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REVIEWS OF A New Day Spa IN Utah

Brandon Jensen

The building and parking is odd, the customer service could be improved, the massage therapist was decent.

Merek Treanor

The owner is D*E*L*U*S*I*O*N*A*L. She has had too many businesses to count and they have all failed miserably. The biggest problem with her us that she will NEVER EVER take responsibility. She will treat you horribly if she doesn't like something and good luck trying to get a deceyservice!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!!!

DFD Salas

Very nice and friendly staff

Briaja Kinney

They gave us a couples massage while I was pregnant! For $89 that was awesome. The wait time was a bit long so it didn't feel like we got the full hour massage but it was still wonderful. We had drinks and chocolate strawberries while we waited. So fun.

Abigail Murdock

I was hesitant to come here for a massage after a terrible gel mani but had a gift card. Holly did an amazing swedish massage- I'll be back for sure!

Russell Maddox

Ask for Rodrigo. He's one of the best massage therapists I've ever been to. Tip him accordingly.

Craig Tanner

NEVER USE THESE GUYS. THEY ARE CROOKS. I called them and asked for a massage for Monday. They said we could get you in in 30 minutes. I said I would check with my wife. They said they will book and I can call back. I called back and said that wont work but lets do monday and they said they would charge me a cancellation fee because it wasnt 24 hours notice?! WTF! They had no permission to charge my credit card, there was no notice of a cancellation fee, they had no permission to store my credit card on file. They are crooks.

Troy Erickson

Had a great experience with a new day spa! Bought a couples massage on groupon, and they were super friendly and professional from start to finish. The outside was a little rough, but give them a chance and you wont regret it! Great service, great massages, and great staff! Highly recomended!

Chelci Williams

Beware. This day spa is so ridiculous. They put you on hold for 30 minutes at a time. They had a marathon going in front of their business the day of our massage . For the reminder call they never told us there would be a marathon. We could not make it to their day spa the road was shut down. When we called to speak with the receptionist, she told us to be forceful with police to get there. I called and spoke with the owner. She was ignorant and rude and disrespectful. She Wouldn’t listen to me. Disrespectful ignorant staffing. If I could give less than 1 Star I would.

Natalie Bitter

I am impressed. I was reading reviews and randomly came across one from my mom, she gave them 5 stars so I decided to go and the massage was incredible. There was zero wait time (on a Friday) so I filled out my paperwork and they got me in right away. Bryce is amazing at what he does! He listened to what I wanted and applied the perfect amount of pressure, he was extremely friendly and informative and went for close to 15 minutes over! I asked him how long he’d been there and he mentioned how much the owner cares for her employees which made me really happy and at the end I could tell how thankful she was that he received a nice tip. I was having a busy/stressful week and promised myself I would do something relaxing today. I feel so relaxed and happy.Thank you guys for the wonderful experience and thank you for taking care of your employees. I will definitely go back and bring my Mother too!

Gabi Savchuk

The best massage I've ever gotten is from Rachel at A New Day Spa. Their atmosphere definitely needs some help, but it is THE best massage and the best deal! Rachel is amazing!! She can do a super deep massage and can totally straighten out your back. They're always so friendly and welcoming. Great management!!

Lewis Yenna

I have never had a better massage in my life. The 3 star average for this place is outrageous, it is fantastic. My girlfriend said the exact same thing, best massage of her life. I will be coming back regularly

Jordan Kupfer

The hair dresser Aaron is so awesome, friendly and talented and really takes the time to examine and cut your hair correctly. She is so knowledgeable about what she is doing, not only just cutting the hair but things like what medications your taking and how they could affect the way your hair colors when you get a dye done. Who would have thought about that...? Well she does and I imagine the owner keeps a consistency in hiring employee's.

Felicia Alsbrooks

Went in for couples massage with my husband and was blown away by the service. Fairly priced and amazing massage therapists. We will be going back very soon to try other services!

Cheryl Finlay

Where is the option to put stars in the negative? I would NEVER go to this place AGAIN!! If it was free.... hard pass! I went on a groupon, hoping to find a nail salon close to my place of employment. I am wondering if the board of health has ever wandered through A New Day Spa.... doubtful. I had artificial nails on from another salon, and they could not remove them?!?! Seriously? I had to go home, take them off and then go back. THE DAY I left after finally getting my nails done with gel polish, they all (except one) fell off in whole pieces when I washed my hands!! I went in and had them done..,,,third trip, and this time two came off. I have had my nails done for the past ten years and this has never happened before! The TOPPER to the whole experience is when the receptionist/owner demands the tip as you stand at the front desk. Here is MY tip to the owner: a tip is based on the service. It is earned, and NOT a given. It is not your decision as to whether a customer pays one or not. perhaps you should pay your employees better, so you don’t need to make up for lack of a salary by demanding tips. Seriously.... I would not go back if given a gift certificate. What a waste of time, and the entire experience was horrific, and beyond unprofessional!!

Alberto Perez

Would never recommend. Where do I start. The place is very filthy and dirty, and the customer service is terrible. The woman at the front desk is extremely rude and constantly demanding that customers leave large tips, even though it's not merited . My wife and I booked a couples massage. It took over an hour past our scheduled appointment time for them to take us. We were supposed to get drinks and chocolate covered strawberries as part of the deal, which we didn't get. If I could leave zero stars I would. Stay away.

