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Chris L.

Been here a few times. They have also done a good job.

gabrielle estrada

went yesterday the lady seemed nice but the nails were not what I wanted at the end the clear coat made the nails look cloudy and cheap looking I’ve had better plus she didn’t trim off the acrylic around the top of my nails I’d recommend designer nails off 50th or butterfly nails in edmond they’re better tried to give this place a chance not worth my $60

lutricia hardeman

Very nice atmosphere with a patient and friendly staff. Be sure to get a pedicure, the message chairs are awesome!

Brandi Lawrence

My daughters dipped nails $35 plus tip came off in 4 days!!! My fill and polish is chipping and our youngest girls nails came off the same day. They are rude, let people cut in front if us and I would never go back to this place again! DO NOT WAISTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! I TRULY HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!

Patti James

Ok, service.

Marion Pruitt

Great place love it. Thanks Royal Spa

Elizabeth Paige

They filed my nails crooked! Didn't soak my nails, didn't cut my cuticles, made all my real nails SO SHORT and they were not that bad! Then I asked for my 5 dollars (that they made me pay for fieling my nail OFF AND CROOKED. It looks like a drug addict cut my nails! Then the total B manager had the balls to call me after I've been trying to get a hold of her AND BE SO RUDE AND TELL ME I OWE HER MONEY FIR TALKING GEL OFF MY NAILS!! My NAILS WERE COMPLELTY BLANK WITH NOTHING ON THEM. These terrible people will lie and not refund your money! What jerks. Never had a consistently good expierence here ever!! HORRIBLE.

Ash E

50 dollars for my toe paint I could of done at home. The lady didn't listen to how I wanted my nails so didn't even get them done thanks for nothing

Jenn Fraley


Jessica Shanks

Mark Lusted

Great pedicure! Nice, relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff. Ask for Kay.

Colson Mcguinness

Bigmamma _turtle

Employees are very VERY rude. My nails look SOOO trashy. Highly would NOT recommend ever going back.

jesh quinn

zoe taylor

awful. Terrible experience overall if I could give negative stars I would, had very rude staff and wasn't focused on their job took way longer than it needed too overpriced and a sloppy job .

emily crespo

Ashton Scott

I waited longer than my pedicure was, very rude staff. Rushed through my pedicure that doesn’t even offer hot towels, or anything but warm water. Not worth wasting your money. I will never come back here.

Ron Heath

Mag Sotelo

Torrie Eddens

Ms Chanell

My predicures are always good. They are always friendly and kind when im there. And I never have to wait to long. I have been here a few times and will continue going.

The Aleten twins

very rude doesn’t like when you comment on there mess ups when ur the one paying. can’t do any popular designs or trends.

Alexis McCall


The owner/manager is a communist

Rashelle Caliebe

Sandra Reifschneider

James Deane

Jordan Sallaska

Danaeh Porter

Terrible manicure and pedicure, cost way to much to leave with lumps in your nail polish and quickly done work. For how much they are charging you, you nails should look amazing.Will never go there again.

Laurie Robinson


wasn’t that bad..i like it. Customer service isn’t too bad either.

Christopher Giberson

Le Tony


Walked in with my 8yr old daughter for two pedicures. All the polishes seems to be diluted because the polished looked very thin and the bottles were worn and old looking. They didn’t show me a menu and were allusive about what the lowest level pedi was. I was correct about the polish being diluted because it kept running down my nail onto my skin. The woman pierced her nail into my skin multiple times trying to wipe off all the excess polish. Not to mention it dried weird and did not look smooth at all. My daughters looked the same, although she is 8 and isn’t looking for a quality job here. The total for me and my child was $45 without tip. That is ridiculous for a basic and child pedi alone, but the pedi was terrible and polish was diluted and cheap! I should have read the reviews before going here.

