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REVIEWS OF Infinitee Salon & Spa IN Ohio

Robyn Cody

marla caston

I love the treatment I receive whenever I go there. Very professional and mature as well as friendly. I am always telling people about Shiree.

Antoinette Billings

Joshua Harden

Victoria Crosby

I loved it there!!! Will be going back!!!

Kanata Jones

Geri Johnson

Always a pleasnt experience.

Jennifer Rutledge

tonika williams

I've been a client since January. Every experience has been great except for my last one. I had my daughter with me. My appointment was at 1130 and hers at 12. Normally it's not a long wait but after getting washed and sitting under the dryer my hair didn't get started until 2:00. The stylist doing my daughter's hair said she was next up. She finally said she was ready for her and then started doing other things and washing someone else's hair while my daughter was sitting in her chair waiting for her. My daughter's hair didn't start getting styled until 2:50.(mine was finished so I had to wait on hers to get finished even though my appointment was before hers). We finally left about 4:00. It was the day before Easter and there were a lot of people there but I still dont think it should have taken so long. As always, I was satisfied with my hair and my daughter's hair, I just didn't like the wait.

Michelle Jackson

Chay Breazy

Great atmosphere but the hair stylist i had was wayy too rough on my hair & she didn't properly detangle it with the comb. But nice lady though just pulled my hair alot..

Lynn king

Tonya Stephens

I am new to the Dayton area. On Friday the 17th of July, I went in to get my hair done for the very first time. As soon as I walked in, I loved how the shop had a reception area and it was very professional. I only waited about 5 minutes and then my hair stylist was ready for me. The hair stylist, Tiara, came and met me. She took me back and washed my hair, as she put me under the dryer she asked me if I wanted water. That is the first time that has ever happened to me at a hair salon. After my hair dried, she start styling my hair and recommended products that she felt would be good for my scalp. Mind you I've had scalp issues my entire life. After she was done with my hair, I loved it. Additionally, I learned the shop also has an organization that donates wigs to individuals who have cancer or experienced any sort of hair loss. I thought that was so amazing and definitely shows what God has put us on this earth to do and that is to give, encourage and show love towards others. That definitely touched my heart. Overall, it was a great experience. I am shy when going into new places and the ladies here at the salon made me feel very comfortable and they were very friendly. I have already made my appointment for 2 weeks and look forward to Tiara making me look beautiful. I pray that whoever enters into that shop will feel as comfortable as I did. Thanks again Tiara and to the rest of the staff!

Y. Hall

Infinitee Salon & Spa is a top-notch professional establishment prepared to listen to your hair care needs and wants. The Stylists and Nail Technicians are very professional, friendly and communicate well, plus you can count on good hospitality from the entire staff. The location is convenient with state of the art equipment, very clean facility and easy listening music and jazz. I rate this salon from a scale of 1-10, I give them a 10 plus. Highly recommended!!

MadisonTeressa Basile

This is my second time visiting this salon and everytime I have an awesome experience. Mrs.Shawon who is the owner is very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. She explains in detail everything she's doing to your hair and how you at home can maintain healthy hair. If you are looking for a healthy hair salon with a wonderful staff this is the place.

Jia Moli

My first time here was a disaster! And I'm not one to hate but, THEY DIDN'T WARN ME IN ADVANCE that children are not allowed in salon no. 1, unless they are serviced. So I said ok ill pay for whatever service you have available for her. They had nothing available was their reply. I had wedding to go to so I needed to get serviced. I had to let her sit in the car the whole 2.5hrs time because they were not going to allow her in even if I paid!!! No.2 the service I got was loc twist maintenance and I had never felt pain like this. I mean I heard of braids being to tight but LOCS! The first night I couldn't sleep, because I couldn't lay my head down anything due to the pain. As she put them in it felt like plugs of my hair being pull out, but it wasn't JUST TO DANG TIGHT!!! PS they will cancel their set appt. with you the day of, like 1hr before too. I had missed work omw to the salon when they called and cancelled on me. Don't think they really specialize in natural hair (loc maintenance) and they are not a child friendly place at all. Other then that guess they good if you have no kids and like your locs pain striking tight!!!!

