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Highly recommend! I have seen Richard for deep tissue massages several times now; and can honestly say they have been the best massages I have ever had. His approach and style are exceptional, and he brings years of knowledge and skill to the table. Staff have been very helpful, especially with booking and even last-minute accommodations. The space is very comfortable, and promotes a deep sense of relaxation and ease. Many thanks to the team. And again--highly recommend!

Ice Black Rose

At first glance you would miss the place. Its between a Chinese Restaurant and a run down electric shop. Once I entered I discovered Stairs, My worst enemy! Lol. My therapist was waiting patiently for my silly butt to get up the stairs so she could greet me. She showed me to the office and had me fill out the papers for my problem areas, offered me water, the sauna, tea and the restroom or any thing else in the room next to the office while she finished preparing the room for my massage. I politely declined and sat to fill out my paper since I have a lot of problems and this had originally been for someone else. The room was nice, the massage was amazing and if I could have afforded the extra tip I would have Given Anna the extra 30% but I'm a retired AF vet and don't make anything outside of that so I had to go cheaper, sorry hun! Anna was amazing and did a fantastic job, it has been a long time since I've let myself have a little me time so it was great to do this one thing for me. I wont regret it and neither will you! It might seem out of the way and run down on the outside but it's a gem! Definitely going to go back from time to time!

Stacy Williams

I miss Fransisco! I was getting massages from him until I moved last year. I just recently went to two different therapists in my area and they just don't compare. I highly recommend Fransisco.

Akwasi Frimpong

I'm an athlete and Francisco from Deep tissue and structural healing has been my massage therapist for some time now. I'm very pleased with his work and professionalism. I couldn't keep up with my intense training 9 days a week if I didn't have Francisco and his team work on me weekly.

Fiona Chan

The best deep tissue massage we've ever had. Each deep tissue massage is catered to individual needs and each massage therapist has his/her own style. From the moment we walked in to the moment we walked out, we were transported into a comforting, therapeutic world. If I were to move to SLC, it would be because of this massage. Ask for Richard or Ariane, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Sierra Harkness

This place is amazing! I’ve been to many other massage places and my experience today was the best one I’ve had! Francisco really listened to the problem areas I had and I left feeling so much better! 100% recommend! Nice calm and relaxing environment.

Elise Gubler

These facilities are the nicest I have been to yet for massages and the infrared sauna. They really put attention into the customer's experience. I bought a sauna package because I love it so much. They also have a shower to use before and after the sauna. The massage I received was really good. The therapist did a thorough job and and she didn't talk. I would give the massage a 10/10 as well as the place. Highly recommend! (Although I kind of want to keep it a secret.) :)

jb yoo

I had Frank, who is the owner I believe he said, and he was very detailed in his work. He knew where my trigger points were and used the right amount of heavy pressure. I am so happy that he got me in on short notice, it was truly a great experience! Thank you Frank!

Brittany Brecht

Ariane and Anna were AMAZING! My boyfriend and I did a couples massage and we both agree it was the best massage either of us have gotten.

New Pathways

We had the most amazing couples deep tissue massages with Infrared Sauna afterward. Very talented therapists. Megan and Donna were fabulous! We will be back as soon as possible. Thank you!

Dallin Cottle

Recommendation for Ariane Quderkirk, LMT: I am very selective about massage therapists and usually struggle to find a place that can provide an actual "deep tissue massage," and focus on the healing aspect. I do …

Le Boudoir Studio Miami

I had a great experience with my partner the other day here. We did a combo of deep tissue massage and a sauna session. We came out of there feeling so relaxed and refreshed. They have this big sauna area which is completely private and has everything you can ask for. Organic soaps, alkaline water, and teas. Our massages were great too. Just the perfect pressure. My partner said the same. Everything about the building inside was beautiful. You can really see the attention to detail. Thank you!

Connor Lee-Wen

Wow!! The service is amazing here and the people are very skilled. Shootout to Lance and Anna for taking care of us over multiple visits. Will continue to go here for future visits! Thank you!

Ashley Edlefsen

They were great! I enjoyed it and they were very professional :D my boyfriend has a very tense back and he agrees, definitely worth their rating

Aisha Asanova

I am updating my previous negative feedback: "After my negative experience first time during 2 hours full massage that I had here in Deep Tissue, Ariane has reached out to me and offered me a complimentary 2 hours massage session. I am glad that I decided to give Deep Tissue a second chance and come back for the complementary session. Ariane did a great job and I can tell she is experience massage therapist. She was very attentive for the problem zones that I had and I feel very refreshed after my complimentary 2 hours massage session. Thanks to Ariane for offering for me to come back and have a better experience this time! If you want to come to Deep Tissue, make sure to book Ariane!!!

Britt Harrison

A great and relaxing massage for those people who are out of town and don't know where to go, this is the place to go! They really know what they are doing!