Amber Jessup

If I could give no stars, I would. My sister and I booked a massage a month ago. They called my sister yesterday for a reminder. When we got a little ways away, there were police blocking the road because of a marathon. When my sister got a call yesterday, they didn't tell her about the marathon that their business was right in the middle of. We had to drive around, and call them to let them know we were trying to find our way there. The receptionist told us to be "forceful" with the POLICE to get there. When we stopped to ask a policeman what we could do, he told us we could park in a store parking lot and walk there. He said it would take about 10 minutes to get there by foot. Not knowing how to find our car again, we decided against that. So we tried calling again, and immediately got put on hold for 10 minutes. We hung up, and kept calling back for 10 more minutes until we were put on hold again for 15 minutes. We hung up and called again to leave a message, but the receptionist answered. By this point we had been driving around for 35 minutes and had given up, and started to drive home. The receptionist kept interrupting my sister when she tried to tell the receptionist what the situation was. My sister let the receptionist know that we were on our way home because we couldn't get in, and that we would like to either reschedule or get a refund. The receptionist told us to talk to the massage therapist for directions. My sister told her again that we were halfway home, and asked for a refund. The receptionist told us that there was no way to do a refund because they got a new system and it was too hard to process a refund. My sister let her know that she had paid over the phone initially, but the receptionist said that it didn't matter and we'd have to dispute the charge. She also said there was no way to send a check. My sister tried to tell her that she was getting frustrated because we weren't warned about the marathon, and we were put on hold for so long. When my sister said the she was getting frustrated the receptionist rudely said "I have to pick up the other line" and then just put us on hold. My sister tried to tell her no, and that we had been on hold for a while so she could talk to us but the receptionist had already put us on hold. We waited another 12 minutes and hung up. This woman was very rude the entire phone call. We have disputed the charge, and would never recommend this terrible place to anyone.

Amy Giuliano

Between the reviews on google and the reviews on yelp, how is this place still in business you ask? Because they get extra cash by towing cars from their lot when they’re closed. The speed at which the towers moved was unrivaled and add in the lovely couple taunting the poor people who show up as their car is being hooked up. Maybe have a good business and you wouldn’t have to make extra money towing poor peoples cars. Plus you didn’t tow the trailer out of the lot but I guess that’s your home so that gets to stay.

Angie Sterner

Li, the aesthetician, is really good. She is attentive and very good at pedicures. We love Li! The owners or manager need to fix the following: have many more polish color choices and better color choices (sparkles), hire or schedule more aestheticians. Two appointments in a row we scheduled pedicures for three people and they had only one aesthetician when they told us they would schedule at least two to do our three pedís. Have evening appointments available. Again Li is amazing. A massage chair would put Li’s pedicures over the top.

Faitheroni Berja-Taylor

This massage therapy is amazing. I love the staff!

greg Beals

Highly recommended! Great staff! Great experiance! Go see Fatima if you want the hands of a true professional. I will definitely be back. Thx to A New Day Spa!

Heather T

If you want to truly unwind, destress, and feel renewed, go to A New Day Spa! They know how to pull the stress right out of you with a simple and profound atmosphere. These people are dedicated and treat you well.

Nathon Boyle

Great show and food I do feel like some entertainment while eating would make it that much better

diana vera

The therapist were very nice people, everything is nice I give them 4 stars just because I think they have to fix some parts of the massage room but itsi not a big deal. I really like it and the therapist there were very nice and lovely

Michael Mason

My masseuse was excellent but the Lady at the front table was pushing the tip money, which was uncomfortable needless to say. I’ll tip what I think is appropriate and don’t need guidance from an owner that only pays her people minimum wage. Will not go back to this facility.

Raj S.

Loved the service and location. Free parking and nice waiting area. Front desk person was very welcoming and friendly.


I usually do my own nails at home, so getting them done is a treat for me. However, I'm extremely dissapointed with the result of my gel manicure. It was a waste of my time and money.

Lisa Taylor

Staff is incredibly friendly and service was great! Will definitely be going back!

Taylor Richardson

We received the couples massage, the service itself was excellent, but 2 stars is for the entire experience. (Originally was 3 Stars, but after a few days to sit on it, I feel like 2 stars to maybe even one star is more fitting for our experience.) We arrived early, like we were asked, (even earlier in fact) and it took us at least 10 minutes to be greeted. The receptionist was not present when we arrived, which didn't help us being greeted. Finally, after we were greeted we were led to the restroom, through the pedicure room, and then led through the entire complex, to a room where we were informed that there would be a beverage and chocolate covered strawberries, and to fill out our personal information forms. While being led through the complex, the lighting was meant to be low for the soothing and relaxing ambience, but it came off as creepy and like I was about to be attacked or murdered. After arriving in the "strawberry" room, which was misleading as there was a half glass each of the beverage and one, I repeat, ONE strawberry each. The way that it was described made it sound as if there would be a few strawberries each, not just one. Then after we filled out our personal information forms, we waited, and waited, and waited. We saw at least 5 employees, 2 of which ignored us and 3 of them consistently said that it would be a few more minutes. After about 20 minutes we finally made it back to the massage room, being led BACK through the entire complex to a room we passed in the beginning. Then we had the massage, which was excellent, no complaints there. Then when we left, the receptionist asked if we wanted to leave a tip, so we did, which she took with a look of absolute disgust on her face. Tips are extra, not required. Be happy you got one. She may have done that, since she said that they would be tipping off of the ORIGINAL price and not the GROUPON price we paid. I'm sorry, but I'm tipping for the whole experience and you're lucky with what you got.

Leticia Perez

Came here today with hubby for our 15yr anniversary, I was a bit skeptical after reading reviews. But the facial service to massages from all four employees were nice and relaxing. From checking in to checking out, we were taken care of well, strawberries and drink were delicious. We will definitely be going again.

Jaina Saari

I recommend A New Day Spa 100%! They were so helpful with getting me scheduled and even called me back quickly, after I left a voicemail. I did a Spa Day package- sauna, pedicure, oxygen facial, and massage- all were fantastic. I had a Groupon for this package and the lady at the front desk told me I can come back for the same package and they will honor the same price that we paid for the Groupon- awesome! They made sure I was comfortable and hydrated. They had a very busy day but still made sure I had the best experience. The environment was clean and relaxing, and the staff was so kind and friendly! The lady at the front desk was bubbly and so sweet, Jessica was so fun to talk to as she did my pedicure, and Fahtima was absolutely amazing with my massage! Fahtima worked out all of the knots I knew I had and more that I didn't know I had. I have never been so relaxed. Great staff and service.

