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REVIEWS OF Heavenly Hands Massage & Spa IN Utah

Angela Pehrson

I have been coming here for about a year now! This place is amazing! Every time I need to relax or need to get a good mani or pedi, I come here! I have tried many massage therapists and have not had a single bad massage! They are phenomenal and always exceed my expectations! Most recently I had a hot rock pumpkin facial, got my brows done and a massage! Spa day!!! Both the esthetician and massage therapist put me right at ease, and melted my stress away! I left with beautiful skin, great eyebrows and I no longer had a kink in my neck! Thank you Heavenly Hands! You truly are heavenly! I will be back next month!

Melanie Hall

Great experience! Really appreciated all the masseuses waiting for us in the lobby upon arrival. Went here with my Mom and sister for massages to celebrate my Mom's birthday and loved it. Thank you Bree, Jordan, and John! We'll be back.

Chris Rivard

Spencer Johnson

Wes Langham

This was my first time visiting here. By far one of the best facilities I've been to. They have everything you could need to feel good both inside and out! I took my wife for an eyebrow wax and they turned out amazing- she was beautiful already

Sariah Yadon

Sooo... amazing! Always made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Absolutely loved it and I will definitely return there and recommend to everyone! Everyone was so polite! All around a wonderful experience! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

Martin Erickson

Nice environment and staff. I would recommend.

Nicole Cushing

Russell Walter

Melissa was always consistently strong the entire duration (once she did 2 hours, many 90 min) of the massage. Sad to see her go, trying out a new masseuse and will hopefully remember to update afterwards.

Carno Toast

jennifer stone

Alan Healey

This place is great

Jeremiah Faust

I go there regularly even though it's a bit of a long drive simply because they are fantastic. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a massage in SLC

Shelly Morehead

Mary gives the best massage I've ever had!

R Schroeder

Best massage ever

Nick Goldberg

Eric Hogue

Great place with great people. Four of us all were able to get massages at the same time, and everyone had a great therapist. Very reasonably priced and super friendly staff. I will definitely be back my next trip!

Scott Larson

Love this place, always had a great massage and it's the best price around.

Beth Manning

I have had several massages over the past couple years and I have never been disappointed. The place is always clean, the price is just right. The price allows me to get a couple in a month too. I've had Samantha, Jason and will try Bobby next month. I used to never get massages from males however Jason changed my mind as the massage was truly "heavenly". I'm perplexed at some of these bad reviews a couple years back because my experience has always been so positive. Maybe they were going through some kind of change....I would encourage anyone reading this to give it a try. You can't beat a $45, 1 hour Swedish massage in the valley.

Lori M

Just got home from my absolutely worse experience having my nails done. My husband for Christmas had got me a gift card for a manicure and pedicure. I arrived early for my 5:15pm appointment but was unable to leave until after 6:45pm. I now will only go to a nail salon for my nails. When I arrived my nail tech asked my if I needed to used the restroom first, which surprised me since I was only having my nails done. There was one chair that looked like a proper massage chair for a pedicure but, she said it was broken. So, she put me on a high uncomfortable bench above a sink with a weird plastic insert for soaking your feet. The nail color I chose wouldn't open so she had me choose another. I thought it would be fine as long as my toes and fingers matched. Unfortunately, the polish was too thick when she got to my nails. She found someone to open my original color and painted my nails. It took a really long time. Then, not enough time was given for my fingernails to dry. They were ruined before I got to the front door. She fixed the two nails that were ruined then gave my the polish bottle so I could make any repairs I needed. She was nice, but not experienced at all. I expect so much more. When I got home, a few nails were so bad that I just removed the polish. I don't really like the color on my toes, but at least now my fingers and toes aren't painted in clashing colors. Be warned if going for nails, this is not a nail salon with experienced nail technicians doing nails regularly. She had also filed my nails thin, which is not something an experienced person would do.

Michael Jensen

Great price great service

Dymon Brady

I've had tension in my muscles since doing an ironman race about 5 weeks ago. I went in and got a sports massage from Melissa. She was very professional and worked the deep tissues effectively. She took time to give me some suggested stretches that will train the muscles to stay loose and prevent injuries. I think she opened new doors for training harder this year. Would definitely recommend her to others.

Star Place

Ellyn Hanson

Love Love Love this place ... They bring calm to my soul and joy to my spirit .. Thank you!

