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REVIEWS OF Beyond Spa IN Utah

Heidi Huss

Had a facial and the therapist was awesome. Very professional and super nice. She allowed me to relax in silence.

Christina Perry

They truly make you feel pampered, and all of the staff conduct themselves with professionalism and respect. I've been here for the European facial, a 50 minute facial, pedicures, and massages, and have been sad to go each time. They do a wonderful job, and I will continue to patronize this spa.

C Meacham

Love them!! So professional, spotlessly clean, wonderful service.

Karina Giacchetta

amazing place


Price was great, the facility was very relaxing. Very nice massage.

Olga Stong

Took my daughter here for a 4 year old princess party. It was 15 dollars per person. They rubbed their hands put cucumbers on their eyes (which they ate), got a face massage, painted toes and rubbed feet. They were so good with the kids. My daughter loved it and they give you a super cute baggies for each person.

Adrian Wilhelmsen

Friendly staff, clean and peaceful environment

Makala Jensen

Wow this place is a gem it's perfect. I came into today for a pedicure as a birthday gift and I have to say this place is the best! The ladies were so welcoming and should all be recognized for the remarkable service and excellent welcoming friendliness. Such beautiful decor and i loved the music. The treat tray is a must have;)

Gentry Reesor

I loved Beyond Spa! They're very welcoming and sweet to guide you through especially since it was our first spa experience. Everything was very clean and the building was dimly lit and serene with a water feature running down the middle. Such a relaxing time and they put all of our worries at ease. Only down side was we had a couples pedicure which included treats but we were unable to eat them because they were so out of reach and we couldn't really lean to them at the risk of them messing up our pedicures. Otherwise, it was a fantastic experience and we'll definitely be back.


Love them, especially Jasmine. But all the staff are awesome!!

Chelsea Hunter

I love this place! It has such a great atmosphere and it’s the only place I trust to do a pedicure!

Herbert Crittenden

Massage therapist was great and had great hands that knew just where to massage.

Rebecca Spear

I'd never gotten a professional massage before coming here but the staff walked my husband and I through every step and made us feel very comfortable. Like most spas, it's somewhat pricey but not as expensive as many of the other locations in the area. We've gone here several times now and every time I finish a session a feel much more relaxed. I highly recommend!

Aaron McDonough

This place is great. Im not a massage person, my wife and I did a couples massage that she'd set up. They were ready for us when we arrived, the facilities were clean, cool, and comfortable. Our massage therapists were both great. I will recommend Beyond Spa to others.

Cindy Stewart

Beyond Spa is a wonderful escape from the craziness of the day. It’s calm, cool , low lighting, relaxing music and an amazing water feature. My favorites are the Vanilla Orange Pedicure and the fully loaded facial. Everyone works together to make sure your experience is truly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Courtney Wayment Smith

If I could give zero stars I would. My sister and I just barely got our eyebrows done, wax and tint. They waxed off ALL of my eyebrows and have no shape at all. My sister has pink eyebrows from her tint. I will NEVER let anyone touch my eyebrows again after this. Pray for my eyebrows to grow back fast.

Kit Garcia

This place has a quality control issue. You never know what to expect - it could be perfectly fine or a right out disaster. I received a gift certificate so I started with a leg wax. Not only did the woman not know what she was doing, but the wax stuck to my legs and she was unable to pull it off in a long strip. The table I was on was also bare, meaning I was sitting on pleather, in a cold room, while the girl painstakingly picked every bit of wax off my legs piece by piece. At one point she knocked a bowl of starch on the floor and started cursing. I wanted a full leg wax, but had her stop half way because I could do better at home. As others have mentioned when I brought it up all I got was a, "sorry bout that." No discount. She did after all wax half my leg never mind that it was painful awkward and unprofessional. My second service was a massage. It was great!... minus the fact that my legs had just been tortured. Calm. Relaxing. I thought it was just the wax girl. It was obvious that the massage therapist knew what she was doing. My third service (I had a certificate that I didn't want to waste) I got a massage again thinking of what a good experience that part had been. This time it's a guy, no biggie. It was fine until about 5 minutes into the massage I realize that this guy has no intention of being quiet. He's still asking me questions and talking and talking and talking and asking more questions... Dude, this isn't a get to know you moment. I want to sleep and NOT think about my problems. Needless to say my body felt great, but my brain wanted to punch the guy.

