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Tiffany Moore

This place is a joke. The owner is rude and I will NEVER go there after what I have heard from everyone else. It looks like the reviews are accurate and maybe the owner needs to focus on how to offer better customer service or they would not have to use groupon so much. A successfully ran company won't have to pass out discounts more times than not.

Kathy Anderson

The CBD massage was the best I've ever had! Definitely going back and taking advantage of the 50% off on Wednesday and Friday.


Don't waste your time and money to this place.Worst manicure and pedicure ever!!!

Susan Becker

My first appointment they canceled on me by text. A week later I texted them back asking for a another appointment. They did not respond so I called them a couple days later and made an appointment. I bought a Groupon for a body scrub, facial, and an eyebrow wax. They had me in and out in 30 minutes. That certainly is not appropriate. And they will not scrub your back. They have you lay on your back and they scrub your legs and arms only. Mainly the top of your legs and the top of your arms because they don't have you roll over

Taylor Pursell

Stay far away. Bought a voucher on group on and I have been trying to two weeks to make my appointment. These idiots don’t answer the phone or return calls. What a joke. Lesson learned. Screw this joke of a place. Hopefully Groupon will return my money or I will just lose $80 which I’d rather do then let these incompetent ppl touch me.

Ryan Ross

Asked a friend of mine to leave when they learned that the couple's massage was booked for two men.

tracye carter

3.5 stars. I was running 5 min behind and they ladies were understanding and accommodating. Walking in the spa is appealing and relaxing. I liked the atmosphere. Had a grouon for a couple massage for a girls day out with a friend. I did NOT realize there is an AUTOMATIC 20% GRATUITY BASED ON THE PRE-DISCOUNTED GRUOPON PRICE!!!!! Be aware. It does state it in the fine print on the groupon, but I was unaware. Booked a swedish massage and THATS WHAT I GOT: soft, stroke-like touches (almost ticklish). I asked for medium pressure but did not receive it. Many places I've gotten swedish message and have been asked my desired pressure intensity. The message was relaxing but not therapeutic for that reason. Nevertheless, I think I'll give them one more try. Nice place despite the comments I've read about the rude staff.

dana thibodeaux

I purchased a Couples Massage on Groupon that was sold as a 1 hour couples massage complete with Chocolate, Champagne and Roses. When i got to the spa they instantly told me they were not allowed to serve Champagne because a liquor licences was too expensive, they also made us feel very uncomfortable by telling us they do not get any money at all from Groupon. The massage was a brushing of hot oil, no actual massage. I paid $114.00 to Groupon then they charged me $50 extra as a 20% service charge. The add on Groupon is bogus and I would not recommend this to anyone.

C Reign

I guess from all of the bad reviews I have seen I will be taking my party of 30 somewhere else.

Oza Dole

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I would give zero stars if that were an option. I left a message 7 days ago to book an appointment for 2 people using 3 groupons each. When I hadn't been contacted 4 days later, I called again and spoke to a person who said she would check on a time and call me back. After hearing nothing, I called back today and was told that they do not accept multiple groupons (even though the groupon fine print says nothing about this). When I asked why it took a week to tell me that, she argued with me and would not let me talk. What a bait and switch! She also seemed fine that I was obviously angry and telling her that I would never use their services in future. Groupon was great and refunded all of my money, and I will tell anyone who will listen to AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!

Connie Faulkner

Beware! I bought a Groupon and wasn’t allowed to use it because I used one about 4 or 5 years ago. I asked for a basic Massage but when they charged me, it was $97.00. I won’t ever be going back!

Evinyn Quijada

Awful!! They treated me really bad because I was late and I even called them to tell that! I got there and the lady didn't even say hello to me she was just mad at me! I told her I was sorry but I was think, I even threw up on my way there and she was really rude and said if you are sick I don't want you here! She told me to leave the place! Was horrible! Terrible customer service!

kna kong

Such a relaxing environment while being pampered.

Esmyrna Saldana

Robin Harris

Megan Williams

Chris McGalliard

Sandra Essington

Beautiful and relaxing. Absolutely loved it. I will definitely be a regular here.


