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REVIEWS OF FishKiss Fish Spa IN Utah

Tamara Bush

Katilyn Heaps

I had a really fun time for a bachelorette party, but the wait was super long. They do have some couches, games, and drinks while you wait, but I would not recommend going on weekends in the evening (we went on Friday night)

Elliott Call

Amazing experience. Definitely would recommend if you’re looking to relax! Taylor, Hannah, and Anne are all great employees and they take care of you. Overall a solid experience

Tanya Johnson

So fun. Loved it.

Cerena Felt

This place was great! The staff was super nice and relaxed, and it was super easy to get in. cute little place.

Rachel Miller Smoot

Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez

Super fun place! Would be a fun date, roommate outing, etc. The guys working there are super nice and I love the environment and setup! Very relaxing, smells good and seems fairly clean. You pay for the workers to rinse off your feet, then you sit in the tank while the fishies nibble away and this is so fun! Be careful to not drop you phone in. Afterward, you're taken back and they wash and lotion your feet. They wrapped our feet in warm towels too. Such a fun experience! And they take care of their fish by feeding them other veggies too. Don't expect your feet to come out super smooth and polished, as this isn't a heavy duty salon pedicure. But still fun! I only wish we could be sitting in the tank for a longer amount of time!

Rod Sander

The epitome of a stupid idea. Are you idiots so arrogant that you can't take any form of criticism? I have done the research. You are fish oil salesman.

Elise Huerta

It was more fun than I expected. I am unsure as to the effectiveness of it but it was a fun experience. It tickles like crazy at first but you start to get used to it. I did think it was a bit pricey for 15 min.

Ivy Marcucci

This was such a fun date experience! The employees are really nice, and one of the owners was in while we were there. He told us about the inspiration behind Fish Kiss, and it was a great story! They have a punch card, and the deals are pretty good on it.

Taylor Farnsworth

Feels great.

Angus Bennion

Fun experience for a decent price

Chris Field

This was a great date that my wife took me on. It was a neat experience that neither of us have ever had. I recommend it just for the experience. If you want to make it a regular thing then go for it.

Lehilanny Esponda

The service is lovely and overall a great experience❤️

Shelby Ellsworth

Fun place and cute boys that work there. What else could you want??

Skyley Loughton

So fun!!!

Hector Baltazar


Holly C

Trendy place to go. The staff are quick to help and are very nice. It isn't the place for small children, but would be a fun date idea or a place to go to have a relaxing adventure.

Stirling Sherman

The staff tonight was great and super personable! Also it was just a fun experience and my feet feel great now! Highly recommend it

Elissa Parsons

I love this place!!!!! It felt so cool 10/10 would recommend.

jodie garrard

So fun! I was nervous but I am so happy I did It! It took a minute to get used to but it was so relaxing and the guys who we work there are super nice! I would definitely recommend this place to everyone! Definitely going back very soon!(:


Fun and unique experience!

Jordan Gibbs

Super friendly service

Marie Patrick

Fishkiss was quite the experience. I had lots of fun, but be careful! I accidentally dropped my phone in the fish tank

Cole Jensen

Very interesting idea and business. The fish were fun and the staff were very kind and easy to work with. We waited maybe 5 minutes total before our feet were washed and in the tanks with the fish. Great little shop.

Thomas Westover

It was really fun to have fish all over my toes great experience! Super friendly staff ask for bill you won’t regret it!

Gabby Waugh

This is very interesting and cool! Try it!!

Joe Hupp

Awesome date night!!! If you’re looking for a fun date night if you want to try something new this is a great place to head to. So my feet are extremely ticklish and sensitive so I was a little nervous about trying this. And while the fish did tickle a little bit when I first put my feet in, overall it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. It’s pretty inexpensive and you get to have your feet in for, I believe it was like 20 or 30 minutes something like that. But just a really fun date night, it gives you time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Nicole Swena

Very cute and fun. Nice staff. Always friendly

Zachary Johnson

Feels cool but there was a dead fish floating around in my tank and still had to pay full price.