Louisa Austin


Breanna Hunsaker

Great Massage, Reasonable in price.

jen herman

Hands down the BEST massage studio i have ever called. They scheduled me promptly, were extremely polite and helpful. The price point is overwhelmingly reasonable. The therapist they scheduled me with, Bobby, was AMAZING! You can tell he truly loves what he does and has a wealth of knowledge. He literally fixed me. I HIGHLY recommend visiting Heavenly Hands!!

Jack Vines

Decent massage, but really brutal customer service. Not rude, just incompetant and did not reflect well on the establishment. Scheduled a two hour massage and they finished up after only 90 minutes. There was no front desk person so the masseuse took over 30 minutes to resolve including trying initially to charge me for the two hours. While I patiently waited they spent the whole time trying to up-sell other services, and did not charge the correct discount for my wife when she finished up. Bottom-line is if you just want a massage and willing to risk marginal customer service this might work for you. That said there are likely other places that will give you better value for your money. I did call the owner and she was extremely gracious and helpful. If we try again and the experience changes I will update this review.

Ben Curtis

I've had deep tissue work done by several therapists. All did an excellent job and were very professional. Great price as well. Most affordable quality spa I've found.

Kayla Sleight

I was really impressed with the service! The people are very friendly, and Joe was is an amazing massage therapist! I would really recommend this place if you're looking for a great massage, i'll definitely be returning!

Norm Hanson

Nayeli Gomez

Amazing skill, every time I get a back massage I sleep well for weeks. Phil is one of the best !

Stefan Bach


Stephanie Ring

Nicole May

Nguyễn Bình

I have been to this place many times because I love it! Jason is such a knowledgeable therapist. He always helps cure my back pain. If you are looking for something more than just fluff and buff, this is a place for you. Angie and Bree did a great job of providing facial treatments. They always make sure that I am comfortable by providing water to keep me hydrated or blanket to keep me warm. I wish the receptionist (or whoever on the phone) could be more polite and nice to the client. The price is reasonable compared to other places. Overall, I love the experience here, and I am looking forward to many more massages in the future.

Emily Hammond

This place is amazing!!! My mom, sister and I just left this amazing place after a hour and a half massage. I am feeling fabulous!! Thank you!

Tyler Larson

Affordable and every massage has been quality

Gabrielle Ehrler

i called to make an appointment to surprise my managers with a spa day and these ladies were so kind and genuine with helping me plan this surprise! They have good feedback on what type of massage to reserve and best of all they had availablilty! Their prices are affordable and you know you are getting really good therapists! I would highly recommend booking an appointment at this spa and giving yourself a you day!

Serena Aeschilman

Michael gave a heavenly massage. My favorite part was his foot massage. He took the time to massage each part of my foot. It was amazing!! I'll be coming here again in the future. The massage was given at a great price! They even got me in same day, within an hour!!

Dylan Durrant

My wife and I visited for our anniversary and had a delightful coupes massage. The therapists were very kind and thoughtful, super accommodating! We'd recommend a couples massage here to anyone!

Nathaly Sanchez

Alisa Empey

Angie is the best! Thank you so much! I love it here, they are always so nice and not expensive like everywhere else I get massages that aren’t even as good!

Brittany Wilkerson

Bogdan Kyryliuk

Great place to relax after skiing

Sela Nock

I called for the first time at 4:30pm for a last minute deep tissue massage after work and they were able to fit me right in! Bobby was absolutely amazing and I left feeling like a completely new person. He was so attentive to my body and able to eliminate the majority (if not all), stress induced tension all over and years of terrible posture. He gave me great tips and I walked out floating on air. The price wasn't bad at all and I know for sure that I'll recommend him and come back again! He also used entire time that I paid for. It was worth every dollar!

Lindsey Sessions

Bought a groupon and called to book a facial. Really excited until The owner Mary answered the phone. She was rude and very short on the phone. I requested a certain esthetician that's been there for a while and she's amazing but she made it really difficult to book with her and said I'll have to wait a few weeks and kept wanting me to try a new one they just hired. When I told her I'm not ok with that, she started being defensive of how she does the hiring and the training. From my experience, it seems they run these specials to build clientele for their new employees and if you have a groupon, you get second rate treatment. I rather just pay for their in store specials and get first class treatment. I'm very very upset with how the owner spoke with me on the phone and she needs to realize who keeps her in business. I won't refer my friends and family anymore.

constance Rodriguez

H.H. has great operators and they're sensitive to clients' anatomy. They know their business. They have a good follow system.

Stephanie Tavis

Get my hair done here by Natalie she is great!