Devon Waterman

Day is amazing!! Everybody is nice and talented

dot h

Robin Taylor

For my mom..this salon was an excellent choice! Professional and classy. She liked her new hairstyle. I am positive she will be returning..

Nia Peters

1st time at Infinitee Salon & Spa and it was an incredible experience! It started with a warm welcome and tour upon my arrival. My appointment started on time. I was there for the Keratin treatment. Mikashia explained the treatment and took me through the whole process. She did an amazing job not only on the Keratin treatment, but also on my eyebrows. I left feeling beautiful and good all around. It was a wonderful experience and I don't mean to brag but my hair looks fabulous!!

Contessa James

Love the vibe

Mullett Monteleonema

ayanna brown

Today was my first time at this salon. I went in as walk-in client hoping that someone was available to do my hair. Upon entrance I was immediately greeted by the reception and was set up with a stylist. Within 3 minutes the stylist came greeted me and began doing my hair. what amazed me the most is that before she did anything extra to my hair she asked if it was ok. She did not just assume that I wanted and extra moisturizer treatment or my ends clipped and she only clipped my ends I did not walk out with a haircut. You dont get that very often most people just get right to it. The staff was very professional and ambiance was amazing. I believe I just found myself a new home. Thanks Infinitee

Paige Kelly

G Thornton

Shay was very helpful to me and a great hairstylist. Highly recommend.

jasmin knight

I’ve been here a few times and my hair always ends up looking beautiful, but it doesn’t matter if I’m getting a silk press or a sew in.. I always end staying here for hours. Luckily I didn’t have much planned on these days but who wants to get a 5 hour silk press? Nevertheless they are good at doing hair, but they overbook, and will leave you waiting for hours..

Carisa Bursey

About 3 weeks ago, I was in desperate need to get my hair done because my hair stylist had gone to the hospital. I racked my brain all morning long trying to figure out what was I going to do, so something reminded me of the commercials I would hear on the radio about the salon and that they excepted walk-ins. On my lunch break I drove to the salon to see if I could schedule for later that day, I really wanted Shawon to do my hair but she was unavailable, so the receptionist set me up with Brandy. I was so afraid that my hair was not going to turn out right, but she was awesome, I didn't have to wait long, actually I didn't wait at all and I was done in about 2 hours and my hair looked good. I will continue to be a customer of the salon. I like the atmosphere, the stylist are proffessional and polite and everyone leaves out looking like a new person. #Beautiful

Rhonda V. Mathews

Denica Murph

C. Boston

I had the most wonderful experience at Infinitee Salon & Spa!!! The stylist I had was Mikashia. Let me tell you she's amazing!!! From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a very warm & professional welcome from the staff. Then, Mikashia came out to greet me with a warm & friendly smile. The beauty service I had done to my hair was awesome. I had questions regarding my service & Mikashia was very patient, kind & answered every question I had. The results of the service outstanding!!! I would refer Mikashia & Infintee Salon & Spa to anyone.

Carlishia Richardson

Britt S

I love my hair. I moved here from Oregon and had my last hairdresser for 10 years. I was nervous about trying a new person, but I'm glad I finally did. I love my hair and Kay had great customer service. She was polite and professional.

Hillary Pulliam

Ghiannah Newman

Front desk was rude but nai tech is nice

Natasha Spears

Love this salon and the Infinitee team. I was introduced to the salon through a Facebook post seeking a nail tech and found a THE nail tech, Debra Stallworth. The salon's owner Shawon Gullette greets her patrons by name and is more than an owner/stylist, she is a kind word, an electric smile, a professional. Infinitee is your destination for hair, lashes, and mani/pedis.

Jessica Ruggles

I am a white female and I was given a bad hair cut and instead of having it cut shorter I made an appointment for a quick weave! I was charged $160 for root touch up the quick weave and lashes. I left satisfied but when I woke up the next morning my hair had lifted and some of the lashes had fallen off, I returned to the salon and asked the stylist to fix it and she said it was due to me sweating and not her problem! I was told I would have to pay for another service if she was to redo it! Very unprofessional and inconsiderate! It was because of the African hair product she used in my hair! She should have just said that she didn’t know how to do Caucasian hair!

