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REVIEWS OF Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center IN Oklahoma

Judy Daniels

Very beautiful new office. Easy to get to because it's right off the interstate. I recently got in on a special offer. No waiting time and the doctor ... Along with her assistant, answered all of my questions. Great EXPERIENCE!!!

Dr Porsche

They're wonderful! Always cautious not to over do my results so it's always subtle. I never feel like they are just trying to get my money.

Sarah Hanks

I've been going to Rejuvena since 2013 and I've always received the best care. I've visited various medical and cosmetic providers and Dr. Hardt and her team deliver the best service, hands down. They have a wonderful bedside manner and ensure you are happy with your results. I've never had an issue with their work, it has always been perfect. They devote time and care with their clients to ensure they are happy. They are down to earth, unpretentious and very professional. Their advice is spot-on. They won' t over or under prescribe you to deliver the results you want. I turned 40 this year and no one believes me when I tell them my age. They've helped me achieve my beauty goals and I wouldn't take my business anywhere else. They make sure I get in and out when I'm on my lunch hour and time is limited and spend the time I need to discuss any concerns, trouble areas and my options. Wonderful team! I can't recommend them enough.

Jeff Salladay

Had a wonderful experience. I went in looking to tone up my mid section for summer. Joan recommended two types of treatments, Emsculpt and VelaShape. I am very happy with my results. My confidence on my summer vacation was great.

Leisa Daniels

Lady was rude, not a good experience.

Heather Elizabeth Oakes/Gillaspy

Top, most trusted, superb filler Dr. in OKC...Great staff... easy appts. 100% trust in Dr. Hardt

Anna Caddell

Does not fill syringes in front of you so you don't know what you are really getting. A lot of botox is diluted. Does not clean or sanitize your face before injections. Won't be going back. Use doctors that you see use clean needs and syringes and see the product being administered.

Roger Beverage

Great service. Great price. Totally satisfied!

Pete Lashua

Bought a "trial" for $4.95. Found out after 2 weeks they automatically bill you for a 30 day supply. Without my approval. I would not do business with a shady company like this. I'll be disputing my credit card charge. If I could give them less than one star I would.

Debi Gordon

Tiffany Whitefield

Tatiana Mercer

Courteous, fun, professional atmosphere. Had two procedures done and it worked in both cases. Would recommend to a friend and be back myself.

Don Melot

the DR an staff were very professional an super nice, very pleased with results. Had a fun time

Rick Phillips

Do you have more chins than a Chinese phonebook? Are the bags under your eyes turning into steamer trunks? Is it starting to look like you have a whole flock of crows at the corner of your eyes? Well then you might want to do something about it. This place has a very good reputation, and if you think you'd like to have a nip or a tuck, this is the place you want to try.

Craig Herrin

Very nice facilities and staff. Would refer to a friend.

Smitty 450 yaaa

The doctor was great and answered all my questions

Christie Piersol

Been sitting here for 45 minutes waiting to see someone. Asked the receptionist if I can just reschedule since they're running so late, no apology just "okay, what day would be best for you?" How about today? AT THE DATE AND TIME OF MY SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. Still waiting, hopefully they do a decent job otherwise.

Catherine H

liz seifert

Dr. Hardt is the only MD I trust with my cosmetic issues. I would not go to anyone else for my face!

Marcie Thurman

Great experience, Great results!

Lynnie Romero

I love this place. I always feel my best right after

Wanda Berry

Dr. Hardt is amazing! I am totally pleased with my results and will definitely return for future services! Dr. Hardt's expertise in her field is evident! Her staff--Natalie, Michelle-- are professional, courteous and friendly!

Anna Lee

Love Love Love Dr. Hardt and her nurse Natalie who has been with her for a long time. It's nice to come to a place where the staff have a good chemistry with each other. All of my fillers and botox have always looked great. If you take the advice of what Dr. Hardt or her nurse tell you in terms of how much product you need, you'll always be happy. I am!

Kelsey Dye

I’ve never met a more condencending person in my life. The doctor is beyond rude!