Harrison Pope

This place is awesome! It's super unique and fun! The staff was very friendly and helpful. The fish part was definitely a weird feeling, but it works! My feet felt a lot smoother. I love the vibe of the place and how simple, yet fun it was. I recommend it for everyone!

sandy cadiente

SO AWESOME! I've never done this before and it was super fun! It does tickle but it's so worth it! 10/10 recommend to a friend!

Wyatt Payne


Joey carter

This is so much fun and definitely worth going back to. When you first walk in, there are 5 or 6 large fish tanks around the perimeter of the room with benches behind them. They take you up a short flight of stairs, wash your feet, and give you a pair of disposable flip flops to wear. Then you go back downstairs to the aquariums. The second you put your feet in the water these tiny little fish surround them and start their "kissing". It's a gentle touch and tickles a bit. My niece was giggling the entire time. (15 minutes). It doesn't hurt at all. When your time is up, you just gently pull your feet up out of the water and the fish let go. They put the flip flops back on you and then you go back upstairs and they wash your feet again, wrap them in a warm towel, and then will put lotion on them if you desire. Your feet are very smooth and soft afterward! You can do hands or feet or both . I'll be going back to try it on my hands and to do my feet again. I would suggest wearing sandals and capris or shorts, or pants that easily roll up your legs. Also, don't put lotion on before going. Wait until after. My only complaint is that I would have liked more time.

Emily Shaw

This was so much fun! It's was a fun, weird, bubbly sensation. It is by far the best foot spa ever!

Jonathan Jaussi

Fun, unique experience. Very relaxing and stimulating at the same time

Taylor Hale

lyss nelson

the BEST thing i’ve ever done, my feet feel unreal. highly recommend it’s so cool and the employees are so nice

Cameron Arterburn

Great experience! Fun, upbeat staff. Yes, it seems kinda strange but totally worth the visit!

Tim Wright

Loved it so much. Definitely a great place to go for any occasion

Rebecca Frezzia

I’ve always wanted to try this and I’m super glad I got the chance. I went with my friends and we had tons of fun! The place is dope and the staff is great. I’d recommend this to anyone!

Audri Freeman

So weird but definitely worth a try, fun to do with friends!

Kimberlee Quent

WE LOVE FISH KISS! Seriously the customer service rocks and the experience is one of a kind. My husband and I loved going here for a little date! The guys that run it rock - super friendly, informative and kind. The whole place is way cute! Real good vibes

Jared Nichols

The employees were really nice and explained the processs well. Makes for a a fun date night!

Bryce Sharp

Crazy experience, sensations never felt before, will leave your feet smooth as a baby's bottom

Breanne Jamieson

Everyone was super friendly, such a unique experience!

Ben Wright

Such a chill place. Cool music and drinks. Oh and the fish experience is way different. Love that there’s a place like that here!


Coolest experience ever!!!!

Natalie Zamora

So fun and great for your feet. And hands!

Kelli Smith

Fun experience, and would do it again. Almost slipped in their wash station due to distantlce til the appropriate ground.

Bart Fuhriman

I really enjoyed going to the FishKiss Spa! The staff were very nice and friendly. There was no wait and we got to get started right away. I was a little freaked out at first by the electric feel of the fish, but I became used to it. Afterwards my feet were happy and fresh! I have plans to come back for sure.

Morgan Maurine

Super cool experience. Owned by college kids. Fun vibe. However, we were in line and paid before 3 groups and all of them went into the tanks before us and 5 groups got to leave before us.

Nathan Van De Graaff

Keri Kemp

BEST experience!! The price is spectacular for what you get, the guys working there are so friendly, giving and explain all the cool facts about the fish's, the whole package is very fun. Bought my in-laws a time slot here and it's definitely a wonderful gift and date night idea, or even if your feet just really need some extra love :) coming here again and again! Book them for your next party or gathering!

Elle Sorhaitz

the nicest employees!! So fun!!!

Cole B

Super friendly staff and a unique experience

dns Fay

Great place for a date night. Fun and friendly people running the place. The fish were "bitin" the night we were there!