Cellen Arnold

Absolutely just had the best massage ever! I had surgery a month ago and Lora was very careful not to massage the area on my back. She made the experience very relaxing and I didn’t feel as though I missed out. My husband and I felt this was our best massage experience ever. Only downfall was it was only 50 minutes.

Kasi Monsen

Good environment! Awesome staff. If you want a massage get Jordan. She's great. The "let's taco bout love" was so cute and fun. Perfect date/anniversary night.

Chantelle McClellan

A place for total relaxation, good prices and amazing customer service. I reccomend highly for anniversaries, birthdays, gifts, or just to pamper yourself.

Amanda Sampson

I was given a gift certificate for Beyond Spa. I got a pedicure. They had maybe twenty choices for color. That's it. I wasn't impressed, but I found one I liked. The lighting, even in the pedicure area, was very low. I thought that was a bit weird, but okay. When I got home I was surprised to see paint all around my toenails on the skin. Of course the paint is dry already, so trying to clean off the skin ruins the polish on my nails. I don't mind if a little paint gets on the skin, but it should have been removed while the paint was wet. And every toe wasn't just overpainted a little. Each toe had paint on all the skin surrounding the nail. Ridiculous. A $54 pedicure should look really good. Professional. My toes look like I had my kids paint them. I would not recommend getting your nails done here. I think it is probably an add on service that they aren't really equipped for or trained really well to do.

lanya staneika

I get massages very often and I love trying new spas, I gave beyond spa a few tries bc they are on the cheaper side but they are not worth the money for a few reasons. They do not have a locker room or a place to shower so they aren’t a spa by definition, also the massages and facials are very hit or miss, I just came from one and the women didn’t know I was having a hot stone massage and I also don’t believe she had ever given one. Sego lily would be my recommendation for Utah I have never received a bad massage there

Charli Salas

The massage’s Were phenomenal. Cheryl especially. Solid 4 stars for them but the pedicures were lousy. Tipping 5$ each was almost painful. No foot massage, barely any contact period. Cleaning was also weak. Dang it cause the place itself is quite nice.

Paige Mac

Have been going to beyond spa for about 3 years. I have never had a bad experience. The price is right, the atmosphere is so relaxing, and all of the employees are kind and helpful. And the massages have always been top notch!

Channing Atkin

Wow! Wife bought the 50 minute couples with soak and massage and pedi and it was amazing! Just amazing

Amber McGuire

I go there to get my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted. They do a great job when it comes to tinting. If you are considering a manicure I would go elsewhere. I am rating them 3 stars because this last time I went to get tinting I included a manicure. My nails look good, not great. Looking at my nails afterward I see some areas of my cuticles that needed to be cleaned up better. The cost was $25 for a finger soak, cuticle trim, nail shape, lotion application and regular nail polish (they don't do gel nails). I am okay with not having gel nails, however I figured a basic manicure included a hand scrub. It appears my assumption was incorrect. She did bring ice water in a martini glass which was fun. I will keep going there for the tinting, but nothing else.

Tessa Ross

Received the best massage of my life from Vicky! The spa itself is incredibly beautiful and relaxing from the moment you walk in. You’re given a heated rice pad for your neck at the front desk, and the whole building is so dimly lit, you can’t help but be relaxed instantly. 10/10 would go there to zen out, even if I didn’t have a massage booked.

Habon Hajira

I went there based off reviews and I am happy it was my first time getting a massage and honestly loved it Joe she’s amazing with a clam voice and talks softly

Lyndsie Hekimian

I’ve been to Beyond Spa several times for various packages & services. My favorites are the hot stone massage & the facials. I love the products & scents they use for the different seasons, though the last package I had was summer (went through end of Sept) and they changed to their fall scents halfway through Sept so that was a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to the tropical scents. I love the warm neck wrap they give you upon arrival and the comfortable waiting areas with the low light & soft music; very relaxing! I’m most disappointed with their pedicures though. The chairs, while comfortable at first, don’t allow you to relax as they don’t have sides or armrests. If you’re in one by a wall, you can stack the pillows against the wall to lean on and it’s more comfortable. The polish never seems to last as long as when I go other places & their selection is much smaller (about 25 colors). I feel like they spend 70% of the time buffing/filing/painting & 30% rubbing/massaging. The leg/foot rub is why I get pedicures in the first place! So I stick to the massage & facials. They send me appt reminders, which I appreciate & I’ve only ever had 1 scheduling issue. The best place to go if you need some “me” time!

