. I recommend Spavia in Sandy to everyone!

Olivia Roberts

Its fantastic!

Barnard Mthembu

Feel so relaxed! Staff is awesome!

Ashley Barrett

I went to Spavia today and had one of the most exception experiences . The entire staff was so kind and accommodating. The facility itself was very clean and relaxing. I received a back facial and oils scalp treatment that was phenomenal. I highly recommend Spavia Sandy !

Lynelle Pfremmer

Scheduling was super easy, the facility was clean and inviting, great atmosphere, and our technicians were both incredible!

Allan Richards

The owners, massage theryps and staff are all incredible. I've been going to Spavia every month for the past two years and it's always been an incredible experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

Alisa Dolan

My husband and I came for our anniversary. Everyone from the receptionists at the front to the massage therapists were so nice to us! They even left a card for us on the table. It is clean and the retreat was very nice with neck wraps and tea. Will be back!

Dave Phillips Jr

Such a relaxing experience. We felt valued and taken care of. Great staff that cared about our wants and needs. Highly recommend

Austin Adams

I had a great experience at Spavia. Came in for a deep tissue massage with Summer and was very pleased. She not only worked out most of the knots and tightness but also showed me some stretches to do daily to help keep them the tightness from coming back. Shaylee at the front desk was very professional and friendly. She showed me to the waiting room and made sure I knew where the water tea and other amenities were while I waited for my massage. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

Glen Richardson

I've been seeing Summer for some time now for treatment of neck and back pain and also relaxation. I must say she is one of the best and most effective therapist I've seen in the past 5 years. I highly recommend her and Spavia as well. The setting is really nice and peaceful. The robes and shower are an excellent touch. Keep up the great work!

J Vandenberg

I love coming here. The staff are wonderful.


Sadly, my customer service experience here was less than good. I purchased a gift card for my husband to use for his birthday from a website called spaweek (it allowed me to choose many options for a massage treatment). I paid $75 for a giftcard. I called and scheduled the initial massage at this location for $59 and a debit card was taken (just in case we cancel with a less than 24 hour notice). After my husband completed his treatment, he ended up being charged the full $89 plus tip (the added cost was charged to my card) with the explanation being the they could not use two discounts. Apparently this website Iused takes a % of the profit attime of using one of their gc’s, although I saw no discount in purchasing it. Therefore, they were counting a giftcard as a discount! After speaking to a manager, they took no responsibility for not disclosing cost information at the time of the massage booking, only a”sorry”. I won’t be using this company again.

Brayden Hubbard

Every aspect of my visit to Spavia was great. I would highly recommend.

Kati Mattinson

I received the premier facial from Oaklie and she did an amazing job she was super helpful with recommending products for my skin and giving me tips on how to take care of it. The whole facility is very clean and is a nice relaxing atmosphere all of the staff was very friendly and helpful, I would highly recommend Spavia.

Roberta Hightower

Beautiful place to relax. Massage therapist were excellent. Staff were very attentive and helpful. The surroundings have a very calm sense

Heather McLean

Amazing customer service, relaxing ambiance, skilled and friendly therapist.

Roger Goodwin

I visited this spa a few weeks ago. I am highly dissatisfied with the owner. I never leave reviews for anything, even if it is bad service. But this deserves as many bad reviews as possible. The owner, Dawn I believe is her name. She was horrible. You’d think if you were the owner you would honor things that they “clairfiy” would be okay. You think that she would be all about customer service. But yet, she belittles you the customer and stands by what she says. She ups prices after the massages and seems to treat her employees horrible as well. I’ve been a few times, and the first times were alright, but I decided to go back due to the other girls up front! They were very nice and had great customer service. But everytime I went in, it was other people. The employees working would say its due to her management that they all want to leave. Never believed that was true until the last time I went and she belittled me in front of everyone. I could only imagine what her employees have to deal with. This place honestly should get a new owner, or be shut down. You can even tell through other google reviews she comments back and still stands by what she says and belittles other customers. I will never ever go here again, I’ve reported her to corporate, and they say they get a ton of complaints as well. I will also advise all of my employees and customers that come into my business to never go here. Ever. Hopefully she learns her lesson as an owner and learns how to manage a place.

Anne Roberts

I love my skin care regimen set up by Christi. She is knowledgeable, skilled and personable. Yes I would recommend Spavia Day Spa in Sandy.