Jake Strack

Great message. The hair removal hurt like hell and didn't take.

sara b

I CANNOT believe this place is still in business! I don’t have enough time or energy to write about all the negatives here. Justvsave your money and cleanliness and go somewhere else. Promise!

Camille Cutler

Robbie was a terrific masseur. He applied just the right amount of pressure.

Mckall Glover

This place was great! The outside looks a little rough but the inside and the people were great!! Massage was perfect! I would highly recommend this Spa!

valeska 05

I bought the Groupon deal for dysport and it has been a week and don’t see any results. They don’t even show you the amount they are putting in you, so u don’t know if it is what u pay for. The lady with white hair on the front desk is the owner and treats everyone horrible.

Sammy B.

The atmosphere was perfect. It was the first spa I had been to around here. We did the couple's massage they had on special for the month on Valentine's weekend. It was perfect and the staff were great. They made sure to let you know to drink plenty of water after. Good value and we will be coming back.

Nicki Stalkin

It was great other then I asked for them to not touch my arms and made it clear on paper. I was in a car accident recently and have many scars. They must not have read the paper because they kept rubbing my arms. Felt great though.

Cydnie LaCour

This was my 3rd time to this spa. Front desk staff talked poorly of customers as they went to receive services or called in. After waiting 20 minutes for a 2:00 appointment- I was given a list of excuses as to why I needed to expect at least half an hour wait for my appointment time(seriously WTF!?!) - when I watched the provider stroll in late then take someone else back before me. Not impressed with their inability to take responsibility for their poor performance- or the guilt they tried to impose on me for questioning their misuse and disrespect for MY time. I will not ever be back- I suggest you not go either.

Kiersten Lopez

Wish I could leave zero stars. It took months to be able to book an appointment and when I got one, it made me wish I had never bought the Groupon. The place wasn't very spa-like and seemed run down. Plus, the ladies at the front desk are super rude and condescending; they acted like I was bothering them when trying to redeem my Groupon and get on the schedule. The gel selection was incredibly limited and my nails weren't shaped very well (the filing was painful). The two technicians obviously didn't like each other so it was super uncomfortable (though the lady who did my nails was nice). Unfortunately, my shellac only lasted a few days! Additionally, my friend was cut multiple times in her appointment and then was shamed for tipping accordingly low by the people at the front desk. Her shellac also peeled in a few days. All together it was a horrendous experience and I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone! Wish I would have looked at the yelp reviews first; I'm not the only one who has these complaints.

Holly Clark

Was a little apprehensive to go to this spa after reading the reviews here but I did go and had a wonderful experience. The front desk was very friendly and informative. I started in the sauna which was very clean and hot. They had cold water for me to drink during the whole time. I then went with Lee to get a facial and pedicure. Lee was fabulous! I felt totally relaxed in her hands. I then went for a massage by Bryce. He was amazing- never felt uncomfortable or pain. I left a tip and only heard Thank you - no comments or side remarks. They then told me that I was now a VIP customer and can come back to get the same deal whenever I would like to. I will go back. Thanks Lee and Bryce

Brayden Anderson

Was not 90 minutes that I paid for, was potentially an hour. Didn’t focus on the main areas of concern. Not much effort was put into it, probably because it’s busy this time of year? Either way, I would recommend paying more elsewhere

Ness Ortiz

I didn’t even go in but based of my phone call I already know this place isn’t worth it. My boyfriend bought me a Groupon for a mani/pedi and i called to schedule an appointment. Google said they were open until 8pm and the lady kept saying she couldn’t do anything after 5pm because that’s when they were closing. So I chose a Saturday and she said she was unable to because she still had to “try to fit in other people”. So basically they weren’t scheduled yet, technically didn’t know whether they had openings or not! To top it off the advertise “walk-ins welcome” yet can’t even accommodate for a person calling in advance. So if I walk in I’ll get better assistance? When I said I’d just see about getting a refund she just simply said “Ok! Thanks!”. Didn’t care she was losing a potential client. The only reason they get 3 stars is because I didn’t actually get my nails done but I’m sure the rating would have been lower if I did.

Stephanie Perez

They have the worst customer service. They seem shady and aren’t worth doing business with. The lady that answers the phone and sits at the front desk is rude and doesn’t know how to earn business or respect. They offer cheap prices because they can’t get business any other way. Then as you’re walking out the door, they try to demand a tip out of you by suggesting an amount that is too high. I’m a generous tipper but I believe in tipping based on service and not because someone tells me an amount.

Des Loveless

Went in for the “4 hour package” with my husband today for our wedding anniversary. Our massage was cut a half hour early bc we thought our appt was 3:30 and not 3:00. Which no one told us it would be cut short. The “oxygen facial” is not an oxygen facial. It’s just a basic facial. Pedicure was fine. The sauna is in a utility room. It’s weird. The whole thing took about 2 1/2 hours at the longest. It was a little dingy for a “day spa”. I’m used to Sego Lily Day Spa where it’s clean and an amazing experience. A New Day Spa is far from Sego Lily. So if you’re looking for the “spa” experience this is not it.

Janet Slayter

I tried this spa on a Groupon. I am glad I didnt pay full price. I wrote a review on Groupon and received the below condescending response. Apparently, honest feedback is not used to make improvements. The spa rather disregard their customers' discomfort, insinuate they are liars and accuse them of not being grateful enough for paying for services which were inadequate. P.S. I tipped the therapist because in my book decent is a compliment. GROUPON® Hi Janet, Response to Your Groupon Comment A New Day Spa has sent you this message in response to your feedback: A New Day Spa Thank you for your feedback. It is a very good reminder that it can get very overwhelming here however we should not burden our clients with that. Just to let you know that your therapist that you were lucky enough to be given is our most requested therapist and is very difficult to get an appointment with. So when you say it was a "decent" massage I cannot take that very serious. I talked with the therapist and he was very aware of your discomfort and did everything to make you more comfortable. I will also mention that we had no other complaints that day about the temperature in that room. Thank you for your feedback. Your Comment (February 2, 2019): The receptionist was overwhelmed and not very friendly. The massage room was so hot that by the end of the massage I was nauseous and felt like I was going to pass out. The massage itself was decent and the therapist was friendly. However, I wont be going back because of the uncomfortable heat of the massage room.