Sarah Troy

Overall, great massage. I am traveling for work and really needed to unwind, Jacob was my masseuse and wow, he is amazing. Hands down the best massage I have ever had. If I travel to SLC again, visits to Jacob will be routine.

Cyr Parlapiano

Came in on a whim on a travel from CT on my way to California. My girlfriend is a certified massage therapist and a beast at that so i have high standards. Anastasia was my therapist and if i had to compare to my awesome girlfriends massage i would say it was spot on. I feel taller lighter happier and all around amazing. Natasha was my girls therapist and she won't stop raving Bout how we should move here now!!! Great work great price amazing amazing feeling. Have a great day girls

Staci Robinson

Fantastic. I quit going to the Sanctuary and found my new massage therapist. I also began referring my friends and family due to the experience.

Jess Cleeves

First time in an infrared sauna - the space at Deep Tissue was clean, private, quiet, and the heat felt amazing. The sauna was blue-tooth connected, so I could listen to an audiobook which helped in the final super-hot 15 minutes of sweating. I'll be back!

matt pehrson

I have gone to Francisco twice now. After explaining what pain I was feeling. He was able to pinpoint where it was coming from and fixed The problem.

Nate Bullen

I was looking for someone experienced in deep tissue massage, and Arian was amazing. I have gone twice and will go back again. Highly recommend it!

Jason Cowdin

I broke my back 3 years ago and this place is the best for helping me get some relief from constant back pain. Fransisco knows his stuff and he is really good at focusing on areas that need the most attention. I definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Tami Marquardt

My friends and I have been getting body work done at Deep Tissue & Structural Healing for over a year. It's a regular part of our fitness programs. We have experienced excellent results. The owner, Francisco, is amazing!

Gina P

My husband and I got a couples massage and were both very pleased. We got a full hour massage (most places do 50 minutes) and Michelle and Ariane were professional and gave fantastic massages. I prefer deep tissue massages with lots of pressure and Ariane knocked it out of the park. Most massage therapists I've seen haven't been great with the deep tissue. Highly recommend.

Chantale Ward

This place is amazing as well as the staff! Five stars would highly recommend, this little slice of paradise.

Lawrence Hawkins

Thus place was great, for me, and a short notice couples massage. The wife and I decided to try our luck a d get a "spa" day in. These amazing reviews coupled with proximity, and the incredible coincidence that they could get us in around 130 had us sold. The building is unmarked, but we had excellent directions from the staff and with a preemptive Google maps search, made it there fine. We entered through the back and wandered for a couple of minutes until a gentleman found us. He directed us to a waiting area and we filled out what seemed to me like typical chiropractic Intake forms. I didn't catch names, it seemed the lady and gentleman doing our massages were attempting to be quiet, but the communication was never clear. My massage went well, the lady did an excellent job on a normal deep tissue massage, letting up on pressure as it became obvious she was using to much, though she never communicated with me about how "deep" I was looking for (something common everywhere else I've had a massage). However, the gentleman spent the entire 60 minutes talking, and mumbling over my wife. I heard her cry out in pain more than a few times, she never asked him to stop, which I found out later was because she was trying not to ruin my massage. She told me he kept saying to "breathe through it" and was extremely rough. I had booked my wife a Swedish 60 minute. From the pain she was/is in it seems like I ordered her to be beaten across the back with a bat. The sauna was nice, they gave us an extra five minutes to insure we were getting the maximum benefit from infrared, and left us to it. I spent the majority of the time with my wife just trying to get comfortable, which continued into this evening. I am generally a quiet and polite person. I genuinely feel like I benefited from my experience. I feel that we should have spoken up, but neither of us wanted to mess with our "spa" day. Unfortunately my wife did not benfit, at all. We will NOT be returning. There was potential, but when a masseuse seems more interested in inflicting pain, and his will, on a client, it is a very BAD experience. I recommend being VERY clear if you come here. Do not leave any doubt what you're expecting, and schedule with someone you can have recommended in advance. It seemed very open-ended and unplanned, I don't know if it was a weird slow day, or because we went on Sunday, but buyer beware, and come prepared. Two stars because for the price, and the short notice appointment, it was a great deal....just lacking in actual care. TL;DR Great potential, but be VERY clear about your needs and expectations, don't expect them to react appropriately to nonverbal signals. WILL NOT be returning.

Kindel Popham

I had a wonderful experience here, and definitely will be back! They even fit us in the morning of - and the space was beautiful! I also brought my significant other with me for a couples massage (his first) he loved it too. The therapists were so great and understanding. I said exactly what I needed (starting a new job stress) and I was highly impressed. I am one of those people that if I am getting a massage I want good pressure, and knowledge -- and this place is just that!

