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REVIEWS OF Amara Day Spa Salon & Boutique IN Utah

Maddie Browning

Very underwhelmed with the shellac manicure I got. It was a very expensive manicure and they don’t even moisturize your hands or anything they just throw the nail polish on and send you out. The polish looked bad especially around my nail beds and bled onto the sides of my fingers and they didn’t fix it up. The color was very milky and not opaque. I got a gift card here as a birthday present and was very sad to leave with nails I wasn’t proud to show off.

Natalie Bondehagen

I love love Amara. They have the best brands to shop and I've loved getting my nails done regularly there. Their nail techs are amazing at Nail Art!

jeff Meacham

The only time I could make an appointment with my hair stylist was at 5pm because of their busy schedule. They called me 2 hours before to let me know that they were canceling it so they could help another customer. Not only did I have to sit around all day, but it was really disappointing to hear that they valued another customer over me. On their website, they say they will charge if you miss an appointment but they don't say anything about them standing you up. Will not return.

christina jemison mack

Love Shanell, the brow manager. She works wonders on your brows! Definitely book a wax and tint if your considering it

Marina Ribeiro

I loved everything about this place it looks so nice and the staff was incredible. My experience was amazing and I'd highly recommend this place to everyone!

Robin Komlos

Swathi Upadhya

Mikeal Butler

I work next door, tons of people rave about how amazing the staff is. The place is always packed full of people the second they open. Whoever created this store is doing so many things right.

Karen F

I have been going here since they opened and LOVE their their pedicures and haircuts. The boutique is awesome too! <3

Katlin Neubert

PSA - if you get a deep condition treatment you will have to pay an additional $30.00 for the blowout. $50 for deep conditioning and $30 for the blowout = $80 + tip. Also, they charge $80 for lash lift. If you go to one of the lash / eyebrow salons, they only charge $40.00 for lash lift. ("Precise" in orem is a good lash salon) Amara should be a little more competitive with their pricing.

Cody Booher

Got an excellent haircut with excellent service

Alisha Johnson

Japa Swadia

A little overpriced for everything else, but I love their haircut service every single time I go!

Kaitlan Braithwaite

Went here recently for a last minute brow tint. I told the person helping me what I specifically wanted. She didn’t seem to really care about my input and just did what she wanted anyway and I wasn’t to happy with the outcome of my brows. They were supposed to be a dark brown, but they faded back to normal within 2 DAYS of getting them done. Honeslty don’t think they have the best brow tint. I felt super rushed because she only spent 5 minutes on them. Overpriced for the “quality” of service. Not to impressed due to the fact that I usually get my brows down at the Skin science institute in Orem. The student are so professional and well trained and they always make sure I leave with the brow color I want. They will apply tint until it’s exactly what I want. I didn’t seem to get that input at AMARA. It was my first visit also and wasn’t impressed.

Sean Lorscheider

Love this place for my wife and girls!

Lisa Bullington

I am a long time fan of Amara in Orem, so when they opened Amara in Lehi which is closer to home, I was thrilled! I love the personal attention that I receive there. I have had a great experience with their nail technicians with shellac nails and toes, as well as various skin care treatments. An Amara gift card as a stocking stuffer or gift for friends/coworkers is the best!

Halie Thompson

Katie Poecker

I am not the type of person to log in an leave review, positive or negative. That being said, I went to Amara today to get a manicure and pedicure on my lunch break. It took two hours and the girl who did the manicure spilled paraffin wax all over my pants. She was extremely apologetic about it! I was annoyed that the service took forever and I really did need to get back to my office so I decided to just grab something from the boutique so I could return to work. As I walked out of the salon after changing in the bathroom the manager said " that's such a cute outfit, did you get you skirt here?" I explained "yeah, I had to buy a new skirt because I had paraffin wax all over my pants and I need to get back to work" Her answer was "oh." With no further response. The common answer in that situation would be "what can we do to make the situation right?" That's customer service 101, right? The pants that I wore into the salon today were brand new, I left them in the bathroom garbage can because they were completely ruined. I still have a gift card with over $150 on it, it may be awhile before I return to the salon.