Allen Miller

Normally my wife and I enjoy our couples massage. However this one wasn't good for me. This masseuse rushed through my back and legs. Focusing mostly on my neck and shoulders. A lot of the time while she was working on my neck she kept breathing heavily in my face. It was not an enjoyable experience at all.

Daley R

Beyond spa is my go to for massages. I've been getting regular massages for the last 15 years and the best massages I've received were at beyond spa. I'm never disappointed! I did try another local place that was a bit more expensive but the massages were not as good as beyond spa's...the omg difference with the higher priced place was that I lounged in a bathrobe but the massages are the most important to me.

J Ry

I've been here several times for a massage and have been very happy with my results. I would highly recommend this place!

Troy Bradley

Hail to the QUEENS of massages Vicki and Kiah. we only got the the BEST massages in the HISTORY OF EVER!!!!

Kori Sorensen

Very personable and relaxing there. My husband and I loved the Romantic Retreat, 100% will be back.

Mariposa Rayna

This is the place to go for a great massage, or facial! I also love their huge tubs for a soak. Foot soaks are good too, but I wasn't too happy with my last pedicure. She didn't scrub or scrape any dry skin off the bottom of my foot but it felt like she was scraping the good skin off the top of my feet. I was a bit disappointed with the pedicure so I think I'll stick to the massages and facials! Love the treats they give you the come with the packages too. Love the staff!

Erin Hepner

Amazing! Best pedicure EVER! Krista was sweet, fun, and had the perfect touch. I went in because I was given a gift certificate, but I will definitely be back. Lots.

Bruce Hunt

Wonderful Couples Massage Beautiful facility great ambiance. We will be going back. Very soon.

Brian Cook

Friendly staff and very professional. Relaxing environment.

Robert Schaefermeyer

Great people and excellent amenities and atmosphere

Chris Schendel

Very warm and inviting atmosphere. Staff is friendly and well trained. We like to get pedicures and massages here. They offer great kid packages for our younger children to come with us.


I’ve been here a few time, overall the experiences were “okay”. This last one was absolutely horrible. My husband and I went in for an 80 min couples massage. Once the massage started I could hear my therapist breathing a little hard with some crackling in her chest. She then took a deep breath, I could hear the phlegm go into her throat and she started coughing uncontrollably and left the room. When she returned she apologized and said she had a tickle in her throat. She struggled for a few minutes then left the room to get some water. The other therapist apologized. When she returned after a few minutes she mentioned again that she just had a tickle in her throat she couldn’t get rid of. I was about to stop the massage but didn’t want to ruin my husbands massage. I figured maybe it was just a tickle and the rest of the massage would be great. Well, she was clearly sick. I could hear the crackling in her chest the whole time as she was holding back coughs, sometimes stopping to take a drink of water after coughing some more. I was tense the whole time just waiting for the massage to be over. Afterwards i found out my husband was extremely uncomfortable as well. He could hear how sick she was. I am sorry she was sick, but please don’t come to work. Especially when you are putting your hands on someone else, especially in a spa environment that is supposed to be relaxing. IT GETS WORSE! When we mentioned this at the front they gave us a comment card and asked us to mail it back. Odd, but okay. We mailed it in and someone called us a few days later. Their decision was a choice, actually and ultimatum for us! They would give us a free 80 min couples massage to come back OR they would refund our original massage, but would never be allowed to make another appointment. Haha, just wow. Give me an ultimatum and my choice is easy. It does baffle me that after this experience that would be their response. Not great management. I will add an additional review of the massages. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. FOR EVERYONE. They follow a routine and give the same massage each time, regardless of what your request.