Mike Mattice

Alyssa Duby

I had a Swedish massage that my boyfriend bought me on Groupon for my bday. The lady did a great job. Staff was very nice and educated me on the hair services they offer there. They seem to know what they are doing to keep your hair healthy and wont do anything to damage your hair. They use all natural products and thermal heat for highlights for a non damaging look. I have a deep conditioning treatment scheduled for this Wednesday that I'm excited about to get my hair back to being healthy before coloring it because the last place I had my highlights touched up at ended in 4 inches breaking off from over processing. Great place, calming atmosphere. Maybe my new hair dresser I'll keep you posted. 6/24/17 UPDATE ON HAIR SERVICES HERE: Do not go here for hair hey do not know how to cut hair. The deep condition was great but once she started triming off my ends it ended in 4 inches off and It's all uneven. This place is nice for messages but that's about it.

michelle miller

If I could give ZERO STARS, I would!!! The woman who owns this place is an absolute CROOK and is beyond deceitful. This woman does not deserve your service, please go somewhere else who actually cares about you as a person and doesn’t just see you as money. I ended up having to cancel my couples massage because we were going to be 15 minutes late due to traffic - I told the owner I didn’t want the charge for the service refunded but I did expect the tip to be refunded, since the massage therapist didn’t even perform the service and she declined to refund me my prepared tip.. literally stealing money.

Elizabeth Grooms

My favorite place to go. So relaxing, clean, and the staff is amazing. So grateful to have found the best in OKC!

Brad Jordan

Bought my wife a Groupon here. BY MISTAKE! Do not go here! They were rude and gave her the worst mani-pedi she has ever had in her life. They got my money but never will again. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!

Derek Babb

DeAnna is amazing! Service and price are both outstanding!

Thao Warme

Kristopher Ducharme

Showed up to my appointment 5 min early and was told they had to reschedule me. Wasted my time. Do not recommend.

April Louderback

Bethany Bray

Don’t go to this place. They suck at scheduling you. I scheduled almost 2 months in advance. Went in, and they said they had nothing booked.

George Kokkosis

I surprised my wife with a couples massage for our anniversary. The massage was the best we have ever had! The owner had a rose and gift bag for my wife, not part of the service we paid for but it was a very kind gift. My wife was so happy and our anniversary was very special. Thank you Anathallo.

Tawna Rivera

I was 3 minutes late and now they are refusing to allow me to use my Groupon for their services that were never rendered and was very rude to me about it and will not return any of MY phone calls. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! AND DO NOT BUY A GROUPON FOR THEIR SERVICES EVER!!!! They upcharge you when you get there. I would get them a minus if that was an option on this website. THEY ARE THEIVES!!!

Renee Roberts

BEWARE GROUPON USERS. This place definately discriminates if you use a groupon. When I called to make my appointment, the lady was very rude. They add a service charge to your service (the way it sounded to me was that this only applies to groupon users). The massage was mediocore and ONLY LASTED 40 MINUTES. I know the exact time it started and the exact time it ended (started at 5 on the dot and ended at 5:40 on the dot). The girl seemed rushed & apparently she was. The 40 minute massage is something I'm seeing in alot of the reviews. A true rip-off. So beware!!!!!!!

Jackie Yard

I just got a cbd massage there today and it was wonderful! Sometimes when you get a massage off groupon they can be sketchy but this spa is very pretty, clean, and relaxing and the massage was professional. I will definitely be scheduling again with Jessie soon.

Humberto Hernandez

Great First Experience! Will come back next week!