Camille Purtschert

I love this boutique/salon. They offer lots of different services, though I've only ever done waxing, I would definitely try their other services. Very professional, kind and caring staff. Kristy is the best aesthetician ever! They also have cute clothes, shoes and jewelry and offer you refreshment while you wait. Really it's a wonderful salon!

Trisha Ann Bell

david hawkins

Rude, expensive, and slow! Not to mention, clueless!!!

Cade Youd

2nd time here still didn't get what I asked for. Lehi location.

Kirsten Obert

I love LOVE coming here. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the boutique has adorable and unique products. I get my hair done here often and have gotten my nails done a few times too. I haven't tried their spa services yet, but they have a wide variety to choose from. Everything is high quality and the products smells great.

Becky Brown

Breckon Carlton

Paige Rickert

The Lehi location feels a lot smaller than Orem, but the same service is there. I love going to Amara because everyone makes me feel super welcome and taken care of. I mostly go here for lash tints, but also the occasional haircut, and have never had a complaint. Every service has been high quality. Recommend!

Cameron Chester

Miriam is one of the best hair stylists in Utah County. She is very delicate with your hair and makes sure you are comfortable. I would highly recommend all men book with her!

Olivia Almond

Kim Stuck is the best injector ever!!! She did my lips & gave them more shape & fullness! She’s all about the details

Diane Graybeal

I'm happy with my hair!

Leandra Weech

Carly H. is the best! I don't trust anyone else to do my blonde like she does!

Natalie Pickard

Just received the worst haircut of my whole life. The most frustrating thing is that I explained when I called that I have extremely unforgiving hair (super blonde, super thick, super straight) and so I wanted to see their best most experienced stylist for a Square, blunt bob. They set up an appointment with a stylist in a few days. I reiterated that I would wait as long as it took to get the most experienced person and they assured me up and down that this girl was the best. Well, let me tell you, she was most definitely NOT the best. She'd only been there a year, and took the thinning shears to my hair horizontally when she saw that her initial layers were horrendous. Long story short, I'm left with an unblended, choppy, lopsided haircut. I should go back and ask for it to be fixed but I don't trust anyone there at this point to come anywhere near my hair.

Taukave Lauti

Amara came highly recommended to me when I was looking for a haircut. I went to the Lehi location and showed the hairstylist several pictures of what I wanted; a couple inches off the back. I was very clear that I did not want a bob and nothing off the sides and that I needed to be able to put it in a ponytail. The hairstylist was very kind and was doing what I had asked I thought. Towards the end she turned me away from the mirror to "blend the sides" and ended up taking off several inches and turned it in a short bob that I cannot manage. I left that appointment feeling very emotional and ugly and wishing I had just left it alone. I have called Amara 4 times now to inform them of the situation and continue to leave a message. I understand that hairstylists are human and make mistakes; I am passed that I’ll just hate my hair until it grows out. My frustration is with the lack of care and follow through from management. You would think with such a good reputation that would get a better quality so service. What a joke

Kati Nickl

I have been to the Lehi location for various services and always leave unimpressed. They charge a premium for their services but the quality doesn’t match up. I got eyelash extensions done a week ago and they have almost all fallen out and look horrible (paid close to $200). I called and they weren’t able to get me in quickly to fix them and didn’t really seem to care. It seems that their staff isn’t very experienced. I won’t be giving this salon more chances.

Shannon Doxey

I had Chelsea as my stylist the other day and she was amazing! She did exactly what I wanted for my cut and made sure I didn’t leave till I was happy. My hair looks great, my boyfriend loves it, and I had a wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend to others!