Maria Fint

My nail artist was very sweet and paid attention to the job at hand and I was billed $25 for full set with polish acrylic nails. However the manager that took care of my daughter was very rude.. She kept pushing for her to get gels and she already had a full set of acrylic and only needed a fill and new polish. My daughter said she would wait their price on there list is $17. The woman charged her $25. I paid the $ 25 for mine and tipped $5 and then I paid $25 and no tip for my daughter's. IF THEY DON'T WANT TO DO ACRYLICS TAKE THEM OF THE LIST OF OPTIONS.

Haley Miller

Friendly people.

Sanaa Altaie



Will never go back my nails are crooked, also my polish is way to thick and my nails are all different lengths. This was beyond a waste of time

Tatianna Liles

Worst place ever. My friend got the same style and her tech did a good job when I showed her mine the tech laughed along with the lady who runs the desk. They didn't even care to fix them after hearing me complain numerous times. When we was leaving I metioned a google review and not coming back. She then asked if I wanted them fixed, I told her you should of asked 30 mins ago instead of laughing. I paid in advanced and even left an $8 tip for $35 ugly nails. If I knew they would of been terrible I wouldn't of left a 23% gratuity.

don blakeman

Very relaxing atmosphere..massage therapist are very knowledgeable and accomadating. Very nice and clean. Very professional.

Javen Harris

Wrost exspiernce ever! I got my nails done and the next day they were cracking. All I did was scratch my scalp and my nail broke off. Then I picked up my pillow and another nail broke off! And they don’t give you your money back so don’t even waist your time !

Pamela Noble-Smith

Brian Smith

Audreann Wallace

Pretty rude service. Got my nails done on Friday and they are already looking terrible. Will not be coming back and I highly recommend you don’t waste your money or time here.

Frenk Melk

Baley Lynn

Alondra Gonzalez

I went the day before christmas (23)to get them done the lady cut me twice and the nails all ended up falling of by the 26 and i paid 50 for them if i wanted them to fall of i couldve just went to the dollar store and pay 7 for some glue on

Valerie McDaniel

Post knee surgery pedicure. The nail tech was awesome. Very gentle with the leg I surgery on. Pedi was relaxing and an awesome polish job.

Martha Espaillat

I have been a customer for the last 4 year going in 1 out 3 months and sometimes even every month during the summer . Service has been great but idk if they changed management or if it was just who was in charge for the shift but I had horrible experience . Never going back. Manager was very rude and disrespectful and wanted to over charge me . What is the point of advertising your prices and add on if you're go by what you have displayed.

Karen Nelson



Extremely rude people. Left a bunch of my nails ugly. You can clearly see my real nail. Said they would fix it but all they did was all more glue which dried and looked clumpy. Never going back. Don't waste your money here.

Zizzer Zoof

I had a very good experience with a manicure. My manicurist name was Kay. Prices are good ... especially for being in a mall. One of the things I noticed was the air in the shop. It is well ventilated so there was no strong solvent smell. A change from some of the other shops I've gone to.

Sara Lundy

Horrible job. I suggest everyone go to Beverly Hills Nails in Yukon. I will drive thirty minutes to get nails that actually look good AND last. My nail lady was rushing the whole time..and didn't even get my nails the same length. The only reason I went was because I had a gift card. DO NOT GO here.

cristy hernanez

Samantha Gragg

devery shaddy

Do not enjoy feeling like I am just there for a quick buck. Pedicure sucked. More concerned with their own conversation. Will never go back.... JUST FYI NOT A GOOD IDEA! Keep walking!

Jimmy Weber

Mani Pedi every 4-6 weeks

Debbie Munson

Very relaxing and professional service

She Ready

kat peckenpaugh

I’ve been coming to this salon for 5 years, I have had the same consistent tech, except for a couple times and I’ve always had a great experience. There’s other salons in the mall so make sure you’re reviewing the correct one. There is a language barrier for some so I can see why people might be sensitive and think the staff is being rude, but it’s most likely because of that barrier. Here is a tip, if you can’t hardly understand them, then they probably can’t hardly understand you, so see if one of the others can help. Most people are disappointed because of unspoken or misunderstood expectations, so in a polite way to save your headache, make sure it’s clear what you’re expecting. Christy is one of the owners and she is so lovely and personable and she speaks perfect English and literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. V is the manger and she does my nails, she always does a fantastic job. Kay does a really great job as well. It’s always super clean in the salon and they always use a fresh bag of tools when doing any service. They always have the newest colors and cutting edge products. One of my favorite things is when they play electro music instead of boring elevator tunes.

