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REVIEWS OF Elase Medical Spas IN Utah

Mary Gist

I’ve come in to Elase in Sugarhouse for Coolsculpting, Laser Hair Removal and skin care treatments. Crystal has been able to help me even out my skin tone - every time I come in it’s a very personalized treatment. Amy set up a personalized body sculpting plan and I’ve been able to work towards my goals! Niki is always available if I have questions about products and treatments. Everyone works so well together for all encompassing treatments! I love Elase!

Carrie Molyneux

Heather at the front desk was so nice and helpful! Holly the injector was so gentle it didn’t even hurt! I will definitely be returning to the Sugarhouse location!

Kate Heath

Met with Justine yesterday for my second tattoo removal appointment at Elase (I've had several others over the years - all over Salt Lake) Justine did a great job with patient care, making sure I was comfortable, she cared about giving me effective results. She also cared about my comfort after the treatment and provided excellent post treatment care and bandages that actually stayed on and in place during my workout and the rest of the day. They didn't use 4x4 gauze and tape like most places do. Justine also showed me my results from the last session and I was blown away by the amount of ink removed in the one visit. I have an old blue tattoo and the 785 hand piece on the PicoWay is the best device for this. The comfort of this treatment has improved so much over the old technology out there. I will actually finish getting this removed. Great Job Justine & Elase!

Christy Shepherd

McKinzie is a pro! She knows what she is doing and was helpful the entire painful process. You are in good hands with her!

Claire H

I could not more pleased with the service I have received at Elase in Sugarhouse! Everyone at Elase is so helpful and they all make your experience as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend McKinzie (ME) if you are in need of a great master esthetician!

Maddy Lewis

Elase and my esthetician McKinzie have been so great with my treatments and I enjoy each visit I have!

Rachel Johnstone

I Love Elase ! The staff is so knowledgeable, warm and friendly and all 4 locations are so beautiful. Cambria at the American Fork location does a great job with Laser Hair Removal and is so professional.

Lucy Hayes

Niki took time to explain skin care and treatments to address my specific concerns and gave me a comprehensive plan to follow. I’m excited to follow her recommendations!

Jackie Stevens

I LOOOOVE this place!! The staff here is amazing, they are always so nice and truly want to take care of you. I have come in for a variety of treatments, and I've loved every one.

Greg Tait

Elase in Sugarhouse provides excellent products and services that produce great results. The staff was very professional in working with my schedule.The facility is immaculate, clean and friendly. Jordyn is an expert with CoolSculpting and did such a great job to make sure the treatment was comfortable and trouble free. Always checking on the treatment progress. Results are great. I would definitely recommend Elase Medical Spas.

J Kevern

I love Elase. I have visited a few locations. All beautiful & clean. I see Kristin Spencer. She is very professional and able to be wonderfully personable. This is important to me when in such an intimate space. She is informed & insightful when answering my questions & gives helpful recommendations. The front my desk was organized & helpful. Respectful of my personal time. Again I love Elase

Taiku Mizuko

I’ve called twice in the past couple of weeks and spoken to Nohemi about some questions I’ve had about laser hair removal. She’s been extremely helpful.

Melissa Pearce

Great experience. Eliza was terrific! She explained everything so well and helped me understand the best skin care routine for me.

Jordyn Pope

I LOVE Elase! My laser hair removal treatments have completely changed my life. I trust the estheticians fully as they are all well educated and very professional. The Sugarhouse location is beautiful and clean and I could not recommend it enough!

Rae Steinke

McKinzie is amazing, she always makes me feel so comfortable and is so knowledgeable on the services she provides.

Laura Forsgren

Been doing laser hair removal at Elase for almost 2 years, with great results. Started coming here after not-so-great results doing laser hair removal elsewhere. Crystal and Sammy are both great technicians. I will go to Elase for other treatments as well.

Carla L.

I am very impressed by the quality of treatment at Elase. The front desk staff, nurses and estheticians are all extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. I was especially pleased with my most recent chemical peel. The esthetician took her time to explain exactly what she was doing and how it might make my skin feel and what to watch for. She also made sure I put on sunscreen before I left and reminded me to use sunscreen daily. I feel like they really care about me when I come in. I would highly recommend Elase to any of my friends.

