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REVIEWS OF Le Foot Reflexology Spa of Providence IN Rhode Island

Kassie Mooney

We are from Colorado and on our first vacation without our kids. I decided it would be a great time to get massages for my husband and I. I called around to many places and couldn’t get in. When I called Le Foot Health Studio she got us right in for 30 min reflexology and 90 min massages. We drove in from New Hampshire and it was so peaceful from the second we walked in. The ladies were so sweet and welcoming. They did our feet first in huge comfortable reclining chairs and provided a blanket. They soaked our feet in the perfect temperature water and did an incredible job. Then we were taking into a super clean and peaceful room for our massages. They used hot stones and towels, the most amazing smelling oils and lotions. My husband is 6’2 220 lbs and he said it was one of the best massages he has ever had. They ladies are tiny but are strong and gifted! The pressure was perfect and they seem to know where your body needs the most work without you having to say a word. I would HIGHLY recommend this place and If we lived here I would come every month without a doubt! My only regret is not tipping them more. And on top of a service worth so so much more they only charge $120 for two full hours of Amazing! Thank you for making me feel 20 again on my 45th Birthday!

Bethanie Brunelle

Zachary Maynard

Every time that I go to le foot they hurt me too much. They do not speak very good English so I don't even feel comfortable communicating with my masseuse. Every time I go it is a waste of money as I am hurt and not relaxed every time. I would not recommend this place to antone.

Ashlee Lambert

I Love this place! I went 3 times in a month! I feel so rejuvenated! They only accept cash so be prepared.

Kel H


Francisco Parra

Cynthia Alvira

Talk about relaxation

Marlenea Dupras

Great experience, deep tissue massage was amazing, goin back !!+

Stephanie Pino

Extremely clean place and the foot reflexology massage was very relaxing. Great prices and staff was very accomodating.

Michael Amaral

I visited le Foot reflexology abut t month ago and have been back twice since. They are unbelievably knowledgeable and capable. I had the best deep tissue I have ever had. They are extremely reasonable and started their business the end of last year. And have felt the real benefits of "Deep Tissue" as I have always had tight muscles in the lower back. I cant wait to go again as the progress is obvious to me as time goes o. Additional services provided are foot and hand reflexology. From working out and alot of driving the hands really get beat up. She has made an impact in that area as well. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend anyone with an issue regardless of where it is, to check out le Foot Reflexology on Federal Hill in Providence, RI. I know you will go back.

Osiris Gonzalez


Anthony Faccenda

I went to Le Foot last night and couldn’t have been more pleased. The massages are reasonably priced ($65 for a 60-minute deep tissue massage) and my masseuse Lisa was awesome. I have some back and neck issues and had been in some pain recently so I opted for a deep tissue massage and Lisa did a great job working out all the knots. Also, let me add that this was a legitimate deep tissue massage that was intense at times, but was just what I needed. Furthermore, Lisa was very intentive—routinely checking in with me. I will definitely return.

C Lu

Very reasonable price. I love their foot reflexology.tried a few different person and they are equally good

Rachel Benoit

I'm going to give a 5 only because every single other experience I've had here has been amazing! Lisa is my go to girl she has always done an excellent job and she's very accommodating she's very sweet and I absolutely adore her husband Peter who is the therapist that my sister goes to see but I'm very disappointed today normally I come on the weekends to get my massage I have a late schedule so I usually will come around this time I've always had somebody answer the phone and they've told me on many occasions even if we're closed call us we do not live very far from there we will come back and I've tried to call for a long. Of time and nobody is answering the phone and I've had a very stressful two weeks and I was so looking forward to seeing Lisa so this is more like me being a crybaby than a real complaint

Home email

AMAZING spa. Totally worth your money. I have had massages by Lisa and Owen and both have been great. Very good customer service. I would highly recommend everyone to try this place.

Astral Floyd

Great massage will be back

Leslie Dimascio

Jessica Souza

Worst ambiance and customer service. I’m not even sure the staff are licensed professionals. I’ve given birth three times and they were all less painful than the deep tissue I received. I told the woman it was too much pressure and she just laughed at me! They set a timer to know when the hour was up, and then she asked if I wanted to add 10 more minutes (I’m sure for a price) so she “could finish”. Needless to say I got out of there as fast as I could. I could go on and on honestly. I will not be back! I highly recommend Gloria and Company in Fairhaven for anyone interested in a real spa experience!