Suzanne Lillard

I have a black eye and a dark bruise on my other eye. No personal touch. Rude! Never go there again. Stay away.

Lisa Makes Pretty

I had a great experience with Belotero under eye filler. It lasted forever, and I loved the way it looked much better than juvederm at other physicians offices. I plan on coming back for Belotero and botox in the future.

Gail Ann Luna

Rejuvenate Cosmetic Medical Center with Dr. Hardt and Michelle make any procedure pleasant. My DOT procedure had little down time and I had very little discomfort. I am so pleased with the results. Gail

Shelly S

Tristina Harshaw

There is no place that compares to Rejuvena! Dr. Hardt's facility is far beyond any other Cosmetics Center. Thanks to her expertise I have not aged in 10 plus years! I absolutely adore her and her staff. I would never even consider going any other place. She has made me who I am today, a confident and beautiful mother of 4 very young children. I never sleep but you would never know! Thank you Dr. Hardt for keep me fresh no matter what time of day it is!


Dr. Joan Hardt and her staff make me feel so welcome and informed! I highly recommend them and will never go anywhere else.

Michelle Reid

Love convenient new location and everyone is so friendly making you feel comfortable to ask questions. Dr. Hardt is the Best!

Paula Sullivan

Rachel Kang

billie byers

The woman Dr, and woman who does the commercial her face lift and eyes have turned me away from ever going there for service. Discretion is lacking. I give it negative five star.

Chelsea Harris

Michelle (the lady the did my tattoo removal) is so sweet! I have had one treatment so far, and the difference is amazing! I priced a few places before coming to this one, and this was the cheapest, aslo the 1st place that let me do my consultation and treatment on the 1st apt. Definitely going back for anything else I need to have done!

Edna Iguina

This site is fraudulent. I shop a trial to Garcina Camboigia and other pills and pay $4.95 and $5.99 before 14 days this company debit $187.98 without my authorization because i dint canncel the order. This is to much money for a pills

Ces Vorse

Tina Hardt

I love Doctor and staff!! They are the best. I have had multiple procedures done and I travel there to get Botox and Fillers regularly. I would not trust my face to anyone else. I have had lipo, laser, Botox, fillers, and permanent makeup and I will not have it done anyplace else ever. The doctor is very conscientious, knowledgeable, and caring. The new facility is gorgeous and very inviting. I highly recommend for all your needs.

Rachel Osborne-Scaff

Alyson Iraggi

Beyond pleased with Dr Hardt and her staff!

Amy Wilson

They are always very professional and helpful.

Jan Lack


Very terrible customer service. I bought a Groupon and purchased additional units of botox based on the nurse's recommendation. Less than a month later and it looks like I never received any botox at all. She used two small syringes that were not loaded in front of me. Total rip-off!

Brenda Grothe

I went in for 20 units of botox today and I used a croupon. I have had botox before (15 units) and at another place, I received in between my nose and my eyes and even up by my eyebrows for 15 units. I will never do this again with rejuvena. She did not use alcohol on my face and does not let you see the units. She did two pokes on each eye and that was it. There was probably not even five units that she used. Will not be back, and I hope no one else buys a croupon from them and uses it because it is a ripoff. I have had botox for the last ten years, but I will never go back to them.

Cliff Davis

I love this place! Dr Hardt and the staff are number 1 in the market for price, professionalism and results !


Dr. Hardt and her entire staff are highly professional, competent and committed to patients being pleased with the outcome of their treatment. They make you feel good about you. Why would you choose someone else? Dr. Hardt knows her “stuff” and she isn’t going to talk you into something she knows you will regret.

Debi Stockwell

Absolutely love the staff at Rejuvena. The level of expertise and knowledge that Dr. Hardt brings to her practice far exceeds that of her peers. Dr. Hardt takes the extra time with her patients answering all questions and offering suggestions to achieve the desired results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Lynn travis

Long time patient. No longer live in OK, but continue to go to Rejuvena & only trust Dr Hardt for my Botox, filler, etc.