Cheryl Lamb

I'm extremely impressed with Infinitee Salon. My stylist, Brandae, is pleasant and knows her craft. She makes you feel welcome and valued and she doesn't overbook that alone speaks volumes of her professionalism. Thank you Ms Brandae.

Erica Bohannon

I have a client of Infinitee Salon and Spa for quite sometime! Shiree Northington is my stylist and I must say that she has been the best stylist I have ever had. Shiree shows interegrity in her position and also gives quality information about perfecting my hair care at home and also products I use in the salon. I have watched Shiree while she has a fellow co-worker shadow her and I feel that she has shown them how to make a client feel welcome from asking me how is the water temperature for my hair to if they are shampooing my hair rough (which I think is a huge part of the experience). I would also like to share that she has even suggested her other co-workers for me to go to. Overall, Shiree has shown nothing but loyalty for Infinitee Salon and Spa and I would like to say thank you for all the years that I have been a client and I wish the whole salon the best and continue providing "quality" not "quantity" care!

Rochelle Wood

First let me say that I LOVE MY HAIR!! It was my first visit to Infinitee and I was impressed the moment I walked in the door. The salon is beautifully decorated and has a very soothing and relaxing atmosphere. I received a very warm and friendly welcome from the receptionist. Shirree was my stylist. I found her to be very friendly, personable, professional, knowledgeable, and concerned about my comfort. She asked me questions about any concerns that I may have about my hair and advised me on how to keep my hair in optimum health. I received the best relaxer that I have had in a very long time. My hair turned out soft, silky, conditioned, and well, beautiful!! Not only is this a salon that strives for excellence, but also gives back to the community. I have already scheduled my next appointment and I am looking forward to my next visit with Shirree. As I was leaving the salon, the receptionist said “Welcome to the Infinitee family”, and I believe I now have a new home. -Rochelle

Asha Dozier

Courtney Linville

I went here with an absolute hair emergency, and Yvonne saved life!!!! (THANK YOU MS. YVONNE!!) She worked with me all day to help, and she was so sweet and pleasant the entire time. I highly recommend this salon. It is very inviting and professional. I will be continuing all of my services here.

Alicia dyer

Staff and services are all exceptional!

Ella Davis

Tracey Norwood

Jaeda A

3 Months post my big chop & loving it. Ms. Shawon did a fabulous job and the entire staff was pleasant. I was quite hesitant about cutting my hair because I permed my hair for 6 years. I felt so comfortable walking out the salon ready to start my natural hair journey with recommendations on a healthy start for better hair and growth. I’ll definitely be going back for treatments and color once my hair grows out some more. I would highly recommend visiting this salon for styling and your hair care needs if you live in the Dayton area. <3

jackie lester

I am so glad to write about my experiences with Infinitee Salon & Spa! I have been an client for many years and very satisfied with all services I have received. They have a very professional staff to assist you upon entering the door. All of the stylists in the salon also have a warm greeting for me upon my arrival. The atmosphere has always been very enjoyable. I have met a lot of very nice ladies, and we always have very interesting conversations. We may not be able to come up with a solution for any world problems, but we will share information on the best sales in town. I would strongly recommend if you are looking for a new experience with no stress try INFINITEE SALON & SPA!

Shilda Holmes

Yuatinia Leak - James Lewis

Once again they did their thing straighten my hair out like I was a queen

charletta hines

Raeven Smith-Warren

Ms. Yvonne was great. She did my hair last month and it was beautiful! Went back this month, serviced by another stylist (I needed my hair done asap)....she was a nice girl but I am not satisfied with my hair at all. I feel like I wasted money.. Lesson learned for me. I'll stick with Ms. Yvonne.

