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3916 NW 36th St #300, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

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REVIEWS OF Sweet Mimosa Day Spa and Massage Therapy IN Oklahoma

Ray Strand

Terri and Carrie are amazing! We got a couples signature full facial and 90 minute massage. My friend had Carrie and she did a fabulous job with the facial and, while my friend can be a little picky with some work, totally rocked it and hit all the right points. I had Terri and my body is stupid with tension and how much pressure I can take in specific areas and she was super knowledgeable and amazing too! Definitely a relaxing environment, great staff, we will be back again!

Linda Raymond

Received a Gift Certificate for my birthday and had an amazing time. Staff was friendly and the massage was amazing.

Wes Struebing

Outstanding massage and spa service

zachary broekemeier

April Fowler

Laurie Stephens

Tiffany does the best spray tans of any place I've ever gone! She goes way out of her way to make sure everything is perfect! She even let me come in last minute to get touch ups free of charge before our vacation! ❤️

Wade Carter

Charmaine Timmons

Awesome.job. can't wait to do it again.

Many Quarrels

Jose Garcia

Steven Peters

My wife and I visited to get a couples massage for our anniversary. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. The staff was very friendly and professional. They explained everything in detail and put us at ease. The facility was very clean and well maintained. I would recommend them highly. We intend on going back in the future.

Pam H

Lauren Cantu

Eh, it's ok. My mom and I both had the "Queen for a Day" experience and we both agreed it was alright. The package included a massage, facial, and foot scrub. The massage for both of us was wonderful, the facials for both of us we're subpar (we expected more treatments and skin diagnosis/recommendations i.e. dry, normal, you should use xyz type products... The foot scrub were nice but nothing your standard pedicure place wouldn't do. They do provide you with mimosas, so that was nice. We will probably not return though.

Casey Beck

Keisha Spotwood

It was a good experience. Amy was good. They serve you mimosa's as well.

Margaret Appleton

My husband and I came in for a couples massage and it was perfect! Everyone was extremely nice and we will for sure be back.

Leslie Lanza

Hillary Cantrell

Best experience I’ve had in a long time. Amy gave me an incredible massage with lots of special touches. The table was prewarmed. I got to choose my own scent. Everyone was super friendly. I’ll definitely be back!

Brauer Pauer

Murphie Robinson

Anthony Alonzo

D'Vina Ramirez

This place is the most relaxing place you can ever enter.

Anna Nelson

Awesome. Went her for an anniversary. The couples' massage, and complimentary mimosas, hit all the right notes. The room was warm without being uncomfortable. They were able to accommodate my husband and make him comfortable on the table as he is a very tall a big man. We were relaxed and refreshed feeling for days. We both slept like babies that night. They use essential oils durring the massage that you are allowed to choose a head of time in thier pretty and well lit lobby. They were very professional, but relaxed and kind. No urban voodoo here, but ckean medically minded maasage therapy.

carmen ghibaudi

Kendal did an amazing job with me today! I will be returning as often as possible!


Andrew Moore

Unbelievable service, reasonable price, you receive a full hour message, amazing mimosas. I took my girlfriend for Valentine's Day for the Sweetheart special and she and both loved it. I cannot recommend high enough!!

A Google User

Best massage I've ever had and on top of that, everyone was so friendly. Will be back.

siara price

My husband and I come here for couples massages and always absolutely love them! The complimentary mimosas are wonderful and the massages are always so relaxing.

Alchemy IQ

I got my son a gift certificate for his 7th birthday and just took him today. A woman named Hunter was his masseuse and she was great! I wasn't sure how it would go, taking a seven year old to get a back massage and reflexology but he warmed right up to her. Even sitting and reading in the lobby was relaxing for me. I will definitely be going soon for myself!

James W Perry

Wife and I went in for a couples massage last Sunday afternoon. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the professionalism shown. Highly recommended!! Will definitely make this a monthly visit for us.

Michael M.

Chris Ramsey

Mathew Taylor

Make sure you tip at least $50 for the special massage.


First time here. Very relaxing couple's massage. Kind of strange crossing from one building to the next though. Next up? Try the float tub.

Liz Cromwell

What a great spa! I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and will most definitely be going back for more services.

Cody Grant

Excellent service and I recommend Maddy she is a beautiful soul!