Hoang Nguyen

So bad.!

Isabel Martinez

Worst experience ever! I went in to get my nails removed and I know the proper way to remove nails is by soaking them and she literally yanked them off and on my pinkie nail she took half my own nail off so now it hurts. Never going back and no one should ever go there. This place deserves to be shut down.

Jim Caves

Bashawn Brooks

I'm no one to complain, but this nail shop is racist. I came in today with my daughter and was told they may not have time. Then he came back and said they do. I then noticed another African American women ask to get service and was declined; while a white lady comes right behind her and was not told they may not have time or they were closed. Her services were a manicure and dip. My God are we really getting treated like this from a minority own business???!!

Jeff Crawford

Emily Heide

Che'Re Denmark

Mallory Musallam

DeeDee Henry

I was charged the same price for regular solar nails as I was for taking my old nails off and getting a full set of solar nails. Which is a lot higher than normal nail salons, so you would think your nails would show the price difference! Umm no! The “ombré” effect is unbelievably spotty a 6 year old could of done a better job! I am more than disappointed! I can’t understand how the charge what the do with nails that look like this! I’m still in shock! Don’t waste your time or money it’s no way near worth it!!

rina morales

Haven’t had my nails for 4 days now an top coat is starting to chip off was told round an square was included in the price with out being up charged ask for round an all my nails aren’t even the same shape super lumpy some nails aren’t even. I even told her to take off one of the nails (before she ever got to far) because it look crooked an she got an attitude went from being told it was 45 $ for my set to having to pay 60 $ not impressed at all. I even went during the least busiest day an time of the week an she still act like she was in a major rush wasn’t focused at all. Not “RoYaL” at all !!!

David Tran

April Sloan

This place is the worse nail salon I have ever been to. They done a terrible job on my daughter's nails. The argued with me about the quality and work. No refund given but will redo your nails and do an even worse job then the first time. Extremely rude and points and rolls eyes are customers....Do not recommend this place to anyone.

Allison Taite

Sandra Delgado

Very rude staff and bad service first time been there and definitely the last one .

Lauren Briscoe

My mom and I have been coming here for years for pedicures and they're always so nice and always do a great job.

Morgan Hoover

I was in the area and decided to try a new place, i asked for almond, black matte nails. I get them like this all the time. Instead she made them pointy, different lengths and not even straight. She didn’t put a top coat on my black and my nails ended up taking on my makeup powder a few hours later and they looked terrible. It was extremely busy and rushed, I will never go back.

Taylor Prough

Crystal Messner

Was not satisfied with the work done here! Nice people, but the lady I got was a terrible nail tech. I didn't want to hurt her feelings or sit there another 2 hours to have her redo my nails, so I didn't say anything, but she made my nails look bubbly. Its kind of a dark atmosphere which makes looking for colors a little hard and they kind of rush you to choose a color, which absolutely gets on my nerves! Needless to say I wont go here again.

Aja Patterson

Matthew McCoy

This place is horrible. I took my girlfriend here and she hated it. She's been to many different places to get her nails done and she said this is the worst place she's been to.

Jessie Chambray

Worst ever. Nails did not even last a week. Thought i would go back to give another try, got charged for another full set because the other set that the same technician did could barely last. Nail shape were uneven and was there for over 2 hours and I was there when they first open. Cashier was rude and snatched the money from me. Will never go back again. Waist of time and money.

Erica Vardaro

Walked in to our appointment after having been told on the phone when booking that they serve wine and they don't. Then, the ladies were wearing shirts that say, "Nice nails arent cheap, and cheap nails aren't nice" That's pretty snarky. Also, paid a pretty price for my nails (gel) and they chipped within 2 days. Additionally, another lady down from me had her nails done and they were not done well at all. I could see from several chairs away that they were bumpy and looked bad. It was closing time and she had to have another lady redo her nails.

