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REVIEWS OF JT Nail Spa Cumberland IN Rhode Island

Samantha Bourcier

My pedicure was incredible but then I had a woman named Tracey for my acrylics and by far the most painful manicure I’ve ever experienced cut my thumb to the point it was bleeding and was way too rough with my nails and did an awful job love the place itself but don’t recommend Tracey

Lauren Fobert

This place is amazing! I wish they'd open up a place near my home. Unfortunately, this place is an hour away. There is no spa nail place like this near my home. They offer $10 off if you sign up for their email. The atmosphere is cool. Decorations are beautiful. Service is great! They even have a kids spa room with kid offers. I can't wait to take my 4 year old! My 16 year old loved the experience getting her nails done. They had a huge wall of colors! I loved that the most! Definitely would recommend this place to anyone!

Serene Vear

Absolutely the best pedicure I have ever had in my life, and I have had many. I had Henry, and he was great! The other gentleman who did my daughter's pedicures were also amazing! We will be back! Would highly recommend to everyone!

Bonnie Drolet

Love this salon! Clean and welcoming environment. Very big on sanitizing tools and using disposable liners for pedicures. I have had manicures, pedicures, acrylics and now I get "the dip" powder on my real nails. Easy to make an appt. I prefer having the same nail tech, so I usually make appointments, but they accept walk ins too.

Isabella Hanley

Great place, amazing price, friendly service, and clean environment. I have gotten so many compliments on my nails !

Shelby Leonard

Adriana M Munoz

Stephanie Cataldo

This was by far the best pedicure I have ever had. I had Ben, and he was great. I will be a returning customer!!

Leah Nicole

I’m never going back here and all the people I told about this place after my initial visit(which was great!), I will tell them how they tried taking advantage of me. I walked in thinking I’d get full set acrylic with gel polish but I decided not to get gel seeing as the nails were just for Halloween and didn’t need to last long. I chose to get designs on two nails(white stars). I got my slip and the total said $45! Which is completely wrong and when I spoke to the Mgr Tina she told me that it cost $10 for getting coffin shaped (it’s $3 elsewhere) $10 for the designs($5 elsewhere) & extra money because it took him(Kevin) time(the same time as every customer getting full set)to do my nails. Not only that but one of her workers claiming to be a manager as well kept talking back and even went as far as to say I’m a bad customer(she is young and Hispanic) and how some places charge even more so I shouldn’t be complaining for being overcharged.. she was saying all of this while I was trying to speak to Tina and she goes on to say after I said I’d prefer to speak to Tina that Tina was very busy and doesn’t have time. Tina was already in front of me and it’s her job to be there for a customer -.- prior to me asking to speak to her she was not doing anything. I had to tell the Spanish girl to get Tina for me because before that she kept going from the front to the back to relay messages like a game of telephone. Kevin was shown a picture of the nails I wanted which was a picture from the first time I had my nails done there and loved it and he did not do the shape right. I wasn’t going to say anything, I just figured i wouldn’t see him specifically again. But he asks me what I thought and I was honest and said the shape was sharp and extreme more so than the one I’d shown him in the picture to which he replies that I have to be more specific because there are two kinds of coffin shapes.. are you kidding me? I showed him a picture, it doesn’t get more clear than that. Initially do the designs I was going to do 1 with white stars and the other being the Superman symbol. He claimed he was very good however as he attempted the symbol and horribly failed I said I’ll make it easier on him he could just do stars like the other nail. He removed the polish on that nail and went to apply a coat of red polish when I wanted that nail blue and he said “see you have to be more specific”.. he said that again! I never said to switch the main color I only said to put stars.. he was VERY rude and dismissive and would tap my hand to move it a certain way like I was a dog.. he seemed arrogant as well and when I tried to initiate conversation he wouldn’t bite back so it was silence the whole 2 and a half hours. Except of course when the workers were talking about me in Vietnamese. Smh I had such high hopes for this place and thought I found the perfect place. I did not. My advise to you is that if you go then make sure you look at the pricing to see that they aren’t trying to overcharge you. I called on the phone to see how much it’d be to get coffin shape and they said $5 yet Tina tells me $10. Very nice business. My nails were done on the 25th it is now 30th and my nail is already chipped. The first time I got my nails done they lasted a month! He made my nails paper thin and very cornered so that the edges were actually sharp. Bad bad bad. Kevin is not good with people or nails.