Mia Blake

Horrible place - avoid at all costs! This spa is a joke. I came here last year and waited an hour for my appointment due to a client ahead of me having special medical needs (I was told), but the massage was good so when my husband wanted to buy me a gift, I suggested Anathallo. After four calls to try to book, they finally called me back and claimed they had written my phone number down wrong (three times). They told me my appointment time to arrive, and since I'd been here before, said I didn't need to arrive early to fill out paperwork. When I arrived for my appointment, there was a man making a delivery to the spa so I waited for him so I could hold the door open for him, delaying me maybe one minute. When they came out to get me they told me they could not see me because I had not arrived 5 minutes easy to fill out paperwork! I told "D" that I'd been told on the phone to arrive at my appointment time and that I would happily take a one-five minute shorter appointment time to compensate and she refused. After trying to reschedule unsuccessfully, they refused to refund my gift, refused to let me speak to a manager. This was supposed to be a special gift from my husband to take an hour break from my toddler and newborn and instead it's been a huge disappointment from the get go. Would recommend everyone stay away from this business, their practices are incredibly subpar and an all around awful experience. ZERO STARS.

Tiffani Sarten

Showed up 5 min before appointment because of bad weather after driving two hours and they refused us service even after we tried to call and let them know due to the weather we might be a few minutes late. Said the techs went home because they didn't think we were going to show. Crappy customer service

Christine Cobb

Great experience

Allison Blevins

I can't say enough about how impressed I was. You wouldn't expect it from the outside but the spa is stunning! Beautifully decorated. The ladies that work there were so professional and polite. I had two services which were both amazing , the CBD massage relieved all of my back pain and the Golden Goddess facial was very relaxing. I would recommend everyone give this place a try. They have specials each day of the week. Wednesday is half off massages.. I mean how much better does it get!


Got a Groupon for my boyfriend to go here. They made an additional charge besides the Groupon in order to make an appointment and they took his card information over the phone which is sketchy. They claim this is for the tip but they never said it was so my boyfriend ended up double tipping.

Victor Campos

This place is amazing. As soon as you come in you feel at peace, the atmosphere is perfect and you know you are in for a treat once the glass of wine comes. Me and my girlfriend have had the massage, a pedicure and a manicure and can't wait for our couples massage! It's easy to tell that they only use quality products and the staff is so friendly. They kept us laughing and the owner made us feel like we've been friends for ever. Come check this place out.

Vanessa Yarbrough

Best massage EVER! Very clean and friendly.

Alex Yeverino

sarah driskill

I bought the couple's massage on Groupon that offers chocolate champagne and roses for $108. When I booked our appt for 4pm i told them i was using Groupon for our massage. When we arrived the place was very nice and they had watered down juice you can drink with cups that had water marks all over them along with dust that gathered on it. When we were brought back to our room it was very tiny! The 2 therapists could barely walk around the 2 of us without bumping into each others tables. But the set up was nice and the dirty glass in the corner from some other couples massage added a nice touch to the ambiance. After our hour massage we go to check out and I ask what happened with our champagne roses and chocolates bcuz we didn't receive it and we paid for it. Well the main woman in charge got a prissy attitude and told me that it was MY JOB to let her know what kind of Groupon package we purchased bcuz she had written down a Swedish massage only. I explained to her we got the ONLY couple's massage package and THE ONLY massage even listed that offers those things and again WE PAID FOR IT!! She still had a prissy attitude and tells me she can give us the chocolates and that's it. I don't want 1 out of 3 of the things I paid for. I want ALL 3 THINGS I PAID FOR! I was also told a deep tissue massage was extra but the therapist who worked on my fiance gave him a FULL BODY deep tissue massage with no extra fee. Needless to say it was MY BDAY massage and the manager did NOTHING to fix the problem. I never got my champagne, roses, or chocolates and my bf got a free upgraded FULL BODY massage while I got a light massage on my back and neck. I am PISSED THE HELL OFF beyond belief and will NEVER return to this establishment.

Whitney White

If I could give this place 0 stars. I would. My boyfriend booked us a couples massage for Valentine's Day. He called to set it up and had to lave a message. He was not contacted by them until 4 days later. They told him that they did not offer "discounted services" on weekends or holidays (aka groupon). I told him I would look at my schedule and see when I could go and I would set it up. I called them on a Monday and left a message. By Thursday, I had to call them because they had not called me back. I asked to book the massage anytime after 5 (we both work). I was told that they do not offer groupon services after 3:45. It was never on the Groupon that their hours were like this.

Mark S

Stephanie Fuller

My new favorite place. Spray tan looked so natural. Thanks Anathallo.