ReAnn Wall

I had wanted to go into Elase for a long time and looked through their services thoroughly, I finally decided to give them a call. I have broken capillaries around my nose,chin and cheeks so I had asked them if they have a service to take care of those, they assured me they did. I have seen a dermatologist in the past who had zapped them for me and insurance covered, but I wanted to try elase because I wanted all over results and better looking skin in general not just the broken cappilaries. Long story short, I paid $350 dollars for a photo facial, I was told it was amazing and I would have wonderful results that "I would love it", I did not. I had absolutely no results what so ever, when I say nothing I mean absolutely no difference in my skin at all. I know it can take a couple of weeks to see a change but I waited the time I was told and I can honestly tell you that I paid all that money for not a single bit of change to my skin. Not only did it not help my skin it did not touch the broken cappilaries on my face, didn't make them lighter, didn't reduce size, didn't do anything what so ever. It looks like I never had anything done at all. The biggest waste of money I've ever spent! I rated two stars because the staff was nice, other then that the service I received did not do what it was supposed to. I don't expect magic but I did expect the cappilaries to have even a slight bit of change, nope. Very dissapointed in my experience!


Half the price of Beauty Lab and EXCELLENT service. I've had laser hair removal in New Zealand, Upstate NY, NYC and Las Vegas and this place was one of the best and had the least painful laser I've ever had. I recommend them over the twice as expensive Beauty Lab.

Amy Nielsen

They are the best with taking care of my skin. Making it look natural and beautiful. Crystal is the best and knows what she’s talking about!!! So grateful for the help they’ve given to me for my face.

Morgan Mickles

I’ve been going to Elase for a few years now and I must say I absolutely love this facility and their staff! They are always kind, informative, and accommodating for my busy school/work schedule. Laser hair removal is hands down the best thing I’ve done for myself. If you’re looking for a reliable spa to take care of anything from cool-sculpt, facials, laser, injections etc. Elase is the place! Find out for yourself, make an appointment, and boost your confidence. 10 out of 10. Fabulous! Thank you, Elase!

Elena Larson

Amanda is amazing! Thank you

Jawaher Albulushi

Very nice and clean environment, loved the place.

Daniel Longman

Staff is always so professional, service-oriented, accommodating, kind, and helpful. Treatment results have been great!

stephanie epstein

I love this place! All the ladies are amazing at what they do and very helpful. Eliza is my favorite! She is always telling me about specials and recommending her favorite services. Defiantly recommend this place.

Amany Souwed

I have been coming to Elase for 5 years now and my skin looks great because of all the amazing services they provide. I am really happy and pleased.

Kholby Theurer

I love Elase. Their staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I've had a few areas treated with laser hair removal and I have loved the results. Saves me from having to shave unwanted hair. I highly recommend this place.

Sophie Janes

Thanks Savannah and Nohemi!

Amanda Rymer

This place is the go to medical spa everyone is fun and the place is so relaxing ! All the products are amazing I highly recommend anyone to go here !

Marissa Morgan

My experience getting laser hair removal at Elase for the past year and a half has been great! I always feel welcomed by the kind staff and they’re always on time with appointments. My esthetician Mikayla especially, has made me feel more comfortable and relaxed during treatments and is so fun and easy to talk to and is very thorough with every treatment. Highly recommend!

Patricia Konen

Love the staff. An amazing team!!!

Paige Landau

I’ve been going to Elase for a year now and they’re fantastic. I’ve worked with several of their estiticians and have been impressed by them all. They do great work and take good care of their customers.

Steven Marett

Elase is great! The staff is always so friendly and the treatments are the best I’ve ever gotten. I’ll never go anywhere else!

Kassi Cox

I’ve been going to Elase for a while now for laser hair removal and have to say that McKinzie Ranson is the best! She is very detailed oriented, talented, and thorough. Would definitely recommend going there for your laser hair removal and ask for McKinzie!

Fatimah alasadi

Is the best spa , and I have been using hair removal since 2017 and Is the best And I really like the result .

Mark Paul

My wife and I have been looking for a place to get our Botox for YEARS since we moved here. We have been to the medical spas all over Utah and outside of Utah and we can't rave enough about Jessica and her injecting skills. Our faces have never looked better. My wife has even flown in her girlfriends to get their faces done here, because she knows what she is doing. She is extremely knowledgable and professional but also enjoyable to chat with and fun to be around. We call her "angel hands" as she continues to bless our faces and keep us looking young. Elase is a gorgeous medical spa with a well trained, polite and welcoming staff. 5 stars!!!

sana khajehpour

I tried too many places as I am so hairy but Elase is absolutely AMAZING!! It has a wonderful interior and super clean. I did my laser hair removal with Tabitha and I found her so sweet and lovely. She does not let me feel any inconvenience. Their injectors are all so talented and experienced I can trust them with anything and everything! I highly recommend this place.