Sheridan Greenhaw

Melissa Koehler

They seem to only care about the money you will spend. Very rude. Unfortunate...I would NEVER treat a fellow human that way!

Hanook Joseph

Overall good experience. Low wait time. Friendly staff.

Bailey Thompson

Very rude boss!!

Kristen Brown

Running late and came in an hour to close. Was still able to get in for a full set and was treated kindly! Beautiful salon. Love my new nails and will be coming back.

Kira Love

Super amazing and relaxing

Shannon Greene

I like this place a lot, I've only had pedicures but always had a great experience. Sorry for the folks with bad stories but I've been going here for years and love it! :)

myra akipa

Shamon Pickens

Chinita McFadden

Royal Spa only has a selected few tech that actually do nails. I come in every other week faithfully and today my normal tech is on vacation I went through 2 techs to get a pedicure.

Rhonda Mccune

I came in from out of town and had the royal pedi and a 25 min upper body massage, it was awesome , Lely took care of me and if I lived closer i would see her all the time !

Caitlyn H

Upon first walking in, we were told we would wait 5 minutes, waited almost thirty, but I chalked that up to being our fault for not having an appointment. Things were fine until we expressed that we just wanted normal manicures/pedicures (aka didnt want to pay $20 extra for a hand/foot massage), then we were completely rushed and they did a HORRIBLE job. There were multiple spots on my toenails left without polish, and when I pointed this out I was greeted with only an eye roll and an aggressive re paint. Still was the most horrible pedicure all three of the girls I was with had ever received, then I got a manicure (we shouldve walked out at this point, my mistake), and she only did one coat, I could see my nail underneath it, and when I pointed that out she told me "no time" to fix. We still ended up paying over $150 for three manicures and pedicures somehow, but by that point we were so mortified and ready to leave we just paid and left. But we will NEVER return. Do not make our mistake!! Do not come here!!

Frank Earl

Always a very good massage

Mel K

Truly not sure where the bad reviews are coming from... I've been going here for almost a year straight now and they've been great to me! I'm actually going in today for a manicure :) Good prices for being in a shopping mall, and they're very hospitable, always asking if I'd like a drink & even offered to go get me food from the food court!! Best time to go is during the week/afternoon. They get busy on weekends.

shaughn gonsalves

Horrible experience! Extremely rude staff. They had a problem with the printer on their credit card machine. They tried to charge me twice. Spent 45mins arguing with them, on and off the phone with my bank who is verifying I was charged. Gave her the transaction conformation number, but still insisted it was my fault and to hand over my card. I asked to speak to a manger or owner only to have the technician roll her eyes and tell me she was the owner. When for the 100x I asked for her to call her merchant provider she did, which they verified that I was charged and it was 100% on their end. I was totally mistreated by this girl for something that was absolutely not my fault. I can not stress enough how rude and condescending this girl was. Something that could have been fixed in 5mins (if she would have called her credit vendor the first time I asked) took almost an hour of my time! She was shockingly unapologetic for putting me through this ordeal and needless to say I will not be back!

jimmy huynh

Madison Ingram

Got gel nails done 3 days ago and they’ve already peeled off.

Shauntae Jones

I always go to this nail salon to get my eyebrows done, but today will be my last! The staff was incredibly rude, when I told the manager their service was terrible, he pushed the pin pad closer to me and ignored me! I asked the lady to take a little more off my eye brows and she refused! She told me and I quote, “ your eyebrows are just made like that” I even showed her a picture of how I wanted it and she said “ that was then, and this is now” I wanted to raise some hell in that store, but I thought I should hit em where it hurts, their reviews. I WILL never recommend this store to ANYONE and I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THIS LOCATION AGAIN!!!!!!! I only gave ONE STAR BECAUSE ITS THE LOWEST YOU CAN GIVE! They’re worth zero stars!