April Shipley

Love these ladies!! My husband and I were in town for work, needed a massage, little did we know we really were treated to a mimosa. Cute spa, great massage, can fit you in last minute. We prefer deep tissue, it was excellent. We will definitely be back!

Rachel Jones

Sz Dro

Booked a one hour float. Staff was polite and courteous. Was able to book my appointment two days in advance. They gave me ten dollars off for being a military veteran. As far as the float experience goes...I was disappointed. There was no complimentary zero gravity massage chair that I'm used to at spas in my home city (San Antonio). Having a short 15 min massage in a zero gravity massage chair helps relax me to make the transition to relaxing in the float tank easier and quicker. The shower was in another bathroom outside of the float room. This is inconvenient and I'm used to having a shower in the float room. The towels were thin but heavy. They don't seem to soak up much water. The towels felt like some type of synthetic material. I did not like the towels and prefer a nice thick all cotton white towel. I did not see any shower shoes provided. No locker for clothes or personal belongings, so I brought it into the float room and left it on a chair. I float regularly about once a month. I was told the max float time is 60 minutes bc the timer only goes this high, but I would prefer the option of 90 min floats. The water seemed like there was way too much salt as the water was very slimy compared to other spas I've been to. There was salt build up inside the pod in places. So much salt in the water that it was drying out and left behind from water that was on the floor from when I got out in the beginning to dry my eyes. Speaking of eyes, there was no spray bottle with fresh water inside the pod to use to clean my face/eyes of salt water if it got in them which it did multiple times. I had to get out of the pod to clean my face so my eyes wouldn't burn. The other places I've been to keep a water spray bottle to use for this. Also the small towel inside the pod was the same material as the large bath towels and not pleasant to use to clear my eyes with and dry my face. The water was too warm and/or it was to humid inside the tank room so I had to keep the pod door open. The water temp was much higher hoter than skin temp. The room wasn't completely dark and a lot of light was coming into the room through the door so I was not in total darkness. I tried to keep the pod door shut but due to the hot water and humidity my face was sweating and that would get salt in my eyes. With the pod door open this caused two issues, not in darkness and the cooler air, this gave me two separate distractions from floating. Now here is another major flaw at this spa...the room was not even close to being sound proof. I used the foam ear plugs provided (I'm used to the silicone moldable ones) and could hear all kinds of noises from outside the float room. It was extremely distracting. It was so bad that towards the end of my time, there was what sounded like either a motorcycle or lawn mower kept starting and revving up then off and then starting and revving up again over and over again. This was so bad that I ended my float about 15 mins early. I did not enjoy any of my time floating. I was looking forward to this float as I have found that floating in the correct environment free from distractions with correct water and air temps is a wonderful experience. I really didn't want to pay for this after I was finished, but I didn't say anything when I was leaving bc I just wanted to go and I was too disappointed. I didn't want to get more upset as the whole point was to go there to relax and reset. The layout of the spa is confusing and I had to go outside thu a door the back inside another part of the building to get to the float room. After I finished the float I had trouble finding the front desk bc there was no kind of signage for directions thru the building outside them back inside to the front desk. I do not recommend this spa for isolation/relaxation float therapy.

Rachel Hacker

Courtney Luckett

Jacob Fleming

Savanah Powell

Got a call an hour and a half before my scheduled appointment to advise me they had to cancel my appointment due to a scheduling error on their part. It wouldn't be a big deal except it is my birthday and I can't get in anywhere else last minute. Plus, I called and confirmed my apt multiple times including the day before. I'm a nurse and took off for my birthday. Not much time to do things for myself. Not a good first impression. They did offer me $10 off my next message of/when I choose to get one. Highly disappointed!

Kenneth Williams

Leo McCall

My wife booked us a couples massage for our anniversary and even though I don't consider myself a spa kinda guy it was awesome. The staff made us feel at ease with the whole process. We will definitely be back.