Chelsea Merkley

I came to get a Hot Stone Massage today, to partially use a gift card from a Family Member. The Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage was very healing and relaxing. I have never experienced it before. They use coconut oil, water and Lava Basalt Stones which retain heat and minerals naturally. I had never gone to any Spavia location before. The heat helps to ease the tension of tired, overworked or knotted muscles and aches and pains or soreness. I want to be very clear and say that it is very hot! But, my skin very much enjoyed it, and so did my muscles. Yvette was very healing, kind, and helpful. She was my Massage Therapist. She was able to help my skin, muscles, body and soul try to relax and just be for 90 minutes. She answered all the questions I had regarding the services, and products used. The shower was a bit wonky, and needed some adjusting and Fixing but the Women’s Lounge Had Warm Neck Pillows, Positive Reading Literature, and Cold Water and Hot Tea Varieties, some of which were Herbal and Caffeine Free. It seems to be a small Spa, but I like it. I hope to come back. I want to get the Sports Hot Stone The Next Time. It localizes sore or injured areas and focuses on healing them and getting the knots out.

Rachel Loeffler

Went for a quick massage and it was so relaxing. Loved the overall ambiance. My mom is a regular here and she has had several different therapists. They have all been great. They have also been very accommodating with her schedule. Highly recommend Spavia. Looking forward to my next facial!

Lynn Miller Jackson

Very pleasant and attentive staff; wonderfully quiet spa atmosphere.

Ryan McFarland

I will not go back. Received Spavia Grand Opening gift cards with face values of $20, 25 and $45 dollars. Only one $25 gift card was accepted for massage and if I canceled I would still have to pay half of visit. Felt like this was a bait and switch.

Jasmine Soares

This place is amazing. I highly recommend it, the staff is very professional and you can really relax doing anything there.

Titus Mejia

Great staff and great service. My body is recovering must faster now since Hannah recommended Mckenzie as my LMT. Love that place, 2 big thumbs up from this guy!

Jeremy Gibb

I am so excited to know where Summer is at. She is the best.

Trever Sundberg

Jasper and Mackenzie are amazing! Highly recommend either one of them!

Cozette Stoddard

The staff at Spavia are great and make me feel like their only client!

Lora Forbush

The spa is nice and quiet, however their talent is lacking. While she was very nice, my massage therapist fell asleep during my treatment!! She also did not ask me what areas I needed worked on or how the pressure was. I am 34 weeks pregnant and would not recommend Spavia for a maternity massage. My husband really enjoyed his therapist. It is a nice/quiet spa with reasonable prices.

Marissa Carroll

This is the best customer service experience I've had possibly ever! I have been here about 4 times now just to buy products. I was searching for a place that carries Image products and has retails hours so I can slip in whenever works best for my schedule. It's a bit far from my house but I had a bad experience with customer service at the place closer to me. My first visit I was on a strict budget and I never felt pressured to spend more than I was able. One of the estheticians helped me find what worked best for my needs and budget. I didn't have an appointment but she helped me quickly without making me feel like I was a burden. On my return visit months later, I was searching for more products and the ladies at the front desk, particularly Shaylee, were extremely professional, patient, and friendly. She answered my millions of questions and was honest when she wasn't sure of an answer. She offered me services that she genuinely thought would be a good fit and of interest to me. I spent probably 30-45 minutes there and not once did she make me feel rushed or treat me like an annoyance. I was seriously considering their membership as it's an incredible deal, but ultimately was not in my budget. She continued to be pleasant and helpful even after I ended up declining. I've had to return twice since then (to buy an additional product and then do an exchange since I grabbed the wrong item). I was worried about how they would handle the exchange but since I had not used it, they graciously switched without hesitation. I will continue to go there for my skincare and make up needs and will likely get a membership for services in the future. Shaylee was a gem and I hope she sticks around as she really does have perfect customer service skills and never came across as "salesy." Thank you Spavia for taking great care of my needs!

shaudai short

Spavia is absolutely amazing! My husband and I got a spur of the moment chance to go on a date (without kids) I called 6 spas and everyone was very rude as though they have never taken a last minute appointment in their life… Not Spavia! I spoke to the owner she got us scheduled for a couples message (our first messages EVER) they even had to move therapists around for me because I am nine months pregnant. The relaxation rooms, bathrooms and changing areas were so clean, beautiful and peaceful. There was tea, water and warm towels available while we waited our turn because we were a little early. The experience we had at Spavia was amazing our message therapists we were great, we will be back and I would recommend Spavia to anyone!