Joaquina Gonzalez

Carlie Adams

We love Amara! My husband and I were going to the Orem location for years. We moved and we're thrilled the Lehi location opened up. Everyone is helpful, friendly, and pleasant. All the services we have received have been perfect. It's great to have a one stop shop for nails, hair, waxing, shopping, etc.


Extremely disappointed with my experience. My stylist was very quick and didn't bother to cut my hair properly. My hair looks like it was cut uneven. I am extremely dissatisfied with my experience and will never come here again.

Suzy Smith

Ryan Jacobs

Mike F

Cheryl Fehring

I would like to Thank Kera for the wonderful haircut and style she gave me! I truly Love my hair! It’s been a long time since I really liked my hair. I would highly recommend her, she is professional, knows her craft and is excellent finding the right style for your face, hair and lifestyle.

Hannah Gray

I get my highlights done here and I'm always happy with it. All the girls feel like my friends by the end of my appointment.


I got my eyebrows done with Trista. I highly reccomend her! She knows her stuff and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my results.

Enoch Nielson

Stephanie Ehat

70.00 deluxe pedicure without the my cuticles being clipped and paint on my skin. No thank you. Go somewhere half the price and the end product will be much better.

Stacie Hanson

New location in a big shopping center. Cute clothes in the boutique. Friendly staff. Megan, the nail tech is great and will hand paint every request I've made. I have hard gel nails and never have a problem with lifting or breakage. Easy to make appointments. They offer you a drink and treat you well.

Carrie Cox

This place is lovely. They are very nice and attentive, and offer all sorts of services.

Ashlee Gibby

I was very disappointed my visit to Amara today. I have never gone for a dramatic color change and have only dared do light highlights. I brought in a picture, the middle one posted here and asked before we started if they could do this look. I was told yes. I also stated that the biggest reason I wanted my hair colored was because I was finding silver hair. The end product, although a very pretty color is not at all what I asked for. I went back and let them know it was not what I wanted and was told they couldn't fix it. They could try again but it would cost $90 more dollars and no promises. Their colors are l'oreal and more natural and not very good at doing dramatic vibrant colors. Then I was told that I should go to another salon. I understand that certain brands can only do so much. That is just fine. But, I wish that I had been told that before I spent 3 hours and $90 dollars to have it done! I posted pictures of my color on Facebook and was literally told by someone that they got the exact same hair color and theirs did the same thing. She was told red colors will fade after a few weeks. 20 minutes after leaving the salon I was informed that my hair looks faded and weeks old! I can also still very clearly see the silver in my hair. Very disappointed and I left the salon in tears. The stylist was very sweet and the people were very kind but my experience was horrible. I'm out $90 dollars, still have silver hair and according to others have older faded color and it will be months before I will be able to afford to do it somewhere else. I have heard very good things about this salon but I will never go back! I feel lied to, ripped off and it was a complete waste of money I had saved and treasured to make myself feel special and beautiful.

Leslie Dalton

Courtney DeLange

My sister and I have been looking for a good place for a Mani and Pedi and we finally found it! Amara Day Spa was AMAZING! The technicians were friendly and did an amazing job. Best Shellac nail job I have ever had! Also, all of the items they use seem to be organic or at least not filled with many chemicals (doesn't smell like a typical nail salon). Their green tea, lemon grass, soak for the Mani was awesome! The only suggestion I would have is to ask for the Pedi first. They did ours last which caused us to run out to our car in those flimsy salon flip flops. And that caused me to ruin one of my toes :(. Other than that, it was an outstanding experience and we will definitely be going back!

Sr Antarik

Michael Barton

I've had multiple times where they mess up the reservation time, i show up and they have no record of a reservation, or just cancel on me with no real help in trying to fit me in on the same day. Front desk staff is poor at helping customers.

Julie McNamara

I love my stylist! And the salon works around my busy schedule.

Toni Pettit

Danielle J

Hailey Murray just cut my hair, she did an amazing job on my super thick hard to manage hair! Love it!!

