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REVIEWS OF Petra's Massage Therapy & Weight Loss Clinic IN Oklahoma

Lara McClure

I love this place. Lysandra does a great massage. I had read about the laser lipo and tried the paddles and let me tell you it was great. I have had pain in my hips for quite some time and after doing this a couple of times I was actually able to run up 4 flights of stairs. I decided to treat my sister to a bed treatment because she has had surgery on both her knees. She was able to move and enjoy life once again. The one treatment lasted 3 weeks and she is ready for another treatment. If you have pain then you need to go and try the laser lipo bed. Its wonderful to not have to take lots of pain meds or advil! I will definitely go here again!


Very disappointed with experience at Petra massage. Front stuff wasn’t welcoming at all. My massage wasn’t pleasant the women that gave me massage had nails way tooooooo long for massaging. She scratched me with nails and because of the length she wasn’t doing a proper massage. If you have license you should know you cannot do massage with long nails!!!!!!!!!

Kirsten Parker

In February, I gave this place a 5 star review despite the other nasty reviews, based on my experience getting a couples massage with my boyfriend. My review was mostly based on Sherri and how awesome she was. However, based off of my experience today with the owner Petra and a few mishaps of last time, I will not be returning. I bought a Groupon in September for a Swedish couples massage for $60/hr that expired January 13th. I had a promotional code through Groupon and ended up getting it for $50. Great deal right? I ended up putting it off due to hectic schedules. But in November I decided the deadline was soon approaching and I should call and set up an appointment. I called on November 21st and talked to a woman whose name I did not get. I booked with her for today December 4th at 12pm. I set my reminder and checked the date with my boyfriend. We arrived today a little early at 11:35, but we figured we might have to fill out some paperwork again like last time. As we were approaching the door a woman sped by us, got out of her car and yelled that they didn't open till 12 and to wait in our car as the open up. Although the door and online clearly say they open at 11... We went to our car a little perturbed and waited. Not 5 minutes later she comes to our door apologizing and telling us to come in. We get in and the security system alarm was going off. Neither her, the owner Petra, or her employee knew the alarm code. The security company called to check on them and she started being extremely rude yelling at the ADT employee in frontiers of us and another customer. As well as hung up on her twice, then said she'd report the ADT employee. We were kind of astonished at how rude she was for a business owner. Finally the other employee remembered the code and got the alarm turned off. She started getting our rooms ready and saying that they could not start our massages till 12 sharp. Well then she started calling my boyfriend Mark and when I corrected her that it wasn't his name and that the appointment was under my name, she went to her computer to find we weren't put down at all. Which was extremely frustrating because this is what happened last time in February. She started hounding me on who I talked to. I told her I didn't know, but this was the time and day I scheduled. I then told them I had a Groupon for the massages. She immediately turned up her nose at it. Then started spewing that they don't like people to use them. They make no money off of Groupons and that repeat customers aren't allowed to use them there and she was going to change the guidelines. I explained however, that this was not an issue last time, I bought this over 2 months ago so it should be honored, that no such policy was on Groupon or was told to us, and that I even explained while scheduling that we were repeat customer's and I was using a Groupon. She then said, " Well I'm not being mean..." If you don't want to use Groupon stop putting offers up!! You can't declare after I bought it that I can't buy it or use it, because I came here once 9 months ago! Especially when it says nothing about "first timers only!" She then acted like she was doing us a big favor for going ahead and redeeming the offer. My boyfriend and I were completely done with this woman and this place at this time. However, I didn't want $50 going down the drain since the massages were really good last time and it was just this owner that was being ridiculous and rude. We were taken back and once our masseuse left us to undress we agreed this would be our last time here. It's such a shame that this owner is letting her business run down because of her inflated ego. Because besides from Petra's loud talking that we could hear over our music, our massages were lovely and relaxing. The employees know what they're doing massage wise. The owner and those scheduling appointments do not!

Stormy Herriott

My husband and I had a couple message there a few months ago and it was great! Had the hot stones and all. Very relaxing and everyone is very friendly. Planning to go back soon!

Nichole Blackburn

The guy bruised my back, literally left big bruises all over, even after I told him it was painful. He did that after complaining to me about other clients and their drama and his family problems , including his "gigantic lazy sister in law". Super unprofessional.

tracye carter

This place is Sub Par. I've tried several times over the years to give Petra's Massage a go, but got nowhere. The staff is NOT professional. The staff sit in the front lobby loud, using foul language, and you can get to know all their personal business because they make personal phone calls to where you can hear. This is NOT a place of relaxation because you can't get past the distractions in the front lobby. Messages are mediocre, masseuse smelled like cigarettes, and not that I'm against kids (I have 2 myself) but someone has their child waiting up there the past 2 times I've gone. I go for a massage to GET AWAY and relax. Not to be up there with someone else's kids because you have nowhere for them to go. The children need to be in the back. The last straw was being placed on the top floor where it was literally a smoldering 80 degrees. NOT COMFORTABLE. Great groupon price, BUT this place is lacking so much the darn coupon is not worth it! WILL NOT return. Sorry, I tried.

Larry Foster

Good place to get a massage. Always relaxing.

Montrell Walker

I really do not understand the bad reviews, On here about the Owner. Because this lady was beyond amazing very helpful and caring. And I definitely will be coming back again and again!!!.. this was only my First visit. absolutely love her accent lol!

Cindy Umoh

I went The other day with my mother-in-law and I have to say it was the best massage I've ever gotten I will definitely be going back Not only was it a great price but Tiffany and Ricky were amazing very helpful friendly and very respectful can't wait to go back.

Chester Hendershot

Let me be honest, I never went to Petra’s for Petra. Her therapists are the reasons I gave them my business for well over a year. However recently, Petra’s callous and pompous behavior has made me rethink why I spend my hard earned money there. I’m sure the therapists are mistreated and underpaid because Petra is queen of her own establishment. She works tirelessly to be as narcissistic as possible and will let you know time and time again that she’s the owner regardless of how many times you’ve been there. She doesn’t know what a rapport is. She’s straight up customer service fodder. I feel sorry for the therapists that have to work with her. I could tel with her interactions with her receptionist how belittling she could be. I do not recommend this establishment to anyone, all at Petra’s expense period.

Marla Lance

I made and appointment at 12 pm for 1:30 ( which is what the receptionist and I agreed on). Got to the appointment to hear that it was booked for 2:00 instead. Then I hear the lady complaining about the fact that I came 30 minutes early.. pretty unprofessional and awkward. Ended up leaving. I have had decent experiences here before and gotten over some of the unprofessionalism and poor customer service before, but this time got me. Even for the cheaper price, it's not worth it. Poor grammar and communication skills when I received a response. They didn't try to earn my favor in any way and just said i'm sorry.

Michael Kampschaefer

DONT DO IT! If you get a Groupon offer for a discount massage from this establishment BEWARE it is a bait and switch operation. When you call to schedule they'll tell you they only take a certain number of Groupon redemptions per week and will push you out!

Christina Kimbro

D. Darby

I left my earrings, returned the next day, they gave me the runaround and couldn't find them. Then said an employee took them home. What?