Mike Marashians

Best deep tissue massage in OKC! Jessie does a fantastic job.

Erica Reyes

Super friendly and professional staff! Atmosphere was amazing. Definitely going back!!!

Erin Gagnon

Music and ambiance was nice, Friendly staff, very relaxing.

DeAnna Lynn Christian

Our staff is amazing! Massage therapist, skin care, hair care, nail care specialist... Everything from head to toe.

tanisha bonman

Very unprofessional and very rude. It took them a week to get back in touch with me after leaving several messages. They only had morning appointment available and have to wait a week to get in for Groupon customers. She act as if she didn’t want to help and was breathing hard on the phone because I was asking questions. The Groupon was $51 and wanted me to pay $26 tip for a manicure and pedicure. That would have cost me $77 for a manicure and pedicure which at that point isn’t a discount. I told her I didn’t mind tipping but $26 is a bit much for a manicure and pedicure. She then told me to call Groupon and get my money back then hung up in my face. Do not recommend this place to anyone.

LuEllen Burke

Loved the atmosphere..and the massage!! Wonderful!!

George Rumenapp

Guys, stay away from this place !!! I just used my Groupon of three CBD Therapy Massages and was unpleasantly surprised that each of my session will be just 40 minutes instead of 60 min. (as they mention it on their website ) ?! And I paid additional $25.00 service fee for each session in their office too (like for 1 hour massage ) The time was never mentioned on Groupon but when you are at the office they are going to tell you about this!!! The owner is rude and unprofessional, the massage was average, nothing special ! The worst place in OKC...((

Shilpa Bhagval

Hai guys... I went to this spa yesterday .. i did 24 karot gold facial which was not worth..i gave 40 dollars. After my facial they asked me to pay service tax which is about 17 dollars.Facial was not good. My facial ended about 15 minutes it was a 30 min facial.,... guys don't go for tat 24 karot gold facial...instead you can buy a facial sheet mask from one of the stores and apply.. she just put tat sheet mask then its over..ypu can also make money by doing such fault face sheet mask on others and charging them high amount...crazy staff..

Jamie Bush

I have called multiple times over the course of one week to schedule an appointment. The phone has never been answered and my call has not been returned.

Erin Fisher

Pros- friendly staff. Nice, relaxing atmosphere. Cons- I used a Groupon for a mani/pedi and there was a required service fee or gratuity required before the service. If it was left up to me to leave a gratuity I would have not given one due to the poor job done on my nails. The manicurist was kind enough and she tried but I think she may lack the skill or proper eyesight to do a satisfactory job. When you go there, it is clear that they are not too invested in earning return customers. Hence the groupon which required you to pay a gratuity before you receive your service. The spa is also running a CBD shop directly next door, maybe this helps keep the spa open financially because it is hard to believe that they would have enough spa customers to stay open.

Toby Thomas

I absolutely hate leaving negative reviews and I try hard not to do so, but if I could give this place 0 stars I would. I think this place would be better off not using Groupon. My past two experiences have both included about 10 minutes of back and forth with the owner regarding Groupon. By the time you leave this place you will spend way more than anticipated. I was very disappointed with my massage as well. It lasted about 40 minutes instead of the 60 I paid for and I’m not sure I would call it a massage at all. I went for a second time because I wanted to give them a second chance, but I will not return.

E Velez

The owner is super rude and unprofessional

Jesse Venzor

I would give this place 0 stars. They say 1 hour Swedish couples massage but only go for 40 minutes. I questioned why they only went 40 mins and they were extremely rude about. Avoid this place.

Teresa Jarnagin

Taylor Bruce

Doug Craft

Keah Payne

What a relaxing wonderful experience! The people are so nice and the atmosphere takes you out of your crazy life to give you the time you need for yourself! I had a massage and pedicure both of which were amazing! I am going back for a manicure today!

Marla Klassen

The therapist was very good. The distress massage was amazing.

Mike M

Lyndi Seabolt

They do not care about customer satisfaction. Do not waste your time or money here.