Michael Paulsen

My wife and I loved our experience here! Wonderful staff!

MacKenzie Nimmo

I’ve gotten my fair share of massages and gone to a lot of spa days, and A New Day was truly one of the worst experiences I’ve had. I’m not one to leave bad reviews but I don’t want anyone to waste their money here. My mother bought me a gift certificate, and in booking the appointments the receptionists were rude and unorganized. When I showed up, they couldn’t find my appointment for 25 minutes, then they finally found it and I had to wait another 40 minutes for a masseuse. The place smells like sweat, and the overall feeling of the place inside and out is dilapidated, poor quality, and out dated. Overall, it’s an unprofessional atmosphere. And they charge the same amount as lots of places that provide a higher quality experience.

Jake Smith

The receptionists are straight up horrible. The Place might end up keeping a decent review streak if they’d actually hire competent help.

Nicole Rhoads

Receptionist was so rude. The place was dirty and uncomfortable. They were unkind to other customers and talked rudely to them as well. At the end the receptionist told me I had to give a tip. Was super pushy and I was actually quite embarrassed for her. The lady sitting next to me was there getting a procedure for the first time in her life and was confused at what was going on and asking questions that were ignored. I wanted to tell her so badly that she should just go somewhere else. I absolutely would have left if I hadn't already bought a non refundable group on. The lady giving the injections was a sigh of relief. She was professional and did a great job. So there was at least a bright spot. Still I wouldn't ever go back because the best word I can think of to describe this place is cringy. It's worth paying more to go somewhere that is professional and has the kind of people and atmosphere you'd expect in a spa.


Excellent. I can't think of a better word right now!! I kind of came across this place randomly and was just in dire need of a massage (not like as a luxury, like I actually NEEDED one to function). They got me in same day and I had literally the best massage I've ever had. Absolutely incredible. Pretty much gonna be a regular here now!! ❤

Everett Beck

I tried to come here on my honeymoon... Oops. Don't make my mistake. My wife bought a groupon she called and scheduled our appt. We drove 4 hours to get there first stop on our honeymoon, the receptionist said we didn't have an appointment. When we tried to tell her when we called she flatly said she wasnt the one we talked to we showed. When i showed her the groupon she said it wasn't valid, when i showed her my call log she said we didn't talk to anyone there. Wile i was trying to pull my my email confirmation from groupn another employee came out to ask for something and the receptionist said "hold on a second i need to get there people out of here" i said excuse me she glared at me and said "what?" So i thanked her for her time and left. I have filed a complaint with groupon but im probably out the $130 i wasted ruining my honeymoon here. I hope i can save some of you a similar experience

Cari Cameron

I received a gift certificate for a new day. Went in and my "one hour" massage ended up being 40 mins. After my massage,the next day I was so sore and had bruises on my arms. I called them,they said they would call me back. Of course they didn't! Called them again to try and get a refund,they said no. They would have to therapist (Rachel) call me right back. Of course she hasn't! Never had bruises from a massage before!

Citlally Flores

Do not go here go to Groupon and see how this salon responds to those who review it. This place has horrible ethics and customer service. PLEASE read reviews before spending your money here.

Bailey Bagley

This place is a complete joke!! I bought a groupon for Botox then paid for more. Didn’t even last two months!! When I called and complained they told me to come in. When I did they were so rude and told me there is nothing they can do and it never lasts longer than two months! I have had it last 6 months!! They must water theirs down!! Don’t go there!! Spend your money on quality and professionalism!

Jalen Pace

When I called to reschedule, they told me everything was changed and fine. Turns out they didn’t change my reservation, and charged my groupon without letting me know. They claim that they called and left a message reminding me of my appointment but I have phone logs that show they are lying. They then began to screen my calls when I tried to fix the situation. They will scam you out of your money, do not go to this place.

Venis Weaver

Love the staff especially my stylist Jewel


There is a reason this spa has more 1 star reviews. This is absolutely the worst spa you will ever go to. Lady at counter asked for tip during check in. I purchased through a Groupon and submitted a complaint against this merchant. Merchant responded to complaint saying “We are happy you are not coming back” This screams horrible customer service. You will regret going to this spa. I purchased as a gift and it was extremely embarrassing to hear how horrible his experience was. Will never purchase through this merchant, and I will be advising all of my friends to avoid this spa at all costs. Trust the reviews! I hope the lady who replied to my Groupon complaint reads this and i hope she understands this type of customer service is not acceptable and that people actually read reviews. Can’t believe they are still in business honestly, considering the reviews.

Ashley Lund

My very first massage and it was awesome. Everyone was so nice and welcoming.

Heidi Bruner

I had to hangup on the secretary because she was horrid. When you can't make it past the appointment desk to get in, good luck keeping the business running!

Alta Goodsell

Don't judge a book by it's cover. The staff at a New Day Spa are sweet. I have enjoyed my services and the couple's massage was excellent. The price for their laser hair removal or massages can't be beat. I've come back many times.

Bonnie A

Don't judge a book by it's cover. This place is WONDERFUL. We had a lovely couples massage and face treatment. It is a beautiful place to relax and the staff was SUPERB, felt like we were regulars. They were waiting for us and had chocolate covered strawberries before our treatment. The best massage therapists we have ever had. We will definitely be going back!!