Chris Callahan

Great massage, polite staff, clean environment. Couples massage with a soak. Loved it

Libby Leonard

We got a couples massage and it was wonderful! We would reccomend you upgrade to longer, our only complaint was that we wanted more more more!

Kurt Olson

Always a delight to go and get a massage there. Shelly did a fantastic job on my shoulder.


We had such a good experience! There was a mixup when we scheduled our appointments versus the coupons we had purchased so I was worried when we showed up that we wouldn’t get our massages, but they gracious accommodated us and we were able to use the louge and get a couples massage. So relaxing! The masseuses we had were both professional and did an excellent job. The louge was perfect (the tub was HUGE!) and the treats were a nice touch. We thoughly enjoyed our massages.

Heather Walston

I was not impressed. We went yesterday for the couples massage. The only relaxing part was the foot bath before the massage. The therapist used WAY to much oil. I felt like I was wearing 2 gallons of it when I left. She left the bolster under my ankles when having me turn over and I had to fix it myself when I turned, didn't drape well, just up and left the room for a few mins during the middle of the massage and I didn't know why. While she was gone my very oily left foot and bottom part of my leg was exposed. NOT relaxing and NOT worth what we paid.

dena brady

This spa is my absolutely favorite! I never leave without being brilliantly relaxed!!

Melissa Zuech

Amazing experience!!! Everyone was very nice, the place is immaculate. Overall the best experience I have had at a spa!!! I'm totally going back over and over again!

Avry Byington

Love this spa! Very relaxing and very professional. Clean accommodations with a fun spa/gift store at the end when you check out. Massage therapists are professional with good bedside manner.

Nicole Simmons

The best around!

Nettie Frady

Always is a great day, when I go there!!

Danielle McConnell

I wish that I could rate this place a million stars!!!!!

Paule Phara

2 of my co-workers told me how amazing this place was so I wanted to try it out. Heather was my masseuse. I came in on Friday the 26th at 1700. I ordered the "Mother 2 be Retreat" which is a 50 Minute Mother 2 Be Massage, Achy Ankles & Feet Relief, and Belly’s Gone Beyond (50 Minute Mother 2 Be Massage, Achy Ankles & Feet Relief, Belly’s Gone Beyond. (Allow 2 hrs / $130) In lieu of the 50 minute Mother 2 Be Massage, I opted for the 80 minute massage (that is 30 min extra added to the package) which instead of paying 130, I paid 151 for plus 10 tip which equal to the total being around 161. She started my massage at 1710 and she was done around 1900. I called the office when I got home to inquire about my additional 30 min because I thought Heather might have thought I ordered the 50 min plus the fixes as outlined in the package. They put me on hold and came back to tell me that my massage was a 2 hr massage because of the added fixes and because Heather was working alone and didn't take any breaks. So they robbed me of 30 min. To start with, it wasn't that great of a massage. The whole time I was extremely uncomfortable while laying on the table. I was twisting and turning which should I've been a hint to Heather that I wasn't comfortable. I was readjusting myself and she didn't even ask to help out. I left the salon feeling dissatisfied and feeling ripped off of my hard earn money. That same exact night, my back and my shoulders were hurting and my partner had to give me another massage. I had high expectations for this place based on the reviews and friend's recommendations but I was pretty disappointed with the service. Save your money or go somewhere else. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They are very dishonest and will find a way to steal your minutes.

Tasha Green

It's so relaxing and peaceful and the services they provide are amazing.

Angela Arnell

I had a very relaxing time, I just have one suggestion. The package deal I bought is called "Nervous Breakdown". This is ironic to me because I have experienced many real life nervous breakdowns. I have struggled with mental health issues the majority of my life. I think mental illness is such a huge issue (especially in Utah), and I have a feeling I'm not the only customer who has thought this, but I'm probably the only one that dares to say anything about it. I think the name should be changed to focus on something more positive, like Mental Recharge/Rejuvenation or something along those lines. I was going to anonymously suggest or email the idea to someone, but I couldn't find any contact information other than the phone number. So I went with a Google review. I didn't feel comfortable saying anything to anyone about the topic when I was there because I was afraid it would be taken the wrong way. Utah has had the highest suicide rates for many years now, and the number one killer of Utah teens is suicide. Words are very powerful, and I think it's important we change the way we talk about mental health issues.