Whitney Laurent

I went to Deep Tissue & Structural Healing because I was in really bad pain from working out twice a day. I wanted a deep tissue massage/ sports injury type of work done and this place delivered. Francisco, the owner, targeted my knots and released pressure that was built- up from competing in NPC shows. He used oils on certain areas that needed it. I was very happy with the results the next day because my body 7 muscles felt relaxed. They are reasonably priced at $75.00 an hour. The location of the spa is right off 400S. and the interior of the spa is beautiful and zen type of music was played my entire visit. I will recommend this place to other.

Tammy Ordoqui

This Spa is immaculate and the staff is friendly and professional My therapist is Richard; if I could I would give Him 20 stars. I suffer from chronic pain in my neck, back, and knees. I found this Spa on a Sunday when I was in extreme pain. Richard agreed to meet with me & didn’t charge anything extra. This therapist is the best I have ever had and I have been to so many I have lost count. Richard has a very different approach than most therapist. He does not just come in and give a routine message. He actually takes the time to ask questions, explain what he is doing , and he ACTUALITY tries to correct the issue. If you suffer from extreme pain and/or stiffness Richard is the best!!! I can actually stand up straight for the first time in years. I will be forever grateful to this kind caring therapist.

Karen Copeland

Happy to have found this place! I had tried a lot of different massage places around that were fine, but I'm really excited to have found Ariane here, she's very skilled and knowledgeable.

Kathleen Druther

Ariane is incredible and extremely friendly. She makes me feel like I have brand new legs by the time I walk out of the appointment. Very strong and thoroughly breaks up scar tissue instead of just lightly massaging the area. She also works on the areas you specify and sticks to your request. Relaxed atmosphere and really down to earth too. Staff is also friendly and super helpful!

Brandan Buddy

Wow this place is amazing to say the least. I feel bad because I was a little late to my appointment, but was treated very well with the best service. And was a much better massage than this other place I tried twice only to feel uncomfortable. I am defiantly going again when my busy schedule lets me. Great job...

Amy Randall

I have been a client of Deep Tissue & Structural Healing for a few years now. The environment is peaceful, the prices are reasonable, and the treatment is incredible. I often suffer from migraines that result from a variety of tight muscles. The therapy I have received addressed different muscle groups than prior therapists focused on, and the results were immediately felt. The therapists here have a great knowledge of body mechanics and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a relaxing massage or one focused on addressing body ailments.

Alina Austin

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the infrared sauna! The sauna room is setup with a private shower, plenty of towels, and you can blue-tooth connect to play your own music while in the sauna. I feel like the sauna really relieves deep muscle aches, boosts my mood, and feels great on these cold winter days. Francisco has also been very pleasant and flexible with appointment times. I have been recommending the sauna to everyone I know!

marc radzilowski

I was in town for a conference and was looking for a massage. I got a 90 min deep tissue massage with Courtney. She is amazing and highly recommend this place if you are in town. They got me in quick. Excellent!

Kim Lutu

My first time ever getting a massage and it was the best first experience! Very welcoming and such a relaxing environment! Will be back soon!

Angelina Perry

Great place for deep tissue massage!

Robin Zelko

This is my first time reviewing online ever, but I felt the need to mention how incredible the therapist Tyson is. I came in with a lot of structual pain, and in one 2 hour session, Tyson was able to find the root of a lot of my discomfort. I highly recommend him if you are going in for a deep tissue massage. I'll be going back in the near future.

Debra Mckowen

Absolutely phenomenal massage. My therapist applied the perfect pressure in the right places. Total pain relief. the spa has an amazing infrared sauna which i was able to experience after my deep tissue massage. Highly recommend this gem!

Trevor Weed

Had a couples massage for our 10th anniversary. Richard and Anna did an amazing job. We’re currently sitting out front just staring off in the distance, soaking in how relaxed we feel. I’d recommend wholeheartedly.

Ben Kittrell

Richard is the bomb! He's been a massage therapist for a long time and really knows what he's doing! Deep tissue for the best healing experience!

Bryce Floto

Ariane gave me a fantastic massage, I was very happy with it. My neck feels so much better, I highly recommend that you ask for her. I’ll be asking for her again in the future! 03/20/19

Erin Blumel

This is my new go to! With a demanding training schedule, my body feels beyond wrecked by the end of the week. Ariane never fails to get my body back to where it needs to be to perform optimally. There is no one else I would reccommed if you want to feel like yourself again!

Keylee Mundee

Had a couples massage with my husband and was very happy! The area is a little schetchy but they have done a beautiful job inside! It’s gorgeous inside!! Both our therapist were fantastic! Highly recommend! I am excited to get more services with them in the future!

J Brown

Incredible deep tissue massage! Extremely healing hands that I would recommend everyone to expirience. 5 stars all the way!!!!