Carrie Simar

Friendly and helpful

Frida Moses

I really enjoy Elase, the people are so nice and welcoming. I’ve been doing Laser Hair Removal for about 6 months or so now, and I’m definitely seeing the results. The hair hasn’t completely disappeared, but it’s minuscule compared to what is used to be, which I’m more than satisfied with, considering how dark and thick my body hair has been in the past. Super thankful, but just be aware: it HURTS. Seriously. I highly recommend using numbing cream before your sessions. It might be tolerable at first, but I really needed the cream as the sessions progressed and they dialed up the laser.

Susana Grigorian

Always helpful and great customer service. They thoroughly explain the products as well as the services they provide. Thank you!

Allison Calder

I went there for underarm laser hair removal. The spa is veeery clean and nice, the staff is friendly and helpful, and appointment availability is good. They run on time which is important to me when I have a sitter. I highly recommend Whitney. Great service!

Kari Ryan

As and esthetician and spa manager myself I have high standards so me saying I love Elase is saying so much. Elase has been so professional, I continue to be impressed by their level of expertise and care. I have had services at top spas and Elase is just as good and much more affordable. Elase has far exceeded my expectations.

Annie Torosyan

I’ve been going to Elase for almost a year now and have McKinzie R as my esthetician. She is professional, friendly, and efficient. She is easy to talk to and makes appointments feel very relaxed and comfortable. I also appreciate that my appointments start on time so I can be in and out of the spa fairly quickly. My experience at Elase so far has been great.

Morgan Newey

I had a consultation today with Eliza and she took great care of me. We learned about my skin, recommended products, and laughed a lot while we were out it. I’m excited to start coming here for treatments.

Kevin Jimenez

Elase in sugarhouse made me feel very comfortable. This was my first med spa treatment. The skin profile with Eliza was extremely educational and put my mind at ease. She was very friendly, professional, and knowledgable. They definitely earned repeat business from me.

Nicky Rueda-Boscan

I really recommend this place, I Been going there for the last twelve months the result is great. I love their stuff is friendly and kind. Elase medical spa they are the Best.

Macey Haskew

My injector was amazing! I think her name was Nicole? Very clean and pleasant place to be. I'm very young and usually injectors give me a hard time, she was completely opposite of that.

Shaun Christian

Megan and Kristen made me feel comfortable when I came to get some fat frozen off. They both have done my treatments and took great care to. Megan even tucked me in. The snacks/drinks and Netflix are an added bonus while you CoolSculpt.

Darya Dahle

I have gone to Elase for a couple years now & have loved the results i’ve received. The staff is always so friendly and the spa is super clean. My favorite girls are Savannah & Nohemi! If you are on the fence about laser hair removal - DO IT!! It’s been a game changer for me.

Irena Subasic

The customer service at Elase in sugarhouse is exceptional! Nohemi at the front desk was so knowledgeable and friendly when answering all of my questions.

Wynette VanAusdal

It's like lunch with your friends. They are so nice and understanding. I have been a happy customer for several years. from laser hair removal to diet programs and med spa services and hormone replacement. Best prices and pay options around.

Steven D

I was a little nervous today. Holly was amazing and answered all my questions. I will definitely be back. First timers get it for $10 a unit.

Raul Gonzalez

Its an amazing place that I have been going to for almost 2 years. They do an amazing job with tattoo removal.

Jennifer Kaufman-Katz

My laser hair removal results have been awesome!! I love the environment & the girls are all extremely friendly. Mikayla is one of my favorites super sweet & fun to talk to.

Cindy Murphy

I’d never done any laser before this. Niki was so knowledgeable and helpful and Tabitha was very patient. Niki also recommended some items for my teen for breakouts. Thanks so much!