Kathy Adams

Great massage and pedicure.

Randall Cleaver

WOW! As a 1st timer, I was VERY impressed. Lindsey never conveyed the feeling that it was just a job for her. The human connection via touch was cathartic. Recommended HIGHLY! I'm going back.

Taylor Jennings

This is a great spa. Wonderful, calm atmosphere. Reasonable prices and great people working here.

Emi Nyre

Emma is fantastic! Best massage I have had so far. I would definitely recommend coming to see her! Their creamsicle massage is wonderful.

Shanel Anderson

They have the best Employees ever! The experience starts from the time you call for your appointment till the time you check out! They do a great range of services from massages to pedicures.

The JackBadger

Go here people! Dead serious! Book an appointment and thank me later. Tonight I had my first professional massage. I've heard some pretty big horror stories from other massage places and was worried, so I made sure to go with a higher rated location, I was am SO GLAD I did!!! Tonight my wife and I had a massage from Kendall and Yoanna (I'm really sorry if I spelled that wrong) and good grief those ladies did an amazing job! They threw all my worries to the curb and made me feel like a regular. Very professional and relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff everywhere, and highly competitive prices. Amazing quality for what you pay for! For the longest time I was so confused on why people got massages so regularly, and no I know why. Simply an incredible experience and I am absolutely going back very soon!

Chad Henderson

All I can say is Amazing!!! The ambiance, the service, the massage. This is a top notch spa. I would recommend Beyond Spa to all of my Family and Friends. Thank you so much Beyond Spa for the great experience. My wife and I loved the couples room. So relaxing!!!

Shereesa Allred

I have been here for massages multiple times in the past year. I have yet to be disappointed, every massage therapist has done a great job. I love being welcoming with a nice warm neck pillow and to spend a few extra minutes prior to my appointment in the relaxation room.

melissa olsen

I just had a wondeful experience at Beyond Spa with Breanna as my masseuse! She listened to what was bothering me and then paid special attention to those areas. I was her last client for the evening, but I didnt feel like she was giving any less of her best! I will definitely be scheduling again with her!

Jenny Matyi

Very calming atmosphere and they treated me like a queen.

Chris Taylor

Great place. Very professional. I had one issue where I waited in the waiting room for 30 min. I asked the lady at the counter if there was a problem. The masseuse went home and they didn't have any other open appointments that day. They were very apologetic and got me in the next day for free. It was handled well.

Kristyn Hansen

Great relaxing experience. The massage therapists I've been to have been wonderful and great at customizing massages to your liking.

vIctoria sitzman

Beautiful place with the perfect atmosphere. The staff are extreamly friendly. I had my eyebrows done there for less money than where I usually go and the lady did a wonderful job. I will most certainly be going back.

Paul Anderson

Such a nice place to relax and have a massage! Good for the body and the mind.

Hailey Lindberg

I’m definitely a loyalist to Beyond Spa.. they have great prices on massages and do a great job. My husband got me a gift certificate for my birthday which included a spa pedicure and 50 minute massage. The Pedicure was great, I’m cheap for pedi’s though, and would probably not go back for that again, but the massage was AMAZING!!

Britaini Delbo

Once upon a time, they had great pedicures. Now most of their staff seem to have no idea what it is that a pedicure entails. Last time I got a pedicure I had to tell the girl specifically that she was missing a tool that she needed to do a good job as well as how to cut a cuticle back the right way. Not only that, they barely put any muscle into the filing and scrubbing at all. You can barely tell they are touching you. If all you want out of your pedicure is nicely painted nails and nothing else, this is the place for you. If you actually want your calluses removed and feet cleaned up and cuticle attended to, go somewhere else.

Rachel Peranzi

That may be one of the best massages I've ever had and I get them regularly. Got a couple's massages while visiting friends in the area. Husband also had a fantastic massage. Building is beautiful and everyone was very kind.

Koko Kimball

Good services, sometimes feels like they’re rushing you and just going through the motions to get you out.