Nervana Ghobrial

The Chinese director she is a bad woman who does not deal with respect and does not want new customers at all. I advise not to go to this salon

Leane Da Silva

I have gone to this place before and this did not happen to me ... my appointment was at 6pm my nail tech was Joe and I get it by that time they are tired but I can tell he was not into it, he did not shape them when I told him too he did a horrible job they are crooked my nails were long they are so short now, I asked for a design he couldn’t even do it ... unfortunately because of one tech I will never go there again very disappointed and they are very expensive

Brittany Janelle

Sara Kelley

What a beautiful and relaxing spot! The cool, clean air welcomes you as you enter this beautiful, clean spa. Sometimes, I'm so relaxed that I feel like I could sleep! Everyone is professional, hardworking and willing to meet the needs of each customer. The skin products introduced by the owner are wonderful, and she's quite knowledgeable from taking many seminars. The spa gives you an upscale feel without having to book weeks ahead in advance. This new business is an asset to the community!


First experience was great but the second ... not so good. I asked for a wax and mani pedi. The lady I had didn't understand what I meant by squared nails somehow. They were uneven and I had to fix them when I went home. The girl at front desk forgot to put me down for the wax , so I had to ask again but was told there was no one there who could wax ? On a day when waxing is on sale and there were 5 other employees unoccupied at the time. Weird.


My favourite salon, very clean, staff is very nice. Have my permanent nail master there, but all girls and boys working TV here are very good. Lots of options for mani/pedi.


ALERT!!! They gave me nail FUNGUS!!! It's the only salon I've been to the last 2 years! When they stripped off color from their previous pedi I noticed my nails were white colored! I asked the technician why, she said they were just dry!! I asked to speak to the manager and she said the same thing!!! I took a photo because I was suspicious. I went to my podiatrist about 1 hour later and showed him the photo. He said that's FUNGUS!!! He buffed my nails down and gave me medicine to put on them for the next 2 months!!! JT Salon Lied about my nails and then worked on them!!! Anyone who they used the same base coat and polish on could be infected!!! That's probably how I got the FUNGUS!! They are DISHONEST and UNPROFESSIONAL!! I wish I could give them ZERO Stars!! Cost me $60- copayment and $45- for medicines!!! SHAME on JT Nails!!!!

Anne Diggle

Kayla Briggs

Got a gel manicure. Their website says $30, but I got charge $40. Within two hours my thumb nail already chipped. I’ve never experienced nails chipping so easily before. Definitely won’t be going back.

Tenae Hughes

Mal Mooney

Lee was great! Theres even a little room for kids. Fair prices and nice staff

Carla Godbout

Eulalia Garcia

This is my faaaaaavorite nail salon!!! They're very sweet and very helpful. & didn't over file my nails, which is painful and happens at anywhere else. The place was VERY clean and new. Will definitely be returning SOON!