Trent Snyder

This was my first massage and treatment. I left feeling dumb relaxed. So relaxed I couldn't think straight. My masseuse was very professional and courteous. I had knots and soreness in my back of years from work, physical activity. That was one of the best experiences of my life. I did the 1 1/2 hour couples massage. With fragrances and soft music. Used the shower after. The whole place made me forget I was in Sandy Utah. Felt like an unreal miniature vacation. My masseuse was a smaller oriental lady. Thank you. I went to another spa in Layton about 6 months later. Which was really nice, but didn't compare.

Christie Bauer

Spavia in Sandy was welcoming. The staff was knowledgeable and kind. The ladies who do the facials and massages are professional, friendly, and very good at what they do. I will definitely be coming back!!

Rachelle Taul

We had the best experience for our anniversary couples massage! We had Cassie and Jasper and they were so tentative to our specific needs and it was so relaxing and peaceful. We loved it and will definitely be back!

Ali Measom

Loved my massage at spavia!

Sara Blaney

My mom has fibromyalgia as well as a recent a hip replacement and she loves going here for her massages. The staff has been really kind and taken good care of her. This is truly one of the only things that gives her relief so thank you Spavia!

McKenzie Godwin

This is a really great spa. We both loved our therapists and felt like they were very skilled. You can tell they know what they are doing and are not just mimicking a few techniques they learned in school. We will definitely be back.

Latricia Foulger

I booked a facial on a whim and so glad I did. Oakli was amazing - one of the best facials I’ve had in a long time. I will be back.

Lauren Rowland

Beautiful facility and very professional, kind staff. I will definitely be coming back for more services!

Rebecca Palmatier

This place is awesome!

James Ballard

my back hurts worse now, otherwise it was good.

Christina Holt

Shannah is the BEST. She listens, truly cares about me and the spa is very well maintained.

Jennifer T

Spavia has been great! I've enjoyed many of their services and have been very pleased. I have especially loved the facials from Christi. She is very professional, very nice and has treated me excellent. I have referred many of my friends to her as well.

Sara Lovelady

Everything about was wonderful the massage were amazing and the atmosphere was relaxing

Bradyn Allen

This place is amazing! The staff are super friendly and accommodating. The therapists know what they are doing and give the place a great atmosphere. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get some stress relief!

Amber Dalebout

This facility is beautiful, the staff is great & my massage was awesome. Every little detail was perfect. I’ll be back for sure!

jan allen

Excellent therapists. I have migraines and fibromyalgia and they specialize in helping me with both. I have an individual therapist for each. Love them both! I go every week without fail!

Dustin Bailey

Great place, clean and very friendly staff. Affordable (Groupon helped) and easy to book with reminders and sending link to form in advance.

Hattie Fletcher

My experience at Spavia was superb!! I was treated very well and pampered the entire time. The massage was divine!!! I would highly recommend Spavia!!!

Suzanna Watts

Absolutely amazing! Welcoming and friendly staff. Very clean and relaxing environment. Brandi was incredible!! I am 30 weeks pregnant and have had some horrible pain in my legs, hips and lower back. I finally got some relief. I can’t wait to come back!! Highly recommend!!

Scott Lovelady

Relaxing atmosphere, has a real luxury feel to it with showers, robes, hot pads, and a waiting area with tea. Took the girlfriend here as a late Christmas present and we loved it. A little pricey to make it a regular thing and you definitely want to give them a fake email address to avoid all the marketing emails they send your way

Adam Wilkinson

New ownership that listens to their customers and makes changes as necessary. Thank you!

Davis Reid

I booked my wife a massage a while back and she had a great time. I will definitely book another one and go with her.

Alex Hall

This place was incredible! I went with my girlfriend for a couples massage. Our specialists targeted problem areas during our massage and we left feeling like new people.

Maggie & Rex Bull dog love

We went to celebrate a birthday loved our estithicians. Our facials were well worth the monies spent

Martin Rasmussen

First time visit. Very pleased.

Patricia Eatchel

After having many massages and not finding the right person I decided to try seeing Summer Simmons. She came highly recommended and now I will never have anyone else work on me. She is truly a master massage therapist. Very skilled in knowing how to release pain for the arthritis I live with. Awesomeness!!!

Beau Enslow

My experience with Spavia has been amazing. Their staff is always super friendly and helpful. Great mood and environment. The massage therapists are amazing at what they do! Very experienced. I recommend Spavia to anyone looking for a great massage. The Sandy location is my favorite location.

Mike Midgley

Summer was fantastic. She gave me a deep tissue massage that took all of the knots and pain out of my back and shoulders without causing me discomfort. I can't wait to go back.