Darlene Carter

Went there once and did not like the "No Care" services, you are a number to get in and out.

Glenn R

Michael Fulford

Decided I take the girls to get a pedicure today, I even decided to get one myself. I will never waste my time or money there again! Absolutely awful experience all the way around. Each of us got the spa pedicure which cost $35 each , which I didn't mind paying, however, we expected the experience to be a little more thorough. All three technicians were talking to each other, which I can understand, but when they would talk, they would talk with their hands and forget they had three paying customers in front of them! We will never go there again and if you value your hard earned money I suggest you go somewhere else, anywhere but ROYAL SPA!!

Lynntani Grace

I gave this place 2 chances to do my nails and both times were horrible ! My first set was done by one of the older ladies I had a previous set on from somewhere else so I wanted those off to get a new set ..for one she plied by nails off with this shovel thing which was kinda painful b/c she was literally scraping the acrylic off my nails and the process just didn’t seem safe for my real nails and she talked bout my previous set saying whoever did them before laid it on too thick when actually my first set was actually perfect and how I wanted them it was just time for a new set .. after talking bout how thick my previous nails were she turns around and do them thick herself and I ask for coffin and the shape was far from coffin the paint job was horrid ! The second time I had them do a natural set with pearl tips I figure they couldn’t mess this process up I got a different lady which was sweet but for one my index finger was SUPER crooked and except for them making my nails thick this time they made them too thin! My nails had visible bubbles and obviously lifting not long after service.. my nails popped off with no problem a week later overall never getting my money again

levi plummer

Great experience. Must go again

Alex Estrada

Racist Manager and Staffs Nails Salon, African American and Latino please dont go there. He loved Trump :( My wife and I will never go there ever again. Just look at his pictures, you 'll see what I mean.

Ty Renuae

Horrible service horrible horrible horrible

Bradog 2019

My nails chipped and it’s gel this should not have happened. Won’t go back. Horrible

Thomas Doudera

I go here 4x a month and either lady does a fantastic job. I’ve been a regular client for almost a year and they have changed my existence. I sleep better, manage my overall stress better, and I have learned how to relax. Not sure how they compare in price because I havent been anywhere else in Illinois. The rooms are clean and the delightful tune they play is perfect. Ty.

Dana Rushing

Just bad, no other words

Lais Merry

Charmaine Brewer

Yes they are rude. And racist. I stood there while they walked all over me, one lady sat to the left of me, made eye contact with me twice. As soon as I walked out a white lady walked in and the lady to the left jumped up and helped her. I went back and made it very known what she did. The guy I spoke to let some other lady come up and say something smart to me "We Busy". I just laughed because you never know who you are talking to. You never know where a person works or who a person works for, whether it be the health department, or a government official. They should be very very careful on how they treat people. Especially if they want to stay in business and not have complaints against them to the right people.

Briann Smith

Started off okay they had no idea what I wanted even showed a photo told them exactly what to use still confused Separated my friend and I My experience was fine I noticed after the solar powder she only put one coat of the polish and left me under the lights less than 60 seconds I’ve gotten my nails done alone and I’m always under the lights several times She also didn’t even bother making my nails all the same size which is annoying Anyways I left and the very next day the clear coat started to come off by day 3 no polish or nails we’re left for $35 I’d think I’d get more than 3 days Right before Christmas too so I could just got back and get them re do not that they probably would have fixed them My friends experience Also they didn’t understand what she wanted kept pushing her for acrylic she said no I only want shellac when she finally did get the hint my friend told her oh no this isn’t the color I want and the lady said it’s a fine color looks good we keep My friend said no I’d like a lighter color like I picked she again said no we keep very pretty Personally I feel like they do not care what you want they do whatever they want We will never return or recommend The only good thing was the manager waxed my eyebrows and did a wonderful job! Will not be going back there will stick with my regulars in Midwest City from now on

Kyla Blouin

Ben Montoya

Great massage, great experience. Very clean, friendly and professional!!

Keauna Bruner

Terrible service. My polish was a terrible mess when I left. Polish was blotchy and all over my toes.

