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REVIEWS OF Float OKC IN Oklahoma

Amy Hollas

Great experience. Will definitely do again.

Aspiring Dymaxion

Nathan Wengert

Loved out experience here! Very professional staff. I will be going back. Something definitely worth trying.

Jason Wallace

Chill and pleasant experience. The staff is professional, the space is well maintained, and I look forward to coming back!


One can not describe the essence of nothing. One can only experience it. One hour wasn't enough. I will be back for more. Amazing.

Rinda Ruppel

My first experience so nothing to compare to but would give employees a definite 10. Facilities are nice and seem clean but I was a bit worried about slipping once I got out. The mat to step on was sufficient but no traction from shower to bench for dressing (just a few steps). Tea room is great. I travel lots so will compare all to this one. Will advertise! Thanks ☺️

Heather Bushey

Bryan Simpson

Heather Brown

I recently bought my husband a gift certificate for his birthday and was extremely pleased with my service. I bought it online and was having difficulties getting the certificate emailed to me so I called the facility and Austin helped me on the phone and was able to email me that again while I was waiting. I then called a week or so later to schedule my husband's appointment and got Austin on the phone as well. He was very nice and helpful with the booking process. He gave me a few tips and advise for what my husband should expect. He was so polite. If all their employees are like this I will absolutely keep doing business here.

Kim Moring

Elena Troya

They have great service and tasty teas.

Katea Jurors

It's too busy. But it's a great facility and I can see why it's too busy. I'm used to float facilities and other places and generally for an actual good float experience or you really get a meditate I like to go in for 3 hours sessions they never have any available and all they have is the Pod floating which honestly one of the pods closed you can still see some light come through the pod from the top. I know these pods are the new thing with floaters but I still prefer the old-fashioned rooms that almost look like a storm shelter. The pods do a lot for you to play music and such things which can be good for people who are nervous floating or for the first time but honestly the whole thing about sensory deprivation which I know they don't like to use that term but the point of it is to not have light to not have sound whatsoever and for you to be deprived of it until your mind settles down and focuses in on itself and I just can't use this facility that way there one hour photo sessions are not enough for me personally. I'm just building my own at this point it be cheaper and I can use it as long as I want and how I want. It's pretty simple to build your own float tank and it can cost under $2,000 there are plenty of sites with plans for it. Now everyone keep in mind I am someone who wants to spend 3 hours and I would like to do it weekly but I only do it monthly at the moment but three hours would equate to about $100 each so I'd rather invest in something that's going to save me money rather than spending it constantly at a place where I don't get to make the schedules that I want. They're just too busy.

Andrew Kierig

I could hear and feel the trains on the tracks next door even with earplugs in. Also, the tank was especially dirty, and I wish I'd noticed sooner. I've felt sick for several days since. Having done this in other cities, I was surprised and really disappointed.

Geno Younger

This is the place to go to turn down the noise in your head. It doesn't take much to relax, and they know how to help. Every single employee I've met has been genuinely amazing. I've been coming here quite a while, and I keep coming back because it's worth it. The facilities are always clean.

keyser soze

Sensory deprivation. For some it works, others it doesnt. If you're dealing with PTSD, it's well worth trying! After leaving here, I feel more focused, quite a bit calmer and drive with less stress.

margaret jeffers

Christian Sangree

Always had great experiences here. As a new floater, I'm loving it!


Great relaxing

Seaira Mannix

Charles Caswell

Kameron Clark

Highly recommend. Much nice, very relax.

Jackie Price

Literally my fave place ever! Wish I could go every day!!

rachel wehe

This is what I imagine sleeping on a cloud would feel like!! It released all the pressure from my back and neck. The staff is wonderful and the entire atmosphere is very calming!!

Brandi Haigler

Very relaxing!

Al H

Wow just wow. Try it and relax.