Tia Pease

Josette Louis

Michelle Levitre

Jc Lam

Aliris Rivera

Erin Dugas

HeaT summer 2017

Paulina Panek

So disappointed! I have been going to perfect nails for YEARS now. When they opened a new location called JT nails I followed because it was a beautiful space. I usually only got my nails done by three techs. One of them being the owner. I recently bought a house 30 mins away and the salon was no longer easily accessible for me. However, I did decide to make the half hour drive to get my nails done for my birthday. I was certain it would be worth the drive because I have never left the salon feeling unhappy. I got a new nail tech I have never met before. I requested a gel mani and pedi but got a regular pedi. I let that go because I was on a tight schedule. I asked for square nails but they look more round. He cut my nails down quite a bit. I know I have little stubby nail beds but they were not all evenly matched. After painting my nails 2 coats I mentioned my thumb nail had a huge slope in it and when he asked the owner about it she told him to keep applying gel. So after 4 or 5 layers my nails were thick and bumpy. When I was asked how my visit was I replied that it has been better and that I was disappointed. Instead of asking why I felt that way, the girl at the front desk couldn’t get me out of there fast enough. I do believe that it was the tech I got and not the reflection of the overall business. However, it is the owners responsibility to make sure their clients are satisfied with their services. If I wasn’t happy with my nails they should’ve been redone by someone that knew what they were doing. Sadly I paid $60, left feeling frustrated and confused. I don’t know if their approach has changed because they have opened a new location or if this was just a random occurrence, but I will not be recommending them to anyone. They lost a 10+ year customer.

A Google User

It's the cheers of nail salons ... They always address me by my first name remember my likes and dislikes and do excellent work. Over time they have gotten better at guessing wait time... Tip.. As many salons do these days starting the end if this month I believe cash for tips....

Michelle Tiews

Rita DeOliveira

Jamie Chapman

This place was fantastic! Today was my first time visiting, and I was not disappointed! By far the best salon in Cumberland. I chose the lavender and mint pedicure, along with a gel manicure, and was given the best service and attention I have ever had at a nail salon. Son took great care of me and my nails, making sure to ask my preferences and take extra time with the massages and sugar scrub. The best part may have been the wonderful relaxing neck pillows, a first for me at any salon! I will definitely be going back again soon-- This place is a must!

Sabria Simpson

Kimberly Novak

Lem is AMAZING! Today is my 1st time here & I just got the french dip on my fingers and the most FABULOUS gel spa pedicure I've EVER had in my LIFE! Best treat after months of not treating myself

H_&_M_ Style

Jennifer Carrier

I had an appointment and still waited 45 minutes to get my nails done. No one spoke English (no offense) but I need to be able to communicate with whoever is doing my nails. The nail polish was old and cruddy and came out lumpy once it dried. In 6 years i've never chipped a nail (from a previous place I went to) and after they did my fill a nail chipped 5 days later. The acrylic just fell off randomly. It looks nice inside, but was not satisfied at all. Only great thing was they had decent prices. **Update: I went to a different nail salon 1 week after this incident to have my nails fixed and the nail tech said she didn't even know what they used on my nails but it wasn't acrylic .whatever it was it was it melted to my nails and they hard a very hard time getting it off. TERRIBLE!!

Becca S

Giving it 3 stars because although the work is good they have kept me waiting on more than one occasion 30 mins or longer. Last time i waited 45 mins ( i make an app every-time way ahead of time) no one was in the salon but me and someone else it was dead. My technician was just walking around doing things around the salon (and yes they were told i had arrived) this is the reason i stopped going.

Peggy McClure

Very expensive. Had a pedi it was ok. Nails was ok. Would I go back absolutely not. Over priced. Staff very friendly. Just not up to snuff with pedi’s and manicures.

Alexis Santoro

The salon does a great job, when you can get in. Every time I call for an appointment, they say they are full and not “really” taking walk-ins either. The staff answering phone are not really that friendly.

Danielle Beauchamp

Paula Sotnik

Have had manis, pedis and waxing since opening - fantastic in every way!

Cathy Pratas

Always a nice atmosphere great service pleasant employees, a little expensive for a basic pedi but its the best place in town

Sunitha Krishnan

I used to do facial in JT Nail and Spa. First time it was great and the technician who did my facial was very professional and it was very relaxing. I had a very bad experience, when I went last time. They gave me an appointment at 5 PM and I waited there for 45 minutes. I told them I need a refreshing mask (I did first time the same facial). Some other technician just came in and she put this mask after scrubbing. After 10 minutes, she came back and she just pulled back the mask off without spraying water. The mask was super dry and it made my skin so painful and red. I wasted like 30 bucks for nothing but skin irritation and redness in my skin. Worst experience..