Felicia DuMont

Just so so.

Yvette R

Chelsea K

I did the dip powder and the process that the woman used was very different than every other time i'd had my nails done using the dip powder. It took 3x as long and the end result was not smooth, but bumpy and grainy. Also, several of my nails are different lengths. I'll stick to my old nail salon.

Chloe Nettey

Always the best!

r mcdonald

Very good techs

Khon Tran

No no no

Mark Bradley

Nora Palen

Rude staff. They made fun of me the entire time.

Mickayla Gibbs

Do not go there they suck had my Saturday its Tuesday and they are pilling already $70 Out the door

Jacqueline Totten

My nails weren't filed down towards the bed, as they grow out they will have a huge bump and get caught on my hair. The lady became rude after I paid. Unbeknown to her i pay cash for tips she assumed i was skimping out on it and lost out tremendously on what could have been. Wont be back.

Tiffany Aska

I went into the salon to get a pedicure done. My nail technician was cleaning the gunk under my toenails.She thought it was ok to smear the gunk found under my toenails on top of my foot.Their was a towel sitting right next to my feet that she could have used to swipe the gunk off. When I expressed my feelings that I didn't want her to smear the gunk on my foot she proceeded to smear more gunk on my foot then shove my foot in the water. I told her that I wanted to leave and how much do I owe you. She told me " after your manicure " , she clearly could not tell that I was upset and wanted to leave. I went to the store another day because I understand that certain people have their "bad days" and maybe I should give this store another chance, but my second time there was worse. I wanted a manicure and a pedicure but when it was my turn to get my toes down, I told the lady that I didn't want to choose a color polish because I just want my toes to be cleaned and to have clear nail polish on the top. Mind you I will be still paying the same price as someone who wanted a colored toenail. That Salon would have profited from me because I was willing to pay the same price to get my nails done without the color. When I told the nail technician that I wanted clear nail polish she assumed I did not want my toes done all together. When I explained to her that I did want my toes done but with a clear polish instead of a colored polish she proceeded to tell another co-worker that I didn't want my toes done. She told me to get up and sit down in a different sit to get my pedicure. I kindly just left the store disappoint. I understand that some people might have good experiences with the store and others may not have a good experience with the store. I am one of those customers who continue to not have a good experience with the store. I'm not telling you to not spend your money to a store that has a repetitive history of bad service. I want every customer to be mindful of what they're getting into before spending their money to get their nails done.Reading the customers reviews is very important because you get an idea of how a store operates. Be mindful before choosing to get your nails done at the store.


chyna flowers

They were rude.. Rushed & sloppy work. I asked for a full set acrylic and the nails were crooked and acrylic was soft and bendable. I was cut 3 times. Also, staff member didn’t even bother to file them into the shape I wanted. I asked her to remove them and aggressively she starts yanking them off. She wasnt success on getting the inhancement all the way off so I sat my fingers in the Solution for 2 minutes and she tried to file them down and acyrlic wouldn’t come off. My fingers were burning. Her excuse was “ your fingers are sensitive “ as if she didn’t keep cutting me. She sent me out with acrylic still on my nails. The artificial nails were but on and they weren’t secure.. she spilled glue on the side of my fingers and when she applied the acrylic she just put it on very fast so now I have acrylic chunks on the sides of my nail beds.

Andria Raney

Ummmm OUCH! I SAID OUCH! I took my bestie here for a birthday manicure and I will not ever do it again! 1) We could barely understand the ladies to begin with and the translator was sitting between them on her phone the entire time, 2) my friend was constantly being asked to upgrade after she had already clearly said no 3 times, after she had said no the lady doing my nails and the lady doing hers turned to each other and appeared to be talking about her and what followed I hope nobody has to experience....the ladies doing our nails ended up causing us to bleed, 2 nails on my hand and 3 nails on each of my friends hands! She kept saying OW! But the lady completely disregarded her discomfort! We will not be back! And I don't recommend this place to anyone! I paid too much to walk out the door with bleeding fingers!

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