Jillanie Marcon

I've been going to Elase for Laser hair removal for about a year now. Being someone with hormone issues and awkward hair growth this has been one of the best decisions! I feel more confident and don't have to wear certain clothes to hide the hair growth or irritation I would get from having to shave and wax more often then my skin would allow. I love when they have sales and events! The staff is very helpful and friendly! Heidi at Draper is the best! She is very educated and sweet, she makes me feel very comfortable when getting my treatments! I also love the reminders I get via text and email just in case I forget!

Jesse McKenna

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and results here. The place is immaculate and the staff is just fantastic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Go ask for Kinzie - she’s amazing!

Chelsea Miller

Crystal H. just handled and fixed ALL the bad decisions I make on a daily basis that makes my skin suffer! Thank thank thank you! You are amazing. I NEED you in my life every 6 weeks!!

Gianna Gist

I love coming in to Elase to keep my skin healthy and glowing. Niki has been able to recommend products and treatments that have kept my skin clear and Kenzie R. does a great facial with extractions! My friends and I love this spa - I love recommending this place!

Kimberly Bytheway

McKinzie did an amazing job with me, and took such great care of my skin. The care she gave immediately following my treatment made all the difference in the world, and truly sped up the healing process. Bravo, and thanks so much!

Lexie Kemple

Got 1ML of Juvederm in my lips, but my top lip still wasn’t as big as I wanted, so I set up another appointment to get more 2 weeks later. I specifically said I wanted the same girl to do it and no one else. When I went in the room it was a different girl for some reason. I almost rescheduled but thought maybe I’ll end up liking her even better. I did like her s lot she’s very sweet and easy to talk to and made me feel extremely comfortable and was very informative about the product and treatment. However, I went home and noticed one side was very noticeably bigger than the other on my top lip. I called them and they had me come in to correct it and now it looks great. I also had Botox injected and am not happy with the results. However I do like the spa and everyone so really nice and accommodating there even when I was running late.

Miranda Coppoolse

Amazing service! All the employees are so nice and service minded. Especially grateful for Tabitha, a very skilled esthetician as also an amazingly kind and smart woman, who always goes out of her way to make me feel welcome and comfortable. I absolutely recommend this clinic!

Skye Galley

Elase is amazing! I am already seeing results after one treatment for laser hair removal. The employees are very knowledgeable and help make it a great experience. I highly recommend visiting Elase if you are interested!

Jeana Guerricabeitia

I love Elase! It's such a great place! It's so pretty there! You feel so beautiful and feminine when you're there! I would highly recommend this place!

Kim C

The front desk service is always nice and timely. I've seen a number of technicians but Kinsey R. is outstanding!! I highly recommend her- she is kind, considerate, thorough and knowledgeable.

Never Willknow

I LOVE ELASE! Best experience I have ever had at a Med spa! Best Botox and and filler I’ve ever received thanks to Riley! She really fixed all the areas I was most concerned about and really Listened to me and cared! Best photofacials and laser removal as well thanks to Kenzie and Krystal ! Everyone is so kind and nice and get you in quickly if needed! HIGHLY recommended !

mia caselli

I have always had great experiences with Elase. Everybody there is extremely friendly and work very hard to make each client feel like their best self!

Randi Williams

I’ve been a client at Elase Sugarhouse for more than 10 years and cannot say enough good about them. People always compliment me on my skin and I have to give a shoutout to Treasure and Kinzey for their knowledge and magic. They offer great suggestions and care to enhance what Mother Nature and genetics have blessed me with. In addition addition to these lovely ladies, everyone at Elase is kind, cordial and professional, from the friendly reception upon walking in, to encounters in the hall. I highly recommend Elase.

Amy Hatch

I’ve been doing the laser hair removal for over a year now and I’ve seen great results! I have dark brown hair. No more razor burn! I’m very happy with Elase. Everyone is really friendly, cute decor and clean. The rewards program has been great too. I was able to get a facial at no additional cost. I would gladly recommend this place!

Ashley ONan

Elase is a beautiful spa with a very kind and professional staff. Went here on a whim for dermal fillers. I am very pleased with the results. It looks natural and not overdone. I’d be confident recommending Elase to friends or family. They aren’t pushy as far as selling services and products at all which is nice. Thanks Elase!

divya eevuri

Coolest people

Lydia Kluge

Save your money - unfortunately in our experience the laser hair removal doesn't really work. My husband came in to have his facial hair lasered. It was quite expensive. But he did the math on the money it would save him in razors and the time it would save him in shaving, and thought it would be worth it. However, after a series of about 8 treatments, he has NOT noticed effective results at all. He still has to shave every day and the hair has not diminished. I'll see if I can attach a photo. (His facial hair is mainly a brown color). I hope others have had better results, but for him it didn't work at all. Really disappointed.