Pradeep K V

Very good massage. I had deep tissue massage from Donna and it was one of the best massages I had in a long time!

Sandy Parsons

I have been to several infrared sauna sessions which have all been a fabulous experience. Francisco, the facilitator, is beyond polite and helpful. It is a great space that is just my style, not too posh but down to earth and urban hip. The infrared sauna there is top notch in quality. I can just feel the healing energies and led color therapy infuse my body. It's worth every penny, and yet half the price of other spas.

Matthew Crawley

Ariane was amazing, came in with specific spots of discomfort In my back and with in minutes she was able to relieve them! Not only that she spent time after our session to show me a few things I could do at home to make sure I kept my self in good shape! Definitely recommend!

Seth Golie

First of all I just want everyone to know that this place is NOT a five star place like all the other reviews may suggest. The only reason we came here was because my girlfriend read all the "amazing" reviews they had. Somehow when you search on Google "best couples massage in slc" this place is #2 on the list. The other reviews were praising how great Francisco was so my girlfriend requested him for me. I am a massage therapist myself and it's very difficult to find someone that does great work so I was excited hearing all these great reviews hoping I could finally get a great massage. Unfortunately it was just another mediocre massage. I actually was quite disappointed when he said my massage was over because he decided to completely SKIP some main areas that should definitely be worked in every full body massage regardless if it's a 60 or 90 minute appointment. He SKIPPED my neck, pectorals, quadriceps, and my feet.... I was kind of in shock to be honest. I would NEVER skip any of those areas in a massage. I told him I wanted him to focus some more time on my mid back and hands expecting him to spend a few more minutes there not the entire massage. When confronting Francisco about all of this after I came out of the room his excuse was he didn't have enough time and I should have booked a 90 minute appointment, I couldn't believe it. So he says come back for a 90 minute and we can take care of you. However he didn't even offer me any sort of discount to come back knowing I wasn't very satisfied. To me why would I ever come back and pay even more money for a 90 minute when I wasn't even happy or satisfied with the 60 minute I just received?? The answer is I won't. Definitely will never return here. To top it all off I did not like his technique he uses either. I requested a deep tissue massage, he did go deep but his technique was flawed. He was moving extremely fast and short little strokes. I specialize in deep tissue work and I know for a fact with deep work you must move slow as possible. He seemed like he was in a rush the whole time. I also think he didn't use enough oil at all. Another thing that was irritating is he decided on his own to do "ice massage" on my back without telling me he was going to do it. It was cold and dripped all over me and not relaxing at all and I told him to stop because I didn't like it. Something like that should only be done on a regular client that you've talked to them about it and they are expecting it, never on a first time client without even telling them. I'm giving this rating 2 stars because my girlfriends massage wasn't as bad. Her therapist at least gave her the full body massage she paid for. I walked out of this place saying I need a massage, even though I just paid for one unfortunately.

Kelly Killian

I have been seeing Francisco for massage for approximately 5 years and there is a reason why. Every massage is customized, the energy work is consistent across experiences, breath work and multiple disciplines are employed, and the result is durable--heals my body for weeks to come. I highly recommend him.

Kaiya Bockino

Incredible deep tissue massage! As a rock climber, I always have sore muscles that rarely see any relief. Francisco used the perfect amount of pressure and knew exactly what muscles needed less or more pressure without me having to say anything. Will be going back here as often as I can.

Julie King

I found myself in SLC unexpectedly, with typical trigger points exacerbated by stress and travel. I was fortunate to find Francisco at Deep Tissue and Structural Healing. He relieved my chronic trouble spots, using heat, pressure, and a balanced approach to muscle groups to release deep tension, and instructed me on how to maintain the improvement in the future. Convenient location and great pricing – a live saver!

Nathan Wright

Richard was an absolute pro. Highly recommend, and will go back myself. This was a true deep tissue massage.

Julian Ruiz

Came in alittle spectical whether Ariane could put on the type of presser I wanted/needed or not. And I was more than pleased!! Best massage I’ve had in salt lake by far!! Very clean, relaxing vibe. I recommend deep tissue spa to anyone! If I could put more than 5 stars, I would!!