Jason Knavel

This was literally the most strange massage experience I have ever had. The atmosphere feels dirty, crowded, campy, and overwhelming. While my wife and I waited for our couples massage the staff in the front talked negatively and in general about other clients quite loudly. It made me quite uncomfortable. They took us back to our room and had some chocolate covered strawberries for us. I could tell they were old and had been taken out of the fridge as oils from the chocolate we're starting to sweat through and pool on the plate. My wife's massage therapist must have forgotten about the massage because he came in running with street clothes still on. My wife reported that the massage was below average. My massage was the worst I've ever had. She conducted the entire massage without removing any of the draping. In other words my skin was never touched. This was not something I requested. Afterwards we had facials. The esthetician or employee that conducted the facials was very nice. I just don't think that the products that used were high quality. If you are looking to go here because it is substantially cheaper than other places I would recommend investigating massages from students at cosmetology schools. Their services are normally highly discounted and I can't imagine you would have an experience as strange as the one I had here. This may seem like a scathing review, I don't think this place is intentionally bad, in fact they might be trying their best... We just did not have a good experience and cannot recommend it.

K Mahdi

If the manager could reach out that would be appreciated. The counter staff taking reservations are rude, abrupt, rushed, unkind and the tone of voice in the 2 ladies after 4 days calling you could tell they don't care if there are returning clients. I was booking 9 people and the promotions given that still couldn't do all the services we would pay for ,yet no reduction in cost but less service hmmm. It's a joke. When booking your harrassed about if you go through groupon you need to bring so much for a tip, kept asking well will all 9 have a tip...... yeah if you deserve it but you don't deserve my money or time now.

Brenda Cruz

Massage was good. The facilities need update and I don't just mean the building. The towels were old and the Velcro was coming off towels, faded towels, robes and shoes didn't appear clean.. The mani/pedi chairs are super dirty, the sauna is in a utility closet with broken lights, and not relaxing at all.see pics. I might get past that because price is cheap but the lady Sherri I think is her name, is weird about tips. I've been here twice and the first time she told my friend "that's all your tipping?!" My husband bought me a package and she told him to give me $40 for a tip (he thought she was joking). I tipped $20 and she was really weird about it and said "you want me to split this or what?" Bad customer service and def not good facilities.

Hannah C

There were a lot of problems with a visit to A New Day Spa. We came for a couples massage + facial and when we first arrived they told us that our appt was at 3:30 when the only time specified over the phone was 3:45. They acted like we were late because of this and like they weren't prepared. They put us in a giant room, with too much traffic light , loud traffic, and lobby noise the entire time. People in the lobby talked the entire time and the only music they had came out of the speaker of someone's cellphone. The facial was done first, which made no sense because our faces were pushed into their sheets after for the massage. It was very strange. The facial was done by one person on both of us. She has on a wheely computer chair that she kept rolling across the wooden floor to get to each one of us across the room. It was very loud when she rolled and she kept leaving soap on my face while cleaning my partner's face. The products used on me made me break out in a bright red rash (the woman doing my facial even mentioned that I looked, "As red as an apple") and caused a burning sensation because no one asked if I had skin conditions before doing the facial. Because of my skin response I know that they don't use natural and organic products or have products for sensitive skin. I need to know what kind of products go on my body because I have lupus and will break out and have extreme responses. The massage was very light and not deep tissue. I didn't have any pain relief and proper blood circulation after the massage, which is what a massage is for. Lastly, there was a constant beeping during our hour and a half visit ther. I don't understand how a business is conducted like this. It was anything but relaxing and we left feeling disappointed and feeling like we paid way too much for that.

todd yates

One of the best messages I've ever had. I'm definitely going there again.

Desiree Ulberg

Great experience and staff. I was in and out in about 40 mins! Will recommend to all my friends! Jennifer is the best❤❤

Tr D

Not what I was expecting!! I went in with a luxury spa expectations, to find out there was not a shower room or lockers. However, I soon relaxed to enjoy my spa package of only $98. This four hour experience was a Groupon deal that the owner gladly matched over the phone; just the night before. The regularly $265 package included infrared sauna, spa pedicure, no massage chairs, a facial for sensitive/moisturizing skin, and a 60 min. Massage. To my surprise I had an Amazing Day!! Not a huge fan of the sauna. However, McKenna my estheticion was the best pedicure and facial I have ever had!!! McKenna's attention to detail, calming/ energetic personality made my experience a 5

Becky Rodgers

This place needs to fire the front desk worker if they want to have a successful business. She was the rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. After coming out from relaxing massages with my daughter- in- law, she let me know that I should never request the apparent “God” of therapists (Rodrigo), because he only sees the elite customers. I explained that someone from their office assigned him to me over the phone and she still continued to chide me. She also said I had to tip according to what the full price of the massages would have been, had I not gotten a special deal. When I gave $20.00 she wondered if I was only tipping for me and not my daughter-in -law as well (whose massage I had paid for). This crazy lady proceeded to make fun of me when I thought she said the word “coffee” instead of “copy.” She showed extreme annoyance when I dropped her copy of the receipt and had to pick it up and hand it to her. I let her know how rude she was and will never return to this spa. That type of terrible service is not worth my time, money, or attention to. I do not recommend this place for these reasons. The therapists were good, but you can find good ones at many other places.

Renee Dubbeld

We have an appointment every three months


I had me and my two sisters call to reserve to have our nails done. It was nice that they got all 3 of us in on the same day. The lady said we would have 2 technicians for us 3 so it wouldn't take long for a gel coloring of our nails. She said we could sit around and talk and they would give us chocolate covered strawberries and some "bubbly". When we got there it was easy to check in. It was uncomfortable because the receptionist basically told the man that he had to tip and made sure he gave one (tips are not mandatory) and the nail tech led us back. We eneded up only having one nail tech for each of us and she did awesome (except she kept trying to get us to choose different colors than the ones we wanted). Because we only had 1 nail tech it took almost 2 and a half hours. There was no strawberries or "bubbly" and we weren't offered any water. The only friendly person was the front desk lady, but she seemed to tell us things to make the place seem better than it actually was and She tried to get me to tip 50% for each person. Our nails look nice, but my sisters first experience at a nail salon was not worth it here.

keebzworld 4evr

Bryce gave me an amazing massage! Please be forewarned that there is an older lady with short almost white hair at the front reception that has a horrible attitude. Her phone etiquette lacked tact in her informing me that they prefer I bring cash for my tip. Then as I was walking up to the front after my massage, in front of me she was abruptly crossing off names of customers on a list that didnt show up for appointments saying she hated them. Good massage but unprofessional reception.

