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REVIEWS OF Healthy Paradise Spa IN Oklahoma

ChonGkang Wu

This place is absolutely amazing! My boyfriend and I scheduled a couples massage for the very next day and was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere and all around comfort level that radiates from this place. The massage was very relaxing, and helped relieve a lot of tension and stress. The facial was perfect and extremely soothing. They were careful when extracting any problem areas I had and the products they used helped even out my skin tone and cleanse my pores. I am definitely coming here in the future.

john miller

My gf got me a gift certificate for this place. After "mina" was finished she told me my gift certificate was enough and owed 40.00 more. I asked her why it wasn't and she told me it was for couples. Then she asked for a tip. People beware.

Stephen Clark

best massage therapy at Yukon city !!

Tom Tyler

I have had a lot of massages and Mina is the best I have ever had by far. She knows how to work out all kinks and make you feel great!!

Isaac LeMasters

Stopped by here on my way back home after a long road trip. Very nice place and even more nice people. Definitely recommend stopping by if you're looking for great service.

Jerry Seay

Very professional. Very clean and relaxing atmosphere. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone. Nina was very nice and excellent at working the tension out of my back and shoulders. I felt so much better when I left there. I will definitely be back and recommend anyone who is looking for a great message experience to give her a try.

Daryl Traywick

Amy Cui

Hannah Mayzak

I read all the great reviews for this place on here and Facebook so I was pretty excited for my massage. I personally had a horrible experience here and I left feeling very uncomfortable. I would not recommend this place to anyone. When contacting other people who had great experiences here (through Facebook), they had used Amy or they did a couples massage with their husband, so IF you choose to go here strongly consider those options. But I would not recommend it.

Heather Kelley

I called and scheduled a 90min couples massage. We arrived 15 min prior to our appointment and were rushed right in. Half way through our massage we were told that it would only be 60 min because they had to many appointments. The girls were bickering about the one that answered the phone didn’t put the correct time down and it continued for the rest of the time in our massage. Our massages was very rushed, while on our back we didn’t even get massaged on the tops of arms, face, back of neck or collarbone area. I have been coming to this place since the previous owner. I am not sure I will return after this last time. Very very disappointed

Edward Miller

Nick Thurman

This past weekend my wife got me a massage for my birthday and I was excited due to the fact I haven't had a massage since our honeymoon and have had back problems for awhile. As I drove to the address my wife sent me it first took me to a autobody shop. Figuring that wasn't the right place I back-tracked and found the massage palace next to a gun range/ martial arts studio. Surprisingly, I could not hear either once I was inside the building. Upon entering the building I was greeted by small very friendly older asian woman who was in middle of working with another client. She asked me to wait until she finished with him and then would get me to my room. I was slightly sketched out by all of the lights turned off and she was the only person working on a Friday afternoon but I kept my mind open as I wanted my wife to know I had a pleasant time. I was escorted to my relaxation room and disrobed as I believed was the etiquette for the situation and awaited my massage. The lady came in and I believe she asked if I had had a shiatsu massage before and because I couldn't quite understand her, I simply shook my head in the affirmative as I laid there naked with only a sheet to protect me. That is when "it" got real. She sprung onto the table like spider monkey and onto my back and began hammering on my spine like UFC fighter. My back let out a pop that shook the room and she let out an "OHH" pleased by my apparent release of tension. She then spent the next 60 minutes performing moves I can only assume she gained during a lifetime of underground street fights. Luckily, I was able to dry most of my tears on the soft sheets my face was buried in. The sound proofing for the building was apparently to keep in the cries from clients rather than the sounds off gun fire out. Now I am a pretty large man. 6'5'' 240lbs but I couldn't help but let out multiple cries of "relaxation" as she landed left cross to the back of my head. My masseuse/domnimatrix yelled at me "No pain No gain and continued driving her elbows into every pressure point of my body. Suddenly things took another turn as the sheet, which was my last line of defense, was ripped from body and she began the air assault on my backside. She began shaking and shimmering it to the point I felt like stripper dancing for dollars and shaking what my mother gave me. At the end she asked me how I felt. With tears still in my eyes, I whispered softly "thank you" and left with my complimentary Chinese candy and rice crispy treat. I was disappointed that she didn't give me the $20 off for my birthday like they told my wife over the phone, and the next week the pain in my back was so bad I couldn't sleep. I wouldn't go here again if you paid me.

bonnie liang

This is the best massage place I have ever been to in Yukon. It's super clean and inviting. Amy did a great job. She is super nice and considerate. If you want a massage, schedule an appointment with Amy.