Cambria Lauderdale

Great atmosphere, however, the lady that did my mani-pedi is probably not trained in nail care services. There was no cuticle repair done, and the paint job was pretty terrible. I have NO IDEA what their other services are like. The owner was amazing and friendly, and gave me free wine for my birthday. Like I said, great atmosphere. This is why it's not getting only one star. But the younger lady that did my nails, while super friendly, didn't do well at the job itself. I was Super disappointed, especially after spending the money for a spa mani-pedi, which was much more expensive than your regular mall or local location. I see hope in this place for the future, but I will not be going back.

Mckinsee Cabutti

1 star because 0 is not an option. Even through Groupon not worth it. Masters of bait and switch! They provide Groupon with info on services they provide but the hour couple massage with champagne and chocolat. Is really a 40 min hot oil rub, with no champagne and the chocolate

Braden Smith

Watch out for the required $25 minimum tip (service fee) that they don’t tell you about until it’s too late!! You have to pay it or you don’t get the massage. Ridiculous. Also, the place is kind of sketchy/creepy. Not worth it, go somewhere else.

Sandy Samuel

Let's just put it this way. There is a reason this place is rated 2.7 even before my rating of a measly 1. Lol. The place is deceiving dirty, meaning it looks clean but in fact is dirty. The manager, La, does not know what she is doing, is extremely rude, told me she wouldn't have to deal with Oklahomans if she was in Dallas, implying she does not like Oklahoma, and is very unprofessional and simply, seems unhappy, something you shouldn't look for in a massage setting. After dealing with the rude manager, I asked if I could please speak with the owner, and she said that was a secret and apparently the owner does not care either. Beware and stay away! Hope this helps.

Laurie Garrison

I received the Spring pampering package for a birthday present...what a treat! The spa is attractive and clean. Dee is professional and gave me an excellent facial and body capsule scrub. It was heaven and I'll be back!

april treadwell

Elizabeth Weiss

By far the best experience I’ve had at a spa! My new favorite spot!!! I got a CBD massage and it was great. And the CBD shop had great stuff that helped my pain.

Autumn Walker

Called to get an appointment for a couples massage for my husband and I and mentioned a late appointment and she said “yea I can ask one of my girls to stay late. What service are you wanting?” I mentioned Groupon and in the nastiest voice she said “ oh, well none of my girls are going to stay late for a Groupon.” Ok I was still paying money for a service and was going to tip very generously because my husband who is a veteran has been very stressed with nightmares from 2 tours in Iraq and works 3 weeks straight in the oilfield and needed some relaxation but they refused our service because of Groupon. Very poor business. I now believe all of the many many poor reviews and about the lack of customer service. So disrespectful.

Elizabeth Greene

My boyfriend surprised me with a couples massage for our anniversary. The ladies were so nice and professional. This place was lovely and smelled amazing. The massage was very relaxing. He did a great job picking this one!

Tasha Terry

My fiance surprised me with this Groupon. I never heard of this place so I googled it and looked at the reviews. I told him that they had HORRIBLE reviews and we should not go, but him being him wanted to give it a chance. Everyone please always listen to the reviews the worst massage I ever received. If I wanted to be just rub on my man could have did that. Then they charged us $30 extra dollars because I'm 6 months pregnant which would have been fine if the massage was worth it. And y'all was right we DID NOT get a full hour. Horrible place WE WILL NOT BE GOING BACK EVER!!!!!!!!!! ZERO STARS IS WHAT THEY DESERVE!!!!!

Jessica Pendley

It's clear they do not like Groupon customers, so why even offer the service on Groupon to begin with? You can tell by all the paperwork directed specifically at Groupon customers. We had a couples massage which should have been an hour but ended up only being about 40 minutes (I chalked this up to us being the last appointment of the day and they were ready to leave, but after reading other review this seems to be the norm.) My massage therapist did not have a very gentle touch and seemed to be rushing through. I certainly wouldn't go back and pay full price (insanely expensive!) for the massage I received.

Lamont Moore

Reina Williams

I had a wonderful deep tissue massage from Jesse. It was clean, well decorated, very peaceful atmosphere. I already booked another appointment.