Shawn-lee Midkiff

Friendly staff

Anna Velasco

for any group-on buyers!! make sure you show to your appointment(FORGOT BC THEY BOOKED ME ABOUT 3-4 WEEKS into my app) If you don't, they will redeem your voucher and they WILL NOT reschedule you. It took me 3 days to finally be helped and by group-on! Staff is not helpful at all and they told me to speak with owner and owner didn't even take my call she just told staff to tell me to call group-on that she was not going to reschedule me. She pretty much said that she was keeping my money and not giving me service. Pretty upset that they have good reviews but yet they are willing to still some ones money and refuse to help me or work with me. I will be seeking other services but defiantly do not recommend this place! Owner does not go above and beyond to help customer but does still your money! SMH! On Another note one of my coworkers ended up going on 3/3/18 and she and her husband had a bad experience as well. She said that all the staff was B*** because Petra over booked them. So as she was waiting in the waiting area she was over hearing all the staff saying to call all the patients to come later because they are now behind with all these double books and that Petra didn't care since she wasn't the one who was working. Staff was saying i'm not going to to the next clients and what not and the one who was saying all these stuff ended up being their therapist. My friend said it will be the last time she goes and with her permission to post this. TO HER RESPONSE: yes im not saying its not my fault but the fact that you did not wish to reschedule me or help me or even work something out with me is what makes me upset. I even asked if i could be rescheduled and i would pay the cancellation fee. So that was $100 for the groupon i paid plus another $25 that i was willing to pay. I would of rather paid $25 and get my service than lose $100 and no service. That's my point but YOU prefer to keep the money and NOT help your customer. Your response just shows me that you do not wish to HELP AT ALL BUT YET DO WANT TO KEEP ALL THE MONEY!

Alicia Beckett


Paul W

The massage itself wasn't the biggest problem, just the place and amenities. If you haven't had better, then you don't realize how crappy this place is. The staff isn't organized at all. My massage was 30 minutes late making me late for another appointment across town. I had to wait over 7 minutes just to pay because someone was on their one computer. That's not a high quality establishment at all! If you schedule and appointment for 4pm, it should start by 4:10 at the latest. Don't schedule your appointments back to back! Leave 30 minutes in between so the client can take their time getting dressed and stretching as instructed by masseuse. And have a manager that makes the clients feel welcomed and keeps the appointments moving where everyone gets their 1 hour but doesn't feel rushed as well as the next client is on time. It's not that hard. I am a tall guy (6'4") and over 200lbs. The tables were very low quality. VERY low. They wobbled and rattled. They're way too small. They're flat with no hole for your face. The padding is too hard. Flat tables are NOT a good idea. This type of table is for home use when the tech goes mobile, NOT for a stationary table that is comfortable. I would NEVER go back because I can't even relax during the massage! And don't get me started about the masseuse not wearing shoes. Gross. There is only ONE bathroom and it's for both men and women. Also, the door doesn't shut at all. Even when shut very firmly. The one urinal is ripped off the wall. So both men and women have to use the ONE commode. How is that professional? How does that make one feel comfortable and relaxed? It doesn't. DO NOT waste your time just because of their GroupOn and Amazon Local deals. It's NOT worth the money. They have to use those channels because people don't wanna pay $40-60 for a massage from some unqualified, unprofessional and uneducated in therapy people. Just because you went to massage therapy school doesn't make you a professional. I would suggest some other places to go, but that would just cloud the issue that this place has a long way to go before it deserves 4-5 stars.

Kelsey Saunders

We had a great experience with our groupon! I'm going back this week.

Jm Janacek

Hit or miss. Sometimes good and other times very chaotic

bethany gonzales

Best place ever and affordable. Love this place !

Shelia Adams

Amazing!!! My therapist was attentive, asked questions, he was perfect! I will be going back and sending everyone I know there! Worth every dime!!!!

Amy Kimball

My boyfriend got me this for my birthday and it was AMAZING!! Michelle was my therapist and she did a remarkable job! I have now found my new massage place for OKC. Thank you so much for the incredible work your team does! Keep it up!

Heidi Cecil

They burned a friend really bad with the stone massage. They don't know what they are doing.

Kristin Brady

My husband and I did a couple’s massage on Valentine’s Day and we had a fantastic experience! It was clean, relaxing and the massages were fantastic. They also had great pricing and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend!

Erica Todd

Went in yesterday for a couple massage for my fiancé's birthday. There was only one therapist there and our appointment I booked 3 days before did not get put in the computer system. Luckily I had read previous customers reviews and learned this has happened before and took down the name of who I spoke to. The therapist who was there did reschedule and apologized but it still ruined his birthday date. hopefully the massage will make up for it. Hope they fix the issue

Rene' Sanchez

Very disappointed....this was a surprise for my wife purchased through Groupon. Apparently there is no communication between the staff and the owner. The staff didn't know what was included in our package and we're bounced room to room. Do not waste your time, even with Groupon deals. Wouldn't recommend .....

Will Larry Jr

Great birthday gift for my wife. I pray she liked it.


I've been to several massage places around okc, but Petra's is the only one I keep going back to. Professional staff that know their stuff and very reasonably priced. 10/10 highly recommend


Massages are great! Have a different person every time and everyone is really good and kind!

Tammy Reddix-Hall

loved the belly sculpting, did not have time any more my schedule changed. I'll be coming in for a message.

Brandi Hamilton

DO NOT go through groupon!! Groupon is great however it is near impossible for Petra's to get you in before your groupon expires. If the groupon expires Petra's will not honor the amount paid. Even though it clears states that the amount paid NEVER expires!! It's extremely frustrating and dealing with a rude staff makes it 10x worse! We will never go back!!

Bob H

I have never been treated so poorly by a business through Groupon. The lady who answered the phone was more than willing to help me get an appointment set up for my wife to get a massage until she heard the word Groupon come out of my mouth. Then all the sudden they were booked up and she wasn't able to do anything for me for a couple of weeks. That is well after the expiration date of the Groupon that my autistic son bought for his mom. So instead of my wife getting a much deserved break from having to take care of our son, instead we have to fight with this company and contact Groupon and make sure we file a complaint against him. I am going to make sure that everybody I know knows about the experience I had. Not only was I treated rudely over the phone, but I received texts from the woman Who told me never to do business with them again. Not only have I not done business with them in the first place, but I will never have my hard-earned money go in their direction. Not only does my money deserve better, but my wife deserves much much better.

Kasady Hoffman

I have been to Petra’s a couple times before and had great massages. I wanted to go for my birthday and bought a groupon to go. When I called, scheduling was so frustrating that I forgot to tell her I had a groupon. They wouldn’t tell me what they had available, I just had to give her a time that I wanted to go and then she would check to see if it was available, which took forever. I ended up having to go the day after. Then when I got there, they made such a big deal about the Groupon and said that they only schedule them 2 weeks out. It made me so uncomfortable and they made me feel bad about it. The atmosphere was unprofessional, like highschoolers when the teacher has left the room. When I was brought back to my room, I was told to undress to my comfort level and lay face down on the table. It took about 10-15 minutes of laying there before anyone came back. I don’t know why I didn’t realize there wasn’t a pillowcase on the head rest, but she put one on after I had been laying there. She asked me what pressure level, and I told her medium. She laid into me to where I couldn’t even tell her it was too hard, and I finally told her it was too much when she stopped to ask. It was still hard when she continued, but I was too embarrassed to tell her it hurt because she said she was barely massaging me. On top of all of that, she was sick. She said she wouldn’t cough on me or her hands, but I could still get sick from her because we were in such close proximity. Now my back hurts so bad I can barely lay on it. I won’t be coming back and I wish I could get a refund.

Sarah Fortmuller

Had a wonderful experience! I was nervous after reading some of the reviews, but I'm happy that I chose not to let those reviews deter me from trying Petras out for myself. My massage therapist, Lysandra, was excellent. The front desk was kind & professional. The rooms and waiting areas were very clean. The robes, linens, and towels all smelled clean and felt fresh. The atmosphere was relaxing and welcoming. Overall 5 stars.

Lindsey Merchant

Very unprofessional. I scheduled a massage with a groupon purchase. To get the message scheduled was a challenge as the women were rude in the phone. Very unprofessional I had to call to reschedule due to work. I heard a cell phone ringing and was "placed on hold". Unfortunately she forgot to actually place me on hold. While "on hold" I had to listen to the woman have a personal conversation on her cell phone. The customer service is horrendous! I was told this but tried to give them a chance. I was definitely wrong!

Evelynn White

The staff was very professional. The best massage I've ever had

Linnette V. Rivas

I’m glad I decided to go to Petra’s instead of listening to the other reviews. I believe the name of the person that took care of me was Lorrie. Everyone was so friendly and the place is very clean. I was not pressured to get any extra services but they do give you a consultation and they let you choose what services you want. I was very happy with my treatment. Will be coming back for more. They give you excellent customer services.