Aleyna Beck

Kim Shea

Every time I walk in here I feel more relaxed!! Self love and self care are super important!! Love this place!!

Mo Armand

Really great massage

Dean Capparelle

Best place in Providence for foot or full body massage. Extremely reasonable prices and the place is the cleaniest I've ever been to.

Telley Stacks

Yen is a very good massage therapist. she's very strong and nice only thing is I wish they had nicer massage tables the massage tables here are not that comfortable to lie on but then again for the price I can't complain


Slightly expensive.

Aaron Mooney

Everyone was very pleasant and the massage was stellar!!! Don’t hesitate to book here, it’s worth every penny and more. I have had hundreds of massages and this was one of the best. I wish I was a local, I would be here all the time. My therapist was able to tell where I needed the most attention and asked multiple times if the pressure was ok. I’ve never had hot stones used was that excellent. I can’t thank these ladies enough for such a great job. I’m 6’2” - 220lbs, and my therapist was plenty strong enough to get the job done and then some. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Giana Rivera

LOVE this place. Have been going here for the past two years and they are my go to spa! They just relocated 3 minutes from there old location on federal hill and it is so beautiful, and super big

Scotty D

One of the deepest deep tissue massages that Ive ever had. Loved it.

Gabriela Arteaga

The only reason I'm giving such a low score is because the receptionist was extremely rude and is honestly the only reason I wouldn't go back, the massage therapist on the other hand was good.

Barbara Wierzbicki

Disappointing massage for my husband. She only worked the neck and shoulders ... Nothing else! We later learned that 90% of her customers are women. She should have told us and we would have gone elsewhere.

Shradha Agarwal

Been here 3 times, the foot massage is awesome and very relaxing, the place is really great with soothing ambiance..

Maryelyn Acevedo

The best massage in RI. My shoulder pain is finally gone.

Sol Alvarez-Taubin

Julie Phillips

lauren mcgough

Tracy Baran

Dont let the exterior scare you away. The inside is lovely and the services are top notch. Everyone is very friendly. Highly recommend.

Tyais MacTavish

Peter was amazing. I had the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. There was plenty of on street parking, the facility is clean & comfortable. The room is warm, clean and comfortable. I think I enjoyed that this place feels more like a health studio and less like massage parlor. Peter checked with me periodically during treatment to make sure I was ok with the pressure used. He was gentle, but firm and therapeutic. He also seemed to know where I had locked all my tension and he paid special attention to breaking it up. He wiped all oil used with a warm clean towel. English is his 2nd language, and I have a tendency to blabber due to anxiousness, but in this situation I couldn't, and I reaped the benefit completely. I would highly, highly recommend a visit to Le Foot Health Studio, and specifically to Peter if you've got tension settled into your soft tissue. Thank you Peter!! I hope to be back soon.

Lori Steel

fabulous foot massage and cranial massage. I had LISA, and she was fabulous!

Shane Brandon


Kavinda Arthenayake

Jan Tanury

Princess Smith

The massage was not worth the money!!! To be honest it was like I paid for a painful elbow massage!!! Those people don't know what a massage is. Btw if you are claustrophobic this definitely not the place for you.

Tamar Chobanyan

I have to say, I have never experienced customer service like I did here. There was an issue with one of my services and I had communicated that with them. They were quick to resolve it and were very professional and understanding. As far as the place and the reflexology: it is a very clean and welcoming environment. The reflexology session is very relaxing. If you do not like too much pressure, be sure to state that before hand, that way, you will enjoy the relaxing experience.