Lanae C

If you want gorgeous, long-lasting lashes, go see Kelly C at Amara. She’s a perfectionist and very talented. I love my lashes!

Katteryne Sanchez

Arielle Roberts

Wish I could give lower than one star. Not only did this salon (stylist Charlie elder) chemically burn off 4 inches of my sisters hair and give her scalp chemical blisters and scabbing, when she went back the next day to see the manager (Morgan) showed no sympathy, or concern, and told her that what she experienced was "to be expected"! So head on in if you want a salon who allows "stylists" who don't know how to mix chemicals, and managers who won't care.

Zamaris Nieves

I love Amara, great customer service. The only downside is that is so hard to schedule an appointment. Right now I have been trying to make an appointment and there is nothing available until middle of October, that's ridiculous. I feel like they are under staff.

D&E Peterson

When I moved to UT, I had disappointment after disappointment when looking for a hair salon. After finding and loving Amara Orem, I moved more north and attempted to find a closer stylist, which left me in tears. Super excited when Amara opened a closer location. Every stylist has been amazing.

Whitney Dawe

Keri Holland

I seriously love going to Amara. Shelby and her assistant Savannah are the best and I’ll be a client for life because of them!

TB Freeman

It was my first time visiting Amara Spa and it was a great experience, very friendly! Got my eyelashes done by Christine, won’t go anywhere else!! Drove down from Fruit Heights because of the amazing job she does and completely worth it!! I will definitely be back for sure!! If you want amazing eyelashes go to Christine, I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Srishti Hunjan

Teiste Brito

Extremely friendly stuff and they always help you if you're shopping on behalf of somebody's else.Very pleased with their service and products.

Kimberly Stuck

Shanell is a brow goddess!

Rebecca Sanderson

Jen Pierce

The most enjoyable experience I have ever had! Thank you Amara for my new hair!

Kayla Pratt

The place is super clean, the little boutique in there is a little spendy and by a little I mean I accidentally put on a $98 pair of sunglasses, super cute though, the service is on point! My hair stylist was super helpful, offered me tips on what products to use and which ones to avoid, the shampooing process was amazing, head massage, nice smelling product, she didn't take too much off which I loved but she made it look so much better!

Marti Bove

Love Kim, she’s so knowledgeable about all the product and procedures. She’s very gentle and made sure I felt comfortable the whole time. I’ll be back to see her soon.

Jessica Benedetto

I saw Kim for botox and am very happy with the result! She is knowledgeable and gave me great advice before my service. She helped me signed up for a program that gave me a $50 reward for my service - brilliant distinctions.

Lauren Davies

Amy Sanderson

Beautiful salon but they really fried my daughter’s hair. I personally had great experiences with the Orem Amara. My daughter’s hair didn’t turn out at all what was expected. Paid a lot to have her hair damaged and look worse. Now we are just waiting for it be healthy enough to get it fixed somewhere else.

Katelyn Petersen

Jesse Oeser

I just recently started going to Amanda Day Spa & Salon to get my lashes done and I couldn’t be more happy!! I have been seeing Christine and she does such an amazing job! I absolutely love my lashes...they are so full, beautiful and they don’t bother my eyes at all. Christine makes you feel so comfortable in her chair, she is the sweetest girl and is so personable! I will be going to her from now on and would recommend her 100%. I’m so happy I found Amara Day Spa & Salon, it defiantly is my new go to Spa! I cannot wait to try all the other things they offer!

Beverly Davis

Karla Patten

Marlie Baker

Jaime Louise

I have moved around the last 4 years. From Denver, Las Vegas, Miami and now Salt Lake. I haven’t ever found a “better” salon than this one. And I have gone to many high end salons Morgan is exceptional the way she takes care of clients. Today I saw Mandy for a color and I’m so very happy. My eyebrows have never looked better. The Spa has so many services available as well...and a boutique inside the salon with many name brands. Worth all the stars

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