Hollie Nistor

Made an appt called the day of to reschedule due to weather as we were having flooding due to rain and they wanted to charge me a 60 fee to reschedule just because I had purchased a groupon absolutely ridiculous, I think that is ridiculous that they cant make an exception for a customer who has no control over the weather and they absolutely lost a customer for life and I will make sure to let everyone I know to never use this place

Layne Rodden

Went with my boyfriend for a couples massage Pros: the place is cute inside. Massage was good, not great. They sold out of the groupon, but still honored the price. The hot stones were nice. Cons: they were running 45 mins behind when we arrived at our scheduled appointment time. We left and came back. The music was not good for a massage. It was like jazz renditions of popular songs. The ladies giving us our massages were extremely stressed from the long day and from running behind. I almost felt bad that they had to give us a massage...the lady massaging my boyfriend left in the middle to greet a customer at the door. She came back eventually, and starting coughing. A lot. She proceeded to massage him with one hand and simultaneously cough into the other. She apologized and said “it’s just allergies”. Never washed her hands...It was finally over, and I was 3X more stressed than when I arrived. Overall too uncomfortable and stressful to return.

David Gibb

Horrible Service. We purchased a groupon for a couples massage but woke up sick, so we called to reschedule. The lady answering the phone treated my girlfriend like trash and basically told us we were screwed and we lost our groupon and since we didnt call 24 hrs before there is nothing at all we can do. When we told her we woke up sick and called as soon as they opened she did not care at all, and hung up on us. Guess she wants us to come in sick and get her and her staff all sick also. What a total joke of a business, if you go you probably shouldn't mention you have a groupon either until you are paying or they will probably give you the same level of service.

Ashlee Henson

How is this establishment even still running? I'd NEVER recommend. Owner is unprofessional and very curt

Shay Stevens

Petra and her team were very informative and kind and very helpful! I enjoyed my visit and will be going back soon!!!

Marquia Johnson

The experience was great. I had a gift certificate that expired, and they still let me use it. The day I went I was suffering from back pain, and Lysandra did an awesome job work out my problem areas. I can't wait to go back again.

Jennifer Bryant Robbins

I've been to Petra's twice now. The first visit was great - quiet atmosphere when I arrived and I was taken back right away. The next time there seemed to be confusion about appointment times and I had to wait 30 minutes before being taken back. While I waited there were quite a few other people waiting and it was not a calm environment. However, both massages I received were great! If you're looking for a high end spa environment this isn't the place for you, but for a basic massage it is perfect. I will be going back again.

Keryl Lacy

The staff is wonderful and the services are awesome! My sisters and I went in for one of the pampering packages, and we all agreed that this was the best massage we had ever had. In fact, it was so good that I’m on my way back to Petra’s right now!!!

Trevor Gordon

Great massage, great service.

Vic D

So I called to book a couples massage and was told they had an opening on Saturday at 12pm (February 23rd) which was perfect...when I mentioned I purchased a Groupon I was put on hold. When the receptionsit returned I was told they couldnt get me in until the middle of March! I questioned why I was told I could come in on. Saturday but since I have a Groupon I have to wait until March...why? Was told thats the owners policy so I asked where I could find their policy and was told she doesnt know where it states that but thats the policy. I said it doesnt state that on Groupon...obviously I was on speaker because another lady chimed in and said it says "subject to availability" on Groupon. had availability BEFORE I mentioned my Groupon! Guess I need to contact Groupon and request a refund...I was hung up on! After this experience I decided to read some reviews (should have done this BEFORE I spent my money) and all I can say is wow...seems like horrible customer service is normal at this establishment and the owner responces are very unprofessional :( Word of advise to the owner...if you dont want to service Groupon customers don't sell them! Making people feel less important or put on the back burner because they purchased a discounted service is a horrible way to treat people! I would assume potential customers are leary to visit your establishment (due to negative reviews) and would rather "try" it with a discount instead of spending full price on a less than decent experience? Long story short...I will request a refund and take my business where Im appreciated!

John Richards

Awesome experience. My wife and I were in from out of town and I found a Groupon for a couples message. The message therapist I had, had "heavy hand" which she warned me about, and oh my gosh, it was perfect. We will be back!

Mort Michaels

Not exactly the most honest person I've met in my lifetime.

Coach Steve

Me and my wife have been here 2 times now and it gets better each time. CJ is absolutely amazing!!!! We will definitely be back soon.

Gregory Fowler

She told me she would talk with my doctor and call me back.... still waiting three weeks later

Cole Clefter

Not at all worth the money, it was very unprofessional imo

Jessica M

I paid for my boyfriend to get a massage for his birthday. He had a gay man who did his massage and flirted with him the entire time. Made him extremely uncomfortable with his noises and the way he was touching him. He said it was the worst experience he had ever had. They also didn't provide all the services I had paid for. When I called to complain and get my money back they told me that my boyfriend and I were trying to buy sexual favors and also accused my boyfriend of hitting on the gay man. They were so rude, so ugly, so unprofessional, so ridiculous I never got a call back from the owner or my money back. No one should ever go this place they are terrible.

Anita Martinez

I received a gift certificate from my daughter for Mother's Day I was really super excited, she had purchased it from Group Coupon, I went to my appt. and the girl made me feel like a second class customer by saying " Oh you have a group coupon " I did't know what she meant by that so I asked. "is there something wrong"? no we only take so many of these a day. Hmm made me feel unimportant and awkward. my message certificate said a 90 min Massage with Stones, I was looking forward to this never done this before. we i got back there the Massage Therapist ask if there was any focus points i wanted her to Massage, I said my legs and my lower back. well I got a great rub down and she never even touched my lower back and never did get the warming stones. I was disappointed. would I go back NO, would I recommend it Nope. If I would have had a better experience yes I would have went back but felt like a second rate customer and unimportant because I had a Group Coupon.

Marie Eveland

We scheduled our first couples massage. Tiffany and Rickey were awesome...listened to our very different, individual needs. The experience was absolutely fantastic! Thank you SO much!

Mary Mustain

Booked a couples massage at 3 on Saturday 11/22/14 My husband and I get there 30 min early. we get checked in and fill out the paper work needed. Used the bath room and the stall doors did not have locks on them. Kind of odd since it was a male and female bathroom. 2:45 comes around and the other therapist get out of their massage and crowed the waiting area talking to each other. By 3 o clock a several therapist asked me if I was Mary over and over I said yes. Then the therapist where discussing who was going to massage my husband and I, right in front of us. Finally by 3:20 we get taken to a room. during our massage the strokes where very fast and unpleasant. It seemed like they where in a hurry. I didn't feel like the therapist addressed the areas that I had came in for. She spent 30 min just in between my shoulder blades. I understand that I had knots but I had came in with lower back and hip pain. Along with my husband. He just wanted upper body only and wanted a lot of time on his hands. That did not happen. In fact the lady Bruised my husbands back because she was digging into his shoulder blade. Not muscle but bone. By Husband couldn't even sleep Saturday night because he was in so much pain. (his shoulder blade is still bruised) I am a Massage Therapist my self and I have managed 2 Massage/spa stores. And this place Needs New management or needs a manager, They need something! This is a Very unprofessional Place, and I wouldn't Go back even if someone paid me to go. The Therapist here are lacking in training in many ways. Dont forget about HIPA laws! And Your therapist should probably where shoes that's disgusting. Honestly you have a better chance going to one of the massage schools and getting a better massage then you would here. This experience was just awful!

Lynsey Stoneking

Bought a Groupon, was able to book my appointment quickly. Place was very nice, room was good temp, and good lighting. Massage was wonderful!