I was really looking forward to my float at the Sweet Mimosa and I was a little let down. I bought a groupon, with the intent of purchasing future appointments. I'm a massage therapist, but the only one at my spa, so I've been shopping for a while to find a place for my own needs. Upon arriving 15 minutes early, I signed the waver and sat in the waiting area where I was offered a mimosa (it was really good, great atmosphere, lighting a little dim for me, but it was nice, clean and beautifully decorated with quiet piano music). All great so far. 10 minutes after my appointment time already began, I was taken back to the pod room. I have severe anxiety in new places, so I need explicit direction on what to do or I get overwhelmed and this is where the sweet mimosa fell short for me. I was directed to a shower, told quickly that there were buttons in the pod for music, lights, etc., towels on side, and then she scurried away. The lighting is dim everywhere so I couldn't really see what I was doing and there are no switches for a brighter light. The door to the pod room didn't shut at all, so my anxiety increased thinking of laying semi-naked in a strange place without being able to even close the door. I looked around for someone to address my concerns, but she had gone to the front and I was in a towel and robe at that point so I couldn't walk up there half naked, and it's a separate building, passing through an alley and the weather is cold right now. She also didn't tell me how I would know when the float was over so I imagined someone would just walk in the (unlocked, door open) room where I'm partially nude and potentially seeing me that way, which drives my anxiety up even more. At this point, I'm feeling defeated and I REALLY needed to relax before I got here. That's why I bought it. I finally say "eff it" and get in the pod. I can't figure out any of the buttons except the light and she didn't explain how to connect my phone to the auxiliary, so I just put some earplugs in and layed down. So began the end. Maybe it was common sense to some, but as I said, I need direction, so imagine my surprise when my wet hair dripped into my eyes. I have never felt my eyes burn like that, and I've been maced once before. I feel like maybe someone should have warned me about that. There was nowhere to rinse my eyes in the room, so I jumped out and stumbled back to the shower with my eyes closed, slipping on the wet floor in my slippers and pulling something in my back, so that hurts now on top of everything else and I can't see anything. I flush my eyes in the shower and decide to leave. I'm in tears at this point due to sheer anxiety, frustration, and just being overwhelmed with not having someone nearby to help me. I get to the front 20 minutes before my appointment ends (with all the time I spent doing everything else, I only actually floated for less than ten minutes.) Nobody asked how my experience was, nobody asked why I ended early, or seemed to show any concern at all other than asking for my groupon voucher, so I didn't bother explaining it to them because I was already in tears and probably looked ridiculous. I may go back and try again one day and just ask tons of questions beforehand, because I really need it, but I'm just leaving this to let others know about my experience. If you have anxiety, ask more questions than I did and be more demanding about the receptionist making sure you know what you're doing. I expected them to be more forthcoming with information since I had never been there before and a little more helpful. Or maybe to at least ask why someone is crying and leaving their appointment 20 minutes early.

Nave E

Love this place! The ladies who work there are full of energy and so nice. Just being in the building waiting was so relaxing. Super clean. Will for sure being going back. The drive is worth it. Mimosas when you walk in was also great!

Katie Altizer

Great staff, atmosphere and awesome massages!

Cheyanne Montgomery


kennie Martinez

I must start by explaining that I am in the service industry and my goal is to personally experience services and venues that I can recommend to our guests and visitors of Oklahoma City. I have received massage services before by awesome masseuses. So I am not new to the experience and what to expect/hope for. Is it worth it? Indeed it is!!!! Not inly is it worth it but it’s worth the three week wait(appointment made die to demand for the specific service I requested). It is also in my opinion UNDERPRICED. But it does leave you room to leave a very appreciative TIP!!! ;) Now for my appointment there was a slight hiccup in the setting of the services I had requested. A simple mistake which I blew out of proportion only for the GM (Stephen) to break out some awesomeness and utmost professionalism to win me over. We apologized as did I and he promptly scheduled a new appointment the very next day for me. To my realization, I figured out after the fact why I made such a big deal about it. Turns out I was really, really looking forward to it since I had a sore back from the day before:( Next day: appointment 2:30 I arrived 15 min early. I was promptly greeted by name and welcomed while provided the standard administrative and intake forms. One explains the immersion/flotation tank. The other about inquires about any areas that I would like extra attention. I filled documents and I was promptly led to a lounge, offered a refreshment and a choice of aromatic scents to be mixed into the massage oils that would be used on my massage. I was also scheduled for a 1hr flotation tank session (photo below) right after the massage! The goal? Utter and complete body mind relaxation!!! In walks Madeline (my assigned masseuse for today) and after kindly introducing herself she explains how the aromatherapy scent (chosen by moi) infused oils work. I choose my oils while she reviews the intake forms I previously filled out. Upon her return she leads me to the massage room and table. And while I prepare she steps out to infuse the oils. I’m set and she does her job extremely professionally and the only word spoken by either of us ( remember complete mind body relaxation) was after she was done. She asked how I felt; to which my reply was I was not feeling anything( i was so relaxed). A robe was provided to transition to the shower( to wash off the massage oils that can’t go into the immersion tank) . I was explained how to use the tank and the settings then allowed to wash up and dip in at my own leisure. But I do have a 1 hour limit. I wash up and I choose to not use any audio or lights in the tank( remember complete relaxation is the goal so I want no distractions) . I get in the tank, close the door, sound off then lights off and just float...... Its the closes feeling to being back in the womb you will ever have. Quiet, peaceful, worry free, so quiet you can hear your own heartbeat. After 20 minutes it starts getting warmer inside ever so slowly like a smooth sauna but not as hot yet just as effective. I begin to sweat a little but stay still and relaxed I just feel like a whole new human being, no worries lime I am floating freely in space. It is after 30 minutes that I noticed along with the sauna effect( maybe because of it) my hear rate was at 110bpm like a slight workout but without moving a single muscle(literally). AfterI am done I get to rinse the salt off at the shower (which feels like rain drops) and like just being done with a day at the beach (for some odd reason). The most relaxing experience I have had. O extremely highly recommend it and encourage you to dare to treat-yourself to this one of a lifetime experience at a very affordable price. Have a busy body at home? This would make a great present!!!! Thanks to the whole crew at Sweet Mimosa, Steven And of course Madeline. Looking forward to my next experience!!!