Aracely Hoskins

Very different kind of pedicure

Ashley Peart

It was so fun!! The guys who run it are great!!


The owners are super nice guys who seem to really enjoy what they do. They do a great job of taking care of the fish and the building was very clean. Thanks guys!

Taylor Page

Such a cool experience!! You need to go here!

Sara Hale

So cool!!!

Michael Higham

Feels funny and is a lot of fun! Great for a date!

Jovany Lopez

Chill staff and music good for dates!

Aimee Granados

So we were considering going to Seaquest, but they just don’t have as much fish as this place does, the ambience is different and everything. The staff is so friendly and accommodating! We came here for a girls night and it was just amazing!! Our feet are super soft and we feel fresh!!

Katherine Hitchcock

Great service and quality!

Chris Rock

Alessia Grover

Seriously amazing

Sagan Gotberg

What an awesome place! The staff is super friendly and professional. They have super nice amenities and everything is nice and comfortable. It's a super great deal and they have specials for date nights, too. I would go again and take my friends!

Lauren Kutschke

This was so much fun and such a cute place! I highly recommend it for date nights, girls' nights out, etc.

Stone Azarcon

Elizabeth Haderlie

Staff are so friendly and it’s such a unique and fun experience! I will definitely go bad again. It would be a fun date, or just a girls activity.

Melissa Ward

kori gandolph

The fish spa was so fun!! Everyone should experience it! Such a cute location and friendly staff!

Harley Harrison

Seriously had the best time here ❤️❤️

Brinley Stringer

Super cute little place. Relaxing. Fair prices. Good cause!

Kellsie Giras

Go here! I love this place! Though it feels weird at first (like pop rocks on the bottom of your feet) you get use to it very quickly. I really ticklish and I didn't have a problem! Also, the employees are super friendly and the price is affordable for such a unique experience!

Anne Wright


Josee Chamberlain

My Mother and I have talked about this for as long as we can remember. We never knew that we would be able to get the opportunity in our own backyard of Provo Utah! When you walk in someone greets you at a bar and has you pay, and sign a consent form. Then you wait up some stairs on couches or rope chair swings for someone to come and grab you to examine and wash your feet. They have cubbies where you put your personal belongings and then you sit on a blue tiled bench while one of the workers wash and dry your feet, while examining them to make sure that your feet are ok to be put in the tank. They also have you sign saying that you do not have any diseases or infections, etc; After you get cleaned they put little shoes on you and lead you to your tank. It wasn't very busy when we went and so my mom and I each got our own tank. It is so hard to get up on the chairs but once you get up there it is relaxing. You put your feet in and let the fishes do their job! It didn't tickle us at all and you get about 20 minutes or so of the fish eating your dead skin off your feet. They even brought us coke in a glass bottle to enjoy! During our time, a party of three ladies came in and went through the experience, and we had a really fun time watching their reactions as they put their feet in. If you are ticklish, DO NOT do this… I don't think that you would be able to handle it. After we were done you have to get down which is not an easy task, and you get washed again and dried and moisturized. If you don't want the lotion you can ask them not to (my mom did). A few things to be aware of; parking is absolutely terrible. If you have a wheelchair, you are unable to do this due to the many steps and stairs required. My mother got blisters on her feet afterwards, and we would not go back, but it was a really fun experience.

Andrew Hillier

Maddie Heywood

Kevin Budding

Fun staff, relaxing ambiance and super unique experience.

Rachele Edwards

SUCH a fun experience! I went with my sister for the first time, we had a coupon but even without I think it's worth your buck. So fun to try and my feet are so soft and smooth now! Thanks Fish Kiss for a super fun time! Great relaxing scenery and cool laid back workers who are fun to talk to. We also got some super soft Thai pants! Love them Update: my Thai pants did rip, I was very disappointed because I hadn't even washed them yet. However, the owners were very understanding and offered to either switch to another pair or their specialty FishKiss shirt. They're very kind and want to help you. Very nice. Thanks, FishKiss!