Bette Dossman

Bought my daughter and her friend a groupon for massages for Christmas. It has to be used by 2/28/2016. My daughter calls the number on the groupon and always gets a busy signal. Always. She calls the number from their website, which is different, and gets that "no one is available to take your call" and there is no voicemail ever offered to leave a message. This place sucks! Can't use the groupon if you can't get anyone on the phone to set an appointment. They may be legit and give good massages, but I feel my money and my gift was wasted. After reading some of the other reviews, I see that I am not the only one having this problem. I am inclined to report to groupon, cancel and get my money back. It is not too late. If the owner reads this, I would be willing to give a second chance if someone would respond and help us set an appointment. But, I have never had to work so hard to spend my money.......just saying.

Chris Qin

Cindi Anderson

Absolutely amazing! Best massage I have ever had. Petra is who gave me mine, I will definitely be back!

Bobby Finley

Terrible customer service sat in lobby 15mins before lady came out no room ready after shower left standing in hallway... Mirrana is the bomb but lookn for better...

Ashley Cole

No problem setting up appointment but everything after that was horrible. I've been hung up on for asking to reschedule. They don't deserve to be open.

Ashley Stimpson

The best massage ever! My husband and I saw that this place had a groupon which made me create an appointment for a couples massage. I was actually able to get an appointment the same day I called which was amazing. They were very accommodating. They have a nice little sauna room which was apart of the package. We then went to get our massage by Ricky and CJ who were amazing. They make you feel so at home and comfortable making small conversation. My husband loved having Ricky, he had a firm hand and really worked the muscles. He's a great massage therapist. Cj was also amazing, and she made sure to get all of the areas of stress that I had and work them out. Overall great place.

Stephanie Keovixay

Doesn't even deserve that. Horrible service!!! Set up an appointment a week ago for 12, well i show up for the apt and no one was there. I called and spoke with owner she said oh they are on their way. 45mintues later the girls show up and tell us we have to reschedule because they open at 1 and not 11 like the door says. They set the apt for 12 why did they do that if they are not open and of coures no one there takes responsibility. They continued to treat us like it was our fault. I told them you could have called me to reschedule instead of just letting us show up for nothing. Went back to get the massage and they girl left me in the room to answer the phone and was gone for a bit but she didnt extend my massage time. Needless to say the owner didnt care about the clients and making sure she takes care of her business or her employees. Will never go back there again. They messed up our whole anniversary day! Thanks for nothing. I do have to say it looked nice inside and they had tons of good smelling candles lit and some good lotion in their restroom.

Cindy Fox

I have been to Petra's many times. I have always had great service. The massages I have recieved have always been excellent. The place is always very clean and professional. If they are busy while I am in the waiting area you always hear clients leaving a session with tons of positive things to say. I take my mother with me ofter and they have helped some of her health issues. I would recommend it, and have, to friend's and family.

Shanall Zacharyy

My experience here was wonderful....the atmosphere was warming and it felt like soon as I walked through the door I was greeted with open arms. The music was soft and relaxing. The owner of the shop was very down to earth and friendly. The lady who did my massage was very energetic and I love her personality. When I went into the room it was very colorful and comfortable. I really enjoyed the massage and I will enjoy going back for many more.

Morgan Shea

Absolute worst massage I've ever received. Did not feel good at all, not firm enough and I asked her 3 times to please be firmer which did not happen, but to make it worse, they smelled like food and were chewing food in the beginning. I paid for 1 hour and they cut it short to 45 minutes. Terrible. I am a registered nurse who recommends massage parlors to my coworkers, and will be telling everyone NOT to go this facility. To make matters worse, the owner (Petra) has dreadful customer service!!!!!!!!! I called in a very professional manner telling her the details of my experience, Petra continuously interrupted me with defenses like "well they have to eat lunch!", oh really? During my massage they have to eat lunch? She said "85 dollars is a really good deal and you get what you pay for", which to her, means a despicable massage". That is the standard for her practice... Despicable! I said that all I asked for was half of my money refunded, and she said she gets these complaints weekly so if she refunded everyone she would be out of business. Which is exactly what she should be!! She made excuses for her staff, as though my experience was normal! And last but not least, she hung up on me at the end! I will be posting this review to every review site, Facebook, and contacting everyone I know who regularly receives massages. Petra's Massage Therapy is truly dreadful but not as dreadful as the owner's customer service, Petra herself!

Ashlyn C

Had a great massage by Tiffany!! She was very nice and the rest of the staff was as well. Totally worth getting the groupon!!!! 10/10 would recommend. Ask for Tiffany!

Stacy Frederick

My Husband and I had the pleasure of going for our 1st massage ever, and we were both very pleased and will definitely be going back! I highly recommend Petra's Massage Therapy to everyone. Thanks Guys

Amanda Harrison

I honestly had a wonderful time and plan on going again soon. I got a couple massage, hot stones, facial and sauna for $115. It was incredible and can't wait for the next time.

Hailey Harris

I'm not quite sure why Groupon still allows this place to sell groupons. The owner, Petra is a c you next Tuesday. Tried to make an appointment and she bitched me out. NO THANK YOU!!

Larry Slack

What a Grrrrrrrreat time we had!. The wife and I went for the couples massage and it was very relaxing to say the least. We will be traveling back for this treat again in the not too distant future.Thank You! Petra and the Employees that made our visit so special!

Andrea Leeth

A BIG scam... do not waste ur $ Lips laser and all their weight loss is a bs. If didn’t work for me that I am 100 lb am I just needed to lose a couple inches after my baby “ and it didn’t work” there’s is nothing that u can’t expect. The service HORRIBLE! The place guetto

Kimberly Rozzell

This is unbelievable. I'm having to write a review based on services I never received, because they wouldn't even answer their phone. I purchased a Groupon, tried numerous times to call, but they number the listed on the Groupon didn't work. I found a working number, called, and was hung up on. I waited 15 minutes, called again, someone answered and said very rudely, "We don't open until 11, and you've called 4-5 times (it was twice). Can you just wait?" I said, "Yes, but..." She cut me off, said, "You'll have to call back," and hung up on me AGAIN! Forget the Groupon. I'm going to just kiss that $30 goodbye, because there is no amount of money that would make me walk into that place at this point. If this is their "customer service" when people are just trying to make appointments, I don't even want to think about how bad the actual services rendered would be. You get what you pay for, I suppose. Now I'm off to Three Graces or one of the many other reputable, caring massage places in OKC. I doubt this place will be in business much longer based on mine (and what I can tell from many other reviews) others' horrible experiences.

Cassandra Goff-Luna

I had no issues getting my appointment set up with them with my Groupon. I don't know why everyone seems to be having issues with them when it comes to Groupon. We were able to set up an appointment the weekend after purchasing it with plenty of time before experiation date. I had a good massage and enjoyed the friendly staff. It's unfortunate that there are this many negative reviews. But my service did happen in August so maybe it has changed since.

Samantha Urban

Warning!!! If you want to get in right away don’t use the groupon deal!! If you have time, then ok, but you have to wait at least two weeks before they will book you with Groupon. Wish I would have know this. I was trying to plan something for my husband and I on a day we both could get off but not happening. What I thought was a great deal turned bad on me.

Trina Gregory

First visit to Petra's and had Ms. Cherry (Employee of the Month) for a 60-min massage and back treatment. She was great...just the right amount of pressure to help get the kinks out of my back and shoulders. The eucalyptus back treatment was a bit cool but still wonderful. Looking forward to the next visit.

Rochelle Rhoades

If you are thinking about buying a groupon because of the price, think again. I booked an appointment through Lasondra only to show up and say I wasnt on there. After being told they would go ahead and see me, I waited for 40 minutes to be told I would have to reschedule. Not one apology and the employees were standing there gossiping in front of clients. So unprofessional. I will not reschedule and got a refund from Groupon. I would rather pay full price somewhere else than waste an hour of my life at that place. Also, its funny that the owner has the employees post messages with 5 stars to weigh out the negative comments by ACTUAL customers.

kimberly crawford

I arrived and was greeted by Petra herself in a very friendly manner. She did my vevazz treatment after a long conversation about my medical issues and herbs to help with them for optimal wellness . She is extremely knowledgeable in alternative medicine.I have diabetes, chronic pain, and failed back syndrome after 3 back surgeries and autoimmune pancreatitis. The treatment I had will help these conditions. I went into the room and it was very soothing. She measured me before and after. I never felt intimidated at all. I lost 1 1/2 on my lower abdomen and almost an inch on the upper. I walked 2 miles after and felt great! I will go back until I reach my goal! Excellent, clean and friendly atmosphere.