Miranda Tesch

Erika, sunny, Nikki, and barb we’re so helpful and wonderful to help me with self care. I would highly recommend using them for skincare!


Fantastic! I have called and asked information about the different services that they have, and I was helped by Nohemi Deplano. She was really nice and professional and she was able to help me and make me understand everything I needed!

Autumn R Mast

My Tattoo removal is going fabulous. The staff at Elase is professional and kind. They are the best at what they do. I have other services performed at Elase and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Eliza Burgess

Elase is absolutely AMAZING!! I am a regular there for all of my skin care needs. The experience is impeccable from when you walk in the door until the moment you leave. Their injectors are all so talented and experienced I can trust them with anything and everything! Go poke your head into one of their locations, you will fall in love!

Emily Pope

I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Elase. The staff at the Sugarhouse location is kind and professional. My skin care treatments have helped me feel more confident showing my skin and not wearing makeup this summer! I always look forward to my appointments there!

Shi Lloyd

I've been seeing Brittney D. for almost four years... love her. Love that she has a relationship with my skin! She understands my "goals" with my skins... yes, I have skin goals. It's what happens when you're 34 and want to look 30 forever. I love the products that she shares with me, and the fact that she knows her stuff- I trust her not to sell me anything she would use herself! It was an investment well worth it...

Stacy Balfour

I've been getting laser hair removal for several months now and its amazing! The staff are always nice, professional and personable. Their equipment is high end and I LOVE the products they sell!

Hanaa Albattawi

You are amazing

Aubrey Garduno

Best med spa out there!! The staff is amazing! They are all well educated on the services and products offered. My skin looks and feels amazing!


Elase truly is the best med spa! The injectors are amazing, the estheticians listen to all your needs and you leave the place feeling like a million bucks!

Lily Duran

I started my laser hair removal treatment two years ago and the result are amazing! The staff members were nice, profesional, patient, and friendly from day one. Everyone has been very honest about what to expect from my treatment and other products I’ve bought front Elase, never tried to sell me things I didn’t need, or gave me deceiving information about anything. I have loved every skincare product I’ve tried, and I’m still amazed by the results of my treatment. I definitely recommend Elase Medical Spa; after visiting 4 dermatologists, Elase was the only place where I got the results I wanted. This is honestly the only place I’d go for any skincare treatment.

Brittany Carly

Loved the customer service from Heather! i was doing some shopping in the area and saw the Elase sign so I went in to check it out and get some pricing. Right away I was very impressed with the upscale design environment! It’s also very rare to meet such personable employees in intimidating spas, but Elase knows what they are doing! Heather was truly an exceptional gal and ultimately the deciding factor of my services! It doesn’t matter how high end a place is, without customer service, I don’t buy. Thanks Elase!

Fabiana Gilliam

I’ve had a good experience with the way was treat in the spa in sugar house . Kenzie and Nohemi was wonderful and I feel my expectives was met

Noor Al Saud

I have been doing laser hair removal since 4/2017 and they have the best customer service. The laser removal I’m doing is great as well.

Juls Broadhead

I have been a client/auto pay member of Elase since roughly 2011. I have spent likely over $30k since I began my originating memeberhsip and prior to in services and skincare. I went in to the Sugar House location today to join the ‘Pink Event’ and was told because I wasn’t on their RSVP list I wasn’t able to receive the $25 gift card they offer for people coming in that day. I wasn’t aware we had to RSVP- in the past I haven’t had to, and I have purchased and attended the events. Today, I was there to purchase skincare products - which would have been over $800 in sales. I asked to use a gift card I received from Christmas- one my mother purchased with cash. The ladies st the register tried to tell me it wasn’t part of the promotion I receive for 20% off monthly on products. This doesn’t make sense because Elase already profited in a straight gift card. I have never known Elase to have any restrictions on gift cards...? I was also dealing with their lack of connecting records so they couldn’t find my account information. Really? A member nearly 9 plus years and all that money spent in products and services and my information is still out of date? There was a lot of back and forth and nonsense there- like usual. This is why I stopped going into Sugar House and went to a Draper. It makes a difference for receptionists to appreciate and recognize the large $$$ dollars spent and get that we aren’t cattle. Ugh... sugar house is a let down for sure. Elase get your act together there - ladies need more training in how to speak to clients and show appreciation. It doesn’t feel good to spend that kind of money and be a memeber for so long and deal with entry level lack of training receptionists. No excuse because of events- show appreciation give out gift cards here and there it’s not like the business isn’t successfully crushing it monthly. It’s a money making machine.