Victoria Johnson

Great people and a peaceful place to get away from the hustle

Jamie Vandyousefi

Laura Brady

Christine Weale

Fantastic experience, excellent customer service! Make sure to check out their tea room afterwards :D

Kenneth Carr

Vary relaxing on muscles, didn't see things personally heard faint noises, also the amount of Buoyancy you have in the solution is exciting. Overall would do again but only as a luxury.

Trish Scott

Didnt offer much information or support for 1st time

Michele Purvey

Need to escape the hustle and bustle of life? Consider floating in a sensory deprivation chamber. No light. No noise. Just you super relaxed and unbothered for an hour.

Kennedi Rooth

C Orraca

First experience and won't be my last while working here over the next few months.

Caleb Stricklen

Najika Sama

Loved the folks, the float and the after float tea room!!! I went yesterday and woke up this morning still relaxed and calm. Ah! So refreshed!

james chase

Olaf Crowbone

mag bath

Paige Covey

First of all, there's a secret tank in room 4 that you cannot book online. They will not tell you about it unless you're a member, famous, or have a terrible time and leave early, apparently. This tank is supposedly better, but I have not tried it so I don't know for sure. Why make this an option for the average joe when you don't have to, right? Super cheap sensory deprivation tanks made with thin plastic. If you're looking to actually be deprived of all your senses, do not come hear. I wore ear plugs inside, which in itself was a distraction, and could still hear the air vents in the room. My husband had light bleed through in his tank, even with all the lights in the room off and the tank closed. This place is also literally right across the street from the railroad, so you could hear that too. My husband told a staff member about the vents, the light bleed through, and he also felt that the water was not warm enough. He was told that he should have taken a cooler shower, should have moved so he could not see the light, and the staff member said that he couldn't hear the vents in the room. Like somehow it was all my husband's fault that there were issues. I've read a lot about the tanks before trying it out and I was very disappointed, but since this place has absolutely no competition they can get away with it.

Claudia Aita Costa

Kasi Meter

Wow this is a great relaxing experience. Everyone is super nice and professional. The facility is clean as a whistle. Hope they expand to Stillwater!

Brad Mills

Amazing experience everyone should try once. Family enjoys and are repeat customers. Check out the package deals for discounts. First responders and medical field employees receive discounts. Have you gone yet? You should set an appointment now!

j M

I loved my experience! The staff was very helpful and friendly. The facility was very clean and sanitary but also warm and inviting. The float was a very unique journey. It was the most relaxed I have ever been. It's really difficult to put into words just how it made me feel. I think everyone's journey is different in the pod. I will definitely be back for more!

Kim Leech

Sage of Snake

Jeanetha Collins

I absolutely loved my float experience. Only thing that could have made it better would have been more time. Very clean and I felt safe.

Boom Boom

Amazing relaxation peace and quiet escape.

monte 3

Good for your health!!!

Murray Williamson

Life-changing. :)

Nathan Benge

The staff are super nice and knowledgeable about floating which is very comforting. The area is very clean, relaxing, and comforting. The experience is very unique and worth a try to relax and enjoy.

Paul Begansky

Fun time, from rafting or kayaking to paddle boards and zip lines. Descent price. Can get very busy during hot days and holidays. Has a descent snack bar and alcohol is served. Recommend at least once.


Was definitely a fun experience. Personally I made it 15 minutes and relaxed in the lounge until the wife was done :-)

Tyler Neal

Staff was friendly, they carefully explained everything that was happening. Everything was tidy and clean.

Jennifer Lopez

Terri Black

Very peaceful, relaxing. Stress dissipated. The feeling of relaxation lasted several hours afterwards. I cannot recommend it enough. The staff were helpful, explained everything thoroughly before I floated. Very encouraging because the first float can be intimidating and stressful. Thank you! Def will float again!