Felicia Gilford f feed

Cynthia Miller

It is unfortunate that I was completely taken in about the positive reviews for Infinitee and having frequent their business before I expected quality work. Nevertheless, it is partially my fault for not speaking up immediately that my natural hair did not looked dyed as I requested. The young lady Mikashia evidently was not experienced enough to recognize the dye did not take and proceeded to flat iron and style my hair as if nothing was wrong. my complaint is that the dye did not take on my natural hair and cover my gray as I requested. She should have recognize this on her own as she was blow-drying and flat ironing my hair. Did all Infinitee customers know that there is a seven day turn around time in the sense of being unhappy with your hair to have the opportunity to have it redone. There is nothing posted at the Salon, there is no information like this given to the customer at the time of service. Nevertheless, management takes the time to let you know via email that you will be charged for cancellation. I am just stating if you have a policy that impacts customers, clearly ensure that policy is visible and made known to customers. This is why I rating this Salon as poor at this time.

Yolanda Beene

I absolutely loved my experience at Infinitee Salon & Day Spa. I had been looking for a new stylist and one that specializes in natural hair. I had heard that they offered really great options for natural hair. I randomly stopped in on a Saturday afternoon and inquired about their services and prices. I was met with a genuinely helpful front desk staff. They even had one of the stylist come out to answer some of the specific questions I had about their services. I decided to schedule an appointment and to my surprise, they were able to get me in that same day. My stylist was Tyaah. She was very professional but friendly. I loved my hair... Look and feel! I will definitely be going back. They have a faithful client in me.

marketa brown

Went as walk in they had no appt available so she professionally looked up next available appt and scheduled me immediately now that's professionalism. Didn't have me waiting an our or had me standing out side looking goofy...Thanks

Yetunde Akindahunsi

First time was a little crazy with the intermittent wait but it was a weekend so I can't fault them for that 100%

Joan Crawford

Brandae Jeffries

Keyairra Davenport

Stylist Shay was amazing

Edith Bunch

I was told by the stylist that I had to pay $15.00 for a conditioner treatment but she failed to tell me that she was charging me an additional $25.00 just to blow dry and put 5 little braids on my hair. I could have done that myself. What a ripoff! If I knew she was charging me for that I would not have gotten the service. After all, I brought my wig with me to put on after she had done my hair! The only reason I wanted my hair done there was for a good conditioner treatment! Beware, if you go there for any service, make sure you get the total cost out the door for everything you want done to your hair! I will not be going back to that salon!

Krystle Corriders

My daughter wanted her hair straightened I found this salon and made an appointment with the owner. Her appointment was for 2:30 she finished at 6:15. This was the worst flat iron or silk press I have ever seen. The moment we tried to wrap up her hair her hair became frizzy and stiff. Overall the receptionist was nice and friendly but I would never return.

Sharaye Kilgo

Shannon Bunch

Went to get crochet hair done and it was a disaster!it took the stylist 4 hrs to do my hair and she would stop in between too to do other people’s hair! She also messed up the crochet hair by splitting it and making it frizzy and she did not know how to cut it right either! The whole hair just looked a mess!I look like a bushy tumbleweed! Will I be going back to infinite....heck no!!!! Take it from me runnnnn and go to Avies Hair Salon in Fairborn it’s much better and I should have gone there to get my hair done because she had my hair looking on fleek unlike this place! All Infinitee cares about is the money, not the quality of the hair! If I could rate this place zero stars I would!! I want money back forreal!!

Tamara Barnett

I was looking for a stylist in Dayton because I had just moved here and wow, did I. I googled salons in Dayton that specialized in African Americans hair and this salon popped up on the screen. I emailed this salon and a few others but Dr. Shawon salon was the only one that was professional enough to return my call and made me an appointment within the week. I reviewed the salon's website and was very impressed as to all the services that they featured. But I have to admit, I was already thinking this is going to be "MY NEW" salon :) Once, I got there I was greeted by the receptionist, who gave me a tour of the facility and I was impressed as to what I saw. Afterwards, Dr. Shawon greeted me with a handshake upon my arrival. Dr. Shawon was very attentive and informative as what was needed for my hair to get it healthy but was also interested as to what my hair goals were...I really loved that. Oh yeah, I have to mention the ambiance of the salon. The other women that work in the shop are really friendly, they have soft music playing and they offer coffee...I LOVE COFFEE. I have only had one appointment thus far but so far so good. My next appointment is this Friday...