Heather Holt

My Elase Medical Spa experience was amazing. All of the staff was very professional and friendly. I love the feeling of the spa. Aesthetically very beautiful. Injections are something new for me and Amanda did a wonderful job. I have had several comments about looking much younger than I really am. I’m totally happy with the results. I will definitely be going back. I would highly recommend Elase.

McKenzie Pedro

Came into the clinic to buy some Obaji skin care, this was my first time inside Elase. Heather at the front desk immediately went out of her way to greet me around all the commotion, offer me a water and help answer all of my skin care questions! I will say that I spent more than anticipated but my expectations of Elase were widely exceeded! Heather is wonderful!

Margaret B

I came to Elase for Coolsculpting on my stomach and had 3 sessions with Jordyn. I could not have been more thrilled with the professional atmosphere, knowledgable staff, and the outcome of my treatment. I would highly recommend Elase to anyone looking for a medical spa in Utah!

Sabah Nisar

Heather and Noehmi are the most friendliest and helpful receptionist ever, they’re always ready to help me find the best products for my skincare!

Lourdes Avila


Heidi Waugh

I have always loved going to Elase for my laser hair removal, products, and other treatments. The facility is very clean and most that work there have been very courteous. The only complaint I have is that when I don't go to my regular Esthetician for laser hair removal I've felt rushed and they have not been very thorough. I have seen more patches of hair growing than I did before. Please take the time to be more thorough!

Kelli Bettilyon

I love Elase in Sugar House! I’ve never had a bad experience. Not only is the staff professional and friendly, but the services they provide are always quality. The results are amazing! 10/10 would recommend.

viren prins

Love love love Kenzie Ranson, she is amazing at all her service especially tattoo removal, very knowledgeable. Love my result.

Mindy Barham

The most professional and experienced Med spa that I have been to. Beautiful environment and the staff is amazing. They make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome. Trust me when I say it does matter who is doing your injections. They are the experts! The Estheticians on staff are extremely well qualified. Especially Whitney who has been my go to for laser hair removal. She always makes me feel so comfortable and does an extremely thorough job. They also have a membership program to make any treatment affordable and easy. Best in Utah by far!

Ree Ree

Niki did a wonderful and informative skin care consultation for me and answered any questions that I had! Angelina has been wonderful from the beginning answering any questions I had about injectables and helping me address my own personal concerns with my skin and face. Thank you guys! ❤️

Ashley Wilson

Megan O. always does such a great job! Love love love her! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cambria Kem

Was referred to this office and I had an appointment today and unfortunately my fridge repair guy run over on his repair time. I contacted The Elase in sugarhouse to let them know I was running late and to see if they could still let me keep my appointment. The girl put me on hold for literally 17 minutes and never came back to the line. After driving 30 minutes to the facility (while on hold) I was told they could not fulfill my appointment slot. They also told me the reason they put me on hold was because they were in a staff meeting. Very unprofessional way of doing business. If you know you have patients you need to be available to take the phone call or just don't answer and have some sort of recording service. Also, with five people sitting at the front desk not one of them could do a simple facial? Very bad experience I will not go back.

Jordan Trammell

Such a great convenient location. Beautiful clean well kept office. Amazing environment. Always a pleasure being greeted by Heather at the front desk!

J Cumins

Tabitha was really great with my laser hair removal! She seemed to know the proper settings to make it effective after I had put my account on hold for 6+ months. She was great and this spa is always very clean and professional!!

Kara Haddock

I love this place! Everyone is so friendly and they have such a variety of services. I’ve been doing laser hair removal and it’s been amazing. Kenzie R is my favorite! I’ve been seeing her for over a year and she is so sweet and does a great job. Highly recommend going here and seeing Kenzie!

Kylie Comfoltey

Really a fabulous experience. I would go in every day if possible! Everyone needs to get their booty in for some spa time.

Lisa Marie

I love Elase! I have been a member for several years!