Love this spa!

Shannon Campbell

Very nice relaxing day. Enjoyed a 30 minute float in the pod (first time, will need to do again since I wasn't sure what to expect/do). Then had 30 minute massage. Very nice services and staff. Would highly recommend!

Andrew Brown

Had a good experience, went with the lady and it was an enjoyable time.

Tamara Sauls

So relaxing. I will definitely be back.

Tasha Duncan

Mr_ StanfordM

Deanna Day

Anthony Raines

I uptained some time at this spa for Kimberly. She said it was amazing. The staff attentive. And professional. She wants to return many more times. Thank you to all staff members. Your doing the right things.

Kali Carpenter

Did a couples massage and both of the massage therapist looked like they had just rolled out of bed and didn’t even have shoes on. Once in the room, it felt dirty and my sheets felt oily like they were re-used from the previous person and the massage itself wasn’t great either. Would not go back.

Dani Beavers

Josh Butler

Robert Simon

Brit White

Oldboy Saftey

Your place is aw some and love the house calls especially

Cheryl Tresner

Absolutely one of the best massage places around! Make an appt with Kendal for the massage of your life!

N. P.

I was really excited to go to the Sweet Mimosa since I was in desperate need of a massage and it had great reviews. When I got there, everyone was extremely friendly but in a little bit of a hurry. I was immediately given paperwork to fill out and asked what I wanted to drink. I got their signature mimosa which was delish despite it being lukewarm. Then I was asked to pick out some of the oils I wanted to use. I’d barely gotten through the first few bottles in the first of the three carriers before my masseuse had asked if I’d decided on my oils. I told her I had one and so she chose for me all the ones that complimented it (which I found nice) and then gave me a minute (literally) to pick out of those before I was brought to my room. While on one hand, I could say that I didn’t have to wait on anything for very long so that’s a plus, on the other hand I didn’t get to enjoy the ambience of the place or get to unwind before my massage (and I had arrived early too). Anyways, the massage was wonderful and my masseuse did a wonderful job and gave me some pointers that she felt might help me release some tension if I needed it. The reason for the one star is because of what happened afterward. So my masseuse had put a few drops of essential oils on my towel that my face rested on to help me relax. Well towards the end of the massage, my face started tingling. Then after I left, I started getting a slight burning sensation on the lower part of my face towards the jaw. The next morning, I noticed two black marks on my face and just thought it was soot (I’d been cleaning and cooking all day so it was possible). Well it wasn’t soot, it was my skin and it peeled right off. It seems that I had an allergic reaction to the oil she used for my face towel, it was grapefruit I believe, and while I can’t completely blame The Sweet Mimosa for this incident since neither of us knew of this allergy, I feel that better precautions should’ve been in place to avoid incidents like these from happening. It’s unfortunate that I won’t be going back since I’m probably scarred for life (both emotionally and figuratively, if my face doesn’t heal. properly).