Cristina Allen

Firts off can I say hello to the world. Now that I'm 1000% relaxed from my float. You would be doing yourself the greatest stress free relaxing 1 hour of the day. This place is amazing #1 the staff is great they are so chill an patient. #2 the place as soon as you walk in your vibe changes. #3the TEA ROOM is something I need in my house. I love that the product they use is good for normal & sensitive skin the shampoo and conditioner not only smells AMAZING it leaves your hair so soft and clean. The towels are soft. Now inside the pod is bodytemp its so nice..being a gember has amazing perks. I go to the Edmond location but I want to try the Norman one soon. I have rheumatoid arthritis An it help relieve the pain in my legs. Being able to float with out having to work at it is great. No matter your ago I recommend this to everyone. So smile an AllenUP an go float okc

Renee Danks

Very relaxing, nice staff.

Marianne Meehan

Andrew Boatman

This was a wonderful way to relax. Highly recommend.

Kathryn Toahty

Absolutely recommend, very relaxing

cody kelly


Mandi Stewart

An experience not to be missed!

Jonathan Parker

Great experience. Different way to relax. We will definitely go back

Alicia Dale

This place is amazing! Perfect way to reset your body.

kristin epp

Joshua Brewer

A great way to decompress from a stressful week or get ready for a peaceful weekend. The staff was friendly and very helpful. After your float enjoy a tea of your choice and kick back with aroma therapy. Clean calm atmosphere. Total chill!

Secretly Sentient

Amazing staff and facilities. Priced reasonably. Loved it!

Mrs Huge

Jillian Hord

Kind staff. Clean facilities. Amazing experience

Traci Schwartz

I loved my float experience! I wasn't really sure what to expect, but the facility is super clean and the float pods are really neat.

King Beast III

Amanda Brock

john kaiser

Does wonders for mind body and soul !

Misty Brewer

Jace Vickers

If approached with the right frame of mind, floating can be a perspective-altering experience.

shawn sessums

From the moment my wife and I walked in we felt relaxed. Their calm tone, the float, the tea room. We look forward to our next visit!

Landon Marshall

Courtney Nixon

Kevin Calmes

Loved it. It was difficult to stay still at first. But highly recommend it as a way to learn the process of calming.

Natasha Bhavnani

Tom Cornwall

Suveer Shekhawat

Very new therapy style, great for stress relief or physical conditions, the workers are really helpful and the overall experience is amazing given the low prices!

John Martino

Awesome experience.

Bridgette Scott

Christina Garcia

Loved the whole experience from start to finish! Hannah was the lady working when I arrived and she was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The vibe was relaxing and the place was very clean and accommodating. I will definitely be going back!!

william guyton

Brittany Foy

Melvin Dunsworth

Float was super, a little concerned about cameras behind the doors. Clean and great employees.

Thomas Rossiter

Lauren Chiri

This is a really nice facility with very friendly employees. Floating wasn't really for me so I won't be returning, but it was still an interesting experience. If you want to try it, float okc is a great place! It's a very clean and relaxing environment. Definitely worth a try!

Will Derrick

Kenneth Curtis

This place is so clean and relaxing. The pods that you float in are very spacious and I always feel safe. When you're floating, you also have the option to keep a light on, and you can even play music in the pod! After your float, they have all of the bathroom essentials you would need to clean up, and if that wasn't enough, they have a nice tea room with free tea, drawing and really comfortable couches. This place is worth the price

Matthew McCarter

Just went for my first time and it was an incredible experience. Facilities are incredible, very professional, staff was outstanding and friendly. I cannot wait to go back. The hour flew by, I floated without any effort, and I feel so relaxed. Hard to describe, you must experience for yourself. I recommend closing the lid, and no music. Lighting is optional, so peaceful

Celeste Flemming

Wonderful experience. Listened to my breathing and felt my heartbeat

Yesenia Miller

Ben Hammin

My wife and I did the one hour float last night and loved it!! Professional staff, amazing tanks and rooms, and an all around great place. We will definitely be going again.

Karrina Pancoast

I really enjoyed my float and the tea room was amazing!

Savanah Patt

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