Kendra Lawrence

I'm really impressed by the quality of the service. I feel well taken care of and I highly recommend.

Manon Marchione

Answered all my questions, and considered my price points

Fallon Clayton

Very nice and welcoming staff. They all make it a point for you to feel comfortable. Love this location. Incredible!

valerie gil

perfect customer service. They took care of me and made me feel like there was a way to cure my super dry skin.

S. M.

Best on the state. Great services and amazing results!

Melissa Washburn

Elase is the best medical spa around! They're so professional and skilled in what they do. I have come to clinic for facials and laser hair removal and have been very happy with the results. The clinic is clean, friendly staff, and lots of great services. Thank you Elase!


Everyone is so friendly and professional. They can answer any question you may have. They make you feel very comfortable before, during and after treatments.

K. M.

I have received multiple CoolSculpt treatments in the Elase Sugarhouse location. I have been treated so special each time I go in. I feel I receive a very customized treatment plan and I have seen great results. I can't wait to treat another body area!

Janet Wong

I always feel welcomed here. The staff are kind and knowledgeable. I always get high-quality care here. Love coming here and treating myself!

Alania Joyce

The SugarHouse location is my favorite!! I've been getting treated here for years. I love how attentive the staff is, and how they really listen to your needs.

addison hoggan

The staff has been great to deal with as also the services. I have had fantastic results in not only tattoo removal but also laser hair removal. Mckinzie R has been very great to work with. She is always checking with you during the treatments making sure you are doing good. I would recommend her to anyone.

Christina Van Dam

I have loved my experience at Elase. They make sure I know what is going on every step of the way. It’s been easy to schedule appointments with them especially after work. Their prices are fair and they have great products for after care. I only wish I would have started my treatment with them from the beginning.

Kaitlyn Barrett

I love coming here for chemical peels!! Niki always takes great care of me and is awesome when it comes to educating me on home care after my peels. Everyone is so nice to me when I go in! It’s beautiful inside and the products they sell have helped me with my skin texture and acne. Highly recommend this place :)

Elena Yanez

Heather was so helpful and awesome! Thank you

Kumiko Kitagawa

update: Definitely can get all you skin, injections stuff here. Holly defined my jawline for me and it’s amazing! Thank you holly! The girls pick up the phone are always friendly and professional. My dream medspa on HYDRAFACIAL, MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the one in 700E(require tip and stuff are super unfriendly) They open the Botox in front of you which they can’t do a watery one and precise unit Use skinceuticals

Saja Abassj

You are wonderful and something special Eliza

Ashley Lee

Elase has been awesome!!! I have done laser before and had a horrible experience and have had nothing but a good experience here. They have had great customer service and they do a great job making you feel comfortable. I have specifically worked with Tabatha and she’s awesome! She’s done a great job and is always fun to talk to :D they are also higher quality and better priced than other comparable companies

Gloria Romero

The ladies at Elase very patient, kind & helpful. The services rendered worked out perfect. looking forward to my next visit

Vaeronica Felts

Every time I've been into this particular Elase, they have always been incredibly friendly and out going. Answered any question I've had and never given me grief when I've needed to cancel or move an appointment. When I'm in there getting stuff done they are friendly and talkative making the entire experience enjoyable. I can't speak for all Elase spas but the sugar house location has always been good to me. I definitely recommend them if you want a good experience.

Nihal Eken

Hi, I recommend Elase to everyone because they’re doing their job perfectly. I am their laser hair removal client and everything is going perfect. I want to send my special thanks from here to Savannah ...Thanks to everybody in Elase ...

charity caricchio

Niki was fantastic and very knowledgeable about skincare. She is extremely patient and was able to address my concerns and answer my questions.

Shawn Bonifay

Elase is a beautiful, relaxing spa with exceptional service. My esthetician, Krystle Randall, is knowledgeable, professional and shows great attention to detail as she listens to my concerns and explains/administers treatments. I've seen great results with my skin and would highly recommend her and her colleagues.

Landon’s Sports World

Knowledgeable staff. Helped me find exactly what my skin needed. Great customer service on the phone, and very clean and relaxing atmosphere.

Billy P

I can not say enough good things about Elase Medical Spa. I had a great experience at the Sugarhouse location. I was so impressed with cleanliness of the facility and the professionalism of the staff. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Jason Singer Smith

Just moved to Utah and needed Botox. I was in and out on the same day and wow was I impressed! The office is stunning and the staff was friendly and attentive! My procedure went perfectly and I'm looking forward to returning for fillers and more Botox in the future! Thank you!