Jennifer Brumley-Keeling

Gamer Chick

Love this place. Great atmosphere and people!! I needed my hair done really bad, so I searched online and came across this salon. When I walked in I was greeted by the receptionist, she was very nice. I didn't have an appointment but they still got me in anyway. Dae (the stylist) did a wonderful job on my hair. I payed 50 dollars for a Silkwrap and love the outcome!. They even got me in with the nail tech Keisha for my fill-in. Lucky for me Keisha had a special going on, so I paid a great price for a fill-in, with gel polish, she even added some stones. I love my hair and my nails. I highly recommend this salon for everyone. They even sell tons of other great products. Im looking forward to my next appointment in two weeks.

Shalonda Hendrix

I went to Infinitee Salon & Spa for a transformation on June 24, 2016, from the moment I walked in the door I was greeted by a courteous receptionist. I didn't have a long wait and everyone was very friendly & genuine. The atmosphere was relaxing & Dr.Shawon Brown-Gullette is very good at what she does! As I sat in the chair getting my hair done I was able t watch the other beauticians lay some hair out! I walked out of the salon feeling like a natural woman Thanks to Shawon & Cherelle for getting my hair & make up together. I will definitely be back!

Mena Fletch

Stefan Harris

Good place good people took care of my needs and even gave out water

Katrice Willis

Paid $50 for them to straighten my hair, went out dancing and wanted to get a touch up but apparently they can't re-straighten my hair without charging me all over again. This salon is supposed to work well with black hair, when they know the slightest moisture will ruin it if you're straightened. I would've been willing to pay $20 for a touch-up multiple times a week, but definitely will not be paying $50 to get my hair straightened again. They charge you extra to straighten your hair because they don't count it as a style, but they're still going to charge you for a wash and style. - very disappointed

James Lewis

One thing you should know this place is good to go check it out it is one of the best


Heavenly one stop shop! I immediately felt at home with their warm smiles and excellent all around first-class service. Professional, young and talented women at their best!!!! Where else can you go that has facials, massages, mani-pedis and more under one roof?! Not to mention complimentary beverages and on site news letters, products and the list goes on. I will definitely keep referring any listening ear to Infintee Salon & Spa!

Delphia Wortham

Maria Jackson

Alexander Porter

It has a nice atmosphere and they did a good job with my hair.

Andrea Foy

Coco30 White

Hi i recently received a wonderful experience from this shop i am a woman who support small businesses and women striving to do well and be humble first the reception was so happy and pleasant to r showing me their products and fashipn its rare that as Sister respect and support my hair stylist was the bomb a woman pf god and so humblr I felt at home and very pleased with look she gave me tips and listen they take their time with the clients amd care about your hair thats says alot i appreciate the service and the staff keep it up bur humble way and laughs it was a jpy and i will continue to come

Paula Johnson Brown

Lear Clark

Bianca Forrester

I went for a trim for dead ends sand came out with a full blown hair cut that’s in even in layers !! When I specifically sled for only a trim I won’t ever be returning smh

Merit Okolie

brittany johnson

They are the best they are the only one that could manage all my hair

chanel greathouse

Momof3 LPN

Love to atmosphere. Love my hair and brows done by Mz Marissa

Olivia H


Todd Vaughn

Great staff and owner. Very accommodating

Tonya Oglesby

Raven Watts

Shawn Krumm

Over eight years ago, I became an Infinitee customer when I lived in Centerville, south of Dayton. For the past six years, I’ve lived in West Chester near Cincinnati, which is even farther south, and I’m still an Infinitee customer. I’ve received good service in a relaxed atmosphere and great hair care, and all of this consistently, so I can’t bring myself to go someplace closer to where I live. I don’t trust everyone with my hair. Shawon knows my hair, cuts it well, and trusts my judgment when I choose a color which she always loves. Shawon also has good staff, including a young lady who is very good and detailed with relaxing my hair, making sure it's all washed out, conditioned, and prepped for Shawon to take over. A good hair professional is like gold. Infinitee Salon is worth its weight in gold.