Anon Ymous

Nice place if you just want to relax/de-stress/feel fancy. But in terms of pain relief from muscle spasms or neck pain, this business will claim to have a specialist that is great for that, and you'll walk out wondering what you spent $80 for. I work one month of the year in Utah, coming from New York, so have been to many places around the state, was disappointed I counted on the reviews for this one. I repeated numerous times that the focus was to be on upper back and neck over the phone, they knew, even when I got there they clarified and knew. Next time I'll try a man I guess? Give them a second try? I'm not the only one, after asking around the valley and mentioning this place, I'd decided to just opt for a Medical Massage, but I discovered this place is really only for destressing and not meant for genuine deep tissue massages, and that a medical massage will come from a licensed professional doctor, and is even covered by insurance in most cases depending on the situation. I should have used that $80 to drive to Ogden and get a deep tissue at the New Image Day spa I'd gone to the year before, because at least they give deep tissues without the massage therapist whispering things to themselves under their breathe the whole 60 minutes (forgot about that til now, that was weird). And they serve you frozen grapes and all that fancy stuff too... I don't like superficial massages/locations, I just want a quality deep tissue if I ask for one while suffering with neck spasms... $80 Massage? More like $80 play with invisible toys on your back, avoid all the tight areas, hit a good spot finally and then ignore it as quickly as possible and waste 65% of the time on areas unrelated. I've studied Human Physiology and Anatomy extensively for my career in exercise science so am pretty sure muscles in my hands, forearm, butt cheeks, lower spine didn't need more attention than my scapula, upper back, neck, traps, and areas around my rotator cuffs... I'm actually pretty pissed off now that I come to think of it, that money equates to one day of my time and work and I flushed it down the toilet to drive there, find parking, and so on... wasting 2 hours of my time and $80 of my precious income.

Trista Noble

I showed up here on day in a lot of pain with a pinched nerve or something similar... After a chiropractor and accupuncture, I think it was the deep tissue massage that made the biggest difference. Staff was very informative, trained well, approachable, friendly and listened. Environment was nice, clean, warm and healing.

Lori James

I have had massages all around the world, including on a private island. Francisco was amazing and ranked right at the top! I have a bulging disc, he is the first person when it is acting up to know what to do. I will go back, and I will be referring people. Great Job! See you next week!

Ryan Goodwin

Best massage I have ever had. If you need a true deep tissue massage, there is no where else to go in SLC.

le Mat Gordon

"wow, everything's better!" I said to myself walking out of here after surrendering 90 minutes to Ariane's strong capable hands. the persistent pain I'd had in my shoulder/ neck area for weeks had completely disappated and I'm slightly …

Sarah Jessop

I have been to Deep Tissue and Structural Healing for massages several times now and have enjoyed my experience every time. Francisco does a wonderful job at working out all my knots and sore spots. I started going initially because of a sciatic nerve pain and realized how beneficial a regular massage can be. I recommend Deep Tissue and Structural Healing to all my friends and have never had a better, more professional experience.

Kristie Gordon

Francisco is the best! The infared sauna is one of the best things I have done for myself. I saw the benefits after just one session and can't wait to go back each week to see the improvements. A relaxing and serene experience. Love this place!

Jared Wangsgard

The therapist was nice, but not a great experience for me. Very surprised by all the 5 star reviews. VERY amateur and not worth anywhere near $80.

lucinda lashley

Awesome massage! Best place I have found in Salt Lake City. My tennis elbow was much better after 1 visit with Francisco! Highly recommended

Tony Barker

Ummmm. Ok. Let's be honest. 100+ reviews . Curious. I've had the 5 star experience and this was not it. My rating is on the massage experience and not the sauna. I chose this location due to it's proximity to Gateway... but the location was not easy to locate upon arrival. Any signage could not be seen from the street. Upon finding the front door there is no signage directing us to the lobby. I wondered around until I actually called back looking for directions. I'm in the building and can't find the business. The masseuse was timid and at times pre occupied but a buzzing phone. The room was close to the street so I heard cars motorcycles and a train. A TRAIN! Yep! This was the first deep tissue that was uninspiring. While I did not do the sauna I am under no illusion that the sauna would bring my review up to a 5 star. There are other options for this price. I will not return.

Christopher Speer

Absolutely top notch place for a massage. I did the two-hour deep tissue and it was fantastic. Anna was my masseuse and she was fantastic. Excellent customer experience all around!

rosalinda jones

I’m visiting from out of state and found Deep Tissue Massage and Spa online. The reviews are all spot on. They went out of their way to accommodate my sister ,daughter and I kind of at the last minute. It was greatly appreciated and I love this place. The staff is so nice and pleasant— they really do want you to enjoy your visit. I would recommend the sauna it really does add to the experience. 10/10!

Tanner Tolman

Great experience for my first massage! The therapists were kind and professional, the atmosphere was relaxing, i could have done this all day!

Sean Baker

Note, my actual review of the place is below, but I wanted to point out that the building has no signage and does not look like a 'normal' massage therapist office or a spa. It is simply a brownish building in a sort of industrial area. However, the inside is amazing -- warm, relaxing, and exactly as expected. The parking is the rear of the building. Now, to my review: this is my first time here, however I will be returning and I will be recommending it to anyone who is looking for a massage near or in SLC. I had Aria, it might be Ariane or some other variation on that, either way she was fantastic. I injured my back more than 5 years ago and every now and then it acts up. I have had a massage multiple times for this concern, but Aria was one of the best I have ever had. Before the massage started, she spoke with me to ensure that we had an understanding about areas of concern and areas I was fine with skipping over to focus more on these specific areas. Then, during the massage, she was attentive and made sure she hit the specific areas thoroughly. She definitely gets 5 stars from me and I will definitely be going back.