Andrew Hjorth

Fish Kiss is a lot of fun. We had a "whale" of a time! My feet feel amazing. My wife could not handle the feeling but it didn't bother me a bit. Really unique experience .The two guys running the place are really cool a d friendly. Highly recommended.

Robert Fowler

Very interesting experience. One you get over the initially feeling it is a ton of fun. Great with friends or a date.

Laura Yocom

The girls working there were very nice and helpful...super cool experience!

Sarah Lomiga

Sooo fun and unique. We loved everything!

Elizabeth Kerr

It honestly takes a second to get used to, but after I got over my ticklish feet I loved it! Great date idea. Those little fishies are dang cute

D Hale

Awesome place for a date or for family

Megan Rust

Best experience I've ever had. Not just the fish, but the staff was really friendly and amazing! Definitely going to be going there again.

lizard Friend

A great Saturday.

Katrina Galbraith

Debbie Wyler

Fish Kiss Staff were Very Friendly and Out Going. Enjoyed the Experience and we will be returning to the Fish Kiss Spa. ☺️

hayley tanner

This place is way rad! They put so much effort into making sure you have a good experience. Plus the price is pretty reasonable for all that they do. They offer to take pictures for you and whoever you go with when you’re feet are in the tanks. Plus the blue walls outside are

Samuel Benson

Wonderful experience, fun atmosphere.


My boyfriend took me here for my birthday and we had such a fun time!!! The staff was so great and friendly and everything was really sanitary. Will definitely be going back soon!

Leslie Mackey

Such a fun experience! The employees were fantastic which made it fun and the place was very clean.

Jens Nielsen

What a unique and cool experience! Lots of fun for a date idea!

Aneeqa Janjua

Love this place! The price is great, the staff are all super nice, and the experience is one you won’t forget! I would definitely recommend this to people, especially for a date!

Chandler Wilson

Lots of fun for a great price.

Alessandra Camargo

I LOVE fishkiss! The experience is so cool and unlike anything else around here! Definitely a fun date night, or a night out with friends! They host events too!Worth every dollar, plus they do date night and family deals pretty often! Great environment, lots of cute photo ops! Staff is super friendly and owners are awesome too! Feels like putting your feet in soda, kinda tingly, but feels so soft after! Usually no wait, but there’s couches and hammocks to chill on! Definitely a must do if you’re in Provo! Also part of the proceeds go towards a charity so even more the reason to go.

Mark Hartje

This was the first time I had an experience such as this. I was a little hesitant to voluntarily put my feet into a tank and let these little fish nimble on my toes but it was so fun and would absolutely do it again. My feet feel great and the staff was great to be around.

andrew anderson

Really cool expierence. Super cool staff- ask for bill!!

Chris Nielson

FishKiss Fish Spa was an absolute treat! I took my wife here and we had an incredible time! It isn't scary to have the fish eating at your feet, although the thought of first placing your feet in the tank might scare you. It is a pretty good price for the experience, and we would definitely go here again! Try this place out for yourself!

Deanna Moss

A very interesting experience, and the staff was very welcoming and sweet!

Dylan Miller

A lot of fun!! Definitely reccomend!

Melvin Alegria Pavon

Super fun activity! Go visit!

Tommy Collier

Creepy little fish but my feet be soft

Isaac Corcoran

Great date idea in downtown Provo. Fun, modern, upbeat and they have a good rewards system for customer loyalty. My feet actually felt very refreshed much to my surprise. Don’t knock it till you try it!!!

Kevin Allen

Visited FishKiss for the first time this afternoon. It was awesome! The fish didn’t tickle but felt more just like a tingling feeling all over your feet, which feel so soft now! Everyone there was super nice and made the experience very enjoyable. We had a great time, and we’ll be coming back!

Rachael Jackson

Took my two daughters it was definitely a new experience. We all really enjoyed ourselves.