Mary Banks

Always happy with my results!!

laura sullivan

I went in to Rejuvena cosmetic Medical Center (with a Groupon for 20units of Botox) on 10-09. I called the clinic on 10-12 because my left eyebrow and eyelid dropped dramatically. I was given (do to the clinic’s relocating) an appointment for Monday 10-15 I was upset about my brows, but I was sure that it could be corrected, if not immediately then within a few days. I returned to the clinic on 10-15-18 and was told that I needed MORE Botox to correct the issue, Dr. Hardt never told me that it had to wear off and could not be corrected. I paid $180 and was given 2 additional injections between my eyebrows, above my nose. I really had no choice, I couldn’t walk around with a drooping eye! I was told to massage the left eyebrow and it would correct itself over the next few days. 5 days passed, it did not improve at all. That’s when I started researching the cause of my sagging brow. *I will attach my research. I am convinced this was caused by Dr. Joan M Hardt MD’s carelessness and/or negligence. The service was fine; the new office is a beautiful. HOWEVER, I chose to get Botox because I work in a dispatch office around a large number of people every day. Also because the holidays are coming up and we have quite a few events planned with family. I wanted to finally look good during our activities and in photo’s. I was insecure about the lines on my forehead. That was it. When I got into the office I saw photos all around and wanted to try a dermal filler. The Botox usually lasts 3 to 6 months, the Dermal filler 3 months. usually last 3 to 6 months, so I wanted them now before the holidays began. I couldn’t really afford it, but it was worth it this one time. Obviously none of that is going to happen now. I will not be attending any of my family's functions...I don’t even want my grandchildren to see me like this! There's no way I'm going to tell everyone that this happened because Botox was misapplied. I got the filler to enhance and compliment the effects of the Botox. And to look good for the photos. By the time the Botox wears off on my eyes, the filler will also have worn off around the lines of my mouth. This was honestly a painful humiliating experience for me. Of all the years I had this done in Houston nothing like this ever happened. I am so very embarrassed to be around people with this problem. I am stressed, out all the time. Everyone keeps asking if I'm ok or mad a few even asked if I have had a stroke. This has been a nightmare for me. I have no choice but to come to work, or I would have chosen to just stay inside my house. This has severely affected my personal life. I go to work and home, and will continue to do so until this wears off. This will last until after the 1st of the year! No dating, no socializing with friends. I am angry, sad, depressed, embarrassed. I am so mad at this point. I can't believe I was charged for the attempt to fix this. I researched this and found the following articles; (see attachments) I contacted the clinic and was asked to email in photos of my brows. Michelle Reid told me she would talk to the Dr. and get back with me. After several e-mails she called me and said “The Dr. is sorry you are dissatisfied and will refund you your $180. I called her and told her, it IS NOT $180! It would be; $169. original Botox $338. Filler $180. To correct Brows I honestly think I deserve so much more than that! If I went to the clinic because I was feeling insecure about my looks before, I can’t begin to tell you how I feel now! It was never explained, even mentioned to me that this could happen. I would have NEVER had it done. I have had this procedure done at least 6 times before in Houston, I NEVER had any complications or issues. I don’t care in the least that the dermal filler turned out OK, not GOOD, but OK. Because I will not be benefiting from it at all! It will wear off before my brow is back to normal.

Stephanie Orr

Vickie Kerlin

I have had filler and DOT Laser procedures with excellent results. The Rejuvena staff are not only medically skillful and professional; and, their services are provided in a wonderfully friendly environment. This experience starts from the front desk and extends to the doctor herself. Definitely 5-Stars! Dr. K

Sanda Dowell

Dr. Hardt gave me honest answers & didn't try to sell me what I didn't need. My needs were beyond what she was willing to explore & she was even willing to refer me to several surgeons that she thought I might be happy with. That is honest to me!

misty wakefield

I was really skeptical of trying this place because of the type of bad reviews. But my experience was very nice. I spent more time there than I anticipated, but Dr. Hart looked at my unique situation and suggested a different treatment thought I was going to have. Everyone from the front desk to the doctor and the assistant were very nice. They made sure I was comfortable, made sure that I knew what they were going to do when it came down to the procedure. They even did a test spot on my face for photo rejuvenation before doing the actual procedure to make sure I didn’t have a weird reaction. I was able to use my Care Credit card, and I will be going back in another month for the next step of my treatment. I will post before and after pictures when all of them are final. *super happy with my results. Wish I had more expendable income. I'd get all the services done.