Nichole Goodwill

I swear they are watering down their Botox and dysport. My Botox lasted less than two months and my poor moms face

T .Davis

I may have given 2 stars but other reviewers are correct, the receptionists are horrible, condescending and rude. Ive been in 3 times and they are always verbally spanking customers. And all 3 times I've heard them tell a customer they needed to tip and how much to tip. Soooo tacky. The salon is calm and relaxing right up until one of them looks at you or says something. They're like the mean old great aunt that thank goodness, you only have to see during the holidays. They kill the vibe! Services are descent but nothing to rave about.

jtr4630 Riley

I went there for a massage by a lady named Utana and she mainly did lots of pinching on my back which was weird and uncomfortable, I do not recommend her. A massages supposed to make you feel better not worse.

Taylor Read

We had a great experience with the couple's massage here. They got us a last-minute reservation, the massage therapists were so kind and attentive to our needs, and we left feeling glad that we chose this spa for our special occasion.

Amanda Cervantes

I loved my first time experience I will be back so relaxing and staff was very professional and open to questions and concerns

Platinum Scale Reptiles

Scheduled a last minute couples massage for my girlfriends birthday and they got us in. Our massages were absolutely amazing, I highly recommend Isabelle and Rodrigo. They were very thorough and we plan on coming back to see them!

Jesse Weeks

I have had some of the best massages I’ve had at a great price.

Chelsea Wolf

Was hesitant to come here because of all the 1 star reviews. I should have taken all of the bad reviews seriously because THEY ARE ALL TRUE! The receptionist is a total beast. Rude. Condescending. Unprofessional. I will not ever come back.

Jim Walter

Massage, facial, and feet was a great experience. While waiting to start the drink and strawberry was a nice addition. Please close the door to the staff room as they were discussing scheduling conflicts which ruined the moment

Jacci Horton

I still have a bruise under my eye from injections over 3 months ago. Not going back.

Scott Hurt

I had the best experience ! The staff was so friendly and willing to answer my questions. The man that did my injections was great , fast and too answered my questions. I have told 3 people about A New Day and recommend with great regard. I will be a regular for sure!!

Tyler Peck

Is this place even in business? I have called on three different days, the last being yesterday, each time I receive a recorded message with a promise to call back before the end of the business day. Not once have I been called back. What type of service company will not return a customers calls? If they treat prospective customer like this, it is not a place I want to go to get a massage.

Jodie Sperry

Awesome experience will not be disappointed. The staff is professional and friendly. Spa is easy to locate with plenty of parking. I would have to say that Jennifer Cline is one of the best injectors I have seen. I would totally recommend her to anyone. I love this place.

Natalie P

They were AMAZING!!! Incredible service! Rodrigo and Daphne did an amazing job!!! We will definitely be coming back here! They just gained regulars. Best massage I have ever had! Being a mom of 4 and a husband who is a busy Dr. and dad we are busy and don’t have much relaxation time. We left feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated! Thank you thank you thank you!

Toby Parker

I honestly am not one to leave a review, but I feel I MUST warn everyone about this place. I have received massages for years, but this was hands down the worst I've ever had. My wife feels the same way. We got the couples massage via the Groupon. Our appointment was at 5PM on a Saturday. Knowing they always make you fill out a clipboard of info, we showed up at 4:45PM on the dot. We were brought to the back waiting room which is connected to 3 massage rooms. We were given 2 chocolate covered strawberries and two glasses of strawberry 7 Up. It was our 5 year anniversary so we were having a good time chatting, but eventually we started to notice that time was going by more and more. We saw workers walking past us and never at any time thought they might not know we are actually there, but by 5:20 (35 minutes after arriving and waiting), I got up and went to the front and said "Um....we've been waiting back here for 35 minutes." They all acted surprised and tried to make jokes to make up for the fact that they forgot about us. The ladies in the front clearly saw us walk in and acknowledged us, but for some reason forgot about us. We were able to start our massage right after that and I am sad to say that everything up until this point was not the worst. Both my wife and I each had terrible massages. I'm not saying terrible like they didn't hit points we had hoped they hit. We are SEVERELY bruised today in many parts of our bodies. My shoulders, back, shins, and calves are aching today and my shins and calves actually have visible bruising on them. My wife has bruising on her thighs. It's not like we didn't tell the massage therapists what pressure we wanted. At different times we each said "A lot less pressure please", but they kept going at about the same pressure. We both individually thought when they did this "Well that's ok. I can handle a deep tissue massage". But this wasn't deep tissue. This was pushing hard on areas of the body that do not hold muscles and here knots are not located. Like literally my massage therapist spend 7-8 minutes in a DEEP massage on my spine. MY SPINE! Like the Dura matter. Why on earth would this be a place to massage??? They definitely were not trained well enough and the front desk lady even said before we began "These are our two best therapists". When we got done, we both looked at each other with painful looks on our faces. I was in pain the rest of the day, but had hope that maybe by the next day it would feel better because that's usually how a deep tissue massage goes. Nope. I'm aching like crazy today. My back KILLS! My wife has been popping advil all day. When we got done, the lady up front gave us a "VIP" card for a $79 couples massage in the future, but this is like more than the groupon we could easily just get again. I hated this and felt it was not even close to making up for the wasted 35 minutes. But again, overall I think there needs to be some education enhancements because I am reading other reviews and hearing the bruising has happened to others before us. Don't go to A New Day Spa.