Sarah Kennedy

Super weird but good feeling. Friendly staff, good atmosphere

Will Wright

Kelsi Hicken

Such a fun date. Our feet felt amazing afterwards. The service was so nice and the staff was so great to talk with. Such a unique thing to do in Provo!

Tanner Jasperson

TL;DR worth visiting once (for the experience), but don't expect a lot. The only value we got from the visit was getting pictures and stories to show off to our friends. Unless you're looking to boost your social media, you're not missing out on much. You stick your feet into an aquarium and get tickled by tiny fish for 15 minutes. Don't expect much else as the rest of the experience is minimal. They advertise a 5 step service. I'll break it down for you: 1- Pre-wash. You go upstairs and an awkward college student squirts soap on your feet and hoses them with some warm water. She gives you some flimsy one-size-fit-nobody flip flops and sends you downstairs for the... 2- Fish pedicure. Yeah, this is what you're paying for, and it is the best part. Having tiny fish eat your dead skin is pretty cool. Sometimes it tickles, sometimes it (slightly) hurts, and most of the time you're just trying not to accidentally move your toes and squish them. After 15 minutes, you head back upstairs for.. 3- Post-wash. Same as the pre-wash except this time the student doesn't look you in the eyes and seems to be afraid of feet. Also, no soap this time. The warm water feels nice after the frigid aquarium though! 4- Steamed towel with oil. They should rename this 'microwaved washcloth that may or may not be clean.' Enough said. My feet were too big for the 'towel,' but it didn't really matter because it's only on your feet for a few seconds. 5- Lotion. This one is optional. I opted out, and the poor girl looked relieved. Honestly, I relate- I wouldn't want to touch other people's feet all day either! My wife went for it, and the student wiped lotion on her feet so quickly I barely noticed it happened! In terms of overall quality of service, I give Fish Kiss 1 star. In terms of effectiveness of the fish treatment, I give Fish Kiss 3 stars. My feet are still a lot rougher and drier than I thought they would be. In terms of novelty, I give Fish Kiss 5 stars. I'm glad I did it once just to say that I did.

Julie Major

Maddie J

Such a great experience and the staff were amazing!!

Cole Wiest

Super friendly staff, and a super cool experience you can’t get anywhere else in Utah. Good price and a dope date idea

Nicole Izurieta

Such a cute location, friendly staff members. Great idea for a date! Loved my experience.

Ashley Benson

Super cute place and friendly staff. Only critique is that the actual time with the fish could have/should have been longer!

Hannah Anderson

Perfect for a spa day! It doesn’t hurt at all, all the employees are super sweet and helpful, and it’s true- the music is great!

Allison Elmont

The store front is very cute and the inside is kept clean. The decor is very fun. They have a ton of fish tanks. It's not a full service "spa" though. They wash your feet and then you stick them in the fish tanks. The fish have enzymes in their mouths that make dead skin flake off. It feels like electric pulses but its just their bodies vibrating. Fun experience but frightening if you have a fear of fish touching your feet... like I do.

Emma Findlay Luymes

So fun!! My feet are feeling good!

Courtney Parker

This place has a cool concept, mimicking fish spas in Thailand where the little fish eat your dead skin as a means of exfoliating. Three staff here were great! The place is done in the cheap, so it's not an upscale spa by any means, but that makes it affordable too. I felt like they could have splurged a little though--the lotion they have me after I got my hands done was no name brand--Equate. A fancier lotion would have made me feel that much more pampered

Caleb Sly

Brilliant service. Had to wait about 40 minutes, but that's only to be expected with the crowd they had.

Nechelle Terry

Neat experience, definitely worth the money!!

Heather C

Steven Fogamomi

If you need a cool date idea, or want to relax and get your feet pedicured by cute fish, or you just want to hang out at a trendy place and grab a cold drink with your friends, this is the place. The staff are friendly locals who are as nice as they are handsome and they donate a cut of their funds to charities. What more could you ask for?

Brandi Thayn

So fun and a great environment even thought it was different it was so fun. I think people were going before us even thought we can in earlier would have liked more of a control on that but other then that it was great

Madelyn Washburn

It was such a cool experience and environment. I highly recommend it for a date night or with your friends. My feet have never felt so smooth!