Whitney Pinder

The massage was excellent! The ambiance was wonderful. I wasn’t happy that my $10 lunch was nuts and dried fruit, I would have gotten a decent sandwich elsewhere instead

Amber Hafen

Jasper was really great I told him about spots othat really hurt me and he did a miracle work on them! Definitely will be going back! Only complaint was that the robe they gave me was too small they should ask first what your size is and it was really hot in the waiting room. I would definitely recommend this place.

Anand Wuppuluri

We went in for an hour long hot stone massage and absolutely loved the massage and the entire experience. We've tried other day spas and massage places but this one's the best.

Brent Reichert

Went here with my wife with a deal I found online. I like to take my wife to these often so I know what to expect. 1) This place is super fancy. 2) Very clean 3) Back rooms are very nice 4) no pressure sell We were taken in to the back, …

Alicia McShad

One of the best spa experiences of my life and definitely the best experience/cost place in my life. They are very attentive to your needs and I absolutely cannot wait to visit SLC again as an excuse to come back for another self care day.

Kacey Roberts

Very good therapists and super relaxing. Always worth it.

Jake Hoddy

We came here for a couple's massage and had a great experience. The place is very relaxing and the massages were wonderful. We definitely want to come back.

Vinnie Brazelton

Got a massage here. The people were friendly and professional. Massage was great. Didn't like the sales pitch to schedule another appointment, though that's normal at these spas.

Bobbi Bostock

We were early for our appt. but we were welcomed and able to get ready for our massage and wait in a relaxing area. They were very friendly and had great customer service. The massage was wonderful, relaxing, the therapists were amazing and we will definitely be back.

Stephanie Larsen

I went for my first time this week and loved it! I didn’t know what to expect, but the hot stone massage is amazing. I know what I want for my birthday! :) The vitamin C facial was nice too. I loved the customer service and quiet waiting room. I appreciated them saying you can stay after to relax. They have water, tea, mints, heated neck pillows etc. I felt very taken care of and will be going back! My review is just shy of 5 stars because I would love to see more membership options or discounts. I have been stressed with my husband’s deployment and being a student so I would love to go monthly to help me relax but just can’t quite afford it. But I’ll be back down the road!

Kurtis Derrick

Massage was fantastic, facility was great. Minus 3 stars because the price jumped $20 during the massage because of a mistake they made. Owner wouldn't budge. We'll be taking our business elsewhere, which is a shame because the massage therapists were very skilled and attentive to our needs

Heidi Boyce

I am very self conscious about my body and actually cried before going in because I was so stressed about it. Everyone was very kind and professional though ... a totally relaxing experience. I'm thinking about a membership!

Rob Allen

This place is awesome. They have great service and really take care if people. I highly recommend making this your go to place. Great work by their team of professionals!

Johanna Newbury

Christi is very knowledgeable, friendly and I left feeling so relaxed, as well as refreshed. I highly recommend her. Thank you Christi!

Chloe Chan

Just came out of a facial feeling refreshed and relaxed. I want to specifically thank my technician Sarie who has been very kind and gentle during the facial. She was also very professional and knowledgeable when she recommended me the product. The environment is clean and relaxing. The receptionist is also very nice and helpful. Such a great experience. They have taken good care of me and my skin. I truly appreciate everyone who assisted me during my visit. Thanks. Highly recommend!

Chris Palmer

Summer is very good at what she does. She is experienced, with good technique. I have had a lot of massages and can tell you that really good therapists are hard to find. Summer is one of the best I have ever experienced!

Mark Luce

I received a gift card for a massage. Thanks for a great experience.

Apryl Cowatt

So I had my first relaxation massage and the therapist was amazing. Prior to the massage I was very disappointed they have no diana, no coffee, no snacks nothing. They need way more amenities for the price.!!

Donna Matern

What a great expierience! The service, knowledge, level of genuine care and personal attention is amazing. Today I had two services done, deep tissue massage and acne facial. Both were perfect, and they got me in same day! (Back to back appointments). I will most definitely be back.

perla gutierrez

I have been suffering with adult acne for a few years and decided to go in for a facial, Christi was so great and knowledgeable, I loved my experience so much that i decided to get the monthly membership pass, I cannot wait to see Christi again, I can already see changes in my skin.

Cynthia Fogle

Becca did an amazing job! Definitely will be going back

Trista Christensen

My husband and I had literally the best couples massage! Great way to spend an afternoon date!

Wendy Sheffield

Wonderful massages... and... they donated $40.00 off coupons to all the students taking my self-care class. They definitely help promote not only physical but also emotional well-being!