Krystle Washington

I was skeptical at first due to the bad reviews but my husband and I were already outside of the business SO we went in( I scheduled an appt before). We had to wait 10 mins for our room to be ready but the therapist kept us updated and offered beverages. The massages were GREAT. Troy was my therapist and Alicia did my husband. They both were exceptional. We both felt calm, relaxed and we will be returning next month.

larry dillman

With so many reviews on the bad side, the owner needs to get rid of all her friends and hire new staff,keeping it a business relationship. Your staffs unprofessionalism actions have put your business in a low class rating..You can have a place of class instead of trash. Rethink what your business means to you, you could benefit from a double income by cleaning house and starting over..Bottom line,,your present staff is costing you thousands of dollars a year. Sometimes the truth hurts,listen to outside complaints..Good luck with your business in the future. ava

Kandy Swan

Good service and exactly what we needed. Definitely will go back soon!

Siboney Gonzales

I made an appointment with a specific therapist. He was unable to arrive on time due to issues out of his control. Instead of turning me away or have me reschedule I was offered another therapist at the same time of my original appointment. The therapist I got was great and they gave me a free add on for my inconvenience. I spoke with Petra and she was so apologetic, and very professional in helping me get tte right therapist for me. I have been coming here for years and it's always a great experience.

Deven Will

This place has the worst customer service they false advertise and made me feel very unwelcomed and I'm from out of town. The owner isn't any better than her employees! Never again!

Victor Ortiz

OmG!!!! The best experience ever...

shy boomgaarden

Amazing if I could I'd give them a thousand stars. The music is nice, the owner was extremely sweet and caring, and our girls were amazing and knew what they were doing! The only negative things was we had to wait a bit. But they definitely made up for it!!!! Love this place making it a weekly thing!

bryan sims

Hello all! My name is Kendra and I have been to Petras several times over the past couple of years! Her new location is fabulous and she and the girls always accommodate! My crazy schedule means I kinda have to just call and squeeze in spur of the moment and they always do what they can to make it happen even though I know they are busy. I like tons of pressure so if you are like me just speak up and the girls are always happy to make adjustments.

Paula Williamson

Everyone was very nice and pleasant but it was not a comfortable or enjoyable experience. We went for a couples massage, my therapist was very tentative and apologetic, she was so uncomfortable that it made me uncomfortable. The face rest on my side did not have enough padding, the therapist tried to put some towels under to help and it was a little better. His head rest was much worse and repeatedly fell off during the massage and jerked his head. His massage was uncomfortable as well. Both of our ladies also had either nails or jewelry on that occasionally scratched. I enjoy a massage but normally during the flip throw a robe on and head to the ladies room, no robes.

Lauren Anderson

Great massage by Laura! Definitely the place to go for massages!

Cheryl Henning

Great service loved petra

Nick Caldwell

DO NOT COME HERE. MY GIRLFRIEND WAS EXPOSED BY A MALE THERAPIST. Scheduling an appointment was quick and easy. Upon arrival the therapists were fifteen minutes behind schedule. My girlfriend and I had to wait for the room to open up. After 30 minutes of waiting they prepared the room and let us get comfortable. After another 20 minutes of waiting in the room the therapist came in. We had specified both female therapists yet a male therapist came in too. The massage itself was more like a soft back rub with no pressure at all even after requesting more pressures. They did not focus on any areas we had requested yet spent 10 minutes on our feet. Right before flipping over the male therapist exposed my girlfriend, he pulled the sheet down off of her. He was very unprofessional and perverted. I will never go back and I hope no one has to experience something like that. Beware of the service they provide and even great deals on Groupon come with a price.

William Campbell

My wife and 11 y/o daughter went to Petra's yesterday Wife had a Deep Tissue massage and she said is was wonderful and came out feeling great and able to move alot more freely than ever. She has had numerous massages before ans this is the best she has had. My daughter has never had one and she received the Swedish massage. She loved it.I waited in the waiting area and that was relaxing also. The place was clean and all of the staff was very friendly, I ended up meeting 4 people includint Petra and they all had smiles and treated us great. We were in town for business and if we return again they will both be back at Petra's again. This was a very nice and pleasant experience.

Chrissy Carnine

My experience was amazing. I came here to do a couples massage package for my anniversary. While there was a slight mix-up at the beginning, Petra went above and beyond to accommodate us and make sure our experience was perfect. I've had a number of massages previously and hands down this was the best one. I'm not one for writing reviews, whether they are good or bad. But, this was amazing! The massage therapists are experienced and made sure that we had the best time possible! I will be coming back soon and I would recommend that everyone does the same. Thanks for making our anniversary perfect.

Cara Rob

It's so disheartening to see negative reviews when I have had nothing but fantastic and positive experiences going to Petra's. I have been a Groupon and a regular paying customer and have not once had an issue setting an appointment or receiving an amazing massage and great customer service here. My first visit was a Groupon couple's massage and did not have one issue setting up an appointment and the staff was extremely accommodating as it was our first visit. The service was tailored to be kind of girly with a facial but they offered my boyfriend a back facial which he loved. The second time I've been was for a full price couples massage with hot stones and had Petra herself and the experience was so relaxing and rejuvenating, just like a massage should be! We'd also booked the appointment that day and I was so impressed they were able to fit us in so last minute. All in all, the staff I have dealt with are all very gracious and talented therapist and the atmosphere and customer service is a refreshing delight. If you're reading this review and trying to decide if you want to book an appointment, do it! It's so worth it and the atmosphere is definitely inviting. You'll just want to come back.

LaShawn N

THEY DO NOT HAVE 0 STARS AS AN OPTION! This past Friday was one of the most embarrassing and disappointing experiences I've had as a customer. I saw the advertisement and spoke directly with Petra who booked me for 8/10 @630pm which was roughly less than two weeks out. So during this time I'm so excited about the services I'm to receive and started contacting my friends to go as well. I made contact with the business on three occasions to make them aware I was bringing a friend or two. One of my friends were so excited, she prepaid for her service. NO WE DID NOT USE GROUPON. Well prior to me leaving for my appointment I was contacted twice by Petras assistant, I believe her name is Lori asking me to reschedule an appointment that was made on 7/30 and I'm due to leave soon so I can make it on time. HER REASONINGS WAS HER SON WAS HAVING A BABY SHOWER AND DIDN'T WANT TO MISS IT. Another friend and I happily walked our big beautiful bodies into Petras establishments at 611pm! I'm the only person getting weightloss services and this friend was there because I invited her. WE WERE IMMEDIATELY GREETED WITH ATTITUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL COMMENTS FROM THE ASSISTANT. SHE KEPT TELLING ME THAT PETRA WASN'T THERE AND I NEEDED TO SEE HER PERSONALLY. I TOLD THE ASSISTANT TO CALL HER BOSS TO GET CLARIFICATION IN WHICH SHE DID BY GOING OUT THE BACK DOOR TO TALK SO WE COULDN'T HEAR THE CONVERSATION...that bell is a dead giveaway! WHEN SHE RETURNED WITH PETRA ON THE PHONE SAYING WE WERE CRAZY AND SHE WAS GOING TO CALL THE POLICE...mind you no one was irate...THE ASSISTANT LIED! My friend who prepaid came in during this time and hearing this owner say some of the things she did was really disappointing as a businesswomman. As of today, 8/15, Petra has yet to reach out to me, however she did contact my friend who prepaid...YES THE ONE I REFERRED...she hasn't gotten a refund yet. I WOULD LIKE FOR PETRA TO MAKE HER WRONGS RIGHT

matador luis

very very hard to contact them to set up anything.. weeks later day im in town i call them as soon as they open and they had a couple openings for the day but once they heard groupon gift they were unavailable to take groupons for the day because they were "full" for groupon sessions (as if the money i paid on groupon was fake) and after explaining my situation they suggested to get my money back from groupon. never will attempt to do business with these people again

Tarot Wit A BriEZ

Thus place is awesome. My husband and I went for a couples massage and enjoy every moment of it. We will be returning.