Marci Kormylo

Calm, peaceful, restorative - delights the senses in every way. Kendall and Casey were amazing! Thank you for the experience!

Niki Stephenson

Incredibly soothing and left me feeling positive and energized. If you're getting a manicure or pedicure, ask for Logan. She's very sweet and a joy to be around.

Nova Lee


Jessica Flinn

Low lighting, calming music, great environment, amazing staff! Brittany did my Ginger Lime Pedicure and it was AMAZING. And SHE was amazing. So gentle on my feet, and easy to talk to. She was very kind, and did a phenomenal job. This is the best pedicure I've ever had!

Whitney McKee

The building is beautiful and very relaxing. You're greeted warmly and given a heated neck wrap when you check in, then guided past the indoor stream to a comfortable waiting area. The staff are friendly, and me and my husband love getting massages here.

Carli Stewart

The staff here is warm & welcoming every time I come. The facility is clean, quiet & relaxing. The services are reasonably priced & the therapists are exceptionally trained. I will be making it a monthly expense to come here!

Matthew Gwynn

My wife and I don’t get to go enough. We use Beyond Spa exclusively. Customer service is outstanding and prices are reasonable. Warm and inviting. Low light, soft music, and water fountain provide excellent ambiance. Finished a long run? Go see Kris. Stressed? Go see Kris. She is an excellent, genuine, and sincere massage therapist.

Sarah Gallen

I got the 80 minute couple message and it was amazing. I did my part on communicating the parts I wanted rubbed harder and the therapist did a great job in putting forth the effort. I think her name was Jeanette or Jeannine? I felt like I lost ten pounds and all the knots were gone out of my back and bum. Very quiet and relaxing. She worked hard the entire time. Definitely going back! The staff was efficient and made it a great experience.

stacey fraga

Love this place! Great service, beautiful spa.

Margie Sparrow

Loved our couples massage. Great atmosphere.

Adam Partridge

At a glance it seems like a relaxing, clean, softly lit environment. A few minutes into your pedicure your eyes adjust and you begin to notice how dirty the place really is. Coupled with thin walls and echoey rooms if there are any other customers in the building you'll know immediately. I also thought it was a bit strange that towards the end of our 80 minute couples massage the masseuses sat at our heads and held our heads in their hands. Not really doing anything. Not intentionally applying any pressure... Both of the masseuses did this for the last 5 to 10 minutes as if they were tired and just had to wait out the clock... I would not recommend...

Ellen Timmins

Every bit what you'd expect from a high scale spa but very reasonable prices. Excellent, professional staff. Absolutely the only spa I go to.

Kristy Vaughn

Love love love this place - the B lounge is a heavenly place to unwind

Linda Caldwell

Worst massage I have ever had. I said at least 8 times, it was too much pressure. Every time I said the pressure was too deep, the therapist breathed heavy and acted angry. I stopped the massage. A massage should not make you cry. The therapist responded with, I did my best, I'm done too.

Shawn and Jenifer Phillips

Won't go anywhere else for pedicures or massages! Always a great experience!