Whitney Smith

Staff was super friendly and Avery was fantastic as my massage therapist. Everyone answered my questions and were super helpful. I recently needed to find a new (spa or) massage therapist after mine moved out of state and after a lot of …

Destany Ruttenbur

My experience here was amazing. I have never been to a spa before and I have never had a massage either due to my neck injuries and this was my first time and it was beyond amazing. The staff are great I walked in and was instantly greeted at the door they were very welcoming and very kind. The atmosphere is so relaxing and calm. The changing area and business was clean and very warm and very well kept. Then after you change you go into a very relaxing room with a waterfall and tranquility music playing. The massage therapist was beyond helpful and thorough with me I let her know my concerns and my problem areas and she was fantastic I had the hot stone massage and the therapist was always checking and making sure the temperature was perfect for me and she was thorough with what she was doing and the next steps. I did not once feel uncomfortable or judged here. I will definitely be returning and will definitely highly recommend them to everyone. I wish there was a 6th star because you guys deserve it. Best customer service in my opinion.

Allison Garrison

Christi was fantastic. One of the best facials I've ever had.

Michelle Stewart

We went here for our 1 Year anniversary and did the couple's massage. The atmosphere is so relaxing. My massage therapist was amazing and knew what she was doing! I would definitely go back.

Ruth Erbach

Shanna is amazing, both in her knowledge and technique and her presence. I am sure there are other qualified aestheticians at spavia, but I come for Shanna.

John Schmeltzer

How incredible! Spavia is unlike any other day spa out there. I got off work today and had a massage scheduled with a facial as followup. I am blown away! Both my specialists were able to target my needed points without any needed help from me and as a result, I feel like a new man! It was nice to be able to go in and relax before each treatment in the men's retreat area as well. Really gave me the opportunity to take the much needed time to recharge for my own good. I will come back again and again.

Katherine Alldredge

Bought Jane makeup from a really nice young lady that took time to help me find the right shade and product for my skin. I appreciated that she took time with me and was genuine and helpful.

Krista Hutchins

BEST MASSAGE EVER!!! High end spa feel at reasonable prices ... plus they were able to get me in quick! And did I mention it was my best massage EVER?!!

j s

The staff was very kind, the ambience was so relaxing and comfortable. Miesha gave a great massage!!

Jeff Denning

Had a great experience last night for a couple's massage. I was really happy they were able to get us in on a short notice (4 days). The fact that they are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day is awesome. At the facility, the ambiance was fabulous, the low light setting as soon as we walked in was very relaxing and just what I wanted. We were greeted right away and since we filled out paperwork online, we didn't have to do anything there and were taken right back without waiting. On that note, the waiting rooms were incredible too. Not that we were there for very long, but we were given the option to hang out there after we were done with the massage if we wanted (which we did). I loved the fountains and the music. They had a nice selection of inspirational books, different teas, cold water, and green tea mints which were delicious. We were given warm neck pillows to help us relax further before our massage. It was a great place to escape. The robes were nice and we were given lockers to store our stuff in before we got treated. The music during the massage was brilliant, it was super easy to imagine myself in other places, and I had fun mentally vacationing. My girlfriend really needed this from the constant stress in her life and Spavia delivered. Overall great experience, and I'm considering getting a membership even though I'm a poor student because the value is that good.


Summer is amazing! Very professional and atentative to her clients. She's an absolute joy!

Callie Reid

I LOVED Spavia! I think my girls name was Cassie and she did an amazing job. Their lounge area where you sit before getting your massage is so cozy and I felt really comfortable there. Will for sure go again.

Mignon C.

It was a wonderful experience. I recieved a deep tissue massage from Mkenzie which was amazing. The amenities are unlike any other day spa I've been to. The retreat room with the Zen garden, books and coloring was so relaxing and I especially enjoyed the hot lavender neck wraps. Friendly staff, highly recommend!

Liza Roberts

My husband surprised me with a deep tissue massage for my birthday. It was a 60 minute massage. I got to customize what kind of music I wanted, the scent of lotion used, and even whether there would be conversation or not. The massage itself was amazing. My therapist concentrated on the areas I had mentioned, was very friendly, and offered me some hot tea or water afterward. 5here was also a shower facility that was very nice. Great gift!

Megan Brunner

My friend Hannah invited me to try this place out, and I’m so glad I did! The ladies at the front desk were warm and welcoming, and my masseuse was fantastic! She made sure to check with me regarding pressure and problem areas, and worked on some crazy knots in my back. I felt very relaxed, and I loved that there was a beautiful sitting area to relax further instead of having to rush out right away. Highly recommend!

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