Alana Lewis

Such a perfect atmosphere. I've had great service every visit and will continue to return!

Jackie Sanchez

Seriously!!! This experience is LEGENDARY!!!!!!! Beautiful atmosphere ! Awesome Staff Massage to die for!!!!!!

Christina Ruth

Angel Hope

I thought i was going to be rushed since they were fitting me in between 2 appointments, but i felt completely relaxed. Nice clean and relaxing spa. Defiantly will be going back!

Rhonda Clift

Madison Obregon

Must be under new management. I have been here a few times over the years and have never received bad customer service until now. I called to get a digital gift certificate for the day spa package and when I never received the email I called back to verify. When the receptionist picked (Justin) he explained it couldn't be resent till the manager got back tomorrow. I needed it for today and explained that would be a problem and to have someone call me. As ridiculous as that is, I did keep my cool even after being hung up on. Then he calls back about 5 minutes later and explained I could come pick it up as a gift card or be refunded. I went with the refund, asked for confirmation and he said there was no way to do that. At this point I got firm and said "No, there is something you can send me to confirm my refund" and I got the text after being hung up on a second time confirming the refund to my card. No apologies for the inconvenience, nothing... Not pleased and very surprised at this customer service experience. I used to love this place. I will now take my business elsewhere.

Lacey Morgan

Loved it! Everyone was friends and the massage was great.

Rachal C

Loved this place!! Will be back again!

Katie Kughn

This was my first trip and it was ok. I’m planning on trying it one more time to see if I can get the fantastic services I’m used to at other spas. The staff was nice but the massage I had was lackluster.

Jeremy Brauer

Pretty nice place. Message was really nice and it was pretty reasonably priced. very relaxing environment!

Jaime Graham

I bought my mom a Queen for a day Gift Certificate for Mothers day 2015 and she had a sudden aneurism that destroyed her Brain stem and caused her to pass May 23rd 2015, just a couple of weeks later. No where on the certificate does it say it expires and I know my mother wouldn't want it to go to waste but since they have a different system and it has been 1 yrs and 9 mos. since purchased, they will not accept it. The Service has been paid for, tip and all and because of an unfortunate incident and me grieving the loss off my mother instead of using the certificate as soon as possible they will not accept the certificate. Pretty low of them in my book.

Liz P

Great massage, perfect amount of pressure. If I lived in Oklahoma I would come here once every 2 weeks.

Wil Drake

Excellent staff, friendly, courteous, and professional. If soothing instrumental music, a relaxing therapeutic massage, and complimentary mimosa are something you enjoy, this is the right place to go.

Ashley Krystine

Crystal Messner

Randy Knight

M Degraff

Justin Blankington

Gregory Myers

Very relaxing

Dennis Edwards

The overall experience was great!

Terri Dailey

My husband and I had a couples massage and we're so happy, both of the young ladies were excellent! I would go everyday if I could. I can't wait to go back again, even my husband said he would do it again!!!!

Sue Byrd

Dee Moss

Massages were amazing and the staff was very friendly. I'll be making this a regular thing.

Myra Jackson

Absolutely amazing!!! Such a great experience and delicious mimosas!

Grace Silva

The massage was good, but the wrap for $100, wasn't worth the money.

Rachel Dillin

We love coming here for couple's massages. They start out with a tasty mimosa and a wide selection of essential oils choices. The therapists are great, and they use a warm towel, which is a wonderful way to relax muscles towards the end of the treatment. We will return.

rachael hurry

First time client. I had rcvd a gift certificate for c'mas. When I first pulled up, I wasn't sure bc it's not in a "prime" location. However, my experience was wonderful. I had a one hour massage, aromatherapy and a facial. I left feeling wonderful and relaxed. I highly recommend!

Mahesh Reddy

Lori Miller

Went to sweet mimosa for the first time in Feb and we now we go once a month! We always get a couple's massage.... we had the hot stones, hour and half and regular one hour massages. Love love love the sweet mimosa - very professional and clean! The entire staff is so welcoming! My fav massage therapist is Amy, she's incredible! I highly recommend Sweet Mimosa!