Every time I’ve been to Elase Sugarhouse, my experience has been excellent! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have been really pleased with the results I’ve gotten from my treatments. I highly recommend them!

K Morgan

I called to get some info on treatments and Heather who answered was extremely helpful, funny, and so seasoned that I ended up booking my appointment that day because of her!

Aubree Terry

I have had nothing short of excellent service every time I have been into Elase. Mikayla has done an incredible job, always very thorough and professional. Making me feel comfortable each time I come in. I always leave feeling confident in the service provided as well as the suggestions, knowlege and products that I take away. I reccomend Mikayla to all my friends and strangers I meet!

Olga Reese

I will never go to any other clinic for my esthetic needs! I have tried a few treatments with Elase so far and they exceeded my expectations. They have laser hair removal that actually works, and works fast! I have been to another place where it did not get rid of my hair. Great results with Elase! Totally worth every penny and the staff are very reasonable and don't up-sell things you don't need. They are all very natural looking and beautiful, which is what I want to look like. Nothing is overdone. I plan continuing to try more treatments with Elase.

Keisha Peterson

Went in for my first lip filler experience. I am so happy I chose Elase and was injected by the amazing Riley! She was so kind, knowledgeable and very prompt when dealing with the reactions of my skin. I always bruise easy and Riley took extra precautions and swift reactions! Heather was extremely helpful in making my appointment fit into my schedule! I love Elase and will never go anywhere else!

Sarah Kutney

Absolutely LOVE this place! I have been fighting unwanted facial hair as a result of PCOS for many years, and it is refreshing to have a membership where I pay a low monthly fee to have a huge amount of confidence back in my life! The ladies are always so nice and we have great conversations as well. Makenzie is the BEST and I would recommend her a thousand times over!

Courtnee Crane

The ladies @Elase are awasome especially Tabitha, was amazing as well as Heather@the front ladies Rock!

Cassandra Huaracha

Great job at making you feel comfortable and they make sure you understand everything g about each procedure. Also amazing at offering products that genuinely will help you or they know you'll enjoy!

Teresa Pope

I was so happy with the service and my experience at Elase Medical Spa. When walking into the Sugarhouse location, I was so impressed with how clean the spa was. The staff is so friendly and made me feel so welcome. My skin looked and felt so young after my dermaplaning and I loved my facial. Outstanding customer service! Can't wait to go back!

Sharlene Linford

Whitney does my laser . She is amazing! I recommend anyone at Elase for excellent service!

ana coronel

I love going to Elase. Everyone is always so nice and happy. They make scheduling appointments so easy and they have so much flexibility when it comes to scheduling. I would recommend everyone to Elase


Whitney and Heather are great! Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful!! Thanks, Ladies Thanks, Elle Cas

andrea ramirez

Everyone is so friendly and they do an awesome job ! i love it !

Courtney Cook

Very nice Service and Environment. Everyone I’ve had help me has been excellent! :) I would highly recommend laser hair removal here, Kinzie is friendly and professional!

Tamra Riley

The staff at the Sugar House location are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I couldn't be more please with the results I have received. If you are having any doubts about whether their services are right for you, just make a consultation appointment, I'm so very glad that I did.

Kelly Lopez

I absolutely love Elase! My endeavor started about 2 years ago when I decided to have my tattoos removed. From research before I chose Elase, I knew this would be a lengthy process. I originally heard good things about this spa, and the laser technology was new at the time. Elase has great memberships at different price levels to fit most any budget. You earn points with your memberships that you can exchange for services. I like to use mine for facials. They are super relaxing and my skin has never looked better. Back to the tattoo removal, I used to have 3. Two are completely gone and we are working diligently on the last one. Some areas are a little more stubborn than others, but overall I am satisfied. My esthetition is Mackenzie and, in my opinion, is the friendliest person there. I frequent the Sugarhouse location. I always feel comfortable when I walk in, and everyone has been nice and welcoming. I definitely recommend Elase in Sugarhouse to anyone looking for skin care and laser treatments.

Melissa Zenteno

I have had such a great experience at Elase in Sugarhouse. They are very professional and get the job done. Great staff.

tarth Garl

Tattoo Removal was awesome, but my Dudes start offering TRT :)

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