Jasmyne Martin

This was my first time at Infinitee Salon and I can say that it was about a 7.5/10. I was recommended by a friend who had had her nails and hair done there. Being new to the area and a student, I was looking for a African American hair salon, as well as a one that fit my "student-like" budget! I arrived and the receptionist was very friendly and helpful! The shop is clean and well put together. My stylist was very nice and spoke with me during my service instead of being silent like most. The only thing that kind of disappointed me was the New Client coupon, which the website says "$20 off a $40 purchase". Upon asking about the promotion the owner very kindly explained it to me, as well as informing that they were no longer using that. I was disappointed because 1. the stipulations, though fair to some, were not mentioned or outlined on the website at all and, to me, was misleading.. and 2. the promotion should no longer be on the website if it is not being honored anymore. Also, I have natural hair and preferred not to have my hair straightened, as I shared with my stylist. I wanted a wash and condition with a blow out and my ends clipped. My stylist seemed somewhat unsure of how to clip ends on natural hair and gave me the impression that they did not normally clip ends until the hair was silked/straightened. I understood, but I explained to her again my wants and she still seemed uncomfortable to clip them which made me a little nervous. After the blowout, I just asked her to give me two cornrows straight back so I wouldn't leave looking wild, and she called one of the other stylists over who was better at braiding. So, this stylist was very nice but I think next time I will ask for another who knows natural hair and how to style/trim it. Overall though the salon staff was very friendly, and the owner was also very professional in her responses to me and conversation. She made me feel comfortable with asking questions and comfortable enough to come back again some time.

Alexis Stafford

They turned out wonderful, definitely going back

Dione Cook

Denise Baker

Customer service was good. But the stylist was rushing, she used a technique for cutting my hair I didn't like my hair doesn't lay like it should it looks more so like a boy's cut, I have my hair cut plenty of times.She burnt me three times, SMH.... rushing like I said. I can't speak on the other stylist but I definitely am not pleased, I will not be returning.

Precious Wright

I was expecting this place to be great and over the top when I read the reviews. I went there to get my hair cut and start a natural curl hair style. I was surprised when they did not have any products to put in my hair to make it curl. She was trying to get my hair to curl without adding moisture in my hair, but water. She tried to spray water in my hair and said she doesn't know why it is not curling. She tried to say maybe it is because I use to have a relaxer. I have not had a relaxer for about 4 or more years. That has grown out and been cut off a long time ago. The crazy part is that she was the owner of the place. She tried to put this stuff my hair to make it curl, but it looked like some type of gel. I told her I had a cream to get it to curl and it works great. I am guessing they did not have such products to make hair curls, which is odd for a salon. I left the salon with an a fro and went home and added my own products. I am so surprised they make me pay for that haircut and allowed me to leave with my hair looking completely nappy. I was there of two hours just waiting under the hair dryers and they were only set for a few minutes. And when I do finally get into the chair, she couldn't do my hair and make me pay 25 bucks for a haircut. They wouldn't even give me my military discount because they said the 25 bucks was already discounted. She said it usually cost more. I would not pay more than that for not wash and cut. She didn't even style. I got home and my husband was like what the hell is that. At least, I was able to go home and two my own hair and add my own products to get the hair style that I wanted. I do not know if I want to go back to that place. They have a lot of things like makeup and nails, etc. but i have not seen their full potential because my first visit was terrible.