Claire Nguyen

Customer service is extremely bad. I got a gift card for my birthday and tried to call them everyday almost a whole week so I can have an appointment for that Saturday but no one answered. One time a lady picked up but said their internet was down so she cannot take any appointment, she asked for my phone number that she would call back and she never called back. The only reason why i want to come here because I had good experience with a pregnant massage here 3 years ago but otherwise I would never want to choose such a place like this. They act like they don’t need customers.

Natasha Marie

Sunni Holt

It was awesome! Great experiences. Thank you Terri, very relaxing

Andrew Janzen

It was great, the wife and I have been there twice!

Nelly Rodriguez

Dawn Ross

My friend and I met in OKC for a girls weekend. We both received the queen for a day package. Crystal did our facials and Amy did our massages. They both did an amazing job and both made sure we were satisfied with our treatments. We highly recommend Sweet Mimosa Day Spa. If we come back to OKC we will definitely return.

Katelin Love

Justyn Williams

The last time I left my massage appointment with Madelline I felt better than I'd ever felt in my life.

elisia greasham

My husband and I went here for a couples massage for our anniversary, we loved it! Rachel & Kim did us right!! We will definitely come again in fact my husband has already mentioned getting these every other month, thanks again ladies you did a great job!

Che Fitzgerald

Just inside we were greeted by a polite young lady who checked us in and gave us a 1 page form to fill out. She also offered us mimosas and water. After turning in the forms, my wife picked out an essential oil and a couple minutes later were escorted back to the massage room. We were given a brief explanation of what to expect and given privacy to undress to our comfort level and climbed in under the covers in our individual massage tables. The therapists came in, made sure we were comfortable, and began our massage. My therapist was very mindful and seemed to know where to apply pressure and where to ease up. My wife said she had a very good experience as well. We did the hour couple massage. We will definitely go again. Unfortunately we didn't get the names of the therapist but they were both terrific.

Natalie Lindsey Miller

Worked with Carrie for my King for a Day package, she did a great job. Frequent check-ins to make sure pressure, temperature, etc were comfortable, and made any necessary changes. Any issues primarily with the facility itself. Like many have said, the massage rooms are immediately off of the waiting area, so anyone speaking in there can be heard clearly. Also, towels are older and pretty abrasive following facial services. Great mimosas and staff though, and I liked getting to pick oils for use in the service. I plan to return.

Erica Coats

Before I start with my review, I will say that my husband has a wonderful experience. We had a couples massage. My experience, however, was not quite as great. My therapist was sniffling over me the entire time but that’s not what bothered me. What bothered me is SHE WOULDN’T LEAVE HER PHONE ALONE!! There were times where she would stop for an extended period of time and I could hear the clicking. 1/4 of my time that I PAID FOR was spent waiting for her to finish a text.

S. Wilkerson

Absolutely Superb! Drinks were nice, staff is entirely friendly, massage therapist communicated excellently, and lastly the atmosphere was spot on! Best Birthday Gift from my S.O.! Would do again and again.

Jennifer Panicci

Love love love!!!

Brandon Wessel


We have had several couples massages over the last 4-5 years at SM and overall have been pleased. We had not been in a while until recently and were introduced into the rooms in the back for the couples massages. I must say I liked the original rooms in the main building better. The ambiance was better. The room we were in was cold and the lighting was too bright. Overall the last massage wasn't very good but that doesn't mean we won't be back. Just wasn't very relaxing like it has been in the past. My advice is find the masseuse you like and stick with them so you know the results will be consistent. Otherwise, you never know what you're gonna get.

Mary S

Abby Peek

I love coming here to get a massage! I am always able to get in, even within 2 hours of calling! Very nice people who work there. They offer you water or a mimosa while you wait and you can pick an essential oil to be put into your massage oil!

Wes Fowler

Elizabeth Benner

I've been here twice and the first time I went with my wife and it was a couples massage and the two woman did good! Today I went again and got a massage just on my own and i had a woman named Amanda woods. Shes was so knowledgable and amazing at the massage she goes over and beyond you will not he disappointed. I will ask for her personally every single time now.

Jeanette Leigh Garcia

I came for a massage and had a lovely masseur Nadia. There was a plethora of essentials for your desired level of ambiance. The facilities were clean and the staff was very courteous and respectful. Their hours are 10-8 Monday through Saturday and 12-6 Sunday

Kay Rule

First massage was amazing

Angela Butler

Anna Diego

My husband and I had a terrific time!