Zac Cheney

Donna is outstanding. I went in for a massage because of a pinched nerve in my neck. She took the time to understand my needs and throughout the session she maintained just the right amount of communication to ensure she was addressing the problem in a way that I needed. The issue in my neck is going to require more than just one massage, but I will definitely be back.

Ginger R

My experience in the infrared sauna was so relaxing and great!!! Since it is in its own room you have complete privacy. This sauna is also equip with color therapy lights and was a great addition to my visit. I was also able to listen to my own music via blue tooth capability with in the sauna. I will definitely be returning soon!!!!

Angie Hemenway

Francisco is amazing and knowledgeable. I will never go to another massage therapist. I've been going to Deep Tissue for years and have always had my back troubles melt away. They are always up to date and treat you as a person, not as another client. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sara Cooper

That was by far the best massage I've ever had! I skateboard, snowboard, serve tables, etc. My posture is not even and im super tense. He was able to loosen my tight hip and smooth out my whole body. I couldn't believe how good it was! I asked for heavy pressure. The pressure was perfect the whole time. This guy is very skilled. It was worth every penny, as nothing compares! Im impressed how much was accomplished in 60 minutes. Unbelievably incredible!

Awaken Within Nutriton and Fitness

My first and very excellent experience was with Jacob for a 90 min deep tissue. I had been traveling alot- driving and airplane and was very stiff. He turned my body around in those 90 min and I felt like walking on clouds. I have been to many practitioners and this is by far the best place I've gone and plan to get work done regularly. :)

Jessica Denos

Absolutely wonderful. Had my first massage ever here and I will definitely be back for another appointment very soon. Francisco was amazing and so professional. Love the free parking. Highly recommended! :)

Aundrea Hargroder

My sister and I had a couple's massage here. Even though we had different massage therapists, we both agreed that our massage was the best we have ever had. Also, we booked the massage very last minute. I had called many other massage clinics that day trying to book us last minute massages, and this was the only place that could accommodate us. From the moment we walked in the door the employees gave us their full attention and made us feel like royalty. We also used the infrared sauna and it was amazing. I will no longer get massages anywhere else!

Tom Kishman

One of the best massages I have had. Arian was my therapist & she is very knowledgeable. Good pressure, just a great overall treatment. Staying at the Hampton just around the corner, an easy walk.

Jamie McDaniels

my boyfriend had a deep tissue massage and i had a Swedish massage. We were both extremely pleased with the service. they are also very flexible with appointment scheduling and they stay open later than anyone in the downtown area. the prices were reasonable and the therapists were great people. it was a pleasure

Jose Flores

The best ever. I can't recall a time I was this relaxed

Shaley Smart

My husband and I had a couples massage here last weekend. The entire experience was great. Anna and Anastasia were amazing. We just found our new go-to place for massages.

Amber Kennedy

I had a massage with Francisco and it was AMAZING! First time here, I've gotten massages all over the city from various different massage therapists and he was the one to get my lower back to stop hurting and assist me in gaining mobility in my neck again. Francisco was an enjoyable person to share space with and he was very professional. Thank you Francisco, I appreciate all the work you did on me :)

Super Nova

Amazing and relaxing I loved it

Sans Soucie

I have been going to Fransisco for the last year. I originally would just use groupon for massages, but find that I wasn't getting the best messages. I am an athlete and heavy lifter and put an incredible amount of strain on my body. Fransisco has to be one of the best people I have ever gone to.

Leslie Lobo

I love their infrared sauna & their customer service is fantastic as well. My only hang up is the location—it’s an interesting set up, but I’m able to get the service I need just fine. I highly recommend their sauna!

Ansen Strakey

As someone with chronic pain, I'm always looking for ways to alleviate it. Deep Tissue & Structural Healing has helped me immensely with this. Hot stone and Deep Tissue massage are particularly beneficial. Also, I'm always happy to be greeted with professionalism and cleanliness from the therapists as well as the establishment as a whole. Excellent!

Jay Malone

We had a couples massage and it was amazing! We both agreed it was one of the best massages we have ever had. We really liked the building and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Arlene Spencer

Best place I've found for a deep tissue massage! The staff here are great and they truly know the meaning of a deep tissue massage so you can get feeling better as soon as possible.

Kailey Gillingham

I loved going to Lance, I am a very petite woman, and anywhere I have been, massage therapist are afraid to massage deep with me. He wasn't but also would check in on what was comfortable. He was very informative, educational, and I felt very comfortable. I have never learned so much and been relaxed at the same time, great staff! Thanks again Lance!