NatashaLee Ward

I will start with positive feedback: The inside of the establishment will most likely surprise you. The ambience carries throughout the building in a relaxing and almost mysterious manner. You instantly feel teleported into an imaginary retreat far away from the hustle and bustle, just outside the doors. Now for my experience, which completely eradicated the initial awe inspiring introduction and brought me back to a harsh reality..... My experience at "Beyond Spa" was beyond disappointing. I had just been notified the day prior that an unexpected death in the family (a minor) had occured and that week I had also just been informed that I needed a medically necessary hysterectomy; to say I was stressed is a gross understatement. I used a sick day from work and I called the spa to explain my situation to see if they scheduled same day massages or if they had openings for the next day. The receptionist was super friendly and told me she could book me for 1 p.m. that day. I was nervous but also excited and looking forward to being pampered for an hour. During my call, the receptionist never asked if I had been there before or if I had ever been to a massage place to understand the procedures. I arrived at 12:58, thinking I was "on time". I waited about 2 or 3 minutes for my massage therapist to greet me at the desk and then she asked me if I wanted to use the restroom first; so I did and then she walked me to a massage room. As we walked down the dark and long hallways, I told her how nervous I was. She handed me a clipboard of paperwork they give you to fill out and never appeared to be in any time constraints. She left the room to wash up and let me get undressed. I told her it would only take me a few seconds, and I figured she would be rifht back to get started. I waited a long time for her to return from "washing her hands". She talked the entire time and asked me tons of personal questions, despite my request to just meditate and relax during the massage. She was very kind in speech and she appeared to be just trying to help me feel less awkward, but it still was not what I had requested to clear my head and relax. When she stopped doing my legs and feet she said, "okay, you are all done". I was taken aback and confused because it felt like only a short time versus the time I had scheduled (an hour massage). I sat up and said, "wow, that went by really fast!". She chuckled and replied that it usually does. When she left the room I looked at the clock and saw that she only spent 20 minutes on me. It was then that I realized what they did. I felt so cheated but just walked to the front to check out with the girl as she had the audacity to tell me that I needed to visit them every few weeks or at least once a month. My time was started right at 1 p.m., not when she took me back and most certainly not when she began the massage. If they would have explained on the phone that your massage starts at 1 and to be there early enough to do paperwork, get undressed and discuss with the massage therapist what areas you want done, I would have made sure to avoid using the restroom when offered, I would not have had small talk with her when she tried, etc. I will never go there as a patron again, much less go every month. I tipped the young lady only $10 that day because of the treatment and when I politely spoke to the young receptionist about the situation she patronized me by asking if I wanted a hug.... I was flaberghasted by the response and quietly left. It was callous and incompassionaye to take advantage of any customer, much less a first time guest that was there under my circumstances.

K Lattin

Alaina did the best DEEP tissue massage I have ever had. She was knowledgeable, thorough, gentle, yet got the job done well. Loved her!

KristinandBret Wynder

Had my first massage ever here and loved it. Great staff, atmosphere, everything!

Dale Locascio

Excellent greenlight great need to hop again

Zack Pali

Professional and very relaxing.

Shellcey Salazar

Love this place

sarah hunt

Absolutely love it at Beyond. I have had facials at a few other places but Beyond spa is the best. They take the time to listen to what you need before they start anything. Love the people and how helpful they are. They tell you about the products that are used so if you want to purchase them you can but there is no pressure to buy. And the plus... you feel amazing after your treatment.

Annee Steck

I got my first massage, it felt nice, but the lady who did it ran the lotion through my hair, I’m almost positive that they’re not supposed to do that

Heidi May

Love this Spa! They ask the right questions about what type of massage you are looking for.

subject _8

We had an 80 min couples massage and 30 min "B" lounge that was amazing. Its a very nice place with a very good feel to it. Staff is nice and accommodating. Like a little vacation. We'll be coming back for sure.

Ryan Schneider

Great atmosphere, great staff. Really good energy and a good massage!

Lindsay Coull

An awesome experience, exactly what I was hoping for - my husband booked me a massage and facial, both were great. Ambiance is awesome, dim lighting, soft music and all the staff are very focused on providing a relaxing, pampering experience

Mark Miller

Great way to relax. We had a couples massage and now that I'm writing this review ... I'm thinking I need to get back soon :) Very relaxing retreat from a very busy and hectic world.

Terri Tegart

By far one of my favorite places. The services are always excellent, the facility is decorated with a view to relax you the minute you arrive. And you can't beat the price.

Mikayla Roberts

Once you have been here, you can't go to any other spa again! Such a great experience, with friendly staff, and a wonderful environment! I can't wait to come back and get pampered again!

Sarah Cloward

The massage therapists are experienced and talented and have been very helpful at helping me manage my muscle pain and tension. And the scheduling staff is always accommodating and friendly; if a conflict comes up they do their best to fix the problem and/or offer some kind of amends.

Shalee norager

Amazing as always

Lindsay Baird

This is my spot of choice for massages, Jasmine is wonderful and all of the girls are very friendly.

jessica minardi

daughter came here for princess party.. she was in heaven! and she seriously smelled delicious afterwards lol..

Jenifer Burton

I have been going there for years and have never been disappointed. Good services, relaxing environment.