Stephany Ferreira

Although staff is friendly and place is nice, I cannot say the price is worth it. Got a groupon for their pedicure, awful no cuticle removal, left my feet with dry skin, wanted to charge $20 to soak off my gel. Terrible pedicure, worst I have ever had gotten.

Angie Hoyt Morrow

I enjoyed my experience here and I get massages weekly. This was my first time here because I used Groupon. I loved the decor, lighting, water falls, and my masseuse was actually very good too. I spoke to 2 different masseuses face to face and they both including mine need to pop a breath mint prior to speaking to massaging clients. Nothing is worse than trying to relax and enjoy a massage and the person working on you breathing right in your space with horrible breath. Other than that I give it 4 stars.

Jennica Lee

The massage was over all nice and relaxing. However, I purchased 2 hour long couples massages that ended 20 minutes early for both parties. The customer service when this was brought up was arguing about when they took us back, when in fact we kept track of the time because we heard from the first party that they ended early for them. The service charge was also misleading.very displeased with the experiences. These were purchased as xmas gifts and we won't be back.

J Rro

My Time I spent getting a massage was never wasted. Best place in town.

Danielle Draper

If I could give this place a negative amount of stars I would. My boyfriend bought me a group-on for my birthday. A couple massage with champagne chocolates and roses. First problem, they don't let group-ons be scheduled on weekends. He didn't know that, it said nothing on the actual group-on. We both have full time jobs, how are we gonna make a 3pm massage in the middle of the week?? We decided we would take off work. We take off work, we show up, they take us to this dark room and tell us that are chocolate is in the corner on this table and that we can take our time and undress. There was no champagne, no roses and the "chocolates" were two ferrero rocher chocolates. Two tiny chocolates. Then they come into the room, we were positioned on opposite sides of the oddly shaped room couldn't even share the experience next to each other. Then the massage was supposed to be 60 minutes, I timed it cuz I was already pissed we barely got 40!! The massage was a joke. The were just lightly rubbing and twirling their hands on our body "like the ocean waves/breeze" the lady said. Honestly anyone could have done that. They don't put the information about what kind of massage it is on the group-on either. I was very disappointed. I wanted to throw a fit. It's pretty obvious the owner doesn't like group-on users. Don't have a group on if you don't want people to use it. I ended up not saying anything because I knew it would make my boyfriend upset/sad and since he paid for it I didn't want that. I wouldn't recommend this place. Stay very far away!

Joel and Annette Anderson

Alert! I purchased a Groupon and was introduced to this spa and I'm so thankful! I've been using Groupon for several years and know that you never know what kind of service you'll get and the cost until you get there. The Groupon certificate is quite clear of the service and requirements to use it. Very clean, quiet and relaxing atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door. Deanna, Jessica and Teresa are very personable and detailed, taking time to walk you through the process and answer your questions. I'm a very happy and satisfied client of this spa and hope that people read this and experience the same happy relaxed services I receive every month!! Anathallo Day Spa has a website and on the website you'll see that they offer half-price massages and facials every week! If you've ever had a massage then you are aware that you'll pay at least $100 for an hour and you will certainly not receive the expertise that these ladies have!

Ontrack Withjazz

This places is the best in town! I loved the customer service and how much they actually cared.

Mariah Slack

Loved this spa so much! My boyfriend got me a Groupon for a massage and they were wonderful! They greeted you when you Walked in and got you taken care of right away! The masssage was wonderful! I highly recommend this place to anyone and will be coming back!!

Ashlee Scott

Joshua Gentry

Great place! Girlfriend got us a couple's massage, their swedish one. So this is really just for their massages. It was fantastic! I didn't want it to end and it went by so fast because I was enjoying it so much. The staff was very friendly and kind, very professional the way they treated us. I actually ended up buying a massage as a gift for my brother and his wife to this place because I enjoyed it tremendously.

Mary Dixon

This place is a complete joke. My husband and I went here for a couples massage and it was horrible. A better massage could have been given by our 6 year old daughter. This place was beyond freezing, I thought about stopping the message halfway through. I wish I looked at these reviews before booking.


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