Felt very welcome and liked the staff. The massage and room was fantastic. What a great price, and as good of a massage as I've ever gotten.

Steve M

Nice folks, good atmosphere. Ricky did a GREAT job on my aching back. I'll return for another. Get your Groupon and check them out!

marcia mathews

I have been to Petra's twice. Once for a couples massage and the other by myself. I thoroughly enjoyed both times. Making an appointment was easy and and I felt the therapist took their time to find my needs.I will be back

Matty Wan

I have been here a total of 3 times. 1st time was fine. 2nd time we ended up walking out and getting refunded because they couldn't get their scheduling right and asked us to reschedule when we arrived (we live 45 mins away). 3rd time was today, I have been sitting here waiting for a therapist for 1 hour because Justine didn't show up on time. We were told scheduling was fixed, obviously not. Petra, feel free to contact me when you return from vacation. This was re-scheduled 2x already. Ricky took care of us and was apologetic of the situation. Sonya and Ricky gave great massages! Word of advice for Justine, you really shouldn't speak of clients when they are sitting in front of you, it is unprofessional.

Carol Taylor

sierra myers

I Absolutely Love It. Its A Great Place Where You Can Relax & Get A Massage. The Music & Environment Is Beautiful. The Facial Made My Face As Smooth As Can Be. My Therapist Lori Really Worked My Back, Got All My Knots Out. I Woke Up With No Complications Which Prior To The Massage I Had Trouble Sleeping. & After I Slept Like A Baby ! They Have All Types Of Special Treatments! I Definitely Recommend This Place To Everyone (:

Tessa Chervenka

Great experience! Everyone is very nice and relaxing environment. Will return, and recommend to friends and family!

Warfield Investigations

Petra is very knowledgeable and the staff is very friendly! Clean rooms with calming atmosphere. I have received a great massage and other treatments and will continue to go for massages as well as others treatments. If you are looking for a real massage check it out!

Alex S

Unprofessional massage that was cut short about half the time because the masseuse "didn't want to keep her next client waiting". She also seemed very eager to have a conversation and jumped on it the first chance she got which wasn't too relaxing. She also told me she doesn't have a degree and couldn't massage out my knots because she was still learning how, moreover, she couldn't even tell me what a knot was. After the cut-short session ended, I was told my masseuse would be waiting for me downstairs with water, only to arrive with her nowhere in sight and having to awkwardly have to figure out what to do next. And when I asked for water, I was told they were out. Not worth the groupon, not even worth the gas it took to drive out there. And from the response of this owner, it's easy to tell she isn't educated either, just like the rest of the workers there. I was not told I'd have to pay extra for a deep tissue massage by the lady pretending to be a massage therapist, but rather that she didn't know how to do it. The owner is a dummy and owes me a refund for the remaining time.

Jennee Roberts

My experience was awful. I came here on a friends recommendation. I arrived early assuming I'd have paperwork to fill out. I got back into my room 15 minutes after appointment time. They took me to an upstairs room adjacent to break room. I only know this because I heard all about one girls weekend hooking up with her ex boyfriend. I had one therapist start my massage and another lady "took over". She was who originally checked me in, so I was a little confused. She is for sure a heavy smoker and tried to cover it up by using LOTS of body spray. To top it all off she was talking to me the whole time. I know Is should have left, but I felt bad considering my husband had purchased me a gift certificate for my birthday.

Terry Almon

Wonderful service. Recommend highly.

Lea Johnson

This was my first time going to Petra's as well as my very first body wrap and massage. My husband bought the package on Groupon. He read the reviews on Groupon but not here on Google. After i read the reviews i was worried about going to my appointment and being disappointed. There was an issue with my booking. They had to reschedule several times due to over booking. But i finally got in at 4 today (6/30/2019). I believe my massage therapist was Lori. She did an amazing job. I'm a larger woman so i was shy and a bit embarrassed. She made me feel comfortable. She gave me a few options before the wrap. So here's the lesson i learned. Either go commando during the wrap or wear a thong. For the detoxifying wrap you get slathered in sea weed gel, then you get wrapped up in a space blanket with a heated blanket a well. You WILL sweat. The wrap was not what i expected but was nice none the less. I dozed off during my wrap. The music, furniture, and art work was soothing. After my wrap i went back to one if the rest rooms and showered to get the sea weed gel off. The robes are one size fits most. So if you're a larger body they don't fit. After my shower i went back to the room for my massage. She had to help another customer for a little bit. But told me what she was doing before doing it. I didn't mind as i was relaxing anyways. I recieved my full 60 minute massage which felt amazing! She got rid of a headache that i have had for 4 days. The spa was clean, well maintained, and nicely decorated. Overall it was a great experience!

Tri Nguyen

Got the massage as a Groupon, but will definitely be back. The massage was great and the staff was friendly. I have to give a shout out to Sondra, I felt so refreshed after the massage!


NO STARS AT ALL! My experience with Petra’s Salon was extremely negative, and I would not recommend this place to anyone. When I arrived, the owner was talking very loud and unprofessionally. In my experience with other salons, the atmosphere is set to be very calm and relaxing. This was not the case. The staff seemed very sweet but lacked the same professionalism and organization. Their dress attire was too casual (almost like street clothes), and my therapist continuously coughed into her arm. When she left the massage room for me to get undressed, she was gone for over 10 minutes; and when she finally came back, she had forgotten one of the things she left for the first time and had to leave again. The ambiance in the room matched the chaos in the lobby. What I expected to be a peaceful experience was ruined by the masseuse’s excessive conversation that was not relative to my therapy. Not to mention that the music she had playing was skipping. When I finally mentioned that to her, she turned on her personal Pandora that mostly blasted irritating commercials. She did mention that my back was very tight, and focused all of her attention there, leaving out the rest of the full-body I paid for. I made the mistake of adding hot stones to my massage package. Midway into the hot stones massage my therapist left, AGAIN, to get another stone. Overall, she spent about 45 minutes on my back and 15 rushed minutes everywhere else. Her nails were way too long and felt very uncomfortable. When I went to pay for the service, I was told that there was a $2 credit card processing fee, which is ridiculous. Then I was overcharged by an additional $5! I was so upset, I let her keep it for a tip and I left. In this day and age, with everyone paying with plastic, there should never be a service fee, especially when the amount due is well over the cost of any charges incurred from bank processing. It’s interesting that there are either one-star reviews or five stars—not a lot in between (I’m willing to bet a lot of friends are behind those five stars). Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and I have to say the management responses to those negative reviews are still extremely unprofessional. Take from it and learn instead of getting angry when your facility and staff aren’t up to par. Also, when your website (and Internet communication in general) is riddled with errors, you can bet the establishment is going to be less than professional.

Willa Burney

Google doesn't give enough space to explain to you how horrible my experience was at this place. PLEASE read my review on Yelp before you schedule an appointment. I didn't have space there to go in as much detail as I would have liked, either, but you'll get the gist. Once again, thank you to Cherry, Justin, and Caleb, for making sure that we knew that they knew that what happened with our group wasn't right. I pray that mentioning you by name doesn't harm your positions at work, but increases your tips exponentially, as you are truly compassionate people who obviously care about the customers you take care of. I'm only sorry that we were not able to be seen by you. And, for what it's worth, Cherry, you should be running that place in Petra's absence. You are an amazing example of customer service.