Ariane Strakey

If you are looking for deep work at a great cost,look no further. Try the Fijian massage.

Sabrina Baksh-Riches

Lovely place with great massage therapist! I highly recommend this spot.

Melanie Thompson

Amber Kennedy

Whoever answers the phones could use a little coaching, took me a couple of minutes but I decided the attitude wasn't worth trying them out.

Audrey LT L

Mike Reidy

Clean excellent massage therapist

Eric Bjornn

Kristine Lewis

I bought a groupon massage for a Specialty Massage. I think I fell victim to a "groupon massage". I paid for an hour and she wrapped it up in under 45 minutes! I was also supposed to get a fancy specialty Fijian massage (where they use their feet and is usually $30 more - hence the groupon deal), but she only used her hands. I kept thinking that maybe the first half of the massage was just the hands and then she would switch to the feet, but then she quickly wrapped it up. I asked the receptionist afterwards what type of massage I was scheduled for and she confirmed I was supposed to get the Fijian. The masseuse was very defensive and blamed it on not having the proper equipment in the room when I had schedule the massage about a week in advance. Also, could she not have told the receptionist that we needed to switch rooms? She then asked me for a tip. I have no complaints about the Swedish massage that I received, but I was supposed to get the Fijian and felt very ripped off since I paid more for my groupon than I would have paid for to get the plain Swedish massage. I called to speak to a manager the next day and had to explain my situation to the receptionist. The receptionist explained that she would pass it along and the manager would give me a call. I never received a call. Very poor customer service.

Cheryl Rauzon

For the best massage with LESLIE. I have been going to her for the past 6 months and she is amazing and has a great personality to go with her technique. Cheryl

RIchard Ross

Bobbie and Dalton are very talented and know what they are doing. Extremely professional manner and super strong hands. Perfect mixture of hard hand, forearm, elbows and feet. I've been all over the World and know what an excellent massage experience is. Highly recommend deep tissue over thai massage. Savings of $$ makes it not necessary to upgrade to Thai Massage. Dalton was talented and his overall combination of all massage techniques makes him highly sought after. I will most certainly return when I am in the SLC area.

Beckiie Esquivel

First time here went in for a prenatal massage with Amanda ... she is amazing!!! The only area of improvement i would say is cooler rooms it was a little warm..

Ronnie Daniel

Professional staff

Darren Somsen

Amanda will change you for the better. 90-minutes of deep-tissue therapy and life is better.

Mariangelys Guardiola

(Translated by Google) The best place to go to relax and pamper yourself. Excellent treatment and the employees are very kind. I visited the place 2 times on my last trip because the first time I went I was very happy with the service. I recommend it!! (Original) El mejor lugar para ir a relajarse y consentirse. Excelente trato y los empleados son muy amables. Visite el lugar en 2 ocasiones en mi ultimo viaje por que la primera vez que fui quede muy contenta con el servicio. Lo recomiendo!!

Dan Refsdal

Kelly Onstott

I have been to Heavenly Hand's several times, with the exception of the last time, it has been a great experience, great atmosphere, great service, etc. However, I went in a month ago and had the most awkward and non-relaxing visit. The scheduling was all messed up, the therapist was trying to be helpful but I found the massage awkward and strange. When I gave my feedback to the company no one ever reached out to me to remedy the problem. This experience has left me very dissatisfied.

Michael Unknown

Awesome therapists and great prices.

Melissa Labrum

Friendly staff, relaxing environment and a great place to unwind!

Brandi Turner

I am a massage therapist, so naturally I am pretty picky and critical about the massages I receive. I had never been here before going with the ole man for a couples massage. Bobbie was my therapist and let me tell you! Wow! Best massage I have ever received, and I have had a ton! He was Super attentive to my bodies needs. His work was very intuitive yet he still managed to hit every area i requested. Come to find out he has practiced massage therapy for 20 years with successful completion of 3 different massage wonder he was so amazing! Life goals! After the couples massage I had the chance to ask my husband how his massage was. My husband had the same experience as I...phenomenal!

Randall Brown

Sarah Weisenburger

Best place for a massage, ever!

Sulay Lopez

They're super friendly and provide great services!

Alice B

Brittany Jordan

Was referred here and it was a waste of money. Thought the prices were to good to be true and I was right. You get what you pay for. Booked hour massage for My boyfriend and I. His massage therapist talked the whole time which is the WORST when your trying to enjoy a relaxing massage. We then both complained about the actual massage. It wasn't even a massage. They more did pressure points and didn't really massage. Then to top it off his massage was cut 15 mins short because she couldn't read a clock and we still had to pay for it. We have both had a lot of massages and these were by far the worst for both of us. Would not recommend it.