Jesper Jacobsen

I came in Sunday evening with my friends and we couldn't stop talking about our massage over dinner. They put too much pressure on body parts that shouldn't have that much pressure on but our masseuse/masseur kep't checking on us if we are okay. Overall, I enjoyed my massage plus I got a good night sleep the night after I got my massage with them.

bernard brydon

Wonderful place. The ladies are very welcoming, and the massages are an incredible value. Here's my testimonial: I go in a tense ball of knots and, after an hour of Ami's amazing massage, I end up a drooling mass of goo. i highly recommend their massages so that you can also be turned into a drooling mass of goo.

Quientin Shepas

Deep tissue massage for the win.

Donna Hunter

caitlin walton

Don't book online. They don't check their online appointments and will tell you they can't take you. I was visiting from out of town, VERY exhausted and achy and in need of a massage. Because they turned me away, it was too late to go anywhere else. Also, doesn't speak English.

Shari Murphy

Scheduled myself via their website because I was dying in the middle of the night. Clean. EXCELLENT massage!!

Laura Chi

I highly recommend this massage place! After starting an office job, I had sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours daily which was contributing to my back pain. On top of that, the pain was causing me to develop daily chronic migraines. I felt like it was time for a massage so I decided give healthy paradise spa a try. After my experience, I felt so relaxed and free of pain. The owner was a pro and did a really good job giving me a back massage. I will be returning here for my next massage session !

Tyler Rogers

Gale Beatty

Eva Phillips

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! Extremely unprofessional. I went into this place because they were able to get me in immediately after I called to inquire. Was never appropriately introduced. The lady did not use any lotion or oil. I’m not even sure if she washed her hands because she had worked on someone before me and I didn’t hear her wash her hands in the quiet little place. She climbed up on the table and sat on my rear end like we were at a sleepover party. She then proceeded to massage using the sheet and pressed WAY too hard on my back. I kept waiting it out thinking it was going to get better. About 10 minutes in, I asked if she was going to use oil or lotion then said she “starts off dry and then uses oil.” I don’t know if I believe that because I’ve NEVER had anyone massage me with dry hands ever. She then proceeded to pour too much baby oil on my back. She was extremely comfortable with how she was carrying herself during the massage. It become more uncomfortable and I finally told her I was done. It lasted about 15 minutes and I told her I would pay her for her time. I told her I would pay her $15 for her time (I was being nice) and she punched $20 into her iPad and took my card out of my hand to swipe. I immediately took my card out of her hand and told her I would pay $15 and then she agreed. She apologized that I didn’t like the massage but I can’t imagine she actually thought the massage was enjoyable. I would bet money she doesn’t have any type of certification. My toddler would have done a better job honestly.

Stephany Mitchell

I do not recommend this place. First of all, the lady made me extremely uncomfortable. She hopped on the massage table-straddling me. I told her the pressure was too hard and her response was, “no pain, no gain”. She talked the entire time. In the middle of my one hour massage, she answered her cell phone and left the room twice. Instead of massaging my head, she dug her fingernails into my scalp and starting scratching my head. At the end, the aggressive woman came around the counter and demanded I tip at least 20% (I always tip, but this was odd behavior). This was by far the most bizarre massage experience I’ve ever had. If you’re wanting to relax, I suggest going elsewhere. I visited this establishment about 8 months prior to this terrible visit and had a wonderful experience- that's why I returned. I did not have the same masseuse. The ownership must've changed within the last 8 months!

Terra Bruflodt

Sarah Clark

Nathan Hudson

Excellent Massage! Very professional and detailed. I have been several times. Amy is the best!