Szilard Suto

Relaxing ambiance, great services, good prices.

David Osmond

We love this place. Always a great massage, reasonable prices and friendly service.

Callie’s Toy house

My kids and life loved it! Bought them a massage there

Colton Gardner

Right when you walk in, their staff give you a warm neck pillow before you are served. They have a range of services, including massages, pedicures, & facials, and the dark, relaxing, and soothing atmosphere help put you in the mood. The staff is well trained and friendly. Great experiences here (their heated beds are a major plus)!

c williams

I would give negative stars if I could. My wife gave me this for a Christmas present. My massage tech today was snooty and offensive--Sydney. My wife works all month to afford to treat us to this monthly; however, to pay nearly $300 to be deeply cut down and put in your place is ridiculous. My wife has been in tears since we left the place. We were loyal, regular customers, but I will NEVER step foot in that place again. To go to relax and leave in tears is not a good deal at any price. This is supposed to be a pampering experience to feel better about yourself. My wife is ill and needs the massage to function. She feels self conscious enough about her limitations. To be treated so poorly is inexcusable. If you want techs who think they are better than you, this is your place. I, for one, do not need someone who is supposed to be helping us function better being so judgemental. It defeats the purpose entirely. I am deeply saddened because my wife had so looked forward to doing this for us. She has been excited all week for today. She came home and went to bed crying. I think that says it all. So much for pampered relaxation and feeling good about yourself!

Mikhelle Combs

This was my first time at a spa, my husband bought me a package with 60 min massage, facial and pedicure. I'm not sure how much he paid, I'm guessing at least $160-200(plus tip). I requested a female to do my massage, they called my husband AFTER I had already arrived(unbeknownst to me until after the massage) to say the girl who was to do my massage hadn't come in but there was a male who had very good reviews available. My husband declined saying I wasn't comfortable with a male and we could reschedule if need be, the person on the phone said that was no problem they had another girl who could do it for me. I was then taken to the bathroom before the massage. When I was finished in the bathroom I waited outside the bathroom door for about 5 minutes before my masseuse finally came back and said "Oh, I got side tracked and didn't remember you didn't know where you were going!". She then walked me to the room and instructed me to undress to my comfort level. She started the massage, I told her to go deeper, no pressure increase. I've honestly had better massages from my husband, and they were free! After the massage came the facial, it was terrible. Like I said before I had never had a facial before so I didn't know what to expect. The girl turned on the steam machine, way too close to my face! I had to scoot my head because of how hot and how much steam was coming out. Bubbles in my nose plus the stream of hot steam made me feel like I couldn't breathe! The pedicure was less than thrilling. I won't be going back to beyond spa.

Rebecca Windley

I left more stressed out than when I came in. *DEFINITELY* overpriced for what you get.

Ruth Carter-Crist

Wonderful, relaxing atmosphere and competent staff.

Jewels Jackson

The best place to get a pedicure! The girls are always so friendly and nice to talk to. I always enjoy every minute of my pedicure every time I go. Love this place!

Ashley Theobald

The therapists did such a good job and worked with our needs and preferences. My husband and I felt like new people coming out of our couple’s massage. Thanks!

Allison Jensen

Wonderful! We did a couples massage and have been to a lot of different places but Beyond Spa was by far our best experience!

Amber Hadley

Nice ambience. Employees are so polite

Kate Borg

I've always had a great experience here! Very reasonable pricing for fantastic service!

Jamie McDonald

They fit me in last minute! I woke up so tight in my neck & shoulders, that I could barely move. Can’t remember the gal that did my massage but she did not disappoint. I can’t actually move now!

Dakota Seegmiller

Really great massage. Nice environment.

Dr Glenn Letteer

This is a nice quiet place to relax.

Ben Petersen

A great place for a massage. Everyone is professional and everything is always clean and tidy.

Amber Klosky

I went last weekend for a pedicure and Nicole did an amazing job. It was very clean and has the perfect relaxing atmosphere. So I returned today for a facial and scalp treatment by Nicole. That was absolutely amazing!

Cathryn Gamsby

Wonderful Therapists! Great calm, relaxing locale at fantastic prices.

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