Anthony Gee

Friendly staffn and good massage

Nicole James

I had a appointment about a week ago. I really enjoyed it the staff was friendly. Beautiful set up warm and welcoming. The massage itself was wonderful great pressure and the tables had warmers on them. I upgraded my massage to a deep tissue which I needed bad!!!! The therapist was wonderful and I recommend this place to anyone.

Elizabeth Y.

I received a groupon for a facial and massage for Christmas, but after reading Google reviews, I was really nervous to come based on several bad reviews, especially when it came to using a groupon. However, I reluctantly scheduled, but let me tell you...I had zero problems scheduling, got a text reminder the day before, once there for my appointment (I arrived 10 min early) my massage started on time, and was an excellent massage. I had no issues using my groupon. Alicia was fabulous and professional! I will definitely be back to see Alicia!

Joe Smith

Great Place! Very Nice Staff! Owner is so sweet! I can't believe the things people write!!! Shes come so far in business! I have watched her grow for five years long time customer!! So happy for her! Think they are alot of people that are jealous of her business and thats sad. I love the massages that I have gotten and the place is top notch. I wouldn't read these nasty things that I hate to say B*TCHS WRITE. Want a great Massage go see Petras Massage Therapy!

Will Bryant

One of tha best experiences ever. Tha staff is especially nice and very knowledgeable in this area of expertise!


I was about to buy a Groupon from this place, thankfully the reviews saved me from making a mistake. The staff sounds rude just by reading the review replies.

Kim Jackson

Friendly and great atmosphere

trina teal

They accommodated me even though they don't take Groupons on the weekend. However my boyfriend did not receive a good massage and massage therapist told him it was late and she was tired. My massage therapist was excellent!

Kayli McCutcheon

Today my sister in law took us for our very first Massage Experience. It was fantastic! We got the hot lava stones & facial. I am a naturally tense person & I have a hard time relaxing, BUT today I felt so much better! I've read Massage therapy is great for your mental health & I really look forward to my next trip!

Leah Digby

Amazing service, prices, and people!

Emily Adams

One star is too many for this business. *SCAM ALERT* I received a random email with my friends name on it for an appointment for couples massage. When I asked my friend about it she had no idea why this appointment was made. She called, I called and talked to Petra and tried to explain my situation but couldn't because she kept interrupting me and telling me that this mysterious massage was paid for by a gift certificate but she didn't know who made the appointment. When I tried to ask more questions she talked over me and hung up on me. Later Sherrie called me back and I explained again. She told me she remembered the phone call and it was my friends mother who made the appointment. After investigating, we found that she didn't and no one else in our families did. She insisted it was paid for by a gift certificate so we went to the appointment and wouldn't you guess when we came out they tried to charge us. Petra was called and ended up yelling at my friend and eventually told her to leave and never return. My massage was wonderful and I would've been more than happy to pay for it but the owner did everything she could to ruin the entire situation. This had to be a scam to get us to come in thinking we would have just paid whatever they told us we owed and not thought twice about it. I feel bad for her employees who have to work for such an unprofessional, rude, criminal.

Kelly B

I've seen some negative reviews of this place, but today was the second time we have come here & it's been great both times. Excellent full body massage, hot stones & all. There is only minor, very minor things of a few times we heard people walking/talking out in the hall, and I would definitely pay extra for some aromatherapy choices at the start of the massage. Just suggestions for improvements, not detracting enough to keep us away. Thanks Lasandra & Anthony for the excellent massages, we will definitely be back!

Gilly Gilz

Delissa Jonsson

Hubs and I have been together a few times. Absolutely love it. Every time we do the couple's massage and they're very understanding of your aches and pains. They don't push packages on you. And they seem organized and on top of everything. The hot stones are great, definitely try it if you havent! Can't wait to add a facial to my next visit!

alaysia pendarvis

My mother and I were going to buy two of the 1 hour massage for $30 on groupon and we’re told that they would honor it, but when it was time to pay they told us they wouldn’t honor it. The massages were great, but when it was time to pay the service was terrible. The receptionist was very rude and dismissed what we had to say. They don’t like to honor their groupons, and if that’s the case then they should take them off of the website! Will never be returning back.

Amanda Rhoades

Purchased a Groupon and was really looking forward to my massage. I had a bad feeling as I was waiting and the girl had overcharged the customer in front of me. She couldn't refund him so just told him he could put it towards his next appointment... overcharged by $80! If I were him I would have not accepted that. She showed me to my room at 6:50 for my 7pm appointment. I waited until 7:10 for her to come start. I could hear her and other employees out in the hall talking the whole time I was waiting. She played music on her phone during my massage and when her phone rang she walked over and answered it... DURING my massage. Her technique was odd to say the least. I was just annoyed throughout the massage so never really was able to relax and enjoy it. And although she started my massage late she stopped at promptly 8pm so I never got my full hour. I will never go back.

Coco Nicole Love

I love it!!!!! The atmosphere is wonderful as well as the service I received a hour massage with a facial and foot treatment. The facial was so refreshing and my feet felt so smooth after the foot scrub. I called to see if I could get in for a massage I saw them on groupon but they advised me not to buy it. They gave me the same price in store and my upgrades where only $10 more. Which was a great deal I am looking forward to my next one. I also bought a gift certificate for my mom.

Lashon Green

Nice people

Jim Leonard

5.0 Petra is fantastic and has changed my life with my eating habits, as well as my man figure. Her assistant shannon is fantastic and hilarious. My wife and I are both truly enjoying our laser lipo , and me the sauna as well. They are very accommodating to me, because I can't make an appt, I make my own appts, and they make it work. Highly recommend. Its been worth every dollar, Its not cheap, but nothing worth it, ever is. I'd rather have results than cheap.

Dustin Fulton

Had issues with them honoring the groupon I purchased for my wife and I. It was a couples massage with facial. When I called they would not honor the facial even though I had purchased it 3 days prior.

Mckenzie Harrison

Just had a couples massage done by Nyeshia and Lorrie!! They were great!! Very professional and Nyeshia gave a great massage and handled me with care! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Def will be back!!

David Ebero

I had my fiance do laser lipo for 4th time last week she was done with the laser part was waiting for the shaker in the mean time we went on paid for the service with cash & card then she the shaker was available when we were done we said thank you & goodbye as we were in the truck 1 of the staff chace us done thought we haven't paid my fiance ask her if she wanted to see the receipt she turned around & left, staff are rude & made us feel uncomfortable there's no communication among the staff, never planning to go there again & wouldn't recommend it plus when i try to call to talk with petra herself about the incident the receptionist would make excuses that she left or busy, this needs to to be acknowledged or they'll treat other clients the same, i see in 1 of the replies on a review she would bring it up with the staff & have a talk with them but i see it hasn't changed, please learned from this everyone & thanks!

Sonika Agarwal

This was not a good experience at all! I bought a package (400 value) that included massage facial and sauna treatment. The massage was horrible she barely did anything! I have had many masages and by far this was the worst one. She kept stopping to talk to her coworker I have rosacea and eczema and i disclosed that with the ladies infront prior to getting a facial and they stated it was product for sensitive skin...well it ABSOLUTELY was not my face started to swell and itch that night and i woke up next day with a face red as a tomato. I WILL NEVER GO BACK NOR WOULD I RECCOMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!!

Nikki Lago

I have been here many times before and have always felt pampered! Yesterday was different. I sent an employee here to be pampered and she did not receive what I have experienced here. She was not greeted warmly, she was handed a clip board without anything said to her then wasn't taken back for her massage until 10:25am (her appointment was at 10am). The thearapist did not introduce herself and did not have a discussion with her about what needed to be massaged. The therapist ignored the paper my employee filled out and did not deliver a quality massage.The service was promptly ended at 11:13. I am disappointed that not only did she not recieve what was paid for but she did not receive a quality massage. Sadly, I will not be returning and neither will my employees.

Julie.brenda Garcia

Travis and I have been coming to Petra’s for a while now. We keep coming back because of the amazing staff and how good we feel after each session!