Hana Ramos

First of all the lady at the front desk is very unprofessional and rude!! She’s also very creepy looking and creepy personality. The place itself is creepy and Voodoo like. I would not recommend this place to anyone!!!!! Yuk!

Brenda Gunnison

Not recommended for Botox. Terribly unskilled placement-- no result. Unprofessional: sick child was at work with the technician Jennifer and I was exposed to the croup during the procedure. Money wasted! Going to Dr Jackson Rhudy for correction Mad as hell. Buyer beware!!!!!

Dallon Brown

Purchased laser hair removal for my wife from groupon. The ad designated the specific areas of hair removals. We followed the guidelines and the spa refused to perform the removal of that area. I was able to get my money back though. Dont waste your time here.

Kimber Kingdon

I would leave more stars if it was just about the quality of the massage. I am extremely angry and disappointed in this salon. I have visited many times in the past and I was confused as to why there were so many poor reviews online because the facility is clean, the massage therapists are lovely, and it was an overall nice experience. But the answer is this—the receptionists are TERRIBLE and need to be let go. I called several times over the last two months to book an appointment for the weekend after Valentine’s Day. I was directed to an answering machine every time (I was not able to call until 6 pm and they close at 7:00 so that was forgivable) and left a message. I finally received a call back today, the 12th of February and when I asked about the availability, the receptionist was extremely condescending to me for not making an appointment sooner. She then told me that the weekend after had availability and to call back as soon as possible, and I told her that since I finally had her on the phone, I would just book the appointment straight away. She then told me that I hadn’t called before because they had been taking calls all day. And I told her that I called several times over the last few months and she proceeded to tell me that I didn’t need to lie to her, she knew the truth, and started laughing at me. I was very angry but considering all my positive experience with the spa in the past, I told her that I still wanted to book an appointment for next weekend, since she told me there were available times then. She then put me on hold, and then transferred me to someone else instead of taking her appointment down herself. What kind of customer service is that? When I spoke to the other receptionist, she told me there were actually no available times for next weekend either. Though the second receptionist was much kinder, at that point I was finished with them, and told them so. I must sound so entitled but I really tried to book something in advance and I was met with an absolutely terrible experience with the reception. I was called a liar and laughed at like a child. Though the therapists are quite good at what they do, I will never return. I could never hand over my money to one of those terrible receptionists. I am offended and furious, and will take my business somewhere else.

Ayrdrie Palmer

Found a good deal on Groupon so I surprised my boyfriend with a couple massage. Very relaxing. However we were rushed out after our time was up by a different masseuse. He was rude.

Margaret Duncan

Great mani and pedi.

Lainey Robinson

They are so awesome they do a fantastic job and the ladies at the front are just the sweetest!

Donja Chanthasack

Took my momma bear here for her birthday and she absolutely loved it! I was a bit nervous about the tipping because of some of the other reviews here. So we went prepared and already had an idea of how much and did a little bit of research before going. The place could use a little face lift but overall the service was great!

Dayzz L

Nice place. Went there for a massage with a friend. Rodrigo and Rachel were great!! Great deal off groupon. Will be back for more.

c3 Whiley

No it's not polished, but it has this perfect charm to the place, it felt magical.. My husband and I loved it..

Chandreyee Johnson

This is my absolute FAVORITE place to go for a beauty day. I forget how much I need this kind of treatment and every time I go, I'm wowed and I leave feeling amazing. I love this place! Sheri is wonderful and has a really good memory. The massage therapists I've had have always given a good deep tissue massage for just a little extra $. (Totally worth it when your body is as tense as mine). There is just not enough positive things that I can say. If you find a deal on Groupon, just take a screenshot and they will honor the price; doing so saves then money and helps them out. No spa I've been to compares with this place. ❤

Jimmy James

If I could give a lower rating, I would. I came here with my sister. She came from out of town and arrived early for her appointment. They told her they could get her in early. Which they didn't and she ended waiting past her appointment time. While waiting, I could hear the receptionist berate the customers that were leaving, about tips. Customers that had Groupon were told that this was the one and only time they would be allowed to use it. Everyone that came in for couples massage, got in very quickly. Everyone else waited for a much longer time. The waiting room was so full that people were sitting on the floor and the lighting was terrible. The receptionists were rude, even while on the phone to other customers. When it was my sister's turn to go back. One of the receptionist was whispering to Derek, and by the way she was acting, it was about us. After we got to the room, Derek was asking my sister what she wanted. He scoffed at her response and wouldn't answer her questions. He just kept saying "you tell me." When she asked him about some other products he wouldn't give her a straight answer and told her to go talk to the receptionist. Believe the negative reviews. I wish I would of read the reviews on this place before letting her come here. The outside of this place definitely represents the customer service.

Rachel Foster

Love the quality staff and massages at a fantastic price. Easy to reschedule and can good about letting you know if any needed changes. I will continue to get massages from Andrew for a long time, he's intuitive listens to my current needs, and listens to me chat his ears off sometimes about everything in my life. He's a good soul Lol!

Alan Moak

These guys were awesome! We hit traffic on the way over which made us about 10 minutes late. They accommodated us, got us in quickly so we didn’t miss any more time from the massage, and super friendly. I read other reviews with negative feedback on them telling how much of a tip you should leave. They did the same with us but I felt it was appropriate and informative so I know what is fair. We can’t get over how nice everyone was. We will definitely be going back!