Diane Seege

Jill Hood

I live in the DC area but was visiting my parents in Ohio and desperately needed my hair washed and styled. After research, I found Infinitee Salon online and decided their site was the most professional out of the those I visited. As a result, I booked an appointment which was easy and the receptionist was nice and pleasant. On the day of my appointment, I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist, and waited less than five minutes before I was led to the shampoo bowl. My stylist did a great job with my wash and also conditioned my hair under a dryer which I loved! Next, I was moved to get my hair rolled and this is where I thought there maybe an issue, my hair is natural meaning no perms so I was anxious, but after talking with my stylist we decided on an alternative approach to my hair. I end up getting my hair blow dryed with minimum heat used and then flat ironed with a slight curl. Because the stylist took extra care on each strand of my hair, it turned out fabulous and lasted even in the heat. I received several compliments the days following my visit and will definitely return. For those that had bad reviews, I think it's because he/she likely didn't express want they wanted upfront. I personally found my stylist easy to talk to although it was first visit to the salon. Thank you Infinitee Salon, I'll return when I return for visits to Ohio.

Dorothy Brown

I went to this shop to have a "professional" root color touch up of my mostly grey natural hair. I assume the color was not mixed properly or was poorly applied as it did not take. After coming from under the dryer my hair was not detangled as Shawon pulled on it with a comb. She kept me turned away from the mirror until she was done, so I could not see what she was doing. My hair felt like straw so the following day I washed and conditioned it, only to discover that my hair had been pulled out, and a large chunk of it was broken off. I paid $74.00 to have my hair damaged. Shawon (the owner) did not tell me she had damaged/pulled out my hair, and remains unapologetic. Her actions are inexcusable. Did she think I wouldn't notice my hair was damaged? Totally unprofessional. This shop should be closed, and Shawon sued.

alexis knight

Excellent service

Tamara Cochran

Excellent and courteous service!

Neosha Hall

I have been a client for a year now and I really do appreciate the customer service that is given. The work that the team does is outstanding I love all their work, not only is their work good but they really do care about your hair!!

Mzime Murisa

Service is good. Just not time conscious...


My experience at Infinitee was phenomenal. Before my arrival at the salon I called to make sure they were available to accept walk-ins around the time that I wanted to come in. As I arrived I was greeted by the receptionist, whom was kind and very informative about the services they provided. I'm natural, so I wanted a stylist that specializes with natural hair. My stylist was Daja. She met me in the lobby, introduced herself, and offered to take my coat for me. As we headed back to her station, there then was a consultation so she could better understand my hair conditions. The whole process was very exceptional. She was very professional but friendly as well. We had small conversation, which made me feel welcomed. I have to admit I was hesitant much like anyone would be with a new stylist, but my results were amazing. My overall impression of the salon was outstanding and I will most definitely be returning for more services. Thank you so much.

Tori L. Wheeler

Wanda Barney

Good service

Amy Bartholomew

Brandy did a great job with my daughters hair. And the Tuesday team day helps a single mom who is on a strict budget. Good service good treatment and good hair.

Verna Vance

I am basically a low-maintenance kind of girl. So, I haven't really taken advantage of all of the services that Infinitee provides. But, I will say that I've never had a better haircut than the cuts I get from Brandee.. I always leave the salon pleased with both the services and the price. I also admire Shawon for her community involvement. She really gives back and "pays forward".

Vivian Williams

I've been going here for years! Every time I try a new salon I'm disappointed. Infinity is always on point! The atmosphere is lovely, the staff is amazing, my hair is always beautiful when I depart. This is my fav salon❤



Gernai Bledsoe

B Baller

Will not return because my life is too busy to waste time sitting around with wet hair. My stylist was NEVER ready when I arrived on time and sometimes hadn’t arrived herself. The last time I was there I waited 45 minutes before she even came to acknowledge my presence and I still had at least another 30 minutes to wait. Also this is one of those places that will wash your hair, put on an (additional charge) “ deep conditioner “ and then start the next two clients while you sit there. Unacceptable. All the while you have to listen to the inane banter and laughter from the crew. No more. My hair is a mess right now, but I won’t accept this substandard service again.

K Dickens

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a pedicure at the Infinitee Salon. Debra Stallworth did a wonderful job, my feet felt amazing afterwards. I would highly recommend the services at this salon. Everyone has a very positive disposition and the salon itself offers a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Thanks Shawon for your services.....

r.j. beatty

Nihlene McCutchen

I am very pleased with the services here, and the nail technician does a beautiful job.

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