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REVIEWS OF Chateau Salon, Spa & Boutique IN Utah

Jennifer Roma

Thanks you for my beautiful cut and color. I can't remember the name of my hair stylist, but I believe she was the owner, and she spent so much time and effort on my hair, I thought I was getting a $300+ hairdo. However, she did some weaving for free and charged me exactly what she told me when I called. Grateful for how great it looks. She really took the time to find out exactly what I wanted.

Ryan Roberts

My hair stylist Ashley is super friendly and did a great job on my hair, as a guy with long hair

Claire Ivy

Starting off, I liked Jamie, she was nice and considerate. As we continued our session, things got a little odd. I described to her in great detail how I wanted my hair. I thought we were on the same page but I was just hopeful. I went in for about 3 hours, and paid 160$. As I went home, I knew it wasn’t how I wanted and I was extremely upset. I walked in and out looking exactly the same. No one at my house, work, noticed any change at all. I paid for this dead end conditioning thing, and she hardly used any product on it, there wasn’t much change. She didn’t seem to use much dye either and I paid for the tubes. It was upsetting. I asked if she would do it again. I thought that maybe I wasn’t descriptive enough. People also tell me that yor first time going to a salon, they try not to mess it up by going lightly., I guess? She dyed my hair again, and I knew walking in it wasn’t going to turn out how I wanted. My fault. I wanted light brown to blonde ombré, and it’ looked better than the first time. It’s still not what I thought at all. The second time she didn’t even bring the blonde in to blend with the brown, she just used brown and the blending job wasn’t the best. She went so fast and sloppily, like the first time, and the brown dropped onto my blonde. I’m not talking just a little bit, but a lot.. I noticed when I went to the bathroom. I had to point it out and I am not a person to do that. She fixed it and it looks better, but it could’ve been avoided. I also had her style/cut my hair but she didn’t really try. I had a hair cut for about 3 minutes. That includes layering of my bands, trimming split ends. Usually trimming takes like 15 at other salons, and this includes my bangs. It could’ve just been me, she could dye other people’s hair better, but I don’t plan on going back. Although she is a nice lady. I definitely got ripped off.


Went in last minute for a cut and biolage. Jamie was beyond amazing with my super thick frizzy hair!! I was so impressed with the way my color turned out. Amazing work!!!!!

Whit Fitzen

Jay Wanzer

I went in with questions about hair and walked out as family. Kids are always welcome here. Thank you Jamie

Bethia Wright

My husband and I got a couples message for our anniversary. The ambiance was relaxing, the room was beautiful, the message felt great (so good I fell asleep). My husband says you can rate a great masseuse by your willingness to go back, I will definitly be back!

Tyler Sorensen

Can't actually give feedback on the primary services provided but while next door picking up pizza our 4 year old really had to go. Luckily the salon was open and was so willing to let us use their top notch restroom. Jamie was so kind! Thank you.

Whitney Robins

I got a facial from Melinda on Saturday and it was the best thing ever. I was so relaxed and my skin looked fantastic afterwards. She was really knowledgeable on the products and gave me the best products possible for my skin. She also waxed my eyebrows and they look awesome! She has been one of the only people to achieve the shape I wanted. I highly recommend this place for facials and waxing!

Shirley Craner

beautiful salon, great staff!

Schaub Schaub

Jamie (the owner) did a great job on my hair! Listened to all my confusing needs and wants and turned it into the haircut I was wanting. This was my first time there and was nervous because the place doesn't look like much from the outside but I was greatly surprised.

Jessy V

Love this place!! I finally found a place I trust! Very friendly, great pricing. I love Januare she does an amazing job with lashes and hair!! She got my hair exactly how I wanted it. Showed her a picture of what color I wanted and my husband is loving my new look! Really recommend her and this place!

Mr. Jones

Rebecca Strongo

Halie Duis

The new owner, Jamie is the sweetest and knows what she's doing! Make sure to come in and get treated like a princess

Mckayla Cameron

Jamie is amazing! Love my hair every time!!