Danielle Vincent

This place was really great! I came off a flight with a super cramped neck and they were really accommodating with getting me in, as I was headed right up the mountain afterwards. The massage was deep tissue and restorative - I was I rough shape! - and I like the structural understanding, as having once been a competitive athlete, fluff massages are not for me. (though I'm sure they do offer that style too). Finished the treatment with 45 mins in the infrared sauna and got a good sweat on. They offered alkaline water and stocked showers too. Seriously got lucky in finding this place from a google search at the airport!! I'd be a regular if I lived here for sure. Thank you for the great 2 hours! Highly recommend.

Brian Woolley

Anna Smart gave me the best massage I've ever had. She is very knowledgeable and talented. I'd give six stars if they allowed it!

Jaclyn Elizabeth

Anna provides a wonderful deep tissue experience

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I had an appointment today at 6:00 on my way to the appointment had a customer call me with a little problem on the way and I just wasn't able to make my appointmentthey did not end up charging me for my appointment and thank you very much I will update when I reschedule my appointment with them and add further information about my experience

Thomas Kozik

Recently I have been experiencing some extreme lower back pain due to a recent change in careers, along with this other general soreness. Prior to going to Deep Tissue Massage & Spa, I was nervous about having a stranger touching my body in any way. This is also due to the fact I am not a small guy. However the service as the spa was fantastic most of all Anastasia my massage therapist was accommodating and kind. She made sure that at all times I was comfortable with what was happening, and if I felt at any time I was not she immediately corrected it. This is something I respect immensely in any business and specifically of any employee. I am now looking forward to seeing Anastasia again for some more work on back, because in addition to making sure I was comfortable; My back pain has dropped dramatically. On top of her massage technique and the stretch she taught me about. She was intuitive on figuring out some changes I need to make in my life in that short period of working on my back! After the massage I went to the private red light sauna, and bathroom. Now this part of the experience was the crème de la crème. First the bathroom was spectacular; I admit I am one of those weird people that obsessive over bathroom cleanliness. The shower had high pressure water which felt great on my muscles with a nice steady temperature; The shampoo, body was and conditioner all gave me the sense of being at a couple hundred dollar spa. I had the option of playing my music of choice over a speaker in the room. There were nice cups for a cup of water or hot cup of tea. Then the little sauna itself was lovely; As I sat in there I felt the pain bake away! Normally I am not one for high temperatures also! All in all this was an amazing experience. The building and rooms are all gorgeous; All of the staff are fantastic. However most of all I need to thank Anastasia my massage therapist. For taking such great care of me, relieving my pain and most of all making me feel comfortable to back!

Lauren Moss

Fransisco is what I consider to be truly talented and a master of his craft. I have had massages all over the United States and at various luxury resorts in and out of the country. It is clear that Fransisco possesses a deep understanding the body and through his work, the ability to soothe and heal aches and pain. Highly, highly recommend him!

Max Karren

Had a fantastic deep tissue massage by Francisco. He is a wonderful therapist with a lot of experience. He knew exactly what to do to provide pain relief for my previously injured shoulder. If you are looking for a wonderful massage in SLC, go here!


I was in SLC for work and was looking for a highly rated, reputable massage facility, when I found Deep Tissue Massage. Ariana answered the phone when I called and arranged a convenient time slot that accommodated my travel schedule. When I arrived, Ariana was quick to get me in. What a great massage! The intensity was just right and I left feeling relaxed! I’d definitely come back when I’m that way again! Thanks!

Kelli McBride

Amber is an awesome masseuse and dis amazing

Luis Fernandez

My wife and I just had a deep tissue massage from Donna and Richard and it was amazing. She knew exactly what muscles to massage in my lower back!! It was hands down the best deep tissue massage I've had. Location was great in downtown Salt Lake City which was steps away from my hotel. I Highly recommend this place. The building is a historic landmark and has huge high ceilings with a very artsy feel to it. It felt like we were back in New York. They have the whole first floor. Thank You Donna and Richard You guys are the best!!!

Cindy Uriona

The staff at Deep Tissue & Structural Healing are all very friendly, extremely professional, and highly skilled! I have been getting body work for over 20 years, and this is by far the best place I have been, I couldn't recommend it higher! The location and setting is very cool, hip and urban, clean and an ultra modern studio. I felt transformed and rejuvenated with my treatment. The Infra-Red Sauna is a lovely experience and like none other for pre-massage prep. I love all the different treatments available. I have recently been in an auto accident, and my massage was more healing than 3 months of physical therapy. Cindy Uriona

Jennifer Rawlings

I am slightly apprehensive to write this because I don't want other people to fall in love with this place and then make it difficult for me to get in. ;) I don't live in Salt Lake so I don't have the opportunity to come as often as I would like. On vacation last year and this year, my husband and I have gone in for a couples deep tissue massage. I was lucky enough to have Francisco do my massage both times. It was wonderful both times! My husband enjoyed his as well. I currently have quite a bit of edema and Francisco was able to help facilitate my lymph system. My lymph glands are much less sore today than they have been in a really long time. Last year we did the infrared sauna along with the massage which was nice as well. I would definitely recommend adding that on to your massage. The staff treats you well and the interior is quiet and peaceful. I'm also glad that the parking is convenient, something not always available in downtown Salt Lake.