Hannah Bagley

The absolute most disgusting, unprofessional, uncomfortable ghetto, white trash place. I’m a master esthetician and this place should be shut down 100%. My boyfriend and I wanted to get s good deal on a couples massage and facial and we bought it off Groupon and as soon as we pulled up we knew it was a mistake. It’s hard to notice but it’s so old and gross on the outside as well on the inside. The receptionist was rude from the beginning and the lady giving our facial interrupted our paper work and asked if we were done yet. Like excuse me??? Then we got brought into our room where we could hear traffic and we didn’t get robes or anything to change into. They didn’t pull my hair back and got oils and stuff in it. The product they used smelled old and crusty. Then they brought us back for our massage and my bed felt like straight cardboard. I’m sure they ordered the bed off amazon. Cheap stuff. We didn’t have comfy blankets or warm for that matter. The floor creaked as my therapist walked around me. My neck got sore from the head rest and music was way too loud. When we got out we told the receptionist of our problem and she said “hmm we never get people complain so I’m sure you’ll go write a bad review” The most petty, unprofessional, rude lady. Save your money. Don’t ever go there.

Kylee Bouwhuis

Staff was friendly enough and we got a good deal on groupon. However, I'm not sure if the therapist was inexperienced or what but my legs feel like they are SEVERELY bruised down the back of my thighs, calves and shins. It hurts to the touch. My back and arms are starting to feel the same way as the day goes on. (Massage was yesterday). I have never been in pain after a massage. Sitting down kills the back of my thighs even. I definitely will not go back unless I feel like being tortured. Also front desk lady was pushy about a tip. I only left one cause I was pressured to. Really wish I hadn't.

Jamison Smith

i called and made a reservation for me and my wife. i will be cancelling just because of the phone call. She told me on the phone to be sure to bring cash for the gratuity because "they prefer that"! First lets not made assumptions about tipping. if i have a terrible experience i might not tip at all. second, i can decide how to leave a tip. ridiculous conversation over the phone. don't speak to people like they are idiots. I did change my review because I ended up keeping my reservation and my massage was actually pretty good but the place is pretty ghetto and it needs a remodel in a bad way.

Lorelei A

Great deals on couples massages

Hailey Collet

They can be hard to get a hold of. It's not an incredible top of the line spa. But they are friendly, the maseuses I've had have all been great, and the price is unbeatable. Worst case, just drive there and see if they have any walk ins available, they can usually get you in pretty quickly and for the quality you get and the crazy price it's so worth a little extra effort. I can't speak to any of the other spa services yet.

Becca Hyer

It was the worst pedicure I have ever had. My nails weren’t trimmed and they didn’t even put on a top coat. The polish was coming off in less than a week. The other fantastic part was all the insults he dished out as I sat there. He thought he was funny, but wasn’t. It was dirty, disorganized and unprofessional. The manicure was a little better, but Not fantastic. I gave 2 stars because my manicure wasn’t as bad as the pedicure, or it would have been lower. Maybe some of their other services are better, but stay clear of the pedicures. I won’t be going back.

Lexi Brasier

The therapists were nice but I wouldn’t recommend spending your money here. The atmosphere was outdated and felt uncomfortable. I didn't get an good massage when it came to the massage and neither did my boyfriend. We aren’t very picky when it comes to massages so that should say something. I would not go back.

Megan Cannon

My husband and I love going here for couples massages. The best I we have ever had. Very professional and clean.

Mike Strickler

This place looks like a meth clinic inside and out. The massage was great but the masseuse was cold and didn’t speak to me at all. Not a great experience.

Michaela Kaufman

Read how they answer negative reviews on Groupon. AWFUL. For that reason alone, I wouldn't give them a cent. They should not be working in any sort of customer service; they have no respect for their customers. Not to mention they get the same sort of complaints (being told to tip more, rude front desk etc) and deny it every time. I'm sorry, but if 100 people have the SAME problem, then yes, the problem IS your company.

BiBi Escoto

If there was a lower rate I'd give it. This place is a joke and I don't recommend it at all especially if you're going in to have a facial or pedicure, we bought the couples package which included a facial, pedicure and massage, the lady who did our facial and pedicure was from China and said she was licensed and worked at the airport, she did not have any experience it seemed as though she was just winging it, she cut my toenail all crooked, nail polish and top coat all over my cuticle, she painted my nails first and then massaged my feet so obviously she didn't massage my feet only my legs, she didn't even know how to hold the brush when she was painting, the bottom of my feet were not smoothed at all, the towels I use to wipe down my car are in better condition then the towels she used on us, needless to say, I had to go get another pedicure the next day to fix that pedicure and we complained to the front desk lady but all she said was "oh we thought she had experience because she works at the airport" and didn't offer to fix it or anything but she did remind us out loud in front of other customers if we were going to leave a tip, I did leave a tip for the masseuse because they were great, but not the lady who did our facial and pedicure.

Kristy Funk

We went for a girls trip and there were four of us. They went above and beyond accommodating us and even brought in some snacks in case we got hungry. The services were all great and the staff was very friendly and professional. Thank you A Good Day Spa!

clancey henderson

This is a decent place for a massage. The massage staff are pleasant and friendly. The building, though older, is complimented by aesthetic decor. The pricing is about right for the experience. I would recommend for a well priced couples' massage ($80 on groupon), but probably wouldn't become a regular customer.

SGTKnukles !

Had a great experience ! Kind staff who made the whole time we spent the rest enjoyable ! I left feeling more relaxed than I ever have

Cody Yelsma

Got a deal on group on. Was going to expire before we could use it by few days. They said we had to talk to group on . We did talk to group on and read it's up to the spa they wouldnt work with us. Would not recommend super rude. We will just go somewhere else. Wife was pregnant when we got this as a gift and just barely able to use it

Mekenna Wilson

I was hesitant to go here after reading all the negative reviews, but the Groupon for a couple's massage was an unbeatable price so my boyfriend and I braved it anyway. Everyone said the front desk women were mean and had bad attitudes but they were nothing but sweet and friendly to us (they did try to talk us into a tip that was too high though). I didn't hear them talk negatively about anyone. My complaint is mainly with the atmosphere. When we got into the massage room, the ceiling was literally crumbling. Water was dripping fast into a huge bucket right next to my massage bed. It didn't feel very well maintained or clean. They were also behind schedule, but the masseuses were pretty good so I can't complain too much. They told us that we would get the Groupon rate for the couple's massage from here on out.

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