Ken Burnett

Jordan Barclay

Lorin Hardy

This place is great. I feel so much better after just a few visits.

Matthew Moore

Always very professional and they always seem to do a wonderful job!

boyd hammond

Natalie Klug

My husband and I recently had a great experience here! We got a couple's massage. The staff is very professional and the rooms are very clean. Unfortunately we were on vacation so I won't be able to go back anytime soon, but if I could I would definitely do it again!

Kate McGee

I've had many great massages here. As well as great prices. I would recommend to anyone.

Uriel Cantarero

Great people, good service, always a good experience.

c joy

Bree and Bobby were absolutely amazing! My boyfriend and I had a couples massage yesterday and it was perfect ✨

Lindsey Conrad

It's all in the name of the business. Not only are the prices amazing, so are the therapists. I recommend Bree. She gets my knots out everytime.

Espavo Realty Group Unity Group

If you're looking for more than a fluff and buff this is the place for you. Knowledgable therapists trained in assisting the body to heal. Many modalities to fit your needs and an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. This spa is one of the best there is!

Becky Hennings

Keith Phinney

My family has gone to Heavenly Hands Massage for a number of years and we love it. The staff know us, know our individual massage needs and do a good job dealing with them!

Penelope Davies

Eric Lam

I come back all the time. I'm considered a regular. But I come back because the staff is great. The host (Angie) is great. She knows my name and knows my record. I get my regular masseuse(s) - but every now and then try new ones. But I ultimately go to my regulars. I will not name names, because THEY'RE MINE. Great service. Will always come here -- even when my friends are massage therapists (and they charge too much).

Deland Moghimi

We had a couples massage. We loved the experience. The staff was kind and laughed at all my jokes.

Alicia Sierra

I seriously love coming here it’s the best place I’ve been to. Amanda is so sweet and amazing I love the vibes as I come in and I feel welcomed and I don’t ever feel pushed to book another appointment on top of that it’s not expensive.

Jessica Welker

I've been to Heavenly Hands 4 times and absolutely loved it every time. Very clean and pretty facility, warm staff members and really great therapists. My massages are always excellent and the prices are so reasonable. Best place to get a massage in SLC!

Whitney Hardman

This place offers great massages, every modality you can think of and super reasonable prices. Love it here!

Rachel Anne

The aesthetician was very professional and the facility was clean and gorgeous. However, I had questions about how to use the rest of my Groupon since it will expire before I can use the rest of the services (I bought 3/99 facials and only had time to book one.) The manager was very confusing on what I needed to do to receive credit for the remainder of my Groupon. I was also told I had to use my remaining amount only on facials, which I believe is not Groupons policy. I know it was my fault and that they were under no obligation to work with me on this, but I really wish that they would have as a gesture of good will. Perhaps they would've been more customer service oriented if I wasn't a Groupon client.

Mathew Millet

Couple massage rooms are very nice.

Taylor Christine

Deana was so sweet, and made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed my massage and I will be back!

Paolo Benelli

This is place is great and open on Sundays. They have Sunday specials which bring the price down too. Price is always fair. Had a massage with a young man named Earl last week - it was great.

Jeri M.

I phoned in today to schedule a massage for my badly hurt body. Only to have the lady talk very poorly to me as a customer and demand a credit card number over the phone. I told her that I have a gift card, and she still demanded that I not only give her my credit card but my gift card number too. I said I am not giving going to give my credit card out over the phone since we have had fraud three times now. I also told her I was driving and didn't have my gift card handy at that moment. I also told her I am a repeat customer, still didn't matter. My son could hear her talking to me. She said that is there policy to get everyones credit card numbers before booking an appointment. I have NEVER had anyone there ask me that before. EVER. Then she continued to complain about customers canceling their appointments due to family issues. Yes, I can feel the frustration, but why in the world would you take this out on your GOOD customers. These things happen to businesses. I have NEVER sign a policy stating that they demand a card on file to charge if you have something come up. I told her i would call back when she calm down. This is a spa you know, calming, relaxation, not tension and someone attacking me for others canceling. FYI; she was the owner that talk to me this way. I would highly suggest that you reconsider going here.

Todd Schild

Cat was wonderful!

James Evans

These guys always do a stellar job

Harmony Milham

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