My sister and I went for the first time today! We loved it!! The staff were super nice and we had a fabulous time! We will be back!!!

Taylor Lee

I went today while exploring downtown Provo thinking it would be a really cool experience and it definitely was. Reasonably priced, amazing staff and overall just a great time!

Dallin Baldwin

Such a fun experience and your feet feel really good after! Definitely recommend!

Tristen Johnson

My feet were so soft after!!!

Jason Reil

London Smith

honestly best birthday because of these guys!

Sam Jones

Duuuuude. These lil fish gonna nibble on your toes, they gonna tickle your feet, they gonna make you shiver, they gonna make your quiver. Feels cool, feels great, you should definitely come visit. Also, the calpico drink is on another level. Hi-Chew in liquid form?

Tanner Galmeister

Weird experience haha especially if your feet are ticklish. My feet did feel pretty smooth after so I think it it worth it!

Ami Chantrill

Brian McGrath

(Translated by Google) Fish love (Original) 魚愛

Carrie Brockbank

Went on my lunch break with the girls from the office. Great place, great price. excellent service. Would totally go again and planning on it.

Matt Tannyhill

My girlfriend took me here on a date and it was hilarious!! 10/10 recommend to a friend

Sheena Tidwell

Such a fun experience! My daughter and I had fun, and the staff was very helpful.

Brinli Dillon

SO COOL! It was a creative and unique date night :)

Mary P

Soothing & fun. Ticklish, so very fun until I was I was 'pedicured' by the fish for awhile.

Paul Whitmer

Oh my goodness, this place is an incredible concept. If you have extremely ticklish feet it may not be for you but otherwise this pampering experience is more than just sticking your feet in with some cleaning fish. You get feet washed before and after and provided your own selfie stick to document the event as well as drinks to purchase during the soak.

Amber Hodges

This was a really fun little experience. The fishes felt really weird to some of us but very relaxing to others in our party. You won't know until you try it

Blended Hope

I was invited to go to this fish spa by a friend who recently went and LOVED it. I was a little skeptical about trying it out because who would t be nervous about tiny fish eating the dead skin off of your feet! As soon as I entered the building I was kindly greeted and taken to get my feet thoroughly washed. Then we headed to the tank where I dipped my feet in and woahhhhhh it felt weird!! I squirmed a little bit and my friend and I giggled for awhile. It felt like little vibrations all over my feet. After awhile I got used to it and just enjoyed sitting and visiting and chatting—-all while enjoying the essential oil diffuser they had going. It smelled so good and was so relaxing. After the time was up we were taken back to have our feet cleaned again and lotion applied. As I went to pay I saw the cool shirts that they were selling so I bought one. If you wear the shirt when you come back, you get a discount!! This was so much fun, my feet are so soft, and I loved the environment—I’ll be back!

Megan Perkins

Coming to this spa was awesome. I came as a part of a bachelorette party. It was fun to be with friends and your feet feel so smooth afterwards. The staff was really nice.

Madeline Scott

I went with my boyfriend and it made for such a fun date! Definitely recommend for a date or girls night out!

Abby Schaeffer

Madi and Olivia are awesome! A friend and I came 5 minutes before closing time and they were kind and patient with us and were happy to let us do a 15 minute hand treatment! The fish feel like little bubbles on your skin - so crazy!

Rebecca Haggard

Super fun to cross this off your bucket list. Great service!

Brennan Leininger

Awesome experience. Super good for groups or a date. They have games to play while you wait so if you go Friday or Saturday night, expect a 30 minute wait.

Joseph Wasden

My wife and I had a fantastic experience. We will go back for sure.

Aubree Cullison

Such a fun date :) my husband was laughing the entire time because he is quite ticklish


Had a great time at Fish Kiss. We showed up at closing and they pleasantly told us they would stay for us. We thought the customer service was fantastic and had such a fun experience!

Anthony O'Banion

Love the atmosphere and how kind every one was

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