Allen Aboujeib

I went in for Laser Hair Removal and had an excellent experience. The staff was very professional and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Hardt was very knowledgeable and helpful coming up with a reasonable treatment plan. Every time I went in for a treatment I never had to wait long to be brought back to the room. The facility is very clean and organized. I would defianatly recommend Rejuvena.

Jared Douglas

Lesley Firth

I've raccoon eyes sense I was very little toddler I've always had to use concealer.Since I've had the laser treatment I've had 3 I cannot tell you the difference that I have had with my eyes and not having to cover up the black I am very happy not only with the procedure but the staff was exceptional for me and very friendly and did a nice follow-up I thank them and I'm very happy! Lesley Firth

Kelly Gray

I really don't have a bad thing to say about them only wish they would fill the syringe in front of me so you can see what going on .

Www.nas Nyanankulu

Jennifer Clark

The best!!! I love the Doc and the staff is Amazing!

Rebecca Ginn

I feel very welcome and comfortable with the staff and nurses. Any concerns I had were met, and I’m so happy with my results and post care I’ve received. I will definitely recommend to anyone. Joan Hardt is the best!!!! ❤️

Natalie Fryar

Kelly Fry

You wont find a more friendly and knowledgeable staff in the state. Best experience I have had!

L. Lewis

The current staff at this medical center is prejudice and bias. If you represent any type of minority, rest assure you will be treated substandard at this medical center. I was a customer 5 years ago, returning to have another procedure. Initially, I spoke with Beca and she wasn't knowledgeable about the services and products provided. Secondly, I spoke with the laser tech who was very dismissive and rude. They have "different" prices for "different" people and nothing is clear or verifiable.

Heather Urban

Gunny MFB

I absolutely love Dr. Hardt and her Staff! Dr. Hardt's bedside manner and personal approach to my individual concerns made me feel so at ease. The prompt attention I received made me feel as if I was a close friend of years instead of just another patient. Her Staff, so many kind personable people to mention by name, are a delight to interact with. They took the time to explain and break down everything, sometimes repeatedly for me. Thank you Dr. Hardt and your awesome staff!

Judith Henson

Michelle, the technician, is super-nice and was pleased with DOT.

Melanie Smith

You get what you pay for. Doctor was rude. Did not clean my face before injecting the botox. I doubt I got 25 units. It took her about 30 seconds and she was done. Very unprofessional.

Catherine Webster

Thank you Rejuvena for making me look great and feel good. It was hard finding a new place to go since I just moved to OKC. Now that I found Dr. Hardt, I wouldn’t trust any other Dr around to poke needles in my face. The staff is also very kind and considerate. I’m so grateful I found Rejuvena.

Aaron Dilley

super friendly- the staff knows their stuff. Very nice offices, employees, Every one there seems happy to be working there !

Kaycee Stewart

Got two treatments here yesterday Botox and cheek filler. Very fast with little to no pain. Wish doc would hve told me I could swell a little and not to freak out but I learned on my own . At first I thought it looked terrible but as swelling went down I fell in love with my new lifted cheeks. Over all im very pleased and would go back!

Ric Richardson

I have visited Rejuvena Clinic twice. Both visits were very prompt and welcoming. I find Dr. Hardt to be very attentive and knowledgeable. She and her staff are kind and caring and have a wonderful relationship with their patients. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AMAZING DR. AND HER STAFF!

Mitzi Dawn Smith

Highly recommend!

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