Rachel Casto

I normally would give a five star, I have a really busy schedule and sometimes I have all good intentions on getting there before they close but things happen! From the very beginning it’s probably been about a year now, they’ve been very accommodating even going as far as telling me that even if they were not open that I could give them a call because they live very close by and they would come back in. They have done this for me on numerous occasions even when I’ve hesitated to have them do something so inconvenient! My masseuse Lisa who I have had from day one is no longer with them the reason for that is definitely valid so I am not by any means writing a negative review for that reason I need to make this clear!!! I do have fibromyalgia and I have extreme sensitivity in my lower back there was an incident where Lisa was not available for me I’m not sure whether she was out sick or she was with another client and it would’ve been way too time-consuming to wait for her but I had another woman do the massage for me, there is a huge language barrier as there is with almost everybody that works there,The others make a genuine effort to understand and if they do not they will find somebody that does!!! this woman had absolutely no regard for anything I was saying!! Maybe she can understand my language but this sounds a human makes when they’re in pain I pretty much universal even with me letting out signs of distress and pain she continued to assault my body countless times I had to direct her away from my lower lumbar and to be honest there was absolutely no excuse for this because one of the workers speaks English very well and because I was afraid that I would get too much pressure In my lower back so I specifically asked the English-speaking worker to relay to the masseuse that I had severe sensitivity in my lower back and she was to avoid using any type of pressure in that area! I had to take several days off of work because it got so much worse as the next few days had passed similar to being in a car accident you don’t feel everything at that moment but the next day you feel EVERYTHING!!! I’ve been reluctant to return based on prior experiences but tonight I decided I would give it a try I’ve worked like crazy I haven’t had a massage in forever and I needed it!!!! This went way beyond want!!! So I Give them a call letting them know I was thinking about coming and that I would be there in about 20 minutes, there was a disruption in traffic and accident and I was running late I didn’t have my Bluetooth hooked up so I had to wait until I was in a place where I can make the phone call with minimal repercussions like getting into a car accident or getting a ticket! I gave a call to let them know that I was still coming that I was not canceling but that I was behind and I was how about 10 minutes away at this point they were still open according to their website they’re open till 9 PM I’m not sure what happens this evening but I have never been spoken to the way that I was talking to this evening! Normally everybody there is friendly and wonderful but tonight the woman that answered the phone made me feel extremely uncomfortable she seemed annoyed by me and honestly she sounded like she did not want me to come at all like she just didn’t want to be there I’ve dealt with her on countless different occasions At one point I was getting upwards of 2 to 3 massages a week because my body hurt so bad even after losing three days worth of pay and being in agony I gave that place another shot they gave me a gift card for a facial for my inconvenience I didn’t complain because I really genuinely liked Lisa and I figured we were going to move on from that bad experience! I almost drove her that’s how uncomfortable I was her tone of voice was very monotone there was absolutely no type of emotion other than aggravation and annoyance And I was already slightly home just because I was going to have a new person yet again and I was praying history didn’t repeat! I’m bummed out that they treated me this way!!

Vinni Lee

I took my sister here and we loved the service here! We both had a Le Foot Reflexology for sixty minutes which was priced at $45 each. Even though I could hear noises from other rooms and outside, it didn't take away from how amazing my foot massage felt. At the end of our session, we were given free water bottles. We both plan to come back to Le Foot Reflexology Spa! Thank you for a great experience!

Jon Hammond

Cyrus Coffee

Great massage

Kayla Trombino

Patricia Socarras

Amazing price, great staff, phenomenal massages!! If you’re not coming here, you’re missing out.


Yen was awesome! Great deep tissue massage!

kool kidd

The very best massage

parrisha louis

I love them. I found them looking for a last minute appointment because my sciatica was causing me so much pain. Less than 2 hours later I felt much better - not pain free but that was expected .So thankful of this little gem. There is a small communication barrier for some but that just makes me more impressed because I've never left not satisfied. If the massage doesn't melt your stress away the environment will.

anjali reddy

Jeff Pantano

I have had over 30 massages in my life but this was the first true deep tissue I have ever received. Amazing is all I can say about my massage. Not for the faint heart as the deep tissue is truely a deep tissue. I feel so relaxed and like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, neck and back. I will go back everytime I am in the area. Thank you for a wonderful experience Le Foot.

Danielle ishottt

This was my first time visiting a massage spa. It was a great experience! I feel so rejuvenated! I was so relaxed when I walked out i felt like I was sleepwalking. The staff is friendly and the prices are super reasonable. Will definitely be going back :)

Doonan Juile

Ross Goodwin

Sameer Gokrani

Great foot massage with knowledge of pressure points. Felt great after

Ramona R

Service was great but be aware of the scam to charge more. The man was slow to finish so he could add another half our to charge another $50.

Aditi Prabhudesai

Great place! I'll be going here again.. they did a great job. She worked on all pressure points and adjusted pressure based off my preference. Super nice place and very affordable.

Pam Jones

I have an Appointment every week for a deep tissue massage. Lisa is amazing! I Have back problems and after I see her the pain is gone for a while. The best place ever!


Soooo awesome! Been here twice so far. Im just waiting to have my baby in November so I can return for a deep tissue massage. No way can I lay on my stomach now hahahaha see you soon :)

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