Rhea Haas

I like this place. Not the fanciest but it's alright. I have a specific therapist I go to, Jim. He listens and helps all my problem areas and never minds giving me tips on how to reduce my pain.

playground lee

Open in App Jaime P.’s Reviews 1.0 star rating Came in on Father Day to have treat my husband for a couple massage. First our appt was at 1600 after sitting their for 40 mins waiting someone finely come and tell us their waiting on the room that the gentlemen was sleep in that room. Go into room sheet on table were dirty had white stains on them I ask to have room and table reclean after they stated that is was clean. Second the lady whom did my massage had on long sleeves on and they were wet and dripping on my back. Her massage were more like a lotion rub I could had did that my self instead of paying for a back, arm rub. Third our massage were supposed to be 90 mins were only treated for 45min and both massge tech walked out did say nothing. After getting dress and very disappointed I complain to the lady at the desk whom Id badge has manager on it and it went on death ear no nothing just your balance is $80 dollar with a $10 fee x 2 for tech. Very Very Very disapointed. The outside and inside looks very nice but the service is not good at all.

Brandon H

Great message, a little disorganized.

Ms Linda DragonFly

Worst experience I've ever FREAKING had!!! Negaitive 5 stars would be given if able! Petra is not only rude to clients, but also her staff, of which I was informed of by one of her employees, during my service. Also, after speaking to Petra about my horrid experience, I found her use of the English language appalling! Go back to high school English class! I'm not your "baby girl" lady! I'm a 61 year old woman, learn some respect and manners young lady! You may want to hire cleaning service for the disgusting condition of your facility, health department called along with BBB! Do not waste money here for relaxation or weight loss. I found myself stress eating after my anxiety ridden experience here. Petra is a pathetic biz owner and her staff love to vent to clients about her!

Christopher Snider

Tim Cooper

I've been at Petra's before. The massage and masseuse were both great. Why the 2 stars? Well, I purchased a groupon for a couples massage a few weeks later and called the number. No answer (they were closed). I received a call back in a timely manner by ***-***-0588. She was EXTREMELY rude. I was calling to set up an appointment and once she realized I was a groupon user it was a noticeable change in her tone. She became very curt, and even stated "we encourage our customers to not use Groupon".I was trying to get her to explain the restrictions on the groupon and she cut me off numerous times and was overall nasty. "Well I am not at the desk and can't check anything other than today on my phone." SHE ended the conversation by saying "Well you wont be able to use it for at least a week. Thanks." And HUNG UP! Seriously? I promptly cancelled my groupon and will not be returning to this place. This is very unfortunate because I did enjoy my experience the first time. I was later called by Tamika (I think) who was the complete opposite. Very pleasant and understanding. I was tempted to reschedule another appointment but there were no openings to fit my schedule. I have never written a review before in my life, but it goes to show you how one instance of bad customer service can really impact your future business.

Tiffany Nicole

Worst "business owner" ever! Provides awful massage services and even more awful attitude! Petra does nothing, but offer rude comments towards people. The linens and atmosphere feel dirty and grimey too! Learn how to run a business before you run yourself out of business!

David Miller

Received a couples massage today with Lorrie P. and Lysonda. Lorrie was very good especially the legs, arms, neck, and lower back. Lysonda was great providing a very firm, deep massage. We'll be back soon. Thanks Petra!

Brittany Brignac

My boyfriend got us a couple's massage for our anniversary and we had the best experience! Lori massaged me and picked out the exact areas I had trouble with and after a couple of days, I feel so much better! My boyfriend had Ricky who was extremely knowledgable on several aspects of massage therapy and wellness. My boyfriend also says he feels immensely better since our visit 2 days ago. What impressed us most was that they even stayed late because we had arrived behind our appointment. They were so understanding and quick to accommodate, and they were extremely friendly throughout our massage, facial, and sauna experience. Lori mentioned several times she just wanted me to feel better! Everything was very beautifully decorated, clean, and well kept. We will definitely return for such a great value and fantastic customer service from Lori and Ricky!

Rocky Hulsey

Ran my debit card for different amount. It was a slick scam she pulled! Beware! Make sure you give cash tip and Mark through the tip area on receipts! Check statement and dispute charges as necessary! Better yet why chance it just go elsewhere the massage isn't really that good anyway!

Kayla cook

Very professional and well kept spa. Tons of options and great value for the money!

Kelli Lowry

Love this place. Everyone is friendly and the staff know what they are doing. A great place to go.

Jennifer Bentz

Had the most amazing massage ever!!!!!!! When I walked into the doors the atmosphere was beautiful and smelt amazing, and the ladies there where so kind and sweet. I had a hour massage with a amazing therapist, I will be going back but doing a couples next time.....

Sharon Steele

My daughter took me for a massage yesterday. Cheryl was my therapist . I've had massages, and hand and foot reflexology for years, from a number of people. Cheryl's massage was The Best I've ever had! It was firm but Not painful at all. She didn't have to go as deep as pressure points to get the job done. When she got to my hands, she was able to break up the fascia inflammation in my fingers with a gentle touch/sqeeze! I've never had that done by a therapist! Today I have less pain/tenderness than I've ever had the day after a massage. I so appreciate her expertise, and will be back! Thanks Cheryl!!!

Taylor Brew

Went here for the first time yesterday for a couple's massage as a gift to my boyfriend. We were greeted at the door by several people. They gave us the sheet we needed to fill out and we were taken back promptly. We received deep tissue massages with hot stones, facials, and a trip to the sauna. Every aspect of the visit was wonderful. Ricky and Lysandra performed our massages and they were both great! They made sure that we were comfortable, that they were applying a good amount of pressure, and made the experience relaxing. They also provided water for us before we left and accommodated for an injury that I have. I highly recommend giving Petra's team a visit, we will be back!

Casey Thompson

Just received the most wonderful couples massage by Erica and Gail that we have ever had along with wonderful facials. You can add us to your full list of monthly clients! Wonderful. The sweet southern owner is charming and the specials can't be beat! (Hint: call before buying the groupon, sometimes the in-house special is better!) Thanks Petra's!

Brittany Goodson

I am rating this place a 1 STAR because of the owner. She is rude and doesn’t care about anything but making money and her customers and workers life’s miserable. The massage therapists I have used are amazing but I can not support Petra Weisenhunt with the attitude she brings about things. Calling me a liar as a customer and giving me a hard time. I have been going to Petra’s over 2 years but because of her attitude I will never step foot in this place again and I hope you won’t either.

Lisa Neal

I've been here a few times, and all of my experiences here have been amazing. Every time I've called, it has been last minute, and Petra has gone above and beyond to accommodate me. Her staff immediately make you feel welcomed when you walk through the door. You don't find that kind of hospitality much anymore. I'm not one for writing reviews. Good or bad. But, I genuinely felt the need to write one because Petra doesn't know me. I've never even met her in person. I've just talked to her on the phone to schedule a massage. And I was in pain one day and really needed to get in, and she was booked, but she could tell I was desperate, and she made it happen. Her prices are reasonable and affordable, unlike some other places that are just completely outrageous! The massage therapists are experienced and amazing! Omgoodness...pure heaven. The rooms are clean and beautiful with light music playing and so relaxing! I would recommend this place to all my friends and my family, and I plan on doing just that.

Bryan McVea

If you want a good massage with excellent customer service and a comfortable relaxed atmosphere with knowledgeable licensed therapist then don't go to Petra's massage therapy off of nw 63rd and May. They don't give good massages. They aren't professional. And some of their therapists are not licensed. I got there on time but had to wait 45 mins for my session to start. I got a couple's massage and meanwhile my massage was decent my girlfriends was not and this was her Christmas present. The "therapist" who I later discovered was an intern did not know what she was doing and after becoming frustrated at her lack of knowledge walked out in the middle of the session. After experiencing this unprofessionalism I only asked for a refund for half of what I paid but that was too much to ask.

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