Leah Rossi

Karen Watier

Entire pedicure wiped off 4 hours after pedicure. I called immediately, explained the situation and they asked me to come in the next day at 10:30. I went in, asked to speak to a manager and requested a refund for the inconvenience. She admitted that because I had a hot wax pedicure and if it wasn’t cleaned properly, that it could wipe off. So, it was their fault. They refused a refund or any compensation for the complete inconvenience. The last two visits, the polish had chipped in the first few days. Unfortunately, three chances is all I have to offer. Will never return and would never recommend due to the unprofessionalism of admitting they were wrong but did nothing to make it right. Waste of time and $52!

Kelly Redmon

This place always gets it right! They are friendly, accommodating and do a great job!! I have had acrylic gels, pedicures and most recently the nail dip! I always get great service! I wish I had found them sooner!

brianna boudreau

Sandie H.

Christine Matos

Andrea Zonghi

Donna Faidell

Excellent service. Great place. I've gone to Tina for years. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else

Marlena Venturini

Very nice place, clean and the people are professional and kind - every experience here has been excellent! Prices are in range with other area places. Highly recommend!

Lisa Bastic-Penardo

This is a great place for nails and pedicures with so many choices. The personal touches are amazing! They don't miss a beat. Jason and Tina are wonderful! Surely they won't disappoint!

Cynthia Almonacy

Love the different services that you get there. Reasonable prices!!!

Denise Santoro

Tina and Nina did an excellent job with my nails before my daughters wedding. I wish I could post a picture of my ombre nails and french gel pedi. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen Fiorillo

brittanie perron

My favorite nail spa! Hands down! Kayla and Amy are amazing!

Gina Daniel

Christina Cunningham

Jimmy was so gentle and nice- it was a real treat going here for a very reasonable price! Highly recommend, will def be coming back

Donald Barry

This is a top notch Nail Spa. And it really is a spa! You get a nice shoulder massage while getting your nails done. The technicians are all super friendly and very talented! They offer so many services and are very organized with their appointment booking. I highly recommend making an appt and not just walking in because I feel that many of the techs have their own clients and are booked solid so walk-ins may wait longer than normal. ... I have always been beyond satisfied with my nails and overall experience when I leave there. Also, their pedicure menu is fantastic and although the prices are a little higher than other salons, you get what you pay for!!!! I don't go anywhere else now that this place has opened! EDIT: I didn't realize I was logged into my husband's account!! He does not get his nails and toes painted...but I do!! =) -- Lisa Barry

Abby Maziarz

abigael manzoni

Kept me waiting for over 30 minutes in my chair when I booked a pedicure with my sister. I ended up just not getting my nails done and not one employee cared to even tend to me or cared that I ended up cancelling the pedicure after they left my sitting in my chair. Awful customer service. Never coming back.

Joe Welsby

The best pedicure I've had. 15 percent discount for first time customers. Melanie did a great job full foot rub and great attention to detail. Awesome atmosphere comfortable clean decour. Will be coming back without a doubt.

ashley rodriguez

Will definitely be going back didn't get cut once. First time getting the dip powder and I love it

kyley gregory

Priyanka Baniya

Beware of this place. It was nice once upon a time not anymore. Last tym when I got d same services done dey gave shoulder heating pillow n this tym dey didnt even care. My daughter 8 yrs was given grown up mani and pedi and charged for the same. Kids mani pedi is $30 but my bill came upto $127 for kids services and mine. Nails were shaped and painted horrible. When asked why my child was not charged as kids mani n pedi dey had no reply.

Srivani Ch

alicia smith

A friend recommended this place to me months back. I have been a faithful every 2 week customer since! I love it here, Katie is awesome!!! I started with acrylics and gel polish, she told me about dip and my nails have never looked better I highly recommend!!

Crystal Lacroix

Never again... All my nails broke off the second week of having dip done. Overcharged!!! It was great my 1st time after that just problems!!!!

Sandra Garro

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