Maria L

The staff are wonderful to work with, and the infrared sauna is amazing. If you've never experienced a clearlight infrared sauna, try it! The healing, detoxing, and muscle recovery benefits are outstanding. I only have wonderful things to say about the staff and my experiences there.

Nhi Pham

My boyfriend and I have been here at least 4 times now. It's by far our favorite massage spot. I'm extremely sensitive and ticklish and they always do a great job at keeping me comfortable and still giving a great massage treatment. You tell them where you have problems and they really do a great job at fixing it. But to be honest even if I didnt say anything the massage therapists are all so skilled that they can feel for my problem areas and work on them. It is pricey but you honestly get what you pay for. It's a great experience.

Office NP

Absolutely the best Deep Tissue Massage I've ever gotten in my life. The therapist was on point. Deep and relaxing with incredibly detailed work. Best Massage in Salt Lake City by far!!!!!!!

Angela Hess

The first time I went here there were some things that were just off which made the experience less than. I got a call from the manager offering me a "re-do" to help better my experience. I have to say the customer service is fantastic and my second massage was one of the best I've ever had!!!! Feel really good about this place.

Susie Little

This infra-red Sauna here is great. Establishment is clean and staff members are very accomadatable to any of my needs. I am excited to get a massage here as well.

Katelyn Marie McCorkle

Price wise you're looking at 80$ for an hour, 120$ for and hour and a half and 160$ for a two hour plus tip. This is a nice location (north light, great for art and photos)...Just make sure you park on 300 West if you're getting a two hour massage here or you'll get a parking ticket like me *gasp* good luck

Lorinda Coombs

After leaving the review below, the manager Arian contacted me to follow up and hear my feedback. She was sincere and very appreciative of the honest evaluation. Offered me a one hour follow up massage to demonstrate that they provide excellent deep tissue massage. I have to say that Anna was incredible, as others have noted, it is not exactly relaxing (it's deep tissue after all), but she relieved knots and worked on specific areas with excellent results. The upshot is that I would strongly recommend trying one of the experienced masseuse providers. (Old Review) After living in Salt Lake City for 3 months, I am still trying to find a good deep tissue resource. Booked a 90-minute deep tissue, the practitioner was very nice and asked me if I had any needs for focused massage--yep, hips and forearms. Only places she did not focus upon. Felt like a massage from a newly minted student--although the staff were nice, their expertise was not there. Would not recommend for deep tissue or muscle problems.

Manny Mendez

great experience ,massage was amazing and the sauna was well worth it im visiting from Philadelphia and i will definitely consider coming back of ever in Salt Lake again

Karen Noorda

It was an amazing massage. Francisco is so helpful and explains things to me. I would recommend him to anyone.

Crystal Brie

Came in for a couples massage and had the most amazing experience!! The deep tissue was exactly what we needed, will be scheduling again with my therapist very soon!!! I highly recommend doing the sauna as well, along with the hot stone add on!! Wish I could give this establishment 10 stars!!

Josh Wolf

Decided to try a deep tissue massage due to my job being very physically challenging. After a deep tissue massage from kisha I feel 100% better. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of some back pain relief or just a great massage!

Madelyne Contri

Incredible massage and by far the best infrared sauna in salt lake. Addicted to this place!

Brian Stoker

Really great masseuse! Very relaxing.

Melia Joy

The Therapist was excellent. His touch was intuitive, knowing where to go deep and realign, release, Absolutely divine. Highly recommend.

Natasha Lichtenberg

Fransisco excels at what he does. His massage is professional and skilled. He uses heat therapy and has an intuitive ability to isolate and release tension deep within the muscles. Fransisco's 90 minute massage is pure bliss!

Rosa P.

After spending long hours at a convention, I was looking forward to a relaxing massage. I loved this place! It's been a while since I've had a massage and they made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Loved the place and the attention to detail.

Jess Goodman

Was in town for a business trip and thought man I need a great massage! Well came hear with a friend as well and we both got hour and a half massages! Ariane Ouderkirk was an amazing lady! She was so professional and nice her massage on my …

Tina Allen

I'm a nurse and have gone to several therapists, they are by far the best massage I've ever had every time. I have a hard time going anywhere else. Amazing deep tissue massage with out the pain.

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