Nate Cook

Great service, very relaxed atmosphere, highly recommended. We will be back.

SC Marler

Jonathan Teague

Great staff. They really went put of their way to make sure we had a great experience.

don connel

Wonderful!!! Looking forward to doing again.

Heather Stone

I go here all the time. Husband and I love it here. The girls are nice the facility is very clean. Highly recommend going here. They have all kinds of specials. King for a day. Queen for a day. Wax. Couples massage

Christen Harper

Great staff, clean place. The mimosas are an extra plus. My boyfriend and I got the couples massage yesterday and it was amazing.



keta fields-jackson

very sweet and freindly people

magan granger

Came here a couple months ago for a 30 minute float and 30 min massage. Had severe scheduling issues so once I finally got scheduled, the experience was nice. The float was awesome and the staff was very friendly. Had a great massage therapist who zoned in on me and my needs. Came back for a one hour Swedish massage. First of all let me say, having the massage rooms directly next to the waiting room is probably not ideal. Throughout my entire massage I could hear people laughing and talking and doors slamming as people were going in and out of the other doors. Oh well, I can try to shrug that off. My therapist (not sure what her name was considering she never introduced herself) was nice. She asked what my trouble spots were. So I told her my neck and upper shoulders. This is is quite literally eh only reason I even decided to come get a massage today is because of my neck. So she starts my hour, a few minutes late, but it’s okay. She does fantastic but once she finally gets to the trouble spots I requested in the beginning, she spends maybe one minute lighting rubbing my neck then stands up and leaves. So here I am $70 dollar in the hole and still have the exact same issues I was having an hour ago. I mean what’s he point in asking what your trouble spots are if you aren’t even going to hit them? The rest of the massage was okay. Just irritated that I still am feeling the exact same way I was before I came in. And I don’t believe there were any essentials oils used that I chose either.

Ashleigh Williams Whiteside

I loved Sweet Mimosa! I went spur of the moment this past Friday because I originally scheduled with another business. Chrystal was awesome! She was very welcoming but wasn't too "familiar" with me by talking. She was quiet and allowing me to relax. She was very attentive so if something was hurting, she would ask if she needed to change the pressure (I got a deep tissue massage). I, however, wanted her to get as deep as she could. They had their quiet area set up with chocolate covered strawberries and cakes! This was for valentines day so I'm not sure if this is a normal thing for them but I definitely indulged after my massage. They gave me plenty of water. They don't give you a towel and they don't have a shower but that's not a big deal for me. I was very happy. I scheduled my next appointment with Chrystal before I left! You've gotta go!

Andrew Stites

Draggin' Wagon

Amy asked where I needed a massage and was very helpful. I went in for neck pain and left feeling much better! Will definitely go back had no problems with my visit at all.

Bre Brummel

Float tank was AMAZING!

Josh Herrera

Heather McCoy

Keeping up with the trends

Alexis Zeigler

Stephanie Turner

Best massage I've ever had! Amy was wonderful! Entire staff and facility is excellent!

MC Olvera

Service is great

Alexa Scheiferstein

My husband and I just went for couples massages, we had Terri Holt and Crystal Fraticelli. This was our first time ever getting massages and these girls were great. They asked us what we were wanting to focus on and even checked with us through out the massage on the pressure they were using. We left so relaxed we considered taking a nap in the parking lot.

Steven Kelley

Duhnarse G

It was peaceful and relaxing. Never once was I uncomfortable.

Tim Carkin

Excellent experience. I send everyone that needs a massage here

amber davenport

Love this place!! It is so relaxing and peaceful! Ashley is fantastic!

Nathaly sneed

blind0jade mf

Jamie Gutierrez

Very professional. The best massage I ever had. Friendly and makes you feel at home.

Jessica Fox

Offer an array of message styles and even have an abundance of oils to heighten the experience. Oh, and the offer floating now. Also great for pre-natal massages.

Shannon Mangum

Hands down the best massage establishment! Mimosas and essential oils, relaxing music, and very well trained and hilarious therapists.

Hattie Gillispie

David Ohse

Hunter is awesome. I'm a big guy and she was able to get the knots out.

Sharon Wallgren

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MASSAGE EVER ! I love this place, I will be back ❤

Melissa Short

Love going here! I've never had a bad massage yet.

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