Melissa Shipe

Dominic Tara

colton browne

This salon is really good, they have really good customer service and makes you feel good and definitely makes you feel welcome And does a really good job at what they do

Emily Prettyman

I wish I could no stars. Got the worst hair cut of my life from Maddie. I have been going to the beauty school for yearsto get my hair cut and they always do a great job and do my bangs well. So I thought going to an actual salon would be a lot better. Boy I was wrong who knew some one could mess up a trim and bangs. First she insisted oncutting my hair parted in the middle and now the next day it uneven. Second of all my bangs are uneven choppy and too short to fix. Then she tried to blame me for her cutting without understanding what I wanted. Will not come back.

bill pace

Jamie did a excellent job on my haircut and beard trim

Jonathan Williams

The Chateau is a fun salon off Lehi Main Street. They do hair and nails and other things. My wife likes it a lot, and I've been with her too and it's nice.

Brett T

I read all the reviews before I booked these services. I really wanted to love this place. It's not to far from where I live, and was excited for this break my husband got for me. I got the package that included mani, pedi, facial, and deep conditioning. The pedi felt nice, but ended up having to redo several toes 2+ times...they came out looking pretty good. She prepped water for the mani before the toe mishap happened so I ended up having cold water she knew about but didn't replace. The first day my nails were already smudged and cracking. The facial was great. The hair dresser didn't ask what I wanted or how I like my hair styled when (except curly or straight) when we finished. I ended up with so much product in my hair that it felt disgusting. We have family pictures this week and it looks like I'll be redoing my nails myself.

Connie Duis

The New management is terrific!! I've known Jamie for years, she is a fabulous hairstylist and I trust her to take care of all my beauty needs! I would recommend her to all my friends and family.

Deborah Wilcox

Keigan Thompson-Gressmen

I went in for a walk in eye brow wax the day of my maternity pictures and left about in tears. I've never had someone mess up so badly, part of my eyebrow is completely missing and she didn't even get most of the others. I am so disappointed.

Clint h

This place is unprofessional and very rude. And unwilling to work with people with disabilities.

Kaylynn Searle

The massage was great

Karen Rodeback

This was a horrible experience. This was the first time have I ever been there and the last. When I walked in my gut told me to turn around and leave. First impressions are so important and sadly it wasn't a good one. The lady that was assigned to cut my hair was in her pajamas, and clearly needed a shower. I didn't want to be rude so I tried to get past the smell and the fact that her sweat was dripping off of her on to me. But beyond all of that she had no idea what she was doing with my asymmetrical bob. She just cut here and there with no clue of what she should be doing to reshape a cut that was really already there. I went home and spent an hour fixing the mess that she left me with. All I needed was the neckline cleaned up and some weight taken off the back. I ended up having to take almost all the length off of the front left side to blend it with the mess she created on the back, not much of an asymmetrical cut now. I want my money back for the horrible cut. But I feel bad for the poor lady who just needs someone to be honest and tell her that she needs to take better care of herself, inside and out. To be honest I wonder if she was even licensed. HUGE MISTAKE going there... learn from my lesson and NEVER go.

Christensen Family

The staff had not check their appointments, when I came in early they just sat around doing their own hair and chatting. I brought a previous photo of my hair and told her I wanted it back to blond from brunette and to foil in the color. Simple instructions, I have got my hair done the same way for years! She foiled in blonde highlight.... Not what I asked for So my hair is 90% brown and 10 % blonde. Top it off if I am paying over 80$ The girl needs to learn how to do foils properly. My roots were almost 1/2 of an inch. She used high process bleach which ripped my hair. She has now cost me over hundreds of dollars to fix my hair. Since she weaved in so little blond and randomly. I have had to higher someone to pick the blond out so that it doesn't strip and fry my hair. I think they are missing the basics they should of learned in school. I even spoke up about it she was like well your hair took so long I have other clients coming in for a hair cut and then we are closing..... Wow they lost another client.

Austin Buhler

Brancy Davis

Monica Woffinden

Kerry Boyce

Had an appointment scheduled for waxing. Waited 45 minutes before I left. Said I won't be returning. I called and told them about the experience and they worked very hard to set things right.