Michael Datuin

First of all, thank you Healthy Paradise Spa for honoring our military. For my 1 hour $65 (legit) massage, I received $5 off for being a veteran, and $10 off for being my first visit, bringing my total to $50. I already scheduled a massage for 11/19/17, the day before I embark on my 14 hour plane trip to Hawaii. I was on my way to eat at Pho Hieu in Yukon and saw that it was busy, so I decided to look for a massage to let the crowd die down. I wasn't looking for a "Happy Ending" so I searched through reviews of massage places in the area, and found good reviews for "Healthy Paradise Spa" and saw that they were good. Another factor in me choosing them is that they had and online reservation system. I pulled over and saw that they had and opening 30 minutes away with "Amy", I could have also chosen a guy, but I prefer women. My first impression of the spa was that it was very clean and the colors were easy on the eyes. At the front desk was Amy. Since it was my initial, she had me fill out the standard medical clearance which took about 5 minutes (only legit places ask you for your medical info). She first asked me if I was thirsty or needed to use the bathroom, of which I replied I'd like to use the restroom. I was guided down the hall with about 5 rooms which all looked equally clean and inviting. When I got to the restroom, it was also very clean, and the sink even had colored stones in it. She led me to a large room which was usually reserved for the couples massage. In it were 4 things that I think should be standard in any top notch spa 1) A Himalayan Salt Lamp 2) A scented oil diffuser 3) Relaxing music 4) and a running water fountain. All of these things made my experience start off very relaxing. Amy asked me what level of firmness I wanted and I told her "firm". She started massaging me with the perfect amount of pressure. She asked me if she needed to be more or less firm, but it was perfect. I have been massaged in Japan, Thailand, Hawaii, and Singapore, but I would have to say this was one of my top 3. I cannot rank the 3 because they were all different styles, but Amy's massage, the ambiance, and the cleanliness of the spa puts it in the 3. The only thing I regret is that I will be going back to Hawaii and cannot take Healthy Paradise Spa with me. But I will definitely come here when I come back to OKC for more training. Thanks Amy and Healthy Paradise Spa. A+++! Haterz might give a different opinion of this place, but this was my honest experience and mine alone, well worth $65 if not more ($70-80 in Hawaii).

hany elsodafy

It was our first time coming in to this location and we will surely be back to try on other services that they offer like the sauna and ion detox. The place is super cozy and the staffs are all friendly and welcoming.

jeff collison

Went to Serenity after work on a Friday and Judy was able to take me back immediately. I've had massages on a monthly basis and on vacations. I've paid anywhere from $50-$150 for massages. This was by far the best massage I've had. Judy was able to workout sooo many knots with the perfect amount of pressure. At this place they take their time so you are not shorted a minute. They also incorporate hot stones. I appreciated that she let me relax without conversing with me. The ambience was perfect. Judy was knowledge with the massage techniques she used, she didn't just rub my back. Thank you so much for relieving the back pain I had. I will surely be back.

Keith Snelling

Abhijit Krishna

PS. I wish somebody will put a picture of their prices because I forgot to take a picture of it.

The predlien is back 2007

Mina is absolutely the best massage therapist I have ever met. She understands deep tissue, pressure and stress points, knots and nerves like no one else. After just one session, she took away my lower back pain and numb left leg that I have had for years due to scoliosis. It does hurt but it’s a good hurt, she’s pinpointing the problem spots and working the tension out and fixing the problem deep down. I have been for 3 sessions now and I feel so much better overall, my circulation and color have improved, I sleep better, and my feet no longer cramp due to poor circulation. I will continue to see her as long as she practices! .....Anita B.

Sandra Adcock

Today's massage was great. A man used to give me the massages and he was good. The other day and woman did and she was okay but before I could pull cash out...I did not want to put the tip on the credit card she reminded me about the tip. I considered this very rude. Today I tipped over 20% but it was worth it. The prices are really very good. You can get in an out fast and usually quick if you really need a massage....for a person with inflammaatory arthritis and has had 7 fractures + more this is nice. It is in Yukon....close so I do not need to drive into the city....I don't have to go into one of those dress up places when you feel like know. It is a blessing to have...except for those that point to the tip like you must fill in the blank. I would say give them a try.

Kim Had

Lesa Dawn

Everything is nice and new, clean and professional, tranquil and relaxing. A great place to get a top notch therapeutic massage.

Daveron Wright

I love how the whole place is so relaxing!

tonya fleener

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! This will be a part of my monthly routine. Go treat yourself!

Julie Neal

I had a great massage here with Amy! Very relaxing and she was so nice :)

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