Kim Kluge

I had to wait over 30 minutes which I understand. The lady that cut my hair was shaking so bad I was scared my hair would be uneven my bangs were she thinner through it it so uneven worse cut I’ve ever had. I would not recommend this place the person that cut my hair was Jamie

Amber Newby

I'm not one to write negative reviews, but I had a horrible experience when trying to get a massage at Chateau Salon. I made an appointment, and they called back to confirm. When I showed up for the massage, after driving 30 minutes to get there and pay a babysitter for my kid, they told me their masseuse called in sick. They didn't offer anything for the inconvenience. I wasted gas and money. Very unprofessional. I would never plan on going back.

Loralee Price Dorton

I got a spray tan from the owner, Jamie, and she did a great job! It was even, and the product she used was very high quality with a perfect bronze, not orange, look. Would definitely recommend!

Curtis Lane Jensen

I really like their massages, and i decided to try how they do hair (since i had pictures scheduled the next day). turns out, it was great. scalp massage wasn't the best head massage that i've ever had in my life, but you don't expect that from a hair stylist. and it was actually pretty good. and it relaxed me more than i thought it would. massage: check. hair wash: also check. but what i really liked was that the stylist helped me pick a style, she cut the style, was careful not to leave hair lines that would show in the pictures...and then she taught me how to style my hair in a hip trendy way. her recommendation on product was right on. i couldn't be more thrilled. ask for Sway.

Margie Brummett

They are very flexible and they do a wonderful job!

Alicia Schmaling

I had recently been looking for a new stylist and was told to try Chateau Salon, I LOVED IT! The girl that did my hair was so sweet and completely amazing! I have SUPER thick, mid length hair and it usually take hours and hours to do it, not here. Their expertise and professionalism was superb. They got me in and out quicker than any other place i have been. I will DEFINITELY be returning!

Kelly Johnson

Honestly when I came to the salon my hair was nearly destroyed, by that I mean it was so short that one more bad cut and I would need extensions to avoid looking like a boy! The girl (I think her name was Stephanie) that did my hair and 'fixed' it did an AMAZING job!! I literally mean that I had less than 1 inch of hair I could lose in the repairing process. She not only made it look amazing but literally it looked as though she had not taken ANY length away. I was amazed by the job she did. I walked in crying and left in shock and actually loving what she did!

Linda Malan

This place is the best. They all are so professional. They know what they are doing. Go visit. You will see!

Jeremy Cordon

Ruined my wifes hair. Offered to fix it but said they would have to take off several inches to do so. The salonist was also snippy with her during the cut and made her feel bad about her hair. She usually comes home excited from hair cuts but not this time.

Kissy Kat

AMAZING! I LOVE THIS SALON! I will never go to anywhere else to get my hair done again! Christina and staff treated me like a princess the entire time with treats, drinks and a wonderful experience! Great Prices! Great Service! Great Location!

Wylie Roseman

Love everything about the place, its adorable and amazing service.

Tama Johnson

Weird experience all the way around.. staff, building, dogs running around, no a/c at least it didn't seem like it. Staff was nice, just an overall odd place.

Dalton Oliveira

Matt Fleming

They've got a full package evening out for couples that was great because the whole evening from dinner to massages was taken care of at one place. Give them a call if you've got an anniversary coming up or something.

Katelyn Petersen

Brooklyn Hutto

The owner/stylist was very kind and knows what she's doing. They charge fairly and have great products and beautiful hand made jewelry for sale around the shop.

Chelsy Bullock


E E Petersen


I don't normally go here because they are a little too pricey for my budget, but my daughter had a gift card for Chateau. So she decided to get a mini manicure with it. When we were there yesterday getting the manicure, we told them offhand about a problem getting the black hair dye out of her normally red hair. Other stylists had told us it would be difficult process involving bleaching and redying which would cost over $100. Well, the stylist at Chateau said she could strip it out without all the bleaching and recoloring, especially since it was my daughter's first time coloring her hair. Well, we went back today and had them do just that and low and behold they got all the black out! And it only cost $24, not $140! We are so happy, I can't even tell you how glad I am that Chateau had the know how and skill to get it out without a whole complicated (and very expensive!) process. Another pleasant surprise we had there was being offered drinks while we were there. I've never encountered that good of hospitality before in a salon.

Lilith’s Silver Moon

I’m not sure why the negative reviews, because the owner of this salon is amazing! Maybe these reviews were from the past owner? That’s what I’m guessing

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